Satemwa Tea Estate

Zomba Steamed Green

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Tea: Zomba Steamed Green

Grower: Satemwa Tea Estate

Tea Maker: Alexander Kay

Origin: Thyolo Mountain, Shire Highlands - Thyolo District, Malawi

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Cultivation: Conventional - Herbicides only, no pesticides

Harvest Date: Summer 2018

• • •

Zomba Steamed Green is a solid everyday green tea. Harvested from the gardens of Satemwa Tea Estate, the raw leaves are steamed at 260F (130C), then rolled and shaped before being dried into their final state. This tea was developed after a lot of trial-and-error lots, inspired by the traditions of Chinese green teas. The profile is somewhat similar to Japanese green, which are also typically steamed. The texture is exceptional, with a smooth, velvety body and a soft aftertaste, with little bitterness. Deep marine flavors, with notes of kelp, ocean air, and floral fragrances. Slight smoky finish. Steeps quickly, and performs well when iced or cold-brewed.

• • •

Recommended Brewing Instructions: Use 2-3g of leaves per 8oz (240ml) of water. Brew at 175F-185F for between 1-2 minutes. Like many green teas, this tea is sensitive to high temperatures and will become bitter when oversteeped.