Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - Tea to Help Difficult Times

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Hello Facebook Happy Wednesday today
is March 20 -fifth if

anybody's keeping track of the days
are all kind of melting

together. now, it's hoping you having
a good one. hope you're

drinking good tea. Of course. I'm
here drinking tea gonna be

here for the never we'd love to
team with you if you like doing

me the link to join is bit dot LY
slash it'll work simply. You


wait in a waiting room and while
you are there I will allow you

to to join me so at today hopefully
I can get some some friends

in a week. I have some tea together
but until then you know

there is some things I'd like to
cap about what I've been going

through and try this process small
business owner and as a

small disorder that supports Christmas
disorders, I think that

I'm excited. To call not so much
small business but very small

business because I'm coming to learn
that a lot of the benefits

of that the government is some supporting
small business owners

such as low interest loans and even
a zero interest, most

incredible is that the culture for
being a small business is

actually a pretty high revenue a
revenue that. Most specialty

tea vendors when Dream of of acquiring
so that's $250000 a year

in gross revenue, which for you
know someone selling specialty

teeth especially transparently source
Specialty tea, which to


The difficult revenue to to come
to come by so I'm I'm finding

that a lot of small businesses that
we support we've been

qualified for these benefits for
getting these low interest

loans and instead are being directed
to their loan companies

that are. My interest rates some
you know some some as high as

like 20 percent or nine percent
interest rate, which you know

it's such a a desperate time as
well. Wednesday, Omar Yeah, you

know, I don't know if specific T
shirt is made or sold. I

actually got this from my my friends
and no California at a tea

so just something quick and turn
on. it's live so we can go

live there. Let's figure out.

Instagram I could see you guys.
yeah. so hi Ginger good to see

you if you're making a lot of good
insert right now. yeah, it's

a really great time to be making
art so yeah

they're they're still selling shirts
my friends that used to

operate in in this business I have
already sold the business

and something ownership. so I'm
not too sure it's a really good

one T shirt. I know a lot of make
you know someday on by. The T

shirt so we're talking about small
business and support for

small business definitely.

You know, and I wish that there
was more that I could do small

business you know a map of the small
businesses that we support

that are source for sourcing their
teaching access that map is

active, Mac Mac. yeah I. I'm Lawrence
that you can support

during this time cuz it was a time
of need to see thanks for

coming by and saying hi, but yeah
is that you know meant to be

provided for small business actually
do have limitations and so

you know how do we support them
all business and even a very

small business doing less than $2000
a year in revenue is still

having an employee. There's also
supporting in the community of

survivors parts of our debt. They're
probably not going to get

access to these low interest loans
that are meant to be

supporting that part of our community.
so it's a tricky

situation that we didn't have to
deal with as a slower. It's

very stressful. you know it's small
business owners here right.

I do have what I discovered through
a capital is you know a

really popular business credit card
provider that they are

allowing for a balanced transparent.
And which typically you


Art and Capital One does have a
vital piece where they are

offering the low. no interest APR
when you pay back on balance

transfer maybe 12 of no interest
so they give you this high and

I know at least I'm not sure about
it. everybody's maybe worth

it to to what kind of promotions
available to your account for

debt so You know the fee for doing
these types of trances as

usually two to four presents but

I will offer two percent some balance
for with zero percent APR

over a month period and they actually
had of having that

balance transfer done through a
check to you.

I'm having issues with advocacy
low interest loans, it maybe to

look into your credit card and one
of these guests zero as

would be ideal balance those dreams.
So today I've been


day outside today we would be thing
to dream today ah I am also

enjoying my green some beautiful

Creations was my birthday cake from
the night so look forward


Hey guys, I'm telling you it feels
like my my Internet

connection is a little low rail.
I can imagine that everybody

affection is having so due to increasing
another use of the

Internet. But

Obvious of you know supporting them
with our purchase of which

I stand not steal my mom's birthday
cake. I made a whole day

she had more than enough to share
everything I've been

installed at this guy. He's guilty
of that. He's got his eyes.

I'll think about it right now.

Cuz often times there's touching
like a little bit of a problem

with eating chocolate. Hey Hassan,
I see you could do a great

catch up and it's good to see hope
hope you're experiencing a

lot on the big island. your tea
plants and coffee are all happy

very beautiful products for us.

It is not interested in the teeth
he is interested in pair

cake, he said, and enjoy more important.
you can't cuz he

doesn't have you know Opposable
thumbs to to hold on to the

forks and like. That was great.

Very friendly. This is a longing
Green longing is a. Also

Dragon really crisp.

It's really good at helping you
adjust to the new weather we

had a boy boy. Hey Tico. That's
it good to see you but you and

the family are safe and happy there
thanks for tuning in again.

If any of you guys want to join
if you're having a tough

motivated you know for this virtual

Which will stranger to Facebook
at bit dot LY slash Tea party

set up with some of you. Hi Jesse.
How's it going hope you have

a tea at home to enjoy peace almond
wear it with your family

call if you.

Yeah, I started a new hashtag United
of trying to help small

businesses that work with the hashtag
don't be caught. I know

it sounds silly. you gotta have
fun still.

You cannot be cauliflower. It lift
the Facebook live. I'm

seeing a lot of the House.

Said well, post it back later on
to Facebook issues diagram

wanna join on Instagram because
to go.

Alright and we're still going Facebook.
No one 's joined. I've

been quitting and I had the pleasure
of going on a long walk.

This is using goods Well, post it
back later on now recently go

thanks for the shout out all my
love to you too. It's been a

while. You move to IG you Eric,
It seems that my Internet is

really shaky today. I'm in the process
of having like a long

can from the bag and actually like
a hard line to the computers

at the Internet can you're still
in your PJs. Well, that's

wonderful PJ's look like

alright. I'm gonna take a bite.
I can't help it. I'm too


Now, that's the best carrot cake,
but it's there was an

ingredients in addiction April Silla.
hello. hello. yeah. there

was a great dance that I was short
on in my mom's kitchen when

I was baking cake and she insisted,
let me start endings and I

was like you really need to be reduced
the the theme that we're

we're going to the soil where else
more. Vectors of the spread

of this panic so let me just figure
out this recipe and figure

it out so that I was short on was
in the frosting and I ended

up being some of the cream cheese
with the cream and also with

you know so just kind of thick heavy
whipping cream and I

actually like it better with the
typical you know it's cream

cheese frosty have carrot cake so
nice next time you. Here at

KB, you can try to replace set the
cream cheese sour cream or

screen. it makes it nice and light
and fluffy.

To see these beautiful leaves here
steeply now typically it be

released to brew tea glass so that
way you can see it steeping

but then it takes this guy. wanna
my paper at not China. he's a

US missus located in Turkey, New
Mexico fabulous ceramics are

they they actually so if you have
an economics I'd highly

recommend that you check them out
and if you're in that area

you're in the area, it is like no
miss. Thank you you you need


Get on the will make some stuff
and I I really like what he

does because they not only are they
like their own where their

own skill and dynamics and and they're
making them.

This working cafe restaurants to
produce layers that will be

used in those business full price,
you know. ultimately, that's

what it comes on. you do like you
know value in how do we

proudly you an internship which
we should be doing but there is

some in we get promoted ship into
a restaurant. you know where

the restaurant is going to need
to purchase hundreds if not

thousands. Pieces a year we kept
I'm gonna be bringing in or

there's just like a high city that
space. so you can't be you

know $400 wedge to a restaurants.
you know gonna be using

hundreds of them. so they've really
figured to scale friendship

impossible to so yeah if you really.

Did you add big idiot? You know
I was actually speaking of it

like I am really excited right now,
like only thing that I can

think to get excited about right
now. I mean for all of you

guys to do differently. Find those
things I'm excited and focus

on those is to breakfast for dinner.
you know it doesn't sound

like much. got it all planned in
my head, you know. hopefully

I'll be a photo a nice photo but
Facebook of my my friend that

I make begin eggs, hash browns and
pancakes beautiful maple

syrup on top. we're looking forward
to that. Like we should be

spoiling ourselves right now we
should give ourselves and

exploring things that bring boy
value less because we're gonna

need that that what's going on.
Hey everybody on Facebook. I

just keep seeing the video drop
out like there's you know a

real big problem for today, so I
appreciate those that are

sticking around and as you know
and like going come and go

Facebook. I'm also live on and since
I myself, I guess it make

a difference. now that you know
with your screen. So if you

wanna hop over to Instagram, you'll
get a nice clear smooth and

you'll actually get you so Elvis
shelf there. we can see it.

Facebook live stream but I'll definitely
see it. I was always

looking over us and TJ.

So yeah. I need a Ethernet keep
you are absolutely right, but I

need a long when my motive in the
office on the other side of

the office so.

Peter here I can still keep these
sessions from here if not

make a tea table in the office,
but like it's really nice to

table here cuz this is where we.

When we're operating. Guys feel
bad, but I gotta bite. that's

too good.

If you didn't hear me earlier you
know my recommendations if

you're a small business owner do
get asked capital tells times

because it is like if you're truly
small business less than 200

in revenue. you may not qualify
for these like little low

invest small business loans you
should definitely check with

your credit card company specifically
capital running some good

promos now and the. really low fee
of zero interest as

transfers and actually letting you
issue a check with that

transfer and then that check can
be used of course to you know

pay off. you know a credit credit
card debt cuz that's like

something that we shouldn't worry
about nice more businesses

accumulate you know a lot of unnecessary
and late fees. they

just don't have a capital. Lisa
Go. You may be hearing this, I

actually discovered all business
that to qualify for these

loans. you need to do a 250 in a
year in revenue of a lot of

specialty tea companies. it's unfortunately
probably means

they're gonna qualify for those
loans as something that I

discovered through one with the
credit app they are doing

patients for low transfer balance
fee percent, transfer balance

feet and zero percent over 12 months
on transfer balances and.

You know I was supposed to.

You know being your balance from
one to another credit card,

but they're actually issue a check
to yourself and that check

take 15 days to come in. so get
a little interesting bit of

Olivia Yeah pass on that info. Olivia
I just like I don't know

I know this is really sad. He knows.
He knows all these sorts

of things, but I just wanted to
share that little tidbit of

information. so this is essentially
like a two percent interest

on you know I I think the checks
a couple we come in. so there

is a lack of time is not an immediate
you know, transfer of

funds. Who transfer directly card
to another, It is immediate,

but the check the check does take
if you to come in but small

business that's really struggling
in which a lot of that could

be you know a lifesaver you know,
help some cash flow and for

the better keep things.

Guys. I'll be great. I'm watching
us on Instagram and one of

our partners on our weather map
at dot com. We have like a full

member of the small that are warm
to source origin beautiful

farmers wanna a local business near
at is silly that you can

use to start do you use that resource
for locating those


The time device you don't wanna
be a leafless. don't be caught


So 12, this session that will be
broadcast we'll have a really

exciting with supplement and Thanks,
Olivia See you next time

Sam Kaplan and so fond of what a
company who is you know a

partner that we will see with it
in China, somebody very

knowledgeable culture. we'll be
chatting tomorrow about going


Yeah, our sanity during the time
so tomorrow and extra

specials. I hope to join to join
the live and we will welcome

people in also that link we're going
live so that you guys can

register to our room and be a part
of that conversation. it

will be we will be talking a lot
about of course and what we're

doing with it but yeah.

Yeah, facility wanna go on tomorrow's
chin and I'll be sure

that my intern working clear so
that we don't hate destructions

and what's going on. Can you register
to see I'm still I'm

gonna send you that personally to
make sure they link cuz I

love have you or that session cuz
it'll be and it would be

really cool to like bring it like
international cuz I know he's

here in Ecuador, so I'd be cooled
some perspectives outside you

know you're in the States, but also
you know the culture the

screen around and how it is. they
bring happiness and peace for

the cultures. Yeah, don't do that

I got some some now. this tea is
really organic, not a problem

that will potentially eat that you
see how beautiful.

This is a dragon produce Great Dragon
is made from the dragon

well as but it is grown in the trade
so Dragon will area Angel

we're tour step beautiful. Is there
this huge Lake and you know

productive that are as traditional
stock healthy but this

particular track is coming from
guns, which is a province.

There has been some span of. The
dragon, the dragon Well in

sale just because I think demand
for for Dragon Realty, which

is like one of the most popular
most popular Green tea in

China, popular tea in general or
daily regiments and gifting.

So there has been a lot of enterprise
spread this style of TV

beyond the home general area and
to be honest, it is very much

candy minded and production, and
so you're gonna see a lot of

agriculture chemicals those a lot
of mindless model. But Dragon

Wall in particular coming from very
small village introduced to

through an environmental engineer
through the UC Davis Global

team in the.

birdie and all of the land to organic
biodynamic systems to

support the community in they started
producing all of their

their tea and very high-quality
perspective, so that didn't get

a higher price for their teeth.

What time is it going to nurses
who can calculate so session is

gonna be at the same time at 10,
so like the exactly 20 - four

hours for now, we'll be waiting
mission or I should say three

hours and it's starting that session.
So yeah, you can just

plan for that. So that's two PM.
We're doing that session and I

will send you the link for everything
OCR part of that will


To the Facebook just so that everybody's
to watching though

it's going to be did on hey DC.
how's it for you. is it on Sam

Kaplan Safety Pet Shop so he's ready
to use of the virtual

session. Topics bringing different
guests together to just.

safety, you know, it's a big responsibility
on you know some

leaves and their but if you you
know know anything about color

in the history of tea and humanity.
you know that more than

just sleeves and water.

Adopted child, which is a term I
like to talk often of an

intentional way of living and then
10 way of two things with.

You get it from the Earth and the
roots that go deep in the

Earth it it pulls that energy and
we get to enjoy and it's a

great privilege luxury as well.
Even tea is a luxury. It's not

a commodity. It's not something
that you know bought in the

Cabinet like you're it should be
something that you value sit

with and that even a smile will
go a very long and bring that

happiness of your.

Yeah, I feel like what's going on
in the world and what

everybody is experiencing is a perspective
and I'm finding I

think to stay bought positive on
that really helping them what

we value in our life and stand being.

sometimes people take for granted
and they think it's just this

simple thing that you know should
just be provided in your

office and the tea bag hot water
and walk away for where

there's no value when it's like
a White, why even Super time

doing that? that's how you're going.

Some stations I'm having a conversation
right like crazy that

I'm with someone this is actually
the first made it almost

through the entire hour without
having some common. that's

fine. You know I see you out there.
I know you're out there

with me

There's so much happiness, you know
like the past few weeks I I

have been wipes and downs emotionally
what's going on and this

commitment that I made to doing
this every day from Three PM

has become something that I look
forward to and you know I may

start the day feeling lack of motivations
businesses so slow or

you know the very fields I am getting
from people or you know

filled with not the greatest news.
you know there could be a

lot of opportunity feeling down
soon as I start this clothing.

I'm here by myself, but I'm immediately
like did you know I do

recommend that you will take time
to sit with teen have that

answer. It's this experience. See
that gorgeous. see that let's

see what I see my my forehead makes
a good cause. you can see

the leaf.

You know the bud, but sure like
if they wouldn't have party

like ride, they did it mature, but
it's gonna open create a

whole new leaf set and when they
set fully grows.

Pool and belief when it when it
gets to that state of maturity,

it's Angie and that's ideal for
making Oh so them to know all

about it even took me is to discover
that actually when I first

started and tea, I was in Hawaii
with the University of Hawaii

and they had a researcher and that
was one of the words I heard

often bond avoid bond. that's one
of our you know just here at

White is the first don't know I
told you so I was I was like a.

Negative you know travelling to
and meeting teenagers have been

realizing that

??? stand and how is it going?
I'm just talking about bonds

and leaves in a buddy. You know
some dragon Wall here and I'm

still beautiful, but at least that
I'm talking about how this

is like a good standard for Green
tea or White tail and and

I started studying tea with the
just always knew what the ideal

plucking Standard has asked the
problem with something called

and I was thought by like a negative
thing, you know, but then

once I started out lead to like
I won and were long tea is is

the preferred the process and that
is just you know the level

of belief that it is actually necessary
and in certain tea

productions. so the two wanna leave
in the bud like his

example, is not always you know.
Exclusively mean it's the best

quality. it's the best quality for
that style of processing.

that's really amazing really opens
you up to know things that

you can reach and learn and built
around around tea. So that's

a lot of fun. T is fun. It really
is it's it's probably like in

the world just like have parties.
you're not having parties on

camera myself have fun, you know
but even happen. Really

interesting and he's like yeah.
that's what I want. don't

worry. I'm gonna give them a teen's
going to have to enjoy

himself. I tortured the boy he until
the end he always has to

wait until yet. he can't spoil your
dog too much. you can like

spoil him like of course, make them
happy and let him

experience. but it's like my parents.
I'm too much and he gets

an attitude like he be like yelling
at me right now, so I can't

wait to teach us a little bit.

So they wants to join let's see
who it is. That's my brother.

Hey Mike. what's up?

I haven't talked to my brother,
actually he's not yet, so this

will be a catch up with him. I hope.
He's just connecting his

audio there. He is hey Mike.

We're here with you, you know, I
was hoping it wasn't gonna get

this House, but you know I guess
that's how it goes. If it has

a hot here yet it's still it's sunny.
We're having some days

finally cuz he was asked and pretty
like rainy for a bit but

the sun's out, but there's still
a lot of wind so the weather

is imperfect cuz it's usually by
now being like fear like I'm

already. Yeah, are you drinking
tea? Yeah. I was drinking some

some ancient tree from one House.
That's the last I've become.

Nice so that's good to get you caught
them before close before

the close friend that came in from
Denver and we went, I took

her out of absentee and have her
got to experience the culture,

which is pretty cool blown away.
We had one of our coworkers

that came with us and we blew her
away. She never knew tee at

all. now. Yeah, she was blown away.

Yeah. yeah. Awesome does a cool
coach culture. I'm actually

gonna body with so on tomorrow during
this live session so with

him. And who else was there somebody
else that was gonna jump

on as well? so the the the host
of the show like Sam in La, I

think he met him, Steve Kaplan and

The coffee guy right.

yeah. when we we're passing through
town that one time. Yeah.

So Sam is all series of Russians
online through zoom and

tomorrow's two PM. We're gonna you
know kind of our our

sessions together and you're already
has some lined up. You

know someone was those that introduced
us. that was our mutual

friend and so Yeah and other people
hopefully have some other

folks coming to enjoy that session
about how the tea can you

know Save the world.

Thanks Andy. Thank you so much for
tuning in it was.

Hello Facebook So that's another
one advantage that Bitcoin is

pretty obsessed with this cake right
now. That's all he can

think about it. You still there,
Mike. I'm here you know I

tried to join in on phone first
and I don't know what happened

I needed an ID number and I see
there on the upper on you know

the zoo so the meeting ID 336493
zero nine. Yes, that's going

to be able to connect to Tony. I
see yeah, so your car doesn't

have a camera well, my computer
much as well. So I got like

Friday and tea in front of. you.
Where did you get it just over

there was this other one called
but they weren't they have the

best chicken in town. Yeah, I've
been supporting all the all

the you know, food trucks and this
in that town. Well that's

good. I'm starting to notice. This
is the rents that we're

doing like take out to to even shut.
I think it's financially.

It's difficult to to keep that running.
Yeah. it's still slow

from what I see couldn't done eating
everybody really, it would

really suck a very long shutdown.
Yeah. I think the the paws

like the the Jews they're doing
well. I think they're probably

you know getting those this but
like the restaurants would like

pick up and take out. I don't I
think yeah, it's it's really

slow with them to. Yeah today the
except the the Internet

connection was like more for streaming
to Facebook. So I'm

gonna make sure I have that that
hard line running by by

tomorrow. Yeah, that's it. Yeah.

Probably next time I get to connect
with my phone and I can see

my my team plan is doing actually
doing pretty well right now.

Yeah. it's finally recovered after
you know A hundred and 10

degree heat this past summer. Yeah.
it's sort of stunted my

team even during the fall. That's
how to get leads coming out

looking nice.

Yeah. Right. Michael has a. Is front
patio there. so yeah.

Hopefully you can yeah. I'm gonna
have to get creative this

amount to put like cooler with some
type of covering type of

you know big shift greenhouse with
the swamp cooler in there to

keep the temperature down so it
doesn't stunt it again.

Interesting Yeah.

So what?

So you're recording, I didn't get
it are you gonna have some

kind of structure around let to
keep the swamp cooler. on it.

Yes. Yeah. so like a pie ability
like some type of plastic

covering. so that's what I'm going
to do to try to keep the the

humidity in there to lower the temperature.
So, yeah, it's

gonna be like in all all summer
to be interesting with us. I'm

sure you're gonna like it a lot.
Yeah by keeping the the wet.

Yeah, it's gonna be like an all
summer long.

Alright, Lisa Yeah. you've been
breaking up. Yeah. Look at

that. Yeah. it's unfortunate. it
was it was a nice.

Lisa Breaking again, I'll catch
you tomorrow. See ya love. Bye.

Alright. Yeah, it seems the Internet
is giving you trouble

today. So I'm waiting to cut my
session a little bit today, but

it took me made it off the hour,
but thank you so much for that

had patient with the tricky stream
today tomorrow gonna be a

water. I'll have you know I'm like
brought over and yeah, I

hope you stay well. I hope you stay
hope you drink lots of tea.

I think for tea. I recommend that
you check out THR dot com

slash and you can find businesses.
still fulfilling online for

direct trade.

People talk about how you can the
world essentially what we

need right now. thank you so much
much much love. Bye.

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