Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Live with Wendy of Libre Tea

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Hello Internets
happy Wednesday happy April 29th
almost to the end of this month we've
almost made it to the end of April to
May it already feels like that here in
Vegas so today we've hit our first I
don't know if it's hit it just yet but
today is supposed to be our first over
100 degrees Fahrenheit they so and
supposedly it's a record
it's a record high for this particular
day kind of strange because as far as I
remembered like it was just cold a few
days ago like we've only had a few days
of like not cold not hot
and I always remember like that period
of spring being a little bit longer in
Vegas but it's fine you know I I like
the heat here it's nice it's like it's
pretty obvious that it's hot in Vegas
there's no you know tricks or games hi
good to see you happy Wednesday you know
I always tell people with Vegas heat
that like you get you get what it says
it's gonna give you it's it's not like a
mystery and it's not unassuming you know
there's some places especially like
really muggy places where like maybe the
temperature is not so hot but it feels
friggin hot because it's so like muggy
and humid and you have hey Jay Davis I'm
gonna do my little Jay Davis dance yeah
it's a hot day it's a hot day here in
Vegas so yeah the purple flowers are
nice I figured it'd be nice to match my
flower you guy Juan since you guys don't
get too
you know view my guests today today I
have a special guest so in about 15
minutes or so I am gonna have a windy
wear of Libre tea join me which should
be really exciting because we're going
to talk about her product she makes
really incredible double walled tumblers
here in North America she distributes
those so I'm sure you've seen those
she had donated several of these
tumblers to the virtual tea festival so
you know I wanted to make sure she had a
chance to come on and yeah chat with us
talk about her product of course talking
about Mother's Day so maybe that's
another reason why I chose I chose the
flowers today because we're gearing up
for Mother's Day that's coming up I
can't see you physically don't worry you
know if your your Jay Davis if you're
not what's that word if you're not ready
to be on camera don't worry I just saw
your name pop up so with the Instagram
live it does tell you you know when when
a new person has joined the room so just
like I see Sylvia hi Sylvia welcome hi
Cindy thank you for saying hello on
Facebook presentable that's the word
yeah so you are welcome to watch the
Instagram live at a very unpresentable
manner indecent even if you want to put
it that way I'm the only one here that
needs to be presentable so don't worry
of course if you come to the zoom room
which later on in this session I will
open up the zoom room so that we can all
chat and catch up in that case you will
want to be presentable because then yeah
we will be seeing you presentable or not
as you want so you've got to be ready
so yeah Mother's Day is coming up these
beautiful pastel flowers are here to
commemorate that you know it's still not
going to be for another like week and a
half but when it comes to shipping
products you know you always have to
think ahead so that's why I'm going to
have a windy come on and talk about her
her products and how great of a Mother's
Day gift it is and then I'm also going
to be chatting with her about some
pretty serious stuff you know so it's
not all gonna be marketing today a
little bit of marketing you know we're
getting to that point of the
stay-at-home order where you know we got
a we got to get a little bit more
creative with the marketing but we are
going to talk about a very serious
matter regarding plastic because her
product has plastic in it and it's
really important that it has plastic in
it and talking about you know the
sustainability around plastics yeah so
first before we bring her on and start
talking about those things I wanted to
give industry updates so first of all
before I do this I want to give a very
special shout out to Dan Bolton
he is our you know he's our Savior at
this time with the industry updates
he has been continuing to research the
industry keeping us on loop of what's
going on he has his own personal blog so
he kind of updated me about world tea
royalty news which is usually like our
our go-to source for tea industry
updates world tea news has what's the
word they have
rerouted you know some of their
priorities to other things and I don't
know what that is but all I know is that
the priorities are less on the news
updates so we will not be seen as many
updates from them and that was you know
Dan was the editor there and was always
you know keeping things updated there so
that that's what Dan informed me and
that's why we haven't been seen the
updates from world teen news but he has
his own private site and I do encourage
you all to find it and that is T - biz
net let me just confirm that real quick
he's not posting there like every every
day notice t t - biz calm and that's
like it's like a blog of sorts but he is
keeping updated very serious information
yesterday or a few days ago he did post
a very good update regarding some market
data around where the industry or where
the market is the the US market so
that's like online market the tea shop
market there's a lot of really good
stats in there about how much business
is anticipated to continue you know when
this stay at home order is ended and so
yeah I do recommend Dan's vlog tea - biz
comm for updates the update that I want
to talk about today comes from Dan
Bolton but it was published in stir
magazine so that's a coffee and tea
trade journal a global business insight
on coffee and tea also a very good
source for industry updates I I don't
know frequency of updates there I always
thought it was kind of like a monthly
thing but perhaps now there's gonna be a
lot more updates but Dan did post a very
good article on the 23rd so that was six
days ago about the tea prices of Indian
tea and I think that that the story in
Indian tea is kind of similar in other
commodity regions like Kenyan tea and as
far as what I know from anecdote
evidence of you know some of the
producers that we work with in China
that there has been some effect on the
market in the price of tea in China but
this I want to cite Dan's article here
in stir magazine because he does have
exact numbers and data there for us to
reference and again that's stur magazine
the website is stir - tea - coffee calm
and there the article is called India
tea prices plunge as demand dissipates
so yeah this is just a common supply and
demand issue by the way today I am
drinking and nilaam a lie which are
black tea so enjoying a beautiful black
teeth yeah yeah today I'm not really
talking about tea tea so I'm not just
gonna sit and drink it does look good
yeah it's very good you can find this
tea on our new website tea and it's
people calm just search for the nilaam
Li winter black this is from South India
and they'll goodie India really
beautiful handmade soft and gentle sweet
nutty yummy black tea from Mooga tea so
yeah it looks like the major effect on
tea prices is on the ctc grade of tea
which we don't do a lot of dealing with
but that is the majority of you know the
tea that's produced in India and you
know a lot of that is for the domestic
markets in India either domestic market
or like the Russian market or the Middle
Eastern Market do enjoy those grades of
tea and so you know the effect of this
pandemic across the globe is already
seen it's a fact at source let me just
zoom in here so I can see some of these
exact numbers here so I can give you a
really good reference of what's going on
so yeah and you know a lot of these
statements in this article are all based
forecasts of where the market is going
so we know where the market is now
there's already been a reduction in
price so 4% o nodes so there's been an
increase of there's been actually an
increase of production so that's also
going to be affecting the price and you
know that could have been something that
would be an issue even without this
pandemic going on it's just an
overproduction of T and that's something
that we often talk with our producers
are not our producers but the producers
that we work with within our network we
don't own anybody but with with when we
have conversations with the producers
and our network we often tell them about
the risk of overproducing t even if the
market says you know you get a big buyer
that comes one year and says that they
want you know a certain tonnage of t it
is important to to think about the
sustainability of that demand and where
is that market going to be two years
from now where is that market gonna be
five years from now and if you've
already committed to producing this type
of T that's great of T and this quantity
of T more than likely you're gonna
you're gonna have that demand later on
so so Chinese demand of T has completely
gone flat and so there was an increase
so specifically around like milk tea so
like the whole bubble tea movement and
the milk tea movement and in China had
increased the demand for the grade the
ctc reserved for for milk tea has
increased it by 30 percent from last
so everybody increased their production
to meet that increased demand but then
all of a sudden now it's completely flat
like China is not buying tea at all
according to this this this article so
that's gonna cause a glut
and a glut is a overproduction that
doesn't meet either the market demand or
the consumer demand so you could have a
glut in your own backyard let's say you
decide that you're only going to you
know plant a certain plant for instance
tomatoes and then the tomato harvest
comes and you realize oh shoo
I probably should have plant some other
stuff because now I'm sitting on you
know 300 pounds of tomato which doesn't
sound that bad I think you could deal
with that glut but you know just it's
it's an over production of you know
whatever your consumption demand is and
that's a tricky thing about agriculture
is that you have to make predictions
months sometimes years ahead of time of
where you think your consumption demand
is going to be or where your market
demand is going to be and if something
like a pandemic like this happens then
you're kind of you're kind of out of
luck and you really have to be
resilience you have to fall back on your
resilience to survive it so in in
Calcutta which is like one of the main
key trading hubs
for specifically darjeeling tea but as
well as teas from all over India
Calcutta is a major trade hub in India
they did see a direct price decline of
40% so just for some reference the price
was at 200 rupees which is equivalent to
about 270 US and it's gone down to 120
rupees and and volume is down market
volume down 65 percent at and the
Cochiti auction so that's like southern
India tea trading hub so just across the
board just numbers are down and there's
not a whole lot of hope on the horizon
right I mean we're obviously still in
these stay-at-home orders and you know
even whenever those orders are lifted
there's going to be a lot of time for
that market to readjust so you know
everybody is talking about how you know
the businesses in our own communities
here in North mayor
are being affected and our employees are
being affected we really can't stop
thinking about the farms and the origins
of our products because the effect that
they're gonna see is gonna be far longer
than what we're seeing of this this
direct effect here in in the states so
that was the industry update for today
hi Wendy yeah thanks for coming on the
techno Queen I so admire all that you're
doing oh wow cool so hey house how's
everything in your home well they tell
you we're doing very well here I'm in
Ontario right now okay and I have
actually been coming up here for the
Toronto yoga show cuz a lot of yoga type
people really like our classes great and
then got canceled of course and so I'm
here for the duration cuz I was getting
my passport renewed but that office is
actually closed for a while so so you're
trying to duck what are you kind of
stuck is that what you're trying to say
rematch okay sorry sorry to make light
of it but you know it's a it's not bad
no I don't think you know like you can
call it stuck but I happen to be staying
with a really good girlfriend and we
have turned the dining room table into a
ping pong table Oh fun so that is great
for getting a little fun happening yeah
ping pong is always fun that was like
that was always an easy hack when when I
was in the Peace Corps when I lived in
in Africa when the American Peace Corps
friends would get together yeah you just
make a ping pong table it's pretty easy
and it's hours and hours of fun yes yes
yeah and it's not - laughter yeah and
really great focus and you know just a
little bit of physical activity you keep
at it long enough yeah I get really into
I used to be a tennis player when I was
young so a lot of that kind of like
a competitive nature that I had from
whenever I was young is still there and
finds itself at the tips what's been a
staple yeah my girlfriend is quite the
racquet sports girl from way back and
it's quite funny because she swore up
and down she wasn't really very
competitive when we got started and then
finally she decided oh hey well maybe
she well it's no fun to not be
competitive and would it be fun for you
if she wasn't you know yeah no no no no
it's all good it's all good you know the
funny thing is that we have yet to play
a game
we just rally and we just sort of try to
keep our rallies going as long as we can
that's good yeah that's it that's that's
what I do too it's it's the safe bet you
could be competitive but then also be
friendly at the same time yeah yeah I'm
just um I'm I'm hoping and crossing all
fingers that the internet connection is
gonna hold nicely in the midst of all
this so I'll just say that up front that
that's fine you know if your connection
goes out mine super strong you know I
had to make sure if you're streaming you
have to make sure you're you know you're
covered on all the bases so mine's
really strong so we don't have to worry
about that and if yours goes out you
know I'll do a little dance while we
wait for you to come back so we have to
do a few tap dance as technologically
yeah yeah yeah it's all part of the
process you know and like my whole goal
of why I started doing this Wendy is you
know of course to like keep myself
occupied and you know my myself on a
schedule you know putting yourself on a
schedule having a commitment to do
everyday you know when the business kind
of goes to a pause it's you've got to
find other things to put yourself on a
schedule for me it's actually usually it
usually a travel schedule that that
keeps me focused and kind of looking
towards something but right now I don't
have that so I started this but then you
know the benefits have been you know in
now especially whenever I share this
resource and skill with others so you
know as I work with folks and and they
start coming on to these shows or the
virtual tea festival which we did you
know people really got immersed and how
this kind of technology and interaction
works and my hope is that everybody
would take those skills and resources
with them into their own online
community building efforts you know not
not just for myself and in my own
community but for everybody so yeah
you're casting zoom on Facebook is that
true we are yeah we're so we're on
Facebook YouTube twitch periscope and
Instagram we're everywhere yeah so don't
worry about censoring yourself you know
we're not that kind of we're not that
kind of tea company we like to be wrong
and real and honest so yeah you're
welcome to speak how you like and you
know I hope that we get to some subjects
and get to talk about some things that
are intriguing because that's that's
what I try to do you know I'm always
trying to start conversations and get
people really thinking and asking
questions you know so first before we
start why don't you introduce yourself
and let everybody know who you are and
what you do okay I'm just kidding with
little screens on the screen you know
set up I'm still
my name is Wendy we're and I am the
founder of the Libre glass infuser and I
have been enjoying this journey for 12
years since 2008 is when I started I was
I was on a trip to China and for some
reason I just I needed to go to China
and I had been a marketing consultant on
in business and so I saw so many people
drinking out of these tea containers all
the time and I thought oh that's really
cool and of course at that point loose
tea was a pretty
Nouveau kind of thing so though I
thought oh geez you know this loose tea
and herbal solutions and concoctions for
lots of things I think it's going to
come over to North America and maybe we
might like to have something like this
and then what are the unique things
about the glass is that that it's
actually got glass inside but plastic
outside and glass is like the safest
surface you'll drink from so that's what
I really enjoyed about seeing this as a
combination together so anyway once I
saw that I decided actually it took
about eight months I say that it sat in
the corner of my office for like eight
months talking to me
going hard so I am lucky enough that I
hadn't been a business background before
and I'm originally from Canada but I've
lived in the Vancouver area for decades
and you know we have the journey has
been very interesting I mean there's
there's a thousand good stories I was
just thinking the other day you know if
I if I ever gave up something like this
because there's some moments where you
kind of scratch the head and go hey what
are we doing and but all the wonderful
adventures and I mean I was thinking of
you and thinking like you're quite the
adventure girl yourself I think there's
some kind of tribe we might be a part of
together cuz adventure really gets my
you know gets me going
I kind of live for adventure so I've had
lots of adventure with the cop I've
gotten to meet so many wonderful people
I have been so blessed to be part of the
tea industry and that has just been a
real gift and the other gift that there
has been is that a lot of people that
are very health conscious quite like the
glasses so you know retail wise we end
up at yoga shows and you know - standing
your trade show booth in your bare feet
and do a little yoga pose and then walk
over and chat with somebody and you know
they want to buy
glass and take some Teebs kinda you know
it doesn't it doesn't really get too
much better that's awesome how many
trade shows a year didn't do I mean
outside of this whole Cove in 1908 shows
you to do a year you know we used to do
a lot more in the earlier years and the
retail end of things and had maybe a
little bit more marketing capital and a
little bit more to be moving around all
the time and at that point we probably
did Oh 10 to 12 now we do like three to
four and one of the shows I believe it's
evaporated it was called the Green Show
and it started out of San Francisco and
we did that like for four or five years
in a row and people that were very
interested you know in the reusable
nature of the glass and it seemed to be
you know a good area for tea people as
well so that all went together the whole
green thing but mostly we do a couple of
yoga retail shows and then we do a
couple of trade shows and the most
interesting trade show I've ever done
was in Denver Colorado and it was for
the trade a wholesale show and it was
called the International new-age trade
show ionized and so all of these little
bookstores you know and its stores that
have interesting different kinds of
things they really were a most
fascinating group and I'm actually kind
of a little bit out there myself so I
had more fun than a barrel of monkeys so
many people were just like such such
people I'm sure there was a lot of
interesting products there as well a lot
of speakers yeah but anyway I chose to
have lung today from two hills t I don't
know that
I will have to trade product Elise
decided I was getting mighty out I was
like oh this is real I don't have any to
send you some tea you did give me okay
so I'm gonna say this story and this is
a little bit of a disclaimer for your
product as well for for folks that enjoy
your product or want to enjoy your
product youyou had gifted me one a
beautiful green one that I had used and
I was using it regularly it was amazing
but a friend of mine actually put it
into the freezer and forgot that he put
it into the freezer and it broke the
glass had shattered inside of the you
know of the cups so unfortunately I'm
not able to use your product to brew my
tea today or else I would have I would
have looked to you know shown how how
your bottle can be even used in gun food
service not just in the casual you know
knighted that that most definitely can I
just ask was there liquid in it yeah
that's that's why yeah so it was
probably the liquid expanded you know
the when it became ice and glass now if
it wasn't having liquid in it with the
glass element yes and in fact even we
have found that it depends on how much
liquid you know if it's relatively full
then it's got no room to expand if it's
not so full that it will expand and it's
not so much as these people will leave
them out in overnight in their car and
forget in the Canadian you know yeah it
can make it through I've heard sir and
if it is too full it will you know it
and remember things yeah okay so yeah so
just a just a disclaimer for folks that
have a Lee brains - yeah don't let it be
exposed to too cold if it's full right
you said if it's fool then it'll it'll
expand and break right yeah boom got it
so I've got a little bit delay on this
then I don't know if you do yeah yeah no
your your little cracky are you so are
you calling in from like a phone are you
on a Wi-Fi I'm on Wi-Fi I don't have a
hard connection cord yeah so that's
that's the the first trick is you know
it's if you're gonna start doing
regularly live streams or or even like
these kind of zoom calls it's it's best
to have a hard line so I had learned
that you know very early on so when I
first started doing this I used to
stream from my tea room which is you
know my space is pretty big I have a
1,800 square foot space here and in the
center space is my tea room which is you
know like very romantic and then I would
love to be streaming from there but my
hardline and and everything is here in
the office so I ended up kind of moving
things here which is good because then
you get the the light so you definitely
figured out the light you look great
your lighting looks great thank you
I've been doing everyday you know we
love to talk about key moments one of
the first things in China from a long
time ago was I was on a bus and I was at
the front and I was very anxious about
where I was going didn't have much
language it was in Shanghai and I was
watching the bus driver being kind of
like right up next to him and we come to
section and you know like it's mayhem
and chaos on the roads in China and big
cities yeah and he just stops and he you
know mix up his big jar it was like a
big pickle jar
nice little six and like the whole world
went away on him and he you know put the
thing back down puts it in gear and okay
we're off the game and so you know that
was the first team moment that I saw and
I thought you know you can have to place
a piece in the middle of downtown
Shanghai at an intersection you got to
be able to have a place of peace
anywhere so we work for the longest time
all about tea moments and we still are
and the only thing is we're more into
kind of you know you can do many more
things with the glasses than tea so
we're trying to also move along with
that but in April at the very beginning
every day Monday through Friday we've
been doing I've been doing ten minutes
of calm I have a yoga background and I
like to meditate and those kinds of
things and do some breadth work and so I
been doing that on Facebook all the time
but that idea of a hardwire I'm sure
would make the quality story wraps all
the way yeah yeah yeah it would it would
definitely help but I mean I guess if
you're doing ten minutes of calm you
know a delay might not even be noticed
you know if if you're doing some work or
great yeah well that's great I'm happy
how are you feeling doing that how has
that been for for you personally not not
a business or anything like that how has
that experience been for you being
vulnerable every day and having that
commitment every day I have enjoyed it
immensely I find it a very creative
opportunity you know I know a lot of
different breathing techniques and we've
now done what 20 days 24 days so I I
felt like I needed to come up with
something a little bit different every
day the idea of being on
I used to do tea moment Mondays for
about three years in a row and I did the
same kind of you know Denish kind of
thing although it was a little more
chatty and so I only having it 40
minutes the 10 minutes is quite a
blessing and I think that it's um the
way you talked about structure I really
like it for structure you know a girl's
gotta brush her hair and maybe put on a
bit of makeup my mother always said a
girl never goes anywhere without her
lipstick so all of those things come in
to play and so you know I I need to be
kind of camera-ready for noon hour and
it's great because I get something done
in the morning and then I kind of get
myself settled into this ten minutes
then I have some lunch I've had a nice
big break and then I can go back to work
oh yeah that's good yeah I'm glad to
hear you doing that and I haven't seen I
have been seen not tuned in a couple of
times so for offering that for us Nydia
thing work and at the beginning there
was very little traction so it was a
little disappointing but it girl keeps
on going and I enjoyed the meditation in
ten minutes
calm and always helped me feel better so
hey why not let's keep going
and I I think I have to rethink it
because we committed I committed for the
month of April and I'm not sure that I
can do that every day continuing on and
I think I'm gonna morph it into
something that might be once or twice a
week to be able to do that but then of
course you know you've got all this
content too and so now I'm gonna have to
go back and see what I can do in terms
of I'm sure that I can take a few of
those videos and turn it into a nice
little booklet that people might want to
sign up to an email newsletter or
something like that definitely there's a
it's a it's a win-win that was something
that I didn't think about much when I
first started doing these live videos
and then when I launched this website
and my brother said oh you know you
should just
you know embed all the videos as blogs
and when I did that I learned that both
Facebook and YouTube
have like an automatic generated
subtitle system that you can download so
it does all the voice-to-text for you so
I'm like oh this is incredible like you
know hundreds of thousands of words of
text just ready to go like that so at
least yeah you probably you'll be able
to sell you know releases talk to him
tips for 9.99 yeah well before I
structure something into like an actual
class or something like that uh it's
definitely out for free you know like
that's that's the whole intention of
doing this is for all of us to learn
together you know so yeah the the
subtitling is not a hundred percent like
if you were to paste it over directly
it's it's not totally ready to go but
you know you just have to go through
there and edit you know there's certain
key vocabulary that these these a eyes
don't don't know just yet
I love how any time I say the word Qi
you know like TT or you know I'm happy
it always changes it to cheese we're
sitting here enjoying the the tea cheese
getting high on the T's and
congratulations on your site and getting
that all together so quickly yeah it
must have been a project and a half so
you've been working hard
yeah it's a it is a project but it's not
as well you know and so that's something
also I'm trying to reiterate to
everybody is that you know with good
quality content and and resources so I
just use Shopify
the the team
website that we have the one that I've
been working on and focused on you know
you see me at trade shows or at tea
festivals that's what I've been
promoting that is like an industry
platform that's like a supply chain
industry platform that you know is not
really for consumers and so since I
started doing these live videos and the
virtual tea festival and all these types
of things that have kind of exposed us
to this greater network of tea lovers I
really realized you know it's time that
I website for them and I didn't need to
be customized you know there's so many
great platforms you know a small fee you
can get everything up and running and
and with good rich content you know the
pictures and the stories you can get
something up quickly so yeah I got that
website up in a few days to be honest I
mean I I think my work ethic and my
style of work is maybe a little bit
faster than most people but you know I
could say even with a week or two weeks
time with some focus and some patience
of being able to work through the
tutorial pages and the tutorial videos
that are provided by Shopify anybody can
get a website up and so yeah I just
really want to kind of use that website
as some encouragement for for others to
you know put put some effort into it and
and and then also not to think that they
have to hire a professional firm to do
it for them because like yeah I don't
know we're experienced with this but I
just I know so many horror stories of
our clients that things are on hold or
they've already invested 7,000 dollars
into this other project so you know god
forbid they try to start doing something
new and you know that professional
development firm they got into some type
of disagreement or someone didn't live
up to their agreements and the contracts
and all of a sudden your website is held
hostage or you know you can't change
something on it you've got to pay them
another two thousand dollars to change
something that is like absolutely
unnecessary these days you know
people should be able to and can do
their own kind of editing and their own
kind of developments you know with their
with their website there's so many great
tools for it
yeah it's it's really quite amazing how
it's become that it's not really so
difficult at all and I think it just it
takes some focus and at least maybe
that's just my personal opinion because
I can be either super focused or I can
be super scattered and got nothing done
and so the idea of really getting
focused to get something done and things
like Shopify and another shout out I
tell you I've just gotten into canva
lately yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that is
a dream yes just because I've been
working with the designer you know and
and so she's just moved all these
elements into that Candra thing for me
and I'm just about to kind of help us do
a little bit of a new look for things I
mean I enjoyed that kinda stuff you know
it's very creative yeah yeah yeah so
yeah I mean that was another thing to
like if you're trying to be like
adaptive and um in in creating new
content canva Jay the the website is
canva canv a someone on Instagram was
asking about it I'll send her a link of
that website so yeah if you're trying to
create like daily content or just like
let people know about events you have
coming on you know if you're working
with the designer which you know I work
with designers and you know I think it's
important to support them but you know
sometimes they don't have the bandwidth
or the time to work with you to
constantly be creating these elements
for you so you know if you can bring
some of that work in-house yeah canva
makes it super easy so yeah I'm also a
big fan of canva and I think the end up
being in canva with excited kind of
duplicate action you can have a really
nice consistent look and my backgrounds
in brand and marketing and so the idea
of having a consistent look that people
kind of recognize whether it be by
colors or a specific way you lay things
out or you know
your logo your icons yeah I use they can
it's so easy to keep that consistent
when you're working with something like
canva oj my website is T and it's T and it's people calm funny
yeah that's that's the website that I
watched that's uh oh right right yeah
yours yeah yeah yeah that's my T in its
people so yeah it's it's a funny name
and you know I kind of like purposefully
made it kind of you know kind of
provocative and interesting um because
yeah you know like once you fall into
the lifestyle of T you become a part of
it and it's almost as if the T owns us
and I hate to say the word control
because he is definitely not controlling
it's empowering and you know uplifting
but you know we are definitely of the T
and that was originally a book idea I
had a little over a year ago last time I
did my sourcing trip in the spring where
you know just like kind of these like
constantly repeating themes of the
confusion about you know kind of a
lineage of where T came from or the
importance of a particular T region or a
particular style of T is for community
and how that style of tea like made the
community what it is today
you know like really influenced me to
think how powerful tea is and how a lot
of those stories haven't been documented
so like that was kind of my intention
set but then you know what's you know I
kind of fell into this calling of
hosting the tea community I decided to
to share that that name and that you
know kind of idea with with this and
totally I've been using canva you know
I've worked with a really incredible
designer that did give us like a whole
package of design elements and you know
he's happy to see us
you know evolving those element
into all of these new messaging
platforms so yeah no you know no offense
to your designer if you decide to take
some of these objectives in-house
I think designers are actually happy
with it because I don't think a designer
is so happy to get like a gig you know
for just making a simple thing you know
they want to do like overarching
creative ideas you know branding ideas
versus you know designing a flyer or
designing a banner or designing you know
these these simple things which you know
five years ago if you didn't know how to
use Photoshop or you know any Adobe
products you were kind of at the at the
mercy of your designer to do all those
projects for you so yeah and I often
find that I try to think that I had some
brilliant ideas but they you know would
apply to going out tomorrow and so the
idea that you can't always you know get
a designer even if you wanted to to turn
something around like that I think
that's the cool thing about being able
to do it yourself in general or
something is that you can turn it around
so quickly and you can be very timely
with what might be going on in the
market yeah I know in responding well
and that's the key to social media
marketing that's the key to this type of
marketing that we're doing right now is
it's like it's really fast and it's you
know kind of sucks but that it's like so
like rotating it's like something that
you create today and put out you know
kind of becomes junk the next day you
know which has its negatives because you
know back in the day it's like if you
created something it was like special
and like that was like permanently a
part of your brand and a part of your
story but now you know marketing is so
transient is like you've got to
constantly be creating the new thing to
remain relevant to like you said so yeah
it's just a whole new era of marketing
and storytelling that I don't think we
should be afraid of but we definitely
need to embrace it if we're going to
stay up on it yeah yeah yeah and I kind
of like it I'm not I'm not a big planner
of course one has to be somewhat
relative to you know running your
business but I find it really you know I
guess rewarding because of the creative
aspect you know you can come up with a
good idea and you can do something about
so with you I just like quickly wanted
to give a shout out to both Eric who
says that he's drinking from his Libre
right now Eric glass so I don't know if
you know we are at glass he's our Atty
friend in st. Louis so I don't know if
he's watching still but I just wanted to
acknowledge that and then also our
friend Cindy on Facebook says that she
has a plastic Libre but she didn't
realize that you had glass ones I didn't
realize that you had plastic ones so
you're both right as they would say and
that is because the inside is glass but
the outside is plastic yeah and so you
get all the benefits of drinking from
glass but it's protected when you're on
the go because it's this really strong
exterior plastic so this this brings up
the topic that like I wanted to talk
about this was like you know the main
thing that I wanted to talk about while
you're here you know also kind of
relating to to marketing a few months
ago when when I was involved with a
sustainability festival in San Francisco
called planet home I had reached out to
you about a sponsorship opportunity the
the festival had all these different art
installations each one of them had
called action or some type of words of
motivation about how to implement some
change into just the normal consumers
normal people life about a you know
creating environmental change positive
progress and whatnot and so the Tea Room
that that you know we were executing a
building for this
best of all had the motto of consume
less value more you know and that that
great joys and and and Happiness can
come from consuming higher quality
products in smaller quantities and
that's exactly you know what the the
whole concept and principle behind even
gunk food tea services and they were
looking for financial sponsors and so
that's kind of that was kind of conflict
in itself is that you know I was telling
them you know companies that are really
doing the good sustainable work don't
often have big marketing budgets to
support these types of things I mean we
could definitely go and get Pepsi you
know to get one of their tea brands to
to sponsor this or maybe even Lipton but
that definitely wouldn't be in alignment
you know with the the overarching theme
of this festival but I did reach out to
you and you were interested in the
festival deny do because of the plastic
like they had this like yeah in a broad
a big argument and it actually ended up
being a very consistent conversation
that we had with the people that came
into our tea room you know not
specifically around your product
although I I still talked about your
product and encourage people to find you
online but you know like I became very
anger angry about that because this
organization had these like rules of
like yes or no like very black or white
and it was like plastic bad that we
can't know it's a note anything that has
plastic cause like they asked me what
are the materials of this product that
that you so kindly wanted to donate and
be a part of our efforts and when I told
them that there's plastic in it but
there was a purpose to the plastic being
into it they just they just had a you
know a silly rule on it and and so this
brings up the conversation around you
know like single-use plastic so like
there is the demonizing word that we
should be looking at you know not
demonizing the word plastic because
there is a purpose so yeah like I don't
know if you want to talk on that at all
about you know maybe conversations that
you've had with other folks around this
yeah I mean I run into that as well too
and I guess what I always come back to
is uh right material right purpose you
know the glasses of me inside because it
is the safest surface you can drink from
from a healthy point of view and also
because it's non-porous that means no
flavor is retained so you could have
lemon water or you could throw a cup of
coffee or red wine in it it makes a
great martini shaker or come back to
just plain good old herbal tea so you
could use it for so many things because
of the clean you know watch easy all of
that and yet now you have the plastic
outside so you can take it on the go I
mean there's I was gonna say none of us
stay at home very much however that is
happened pretty much on the go kind of
person so this idea of right material
for right purpose I think is really
important and I think it's important for
us to be discerning in the conversations
and I think it variably when we get into
a black/white right wrong I almost feel
like I'm guaranteed that I am NOT
looking at the situation from a
perspective that is holistic enough so
you know I anyway that's that's where I
go and the other thing that I must say
too and I guess this this gets into a
bit more of a debatable area but is you
know my product is made in China
I go to that factory every year to year
and a half we had a social audit back in
like an employee and social audit I
think it was 2013 and came through just
fine there is some definite you know
issues around what our standards of
employment in North America our salary
versus piecework and that's what
really comes down to it in terms of
looking at that but I get a little bit
excited when people you know because
it's from China you know not doing it
it's almost like you know Chinese people
are not people you know like we're all
people we all need to feed our families
we couldn't make the glass over here and
have it cost much less than 60 or 70
dollars I'm sure yeah so you know there
there are different kind of stuck
positions if you want to call it that I
think we might want to reevaluate and
one of the most exciting things about
this coronavirus I believe is that we
really are you know we're in this
together but all the different countries
in the world are kind of doing it a bit
differently and everybody's watching
each other and people are helping each
other sending resources but all of a
sudden it's one of the first things that
I've seen to say look they're people and
and you know we need to come together as
people and fellow humans and that's
really really important to me and that's
you know that's why I love the work that
you do too in terms of you know going
direct to the farmers and not having
them to go through so many levels that
they make much less money then you know
they deserve yeah yeah no I think that
you have the the right intention and
that's gonna take you on a journey you
know cuz I think when when the market
does become a lot more engage like the
consumer becomes engaged with this
information about you know like they are
gonna be interested in knowing about
these social audits that you do and and
that may take you on to a journey to to
ask even deeper questions because you
know if you have that intention you're
not gonna be afraid to do that and I
think that's the core issue with a lot
of the the contribute on traversal
things that like I bring up in my
business that brings the fear to you
know the the
status quo tea industry and it's like
they could be asking those questions too
they could be asking about the minimum
wage of workers they could be asking
about the price of green tea at the
bottling Factory but they choose not to
ask those questions because their
intention is not set on that their
intention is set on just protecting
themselves so you know I think that you
could perhaps take us on a really cool
journey of learning about the production
of glass and learning about the
production of plastics and yeah I mean
back to what we were talking about
before I did want to ask you like what
if both walls were made of glass like
why wouldn't that be beneficial would
that be more sustainable if if your
product was to be completely made of
glass so I hear what you're saying and I
guess what I see is that you know they
just break more easily so then you have
to produce more and buy more right me Oh
they've had those double wall glass ones
but you know it's even the ones that are
wrapped in the silicon sleeves of people
to tell me about breaking them and ours
doesn't break particularly you know well
at all we've got some great stories
about that but you know one of the other
yeah the double wall glass I don't know
if you know but I want to say four years
ago there was a huge recall on double
wall glass tea tumblers and I'm gonna
even say maybe five or six years ago
okay I don't know what so there were
half a million of them recalled Wow
because the manufacturing process is
there it was difficult to monitor the
pressure that ended up between the two
layers of glass so some of them were
actually spontaneously bursting ie they
would be sitting in your cupboard and
they would burst and it could be about
maybe temperature whatever but I just
want to say that I understand that that
process has gotten much better and more
refined but that something that I do
know about the early days and that's not
something that we have had to contend
with because ours are actually assembled
they take a glass inner tube you know
okay so I've been in this business since
2008 I did my first trip over there in
2011 I've done like seven trips I think
in total but the way they used to make
them versus the way they make them now
is just fascinating it used to be a guy
that was hand blowing the glass because
it's got to fit inside the plastic
sleeve it comes in at the top and comes
up so we call that the necking of the
glass and he was actually doing that by
and then at the bottom you know making
the bottom of it flat by hand anyway
over it and then it goes on to the
assembly area the plastics are molded
and then the women that are the assembly
and it's the assembly where you want the
good detail work for people to be paying
attention making sure there's not one
shift with those screens or something
like that right and so over time they
have actually computerized and as of two
years ago like a year and a half ago
when I was there they had computerized
machines that were doing the necking
three and a half years ago they did
computerized machines for cutting the
actual length of the inner glass but now
the necking is done like this and so
that is is it's been so fascinating to
watch you know how they have increased
their production facilities we've had an
engineer over from Vancouver to the
factory a couple times back in the early
days because we were having some issues
and he said you know you fix a couple
like he pinpointed a couple of issues
and he said you get those fixed and
you're gonna be good and so we worked
with a factory we pushed pretty hard to
try and get that
but I just have to tell you when were
fighting factories my highlight two
years ago in the summer time I've been
dealing with the same sales rep and he
and I did the whole thing by email for
the first three years and then I
realized I wanted to go there so I
needed to have somebody else manage to
get a woman from Taiwan she accompanies
me so we go over there and it was two
summers ago and something was going on
it was right in the middle of summer it
was like 40 degrees it was the first
time they'd ever declared it was
actually 40 degrees in China Celsius and
that was because at 40 degrees they
aren't obligated to go to work place and
so a lot of times they wouldn't agree
that was actually 40 degrees oh well we
were well over 40 degrees and so we went
to the factory and yeah we buried it out
and what they did for the people is the
women who were doing the assembly work
they changed the shifts around so they
went from 5:00 in the morning till 11:00
in the morning and that was the work day
and so that was the coolest time of day
so that's what they were able to do and
at that point I don't know the senior VP
and you know they'd like to take you out
for at least one night dinner and you
know thank you for your business you're
a customer anyway there was nobody
around to go out and even my sales rep
he actually had had some serious health
issues and he couldn't come out for
dinner just there was not a lot on the
menu you could do okay and so what are
we gonna do well we're gonna go out with
the women on the assembly line so there
was ten of us around this table there
was a supervisor the quality but these
women that I have been walking by when
we would go there every time and you
know you kind of wave and you kind of
smile of course you'd never get to talk
there's not enough language even but all
these women that I've just recognized
and seen several times over we all got
to go out and have a you know great
night of having dinner first of all and
then the supervisor said oh no I
not drinking and then the woman I went
with oh no I'm not drinking and then I
said to them okay ladies do you want to
drink oh yeah okay it was the most fun
and you know there's just a lot of
smiles and good-natured miss that goes a
long way for a connection so you're
definitely standing up and my person
would give me a few Chinese weird words
to be able to say to do the cheers yeah
but it was one of my best trips and I've
just been very very grateful that I have
been able to connect on that kind of a
level with the people at a factory
mm-hmm that's great so did you did you
pour a shot of a by Joe for every single
one of them and shoot with them that's
what you're supposed to do whenever you
you make an offer to drink with them
like that did you end up at the karaoke
bar such a small town where the factory
is that there is I'm sure there's some
nightlight somewhere going on yeah
nothing that was too handy and to tell
you the truth I I'm not I'm I'm a good
drinker up to a point and then I have to
go that's a great story thank you for
sharing that yeah so you know one final
thing I wanted to say about the plastic
I'm sure you know about this but I just
want to add this in because it's
something that people often overlook
around this conversation about like the
yes or no black or white rules around
switching away from plastic to glass is
that it it's like such an increase in
the weight and when you're talking about
logistics and shipping like that
actually causes more harm to the
environment and then happy plastics so
yeah I just wanted to throw that I'm
sure that's something that you deal with
with shipping you know and your products
it's such a nightmare you know the
weight and international shipping
especially ya know it's um it has it
it's had its challenges what
you know we've been with the same
manufacturer for 12 years we have a
really good relationship we now rely on
their logistics to get us product
because they have such good rates with
the shippers that they actually will
look at and Billis one of the other
things I guess I wanted to talk about in
this plastic glass conversation is you
know the reason somebody might have to
you know get rid of the glass is because
the inner glass actually breaks and so
we've been scratching our heads on that
for a few years and we're right in the
midst of molding and designing something
where we may be able to do a replaceable
inner glass oh so the exterior would
last you through maybe several inner
glasses if that was the case how about
ceramic is that something that you see
in China with with similar products or
is that something that you guys have
explored you know I'm really hung up on
the clearness you know all of them right
through and that transparency and the
light and all of that you know our brand
name is Libra and it's all about free
and it has always been free to have a
tea moment anywhere anytime you know
because you can take your tea on the go
really it's a sense of also being free
inside if you've got some kind of you
know meditation maybe spiritual practice
of some sort and understanding that one
can choose to have that our perspective
on that and so we that that the clarity
I guess is so important to me that
people have said oh yeah how come you
don't do stainless how come you don't do
ceramic and then there's that
what is that beautiful purple Asian clay
oh yeah you know how come you don't do
an Asian clay well so we have just kind
of stayed with what we know what we love
and the glass in and of itself is
what we you know Catholic the other
thing too is of course clear glass
people are clear plastic people have
been very concerned about by fetal a and
so that's the BPA and just relative to
the exterior actually is commit this
plastic is completely bpa-free so the
filter this is a removable filter on top
so it's nice and easy to drink through
with the leaves but this plastic and
this and even I don't but anyway the lid
that goes on it yeah it's all bpa-free
plastic oh and we did that because we
were actually do a lot health things and
so the Ayurvedic internet like the u.s.
Ayurvedic Association that conference
that they would have these people were
like you know it goes right through your
skin and I was kind of like and so
anyway you know thought about its racks
the head and then worked with the
manufacturer and so that's when we went
from polycarbonate which does have BPA
over to Triton which is the kodak
patented bpa-free plastic so we're 100%
bpa free thank you my final question
about your product before we move on to
the exciting part of you know talking
about some sales promotions you have
going on right now is about any kind of
intention or you know industry trends of
alternatives to plastic you know that
still would serve the same purpose that
a plastic serves but you know coming
from a more sustainable source yeah i
think there's plant based plastic
certainly and we've looked into that the
cost and those is pretty kind of wicked
and they're rather cloudy and they're
not as strong isn't you know i haven't
updated my information maybe for just
for over here i would say to be honest
so that's the only thing that I know of
plastic wise in terms of substitutes for
plastic I
you always come down to stainless but I
I've not seen any trends beyond that in
terms of replacing the plastic if you
want to call it I know I are you aware
of any just the plant-based plastics is
what I know about but yeah I mean I just
like I know with like all of this
excitement and enthusiasm and kind of
demonization around plastic that could
be the one good thing about the
demonization of plastic is that it is
influencing research and innovation on
but yeah I mean I guess the whole reason
why I wanted to even bring this up with
you is because like this is a subject
that I'm very passionate about that like
we can't demonize things outright you
know we have to be smart about
understanding the purpose of something
and finding a clear path of how to move
towards the good future
you know without demonizing things
because that can potentially create even
more damage than good which is what
happened in the story of this plant at
home so they lost a really great you
know sponsor an opportunity of providing
a good option to people and inspiration
to people about even of water bottles
right so your product is a great
alternative to the water bottle because
it's not just for brewing tea you could
just put water in it for taking out you
know for your journey out instead of
feeling like oh and let me just get this
single-use water bottle which I did see
a lot of people walking around with
single-use water bottles at this
festival whenever you know they could
have been walking around with your
product and refilling it and and then
also drinking teas are infusing fruit
waters with it or you know all types of
products like you were saying so you
know that event lost out on that
opportunity of showing a good
alternative like a sustainable long
lasting alternative to our you know
addiction to single-use plastics just
because they had demonized that word
plastic and didn't want it anywhere
they're you know he's like that'd be
able to throw the baby out with the
bathwater thing right you said when the
part wronging so the whole thing is now
I think that that's so so very true that
we just have to become much more
discerning and somehow it's got to get
easier I don't know but I've been
spending a lot of time in California
Southern California just north of LA
over the last year year and a half and I
have been amazed at the single-use water
bottle like the flats that of bottles of
water going out from Costco blow my mind
I get kind of aghast and a little bit
don't know what is the good solution for
it but that you know when I went
anywhere I just see that and I just like
wow yeah yeah yeah and you know there
and that's in California right it's the
place that we think is supposedly all
green and advanced and all those good
things I mean I come when I came from
Canada and Vancouver area that's a
pretty green place we do a lot of green
things and so you know my point of
comparison was a little far out there
perhaps but I had some expectations of
California as being rather progressive
you know around all of this and yet just
masses of flats of these single-use yeah
yeah definitely
and all types of of water too you know
and you know high-end expensive water
but then how do we deliver it how do we
get it to the people you know you know
because then they say well let's pack it
in glass but then you know the logistics
on this is you know not good because
then you know there's more fossil fuels
needed to transport you know the more
weight so yeah there's a lot of there's
a lot of challenges like there's no easy
solution to it but I definitely think
like demonizing plastic is not the
solution you know I think you
it just goes overall to your appointment
of research and really you know
unpacking things and taking a closer
look at it and and understanding that as
soon as you said right wrong black way
you got to be going down the wrong track
like you just have to back up to look at
it from a broader perspective and trying
to you know even personally be the more
holistic in the viewpoint and then
discerning within the facts that make up
the story it's it's yeah we we've we've
such a long long long way to go we I I
used to work in the energy industry and
the gas utility and electric utility and
this was back in um 91 and 92 and we
were doing demand side management
planning and so that was the first
impetus around conservation and you know
Southern California was quite a leader
around that kind of thing at the time
and what was interesting is they had
these huge models that would go on you
know to forecast and put a price on the
ton of greenhouse gases and particulates
and all of those kind of things and then
they would the monetization of social
and environmental externalities so did
it create jobs you know did it improve
the environment in terms of emissions
like I was saying it's very very
interesting work to look cradle-to-grave
and look at such a broad broad view of
things and start to really assess what's
you know the real story because I think
the other area that really lacks in all
of this is the cradle to grave issue
because we're very you know what we're
looking at that's what counts as human
beings yeah we have a viewer that
regularly watches on YouTube from
Denmark and he's Houston giving a lot of
feedback here and I just kind of wanted
to address something that he said about
recycling you know like one way of
responding to the you know epidemic of
single-use plastic is recycling which is
true which you know in North America we
do have some recycling incentives you
know not here in Las Vegas actually
recycling is a joke a lot of places in
North America it's just an absolute joke
like we do have recycling containers but
it all ends up getting dumped into the
same place anyway you know and then
Hawaii where I used to live they had
recycling but it all got sent to China
you know to get dumped into the oceans
or whatever they were gonna do with it
so you know recycling does have a lot of
room for growth but he was saying in
Denmark they they earned $3 a bottle for
returning the bottle to the store that's
incredible so like there's not there's
an actual like very serious incentive
with with recycling there I don't know
how sustainable or subsidized that is
you know because the the operation of
recycling you know doesn't have an
enormous ROI for the industry but yeah
be interesting but they paid three
dollars a bottle when they buy it so
interesting and I think that's that's an
interesting thing too is yeah I have the
consumer pay you know have the market
pay the honest price for you know the
cost of that product and not just the
the cost of making it because yeah we've
got trying to get plastic made cheap but
like the true environmental social
economic costs holistic cost as you said
you know of that bottle so ya know it is
it is very very interesting because we
don't really look at things like that in
price things like that because I think
we as humans you know understand what
we're looking at and that's what we kind
of take take into account on an
interesting note in Denmark we actually
there's a base tea house there that I
think was like from the early 1800s but
we have met with a man in Denmark and
it's called perches and it's in
Copenhagen purchased tea house and they
put their brand on Liberty glasses and
so there were Libre tea glasses over
there oh cool
so you're Oliver
go to purchase and get yourself one of
these these glasses for you to drink
your tea out of yeah yeah yeah I love I
love this you know because you get this
like kind of like very global
interactivity with people all over the
world it's uh it's really special
he always has a lot I'm not not about
your teeth festival oh the tea festival
was incredible yeah like so all in all
we had you know even with the playbacks
now we've had over 10,000 people that
you know we're part of it watched it or
you know enjoyed it so that was oh he
says that he has one hundred and fifty
dollars worth of tea coming from
purchase tomorrow yeah so that was such
an incredible experience and actually
we're gonna do a rebroadcast of the of
the virtual tea festival to a whole new
community next week the the broadcast
that we did before was for you know a
lot of the people come in people that
you and I know through the tea festivals
and just through the the tea business
circles that were a part of that was you
know like the bulk of the audience that
we had to this last festival but the one
that we're gonna do next week is for the
reddit community which is a very you
know kind of specific niche yeah so that
should be that should be good fun that
the format is gonna be a little bit
different of course you know I'm
targeting to have an even bigger
audience this won't be a whole lot of
tea business people or you know
self-identified tea people but you know
more tea curious people maybe people
that identify as being tea drinkers and
you know enjoying to read content and
watch content about tea online but you
know aren't part of like the the tea
circles that you and I are part of but
yeah looking looking forward to that
that was a really incredible experience
the last one we had we had almost 1.2
they're 1,200 comments so that's just
like people commenting back and forth
and you know like a lot of wide videos
you'll get comments of people saying hi
you know hi from so-and-so but actually
most of the comments that we had were
like actual conversations between people
and you know a lot of connections being
formed which you know for me just give
me all the the warm fuzzies and thank
you to you for donating for you know the
drawing that we did with all of the the
email signups that came our new friend
Cecilia and Mexico which I have come to
learn that I have this rent if
Priscilla's watching Scholtz show
correct me Priscilla is our friend in
Ecuador who started learning about tea
in Mexico she was living in Mexico and
she told me there's a very vibrant and
tea community in Mexico like that's like
the next country to be looking out for
kind of a big boom and loose-leaf tea
and you know tea lifestyle and tea
culture but she had mentioned that
Cecilia was the one that opened the
first tea school in Mexico and you know
is kind of the matriarch of that of that
community there so I have to reject to
her directly yes hi I know that they
just got shipped at the beginning of
this week we got that sorted and so yeah
she should have them but I should reach
out to her directly it has another
gentleman Bob cruel you know him yeah
Walcott anyway he was down in Mexico
looking for customers and he found that
it was a very vibrant herbal tea
community yet because they're European
and rely on herbal remedies mm-hmm so
very used to the loose-leaf kind of like
yeah yeah yeah they're used to infusing
things the big part of their like their
medicine and and just you know kind of
family remedies on things so you know
the concept of brewing tea is not new
for them so yeah I think your product
would do really well there so yeah I'm
glad that Sam from Mexico was able to
to enjoy that lucky her to get six star
that was a nice offer that you made six
six glasses is more than enough than
what one person needs so definitely a
nice tea gift to share with your your
dad know people do like to have them as
gifts you know so that that works out
really well and and you know as I was
mentioning before with glass being
non-porous they are good for other uses
so like freak waters like he we're
talking about you know hot lemon water
has become a very popular drink in this
time of trying to keep ourselves
incredibly well and even the whole
hydration you know how many you know
systems in our body are well capped by
being hydrated you know so it behooves
us to drink enough water and a lot of
people say water is boring so you had
some fruits to it yeah you know you can
get creative strawberry basil is one of
my favorites and then you can also use
that even as a shaker you know because
it's got this little removable filter
thing on top yeah once you put the lid
on it you can actually shake it up and
down like that and so with the different
uses of it people can you know just have
it for lots of different different
drinks that they have and they don't
need to keep that whole collection of
water bottles on the go because it won't
retain like I don't know the stories
I've heard the idea of protein powders
on a plastic shaker bottle and the idea
that over time that just gets to be Hulu
as sent to high heaven yeah and sent
it's probably not a good work you know
it has to be more Frances than that but
this is the idea that people can use
them for so many things as well as of
course the tea which is what we were
designed to begin with to begin with
yeah definitely you know before we we
tune off and you know speaking of gifts
I did want to give you the opportunity
to talk about you know the things that
you're doing for for Mother's Day
you know gearing up for a big gifting
holiday coming up yeah I'm gonna go
put the the links up like while I'm
doing this you can go ahead and talk
about what you're doing and I'll put the
links up so people can see the links and
the the code that you're going to
mention but yeah please go yeah thank
you thank you
one of the things that we have really
enjoyed about you know promoting these
tea moments if there is anybody in the
world that I think needs a little
something in a little piece is actually
mum and so we always you know really
reached out and promoted on Mother's Day
as a great Mother's Day gift because
mums maybe they're doing chauffeuring
they're cooking they're taking the dog
for a walk you know just doing
everything so it's the idea of being
able to have this little moment of
taking your tea and having a little sip
in a moment of peace so we really enjoy
the idea that moms would get to have
lovely little peaceful tea moments
because you know life as a mom can be
chaotic so we have a nice special we
have 25 percent offs and if you decide
over there a couple of tips I think you
may have to get to three because of the
25 percent off but it's $60 there's free
shipping as well so this one in
particular is our lively leaves guy it's
a really nice bright green we have
another bright teal we have a beautiful
pink one that has a fuchsia Val a pink
and it's kind of a filigree kind of
design and some plainer ones black white
silver but I just wanted to say that
we've got a lot of selection in terms of
whether or not you know your your mum
likes whatever different kind of colors
or maybe a more classic style and for
the 25% off you just need to use a
coupon stay home 25% and stay home is in
capital letters and then just to 5 and
the % ask you back so that will get you
25% off right up until Mother's Day
and if they're already wholesale people
watching you know there's of course that
I think everybody's hearts going out to
everybody at this rate in terms of you
know how do you keep this all going on
yeah and so we'll sell guys what we did
is we reached out and we said we
understand that you you have had to shut
your doors but many of you probably have
online operations and if you didn't
three weeks ago you're certainly
thinking about it now and some of people
are doing the even order and pick up and
personalty shopping I've heard it from
some of my dealers but just to let
people in the wholesale end of things
know we also have 25% off we've never
had more than 20% off and normally a
sale would be 10 or 15 so the 25% office
is significant and if you just go to our
website any breath like so l ib r e l
ife calm you can of course check in as a
retail shopper or if you look in the top
right there's a little wholesale section
and we'll start up an account for you if
you just give us a bit of information
and you can get the glasses at 25% off
is there like a certain minimum order
for a wholesale just a six-pack okay so
it's less you know it's it's very
reasonable oh and no wholesale we also
have mixed sixes that we call them so
for instance one mix six we call it the
mixed life and so it's to pink to bright
green to teal and then we have the mixed
essentials which is - pearl - black -
silver so depending on the clientele of
your store you can actually even get a
little selection or you know like six
different models even if you just order
12 or you could just order even a six
pack if you do decide to order a case of
24 which is that sort of a master case
the six is our inner cases yeah and so
you know there's order I think three
hundred dollars and they would get free
shipping so okay great also
you know something um I don't know if
we've ever talked about this before but
I wanted to ask you and this is kind of
in spirit of what we were talking about
earlier about kind of like the fast
speed of getting websites up any
businesses up and getting going and
being agile is like dropshipping
something that you offer to wholesale
customers no no we're just not set up
for dropshipping and I've looked into it
a couple of times and III mean you
always have to build volume to make
things worthwhile and so we just haven't
got the model with our warehouse and
shipping right now but not really works
we we would actually love to be able to
have T's on our website you know and do
drop shipping one of the things that I
reached out to our wholesalers to not
only say we have a great sale could
support you in your online sales and
hopefully that's going somewhere for you
but also if you have specials for your
tea or you'd like to cooperatively do a
giveaway with us because we have over
20,000 social media following
and so we've had a couple of people step
up for that and I think next week we are
going to be doing a Mother's Day
Giveaway with the BAM company and
they've heard our glasses since almost
day one so it's been really neat because
these are ideas that I've had in the
past where I wanted to kind of do like a
more community type effort but I never
kind of got it going so this has been a
real thing to be able to reach out to
people and kind of scratch my head about
how could we offer value with what we
have to be able to support the people
that have been such good customers for
us over time and that's what we came up
with great awesome so yeah on the the
streaming video now I do have your
website and the website link has been in
the the title in the description of this
video so yeah hopefully people are
finding you that way and using this
incredible code do you have any like
ideas on
order deadlines of like when some would
would you know be assured that you know
their gift would reach by Mother's Day
or um I think what you really want to do
is be because Mother's Day is kind of a
little bit early May 10th is the sunday
so May 1st is a Friday and so when you
order on the Friday we ship on the
Monday and so for the most part it's
gonna get to you there by the following
Friday but I would say that for regular
post that you really have to make sure
that you put it in Friday and I would
even go Friday morning because I think
we cut off at noon hour 10 11 a.m. and
then the rest of it goes out you know in
the afternoon but I would say Friday
let's just say Friday so yeah get your
orders in by Friday morning I'm telling
everybody on my tea orders you know cuz
I just do all the fulfillment everything
is just here you know myself so I can
you know get up and get something out
I'm telling everybody to get their
orders in by Monday to ensure that they
get it by Friday so that they can have
it to give on a gift on Sunday because
exactly and the other thing too is you
know we're gonna have to discount in the
offer right through until Mother's Day
and many people these days you know you
don't always get organized as soon as
you'd like to get these things done and
so some people will actually like
download the photo off the website and
cut it out and put it into the card to
say one of these is alright well this is
gonna be my pitch about what's going on
right now in the world mom deserves
better okay guys so get your order in
early please do not give your mom a card
with a picture or something in it like
if you have to you know but we're all
sitting at home doing nothing right now
so mom deserves mom deserves better
let this be a special Mother's Day no in
these circumstances I think it's mums
that actually have the roughest role
because often naturally they default to
be the you know a lot of the meal
preparation a lot of the argument
of activities and people keepin straight
and did you have a shower today and you
know haven't you worn that shirt for the
last five days kind of thing mamas do
and I think you know like I don't I
don't have any kids around I'm all right
at the moment and then just like wow and
and trying to school the kids as well um
you know in learning the platforms oh
yeah so deserves better especially this
year yeah especially this year and also
you know even if we're not talking about
getting gifts just for your mom any moms
in your life like they definitely
deserve it you know cuz yeah everybody
is working on overtime right now with
the schools being out yeah must be a
nightmare I think that's that's been a
common theme I've been seeing my friends
post about is is you know how stressful
it is right now to have your kids
constantly around and you know the
challenges of working from home taking
care of your kids still you know keeping
the house up yeah so I you know I really
hope that this this does end up being a
special Mother's Day and you know I
don't hear a lot of people talking about
it you know so that's what's you know
it's kind of interesting I haven't seen
too many marketers jump on that so yeah
yeah I guess a little bit more Mother's
Day day action coming but usually it
would be a little sooner and I think
we're just kind of you know lifting our
heads up from where we actually are to
remember that there's you know there's
there's still the natural cycles of the
year just as spring comes so does
Mother's Day yeah so we're here remind
you guys all about your mom and you know
really great promotional code here to
get a good product as well as as our
website too and for Las vegas-based
friends we are offering free delivery
for orders over 40 so yeah you can or
come to get up at our shop too you can
arrange a pickup so yeah I wish I had
some some Libra glasses here I got to do
that now that I'm doing you know more of
this retail I should I should I should
offer that up if you were able to do
drop shipping I could just do that you
know right after this call I could set
it up I know I understand completely but
I think the least we're gonna do is
you're gonna send me your address so
that at least I can get you back to
having one for yourself I know thank you
for that thank you I was so sad that
night my friend was very sad and you
know kind of delayed and tell me about
it because he knew I'd be heartbroken
cuz I was I was using it all the time
you know and I guess like the final
thing I wanted to say and you know some
people might have thought that you know
it's it's a little bit different for me
to be having this conversation with you
and having you on here considering that
we usually you know exclusively support
farmers and exclusively you know do gunk
food cha but I think that there is a
place for convenience and it's not a tea
bag you know like I think the product
that you offer to the market is is
sustainable and is mindful of those
things and we definitely had talked
about that I made sure that we talked
about that but it is like it's a really
beautiful and great way a brewing tea
that does bring convenience and on the
that is necessary in our life and you
know we can't always do gum food so yeah
I think what you offer is a really a
great gift for the teen community you
know I'm glad that you know community to
be on the show - Lisa I really and and
to be able to go through some of those
other issues where you know we don't I
don't often get the opportunity to you
know explain some of the things that you
know we do in the kind of relationship
that we have with a factory and so it's
it's really been a lovely opportunity
thank you so much and it just it's been
a lot of fun that's a that's probably
the nicest joy of it all and I've gotta
appreciate the opportunity you know to
share you know the the Mother's Day
segment with people I got I wish you all
the best with your good Mother's Day
sales on your teas because I can only
and what lovely teas you have I should
be heading back to California when this
is all over and so maybe I can get
hooked up with a little bit of teen at
that point I won't make you try and send
it to Canada oh no I definitely send you
some teen you deserve it thank you all
right Wendy well I am going to sign off
now but thank you so much for joining
today this has been a lot of fun and
yeah this will be playing back so you'll
be welcome to share this through all the
different channels and even download it
yourself if you want to share it or you
know take clips from it to share on your
social media you're more than welcome to
do that thank you very much you know and
I didn't cannot talk with it to sort of
publicize that out at our social media
end of things
um so I'm sorry about that but I look
forward to you know posting this and
being able to share some of our
interesting information that that you
managed to bring out of me so yeah yeah
this will this will be you know long
lasting so you'll be able to share this
with your community and I'm sure they'll
be happy to hear this side of your story
that that doesn't usually get told so
thank you so much for sharing it with us
and hope you have a beautiful rest of
your week and I'll see you soon with me
much loved by everybody okay thank you
so much
much appreciated bye now

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