Indian Teas

Although ancient and wild tea trees have been discovered in the country of India it was not cultivated and produced until the colonial period of the 19th century. There are several regions throughout the country that currently produced tea, but the two most famous regions are Assam and Darjeeling

Assam: Assam is the first region in the India subcontinent to cultivate tea. The mass-produced, robust black teas that is most common has become the model of processing for other countries that specialize in commodity tea, such as Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Darjeeling: In February 1835, Darjeeling was 'gifted' to the British. At the time it was only 138 square feet of land. Eventually more land was parceled out and tea was grown. Combining Chinese bushes with the terroir of India, the tea produced was uniquely delicate, the Champagne of teas.