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1st Flush Orthodox

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Tea: Yanki 1st Flush (black tea)

Grower: Yanki Tea & Darjeeling Orthodox Small Growers Welfare Society

Teamaker: Yankhu Tamang

Origin: Mirik Valley - Darjeeling, India

Elevation: 2,100m (7,000ft)

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Harvest Date: Spring 2018 1st Flush

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The Tea

Yanki 1st Flush is a black tea from Darjeeling, harvested and crafted in small batches from small farms. It is one of the first Darjeeling teas of its kind in the market, as most Darjeelings are from large estates. The tea is processed in a similar fashion as a estate orthodox teas, but with a focus on a higher quality plucking standard and more uniform processing in the factory. This tea is light and refreshing with the strong first flush character of Darjeeling. It is the perfect tea for everyday drinking or blending.