Barbote Tea

White Forest

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Tea: White Forest

Grower: Narendra Gurung, Barbote Tea

Origin: Barbote Village, in Ilam, Nepal

Elevation: 1650 meters

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Harvest Date: October 2019

• • •

An unusual oolong tea with the appearance of a white tea. Wonderfully complex, with lush radish and musky vanilla flavors with hay and spice undertones. Grown at in one of the first tea fields planted in the Ilam district of Nepal.

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Narendra Gurung is an experienced international development worker that has assumed responsibly of the tea field that was planted by his grandfather and managed by his father in the height of the Nepal tea industry. He is strategizing the operation to focus on quality, limit quantity, and diversify with agritourism. Nepal's high altitude and experienced tea makers combine to create unusual teas like these. At high altitude there is a greater temperature difference between night and day, which is better for growing tea.

• • •

Recommended Brewing Instructions: Use 2tsp (~5g) per 250ml cup. Brew for 1 minute.

- 185F for a lighter, sweeter profile with a more pronounced vanilla/white chocolate note.

- 195F for a fuller profile, with radish and musky vanilla flavors.

This tea can be rebrewed up to 4 times, with hotter water and longer infusions.