Satemwa Tea Estate

Thyolo Oolong

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Tea: Thyolo Oolong (oolong tea)

Grower: Satemwa Tea Estate

Tea Maker: Alexander Kay

Origin: Thyolo Mountain, Shire Highlands - Thyolo District, Malawi

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Cultivation: Conventional - Herbicides only, no pesticides

Harvest Date: June 2016 (Summer)

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Diverse, complex profile. Notes of sweet spice, savory malt, and tart fruit.

Smooth, full texture with a dry, lingering finish.

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The Tea

Thyolo Oolong is a great everyday oolong tea from Malawi. The leaves are hand-picked, then rolled to various degrees of oxidation. The oxidation ranges from around 10%-40%. The result is a tea with diverse sweet, savory, and tart notes, with a surprising balance. Oolong teas are the most difficult category to craft, and many "oolong" teas from new origins like Malawi tend to fall short. Satemwa's "Father Zambezi's Mission" is a rare success: the tea embodies the full-bodied, sweet-savory traits of good oolong tea.

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Brewing Guidelines

185F - 195F

Western Style brewing recommended. Use lower leaf:water ratio, steep for longer than usual.