PT Harendong

Banten Baozhong Green

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Tea: Banten Baozhong Green

Grower: Dr. Alex Halim of PT Harendong

Origin: Banten, Indonesia

Elevation: 900m (2,900ft)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Harvest Date: November 2016

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Banten Baozhong Green is an oolong that is so lightly oxidized, it resembles a green tea. Sweet, vegetal, and softly creamy flavors, with the clean mineral notes that characterize many of Indonesia's teas. Banten Baozhong Green serves well as a replacement for finicky, bitter green teas while keeping with the green tea flavors. The tea is very easy to brew, with very little dryness or astringency. Grown on an all-natural farm in the Halimun Mountains, located near Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park. PT Harendong's team uses all-natural methods to grow their teas, and they are are certified organic by IMO International according to EU, USDA/NOP, JAS and COR standards.

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Brewing Guidelines

Temperature: 185-195F

Re-steeps: 3+