Satemwa Tea Estate

Satemwa Antlers

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Tea: Satemwa Antlers (white tea)

Grower: Satemwa Tea Estate

Tea Maker: Alexander Kay

Origin: Thyolo Mountain, Shire Highlands - Thyolo District, Malawi

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Cultivation: Conventional - Herbicides only, no pesticides

Harvest Date: June 2016 (Summer)

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Rustic, fruity, and sweet. Notes of honey, dried bark, lychee, and cashew nuts.

Well-rounded texture with a fine dryness. No bitterness.

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The Tea

Satemwa Antlers is a unique white tea from Satemwa Tea Estate. It is crafted using only the tender, new-growth stems of the tea plants. Because the stems are lower in caffeine and higher in L-Theanine, the tea is sweet and fragrant with very little bitterness. A velvety layer of white pekoe covers the stems, creating a beautiful resemblance to deer antlers. This is one of the world's most unusual teas; its closest cousin is Kukicha, a stem green tea made only in Japan. To craft this white tea, the stems must be thoroughly sun-dried, so this tea can only be made during clear, sunny days. Production stops during the rainy season. The tea is made from a blend of Satemwa's cultivars, like Zomba, Thyolo, and Bvumbwe. 

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Brewing Guidelines

3g of leaf per 100mL of water.

185F - 195F

Effective with both Gongfu style & Western style brewing