Satemwa Tea Estate

Thyolo TSFBOP1

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Tea: Thyolo TSFBOP1

Grower: Satemwa Tea Estate

Tea Maker: Alexander Kay

Origin: Thyolo Mountain, Shire Highlands - Thyolo District, Malawi

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Cultivation: Conventional - Seasonal herbicides only, no pesticides

Harvest Date: Rainy Season (Spring) 2019

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Thyolo TSFBOP1 is a broken grade with small, flaky fragments. It yields a smooth, classic black tea flavor that is well-suited for everyday drinking. The flavor is balanced, sweet, and smooth, with soft, subtle notes of malt, red grape, and citrus. The texture is thin but well rounded with a slight dryness. The tea is named after the local city of Thyolo, and after the Thyolo District that is this tea's home. Because the tea is composed of small flakes of leaf and fibres, it does well for blending with other ingredients, or blending together with other teas. It also takes well with milk, sugar, and/or honey. Thyolo TSFBOP1 cold-brews well. When cold-brewed, the tea's fruity, sweet aspects become more obvious, making it a great match with fruit-infused drinks and syrups.

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Recommended Brewing Instructions: Use 3-5g of leaves per 8oz (240ml) of water. Brew at 200F-205F for between 1-2 minutes. Experiment with brewing techniques to get different profiles and levels of strength.