Mountain Tea

Lishan Spring

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Tea: Lishan Spring (oolong tea)

Grower: Mountain Tea

Teamaker: Chen Chi Xing of Mountain Tea

Origin: Lishan, in Nantou, Taiwan

Elevation: 1,200m (3,900ft)

Cultivation: Conventional

Harvest Date: May 2018

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Lishan Spring is a Taiwanese oolong with floral, fruity flavors, with notes of peach, nectarine, and honey. The tea is rich in aroma and in texture. The aftertaste is fragrant and expansive on the palate. Excellent for fans of complex, layered profiles, and for people who like light but very fragrant and flavorful teas. Lishan Spring is classified as a high mountain oolong (gaoshan cha), at it is harvested at elevations of more than 1,200m. The fog-shrouded, moist, and alternating extreme heat and cold are ideal for tea. The resulting teas are more fragrant, complex, and expansive in texture. Taiwan's famous high mountain teas come from various mountains. Each mountain and region has a particular profile. Teas from Lishan (Pear Mountain) tend to be particularly fruity and floral, and spring harvests have lots of fragrance and delicate layers. This tea is processed with a relatively light oxidation, so it is more "green", in line with the current trend of Taiwanese high mountain teas. This lighter style of processing tends to bring out more floral and vegetal aspects. The crafting of oolong is arguably the most complicated of all the teas; the withering, rolling, shaping, oxidation, and finishing of the tea must all be monitored closely to create good tea.