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Moktu Chiya

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Tea: Yanki Moktu Chiya (green tea)

Grower: Yanki Tea & Darjeeling Orthodox Small Growers Welfare Society

Teamaker: Yankhu Tamang

Origin: Mirik Valley - Darjeeling, India

Elevation: 2,100m (7,000ft)

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Harvest Date: Spring 2018 1st Flush

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The Tea

Yanki Moktu Chiya is a green tea from Darjeeling, harvested and crafted in small batches from small farms. It is one of the first Darjeeling teas of its kind in the market, as most Darjeelings are from large estates. Also unique to this tea is it's kill green step which involves use of the Moktu which is a the metal steamer used to make beloved momo of the Nepalese people. This tea is true to its terroir which is all grown and processed by the indigenous Gorkha people of Darjeeling. This tea is processed with great care in small batches focusing on a high quality plucking standard and gentle processing. It has a cooked sugary sweetness, light astringency and beautiful leaf shape.