Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - Everyone's Responsibility in Pandemics

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Wednesday, at least here in Las
Vegas, I can speak for us here.

Beautiful sunny starting to get
warm so starting to match my

attire to to meet the warmer
temperatures here in the desert

of Nevada Hope everybody's
having a lovely day. I sure am

I'm a little late today I was

I was actually baking my lunch.
Hey Tico Good to see you happy

Wednesday. Happy April
fifteenth. Happy Tax Day. Hope

you guys all got your taxes
done in time especially in time

to secure your stimulus
deposit. make sure you get that

in a timely manner to see you
to go.

I didn't get mine yet, but I'm
patient you know I I don't. I

don't desperately need it. I've
been I've been working hard and

finding a new opportunities for
the business to help support

myself, so I don't necessarily
need it so in a speedy manner,

but I hope that anybody else
that is in need is finding that

help good for you. Congrats

someone had a conversation.
With me earlier today that

The people that need it, the
least are probably the ones to

to get it the quickest because
they're the ones that you know

are very timely and and through
when their taxes and what not

not to say that we you know
need to encourage you know,

delays and and taxes and
whatnot, but just just a

commentary. I'm sure everybody
will get will get theirs and

they're due time. So that's
that's good. So, yeah, I'm a

little late today but better
late than never I was making my

lunch today, which I'm really
proud of. I spent a lot of time

yesterday and a lot of love
making a. They call that so

what what do you call that when
when the dough has many layers

of butter in it? puff pastry?
Yeah, I was making puff pastry

dough and popped my first my
first good into the oven today

and it took a little bit longer
than usual to cook, but yeah,

just pretty proud of it. you
know really simple recipe. I

did fill it with ham and
cheese. This ham was from our

Easter dinner. Hey Alexia. I'll
see you later today. Alexia hit

me up at her and her mom needs
some some tea, so I'm gonna

hook them up. so yeah had some
ham leftover from from Easter

dinner and decided to make ham
and cheese croissants, which is

a delightful delightful treat.
Hi Joe Good to see you. Oh Joe.

you're not alone today. Guests.
Hello. Hi nice to meet you on

Ashley. Hi Ashley Elise. Oh,
it's so nice to meet you. I've

like had something so much for
the pleasure to to get to know

Joe so well and he keeps
talking. I'm guessing you're

the partner. Yes. Awesome the
other half she's a seeder to my

sage. That's very cute. How you
keep going good to see you hope

you're doing well in Japan
Yeah, a little late today I was

making my lunch, but obviously
Super proud of it so proud. I

didn't scarf it down cuz I
wanted to to show it was

actually really easy to make
you know what I mean. well I

made I made a like a ham and
cheese croissant. Oh beautiful.

Yeah well. I've been part of it
but just to to show like how

flaky look Bitcoin is very
interested. oh, yeah. Yeah, I

made the dough from scratch. it
takes time. That's the one

thing you know you just time.
absolutely you know to have to

fold all those layers of. And
and flakiness and but you know

it's just along the theme that
I'm really trying to continue

to reiterate of like finding
pleasures in like simple things

that we can do even with a low
budget and and with what we

have, you know in in our own in
our own resources. absolutely

yeah. So yeah puff pastry as
long as you got flour and

letter you can make croissants
chocolate croissants or you

know cheese or whatever you've
got right. Reminds me we're

talking about this like a
couple of weeks ago, but

there's a verse in the doubt.
It's a chapter 80. I believe

the toxic about how if
basically, if you enjoy the

work that you're doing with
your hands, you don't need to

speed up the process. You don't
need machines to like to

improve efficiency and things
like that. I think that's kinda

how like tea and a lot of you
know a lot of places. This is

is they aren't trying to speed
up the process. It's all about.

they enjoy that work of
actually crafting the TV and it

goes the same with food. A lot
of times you know. yeah. Enjoy

what you're doing, you're not
looking for a premade dough,

you're actually trying to make
the dough yourself and you're

in the moment enjoying that
experience. So yeah. yeah

definitely very important.
learn to value it more.

especially whenever you know
how much butter is going into

the dough, then you know, okay,
I can only eat one of these.

awesome, She makes some some
biscuits. so yeah, it's

basically the same thing. Yeah.
yeah biscuits are great. those

are also another simple. simple
joy. Yeah that with a little

bit of extra time in the
morning, you can really create

a very nice experience for
yourself more than than just a

Bowl of oatmeal or something
not nothing wrong with a Bowl

of oatmeal, but you know if
you're looking for something

unique. Answer your pulling at
Jenny today and you just

stuffing your face when you're
on the jab. Jenny's yesterday

had she's every time she jumps
on. I feel like she's yeah.

she's well whenever you you
have you know a husband like

she has. it's it helps well.
they had a restaurant. Okay.

They have three restaurants. Oh
wow. Okay. Yeah. Yeah and her

husband exactly or something
like that. So yeah. that choice

is the one that she's always
working out of when she tuned

in that one is located inside
of a like a real like small

scale local casino. It's like a
diner inside the casino like

all the restaurants are.
Unassuming you know which is

what's so great about them.

But then they have every grain,
which is like their casual

lunch spot. it's like comfort
Taiwanese food and then

flock and foul, which is like.
Oh yes, you mentioned that one

too. yeah, so that one used to
be a casual lunch spot just

kind of a hole in the Wall
kinda fast service. They didn't

even have a bathroom for people
to use you really just have

yeah, it was just like get in
and get out just take your

lunch to go really good. the
the dish that they are famous

there for for making is the
high non chicken. Have you

heard of this dish? Well, it's
called high non chicken so it's

I think it's originally a
single portion dish. It's like

broiled chicken dish. that's
usually served with a very rich

decadent rice. the rice is
cooked with chicken stock from

the chicken. so it's very very
flavorful. the chicken itself

is like it's it's broiled. so
it's just very clean looking

very simple like it's meant to
accentuate. The flavor of the

chicken of course, but it's a
Singaporean dish that was

popularized in Taiwan. so you
know a lot of people Associated

with with Taiwan, just because
an anti pay a lot of you know

chefs there. I've kinda
popularized it and then it's

becoming popular here so in La
there's a restaurant, you know

that's famous for their high
non chicken. and of course,

Sheridan kinda brought that
trend here. I wouldn't say he

brought it here. I think he
like he might have been one of

the first to kind of bring that
trend from Taiwan here. okay to

the States. Hey Nick Good to
see you hey, I love to catch up

with you. try to tune in with
us if you can my buddy Nick can

I think you've met him before
he's in for sure? Yeah he's

been on here before absolutely.
yeah. he just started you know

that people don't belong at
this point saying interesting

social circle. Yeah. Peeps. I
just just wait till you get

into like the the the Tea
Festival Circuit. Oh man. I

can't wait to be honest when
you be going to Denver this

year I'm supposed to but I
don't know yeah. yeah, I

actually wasn't planning on
going to Realty Expo at all.

Oh, so finally Bitcoins
interested in being here with

us. yeah just because it's it's
such a big resource. ah you

know for someone like me ah
like last flash last time I had

a boots so you know I did you
know standing in a lot of money

ah right and ah this you know
the time resource and um a lot

of people think that ah the the
kind of lost it's it's audience

to some yeah umm and that Can
be found in other places you

know, including here right, so
that's why I keep this going

too cuz a lot of the folks that
do tune in to this and and

you're getting to meet our
people that you know I had

originally met through Realty
Expo or you know whatever else

events so yeah, I had
intentions of not going to

World Tea Expo like I submitted
a proposal to do a talk on not

just on transparency like I've
actually done a talk at World

TTTS Expo on Transparency in

all direct trade transparency
just kind of the overarching

term, but I wanted to do a talk
on how to empower people to

develop their own transparency
in in their own sourcing you

know, of course, I could
recommend using a tool like

what I built, but that's not
the purpose. The purpose is to

empower people to develop like
their own confidence and and

and their palette and then also
in the questions that they ask

their suppliers. so I wanted to
do. Presentation you know class

on that and it actually got
denied and came to find out

that another very large kind of
commodity tea supplier was

doing a presentation on
transparency. One of the

sponsors you know and I was
like, Oh man. this is just you

know that was just kind of a a
little blow, so I just did

that's just a stab in the gut
right. Yeah. Yeah. It's like I

wasn't even trying to go there
to promote myself. I was. You

know trying to really help
people develop their own

confidence in their sourcing
and yeah, maybe it it. It is

indirect promotion, but it's
more than just that. you know a

lot of these others. I've been
to other like transparency,

direct trade sessions that
they've had there hosted by the

the large commodity suppliers
and a lot of times they like

you know they just kind of stop
at the social programs that are

offered to the workers and for
one like I'm not a supporter of

those types of programs like
I'm you know my. Background in

international development is
pretty deep, You know I've I've

been deep in it. I've you know
an NC kind of the

sustainability of different
efforts and just throwing money

at a problem actually creates
more of a crutch between the

receiver and the the help
versus true autonomy, which a

lot of times it's not related
to money at all, he has nothing

to do with money autonomy has
like more to do with.

Independence and your rights to
your soil and your water and

all those types of things. So
yeah, I feel like the

discussion we had about like
the worker is not being able to

drink the tea that they're
producing. you know. that's

like that's not alright and I
mean that it has nothing to do

with money and everything to do
with like you know. Yeah.

exactly. yeah. Yeah. So that's
exactly. that's exactly the

issue you know. Yeah, that that
thing that I sent you, that was

that was just such an
interesting thing and that that

company felt like it was gonna
be valuable for their

marketing. I I feel like they
didn't even read that right,

you know. yeah. How how do you
let that go through cuz I was

immediately when I saw that
article. What I like is this

supposed to be promotion cuz
that's a huge Red flag. You

know. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it
would have been one thing for

them to just kind of censor
that and say, Oh, yeah, we get

to drink our teas. you know the
factory supplies as tea to

drink. I don't think they said
the factory supplies them tea.

I have like when when I stay in
line in the village, a lot of

times all I don't spend a whole
lot of time on these States cuz

when I when I go, I work with
specific families in their

communities, but these
communities exist among the

estates, you know like all
around are these expensive

famous estates and so I'll go
for jogs in the morning And you

know and then end up on the
other ridge and and bump into

some workers there and and in
in those situations I do get to

ask some questions and yeah,
I'd asked about you know their

treatments and and and their
work and you know what they get

to drink the tea if they know
what type of teeth being

produced there and they're like
no. But sometimes I don't tell

don't tell the boss, but we'll
put tea into our pockets when

we're harvesting and you know
we'll we'll just. Something at

home for us to enjoy it
alright, yeah, there's actually

a tea from the Amber Estates in
Treeland that we work with it's

called Bengay Petco, which
means like stolen tea. We've

had it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. So that the story behind

that. Of course, it's not
stolen TV, but it's like kind

of a commemorative tea for that
story of like back in the day

when the workers weren't
empowered, it was very common

for them to pocket tee and take
it home and just make really

crude like very broken. right
leave very highly oxygen, We

ordered some of it and actually
put it ended up putting it in

our our our breakfast blend
cool turnout yummy. It's

perfect for something like
that. It's very pretty very

potent. you know. so yeah like
we need we made a Black Hills

breakfast out of it and sold
that for a while. so good. Oh,

that's good to hear. Yeah. Hey.
so South Dakota you guys are

you guys are getting some
pretty National National level

news coverage right now. the
the. The pork factory yes, it's

myth. Smithfield. Yeah. That's
crazy. Yeah. it's that's on the

complete opposite side of the
state for us. I know it's like.

Yeah. yeah, like seven hours
away from us or something like

that. but yeah, a bunch of
people ended up coming down

with the whole deal there so I
don't know if I don't really

know what to think it's kind of
I'm not running rampant in that

area, but that's all you see.
It's kind of irrelevant for.

Because it's like hey all these
big Mass produced food products

were exposed to this stuff and
it's like what we don't need

those anyway. You know, we're
gonna have a little natural

food grocery and get our foods.
Yeah. Yeah, you know for us.

It's kinda like well. Duh, you
know like what did you expect?

I mean that's just that's kind
of Karma and my eyes. Yeah play

that and then you know, Covid-
19 up there. It's like well. I

mean it it only makes sense. So
yeah, I mean it's it's

unfortunate. you know cuz I
used to work in the food

factory actually Work in the
meat processing facility right

managing the food safety there
and I remember during the time

of Swine flu. I believe it was
reading flu and that went

around in 2010 we weren't on a
lockdown or anything like that,

but I just remember
implementing like very high

levels of sanitation. Not it's
not just about the food you're

producing cuz a lot of these
viruses like they're not gonna

get into the food and then be
eaten by somebody. It's more

about your employees that are
all working in close proximity

with each other. You've gotta
keep the place sanitary so your

employees don't affect each
other and that's exactly what

happened at that. You have 1500
people in the same building.

you know. Yeah. Yeah it just
that's the run ramp. A. So I

remember for a good like two
months you know, I wrote the

program for all of our hand
surfaces like door knobs and

railway's on the stairs and
knobs on different machines

like common hand surfaces. I I
had those sanitize every hour

in in the Santa, the sanitation
employees like we're really

defined against me like the
being a food scientist and the

food factory. Sucks cuz if you
do a good job, you're a police,

you know like and they all make
fun of you and they all hate

you and you know it's like
being a health inspector. Yeah.

yeah exactly your health
inspectors. So I had a lot of

push back from that. so I ended
up having to do it myself and

oh, wow yeah. And so that was
like every hour. I had a little

alarm. go off and it's like,
okay time to go and sanitize

everything and I did it and you
know, I think that says a lot

about that facility that you
know a lot of people are giving

grief you know. Your governor
for not having more restrict

orders on it, but it really
should have been that own

companies like sanitation
practices to protect their own

their own workers. you know and
then that transfers over

believe it yeah. So but yeah, I
just I found that fascinating.

I had two different friends on
Facebook and you know, of

course they had to make you
know country jokes about South

Dakota so yeah, feeling feeling
a little bad for your state

right now getting getting some
some bad press, but that's East

Cota. As far as I'm concerned,
it's funny because the Missouri

River runs right through the
Middle of South Dakota. Yeah,

and they are like two
completely different States. We

call it West River in East and
West River is complete. It's

more like Colorado than it is
like then, like South Eastern

Eastern was more like Iowa if
you will in West River is more

like Colorado or White Asian
White I own. And then you know

any Montana that kind of area.
So yeah, it's crazy how

provided by that River but But
yeah, we are getting some bad

press on the deal and and and
Mikey said, you know I firmly

believe that this is kinda all
of to us anyway and you

shouldn't be asking the
government to enforce a bunch

of stuff which just be doing it
ourselves cuz the at the at the

point where we're asking the
government to come in and put

all these regulations and rules
and this map, we're like

basically giving up our right
to do it ourselves. You know,

Yeah, I think it's very
important that we take it into

our own hands like you said the
company should take action. It

shouldn't have to come from
the. Top down it should come

from the bottom up. you know.
yeah. So I think that's

important. I think that this
says a lot about like what is

the role of governments and and
what is the role of our

leadership and okay, we don't
want them to have a role of

like controlling and and and
and you know that, but then

also there there is a role
that's needed, which is kind of

setting the culture right
empowering the people to make

the right choices and that's.
What's been missing and I think

that's what people have been
kind of relying on these orders

as like, okay, That order is
what's gonna is what's gonna

set my culture of how I'm gonna
deal with this and that's why

every single state every single
city is treating things

differently. you know I got
into you know just providing

some feedback to a friend of
mine that was doing some some

live streams and having all the
live streams filmed in one

location in several different
performers of these streams in

that one location there was
definitely. Like social

distancing is going on, but
like there was one consistent

live stream and you could see
multiple people in this space

with no mask on and so I just
gave the feedback I said. Hey,

you know this is kind of a
political thing right now that

you know like even when I go
for my jog in the morning,

people give me dirty look for
not wearing a mask. Even though

I mean Super mindful of like
running in the Middle of the

road, not being on sidewalks
like not touching anybody's

property like staying six feet
away from. Everybody's cars and

everything so I'm not leaving
any germs anywhere but like

still get those dirty looks.
I'm like so people have like

there's different levels of
what people think we should be

doing right now and and she
says, Oh, well, you know I

talked to my doctor, my doctor
friends and they've they've

told me that that's you know
all bogus and that we should be

fine. I'm like yeah, you know
your people in the stream were

probably fine, but like there's
perception of what people you

know, I think and you're kind
of your brand is Associated.

With this thing and it's almost
like having a politician come

for an event into your space.
you know, and if you're afraid

of being political like this is
almost even more polarizing

than politics and like and you
know cuz there's some counties

like in La Riverside County.
they have an order of face mask

if you're out in public, not
just essential workers but even

just being out in public, you
had. Wear a mask on and you can

get sighted by the police. If
you don't have God, yeah, so

every every County in every
city is treating it differently

and and so I shared that link
with her and and then she said,

Oh, well if that happens here
then yeah, I'll be doing that

and I'm like well. Yeah, we
shouldn't have to wait for the

law. you know like we could
proactively you know set that

culture and you know not to say
that you should have had Mass,

but maybe you could challenge
yourself like what we did with

the virtual teeth. Like we're
like, we worked a little bit

harder to make it distributed
versus you know it would have

been really nice if I had
everybody come on my team room

to broadcast their
presentations but you know that

that would have just I think
that would have made some

people confused like why you
know, why aren't they

practicing social distancing?
but we're right well. Yeah, you

gotta kinda play the game. You
know if if you're wanting to

have a a a brand. It's
essentially a social thing and

so if you're trying to appeal
to anyone even your even just

your base following you should
keep that stuff in mind. I

think it's very important. you
know, yeah, you don't have to

necessarily bring attention to
it and say, like like oh we're

gonna do this because yeah well
a lot, but it's like just make

it to where they aren't people
aren't like asking questions.

They're like wait a minute
exactly why not release people

in that same room. That's
right, I'm trying to do with my

post stuff is like I will I
will I will drop relevant and

material, but I'm not actually
going. Hey this is I'm I'm

specifically speaking about
Corona virus. you know, I'm I'm

more like more or less just
letting it be implied you know,

but I'm being a winner of all
of the like you said polarizing

facets of it. You know how
people can so. yeah. that's

important. Yeah for sure. I saw
a big fight among friends on

Facebook last night around this
and I was just like wow, see

people are fighting like people
that usually would be good

friends with each other.
They've never thought about

politics before, but all of a
sudden they're fighting about

this. So yeah, a couple of
friends that aren't even worth

talking to be about it because
I know they're just gonna

you're gonna be like
immediately just fired up and.

discussion. We're gonna avoid
this topic. Whenever I talk to

you because if there is no
discussion to be had, yeah, so

yeah and then you know now
there's there's the money thing

now, too. You know a lot of
blood boiling day about who got

their money and who didn't get
their money. and so I mean my

advice on it is if you got your
stimulus deposit awesome, you

should probably you know wait
to celebrate publicly because

you probably have a lot of
friends that haven't gotten it

yet. Alright Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,
I think. For us, it's like I'm

not even counting on it. If it
should goes up, it shows up.

It's one of those you know what
I mean. It's like it will be a

bonus for me. Yeah. It's hard
times right now, but I'm not

being like. Oh this is gonna
fix my hard times. Yeah once

that shows up it shows up and
then I will. I will be grateful

for it, you know, but until
then, I'm kinda just doing the

best I can anyway. you know.
yeah, I remember relying on the

government to fix my problems
for me. so it's tough times,

but I mean we all have we all
have me. Of of sustaining a

little bit better than we were
before so, so I just wanna take

a moment to say hello to Andrew
and Shiloh they they said hello

on Facebook. So just let me
know there. letting you guys

know. thank you. Thank you for
being here with us. I think I

mean it's probably Shiloh the
same one that I met in the tea

Festival actually awesome
great. Yeah. he's he's a

conversation. Yes same. Yeah.
Yeah. Portland I I've I've met

him in person one time he okay.
He let me know that I met him

at the Portland Tea Festival
and there's actually a

photograph of us together that
that the tea festival uses in

their marketing so there is
awesome hard evidence that we

know each other. but so I'm not
gonna kinda wanted to I I

wanted to know like so so
you're not planning on going to

Colorado this year as far as
you know yeah 00. So I didn't

finish that story. Yeah, I
wasn't. On going but then I was

invited to go as part of a
panel and I say I don't know

they haven't followed up if if
this is moving to October as

well, but it's a panel on
climate change in in the

industry. right there was that
video that was made by the

Northwest Festival. I don't
know if you've seen it yet with

Kevin Gates coin and Nigel
Millican, where we talk about

the effects of. Change on the
tea industry and it's a very

good video actually very, very
good. probably like the best

you know videos has been
produced this year for for the

tea industry. I'm really proud
to have been asked to be a part

of it and they let me they let
me the talk my my philosophy in

it cuz I I used the chance I
think at the end of the video,

there's like a 30 -minute
second part of it where I say

the word biodiversity like
eight times. so I'm like That's

right get that in there that
word diversity just in general

for biodiversity is definitely
something I stand. I'm quite

adamantly behind. Yeah. So yeah
but yeah if you where can I

find that link you just drop
I'll drop in the comments right

now. That's a good idea and
perhaps I'll play it later too

force people to watch it. but
yeah, so that video was really

nice and you know they they
they had asked Realty Expo.

They wanted to have a climate
change summit on at the World

Tea Expo and right they were
interested. I didn't get you

know a hundred percent
confirmation of of how that's

gonna work and right so like if
it's rescheduled with the expo

than you might be able to. yeah
yeah, that would be the only

reason why I would go there's
nothing else really pulling me

there. yeah, we're just gonna
go and basically just fly.

We're not doing any classes or
anything we just kinda wanna

go. Yeah. check out the
exhibition all so good. Yeah.

it's worth it. You guys said.
You haven't gone yet how you've

never been. no no cool. Yeah
worth it to go. It's a fun

experience right and we're
looking into like some you know

our packaging is really like a
grassroots and stuff like that.

So maybe we're looking at some
things like that. There's a few

few different facets of our
business that we cook with. At

least, get some inspiration for
and I feel like that's probably

a spot to go to do it so
definitely that's like the

closest anything gets to us. I
mean it's like 77 hours

basically to drive. Yeah. it's
not like Oh you should totally

go. then yeah for sure so and
that's about as close as

anything gets to us. I mean
that's like the closest

metropolis otherwise we're
looking at like 912 hours,

something like that. So. The
other question I had a question

I had was what are if you had
like a kinda just rattle off a

few of your other favorites
festivals or conferences

they're exposed or whatever
what would you what would you

recommend for the incoming tea
entrepreneur as far as

festivals go? so the biggest is
Northwest in Seattle and that

was just fun cuz that's the
everybody pretty much goes to

that one and you know it's.
It's definitely like a consumer

show, and it's pretty chaotic
as far as like how many people

go but. It can be inspiring cuz
there's a lot of vendors, so

you can see other people's
products and their brands and

and also network you know I
find the the Seattle community

DB very collaborative and
friendly with each other

compared to others. Hi Jeremy
you're muted let's see yeah

he's here. Yeah. Maybe you
gotta go and gallery mode where

you are here. Jeremy Good to
see you. happy April fifteenth

so yeah Northwest and then any
other specific you know I used

to really like Midwest in
Kansas City Billy. That's not

too far from us. Yeah, that one
that one I say used to be a lot

of fun because they they've
sold it to a new operator. So I

don't know you know how that
operators is going to to do it.

but the the woman Nicole that
that runs that. We're used to

run that festival she she used
to put together a really great

education program. so you know
the vendor area was smaller

compared to Northwest, but then
the education was really top

notch. awesome. Yeah. I've been
I went to the last three there.

That's where we met. Jeremy
Yeah, two and a half years ago,

isn't it. Yeah in my class. I
remember that yeah. But it has

it's it was really different
this year. Okay. Yeah. I didn't

go this year. I know I did go
no. I want to show yeah you

went to this year because like
the year the year we met. I

mean everybody was there,
Norwood was headlining and the

Hall was packed and there is
like five classrooms running at

the same time. Yeah, it was
incredible. Yeah but this year

was. Smaller they couldn't fill
out the they couldn't get

enough vendors about the space
and there was probably about

half the classes that I was
used to is I didn't know it

changed hands like that. You
know who changed Jeremy I

forget the name of the
Organization, but they're like

the Taiwanese Buddhist group
that was serving a little team

in Chicago, all of their people
at their booth had like striped

outfits on.

What was the name of them? I
told you I forget their name,

but it's like it's like a
religious group like a

spiritual group, but they have
a pretty good teeth. They had

like all these, you know great
Taiwanese oolong tea that they

were sampling out and they had
a huge group of people working

at their booth. I think they
are the ones that that took

over that festival and they
announced that they were they

also were they also in Chicago
they were in Chicago. Yeah.

That's what I'm saying they
weren't. That's where I'm at

remember meeting. Yeah. he has
like 10 or 12 people. Yup Okay,

I bought the about the candies.
Okay. Yeah. they had candies.

Yeah. Yeah. They have pretty
gelatin candies. Okay. Yeah. so

I don't know what they plan to
do with the festival it could

be interesting. Yeah, but it
was nothing like it was the

previous two years. Yeah. Yeah,
but the people of the people at

Ranch Chicago, where the people
that ran the Midwest right,

well, Nicole and then other. So
the Chicago team and being

bigger than just the Midwest
team you know she she headed up

Kansas City and I think I had
several people come along to

help kind of bolster Chicago up
cuz it is such a bigger market,

and they had a longer festival
going on. yeah, but Chicago was

an interesting experience. I
don't I don't know if I'll I'll

go there again. Chicago is a
fun city. We had a lot of fun

going around and eating. yeah
finding arcade bars.

I was great. Yeah, Indiana, The
city was it's like my first

impression of the city, not so
good, but by the end it was


We had a pretty cool little
crew of of tea friends to hang

out with too, so that was nice.
Yeah. That's right. I would say

that's probably half the
benefit of the festivals in

general is just kinda meeting
new people and then going going

to do things you know. Yeah.
Yeah. So yeah. That was like

that was that's why like any
virtual events that I'm trying

to create now. I'm really
trying to focus on preserving

that part of the festival in
addition. Having really high

quality content and education,
I think kind of making the not

making them inspiring those
connections to be had and and

and let those connections
branch off into what they need

to be like they don't need to
be owned and hosted on this

platform they can go somewhere
else if they need to. I think

that's where a lot of people,
especially people with like a

commercial mentality and what
they're doing, you know. I'm

really afraid of that. They're
really afraid of losing

ownership of of of that value
versus yeah, So that's what I'm

trying to do as a business as
well is like how do you how do

you make those connections
allow them to flourish into

what they need to be and and
not you know like hold on too

tight to the ownership of it,
you know and at the. Time you

know, benefiting yourself like
finding your own value in doing

that work that's a challenge
that I think most you know

commercially minded people. I
never even would have thought

of taking on. but I think yeah
that if that could be figured

out like so much more happiness
can be realized in this world,

something right. Oh. yeah, you
may get like community run and

then the marketing almost
becomes they like. Just like a

bomb, you know cuz people are
gonna be like who's putting

this on well businesses are
involved and they're gonna find

you you don't have to
constantly innovate with

advertising. Yeah in this day
and age. and so it's like that

almost just slips right past.
but if there's something going

on and there's somebody in the
background kind of supporting

it, it's kinda like a tea in
general what we talked about

yesterday about like the whole
point of the teeth is the whole

space for that Social Media
Act. Yeah. and so that's

essentially what what team is
doing with the possible he

didn't have to say hey team
Let's putting on the span. you

know people were just it was
implied that act. people

noticed that when you're
advertising the correct and

just slept fasty because we're
also used to these like this

madness of advertising, you
know and we just kinda let it

go right by. so so yeah, I
think we're gonna have a

community running let the
marketing being kind of a buy

product. It's not like you're
not gonna get marketing. people

are gonna figure you out no
problem. So yeah. Yeah. yeah

they will they will now whether
or not they understand you know

how they can contribute value
to that. you know that's that's

my job and and helping them
understand that. but yeah, I

get a lot of criticism from
from business mentors and

investors that you know. I'm
not aggressive enough and and

and you know holding on to my
values strong enough and. I

feel that so hard, oh my God.
it's the same way with us. It's

like our values are in our
ethics. There's so much more

important than that aggressive
capitalism and approach. I'm

not saying it's not useful and
that you don't need to have

some sort of financial mindset,
but and it can be in front of

your business. Whether you're
ethics are just out the window

you know exactly on a step on
some heads to get to the top

like that. I'm not alright with
that. So yeah hey. I like made

a commitment that I'm gonna
start structuring this. I know

I didn't do it that much but I
do have some industry update.

so we can talk about that now
and it's cool. We can talk

about it as a group. I'm sure
you guys can have some feedback

and some questions that will
help keep the conversation

going, but this is in relation
to an article that a friend

tagged me in last night that
circulating BBC. So that's a

very major news outlet. I'm
sure lots of people. Hearing

about this and this is a story
that keeps getting recirculated

not necessarily by the same
initiative or the same story,

but it's just like marketers
trying to you know bring

relevance to this story around
like elephant safe

certification. Have you guys
heard it heard of this before

you say hello event elephants.
Yeah. elephant. Yeah. so I have

not heard. Yeah. So this is
like one of the new you know a

long list of certifications
that you know you can apply as

a as a team producer. You can
apply just like fair trade or

rain Forest Alliance so that
you can put on your packaging

that this is just be related or
this is just related that good.

This is just related. so it's
really incredible that this

whole niche has been created
and there's at least three

different initiatives. so it's
not just one so I'm not you

know gonna. Just promote one of
them is just the general idea

that you know you can protect
elephants in your in your teeth

and I've met. I've met two
people that are like really

passionate about this work. so
I'm not devaluing the work. I

think it's really important to
care about the biodiversity and

and this is not just related to
elephants, although elephants

may be like the elephant. Room,
you know like they're the big

guy that you know a very easy
to notice but there is an issue

with elephants and not just
elephants all types of wildlife

and and not just particularly
in tea but in modern

developments right and and we
hear about this with other

wildlife you know in in rule
parts of the world so that get

over developed and and then you
know the wildlife lose their

habitat and you know the people
wonder why the the Tigers are

coming in. Their villages, it's
like well because the villages

came into the tiger's home so
with the tea fields you know in

India, in particular, which is
a large you know corridor area.

There's many corridor areas for
for wildlife and and elephants

as well as other wildlife as
well and rhinos and tigers and

and lots of other wildlife. so
tea is a very important Monica

crop in India, probably the
most. One like there's areas in

a Psalm where you know just
thousands upon thousands upon

thousands of miles, not miles,
but acres you know, which could

be about like a thousand miles,
you're on a road and all you

see is just the tea fields
fields steeple's tea built and

you know little villages here
and there and then she fields

everywhere else that that is
what the tea industry looks

like it was like a corn out
here. Yeah exactly it's like

corn and I'm sure that there's
well. That that model has

affected right. Oh, yeah, I
love it tons of it. So these

these tea fields will cut into
these elephants. you know

corridors like the the pathways
of their migrations and what

not and a lot of times you know
you'll see pictures of

elephants, you know, walking
through tea fields and and

people think it's it's
interesting looking or whatever

for the the the tea planter.
it's actually quite annoying

for them because they they
cause damage to the soil and a

lot of times the the the
animals will will harm

themselves. you know having to.
Through man-made ditches and

and and reservoirs and such for
for water that shouldn't have

been there in the first place
So this idea of elephants safe

is something that's more
applicable for these modules

are type of state systems
plantation systems where there

is like pre planned corridors
for the wildlife that are you

know kinda car. Into the
pre-installed tea fields so

that it is a safer environment
for the wildlife to to to pass

through and so I think to the
same concept in like in Europe,

they have letting nature
bridges or it's just like a

basically a tunnel that goes
over the road and it's just

completely covered in grass and
stuff like that so that the

animals can cross the highway
safely. Yeah, you know, it's

exactly like that. It's exactly
like that. So it's just it's

basically just a band aid on
top of like this great bigger

bra. System that's doing a lot
more more harms and so that's

how we fix it.

so you know it's it's it's an
interesting thing that like I'm

pretty passionate about because
whenever I traveled in India

and I asked my friends about
elephants. They're like yeah, I

mean we're already planned for
that like we would we planted

our, you know Biodiverse, you
know Agriculturists systems.

you know, we're not having to
deal with that, like it's the

the biggest States that are
making all of the CFTC that's

going in. The tea bags that's
that's doing that and so I

think it's almost a
disadvantage that these

certifications are rewarding.
you know these plantations.

Yeah, maybe they're creating
you know safe safe

infrastructures for the
elephants, but the the the

small scale guys that aren't
getting the attention and

definitely can't afford the
certification cuz these

certifications cost money just
like fair trade or organic

certification. So it's not a
free thing. You don't just call

them up on the phone and say
hey, we're we're cool with the

elephants so you wanna go.
Check us out like you gotta

like you gotta like pay you
know for to be a part of their

their program because they have
their own overhead. You know

for a reason you know, I'm not
criticizing that system like

they, they have to send an
auditor to go out and they have

to do all their marketing. so
like there is overhead and what

they're trying to do but yeah I
just like to to remind people

when you see articles like this
it it it it. It's important

that is. Bringing attention to
this, but it's not bringing

attention to the full story.
It's just bringing attention to

this band aid versus really
looking at how like why is this

problem existing in the first
place right and and they're

really are like generations
upon generations of communities

that like have been doing the
right thing, the whole time

that we should be celebrating.
in addition to you know these

elephants safe certified.
Plantations So yeah, we could

look at that and kind of the
same way that we do. I feel

like the same concept happens
all over the place where we

narrow our vision in on this
symptom and we're not actually

addressing the root problem and
so, like like the the elephants

are a symptom of the monopoly
of the model cropping and you

could look at this kind of
like. Or something where you

know, people are very adamant
about the whole like and not to

say it's not important but the
whole like vaccine and like the

like the corner, Quin treatment
and things like that people are

like Super focused on that. and
we're all forgetting like that.

Our health is the real issue.
You know what I mean, like

trying to be healthy is is
comparable to the monopoly in

this situation, you know where
that's the root problem.

There's a there's a there's an
issue with the way we go about

our everyday life. It's not
just the elephants or just the

you know just the symptom that
we need to address but actually

need to get deeper into this
and promote some sort of

solution to the monochrome
thing, which is dividing that

up between you know, smaller
estates and kinda downsizing

and making everything a little
bit more biodiverse. So I feel

like we've run into that
problem all a lot in our modern

culture. Yeah. There's an even
deeper problem than what you

just talked about. The market,
what the market yeah.

That's where we're at. That's
like what we're doing. Yeah. So

we're we were the front line
workers there you know and and

that's that's why our work is
so important. Joe really great.

Williams bottom up. It's not
top down you know, and that's

what a lot of these solutions
are top down and that doesn't

it doesn't work if things don't
grow from the tights like

trying to fertilize. The top
portion of a tree to get the

whole tree to grow better and
it doesn't work you leave.

you've gotta start with you
know what I mean, you have a

start with the group and and
that's where we come in where

it's much more subtle, though
it's not like. Oh I got this

solution. That's gonna solve
all the problems you know. It's

like we're dealing with this on
an individual basis from the

bottom up and it's much more
subtle and slow and steady, but

it's also more effective. You
know trying to teach people to

appreciate life and be more
grateful to be more present

than you know. That's what did
I? That's what people were all

kind of interested in and and
you know that if you if you

really wanna make an impact
that is firmly what I believe

is that you should work in that
way. you shouldn't like go out

there, torches and pitch forks,
but you should have a

conversation with your
neighbor. You know, yeah. This

could be along those lines.
Thanks for listening at Terry.

Terry. Yeah. thank you someone
on Instagram gave you a thumbs

up so this past is not along.
span. Yeah. I'm not on Insta

need to get an institution.
I've made that her actually I

made that her responsibility.
Yeah, like you're much more

like with the photos. Yeah.
she's the one that wants to go

out in the in the wilderness
and take photos of teas. So

that's on Instagram alley.
Yeah. She is the Earth that is

for sure, so Imma let her take
care of that 10. That's

interesting. now they're coming
up with certifications for

everything these days. Yeah and
they're just they're just

corporate marketing tools. you
know fair trade included.

That's why I was so excited
about terms like direct trade

and I was like wow. So this is
something that's like. It's

just a snowman cliche. It's
just a common understanding,

but even that we've got master
nice quick. Yeah he was it was

archer farms that's targets
private label. They were the

first ones that just completely
co-opted that that word and put

it on everything you know and

completely devalues that word
so I think you know now in the

age that we're we're in with
you know like the accessibility

to information and technology I
think you know like setting a

high standard of transparency
and information is not too much

to ask you know, I think we
could do that. you know it goes

beyond these certifications too
because it's there. These

certifications are doing is
teaching us that they don't

essentially don't mean anything
and then everybody starts to

kinda look behind the
certifications eventually

throughout the process. You
know, they'll be like oh

organic for a while, and
eventually you're like well.

This is just as bad as the
other stuff you know, then you

look past it and it really
teaches us to look deeper into

things like he said in the age
of information, it's really not

that hard to look past all
these marketing contacting and

going to the bag. Can be like
alright, what's really going on

back here? Once you do that you
find it just it works. It's

such a better approach, but
there is no fancy word in like

no terms that you can use to be
like. Oh yeah, this is a direct

trade and it's all good. You
know you have to be like. Hey,

I have a personal relationship
with this person. It's complex

and new online when it goes way
further than some piece of

paper, you know. Yeah. yeah.
But that's that's a really big

ask for the customer. To
actually wonder about that a

purchase like it's just it's
yeah, it's it's just need to

find a more efficient or
effective way to get that

information out quickly and
make it accessible because

otherwise you see the organic
sticker. that's fine. That's

good enough for them right or
you see their tray like this

fantastic, but it doesn't take
much research to realize it's

not what you think right, but
sometimes even asking five

minutes from people's too much.
Yeah. We're making progress.

that's all I that's all I know
yeah I want to get in there,

but once you get educated that
like once you actually educate

them and that's it, there's no
going back right. You know

they're not going back to that
original product. It's just a

matter of getting them to that
step. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we had

some clients to protests. We've
had this actually a few

different times, but they're
like hey, we wanna carry your

stuff. is it organic and fair
trade and there's like this

extra. When you know me and the
median Asher both like you

know, it's just like okay, so
we can eat to sit down and have

a conversation. I'll be shot
you know, and if they're really

if if they're willing to
entertain that conversation,

usually they come out of it
with that, like what we're

talking about that you know
they they aren't gonna go back.

You know, yeah. they're not
willing to if they just want me

to say yes or organic and fair
trade. and if I don't give them

that right away, sometimes
they'll just like. yeah, never

mind you know. They're not
doing it already. I'm gonna

wait for them to sit down and
talk about this. so let's see

the time it's like when I was
selling teas, the farmers

market people would say is this
organic is this gluten free?

and all other day? It's
possible that there's Chinese

tea factory set out of flour to
the tea to make it shiny. So I

guess you know it doesn't
necessarily mean there's gluten

in it. Oh no, it doesn't exist
in flower alone. Gluten is

processed. Flower the the
gluten in the glide in the

flour come together with water
and manipulation, So even if

the tea has flowers on it, it's
very possible. There's no

gluten in it. Yeah and then
you. can see the flowers not

processed in a certain manner.
The gluten isn't there so it's

like no flour even unbleached
plain flour has no gluten in it

as well as soon as you add
water to it like make a deal

and you start manipulating it
like this, you start creating

gluten. So that's why I like a
pizza. Or like bread dose that

you want to like rise and be
fluffy, You have to need them

for a long time because you
want to like bring out as much

gluten in that dough as
possible. So like if you were

to just eat a spoon full of
flour like you would get or

gluten from that. it's only
when you so easily gluten in

there is it just not buying all
available until the end it does

not exist yet. Okay. Yeah, if
there's two different proteins

gluten in and glided Those are
the precursors to gluten. those

are the things that. Come
together with the water

molecules and you manipulate
them to turn into gluten. Okay.

That's interesting. You'll
learn something new every day.

Yeah ??? food scientist. I
love it go ahead. Jeremy Sorry,

Oh yeah, but there's another
way gluten can get into tea and

that's what the flavor in. Oh,
yes. definitely. yeah. So if

this is so you so there are
certain teams like I can't cuz

I was selling flavor to you at
the time was a gluten free. I

can't guarantee that so like I
had to contact the wholesaler

and he had to get to explain to
me that this is food safe

flavoring of where we got it
from. Or if it's made or

assisted depends on the country
if it's made in a factory that

has gluten in it, then it
cannot be gluten free. So it's

just a standard like
gluten-free tea. It's like I

can't guarantee it, but the
odds of getting gluten are so

like. Someone likely that is
just don't worry about it, but

that's not good enough for
people. I don't worry about it.

Might have traced announcement.
Don't worry about it? Yeah, but

in the same way people ask for
decaf tea, it still has

caffeine in it. Don't get don't
get me started on that man.

Yeah. but it's like it's like
you can't see but you have to

also understand there's still
is some kind of yes. That's why

it's not called non-caffeinated
here. Yeah. So see you later.

Yeah. I don't know people get
caught up in those like those

catch, phrase type of words in
those terms and stuff myself.

They're so obsessed with quick.
Oh, I can't have caffeine that

doubt about that and it's like
well you you can't have coffee

every day because your blood
sugar or your blood pressure

was high and your doctor told
you to stop drinking caffeine

because you're you're drinking
two cups every day in 20 years,

and it's like a whole different
story. If you're drinking, can

you know five grams of the tea
slowly with a bunch of other,

there's a bunch of other stuff
in there, It's not just like.

Which is so ??? you know so
people get caught up in those

catch, phrase type of words and
do the same way you know like

keto vegan. What you know what
I mean.

it's hard to convince people
certain things because there is

there was actually really good
study that showed that tea

black tea gives you the same
effect as coffee without like

any of the. Doesn't affect your
sleep or anything, but I I

tried to explain to them what
seeing units, I said. It's how

caffeine reacts with thinning
gives you the same effects as

having a Cup of coffee. So it's
like even though I can hand

them the study and I can walk
them through the chemical

process of what's taking place.
It's not enough. Yeah like

there's no way like you don't
have to be ready. I can put

their. I know they're
University studies that have

proven this right. You're ready
to hear it. I mean that's just

the bottom line. That's why we
don't try too hard. If you're

not listening. I'm not you know
what I mean, like no. I'll talk

to somebody who actually like
has a question you know, it's

not that I like dogging you.
you're just not ready yet you

haven't got to that point where
you can actually comprehend

what what we're talking about,
you know and nothing against

those people. I was one of
those people. Yeah, I think

that was always interesting
with coffee drinkers is that

they they need to feel it.
Yeah. Need to like feel the

jitters? Yeah. Yeah. I think I
said, you know he won't give

you jittery so give you the
same effect that you're looking

for, but for some reason that
they didn't feel it. They don't

trust it. Yeah. It's just the
habit. Yeah. It's like Whoa.

Obviously, caffeine is really
kicking in you feel it, but it

also messes up your sleep
patterns. It does a lot of

things well. that's why I tell
you you are with your body too.

You know. Yeah. What are you?
Feeling like I take one sip of

a good show where I'm like
Whoa. I just like feel it

through my whole body. You
know. Oh, yeah, there's feeling

there definitely. But that's
why when I meet people like

that, you know that that need
that coffee boost and and are

trying to get off the coffee. I
always just first thing. go to

matcha. ceremonial grade
Matcha. Yes. I'm just telling

me you'll get it from this like
that you'll feel right away.

Yeah. Yeah. no kidding. I
wanted to go back to something

because Jonelle commented on
Facebook in regards to the

elephants, so we gotta go back
to elephants again. yeah, which

is all kind of related to what
we're still talking about. but

she works more more about the
high cost of these

certifications so in regards to
the elephant elephant friendly

or elephant safe or whatever
elephant whatever. I like that,

I'm gonna make one we're cool
with the elephants. I like


I'm gonna add it to all of our
products. We're cool with the

elephants with like I got this
call at least and just be like.

hey, we're cool with the

Like an elephant with like
shades on just like that.

I guess I don't know the cost
of those certifications and

certification like organic. I
do know the cost about that and

that is variable like it's not
the same cost everywhere. I

don't know if you guys have
researched getting organic

certification in your
facilities or your operation

and it depends on which auditor
you hire to come in but a lot

of times the cost of that
certification is not directly

about. Audit itself the
inspection itself. It's like

more to do with like all the
administrative BS that you have

to line up before that monitor
comes in to inspect you so the

auditor may only charge you
five to eight thousand dollars

to come in for one day. They
just come in one day and ask to

see your books and we'll walk
around and do a tour of your

facility and then that's it.
That's what you pay for but

those books that you need to
have ready for them. can be you

know quite. Quite large and you
know they're kind of living

documents. so not as you know
you do you can't just you know,

find a template online and just
I mean he could but it's it's

living a document in the sense
that you have to modify

everything to fit your specific
facility and then there's

documentation from your
employees that they have to

like every day. sign off to
verify that they're doing the

things that this book says that
they're doing to be certified

organic it has like very
little. With like a certifying

your sources of stuff, it's a
lot more just administrative

paperwork and and that your
employees sign things and keep

things signed up and so that's
where the lot of cost on

organic certification comes
from and my estimate on that is

you know if you have like a
full-time employee, I know cuz

that's what I used to do. That
was the first thing that really

jaded me and got me on the path
that I'm on now. as far as

Jaden, I'm I'm only Jaden and
very few things. And and and

like organic and food systems
and into that whole food

science part of my my
background. I am really jaded

on and yeah I was working for a
company it was like an all

natural dry mix so dry mixes
like rice, Roni or like crack,

mac and cheese like things that
are in a box that like you can

make on the stove top by adding
water or whatever like we made

those types of things, but it
was mostly private label for

Trader Joe's and while I was
there, we got the whole.

Account so we we were gonna
make things for whole foods and

but whole foods required that
we were certified organic, so

my boss said. That's your job
for the next six months is

making sure that we pass this
audit so at a very young age, I

got thrown into that world and
you know six months of a

full-time salary of food
scientist, which is not cheap.

You know I was entry level, but
that was already you know like

$80000 a year to pay for them.
and you know, I spent most of

my time kind of forging
documents. you know it wasn't

even like we didn't change any
of our behavior. You know

nothing was more organic than
you know from when we started

that project, it was really
just an admin thing and showing

years and years of
documentation that you've been

saying even doing what this
book says that you do that they

audit you on. So yeah, I got
really really working

everything. Basically you just
like rewarding the hole. Yeah

like this one. But I'm gonna
make it sound good for this

process. Yeah yeah. And then
there has to be signed outside

offs for management to verify
that you've been doing it for

you know exit on a years and
those sign off did not exist.

And so when I went to my boss
until it's him, hey, I I don't

think we're gonna pass this
audit because we need like five

years of documentation feels
like okay, just make it. I

don't like that you have a time
machine. I gotta go back and

like no just make it you know
and so I spent like. The last

two weeks of that project,
doing the same task for eight

hours every day, just like page
by page for doing a signature

on every day's line and that's
what has to be done to to get

it done. so yeah that's organic
certification Now. fair trade

certification is completely
different thing and that one is

more costly and it's a lot more
deceiving like when I talk

about fair trade certification
to people. That's the one that

like I see people's reaction.
In their faces, like wow, like

they're really heartbroken when
they hear about that cuz there

is so much trust and kind of
loyalty to that brand even

among the most conscious
sippies you know among my

friends groups that when they
see that label they describe

for it because it must be good
but so it's a four profit

Organization. so that's what's
different about that compared

to organic organic or it's like
a. A governmental regulations

to USA right, What's that Yeah?
Yeah, yes, the USDA that like

sets the standards now, the
USDA is not the one to inspect

you they don't have a band
width for that. so that's how

they will license out these
auditors and and that's why it

depends on which auditor you
call up is how much they're

gonna charge you. but you know
that's why they're gonna charge

you anywhere between five to
eight thousand dollars to to do

that audit cuz it is like a
third party thing for. Trade

you know they do all their
their auditing in House and

they are for-profit
Organization that creates the

standards and creates the rules
and creates how everything

works and they the the
overarching concept of it is

that if you get the
certification you are allowed

to put a premium on the price
of your product like if your

product is usually worth
a hundred dollars If you have

the certification, it's
automatically worth a hundred.

$10, like that's the
overarching principle of a fair

trade and then that premium
half of it has to go back to

fair trade to that for profit
Organization. Alright. So when

you pay a premium for fair
trade, things fair trade is

making a cut on everything you
know that that sold under that

label the other half of that
premium has to go towards like

a social program fund of the
producer that has a

certification and then fair
trade. Organization delegates

you know and kind of enforces
what that money is supposed to

be allocated towards so it may
be plumbing. it may be

electricity for the workers. It
may be schools, health care

systems. Whatever there's a
really interesting expose a

documentary by BBC BBC again at
it at it again where some of

their reporters went into fair
trade Certified garden. In a

song to see you know about
these programs like it's like

you're paying a premium. Here's
here's how the money is being

spent and out all the gardens
that they went to. you know

there was one year where they
had to install plumbing and

then there was another year
where they had to install

electricity and the the
reporter seen like open ditches

outside of the the housing
areas where there's like open

deficient happening and she's
wise's happening. you guys have

toilets in your House now like
there's plumbing here like Oh

yeah fair trade made. Them
install these systems, but

doesn't require them to turn
them on so like really misuse

of of these funds. you know
just not a whole lot of

accountability from the
Organization about how these

funds are spent and the
sustainability of of how you

know it's it's used for the the
workers of these places and I

don't know what this is the
same one but I do wanna wreck.

For anybody who is interested
in fair trade, there's a

documentary called the dark
side of the tea trade. Okay.

Here's what it's called and and
he goes into the whole fair

trade deal and it's wild. it
blew my mind. It's been awhile

since I've watched it, but
maybe this maybe it. I mean

there's there's a bunch of
them. A bunch of exposed like

this is like I'm not like
unveiling any big secrets like

these are things really known,
but so much trust is still.

Behind that label that a lot of
people, you know, don't take

the time to seek out those
types of documentaries or you

know, and you know what to be
honest. A lot of these exposed

to are also kind of. Not fully
true as well, so yeah a little

manipulated to make it a little
bit more shocking but this part

about how you know the premium
that you pay for your fair

trade products like I I'm
saying this first because this

is how it relates to the
consumer like if you are gonna

trust fair trade and buy fair
trade, you are automatically

paying a premium so you if
you're paying a premium, you

probably wanna know where that
money is going towards. It's

going to very unsustainable
systems now As far as like the

cost of a garden to get fair
trade to like have the auditor

come in I have heard some
pretty ridiculous prices in in

a group of farmers that we met
that are like under a contract

with you know a big tea trading
company has pretty much held

them under in hostage with this
contract because saying you

won't be able to sell your tea
internationally without the

fair trade certification.
Sponsoring that for you, so

that's why you need to be in
this contract when they

researched how much fair trade
certification would cost it was

gonna cost them $30000 US to to
do that so you know that's

really costly. You know like I
I work with farmers that don't

even do $30000 a year in total
revenue, and that's fine like

they're actually pretty happy.
They don't need much like but

they definitely would never be
able to afford that

certification. So you know
something else to to be mindful

of that that. It's a corporate
marketing tool, Alternately

people need still need to see
it. I was working with someone

and he was he was originally
from Sherlock and he had all

these strong black teams and
they're all fair trade, but he

was talking. This is the first
time I ever had ever heard any

criticism of their tray and
what he was trying to explain

to me was that that that the
tea Union in Toronto, it's the

most powerful Union in the
country and. Every tea estates

by default far exceeded fair
trade standards, but they had

them, but they still had to buy
the credential because people

still needed to see it. So it's
like any way they were fair

than most people just
naturally. But they still had

to get it they had to get the
stamp. Yeah. yeah. So yeah

going back to our roles here
you know as as the the front

line workers of of the market
and and and facing the

consumer, there's a lot of work
that we can do about making

people aware that of the
irrelevance of those types of

things and yeah, you know we
don't necessarily need to talk

negatively about it. You know
that's one thing. I learned a

lot when when I do my traveling
and Talk about my issues that I

deal with you know on the
market side when I'm in these

rule communities in India,
depos you know, I have so much

frustration about like how
corrupt all this stuff is and

they have no frustration at all
and they're in the thick of it

like getting the biggest blows
from it and they have no

frustration at all and and and
so I always say, okay. I gotta

listen to your advice because
you guys are obviously doing

something right for you not to
be so frustrated like I'm ready

to burn the whole thing down.
you guys are like not angry.

One bit and you're the ones
getting screwed the most and

and they say you know like we
just have to focus only on our

positive path. you know and if
we do that and inspire that

positive path to become the
truth, then then we win, you

know so being angry and
frustrated and you know trying

to burn down the system and in
bad mouth the system, which I

know I just did a little bit
you know as doing it from a

place of education than. Bad
mouthing but yeah, I think we

could have a spar stronger
impact if we do focus on the

positive but you know it's kind
of against our American culture

nature to you know I want
Justice and I want everybody to

know the truth but. I'm not
hearing the airing the the bad

parts but not necessarily
focusing on them. You know

that's kinda what I was
talking. About before about how

you don't wanna just you don't
wanna stop the pit, forks and

torches kinda thing you know
you don't want it. You don't

wanna really try and fight the
thing head on and just get

angry about it. It's much more
of it's much more of a subtle

approach, but you're focusing
on what to do and not what's

wrong. basically the most
effective way to change

anyone's mind is just our are
only duty is to educate people.

We don't wanna shame you into
buying you know how. By this,

we don't wanna use shame or
fear or guilt right we do. it's

just educate and let them make
the decision on their own. Yeah

exactly. yeah the best way to
teach us to be honestly, Yeah,

as I thought more people by by
doing it myself and I have my

telling anybody in my entire
life. You know he was a steep.

I'm doing and they're like why
are you doing that Now last

questions and we'll be open to
it. But if you're running

around like you should be like
this, you know nobody's. yeah.

Rosetta thank you for saying
hello resenting You should join

one of our tea party soon. get
your get your setup and get

your your camera set up and you
can just join that link right

there. It's very easy.

I'm looking forward to
tomorrow's talk I heard Sam Sam

has been preparing quite a bit
for for tomorrow's tea talks.

Yeah, the Harry he has. He has
the topic chosen is pretty well

structured. Yeah yeah. so
that's gonna be good. Yeah.

We're talking about structure
for you to talk what exactly

does that entail like the tea
parties and just like

obviously. Update or you know
like updates, but what else?

Yeah, so I'm thinking about
like having industry updates.

So like what I did today, you
know, usually I probably just

do it on my own like open up
with that and maybe like 15 to

20 minutes just by myself
either reviewing an article or

maybe I'll even write an
article and just kind of

introduce some new news that
that I've discovered more than

likely I'll probably just be
like talking about a different.

Article and and and and opening
a discussion to that and then

having like one specific person
come on so that we can have

like a more focused discussion
for maybe another 1520 minutes

and then opening it up to
anybody else that wants to join

right now. We've got Paul

Paul. I'm gonna join us now
sweet you maybe drink.

He might be yeah. Did you get
the chance? I want you to

specifically try that love and
respect that he's got so get

some of that from him. It's
really good. Yeah you're upset

for you. These cool. Thank you.
cheers is it is it Joe. I only

I only drink elephant friendly.

But the elephants and

it took me a little bit. I
actually just applied to the

ant or was it for this is the
United Somalia's Foundation. Oh

sweet. Hey. good luck
appreciate that. so like I

kinda like it felt like filling
out a College application way

like I think started. You know
the last two years of where

you've been employed and like
you know, obviously, a lot of

people are unemployed right
now, but I guess the people

that have put money in this
fund just wanna hear a story

about people that are wide
educators and people that don't

have health down that job,
which is cannot be low paying

you know, I think I was
compensated pretty well by my

employer for my wine knowledge,
but it's also like it's a lot

to keep a restaurant run in
addition to just like why

knowledge. I think people that
are under the understanding

that are like some ways and
wine writers buying people. so

I found out about this because
this writer that I like Marissa

Fayette, she actually wrote an
article about me like six

months into the opening
investors just like a year and

a half ago and she attended one
of my wine trainings and that

was pretty cool. so she's a
pretty influential voice in the

wine media and then she wrote
this big article about this

funded started and it didn't
matter about what certain

occasion you are just like you
know apply. I was like no, I

haven't gotten unemployment
that I haven't filed is there's

been so many issues problems.
People haven't gotten an

unbelievable filings happening
in in Nevada and then I still

got my federal fail out money.
My mail. you know what I'm

gonna like apply to this until
people that are interested in

like a few little wine
educators that are willing to

actually have money that wanna
put money toward why haters.

Alright. I'll put my name in
that. And follow my boy who I

am a little done and just like
applied. So let's see what

happens. It's awesome. It's
awesome. Well. good luck man.

Yeah. Thank you guys. I
appreciate it, but you know

what I'm most interested in his
teeth. He is fun and more and

more to that and the more and
more I think about ??? he

says. You know what I just
wanna like drive my car moved

to like South Dakota like open
up a little tea bar.

I know you guys just get out
here and. do that. that mean

that that's funny about like
the world is like sentence to

go back. You have to go forward
or you have to go forward and

to go back is as above so below
and I feel like I'm reflecting

a lot of my past with my
present my future and you know

he is exciting and it's
something that people are are

passionate about some of these
tricky. About you know whether

you have a brick and more how
to navigate your ecommerce and

get the word out how to get
your new people like you know,

it's it's an interesting little
experiment but like you know,

it's 5000 people that watch
that teeth fest and that's

that's that's awesome. It's
5000 views that's great and we

have this like this little
support group from people that

are you know kind of in a tea
and they they listen to each

other and you can do a ranch
and teaspoon. I'm gonna so I've

been Ruby 18 all day and I'm
like kind of wired. one okay,

so I had one and a half liters
of the nourish of from Joe and

then he did a meter and a half
of Ruby 18 oh. Wow. Can you

sing around my apartment?
Writing this

I can do last like you know a
couple of hours, but also like

you know, figure out what's
happening on the news and stuff

and I saw a couple of things
are like my. Blowing like one

of my favorite YouTubers are
skate loud he lives in China

and expect years and just it's
been it's been kind of the

forefront of recording the code
and stuff for a long time. It's

like the beginning so I post
something today, which was

crazy and he had like
two million views on his last

video for the first like kinda
tracing the rough back and it's

like you know, basically
getting to like. it's a very

polarizing time or everyone
who's opinion one way or

another about virus about. You
know what you're supposed to be

doing and what you're supposed
to tolerate or should you need

it. Alright, it's I just I
watched that video this

morning. I thought that was
interesting and then my son

from James Corden between those
two. I was like, wow. I've been

like my mind spiraling all
these possible rather than what

is for my good good and you
know going out the House and

trying to maintain or whatever
social distant thing, but then

also functioning like I'm
supposed to stop and not be

productive that are little bit
more like where is that balance

that they have this things. Tea
party that you have at least

probably been going two hours
now kept it going because I

told you I was gonna come on
here. Yeah. Yeah. yeah ??? on

the phone too, but Erin is out
over online. We're we're all

equally vulnerable because you
always said you started this. I

don't want hosting this because
I don't mind being horrible.

Well, you know I'm in that boat
too. I don't mind being

horrible and airing on my shit
online for everybody right now

in our Facebook live or I dance
like an idiot for like. And it

got me they were like quite
parents literally called me up

and asked him why he shot me at
my dad show me a text. It's

apparently it was upsetting to
my mother about how I looked


It's not really like carrying
how you're judged and being

vulnerable in the state that
has long hair and ragged, and

I'm just jumping around in my
kitchen for 40 - five minutes

because that is freedom you
know rocks just did that. And

then I understood the power of
Facebook and what it is and

this is a platform where you're
extremely vulnerable or

everyone could judge and say
anything about you at any

moment for the article that you
share or what you said Or what

you're putting out there,
you're willingly putting all

your data out there and and
this is this is you know it's a

modern day of what equivalent
of what used to happen in

ancient societies in the town,
where we're counselor people

are having these interactions
online and then be mad man

shouting and I'm gonna walk
over here. The town Hall. You

know it's interesting cuz I I
watched them really good movie

on Easter. I was like you know,
feeling a little spiritual. so

I watched that new Mary
Magdalene movie where it's

awesome. Our Rooney Markley is
very magical, but then Jesus.

Actually walking in Phoenix so
post Joker they're walking

??? I didn't part of this
movie. I just randomly found it

and watch this like wow. This
is you know breath of fresh air

from watching you know a
passion of Christ back in the

day or it's just nonstop
violent. whatever and like you

know, demons stocking or I
don't know what the hell that

moves about. but watching this
maybe it was like this grounded

minimal dialogue of just
exploration of like you know

the biblical Holy Land and you
know it's just interesting

little glimpse. It is through
the role of this protagonist

all I'm Mary Magdalene, her
life and the myth of what. You

know what it was you know she
was a ??? and all that

it's like no. It's just a
simple woman from a humble town

and then you followed. but like
you know toward the end it

escalates. and of course, like
Jesus is gonna get crucified,

but the crucifixions like three
minutes of the movie cover two

-hour movie. so it's really not
about Jesus and what he did and

it's about Mary Magdalene just
like in this group of people

just like following this hippie
down dude, you know around you

know the Holy Land and then but
what happens in the marketplace

because everyone has these
expectations for Jesus to go to

the marketplace and bring them
all in the And it's like well,

you know he found he got the
most important usage of his

time at the time was quick,
call out corruption hypocrisy.

He threw money around and just
great some ??? because he

didn't like the bloody was
seeing from animals being

clobbered created and just the
Organization of a church in

that time of the sick and
that's what he wanted to

communicate and he got violent
that the violence is what

erupted eventually got him, You
know crucified by the Roman

government. so it's interesting
to watch. Movie from this

regardless, like really
grounded politic like a

political just like chill movie
with minimal dialogue when

there's a great visuals so
watch that on Easter and then I

think about complete
marketplace. It's just Facebook

where it's like you put
yourself out there you're

vulnerable. You're telling
people who you are or what you

think or where you're just
doing a piece of information

that you heard that may or may
not be true like what if it's

fake news, I don't know so
we're all I collectively having

this town Hall experience and
then instead of peace. In like

Italy, this is happening over
Facebook and so if you wanna

dance around like an idiot, 40
minute and be vulnerable, you

can do that. If you wanna have
these kind of conversations,

which is controversial chick
that I'll say, but we have

engagement because a tea table.
There's really no judgement.

You know someone can go in the
rent and we're all listening.

We're all engaged in. It's
really beautiful. so that's why

tea field rant over the last
few hours out there and Joe and

Jeremy Holding Ruby 18 men got
you going.

I love it, I need more than a
team now. I think I'll do like

my. I mean we'll see how steep
it is after a leader to half,

but I imagine another leader in
half. I could still put through

this in like it's gonna be
delicious right. I mean, yeah,

I'm doing about this well over
a leader now almost this whole

craft this tiny little guy on
and I'm starting to starting to

feel it. let's put it down What
are you drinking wise but also

clarity of mind or haven't
been. It's trying to integrate

a daily routine from all this
like I was used to like going

to work five days a week
driving all the way to

downtown. So it's like 30
minutes in my car to Park at

the You know the neighborhood
of my restaurant or in a

restaurant service five days a
week. So now, this is a lot

more time that I'm not used to
being in my home or I do have

solitude but then also
uncertainty of like the future

and how I'm gonna pay my bills
or I was this gonna happen

some. It's been interesting to
find like mental clarity and

relief. We're all being
bombarded and we are under like

fear-based mind control to
certainly a trauma based mind

control. So after 911 happens,
we went into a series of events

after we were told what
happened and so you know now,

we have a similar thing where
like you know the Chinese

government is censoring people
from even bringing up the

origin of where the. Actually
came from they're not even

wanna discuss it even though
they acknowledge that this

points that but anyone even
remotely talking about it is

immediately censored and then
you realize how government

doesn't speak for its people
like the Chinese government is

not the Chinese people that's
billions of billions of people

there that are not represented
by their governments.

Governments are barely corrupt
and so there's no difference

between if it's an American
government or Chinese

government like we just have to
but you know local government

here in Lisa Vada Las Vegas.
And local wherever you guys are

they're they're a little bit
sovereign in their own ways and

much you know more or less
depending on where you're at

graphically, but you know,
generally speaking, we're just

living in a modern era where it
doesn't matter where you came

from or how we got here like
we're in our homes and we

something we really have some
conversations about a lot of

things and we're talking to get
the most I guess it's beyond.

Who's ready to jump on it? I'm
drinking a it's how are you

good to change work for this
whole time? It's Adam. It's a

fall harvest that Google or
something like that at from

United. so right though this
songs get me man they just I

don't know some about that
fermentation. It's me fired. it

fires me up. I could have real
tea drunk off this kind of

stuff. Oh dude. What. It's

Hello, I think, oh I love it.
Yeah I do believe so I called

my eyebrows. Nice. I've been
there before that's good stuff

so I appreciate it that a good
silver needle or something good

in Jan. I will I get it. It's
Super. I don't know it's

intoxicating. definitely people
think Oh yeah. it's just deep.

but if you have good team and
you get messed up, you drink

enough of it. So so I've been.
Silver needle oh beautiful.

Absolutely. it's from Nepal.
actually. okay. Yeah. Nice.

Yeah. I feel like it's much
more rare to get like a silver

needle tea any sort of engine
fucking on anywhere. the

state's China doesn't mean
well. I mean, here's the issue

and I actually tell my friends
that you know make this team

that they shouldn't make it
because like there's no

competing with China, you know
in the labor to. Labor to to to

pluck this or to either
reactively separate the buds is

so high that you know they are
quite. they require a high

price when they wanna sell it
and the the leaf is not you

know as suited for silver
needle or you know the mastery

and processing is not as high
as what you can get in China at

you know a lower price, so I
actually tell my makeup. From

you and your friend, who's been
there that's done under

something. Yeah. Yeah. don't
don't be making this and the

end of the small growers that
sell their leaf to the factory.

They've been told, Oh, if you
bring us buds, you know we'll

pay you more for your leaf
because it's higher quality. so

you'll see at nighttime like
families are just sitting in

the living room separating the
buds from their leaf and then

they're probably just gonna
throw out everything else. They

just want those buds and and
then they take it to the

factory and then you know the
factory is all community based

on the factory will pay for.
They told them yeah, we'll pay

for it and then the factory get
stuck with all this stock of

like really expensive silver
needle that they can't really

sell cuz it's not competitive
in the market. So yeah. Yeah I

you know, I think it's it's a
trend that will stop you know,

especially what's going on
right now. you know the the

factories are all gonna have to
have really hard conversations

with the the families in their
communities saying Hey, don't

bring us leaf like we. We can't
process it and there's no

market to sell it too. So
that's why I've been I've been.

Hey, you guys should find like
recipes. find ways to to cook

the leaf so you know it brings
value to you more than just

money. It can be you know
assessing you know something

for them to enjoy themselves.

Speaking of that's what I
wanted to talk to you about is

our our cooking series that
we've got to make sure you are

you down for this. I mean,
yeah, I think it depends on the

delivery of it and how it looks
like you know I I think first

things first is choking the
farmers market and just getting

in the same page and everyone
is helping out there So it

starts Thursday. so I'll go in
and we'll kind of understand

how like in carry gets and
produce bra. You know once a

week and then how the market is
unpacked and unfold that

unfolds over two days and what
that means for like a double.

It's very concentrated, you
know how many deliveries are we

getting for day set and how do
we get that number up? but we

how do we maybe do to make it
from. the outside of once a

week? Maybe it's a couple of
days a week so that we can do

the living throughout or people
are gonna be you know willing

to just only get their box on
Friday and Saturday because

but. There's other competitors
out there like chef's

warehouse, where they'll give
you like the next day and

doesn't matter and stuff that
was only available to

restaurants before now it's
over the public. so the pricing

is very good on it and I'll get
to do is hit a minimum which is

$200. so what's the incentive
for people to like not go

through another person when
they can get carry classifies

and you know that going for it
for years, she's from all the

best farmers. California and
she's like assembled all of

them so and she brought it
mostly so like the chefs can

get their highest and produced,
but it's like do people care

how to turning that palette is
or why she said what ingredient

there's probably other people
out there that are you know,

also starting to do like a home
delivery and we obviously gonna

see the promise we don't wanna
go to the supermarket. so what

not so there's definitely an
opportunity for some of that

carries doing. but then there's
also competitors. There's other

people doing a similar thing.
How do people see the

difference between what the
farmers market is what carries

doing and what other people
could be doing well. I think it

starts with the community that
it's always been hard the fact

that that little Mark is
located at the Graphic Bolt

Center in Las Vegas. So you
always say you're equally

inconvenient for people in the
Henderson people who make sure

the Middle. so that's where
your physical location is so

it's great. If you wanna take
your, you know, keep yourself

distance and come by and help
us grab a box and there's a

post like insisting that it
gets delivered. It's like

maybe. But like it's hard for
us to be able to deliver one

box to say Lake Las Vegas and
look invention for that

delivery person that just one
thing so it has to be a way for

like us to have multiple
deliveries to multiple and the

Valley and justify that volume
and it has to be smart growth

of it too. And if it's just as
simple as getting the word out

and like having people get
ideas about looking at, there's

a great idea, they could see an
example of like this is. The

impacting a farmers market
basket and what I'm gonna make

out of it. Absolutely should be
communicate this more

intimidating to like you get a
person that like I've never

used before. I don't know how
to cook with that. And so yeah

this is this is great, you
know, you need to have like a

chef's eye. This is what we
have available. so this is what

we just start making so let's
show the world. How do we do

it? and I'm not exactly
convinced that I take myself on

camera and start filming while
I'm cooking. maybe it's the

case. I'm thinking I like the
production quality that I had

for my wine training class
where I had four cameras and we

shot at 10 AM PT, it looks
amazing cinematography wise.

It's very desirable and is able
to keep people's attention for

90 minutes straight. Talking
off line definitely tasted five

points so Joe Jeremy I'll send
you guys that link so you guys

can watch you really dig it,
but at least seen it yeah. but

it's all about the production
quality of keeps people's

attention and so I I think to
do this I want. Get shot really

well and you know we do have
friends that have great cameras

in our professional cameraman
to extend you know so that will

need to be built properly. I
think then edited, I think to

be successful like food
channel. so I I would I would

say don't rush to get the
content out just to get some

results. I think that the
content has to be patient and

captured and shot like cinema
like barely like really

cinematically and I don't think
it's just about me cooking. I

think it should be many people
articulating like one person I

think of. The better than
create would be Lisa Serrabi, a

and Liz, just like here's my
friend box, but it has I think

would have to comments like her
like you know, own an

electrical property just being
released as a YouTube channel,

just like with that one guy
that you showed me. so yeah, I

love to like you know, launch a
YouTube channel look like great

production quality and have a
video drop once a week cuz

that's the goal, but it takes a
while to get up to that. So I

think you need to shoot a
massive amount of content and

then it takes a long time to.
And then you added everything

and then you have at least like
a month or two of content

before you release your first
video so that you can keep up

with that demand but stay
consistent. and that's how you

break through algorithms of
people actually subscribing to

your channel as opposed to like
visiting once and then not you

know not knowing where they
watch something so we get to

keep the the production quality
really high and you need to

have a consistent content
coming out all the time and if

it is that over Facebook, I
mean, maybe it is I uploaded my

entire wine class to fix but 90
minutes in Facebook made it

very difficult for me to share
it. I can copy and paste the

link. And then someone in
another country couldn't watch

it on Facebook would allow it
was like I don't know or I have

a YouTube channel or I posted
to YouTube. But like I haven't

built a channel out. I don't
have a following there and so

it's just defends on how to get
the information out there. But

it's absolutely think this is I
guess I gotta do it for myself,

but with that, I'm ready to do
this now it needs to get out

now you know. so yeah, let's do
it. I mean so yeah, just a

cellphone video and cooking so
I have I have. Lighting all you

know, I've got Tripod. You
don't have all that stuff. They

have two cameras. I can make
two Michael Connect Bitcoin

quite. I mean this was
something that I've been

Bitcoin quite sweet. I I've
been thinking about doing this

cooking show even before the
thing happened with Carrie, you

know, it's just the thing that
happened with Carrie's

competitor that you know just
got me fired up that I've got

to support Carrie.

yeah. So speaking of I think
that this is a little tip. I

can throw out for everybody the
the whole conflict that I was

referring to is that somebody a
competitor of this this woman's

produce box was posting to
Facebook and tagging like 90 -

nine influential food people
here in Las Vegas to you know

attempt to get some marketing
distribution on it and without

knowing It's considered spammy
to do that type of stuff you

know, cuz those people are not
directly relevant to that

content or in the photos of the
contents. and so I'd said

something and I realized yeah,
I've got a support. I've got to

support my friend but you
haven't this is the guy that

was managing this market for
years. Yeah and it's built with

a bunch of resentment on why it
ended palette, which I don't

know the full extent of but.
That's what happened and he

sends you know launched a
competing site where they're

doing home delivery and
storming why use that one over

this one? I don't know. Yeah.
It has community you know and

and I actually had a few people
that were also tagged in those

photos. hit me up and say, hey,
yeah, no. Carrie is the best

we've gotta support Carrie.
They didn't even know that this

is a separate company. They
thought it was the same

company. I like no. This is a
new company. It's kind of a

backstabbing thing. so you know
we gotta support Carrie cuz

she's always supported the
community. so yeah, that's what

this is about you know, but
yeah cuz the other day you know

like I'm I'm part of this this
group of women you know female

business leaders here. Vegas
and and and we've been doing

weekly calls to kind of you
know, give each other support

and talk about what we're doing
to support our businesses and

they're all really focused on
like doing outreach with the

community like specifically
trying to like collect

donations for first responders
or you know like do things for

the community and that sense
and You know, I don't know if

you guys can have I've made it
obvious to you. I don't believe

in charity. I don't like
charity. I don't believe in it

and I think that there are like
much more effective ways to

positively impact the community
than through charity and like

yeah, so they were trying to
like raise money to like

collect masks to make available
to the community and it's like

I'd rather put my efforts into
doing something that would like

leave a deeper impact on
people's lives to like do.

During this period of time and
then you know have those skills

to help them into the future
and so that's what I I thought

of that idea of like yeah. I
don't wanna like donate money

to something or you know you
know, try to to do something

they know it's ultimately it's
all just for like PR. you know,

it's just a PR opportunity to
to make yourself feel good and

make your brand look good in PR
and that doesn't make a long

lasting a fat. I thought yeah,
like a cooking show like that

video I shared yesterday is
probably like I know he would

he made that video to be like
comical business guy in

Australia like a YouTube
creator that made this really

comical cooking show about how
to make mushroom risotto like

he was talking ??? about you
know the package dry mix stuff

like the stuff I used to make
in that factory. he was talking

??? about that and say no no,
you don't don't don't this has

all these other things that you
don't need to be eating and you

can make it more delicious on
your own and he made like this

really funny video, which is.
Super power in go because you

know people probably watch that
for the comical effect, but

then ended up being inspired
like Oh, yeah, I could do that.

That seems pretty simple like I
could make something for myself

to to enjoy and that's you know
exactly what people you know.

that's the content that they
need right now. you know how to

cook with what's limited you
know and not just like a lot of

cooking demos are like very
specific like if you watch food

network or whatever it's very
specific to a recipe and that

can be like very. Handicapping
to someone's willingness to

learn how to cook whenever they
don't have every ingredient on

that recipe and like they're
not supposed to go to the

grocery store. So it's not like
you can run to the store. Oh I

feel I don't have this
ingredient so I can't make this

recipe. It's like no ??? that
like who doesn't work that way

like he didn't learn to adapt
you know, so I was thinking

that like this, this cooking
show needs to be like very

flexible and and. About the
food science of it too, of like

this is how you can create your
own recipe like I never work on

recipes. I always just work
based off of my intuition of

knowing you know, Oh here's
flower. If I have water to it

and do this, it's gonna create
something different or here's

eggs that if I hit it to this,
it's gonna do this thank you

very much the way I cook as
well. It's like I might look up

a recipe for like you know the
ingredients or something like

that. Maybe the oven tempo of
I'm really curious but pass out

I just. Ignore the stuff that I
don't have and add stuff that I

do have yes. Yeah. it's
different every time like

hardly ever follow a recipe and
she always says she's like you

got like a 9090 - 590 - seven
percent success rate even when

you're just randomly throwing
up in a pan, you know when it

works out great. Yeah. so most
people don't don't have that

ability and you know and I
don't think it's been 10 years

in the kitchen. So I mean I you
know Experience but not

everybody does I know people
that would make that snack and

cheese? you know? Yeah and I
just yeah, I wish that like

cooking shows and cooking demos
online would be a bit more

educational in that sense and
empowering in that sense of

like yeah, you don't have to
follow this recipe exactly

Perhaps show I think that's
really empowering when you show

like okay, let's make this
recipe. If we don't have this

thing and you can see what
happens you know and and the

technique than the actual like
recipe itself. It's kinda like.

here's what we're doing. you
know it's make an Asian Sass

and at the same base you know
it's like they're all they're

all the same thing, but none of
them have the same same exact

ingredients. you know there's
so many different Asian types

of sauces, but we got a little
bit of corn. You can make

pretty much anything you know
so just to roll some stuff in a

pan and it just works out. That
technique actual this much of

this and this that yeah. So
yeah, that the the video I

shared yesterday was totally
that it was totally that you

know. I'm like he was comical
and he was like every second

word of his mouth was a curse
word, so it was a little

offensive, but it was the guy
is funny, but you know that's

what I wanted to do on this and
and then now they see this

produce box. It's like you
know, I definitely wanna

augment upon that you know like
I'm being in the series of this

show like the first episode
would just be on like what

should your shopping list to be
like what are the things? You

should be buying when you go to
the store to ensure that you

won't have to go to the store
again for the next two months.

if need be, you know, don't buy
out toilet paper in ramen

noodles like. You're the things
that you should make sure

you're stocked up on and right
that pantry is crucial having

having that pantry of like
stabling ingredients. I mean

that makes all the difference I
might have to go to the store

to grab you know something like
that, but I have everything

else. just get out.

I'm gonna take off. Yeah. I
think I think that's that's a

good time for for all of us to
to take off and get on with our

days but I'll see you. Tomorrow
right for the tomorrow detox

for the teeth Talks excellent

Two yeah time four. Yeah, 40
'clock your Alright dudes Well

much love. we'll see you next
time. We'll see you again next.

week. Thank you see ya.

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