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Zhushan Oolong

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Tea: Zhushan Oolong

Grower: The Lin Family, Goe Tea

Teamaker: Alfredo Lin

Origin: Zhushan Township, in Nantou, Taiwan

Elevation: 187m (590-980ft)

Cultivation: Natural

Harvest Date: Spring 2018

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The Tea


Zhushan Oolong is a fruity, full-flavored tea. Soft, lingering sweet aftertaste. This is a great representative of the classic Taiwanese oolong style. Modern tea trends have emphasized high mountain teas. However, teas from lower elevations are prized by the older generation for their thicker, more well-rounded profile. This spring harvest is fragrant with an appealing mouthfeel.

The Grower

Alfredo Lin's family has been growing tea for centuries and owns many gardens in the area, but he has decided to grow tea on his own, separate from his uncle's old plantations. He uses specific techniques like aerodynamic withering (using even airflow to allow for even withering), giving his leaves more consistency, but also likes highly oxidized oolong tea in the traditional style. His tea mentor, Master Aones, popularized Taiwanese black tea through the #18 varietal, and is constantly experimenting with tea processing as well. His fondness for new teas and highly oxidized styles are evident in Alfredo's teas.