Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - Announcing the Virtual Tea Festival

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Facebook Happy Wednesday. Happy
April first April Fools

beautiful day here in Vegas,
Our weather is finally warming

up and it's nice and beautiful.
went for a nice long run this

morning and actually okay now
is the time that can be in the

Middle of the day anymore. the
one perk of Las Vegas in the

litter. I mean I guess there's
several perks, but one of the

main perks is that you can be.
In the Middle of the day, doing

it because yeah

Come a few more weeks. Middle
of the day is like torture to

be outside so Enjoy the day
getting lots of Sun trying to

jump on my vitamin D to try to
blow up some immunity and


And yeah, just trying to focus
on all the good news that I go.

I just got some immediate good
news actually from my lord a

little bit of sympathy around

some some fee they wanted to
put on to rent invoice this

month and they they actually
forgive it. I mean we're still

paying rents and I'm grateful
for that. I'm full that you

know Able to keep our business
going and you know, but I know

for a small businesses today is
the start of a very stressful

time as you know, not maybe not
everybody has the to pay rent

and I'm grateful not to say
that I have to continue to to

have to work hard to keep thing
but hi Instagram good to see

you guys. I'm back at the the
Center view the tea pouring

going. On Facebook, you can't
really there's some beautiful

art right of a Nick art of down
this is also his art. you could

see some meditative tea
session. It's really beautiful.

Let's see that Nick is a very
talented artist. She's really

talented a lot of things the
type of person that when he

sees a study, something he
really gets into it. studies

it. This is also his work to
you know I feel like he really.

You know his these pieces are
really listic. I feel like he

really understand you know the
spirit of and how it feels you

know, which is something that's
really cool thing. You know,

not so simple. Oh, see says
this is also you know I got a

lot of us are here. I kinda
call him resident artists here

at Gillette here I have some
tea. It's tea time now this for

big for when. We're at teeth
see if I can get the camera

back in soon for one, we're at
fest and you know when you have

your going and you wanna let
people know when your session

or not in session you can just
like drop a blanket over the

table to let people know that
you're taking a break and it's

not tea time. it was a cute
little thing. It's like a board

material, so you can like
actually erase them, but this

calligraphy is just we're gonna
leave it there while. I'm going

to drink sold age drop. I feel
like I made it to the Middle of

the week folks here. I'm gonna
drink some good tea and if you

want to join and have tea with
me, you're welcome to do is bit

dot LY slash Tea Tea party come
on in waiting room there if it

in and get your tea together is
to catch up.

So yesterday, working really
hard on getting more of the the

world's first virtual tool so
finding that there's excitement

so looking forward to to seeing
this come together. you know

now we have people from all the
world involved. so it's not

just Vegas and it's not just in
sticks. we're gonna have

presentations coming up here in
the States Ecuador, Jan India

and putting gutter first
application from Scotland. so

it'll be kinda cool. You know
it's a. meet two people from

the world and you know
hopefully you make some new

friends things about different

I use this little scoop here so
more accurate than just pouring

it in.

See that color. It's like so
dark, but this is a wrap where

an old tree just a little gifts
given. I get lots of nice

little gifts and not
necessarily that can be that

can be sold or sharp platform,
but definitely nice to joy and

when you're in need of a
luxury, I'm feeling today how

to enjoy it. So I'm very for
that. View of the beautiful

piece, it's really to be you
know the color.

By tomorrow should have the
lineup confirmed full line up,

but the main lap so we do have
a confirmed principle and these

are very influential people
shuffle that you are tea lovers

and will be to have this this
and yeah, so we're gonna unite

in the schedule and give you
guys the opportunity to set

your cows. get the present are
going to see for us to start

telling your friends cuz that's
when you know they're gonna get

really fun is they have more
and more people apart it cuz

this is gonna be an interactive
thing. It's not just a video

that you. Watch him leave a
comment we'll see it maybe not

this is gonna be like a
real-time thing. So as you

leave comments for we'll see
your comments. I'm gonna

interact with them or speakers
themselves will be able to

interact with your comments
should be a lot of fun and

there will be a portion of the
soul where we will have

different zoom rooms where
you'll be able to see people

face and interact with them and
talk. Hopefully new friends

that's the that's the whole
goal. I'm really excited to do

some announcements to some of
your friends that have made

throughout the work including
like Russia, I think negativity

to engage it will be difficult
to get out interact with this

event, but for the most part,
be doing this, it will be there

but or to give presentations
and get in the events they do

have plans. On centerman, be
there with us.

Well, Is a naughty very so
rich, not just inflation aroma

but written and it's and it's
you know I just took a small

little wet, a small little sip
and enough to should I say feel

enlightened? no it does have
like a appealing a caramelly

flavor to it kinda I think it's
your mind. Type of candy and

Like bars, you know, but almost
like a a deeper flavor than

that When I was a kid where
there is always reminded of my

grandpa and you know, I find
those labors be resonating with

this crowd. you know. so maybe
that's how I did with with

wisdom. of course, there's
probably gonna some energetic

to share that with you a few
minutes or so.

So today is like a slow day. No
one here to drink tea with me.

That's okay. You know. I'm
gonna need you to do these

things just even as like a self
accountability that I can stay

focused on dancing. Of course,
it doesn't need to have an

activity to everyday something
better bolte if not. Knowing my

personality probably find
something I can't just sit

around and do nothing. That's
very cool for me to try to do

it best. I mean even when I was
like so the the the life when

I've had like the most just be
alone and be violent. I didn't

have tea in my life. I kind of
had tea in my actually, but not

not really definitely not like
this technique, but that was

when I was in the piece and. it
was silent, you know this was a

very harsh cliner hot. It was
in this to help this the hell

of Africa below this a hair
desserts and it's hot like all

the time there is a cold
season, but like it only cold

at night the days still, you
know hundred in entities and it

was very typical to remain
a hundred and 20 - 530

throughout the day long
especially in the Middle of the

day at 11 AM till three PM. It
was very very Everybody just

sat in silence the work stopped
cuz hot to do anything usually

like a morning shift, and then
there was this afternoon shift

when the song was come down,
where the old times to be out

doing it be it going to the
market or of course, just too

hot. you know the the the women
for the most part where the

work of that Green food or
washing things washes sweeping

that kind of work how between
11 AM and two PM the only thing

that has a lot of. Sitting
under finding some shade with

like some simulates of breeze
and just being you know and

just make through that time and
I thinking of when I was going

through that process, I live
there so that this was like him

like a part of my my life
throughout that period of my

life isn't just a month or even
a few months two years at the

beginning of adjusting to that,
I was going through so much

culture shock that you know I
think was it was difficult. To

complete, it was difficult to
even process it cuz you were so

you're processing sayings in
regards to the food and the

language and community around
you. so you you really weren't

like Freddie about the weather
just yet that started happening

later on when you were more
comfortable in your skin, then

complain about what but.
Finding a lot of comfort and

it's in this and a very
different, you know like now,

I'm a lot more uncomfortable.
It was just just go for a busy

busy everything happening
constantly being minimized here

every day I had five or six
people coming intimate time

together to tea and to touch
build either. So yeah, you

know, acknowledging the chat a
lot more now than I did when I

was in, but there's a lot of.
Beauty, You know it gives you a

lot of time to begin wordly.

Happiness, you know, I'm just
grateful that like those

violence and isolation are with
a hundred and 30 and stop

sweating like you just you
can't even move a muscle cuz

you sweat too much. I didn't
getting really into you know

and you know cuz I was missing
comfort food, which I'm doing a

lot of cooking now and I would
bake breads or ended up scoring

a nice oven like proven so I
was very like I had the other

ladies. Do to Make this comfort
that brought me back to hold me

back to this and I do remember
several of those like very

highs. I you know be in the
Middle of like eating bread or

or grinding or something like.
Stop sweat. So now I can be

grateful that mission is
different, then you know just

you know alone. I mean we
haven't I can like watch movies

and listen to back then listen
to music. I had an iPod

actually a very low pod. You
know acting the day. When I

pods first came out, we played
his first came out. I like put

in hours and hours of
converting all of media Still

my three players seeing my
service, I used to listen to a

little Speaker. You know back
in thousand six with big deal,

you know, I think they're so
common that now, but I do

remember listening to that
music, but that I ended up

ended up getting stolen at some
points that music and first of

my time I just had this little
radio. We have like two chains,

one of the boys of America,
which are pretty entertaining.

Source Media I used to love the
special English funny. It's

like it's cool program that the
non English speakers. English

is like very simplistic stories
told and a bit slow and

articulating voice. I don't
even think they would have used

the word and special English
and that's two capillary for

special each, but was
entertaining. So, yeah,

negative talk into a computer
to three people. I don't know

who then if you guys wanna say
hi comment on the Facebook

content, Let me know who's
here. Maybe I can tailor my

conversation more to something
that was entertaining to you or

specific if not rambling on
about my feeling with this tea


Range sitting by myself, the
other day I had somebody come

on, but there's a good

I'm really liking the frame
Instagram video today. Oh,

that's big.

April fool's jokes I feel like
the April Fools sticks cuz of

what we're leading with. I
mean, what's this one this

morning? No my friend post
tells in about of why you're

choosing to vote for Trump.
She's you know, taken

responsibility and jokes. So
maybe I got it. I doubt it.

there's no way. So we were
supposed to have an April Fool

event here and then moved it to
online and I was have my hand

my first extra producing like a
very interactive. hi Joe.

You wanna know we can get a guy
won this size. so yeah, this is

a big guy. Nice don't want the
flowery when I I don't know

where you can. I did not buy
this on. I bought this and you

know tops there have a lot of
options but I don't know I mean

other than is going on to to
Amazon but that Paul at T

Warehouse, a pretty wide
variety of like market market

level. wears this is what I
consider to be like market like

commodities. I think about this
thing like $5 or $5 so

It's not something that you're
gonna get a good source, but

this is just like my everyday
now looking for like a

handcrafted I would really
reaching out to my friend. Not

my China. I don't their guy won
here on my table, but maybe

later I can go grab it to you
but now made in China is

ceramic Studio Cookie New
Mexico. They're actually be a

part of Jewels Festival. I'm
sure yeah, you know it's we're

seeing so I mean I think like
you're not sourcing warehouse

like those are both guys that
are in China and can go to the

market stuff like this. they'll
buy it for five bucks. Online

teen or whatever. you know that
very easy for them to do. it's

not so easy for us to do
sometimes like I'll go to lease

ceramic shops at here like in
the state, China Town or

something if you need something
like this, but but not all.

Yeah. so budget options are
great. Yeah. so like that's it.

things like this are totally a
budget option, their budget and

they're effective. you know
that's why I like ones like

this. if I'm wanting something
a bit more social and more than

yoga with handcrafted and I
have a couple depots even

eating but I even hardly use
those things you know my tea

drinking habits is blessed
ritual. lakeway more than you

know. I'm I'm trying to drink
tea to drink the tea.

You know these are great easily
clean teeth, so keep looking

online, you know, sort of
saying you know I'd I'd imagine

that Scott would have a lot of
types of wars out of our

juices, but it is an extra
large guy want larger than your

local some nice guy want and
they're they're smaller, though

they're like shorter but
they're wider. maybe tomorrow

all you was actually thinking
about grabbing that one today,

but this one is just like. I
know I like hours on it, it's

it's attract. so you know I
usually gravitate towards this

one. another one too the party
guy won as we call it. It's

like a big it like unless
you're skilled like I've gotten

pretty good opening. my hands
really large and being big

hands like that they can't I
can like fit it on that big

one, but most people have to
like two hands to use it but

great because you serve a lot
of tea. so we'll usually from

when we do like really big
parties. where we know we're

gonna be like. To serve teeth
for like 20 or 30 people at a

time, which you know does

Though I hope you get to that
and let's be where I'm not big

to serve that many people cuz
that means that means you win.

That means it's so that's good.
I'm all for that.

But that God what I found was
actually like a Chinese ceramic

shop in Berkeley, California.
So I mean we find that one in

check and it was. I think that
one was like 70 or something so

sometimes you can get lucky
going to live or even less.

There's a lot of times people
that take over dates. these

things and they don't even know
what they are. so we donated to

a good number. so it's always
nice to look out types of

things. yeah. And that just for
fun I for him going to all

these wills and times he's a
teething. He always it over so

we want to score some pretty
cool things. One of them is

really nice. It's not
necessarily a tea wear, but

it's like a metal like stove
top you can put it directly on

the heat on this book to heat
water and as large as it can

hold about a gallon and it has
a tap and it's all it's all

stainless steel in the tab. you
can like tap water directly

from the that was a really
mind. and I think like for like

$2, so yeah amazing. what what
you find you're coming in here

for two lessons and two tea
lessons. I don't really have

you know the capacity to do
this. My schedule is so

inconsistent these daily videos
are like the closest thing I've

ever done to like a consistent
you know, type of interaction

with with my table and say I
will come and they ask for

lessons they asked if I can be
their teacher, I say you know

that's ready. what I. View the
inspirations of necessarily

tools just the inspiration you
can find themselves role tools.

I'm just not like the
ideological tools operation is

tea and of course, if you wanna
buy tea like I can make that

happen. so I believe to play
with work with but our schools,

you know they do why don't you
still wear you have to wear cuz

I wanna come in here and get
everything I was like well.

Okay. That's why I have this
like a White guy wants that I

sell and like. These these
pictures ball cups, but not

like handcrafted not mindfully
here by cups and and the things

from them, but it's so small
ceramic. you know like that's

the starter kit. I do encourage
people like I'm not trying to

sell this is just the last
resolutely need it. Please use

it, but your gun food is your
own expression of how your

teeth charity so you can go
online but that can often times

especially if you're new to tea
and you know what is good or

what? Is not good or we're not
expensive. It's something that

I'll tell people just set in
going to thrift stores and

goodwill savors and be on the
lookout for those type of

things and don't be afraid to
deviate from what is on Michael

or what is on the T studio that
you saw of what you think he

has to be cuz he does have to
be one thing or another. I

loved it week. I had bread and
Tahoe tune in and talk with me

and he. The first time that he
tuned in you know he wearing

his tea kind of grandpa style
and a Cup, and that was the

first way that I I I told him
you should drink tea. It's a

simplest way to get any so I
think kept that method and

though we then he saw my whole
table, he said he was inspired

and needs to on himself. He
wanted to do something like

this himself and so he he
didn't wanna try to go shopping

for a while. He made his
kitchen and you know that kind

of fit onto lid and yeah, he
was sleeping his teeth like in

his little make. So that's also
completely there are no rules

to use simple things. It's just
there are some rules to growing

tear some rules to processing
tea, but as far as the brewing

There are no like even if you
make a bag like that's not

going walls before as tilton
good to see you. I'm good

today. The Sun is shining the
weather is I went for a nice

rain drinking some really good
tea now. How are you doing?

Even brewing a backup of tea or
what makes said somebody is not

against the rules I'd be
against the real hard on

yourself pursuing and quit
trying to find your the rules.

I guess that's the rule is like
to pay attention and to

constantly moving constantly.
That's the only constant

learning that's an incredible
because there are lot once they

acquire. Or certified you might
think that they're done with

their learning and that's
pretty incredible because

that's against the rules you
know tea is constantly evolving

thing even with self you know
even when meat like a real team

master not a certified, a self
proclaimed, a real team master

my Masters somebody had process
a batch process. a good batch

of tea a hundred percent of the
time. so yeah there there's not

them, but they didn't most of
them are tryna. And then began

to some degree, but yeah being
able to process a good batch of

tea a hundred percent of the
time and I was in China one

time in city with Master. Of
course, he doesn't call himself

a tea. you know he's he's the
real deal and you know he was

admitting that he's a much more
to learn about tea and that

he's always really excited
because you know, usually by

the tempting you done on my
mind scene trips. I've already

was India and you know see
along the way and able to share

with him or her. the it's lease
a new experience cuz it's not

only like new to was to taste
just a taste, but it's almost

like you're processing and new
ways tea and things that will

answer and spin. I mean the
last time I was there. I was

really trying to expose him to
was about shading. You know he

works with atmosphere
environment a lot of trouble

shading there, but it's
something that is a part of

their understanding. Quality of
their product, It's just who is

and I was seeing matcha on
this. this trip brought you

know a bag of ceremony that I
knew that that was gonna be

like offering that we have for
these teams was Napanee tea

that they probably raised
before like matcha practice

matcha is not big in China.
Certain 80 artists will study

matcha. You know a team master
would never even come across

it. I was making matcha crepe
cakes everywhere I was that was

the only thing with matcha that
I was to cook with ovens, you

know cuz he flipped the crepes
and you know I cook them on a

flat pan and pretty much do
that you'll need an oven ovens

are really not a Chinese
kitchens or even Indian

kitchens. I'd made this cake at
Hall China everywhere I go to

it. I make one of these cakes
and and then I made him a Bowl

of matcha and it's like learn
from the experiences. A lot

about tea around texture and
sweetness, and he was curious

and all the teeth so sweet and
I explained about the shady and

it was something that like it's
not part of the body. I did

products shady you know when
it's an environment and there's

some type of camp of bigger
trees. a bug the trees there's

gonna be nap in there that does
play into why biodiverse

ecological farmed polarity. is
the way that a leader a role in

that, but it was like a hundred
percent. Thousand percent

because it's tears of black
mesh above the tea plant blocks

The Sun out. there's more but
we'll touch sleeves once for

growing at the first flush and
so I tried to encourage him to

try it. try it out. I believe
with the Purple Purple to

really popular there now not
just a Bowl. of course, The

Wild purple is the original
thing and really special if you

come across that and and drink
that I'll do. Is not like wild

like real washes like random
trees grown from seed that

naturally express cells as the
purple tea. But now there's

cloth cloner purple tea and
that there is an issue some

quality characteristic that
style of tea, the think shady

be ideal for shading will help
alleviate some of those quality

bucks. it's worth a try. You
know, I told them it's worth a

try the experiment you know
that if you are lean with two

bitter mile, maybe you could or
you know the shading could

actually hate. what's up there
look look there you are. It I

just talking about purple tea
and how to like accentuate the

dank Middle tea that shady like
machining could be a cool

option, you know, and that's
like that's like trying to

teach a tea master something
new and that's the nature of

tea. You know there's always

Well, you're embarrassing me
calling me Mom. I can't believe

that Nick just embarrassing him
because I'm proud of. Oh, now,

he's left the extra girl. Oh
that's lame.

If anybody should be
embarrassed me embarrassed,

I've been sitting here how many
minutes I've been sitting

before. It's like talking to
myself. you know not getting

bored. I haven't gotten bored
yet. I'm not embarrassed. I

don't rule cuz anybody else can
feel via tape also be

vulnerable to do it. There's
machine. There's no one. I'm

sure Nick is embarrassed. I
think he's just trying to milk.

It's April to get it a good
man. Nick.

I know there, I know you're
there. look at the drink tea

over here. This is some age
drop where from old trees, not

purple trees that be if this
was coming from purple, just

normal trees.

So, yeah, I mean, like this
April Fool's stand up call

night. We were supposed to have
we were supposed to turn into a

vet. I haven't actually
announced the postponement or

cancellation. I'm kinda like
think of the perfect April

Fools joke to play, but no
maybe I feel like this point,

it won't even be relevant or
accepted probably completely

forgotten all about it. I'm not
good at April Fools and not.

I'm really good at

Using Bowl of expertise says it
might not be at and keeping a

straight. I always create
things the only time I never

corrected something that I did
that was in Africa in the Peace

court and I got a ball busting.
I am good up here, but that's

different. That's completely
different than what I did a

whole people a Bowl for their
authenticity that called out

ball busting. Saying that
because one time we were

already a pizza party, you want
me to tell you don't make. a

pizza party and there was a lot
of people that were like

smaller, you know, small, these
pizzas arches and old pizzas

and every time pizza would come
out, maybe like six or seven

pieces would get cut from it
and which is fine like end up

going back for every pizza and
I I had to go he's coming in.

he has to stand up for himself.
You go Nick. That's the way to

do it.

Hey, you better come in and for
yourself. Oh my God. I'm


Just ??? yelling and Green
while the story. I didn't

finish the story. I know you
saved yourself. I've obviously

the story. it's okay.

I was gonna tell us I was gonna
still dry, convinced all the

people in the village in Africa
that America we don't like

National holiday. I should have
said it's Christmas right

Christmas time actually, and I
was like just a a Christmas

party for my peace core friends
in the area and to like salt

from the village, helping me
and kill some chickens to a

nice dinner, but they were
asking me like why are you

doing all this? And I said,
well, it's like our big

National holiday or your family
gets together and we had and

they said, Oh. Like today,
which was like the Ramadan,

there's a Muslim country. so
they're oh, yeah. it's like

it's kind of that. it's called
festivous and like I totally

told him the whole story
convince them that every year

we have a big and then
everybody only airs there even

since with each other, they
yell at each other, but all the

things that and then afterwards
they all wrestle each other the

strength and then she came on
and he's happy we can go on and

they thought it was just yeah
they have TV. Happens No so

yeah. That's how I am I ever
like told you know favorite

like truth in and directing
myself, you know do with it.

Yeah, that we loved it so
wrestling is actually popular

like it's it's like the the
main common sport that they do

there. You don't need any
equipment. you know you

wrestle. Yeah. yeah, but they
were like hey, can we wrestle

with you guys. We love to
wrestle so like after you guys,

eaten and yell at each other
than you and I was like yeah

and I have photos. I'll send
photos but all showed up that

night just a couple hundred
people, but they all showed up

my compound like we made this
huge circle and like one by one

we'd like rain matches and they
just loved it like like the

most exciting thing that I did
with in my village all two

years that I've been. What the
fuck is Christmas to those you

like what do you like all this
money and give kids that they

don't really need like what
like I think it would have been

a lot of hard to wrap their
head around the idea of then

festivous, you know, okay.
Where did the idea of festivals

from did you just pull that out
of your ??? No? no that's a

sign fell. It's a very very
famous Seinfeld reference. So I

know you're you're kinda young.
Maybe you didn't grow up. You

know every episode of Seinfeld
like I did I do watch but

that's different. Yeah.
festivous was like a really

funny episode. Probably maybe
it's in the top like 10. The

sign felt in my opinion, but
it's George Costanza, like kind

of like the the stocky like
good character. Yeah Parent

their new things differently
they were against Christmas and

all the other you know for
holidays dad ever sounds a kid

of them. do this festival. I
didn't have a Christmas. They

have like a metal pole and and
yeah, and they like me and then

they air their grievance and
then they have feets of human

afterwards where they you know
they show off their strengths

fighting and then and then it's
over it can go on through your

year. yeah, I mean the. Kind of
work cleaning and had an

advocate she go through.
testing convincing that instead

of Christmas, we love reading
Festival as a National. home

and leading up to my peace core
friends coming to visit this

festival celebrate you know the
kids in the village, they would

always ask him to them some
English because they wanted

awesome English, the new
American coming into the

village, so I'm the expression
of us for the. It's like kind

of like the slogan that I was
like Georgia's Logan Festivous

so so because like the kids
they worked on it all week long

like every day for like 30
minutes and sit with me and

it's like articulate every
civil of festiveness for the

rest of it and then whenever
Matt he walked into village.

It's like screen Festivus for
the rest of us, said the hell

like did you teach these kids?

I wish yeah, so yeah, they have
Internet now, so all those kids

that like can can search
American care. you know on

their phones. I like oh my
gosh, I show you my nickname.

there was eyeshadow while which
is like eye shadow, very

popular the name, so I show
wasn't, but they called me eye

shadow, which means ice, but
not wise like wisdom is like

more like smart ??? White cuz
so Isha Okay, she did the test

We celebrated this how long ago
how long? That was 2006 to 2008

so 10 years ago.

You were just still in diapers,
I got.

Sorry, it was 11.

That young enough, I know I'm
just kidding so Noah with you

this to you. I don't think
you're having so hard. Oh. yeah

what kind of coffee you have in

Sprouts Okay. About some yeah,
Yeah, I know they do they they

are like one of the first
influencers of directory coffee

world, one of the the companies
that came up with the term of

directors where that whole
College came from was dump town

agencies and their company
shoot. I'm I'm blanking on the

third but like they're all
competitor, but you know look

their CEOs got together and
said, Hey, you know we've gotta

like create this new standard.
Coffee and for the screen, you

know when we're seeing the
Beach directly from the farm,

they were different.

He's watching you and drinking
tea. He's just not presenting.

Joseph Mitchell on Friday.

I wrote on that before I tuned
in the video and embarrassing

me because she has the heart,
She can detail a very very.

Started but that's very
motherly like you're your ???

friend. I had to like redeem
myself. How dare you call me.

Hey, did you hear about the
world's first virtual tea

festival? No? I haven't. Yeah
it's happening next Thursday,

so we got a little over a week
turn it. It's gonna be strong

Let's Facebook page, but we'll
also have it streaming on

Facebook if you're on a landing
page, but yeah, we're gonna

have a print T lectures tea
performance such tea ceremony

performed is as well as media
screening so like tea video

screenings and assuming it's a
UI OT. It's a BYOT. Your own

home in your type of a thing
but yeah, we have presenters

for pants. Ecuador well as as
here all over the US and yeah

that's next Thursday and it's
an honor of festivals that have

had postponed the Bellingham
team Festival. The passive

festival the World Team News
Festival, of course, has spoken

and you know others on the line
building contingencies around

being able to have a festival
The shoot a lot of fun, I'm

expecting all over the world to
be tuning in and it will be

straight on Facebook so when
speakers are doing their

lectures and their President
will be able to feed your

questions in and they'll be
able to respond to them. Oh I

just yeah and cool Thursday
11 AM to four PM. So it's gonna

be all day thing in and out. We
want all be like the full

lineup on Thursday tomorrow.
This is all happening so fast.

The current needs I really like
my intention when this is not

only to bring the team unity
together these videos. I'm

doing it, but it's also to
serve as an inspiration for

other than organizers and
community organizer, or you

know sprain right now from have
experiences and and there are

way of making like dynamic
virtual events will draw a

crowd and you know like this
tree and I think like to watch

you know you all free because.
It is kinda streaming right now

additions like even famous
musicians. They're all

streaming free. and so I think
that there are also corporate

interests and event organizers
that are strolling you know to

engage their brand with the
online community who have

sources on Ted So okay, I'm
kinda Netflix and YouTube and

social media. It's not as much
engagement and that's what I

miss. Yeah, you're right,
you're right. I did like very

easy too. so like if Coca Cola
wanted to do like you know some

line engagement activity they'd
have to make it really good

really dynamic to it. Stand out
you know that's what I like you

know my my is to get at least
10 hours, which I think will

you know what the tea Camille
over that are all like sitting

on like wanting ticker tea
people create social, you know

thing. I think you know we
could like kind of a. And then

show other folks and other
organizers. Hey like this is

how it yeah cuz I organizers
right now are about like what

is each are gonna look like and
you know our the the company

Arts supporting are gonna be
healthy to you know to partake

in this event so.

Say what's up to lose a coffee
guy? Oh cool. Yeah. Louis.

We're talking about a testable
full night comfort of your own

streaming. BYC BYC but there
are mentors and you can tune in

to at least I'll be posting
more information. Yeah. Yeah.

I'll be over there talking
about how I could be the least

for the time being and it's up
to anytime in the future even

after done isolating ourselves.
Yeah they. We're all gonna get

really good whole live
streaming engaged and even

offline events that we will be
able to have like this a day or

of virtual you know it's I
think it's gonna be College

standard for events. so I mean
with the is gonna develop out

of it too like I think rather
than always like holding or

having to like stand at our
desktop like gonna be like more

seamless like glasses or
something like that, maybe.

Maybe just of mine. So, Nick
Joseph hi, and he requested

that I tell the flurry

alright Y'all. I'll I'll send
you the story privately since

you know Nick doesn't want it
publicized on the Internet, You

know tattoo on the Internet
controversial you know it's

it's a debated related story

It's a good conversation to
have a party at a kit you know

like. Maybe you could certainly
story with like anonymous

character. Yeah, I will.

Yeah me it's anonymous
character name will be

But just like thinking of
opposites, you know mostly set

of your name.

Cut on one.

Let's see one will know. Just
call him anonymous anonymous.

Yeah with the Guy Fox mask a
jerk all the pizza and share

with anybody.

Hello, we actually made last
night. Oh cool. Did you did you

guys do ceremony on the East as
it was in? Last minute, so we

bought the premade window spin
the hub, but that's not the way

to go. You know you still came
out until we in our oven isn't

quite right. We don't haven't
have a pizza stone so. Real

but it came out it came out. We
had some good ingredients on

top. Yeah. That's what makes it
you don't make the White sauce

from scratch. Sun-dried
tomatoes olives Good cheeses

Your friends come over just one
friend is this your special

friend. She's special. Yeah.
Okay. Cool. Alright. Allow that

I won't, I won't shame you for
hand over. have you had any

friends. I haven't actually. I
haven't even still time the

past three weeks aren't your
birthday actually really yeah

your family or anybody. I got
some reason why is that I am

seeing my parents and because
of that, I'm not and you know

he stayed with his dude. I
think it's really important

that we kinda made any
deliveries. I've made

deliveries yeah and yeah like
that came to pick up some. hey

Luna. Good news. Hi.

I made some deliver when I did
that, like like stick around

and hang out and like when I
went to their door, I had like

you know kinda ties White, you
know barricade longer to their

door and all that kind of
stuff. Yeah. I'm trying to take

it seriously. Some people are
and they think I'm silly, but

I'm like like we're gonna get
Cup in six seconds. close words

see you guys soon. Bye

Alright. It's fun. Alright.
I've been here a lunch here

anymore and I've told you guys
some stories I've been

vulnerable. Please tomorrow.
Joy I will have other people on

with me, it will just be me it
will be announcing the lineup

for the first virtual tea
festival happening on Thursday,

April 11 to four PM. Look
forward to see you there. Buh


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