Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - Constitution Study Group - Pandemic Response

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everybody happy wednesday good to see
you july 15th
constitution study group so today's
special because
i have my first like
real life friend guest come on for the
live stream
um and so that's why we're wearing the
masks i hope you can hear us okay
um so we're gonna do um the constitution
study group and i figured since
justin is here uh we're going to make it
like more casual
and we're going to talk about our
with the pandemic and
the constitutionality of it so um
i'm not going to be reading so much the
constitution today
we're really going to have more of a
so justin what have you been uh what are
you been up to i haven't seen you
in person since freaking into february
well ever since a lockdown after i
stopped working for a while i've been
staying at home
been making sure you know anytime i went
i always had a mask i always kept myself
dissing from other people
regardless you know
for the most part yeah i just kept
myself distant from
you know the public and
large groups of people you know not just
for myself but for my family who are
you know compromised yeah yeah have you
have you guys had any experiences
with uh covid in your family we had
one scare but
it was as i said it was just a scare my
mom thought she might have had kobe
since she was having a lot of
respiratory problems okay after she got
tested it came out
negative so
luckily it was just like a cold or
something so that was good
hi mifelda hello
um yeah we were given these masks this
morning at the
um the take it easy grand opening that's
where we met
um and they're they're cool they're from
the state of nevada so they've got the
battleborn emblem on this side and then
on this side it
says what's the motto stay home stay
safe right
let's see stay safe
stay open stay open oh interesting
oh okay cool so they changed the motto
so like when we were in lockdown the
motto was
stay home stay safe or stay safe stay
um and so now since the state has
and they want to stay open as far as
restaurants and everything and the
casinos and the hotels
they've changed the motto take stay safe
stay open
and that's why we have to wear the masks
we're going to attempt to do this entire
stream wearing
our masks it's going to be a challenge
telling justin you know we're gonna have
to eventually take them down
to uh drink our tea but that's okay
we'll deal with it when we deal with it
hopefully you guys can hear us nice and
clearly you know
yeah if you're having trouble hearing uh
hearing us let us know and we'll we'll
figure out a resolution
uh but i think these mats are pretty
good they're like they're not too thick
they're easily breathable
actually paul paul called in on monday
and he was wearing one of these
and uh it was it was pretty pretty easy
to hear him
as well so yeah justin you work in
restaurants huh yes i do i'm a cook at a
restaurant called north italia
so would you like to know yeah how's
that how's that experience been like
with the
with the mask mandate uh and with
all right so ever since
lockdown yeah i've been at home until
from march to june from my understanding
the restaurant has been open for takeout
only from march until
gym when we reopened and there it was
everyone had to wear a mask inside
you know thanks thanks thomas you'd be
too thank you yes everyone have to wear
a mouse yeah
so like all your staff are wearing masks
and then when you first reopened it was
just staff that had to wear it right
and then yes you know the patrons were
able to come in without a mask
it was highly advised that they were a
mask to come in but it wasn't
mandatory yeah it is
and so has there been like pushback from
your customers
yes okay there has been some push back
from the customers from what the front
of the house has been saying
some guests are openly defiant some
are more passive against it but then
a lot of other guys are openly complying
to it without
any problem i mean it's easy enough
so what's the compliance you have to
wear the mask to go in
and then you have to continuously wear
the mask until your food
your food arrives or yes i think that's
how it is but
from what i've seen since we have an
open kitchen with an open view of
the dining room
not all guests do that
some guests take it off immediately
after they come in
yeah i'd understand that it's
you know especially if you're like
meeting friends and you're trying to
have a conversation
and and then if you have your your
drinks come out and you're trying to
and and yes it is it's uncomfortable for
a lot of people
understand that yes it's hard to breathe
in a mask
no everyone
can wear a mask for hours and hours on
end not even
us sometimes we have a hard time
breathing as well
yeah yeah paul paul was saying that like
in service when you're
you know serving your guests you know a
lot of your work is based off of your
charm and your personality
and upselling stuff and you need to talk
to do that you know so
exactly i was saying that a lot of the
staff are like
um like feeling faint by the end of
their shifts
so yeah a lot of people are feeling you
they feel a lot more miserable they feel
a lot more tired and worn out after
their end of the shift because you know
they're having a harder time breathing
and staying you know staying up because
you know
they feel like they're choking or not
getting enough oxygen into the body
that's the thing yeah no it's true
totally understandable
hey so guys we have the link open like
if you come to the link
the bit dot l y slash t let tea party
you will come right in here with us and
you can chat with us
and we can talk about this issue you can
talk about your experiences
you know with mask mandates or or any
like pandemic response from your
state um because this is all this is all
about the constitution now oh this is
something else i want to ask you justin
have you heard of any stories of like
the people that are defiant
and don't want to wear the mask have you
heard any stories of them citing the
you know as the basis for their rights
to not wear a mask
i've heard of some but it's very few and
between majority of this is you know
people claiming it's their
constitutional right
you know not to wear it because you know
they're all like expression or whatever
they see it as
some people feel like it's the
government's overstepping their
yeah which in some cases
yes it can be seen as that but you know
a state and federal's responsibility
to protect us yeah and that's true so
that's what we're going to talk about
today that's
you know today's constitution study
group i'm committed to doing this i'm
going to continue doing it every week as
uncomfortable and vulnerable as it is to
do this and
this is awesome like you're the first
person not only the first person to come
here in person
and like be here while streaming but
you're the first person to
join me while doing the constitution
study group so
you know usually honored to be here yeah
and justin and i are our old friends
uh tea friends actually we met
you were volunteering for the southwest
tea festival right
yes i was that was 2017 i believe
wow so three years ago
it feels like longer than that really no
i think it was 2016.
it was 6 16 was the last one because we
did yeah we took a break in 17 and then
in 18 and 19 we we did the world team
so yeah we did the
southwest tea festival 15 and 16. so
yeah we met in 16.
maybe you were even at the 15. no i
think i was at the 15 when i first met
you because after
downtown third yes because that was uh
i remember now i was uh attending that
to check it out for the first time
to expand my horizon on you know tea and
all that stuff and
that's where i saw you in the middle
yeah you know you're
giving me some passion
statement about tea and i just couldn't
stop listening you were giving an
impassioned statement about tea
wow i don't think that's ever happened
no of course not
so yeah so okay so we've known each
other for five years now um
and that's cool and we've drink a lot of
tea together we've had a lot of really
awesome conversations together
you've definitely been at the tea table
you know for some awesome conversations
and so yeah i think it's perfect we can
catch up now
um it is yeah yeah you know to be in the
spotlight like this for once
don't worry there's only three people
watching right now don't worry don't
and you know what else is a shock the t
i just served you
let's see how good your your your
sommelier skills are
what did i serve you
it's definitely hot leaf juice
was this teeth we were drinking earlier
no was it nope
oh you know what the reason why you
can't identify this tea is possibly
i'm still using the same cup no because
this is a flavored tea
this is not a tea i would never ever
share to you but i had some here
and must have been a sample i was going
through with someone else brought
but it's flavored and um
i just assumed that you'd be able to
recognize it from the flavoring it's
jasmine seeds
okay well actually no this is not
flavored this is naturally scented but
still it's jasmine tea which i don't
you know have no you don't brewing on
the tea table
but it's cool we go with it i'll change
out the tea typically i don't change out
the tea when i'm doing these live
streams because
understandable it can be a challenge hey
joe now good to see you
um so yeah let's get back to the subject
oh hi marco
uh we're here to talk about the
constitution and so i have actually
this exact thing uh it was actually in
the second
part of the series that i did you know
kind of at the beginning of when i
started this journey
of looking at the constitutionality of
these state mandates
and i had a lot of help from my good
friend tavia campbell
who you know is kind of my go-to
reference for these
you know legal questions she's not a
lawyer but she actually uh
studied in grad school international
politics so
you know a lot of this stuff was like
kind of prerequisite for for her studies
and um she had kind of put me in the
right direction of where to read about
these things and study about these
things and so
since i've already gone over it i'm not
going to like detail read into it like i
want this to be more of like a
discussion format between us but
just to set the context of
what we're talking about here so we have
the um
14th amendment no 13th no the
13th we know what that is right do you
know what that is 13th amendment
13th amendment is the abolishment of
slavery yay justin wins so he wins today
because i didn't know that like at the
very beginning of doing this i didn't
know that so you were like
steps ahead of me yeah i you know
i'm really honest like i did not study
the constitution
since high school and then even then you
know my interests were in way different
and my head was in a very different
place my experiences were very different
so you know i would hardly say that
i properly studied it did you have to
like memorize things for a test and
that's how you were able to remember
that or is that something
i know we basically just have to
regurgitate the information on it okay
but it's not something i studied since
yeah high school as well and that was 10
years ago
yeah so okay so you have two things
you're like a little bit younger than me
because my high school was a little bit
more than 10 years ago
and um maybe you just have a better
memory than me
but um i mean i now know the 13th
amendment i've been studying this i you
know i know a lot of these things but
you know it's just something that kind
of went in the back of my head so yeah
good on you for doing that but no yes
the amendment that i want to address
is the 14th amendment came right after
the 13th
and that that's the one that pretty much
that all men
have the right to its government's
protections right
and kind of states the government's
um to protect
citizens to protect its citizens and and
the rights so there's a relation there
right so the citizen has a right to
let me just read it i'll just read it
and i'm just going to read the
section one
which says all persons born or
naturalized in the united states and
subject to the jurisdiction thereof
are citizens of the united states
and of the state wherein they reside no
state shall make or enforce any law
which shall abridge the privileges or
immunities of citizens of the united
nor shall any state deprive any person
of life
liberty or property without due process
of law
nor deny to any person within its
the equal protection of the laws
so that's it right there so it's like
it's first saying
the state shouldn't you know take away
any rights
um and then the second says that the
state has an obligation
to preserve its citizens
um right
or you know ownership of life liberty or
and so that's related to public safety
what was the three it's like when it
came to like the militia parts like in
on other days i i was studying like the
militia and the purpose of militia and
what that is so
their purpose is that each state is
responsible for
managing a militia that is responsible
for protecting
uh public health safety and security
so the like in regards to liberty
or no life liberty and property you know
you also have your right to
those things being preserved by the
and their amendment yeah so th this is
the amendment that this whole thing
why we have to wear a mask all comes
from right because
the purpose of wearing a mask is not
because the government wants us to look
and to like be uncomfortable and all of
this the reason why
is is for their responsibility
to keep us healthy
so we have to keep us safe yeah so this
this virus doesn't continue to spread
i think that there could be a bit more
and you know there's probably layers and
layers of reasons
why this isn't happening but there could
be a lot more
transparency about these decisions that
are being made
like so you know the cdc finally is
starting to make some official
statements about masks and their
efficacy and stopping the spread of the
virus but like
from day one that information should
have been going out you know what i mean
it should have been going on and it
should have been crystal clear
yeah but then again you know
governing bodies shouldn't be
suppressing it or
bogging it down in whatever political
litigation they're held up against
or for yeah
so that there's the issue right there
you know so the states do have the right
now it's not the right
states don't have rights states and
federal government don't have rights the
our president uh our representatives our
they do not have rights as citizens as
individual citizens they have the same
rights that like you and i have
which we can get into that um but they
do have
responsibilities you know that um
and so you know their decisions that
they're making has nothing to do
with their rights and their position as
an individual
but as a a piece of the decision-making
for either the state or the federal
government and
and other other parts of the
constitution it does kind of prioritize
that at the top you have the federal
government whatever laws they make
like they super trump everything else
like they supersede everything else
but then the states also
have a responsibility like like was
written right here is that the states
have their own responsibility of
uh not depriving its citizens of
of life liberty and and and property
but um
yeah oh so it goes it goes
federal and then state actually if
states end up making a mandate that's
different than the federal one
then they can do that
they can they can make something
different um and then
the the individual doesn't have any say
in like
they do have a say but they they don't
make the laws themselves they don't
create the systems themselves the
individual has the rights
at the end of the line and those those
is is life liberty property and then
the right to vote which is like written
several times over
throughout the constitution and actually
that right so in the in this
14th amendment it says that no state
shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the privileges or
immunities of citizens so
if a state is getting wrapped up in um
you know suppressing votes or having
anything to do with like depriving
someone of their right to vote
then yeah they're not they're not
handling their responsibility correctly
no they're just they're just doing
whatever their political party wants
them to
to keep themselves in power
so um that's the difference there you
know oh and so we have the right to vote
and then we have the right to bear arms
for the purpose of militia which is
you know something completely different
and then on
outside oh and then the right to
communicate so the right to
to you know free speech and then
our right to communicate with our
representatives who have the
of representing our voice representing
our opinions and our needs
um the only way that they're going to
know that is if we execute
our right to communicate with them
and then beyond that justin the
constitution doesn't give us a single
other rate
really but those are huge like the right
to vote and the right to communicate
with your representative
or to communicate in general communicate
to the public communicate
anywhere in any form and any platform in
any fashion our right to communicate
our free speech those are very powerful
that can kind of cover a lot of bases
you know it's
um so nowhere in the constitution
does it say that we have a right not to
wear a mask well
it doesn't say that anywhere
and it's just silly people think
definitely so um
that's done we can stop looking at the
constitution i think that's enough
like i'm in the cycle of doing these
study groups where we're looking at the
federals and the anti-federalist papers
so i
i did look up where we could read and i
i read it ahead of time because i don't
really feel like reading the entire
document like i usually do when i'm
alone so i found like excerpts from
both the federalists and the anti and
the countering anti-federalist papers
that um kind of
uh sets the tone of how the constitution
the hierarchy and responsibility between
the federal the state
and the individual um and and on this
of the government's responsibility of
a citizen's rights to life liberty and
um and so i guess we'll start with
federal papers because
they were the winner right you should
always start with the winning team
now do you know about that justin you
know about the the difference between
the federalists and the anti-federalists
i'll be honest i do have a minimal
understanding of
both sides of the federalists and
i had an even lesser understanding of it
before i started studying it so don't
okay don't feel i don't want anybody to
feel like
that's the last thing i think like when
we're having these types of
conversations about civic engagement and
about community service and
about racism and all these things that
people are wanting to talk about right
the last thing that we need to be doing
is like shaming someone for their
um their ignorance or oh
last week i had someone on and we were
talking and they used the word
who was the talking that said that he
used the word
um ignorance
you get that mandy it was a typo
no no no no they intended to say that
okay so i get what they're saying so
like ignorance
is like not knowing something because
you've never been exposed
to it right and so that's like kind of
harmless it's different than stupidity
which a lot of people like interchange
those words and that's the basis for a
lot of the insecurities that happen
and a lot of the polarization that's
happened politically
in in our community is because like
people intermix those the meanings of
those two words to mean like the same
thing and so if you tell someone they're
ignorant like immediately or if you make
someone feel ignorant immediately
they're gonna think oh
you think i'm stupid i don't wanna be
stupid i'm not stupid
and so like that's a really dangerous
to take to these types of conversations
and just create hostility right so
that's what i'm trying to say like if
you don't know something either from
not being exposed to it or from the
other side of it so there's ignorance
and then there's
ignorance and i don't know why i'm like
blanking out on who freaking said that
it was i think i did it on the live
stream that's where that word came from
but ignorance is similar to ignorance
where you don't know something
but it's like you actively chose to
ignore it to ignore it to like remove it
from your database
um and so that's not necessarily
stupidity like stupidity is like where
you get exposed to something and then
you know you you don't know how to
process it and you just
you you can't calculate it and it's just
within your capacity to understand
wouldn't ignorance just be
denial yeah it's kind of like denial so
it's kind of like
it's like chosen reactive ignorance
okay which you know i don't know if
as bad as stupidity either right and it
is something that we do so that's what i
you know i've been exposed to these
things when i was a kid and maybe i was
exposed to them at the wrong time under
the wrong context
maybe it wasn't my fault really i mean
ultimately was my fault we're all
responsible for our own actions and what
happens in our lives but
it's also really important for us to
understand the context of
when we make those decisions so yeah
perhaps i was exposed to this
information at the wrong time and under
the wrong
context that wasn't the right level of
engagement for me
um and i chose to de-prioritize that
information in my life
and be ignorant about it not stupid i
don't think i was ever stupid about it
it's not like i wasn't able to process
these ideas it was just i chose to
decide yeah yeah um and
and and so you know i'm not trying to
justify that that's a good thing
it's not it's something that we need to
work on right and it's the same thing
about racism about sexism you know
people that are in positions of
that don't really understand those
things when they choose to ignore them
they choose which is the state that
we've been in
in this country since the 1960s
right i mean arguably way before that
maybe even before then but i mean
before then it was maybe more aggressive
since the 1960s were woke we had the
civil rights movements and
and we're interracial now and you know
i'm interracial like i was born
interracial i was born into a society
racism was a bad thing and it didn't
because we're better than that and
that's not true
that's absolutely not true and we
totally like
ignored the truth and and painted this
you know and that's also not stupid you
know that's that's
ignorance that's like but it's it's
information that's been there the whole
it's just that we chose to ignore it you
know so
um yeah
so we got to get over that you know no
matter where you what position in life
you are
what power position you're in what
economic position you're in
whatever like whatever marginalized
position you're in
if if you feel like
this is happening to you or if you're
if someone accuses you of being racist
and i know this is happening a lot
people are being accused and and instead
of like being
defensive and like offended like oh my
god i can't believe someone just said
that to me
it's not true it's like maybe listen to
it you know i do that all the time like
i get because of the work i do and the
way i do it and how vocal i am
and you know you can understand
uh i i end up getting
you know people become angry sometimes
not all the time it's not a common thing
that happens often but it happens here
and there
you know and and it happens to everybody
we'll get into arguments
judging you for and they may say
something they may say something you
know mean
and then actually they may apologize for
it and say oh i was just emotional and i
didn't really mean that i said no
no no no like i wasn't offended i'm not
gonna become angry about what you just
said like i'm gonna take it
as as as truth you know like maybe the
extreme of the meanness that you
delivered and communicated that message
to me
was not true was not your true feeling
but the basis of what you just said to
about you know a lot of the comments
that i get about my personality is that
i'm too i'm too rigid
and so i take that seriously instead of
just saying oh it's their problem
you know that's what a lot of people do
they're like oh i'm not rigid i'm just
who i am
i have my principles and i'm just who i
am and it's their problem that they
can't handle it
and like are they not being rigid
you know flexible whereas no it's true
it's true no i'm not trying to like take
all the responsibility for that conflict
but i'm taking some of it and i'm taking
their words as
like grains of truth you know that like
i can
use to improve myself so the whole
reason why i brought that up is that
like if someone ever does
call you a bigot or calls you
discriminatory or calls you privileged
like don't take those things as the deep
insults like instead they think well why
would they say that
exactly look into yourself as to why
these people see you as such you know
and what work can i do to to improve
that situation
um and so yes a long story short
if you know someone ever calls you
ignorant like don't
don't like don't hold in like
really you know try to embrace that and
um understand why they're saying that
and if they're saying it just to insult
you then they're the ones thinking or
are they not yeah no that's true that's
true i mean there's a lot of truth to
and a lot of probably even more value to
that tactic
and staying true that tactic because you
can freaking go crazy
hating yourself hey kayla good to see
you can go crazy hating yourself
um you know like thinking that oh
everybody hates me
and that way therefore i should hate
myself so like yes you definitely should
question the other person's motives
and the lack of authenticity in their
um and you know a lot of times all you
gotta do is just like tone down their
emotion and what they said and then get
to the core what they said and say okay
maybe there's some truth to this
um and let's work on that so anyway
ignorance is not a terrible thing you
know and i've gone through cycles
of feeling insecure about my ignorance
in this very series in this
constitutional study group you know like
i'll ask a friend
a question like oh what do you think
about this and if you watch
these things you probably have heard me
say some fucking crazy shit
but at least with ignorance you can
actively work
on improving yeah exactly yourself to be
knowledgeable on the facts exactly yep
so that's
that's the thing
what do you plan on wearing next i don't
know i've got some more teeth
i'm gonna change out that jasmine i mean
it's not that bad it was okay
before a jasmine tea so like officially
i do supply this tea to certain people
but it's not like in the
the level of quality that i usually like
to be associated with our brand and and
not even just like associated with the
tealet brand but associated with this
idea ideology of sustainability
and and where the industry needs to go
right i don't think that the industry
needs to go
in the direction of this jasmine tea but
there are certain conditions in the
you know that make it where you would
need that well there's jasmine tea kind
of just like a cash crop
yeah okay it's yeah as
most things that we are offered to
are you know
it could be a cash crop in an
unsustainable way
of course yeah and so that's that's more
like it um i mean
cash crops are hardly ever sustainable
let's see what this is okay so i went on
a little tangent but i think that was
i hadn't addressed this thing about like
insecurity and ignorance since starting
this uh series so i think it was good to
get that out i think it's a good time to
start voicing that now you know because
you've come a long way since you started
you know you're a lot more confident a
lot more
you know expressive about things now
yeah i still have a longer way to go
a much longer way to go but you can see
as you know a focus point of
where you have gone yeah exactly
so um the uh the federalist paper
that i found that addresses this and i'm
not going to read it i'm just going to
quickly uh
you know look at it is federalist number
okay so the federalist papers those were
the documents those were
the articles that won you know that that
got voted upon okay we're gonna go down
that path so there was two paths there's
federalist anti-federalists
and so what ended up becoming the
constitution was actually kind of like a
there were certain points of the
anti-federalist platform that
ended up in the constitution so it
wasn't like an all or nothing type of a
thing but it was like
an argument it was a healthy argument at
this time
for these different factions to talk and
come up with an agreement so
the federalist paper were actually
written only by three people and
alexander hamilton was the main one he
wrote most of the papers
um and so this one this ferals number
four was written by hamilton
um and so that last week whenever i i
was reading i was reading the hamilton
document so i
on instagram i had the filter the ten
dollar bill
which was quite popular now we have like
this like
on instagram we have this like very neon
american flag thing
but what's cool about this angle is that
you can actually see godzilla
up here right yeah you see that
whoever's on instagram i don't know who
that is
i can't see who's there hi thanks for
being here
yeah godzilla is back there i like it
actually i had an intern from brazil
uh this was like this was before i met
you um
and uh he was working with us for a
couple of months
and his very first project i had him do
was make this collage
i was like i want you to make a collage
is that where it came from yeah
um and so yeah it's just a collage it's
like a poster of
uh godzilla you know doing godzilla
which is interesting because there's
like there's like a building
at the bottom here it's it's an airport
you know he's like wreaking havoc and
like causing an airport to explode
and the airport yo what's up dave what's
up man
hey yeah so there's like a there's like
airport at the bottom that he's like
smashing up and blowing up
and like it almost looks like the
allegiant raiders stadium that's coming
up here in vegas so i think it's kind of
but yeah the collage um you know he had
cut up some
images from a magazine and and out of
godzilla's mouth it says next week
same time same place and he's talking to
the tea fairy
and then you know michael and i are you
holding it up you know trying to keep
the tea served you know calm down
and godzilla's actually pouring tea
himself he's he's doing some junk food
and yet it's been such a staple for your
business it's been
yeah it's a pleasure to look at this
godzilla this
guy is
okay nice yeah dave's still there he's
still lucky he's still lucky
um to look away that's good i don't know
okay so kayla says that she can't see
the godzilla so i'm going to make sure
she can see no
oh yeah that's a good idea bring it down
just be very careful this is a relic
this is a relic we've got some glare
coming into it maybe if we bring it
you can see it let's see
oh man too much fun
there how's that this is america
entrepreneurship right here
same time same place oh how is it oh you
live in new orleans i didn't know that i
guess i should have known that
that's cool so dave's from maybe you
your families know each other
maybe uh we lived like literally last
week before napoli
we're gonna cross street from the
buddhist hotel or
buddhist monastery yeah i remember that
i i lived relatively near to there i
lived in poulon valley for a while
it was nice there oh it's wonderful i
used to love watching the rain just roll
across the mountain
yeah that one's a bit tricky to get hang
back up so
you know maybe if you just want to put
it down i'll hang it up after we finish
you know what let's have a go hang out
with me instead yeah godzilla gonna
cruise here
he's drinking tea with us now which era
is this
i think it's the late 80s no no no no
this poster came out in the
2015 version of godzilla which i think
it was like two godzilla's ago
so dave said he was at nuuanu pali off
old pali road
yeah really
hold on when was the last time you're
there it's been a while since you were
there yeah it's been uh since 2015.
yeah oh okay it's not that long
2015 seems to be like a year of theme
here today yeah i actually used to
i live right by the little salvation
army uh donation center
okay yeah which was
just a little further up ah split dave i
don't know how you're handling it it's
it's like i'm surprised you haven't had
a seizure yet watching from that
i'm surprised i haven't either
just don't look at it justin don't look
at it well you know it's interesting
on instagram i you know i'm live
streaming across all the platforms and
on instagram i found
that like there is engagement people do
watch it but the style of how people
engage with instagram lives and
instagram stories is like
you know they're popping around and um
i'm cool with that
you know and so that's why like i always
try to make these things
sound binable you know like i you know
it's just like
kind of reiterating the same thing over
and over again in different ways so that
you know even if someone engages just
for 15 seconds they'll get something
from it so
i've gotten into the habit of utilizing
these fun
like filters and stuff to
you know just to make the the content a
little different have a little fun with
but this one's especially um seizurey
yeah it's just like
so you know i'm not the government i'm
not here to protect
the public health so not my business i'm
just here to uh just to vote
yeah i'm just a citizen i'm here to vote
i'm here to communicate dave says he's a
little dizzy
oh it's too much fun um
okay so federalist number 45
written by hamilton addresses the
okay let's say it's quite scenic okay
i'm going to do you guys a favor and i'm
going to turn off the
seizure filter i thought you know it'd
be cute to have like a little
american flag bleeding edge
what else do we have here okay so here's
a 10 bill
no not the 10 bill because i don't we
have two heads here so it might be a
little let's try it
yeah here it is maybe it'll work i think
it's gonna be all over the place
i have to be closer here we go okay no
no filter all right
we'll just go we'll stick with this one
it's like no filter
okay so um the anti-federalists
were like against a central republic and
so often times
uh when you're reading them you know
it's it's uh hey kuni song good to see
uh sorry we're not drinking matcha right
now we're drinking
this is some other green tea did i give
this one to you
isn't it a little late for cook for
early actually it's very early for
cooney so cooney thank you for tuning in
he must have just woken up
good morning good morning ohio gozaimasu
so the anti-federalists
were you know like the thing that really
gets to me about the anti-federalist
papers is that like i actually
like them a lot the whole story of it of
like they were written by a big
distributed network of lots of different
people so you have all these different
opinions and perspectives versus just
the three
you know the federalist papers and um
they're a lot more extensive and and
they're very like reactive
you know some other article got written
and then they would respond to it like
is their counter argument to it
what i kind of don't like and i feel
unsatisfied wanting more when i'm
reading them is
that um there's not a whole lot of
solutions provided there's just a lot of
negativity and and negative feedback
uh and and also this assumption that
just because they're federalists they
absolutely want to remove any
governments on the state level on the
more local level and have it all in this
one central spot so a lot of the
criticism is that like we can't do that
it'd be really bad
uh and what ended up happening is yeah
like the the federalists got their
federal government but then they also
respected it and laid a plan for
the more localized governments to be
able to manage
their own responsibilities so um
the the counter-argument to this
federalist number 45
is brutus one
brutus number one so brutus was a
pseudonym uh it is unknown i mean maybe
if i researched a little bit there's
probably some
you know uh there is rumor of who wrote
it but it's still unknown
yeah as to who exactly is the identity
brutus and the anti-federalists yeah
and i mean what i've read from some
viewpoints is that there was many
different people and brutus could have
been many different people and
you know coming together it could have
been a pseudonym for a group of people
if not more
but basically it's the difference in
argument between
centralized and decentralized which is
the current argument happening you know
like right here in the states or
you know just in the world not even just
in states in the world um
and i mean if you know me you know i'm
like huge into this like decentralized
governments and decentralized everything
business and
ways of life and localizing things as
much as possible so
um you can understand why i'm into the
anti-federalist and i'm just
you know i'm i'm into like
as much information as possible so you
know it wasn't until like the 1960s
that the the anti-federalist papers
started to be compiled
and actually published and released into
the public uh so
for all of those 200 years
all of those opinions and viewpoints
were completely oppressed
which is what happens often in history
anyway right like the winner always gets
tell us yeah yeah exactly
um okay so i'll first address federalist
number 45
by oh sorry i'm sorry it was written by
james madison so it wasn't hamilton i'm
i was incorrect i said that so it's a
good thing that the 10 bill's not
working on instagram because
we'd be even better we'd be wrong you
know and it's okay to be wrong sometimes
it is this is how you correct ignorance
this is how you educate yourself
oh dave says you're not as entertaining
as hamilton broadway but much more
you know this is a really long paper and
i'm not going to read it but basically
he's saying that
um the the he lays out that federal
needs to have its own place and its own
laws and and he did separate that states
would be efficient
and and that the things that they need
to protect is the
um life liberty and property which is
what's in the 13th amendment
our 14th amendment geez um
so that's boring and i'm not going to
reiterate all of that stuff i just
want to bore dave no well dave's gone
now but that's cool i
love that dave was there for so long
that's awesome
jonelle's having fun that's cool we're
having fun too this has been different
you know like i'm usually just like
here is like looking at you know now you
know now i have friends and godzilla is
right look at that right godzilla
brother in the porter um okay so
this brutus number one i really
uh dug it is also a longer document and
if i was here alone i'd probably read
the whole thing but you know why don't
you give us
a summarization all right
okay so a lot of criticisms here
a lot and a little bit of solution and
i'll go over the solution but i love
it says history furnishes no example
of a free republic anything like the
extent of the united states
the grecian republics were of small
so also was that of the romans but of
it is true and process of time extended
their conquest over large territories of
and the consequence was that their
governments were changed from that of a
free government
to those of most tyrannical that ever
existed in the world
this was written in a 1770s
1787 okay let's see
when it was written
number one i i mean i think they were
all pretty much
written at the same time i wanted this
project to
written a little differently 1787
1787 it was published on october 18 1787
so in 1787
that was stated and that's pretty
i liked that a little bit unrelated to
what we're talking about but like
this is like the basis of their argument
why we have to be very cautious about
creating these large centralized
powerful governments
because like you can set them with the
right intention of being a free republic
and so this this brutus number one kind
of separates the meaning of a republican
a free republic and the anti-federalists
were like much more into the free
republic that like
a democracy where you don't have this
centralized government making all the
decisions that you're like
extending that privilege and that
responsibility to all of the citizens
within that that free republic
um but that even if you set something up
with the best intentions of being a free
if that civilization acquires so much
influence land mass and
um somewhere else in this article he
says the population is three million
i i want to find it actually because i
love the way that he wrote that i'm like
that's so funny
it's like like some extremely huge
he makes it out to be like some huge
aren't we uh what 300 million now
what is the universe alone
the territory of the united states is a
vast extent it now contains
near three millions of souls i love that
he used the word soldiers
and is capable of containing much more
than 10 times that number
it is practicable for a country so large
and so numerous
as they will soon become to elect a
representative that will speak their
sentiments without their becoming so
numerous as to be
incapable of transacting public business
it certainly is not so um
yeah that's interesting that at that
oh jonelle says it's 327 million so
we're okay
we're at 100 times the size
of influence than than at the time of
this relationship
um so yeah the condition is much
different and like
this guy told whoever wrote brutus
whoever brutus is like totally
predicted that you know when
your country your society becomes so
it's really hard to keep a free society
in it or a free republic and i think if
we had a true free republic
that this like argument that we're
having about masks and about like
individual responsibilities um wouldn't
be so much an argument
you know what i mean because there would
be understanding mutual understanding
between everybody about what our
responsibilities are but right now
we are not in a true free republic
our republic you know is is is
holding the data they're holding the
information they're making the decisions
and like we said earlier they're not
doing a really good job of engaging the
public with those decisions of like
why they're making those decisions like
why is the mask so important
like you can go and research what
doctors say you can go and research what
others say but you know where are our
leaders actually
presenting that information it's one
thing to present
your version of the truth as compared
to undeniable fact and
that is where things get extremely
is differentiate differentiating between
truth and
fact you know as truth is subjective
but fact you know is
that's interesting i did a whole like
three hour long live stream just on that
oh not about the constitution but just i
was just ranting one day
about what is truth and how you know is
it possible to possess
truth and actually and and
no it's impossible to possess truth
it's uh it's only possible to possess a
oh interesting a perspective of
the truth the truth the truth is a
completely independent thing
of us as individuals and us as like
rational human beings
the only way that we can engage with the
truth is through our perspective of it
now you you cannot ever
because the truth is a never ending
there's truth that like
those perspectives to it are impossible
reach so to say you know i have all the
truth and i know all the truth is
irresponsible the same and it is
um but to um
to set an intention of
trying to come close to as close to the
truth as possible
is something that can be said now it's
not easy to do
but it's something that can be said it's
not an incorrect like to say
i can possess all truth
melissa says no matter what no matter
how hard you try
your life experiences etc will color the
yes we affect the truth we are part of
the truth
um but to say that we possess all the
truth and we know all the truth is like
absolutely incorrect no matter how
intelligent you are um no matter how
much computing power you have
you cannot say that but you can say
i have the intent of getting as close to
the truth as i possibly can
which is as possibly can is still far
from it but to say that and the only way
you can live that
is by increasing your capacity
for perspective being open-minded
right you know because if you're working
within your own perspective you're only
going to get this view of truth at all
time and there's all this other truth
all around
you're never ever ever ever gonna touch
you know so
you know in in the context of what i was
having this rant about this was like
months ago it's been a long time but
the context was i was struggling
uh talking with hassan you know we're
hanging out with him this morning he's
he's a bit of a business mentor of mine
you know he's always challenging me like
what what is tila what does t
let do what is tila's goal and for so
my goal was like transparency
or transparency we're transparent we're
inspiring transparency transparency
transparency transparency
and he says no elise that is like that's
the path what's the goal
yeah and i'm like well the goal is truth
trust trusting the truth is there and
you have access to it
and he says okay so there it is and in
order to
get to that goal you're using
and the the key in doing that and seeing
it from that perspective is that like i
am not going to be pigeonholed
into for the rest of my work and the
rest of my energy
expression uh to not evolve to the time
so look
right now in this moment where we are in
our current world
situation transparency is needed
uh to uh not so much acquire the truth
but increase our potential
to truth so increasing those
perspectives by bringing everybody's
together transparently it's like that's
exponentially more truth that you can
have access to than from one perspective
i don't think necessarily truth but more
fat you know it's
more facts you can get out you know
you can have mistruths that are seen as
truths so then that's not truth
but some people will see it as the truth
as they see fit
that's their perspective of it if they
were to increase their perspective
then okay okay that's what i'm saying
that's what i'm saying okay
we'll never actually truly attain
truth because truth is constantly
changing it's constantly growing more
information and more reality is
constantly being
um but the more we can increase our
perspectives and collect all those
perspectives the more we can understand
the little bit more a little bit more
connected to truth we are
but yeah even if we were to bring if we
were to bring all the world's data
even the most my new like minuscule data
into like the ultimate processing
machine that could process everything
and we could see every perspective from
every human being
or maybe in every living being we still
we'd be really damn close to the truth
but we still wouldn't be at the tree
there's still truth far beyond and
yeah yeah so yeah to be hung up on like
i have to have all the truth i realized
yeah that's a silly
a silly goal but like what what what i
am focused on now
is trusting trusting that the system
that we're working within
is built on the intention of constantly
increasing perspectives
and having the goal of getting as close
to truth as possible
um so yeah you know i had to process all
of that in order to
you know basically it's like the company
mission right
so like the company mission is no longer
just transparency like transparency is
the tool
that we're using right now to develop
that trust
between the players within our own
so that's the the tea farmers and the
tea makers and
any other proxies that we may work
within the supply chain to the tea
buyers to the
tea brands to the tea shops to the
if if within the tealet network
like success would be creating that
that everybody can share information
share perspectives to get
inch closer towards truth and then
beyond that would be
building that trust within the industry
as the whole
and the world as a whole you know all
inspiring from this one seed from this
you know our logo and that's a seed
right like all coming from that right
that's my goal
um and so yeah doing this this
constitution study group is definitely
part of that there was another part
uh i wanted to oh
our instagram video finished we were on
for an hour
wow is it really been an hour
okay so um then it comes to news on in a
republic so the republic is a
centralized that's like the federal
government versus a free republic which
is more democracy
in a republic the manners sentiments and
interests of people should be similar
if this be not the case there will be a
constant clashing of opinions and the
representatives of one part will be
continually striving against those of
the other
this will retard the operations of
government and prevent
such conclusions as will promote the
public good
if we re apply this remark to the
condition of the united states
we shall be convinced that it forbids
that we should be one government
in a republic the manners sentiments and
interests of the people should be
oh that's interesting it's like the same
it's probably that's just a typo yeah
um the despotic governments and so
tyrannical the tyrannical government
as well as in all the monarchies of
europe standing armies are kept up to
the commands of the prince or the magic
and are employed for this purpose when
occasional when
occasion it requires but they have
always proved
the destruction of liberty and are
to this the spirit of a free republic
so that's the criticism towards what we
were trying to get away from we're
trying to get away from that monarch
um and that's why the the perspectives
of the the anti-federalists the the the
advocate um you know was that their
their opinion was so like
counter status quo um
which is why i always love it when
there's like a bitcoiner in the room or
there's like a technologist in the room
because a lot of times they're very
decentral decentralized minded and i
love hearing their perspective even
though a lot of people
can sometimes be like afraid of it
because it's like oh it's too against
the status quo it's too different well
sometimes you need to go against the
status quo in order
to change your perspective or
you know further educate yourself
in other ways so okay here's what
he says about every a free republican
and what that solution would look like
for a free republic
he says a free republic will never keep
a standing army to execute its laws
it must depend upon the support of its
but when a government is to receive its
support from aid of the citizens it must
be so constructed as to have the
confidence respect
and affection of the people the
confidence which the people have in
their rulers in a free republic arises
their knowing them from their being
responsible to them for their conduct
and from the power they have of
displacing them when they misbehave
but in a republic of the extent of this
the people in general would be
acquainted with very few of the rulers
and remember this is at a time when the
u.s was only 3 million people or less
than 3 million people
the people at large would know little of
their proceedings and it would be
extremely difficult to
change them the consequence will be they
will have no confidence in their
suspect them of ambitious views be
jealous of
every measure they adopt and will not
support the laws they pass
hence the government will be nervous and
and no way will be left to render it
but by establishing an armed force to
execute the laws of the point to the
a government of all others the most to
be dreaded
so um
i mean he really didn't have too much of
a solution to offer in this article
just a lot of really great and impactful
observations about skepticism
basically i mean the skeptic he was
skeptical that a republic was even
possible like
he definitely talks a fair amount of a
fair amount of shit about
uh tyrannical governments and about
how a republic even if it's written as a
free republic
in its intent and its start will
eventually turn into a tyrannical system
once enough
influence is is developed
and he even thought that a population of
three million people that was already
too much you know and so and and he
totally predicted it this is incredible
you know who said he isn't right
no he's totally right you know he's
totally right so i mean the same
arguments that were being had
at the constitutional convention
the same you know arguments that we're
having now in our
our i mean definitely that's not the
argument that's happening in the in the
polarized politics it's so weird it's
like the polarized politics which is
what everybody talks about that divide
republicans democrats and liberal
they're actually on the same side of
this argument
it's like them versus like the gen zeus
that they're saying you know or like the
the younger generation that's like much
more into
uh uh free information exchange and
transparency right and then just like
um and and building trustworthiness
um so yeah it's not even polarized
the polarized segments that we always
think of in politics are actually on the
same side
there's been a lot of memes a lot of
really great memes passing around
that you know kind of poke fun at that
it's like
you know everybody makes it out to be
that it's us against them
and the right and the left and
and it's like no they're actually in the
same system you know like they're
both of them are are very much
in this like centralized
influence and power um because they're
both benefiting from it
for the exact same reasons that he
states here in this article i want to
read that again
that was good
the consequence will be they will have
no confidence in their legislature
suspect them of ambitious views be
jealous of
every measure they adopt and will not
support the laws they
and that is what i think is how we as a
feel today yeah exactly exactly more so
now than ever
yeah and and why this argument about the
mask has become such a thing
that like we are not if we were in a
true republic as he stated at the
beginning of that paragraph he said if
we weren't a true republican we wouldn't
even need military we didn't even need
that stuff like
because there would be so much like
pride and engagement
from every individual citizen within
that society
that they would take care of it
themselves but we don't have that right
and it's like it's not even like we're
asking people to go
you know pick up their guns and join the
militia and protect our country like
that's not what we're asking we're
asking people just to put a mask on
their face
um and and so that's where that argument
and so yes it's understandable
and this brutus number one totally
hits the nail on the head on like why
that's there unfortunately you know
reading through the
i'm not gonna finish reading it that's
all i wanted to read for you guys but
like in the rest of the article
there's not really a solution proposed
which is what you know i i've found to
be kind of common among a lot of the
anti-federalist papers is that there's
just a lot of skepticism
and um i can understand why
they didn't win the arguments
are these kept decisions based on
factual fears
yeah no it's based on facts i mean i i
find that the anti-federalist papers
to be like filled with more data to be
filled with more arguments to be filled
more like rationalization of things
well the federalist papers were very
like um
a manifesto like it was very like
they didn't really talk about too much
so far i've only read a few of them
you know i have a lot more reading to do
but um
so far my uh assessment is
that the the federals papers were far
manifesto like and far more like
less criticizing the current system or
criticizing the past systems and more
saying okay but this is the path
this is the way we need to do it and the
anti-federalist papers spent a lot of
time saying okay
this is the shitty status quo and this
is why it's bad and why it's failing and
why we need to
develop you know infrastructure and the
foundation of our country to avoid those
types of problems
but also this republic idea
that the federalists are recommending is
also a bad idea too
and it's like well so what is that path
forward you know i haven't found that
yet but i still have a lot more reading
to do so i'll be excited once i start
seeing that kind of um you know that
that kind of theme within the
anti-federalist papers
and i see what their path is and what
their solution
proposed was yeah
yeah i mean sometimes some of the most
like intelligent people
that have the best ideas
um are like
they're not like visionaries you know
and i feel like
whoever wrote the federalist papers were
visionaries right because they just like
with confidence that this is the way
forward this is it
um you know well you know someone that
is equipped with all the data and
and understanding many perspectives
maybe even more perspectives than
the visionary um but maybe they don't
have the confidence
or you know just their personality type
has them as a pessimist
you know and pessimists have a really
hard time coming up with solutions
because they're constantly like
worried and having anxiety about the
negativities of something else
versus like you know a visionary is is
not going to be fixated
on those negatives visionary is going to
be fixated on the vision
right on the benefits of it and how to
execute it
yeah yeah so
somewhere in the middle ground is is the
best you know like
right now we have a bunch of visionaries
that are completely disconnected
from reality uh in in positions of
influence and power
and so that needs to change right
so thank you thank you justin
did you have fun yes it was very fun um
being on live stream
i never would have thought in a million
years i would actually be here
at a virtual tulip party like this yeah
well you've been on one through your own
computers so yes i have but
not like this in person
so janelle had asked the questions he
says the best last hope of earth who
said it and what was he referring to
the best last hope of earth yeah i'll
have to look that up
we'll address it thank you jonelle
abraham lincoln no
yeah it was lincoln
lincoln said it annual message to
on december 1st 1862.
one month before finding uh
oh here it is i do not forget the
gravity which should characterize a
paper addressed to the congress on the
nation by the chief magistrate of
the union nor do i forget that some of
are my seniors nor that many of you have
more experience than i
and the conduct of public affairs yeah i
trust that in view of the great
responsibility resting upon me
you will perceive no want to respect
yourselves and any undue earnestness
i may seem to display
is it doubted then that the plan i
propose if adopted would shorten the war
and thus lessen its expenditure of money
and of blood
is it doubted that it would restore the
national authority and national
and perpetuate both in indefinitely
is it doubted that we here congress and
executive can secure its adoption
will not the good people respond to a
united and earnest
appeal from us can we can they
by any other means see certainty
or so speedily assure that these assure
these vital objects
can we succeed only by concert it is not
can any of us imagine better but can we
all do better
the dogmas of the quiet past are
inadequate to the story present
the occasion is piled high with
difficulty and we must rise
with the occasion as our case is new
so we must think anew and act anew we
disentraal ourselves and then we shall
save our country
fellow citizens we cannot escape history
we of this congress and this
administration will be remembered in
spite of ourselves
no personal significance or
can spare one or another of us the fiery
trial through which we pass
will light us down in honor or dishonor
to the latest generation we say we are
for the union
the world will not forget that we say
we know how to save the union the world
we do know how to save it we even we
hold the power and dare the
and giving freedom to the slave we
assure freedom to the free
notable alike is what we give
and what we preserve we shall nobly save
or meanly lose the last best hope of
our means may succeed this could not
this could not fail the hope is plain
generous just a way which if followed
the world will forever apply and god
must forever bless
wow yeah jonell thank you so much for
sharing that
um that was a powerful speech
i mean jeez it's so funny like saying
saying that like it kind of gave me
chills about like um
about what we're dealing with right now
you know even though i mean he was
talking about his uh
emancipation proclamation but he was
talking about the future and what it
holds yeah about what it means to be
american about what it means to be a
part of the united states of america
and what this country is built upon
which is you know the constitution
all the stuff we've been talking about
today so janelle thank you for that
thank you for bringing that up she says
it always gives me the chills yeah that
we're giving people seizures and chills
man who knew
who knew the constitution could be that
all right well hey justin we've been on
for like an hour and a half this is this
has been good
yeah yes it has we put it out there uh i
think uh
we can go drink some more tea together
um we're gonna enjoy a nice
nice dinner we look forward to
connecting with our buddy um
from uh from new mexico you know brian
clark i've known barn clark
longer than i've known like longer than
i know anybody in vegas
really yeah when i moved to vegas i
you know an unregistered beat-up car
that couldn't go past
second gear uh i drove it from
frin mississippi to las vegas
oh wow and i had a nursery of tea
baby tea plants in the back seat of my
car and all along the way i'd stop at
different places and i meet different
tea people there and leave them a tea
and i had met brian when i went through
albuquerque he hit me up he saw me
was that back when he had hair ah no no
no i don't think so but it was back when
he had his tea house
and i met him there he wasn't open but
it was cool
you know so yeah brian is definitely
like one of my first tea friends and
he's passing through town so we're gonna
get some izakaya together i'm so excited
and uh thank you guys
so much for tuning in and i hope we were
able to uh
help educate yourselves as
you know i found this to be quite
educational for me you know i've learned
quite a lot through this experience and
it's been a
wonderful absolutely wonderful chance
to go through because yeah you know i've
learned a lot more about
our amendments constitutions yeah yeah
and what it means today yeah
yeah yeah so we'll be doing this and
it's this is never ending it'll keep
happening so even after pandemic is over
like i plan to keep this as an ongoing
thing and i think you should
you know yeah you should keep doing
these live streams
you know and different topics
because it'd be great for you be great
for everyone around the world to get
yeah and yeah and learn what it what
privilege that we have to be
in this free republic you know we have
the power now with technology and
information exchange maybe we can
take all this stuff that brutus said and
said hey fuck that we're better than
that we can do better and we can hold
ourselves accountable we can either show
yes we as a people are better
or we as a people
are not and he was right yeah let's be
let's all be better cross your fingers
and wear your mask
yes where

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