Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - The Path to Truth

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Going on the Internet, do you
guys like my look today? I was

looking for something high
Internet happy Tuesday. Happy

May 12. Good to see everybody
and have a nice conversation

today about truth. it's
something that a lot of us are

it really focus on these days
and really wanting you know I

as someone you know, I posted
that they felt like what

humanity needed. most right now
is just the truth so. I was

speaking with a friend last
night and we're talking about

truth and how tricky it is and
how like ever changing it is at

the same time how it's not ever
changing cuz the truth is the

truth. That is what it is and
so why is it so hard for us to

get our hands on so so yeah,
I'm gonna talk a little bit

about that today made a little
bit of a revelation last night

in the conversation with my
friend so I wanna share it with

you guys today and you know
how. Relates to tea and how

that relates to our work is
a hundred percent of the work

that we do here at tela and
what we strive for to provide

for the industry and and really
not just for the tea industry

specifically, but for the world
at large and how we can make.

Not necessarily the truth
itself because that I would

never guarantee that that that
I would always be able to

provide hi Allison Good to see
you thanks for tuning in right

cuz it's always changing. you
know your idea of the truth or

what we believe to be is the
truth is something and that is

constantly changing so you know
to guarantee and to verify that

you're constantly gonna be
providing the truth to quite

irresponsible to do and. you
know, it's something that we at

TX say that we provide and
strive to provide to our

network of of tea producers and
buyers. But

The only way that I feel
confident saying that and

saying that we are focused on
the truth and the truth is that

we're not providing the truth
itself. We are providing a

platform for perspectives right
and so the more increased your

perspective is.

The closer we can get to the
truth. It's a funny thing

though, because it's like with
knowledge in general, people

always say the more you learn
about tea. the more you learn

that you know nothing same
thing could be said about the

truth. the more you increase
your perspective and the more

exposure to the truth that you
get the more you realize really

I I don't know anything here so
it's a very complicated thing

and for those seeking truth, if
you're watching this right now

and you're identifying with
what I'm saying and you're

feeling like. Yeah I wish. Why
Why is the truth? not not that

hard? So Tommy says. That's the
whole point of science strive

for the best understanding
possible and abandoned

abandoned all perspective
shifting to new ones as better

info comes to like of course,
right, so tell me you hit the

nail right on the head of what
we need to do to increase our

capacity for truth. how do we
stay focused on that and not

married to one perspective of
truth that we feel serves us

Because then that would
handicap us from continuing the

cycle as you as you had so
elegantly put there as science.

it's a beautiful thing about
science. I'm a big fan of

science. I'm a scientist
myself. so it's it's like

second nature for me to to to
think in that way but I think

that they're understanding
somebody or. Community of

people or you know a whole
Organization of people

understanding their perspective
and potentially their

commitment to one perspective
of truth that they have is part

of the bigger picture of truth
as well. so you know this kind

can get you into the spiritual
realm and where this

conversation becomes very
interesting is when we can. To

those two worlds, so the world
of science in the world of

spirituality and apply it our
seeking of truth. That's it so

before I get deep into this
conversation and I don't have

any industry updates. There's
nothing you know I've I've been

doing updates almost every day
now and it's all kind of the

same story but the reason why I
got inspired to talk about this

not only because of my
conversation last night, but

because I saw an article about
a company in Australia that is

going to be applying blockchain
or saying that they're. Going

to apply blockchain technology
to provide between trade of

Australia and China And T is
part of that as well as other

food food supply chains. So you
know the whole idea of

prominence is based on truth
and you know you think of

something like the closest
thing that we have to an

infrastructure in the tea
industry. that addresses this

topic is fair trade. It's like
the old. Like Verification Seal

brand that we can we've learned
to trust that holds some truth

that we believe in but there's
a lot of criticism of that

system that it's it's started
with a good intention. It

started with this intention of
providing the truth to the

consumer to the market but it's
kinda spiraled into something

that's not really the truth so
Yeah, that's a. It's a

difficult it's a difficult
thing to think about you know

is that good enough you know
and then with with blockchain.

So now we're coming along all
companies and Hi Joe. I'm happy

to hear that you're working. So
this weekend, then I'm gonna

have to do a special one this
weekend for the folks that are

working now cuz I'm not doing
them on the weekends anymore.

I'm just doing them during the
week and actually I'm thinking

about potentially taking a long
weekend this weekend just

because been a lot but yeah, I
miss you. Hi good to see you I

saw those samples might be
getting to you soon. so that's

good news. so Tommy you asked
about rainforest Alliance.

That's another one I fair trade
is like the most powerful one.

It's the most well-known one.
It's you know the one that you

see all over the place. So
that's why I brought that one

up. But It's the same thing you
know, it's like it's only

verifying a certain perspective
on that truth. oh good team.

hope you like it, hope you like
all those samples If you like

that, Amber Oolong you better
order it cuz I only have one

bag left the the ball long from
the fall that first successful

batch. I only have one bag left
so anybody that likes that

Amber. If you wanna order it,
It's gonna be. I'm actually

gonna take it off the catalog,
but because I say it here,

You-know-who orders the next
that's it. It's a really nice

tea. I am going to drink some
Shaul from 2014 from

Just cuz we're talking truth,
This is a good thing for the

truth. But yeah, things like
rainforest alignment or a

rainforest Alliance or fair
trade certification, or I mean

even organic USDA organic to a
certain degree is only

verifying the truth within a
very limited perspective. It's

not. it's it's it's not all
encompassing and and it

wouldn't ever be able to right
cuz the truth is some expansive

thing that we would never know
every little detail of what the

truth is, and so with that I am
going in my typical style kinda

look up the word truth in the
dictionary cuz any time that we

have like this very deep
conversations about words that

we just kind of. For granted in
our vocabulary, I think it's

always really important to look
up the words and make sure that

everybody is on the same page
about what we're talking about.

in in the words that we're
using and I know the truth is

something that we probably
don't have to argue much about

what it means, but I'm just
gonna go through this practice

cuz it's just it's for me. It
helps me process these things

and hopefully it'll help you
process this conversation as a

10 so Merriam Webster says.
First definition is the body of

real things events and facts
actuality the state. Being the

case fact transcendent a
fundamental or spiritual

reality, huh. Tell me there. It
is that's the the scientific in

the spiritual definition right
there trying to send it

fundamental or spiritual
reality, so that reality

doesn't always necessarily have
to be you know. Made of wood

and and touchable and and
something that we can sense it

could be ideas emotions
energies of things that we

can't see all the things that
we usually sum up with some

kind of spiritual context. So I
think it's really important as

we have this conversation to
include that side of truth and

what we're talking about cuz
those are powerful things so

the state of someone's emotions
or. Energies that are non

measurable within an ecosystem
that you're speaking of or

thinking of does contribute to
the truth to the actuality.

There's several more
definitions that are all kind

of similar. Fidelity to an
original or to a standard

sincerity and action character
and utterance. That's a nice

one. I like that. Relating to
the truth and uncertainty there

of in the immortal words of
Jack Nicholson's Joker who do

you trust? Yeah there you go
who do you trust so for me?

You can't trust somebody or
something that's definite, even

though that's the truth. The
truth is the definite thing as

these definitions I say here,
but we are only perceives of

the truth. We are not We are
the truth, but if we in our

like consciousness and in our
reasoning of the truth, we are

we are only perceives of the
truth. So I trust people that

understand that and that are.
Flexible and open minded of

increasing that perspective cuz
someone that has traveled the

world and lived with other
cultures and lived in different

situations, not just
community-based cultural

situations, but just different
climates and different

environmental impacts and
different, you know situations

their perspectives have been
increased so much that they are

actually. To the truth and then
being closer to the truth, they

probably know that they are far
from the truth. but you know

who do you trust? I say and
what I try to embody because

I'm trying to ask all of you to
trust me. I'm trying to ask an

entire industry to trust my
company and I'm trying to ask

an entire world to trust my
ideology. that it's not the

truth cuz it's gonna be
changing but that it's the

closest to the truth that it
can possibly be which is

through perspective. Increased
perspective having as much

perspective and the
perspectives are all within

each one of us as individuals.
so I have my perspective and if

I let my ego take control on
that I I would put all the

trust in my own perspective and
saying I'm responsible for

increasing that perspective and
sharing that perspective. So

you know I would become someone
that would be constantly

writing books and constantly
just getting my perspective out

there and getting people to
follow my specific perspective

and. I don't think that's
that's the right thing to do.

you know I I do have an
interesting perspective.

There's flaws to it. I make

but there are so many other
perspectives out there and if

they're all brought together
you can get pretty darn close

to this increased perspective
that we're talking about and so

my goal in trying to build your
trust and trying to build the

world's trust is in. Increasing
that perspective and building a

platform like acting as a
platform that's allows those

perspectives to intermingle to
share information and to grow

together to get closer to the
truth. Some people say that

there's no place for that in
the business world in the

market and the consumer world.
There's no place for that

because the consumer and I'm
not jaded enough to to be at

this point just yet. but I have
a lot of friends. a lot of

people that I respect and that
I look up to that are jaded

that do believes that the world
is not ready for truth that the

world is not ready for
increased perspective. I need

to stop saying the world is not
ready for truth because. We're

ready for it will we ever fully
get it? no never and to assume

that we will is irresponsible
but it's the world ready for

having their perspectives
challenge and having them

increase and expanded. that's
what people say you know the

sheeps are not ready for that
and I I have a lot more

optimism in the world that. A
consumer that people are ready

for that increased perspective.
So with that, I'm gonna look at

the word perspective again a
word I'm sure we don't have to

argue the definition of but
just for the practice. So

perspective is a mental you or
prospect a visual scene, a

visible scene the interrelation
in which a subject or it's

parts are mentally viewed the
capacity to view things in

their true relations or
relative importance. Alright,

so there That is kind of.
Overlapping with all the things

that I'm talking about. So it's
your ability to view the

capacity to view things in
their true relations. So even

in this definition, it doesn't
say your capacity to view the

truth. It says the capacity to
do things in their true

relations, so that's a relative
thing so that's good to know

you know and if I didn't look
up in the dictionary, the words

I would have never seen that,
but that's pretty powerful.

that's you know. so let's let's
go back to that that situation

where I let my ego take control
and I said that my perspective.

So says the world probably
would never be ready for truth,

but each individual has
potential to. I think, of

course we all do we all do even
the ones that are full of hate

and full of discrimination and
ego have the potential to be

ready. for truth or more
importantly, ready to build the

the ready to build the their
perspective capacity the

capacity to do things in their
true relations or relative

importants. So Hi Good to see
you Thanks for saying hi. If

we're going to become good
receivers, we we shouldn't say

I am I'm perceiving truth. I'm
becoming a better person

because I'm going to perceive
all this truth because that's

not how perspective works
perspective works, according to

the definition here relative,
it's all so even the next the

next definition the parents to
the eye of objects and respect

the relative distance and
positions. so the truth is. And

that was one of the first
things that I had said when I

first got going with this live
session. Okay, so just as I was

going over in the definitions
truth is it is like the hard

thing. It's this. It's that
it's these angles. It's this.

you know it's the existence and
that is not relative, but our

perspective the only way that
we can perceive truth is by

seeing relative to something
else. So you know if you're if

limiting your. Of perception to
say I'm only seeing truth, I'm

going to gobble up all this
truth and then I'll be more

woke. I I I think what I'm
trying to say, and this is all

the things that are coming up
now as I read this definition

think what I'm trying to say is
that we would be far more

successful in our perceptive
capacity if we didn't have that

mentality if we had the
mentality of I'm going to see

truth as a relative thing.

Perception on perspective. So
maybe that's related to what

I'm saying is so important that
you say important to keep

mindful of the impact of
perception on perspective. So I

think what you're trying to say
there is that our perception is

how we process. so let me look
up that word now too. It's how

we process what we see. So the
definition of the results of

perceiving a mental image
awareness of the elements of

the environment through
physical sensation, physical

sensation interpreted in the
light of experience quick acute

okay. So there that's a good
one. so it's it's how you

interpret based off of your
experience based off of the

past relative truths that
you've been exposed to so yeah

that is Super related to to
what I'm saying that's It's all

relative. And if we see that as
a relative thing as a

constantly evolving thing, then
we will be far more successful

at building our own
perspectives right next level

is bringing our perspectives
together. Okay. So that's

that's my call to action to all
of you watching to anybody that

drinks tea, you know because
drinking tea is a tool for

helping us with this stuff.
It's like you know, it's got

all the signs. Of the the the
and the caffeine that has

helped you know, triggering
your brain to work and our

bodies to be relaxed so that we
have less stress as we're

perceiving as we're perceiving
our and building our


so. Yeah, the important stuff.
Probably one of the more

philosophical conversations
that I've had with you, but I

think it's an important one Cuz
I feel like this is so much a

basis of a lot of the
conversations and a lot of the

arguments that are going on.
now. It's like why can't we

just freaking get the truth and
the truth should be such a

simple thing like especially in
the context of what we're

dealing with within this
pandemic cuz there's so many

like very polarized.
Perspectives that are that are

being introduced that conflict
with each other and all of that

all of that activity, even if
you like consume information

that you don't believe in that
you don't believe in to be

truth consuming that is
affecting your

Perspective. A point in your
relative truth, so we have to

be cautious of what we consume,
you know. I'm not like an anti

media type of person cuz I
think with some of the

negatives that come with social
media and come with this like

onslaught of information that
we we get exposed to a lot of

positives this right here, you
know, I wouldn't be able to

reach people and have.
Conversations and even increase

my own perspective, so really
all the stuff that I've been

saying here is like I didn't
write it down. These are not. I

mean they're kind of based off
of some points that I think

I've had in conversations with
friends in the past but just

this practice of being able to
speak with you and of course,

hear your comments. Tell me.
thank you so much for

commenting so much. it has
really help me. Bye. Say how

many straws we can grasp of the
haystack. Who knows the truth?

No one knows the truth on that?
they answer to that question

But our best success is going
to be approaching that haystack

with the greatest perspective
capacity as possible right and

we can use tools for that. you
know it doesn't it doesn't

exclusively have to be just
based off of our own capacity

that we have to collect data
that can. Help with our

perspective, there's nothing
wrong with that either that

could be a really powerful as
well, ultimately when it comes

to actually processing and
making a decision on what we're

how we're going to perceive
that perspective and and kind

of announcing that moment our
relative truth that we're gonna

take from that data or from
that experience of that. That's

where the the human comes in
and that's that's where our

power comes in. How much of the
truth do we get to perceive?

Yeah. Who knows? Yeah. I
totally understood your your

last comment about the needle
in the haystack. I totally

understood that as this so
rather than like having this

attachments to having to
consume all the truth and all

or nothing type of a thing and
I used to be a victim of this

was something that I I still
have issues with this as I've

gotten older. I've become a lot
more relaxed and I believe the

tea helps you know as. I've
developed a lifestyle of

drinking tea is really help me
kind of let go a lot of these

attachments that I've had since
I was younger, just it's all or

nothing. give me all the truth
or nothing

You know, it's a it's a it's a
difficult thing. It's a

slippery slope. If you let
yourself go in. so you say case

in point the evolution of
dialogue and T surrounding the

mysteriousness of prayer. You
know it's so funny, tell me I

was actually going to talk
about this in the relation to

this conversation. I'm thinking
Okay. I really wanna talk about

this. I really wanna talk about
truth and you know increasing

perspective and and and the
platform that I've I've built

as to it in relation to the
school and how can I apply that

to teach and I thought about?
That like there's like all

these different perspectives on
how T processing goes and you

know China in particular, their
culture is very different than

Western culture like we're very
science driven and we want

things to add up and we want
all the shapes to fit into

their pss and you know feel
really confident that I like

that. so I'm speaking of myself
as a westerner versus you know

Chinese culture is very
willing. Like surrender to some

type of that that answers the
question in both points are

valid, I think it's very
important, something that like

in the arguments of like people
that have read all those

different dialogues and books
around. Oh, this is why this

happened and that's why that
happens and there's a different

folklore to explain different
things and you know that's led

to people on the Western
society that need to definite

answers to. That end up having
arguments with each other and I

say, hey, you know like that's
their perspective. There's

value to it too. you know the
end goal is still the same.

We're gonna drink a tea right.
How you get to that end goal.

The way that you connect with
truth and reach that end goal

with the truth cuz obviously
like in order to do something

you have to you have to like be
connected to the truth in order

to bake a cake. I'm gonna use
that as an example, tea could

be the same thing, but the for
some reason just making a cake

just came to mind If you're
gonna bake a cake, there are

certain truths that you need to
like uphold to in order for the

cake to come out either. The
cake will come out like let's

say when you're preparing. You
like skip few ingredients or

you completely throw the ratios
of different ingredients off

and and so then the cake the
cake is not gonna bake right or

you over bake it or you're
under bake it like those

truths. in this case, the truth
will be the recipe

now you could you could say
that recipe is based off of

science, which is true right
That's food scientists. I used

to make a lot of cakes in sense
where you had a recipe that was

like the number of. Of this and
grams of this, you put those

together in a Bowl and you mix
it this many times or this many

minutes and then you pour into
this thing and you bake it at

this temperature for this
amount of time. So that's like

the scientific truth of how to
make a cake, but you could just

as valid bake that cake and in
a ceremonial sets and spiritual

ceremonial senses where you're
not really understanding the

dynamics that are happening
between the gluten the glide.

In the the water molecules and
the heats and you know you're

not understanding that and you
don't need to and you're

completely surrendering to you
know some like intentional type

of magic that you're putting
into your Bowl as you're making

your cake and it's still
getting the same results right

they're both just as valid and
so I think. I think you know

kind of explaining the mystery
of Chinese tea processing and

the text around there of trying
to understand it and this

happened just a few days ago on
someone on someone's Instagram

that was asking about yellow
teeth and some capable T

experts came in and said Oh,
yellow T is yellow and this is

the processing and there was a
little like they are Chinese

tea specialists in yellow is
pretty to Chinese tea crafts so

They gave a very valid
knowledgeable high perspective

answer because they've been to
these places and they've seen

that T process and the team
master explained to them as

they were doing it and there
was a little bit of magic in

the explanation with not a
whole lot of science and Yeah,

I mean that just led to more
questions but you know, Thank

goodness our friend Eric Scott,
who's a chemist he was able to

come in and give a more
scientific explanation of that

magic. so yeah, I think both
perspectives are valuable and I

think like I said in the
beginning, understanding

someone else's perspective of
their relative truth if it's

magic or. A science of how they
explained something is part of

the relative truth itself so
have patience have tolerance

for someone else's perspective.
That's like the first rule. I

think if you're you wanna be a
successful truth, seeker and an

increasing your perspective as
much as possible, you first

have to be tolerant of other
people's perspectives. so,

Tommy says. Don't ask why you
do it this way because it's how

it's done tradition tradition.

And that's okay, too. It's also
okay to ask. I think you know I

think both viewpoints are
valuable. You just have to

understand that the people's
views and have patience for it

and some real magic can come
out of that real magic. I use

that word magic. maybe I should
use it cuz it's in the context

of what we're talking about,
but some powerful increased

perspective can happen where
you just feel like this after a

snap, you feel like. Infinitely
wiser I was like how did that

happen. I didn't like read
anything or I didn't travel

anywhere and see anything or
experience something that

increased the intelligence,
where did that come from it

purely just came from your
capacity to understand someone

else's perspective, which then
started trickling into your own

perspective and I think that's
really powerful and that's the

kind of manifestation. Magic
that I want to happen within

hey Dora you're here is
somebody yesterday. someone was

talking about you. Maybe that's
why you're here now but

someone's talking about dori
yesterday and I wanted to be

corrected on what I said about
you guys about your your brand

and I thought maybe Doerr will
pop in here and be able to

correct me. I think what I was
asking about was if you. Of

your brand I had met somebody
from from Europe years ago when

I was in Asia you know studying
and at that time, you know you

guys the Dover, a brand that
Dora you know franchise or I'm

sorry if I miss Mislabel US,
but just the idea of the brand

of Dora was like a very. Very,
like it was a very good brand

for sharing tea. This was like
seven years ago and I had

mentioned that they said, Oh
Doss from Premier actually very

big brand in Europe. So I
wanted to I wanted to correct

that statement. so relative to
what I'm talking about today,

I'm talking about truth and how
do we acquire truth and how do

we trust truth and? In this
example, right here this truth

that I'm asking you to correct
for me or this perspective that

I'm asking you to correct. Yeah
from Prague in 90 - three. okay

cool. that truth is not based
off of like you know some deep

research that I did on your
brand but it was based off of

like a casual encounter that I
had with another human being

that like increase
my perspective. You know on on

your brand. And sometimes we
have to just rely on that you

know, sometimes we don't have
time to fully research

everything and we have to trust
the information to someone else

gives to us even if it's casual
information like that. We have

to trust it, but then we also
have to be flexible for it to

be changed and for me to humble
myself and ask you to correct

me right again. Powerful stuff.
See what the poore Does it gets

you talking about all these
things. That's cool Prague how

many how many stores are
throughout the world? Dora tea

shops and then something else
that I had made a statement or

an assumption on is that
there's like relative autonomy

of the of how you guys operate
cuz I've only been to one shop.

I went to the one in Ashland in
Oregon, and that was a very

nice experience. Someone else
is telling me that like the

ones in North Carolina and the
ones and the one in Maine are

very different similar but then
different. so I was wondering

if that's true like autonomy,
which is cool. very cool. I'm a

big fan of autonomy. Also
related to what I'm talking

about today and. 30 in Eastern
Europe and seven in the US

cool. Yeah. Teri If you're
still here Terry a friend Terry

she visits to your shop in
North Carolina. She was

thinking you guys have the new
shot. It's incredible.

Congratulations on you guys to
get that tea in know a lot of

businesses are struggling to to
cash flow and what not of thing

going on struggling to get the
new teas in particular is a

very difficult. Cuz it's like
Super sensitive and also it's

very valuable and so it's kind
of a high risk sourcing

endeavor. She was very excited.
She was very excited that she

had the new.

Tommy Thank you. Thank you for
listening to this Tommy. Yeah

the power of autonomy to
increase our perspective

perspective capacity. They are
all privately owned but

purchased through Prague. Cool
so the so you you you all do

centralized purchasing through
Prague. so even like the Shina

went through Prague. It seems
like you guys got your tea fast

and you go on Saturday. Cut it
on Saturday it couldn't have

been harvested more than a few
weeks ago.


You got it from. Some tea you
come to it from the garden.

that's cool. That's really
cool. I like that model, so you

get the centralized buying
power, which is really

powerful. It is but then you
will get the autonomy to be

able to run your shop and build
your own shops culture. That's

a lot of the Proms the problem
with centralized service brands

or not even a service Brands'
brands in general when they

when they have they're. Located
in different markets if they

work within one centralized
code, they can often be really

big culture schisms that cause
problems. Of the owners, how

many owners are there, so you
said there's 30 in Europe and

seven in the US, and there's
got to be at least a couple of

dozen owners right. That's
exciting. That's cool. Thank

you for educating me on all of
that increasing my perspective.

Getting the inspiration and

This tastes really good.

You feel good, I have to say I
wasn't feeling good today this

weather in Vegas. It's just
like incredible and what we're

in the Middle of May. It's
never like this. It's like got

a nice breeze. So when you're
out, it's still a little cool

but then strong Sun, which is
much needed right now. I can't

really see it on my Instagram,
my black and White face, but.

So, how is this all related to
Tet to what we do here? It's

the core of our work. You know
like I always say this word

transparency transparency
transparency and my friend last

night, he was criticizing that
you know he has his own

perspective on transparency in
business. he's it's actually a

real estate developer and so
his perspective on transparency

is very different than mine. so
he he doesn't quite understand

why I do business the way I do
why I have a business that I

do, but when he does understand
and appreciates is this pursuit

of truth and that's why we have
this whole conversation last

night that inspired me to talk
about today and so, he says,

you know all of these like
focus that you have on

transparency is like the way
it's like the way. You're

trying to make to your
destination like instead of

focusing on the way focus on
the destination. And so yeah,

that's really incredible
because even the path even the

way that we take is a
relatively what is our path one

day inappropriate to a true
reach that final destination

one day. it could be a
completely different path the

next and if you're focus on
that path, you're gonna be left

in the dust when everybody else
is on this different path or

maybe not that everybody
else's. That path, but like

you're not on that path
basically and so what's gonna

get you on that path and get
you on the right path. Every

day is focus on the final
destination So manifestation

manifest truth. So that means
to be you know my new and so

like this is just giving me all
kinds of ideas about my

communications and and I mean,
of course all with the goal of

continuing to educate about tea
and supporting the team. Yes,

erich's ice cream truck if you
want the Dow of your

destination, I like that. The
ice cream truck as the

destination. Ice cream truck
going around you know here in

Vegas. Actually things are
pretty wide opened up all the

restaurants have been able to
open at like 50 percent

capacities so the city is
getting back to. it's original

state, but actually the ice
cream truck where they're

rolling around the whole time,
But there's a little bit of

contention around that. But so
Tommy asked what are the

importers and suppliers that
people trust more tela,

Tillman, Taiwan T Krauss and
Camille Sentences are my

homework for trustee What do
others think and why do you

trust those guys?

So, yeah, that's important.
Yes, Erich. It's all open so

come to Vegas have some fun.
The casinos aren't open.

They'll those those will be
open for what we're in phase

one so phase one in Nevada is
like a hair salons and nail

salons and and restaurants no
bars, no gaming casinos and

then only at 50 percent
capacity, which means most

businesses are accepting
appointments only because you

know they have limited. Space
but yeah. Tell me your question

about like what do other think
what are what are brands who

are teamer T business people
that you trust. And why do you

trust those? yeah, I'd be
interested in hearing folks

perspectives and if you guys
don't feel confident you know

speaking up publicly, that's
fine too. You can send me an

Email it would be immensely
incredibly helpful. for me as

I'm you know investing my extra
time and extra work capacity

that you know, I'm not spending
on events or on you know

Packing orders and whatnot as
business slowed at this time, I

wanna spend talking about that
you know cuz my end goal is not

to become the ultimate renowned
tea importer T expert in the

world. No, that's not my goal
and I'd understand if you

thought that was my goal, you
know, it's all the things that

I talked about and the things
that I do but my goal is

bringing truth to help business
works at the core. That is even

bringing truth to how the world
works, but in my travels and in

the perspective that I've
developed in my experience in

life, I've found that it is
business is the most powerful

man made institution even more
so than politics and government

even though politics and
governments are very powerful

and have their place and oh my
goodness. let's bring some

truth to that too please but.
Think that by working on the

business ethos around the world
right now could bring a lot of

truth and happiness and in
truth is not just like I wanna

know if God exists type of the
truth, even though it's all

connected to that, this is true
of like fear exchanges of

values specifically around
people, but also around the

environment and you know all
the other. Factors that affect

I got a niche, not many feel.
Yeah, you're right I do. Eric

that needs to change because
yes, I have a niche for tea

right and if you think that
like my goal is to become this

ultimate T expert you would
think that like yeah, I'm just

gonna like fill this little
niche to be in this little

expert on this one thing. It's
like no like if I want to

become an expert on anything I
wanna become an expert of

helping people realize the
truth helping people realize

fair exchanges of value. Just
with tea, but all types of

business, I've just been
privileged with being exposed

to to tea and I'm taking that
privilege and running with it.

So you know I have no problem
in studying tea. I've met a lot

of incredible friends and I get
to talk a lot about a lot of

incredible things and I get to
drink incredible tea. So yes,

I'm very grateful for this path
that I've been put on but it's

it's not my only path. Even the
food story is not my only a

niche of transparency so. Okay.
so there you go transparency,

but then like this is it
shouldn't be a niche. It should

be like a norm. It should be a
mass-market thing. You know

that's that's my goal is to
take it from being a niche of

like it's qty. all that's cool.
This is like there's this small

company you can get you know,
transparency and supply chain

and stuff on. that's cool. I
don't know I don't want it to

be like that. I wanted to be
like if you're this

world-changing technology or
echo's not even technology cuz

this is gonna go beyond this
technology. This is a way of

thinking It's. Way of
transacting with one another

that you know. I just want to
inspire others. Yeah. So I've

got a from here on out and if
you guys wanna hold me

accountable for that, I wanna
focus on that destination

versus transparency cuz right
now. transparency is like the

path of right now and I don't
know where that path is gonna

be five years from now 10 years
from now, I just hope that I'm

on it, but if I'm like so honed
in on building this niche of

being transparency I'm
optimistic I know it should be

a Norman. It will be a norm.
I'm optimistic, Tomy says lots

and lots of info they share
shortcomings at times in our

open about environmental inputs
and worker treatment. Yeah.

alright. So you're talking
about like how do you trust A-

two business. I mean,
Ultimately, it's like I would

think I mean this is this is
what I what I think when I

trust A vendor. A product that
consume, but I. I trust

somebody that's like willing to
admit when they're wrong

willing to make. Yeah, we
talked about this earlier with

the Jack Nicholson with the
Joker question. Who do you

trust? I trust that has that
perspective capacity. Of like

not attaching themselves to
strongly to one perspective or

one interpretation of truth,
which could limit you from

seeing that truth as it fully
developed or evolves.

So, yeah, I mean when. So
that's why the only condition

that I have for farmers to work
with us or you know not maybe I

shouldn't say it's farmers but
for producers to utilize our

marketplace for selling their
products and promoting

themselves is. Their ability to
to answer questions and you

know not that they need a
certain certification or we're

gonna hold them to a certain
standard. The only standard

have is that they're willing to
express surgery. And that truth

may not be what we wanna hear,
but if they're willing to first

step to getting into the future
to change to get to where we

want to go is admitting your
truth right isn't that like

with it was like recovery
people that are going therapy

to recover on something they
always say that's like your

step is to admit your truth and
then you can walk. Same thing

applies here and it applies in
business and you know so

there's that part of it. But
then there's the other side of

like why wouldn't someone be
proud of their truth is because

of some shame or some negative
consequences from providing

their truth. you know and I
think that's the whole core of

why we don't hear a whole lot
of truth. you know. Even if you

were to like communicate
directly with the estate, India

like a colonial style T estate
and ask them, you know how you

treat your workers treated and
they know the truth the

managers or whatever they know
the truth. They're not gonna

give you the full truth because
they're afraid that they're you

know markets going to be
affected with that truth. And

so the longer that they delayed
sharing that truth and not even

just sharing it publicly, but
like holding it for themselves

and sitting on it themselves
The longer until they're going

to make the changes that they
probably wanna make anyway. I

mean you know they're not
people don't really wanna be

exploited like very people want
to be exploited and even if

they are in a state of systemic
exploitation, the the. Roots of

that are usually not in their
own source in their own hate.

It's sourced in their own self
protection, you know so It's

almost like we have a
responsibility as true speakers

seekers as truths, you know,
collectors and and and wanting

truth we have we have a
responsibility and holding

space for that truth without
them feeling potential for

shame or potential for negative
consequences from sharing that

truth. So that's why I think
it's really important that like

when we start our surveying the
farmers like when the farm

first wants to apply to sell
products, we put all the

questions out there and I told
them hey, we're not looking for

organic or you know one thing
or another, but we're just

looking for your truth and
we're not gonna shame you.

we'll still sell your product.
You know the only condition we

have is that your truth.
Ireland 1000 good to see you on

Twitter or Periscope I should
say hi.

Have you had any positive
surprises or unfortunates

honesty? Yes? yes. definitely.
yes, That is a hardest some of

it's heartbreaking and It's
it's the same thing you know we

do in our personal lives. you
know even with like a

relationship like a romantic
relationship, which is probably

like the best example to use
here because a lot of our other

relationships in our life like
family relationships when you

start talking about truth and
untruth and There is like an

underlying layer of
unconditional love that

completely change the
situation, but then when you

talk about somebody that
there's not that layer of

unconditional love you can
become more critical and more

betrayed and heartbroken

which even that is a lot right
there, you know if we could

betrayal with unconditional
love could probably. Empower

us, I say us, I mean myself cuz
that's something that I deal

with I deal with betrayal like
that's my big. why I'm so

obsessed with truth is is
because of the trail I don't

like to be betrayed. I don't
like to be told one thing and

build you know some some trust
with somebody and then behold

something else that betrays the
trust and there's so many ways

that can manifest. but that's
core the of it. I know. My

issue in is that So you know
when you're working with

somebody and you come to find
out that they are not being

fully honest or haven't been
fully honest and this happens.

it happens a lot you know
you're talking about business

and business is important. Tell
me I'm about to cut off here on

Instagram. I've I've been on
here for an hour, but I

appreciate your conversations
and in your questions. if you

wanna ask me anything more,
you're welcome to email me or

message me. I like yeah, I
wanna talk a lot more about

this. This is a powerful and I
appreciate being able to put

this conversation into this
perspective cuz it's helped me

a lot like just in this past
hour of rambling on and on.

Thank you so much for letting
me do that. I've I've overcome

a lot. I've I thought a lot you

And I hope that these are all
things that help you all. you

know. I know I'm talking about
the context of of truth and T

and T business in the work that
I do but I think that this is

something applicable to what we
are all dealing in our homes

now around truth from our
government from media from

businesses. from our neighbors,
even you know there's so much

distrust even among friends

around how we should behave
behaving right now, how we

should be perceiving our
perspectives of what's going on

right now and yes, so there's a
lot of room for love. I think

that's ultimately it right
there. Why a conflict with your

family member involving truth
cuz we've all been lied to by a

family member. We've all have
compromised truth from someone

that we love such as like a
blood family member, and in

some cases, it does the story
of that relationship that

happened in the past, but most
of the time it doesn't most of

the time. To have patience with
one another and if we're

successful. We empower that
other person to to build

confidence in their truth and
to share it. But the reason for

that success is simply love.

So, yeah, love more. If you're
struggling with this right now

not relating to tea but
relating to you know the

information that we're getting
access to right now from our

leadership and from our media.
And from our companies so you

know, I think that that's
another really important thing

that if you're a marketer
products. Or whatever you're

selling, I mean, even if you're
a cog in the machine of a

bigger marketing initiative,
such as fast food or you know

big brand. you're actually a
very important not you, but

that brand and the marketing
messaging that gets out is a

very important part of.
Increasing in people's

perspectives which is all
related to truth now, so you

know you may think, Oh I'm
working for a company and we're

just trying to sell our
product. Kinda like well, we're

educating people actually,
we're exposing them to to more

perspectives. you know it's not
just marketing. It's it's much

more than that. so Yeah,
there's some responsibility and

that as well. I put the link up
if anybody is wanting to come

online and chat with me. This
is very heavy subject but

Also, if you don't want to
that's cool too, I feel like

I've done enough of these
videos now in the beginning, I

think the the zoom you know,
kind of interaction was very

powerful and needed thing and
in the world in the community

as we were feeling a Super
isolated. It's kinda good, You

know now that we've gotten to
this point now where

we're building confidence in
ourselves as isolated beings

Finding ways to occupy our time
and if we don't need this

interactions as much as we did
need them, you know weeks ago.

When we when we first got into
this, but it's not to say that

this is not good for us. You
know there's there's a

benefits, but ultimately
there's been a lot of

negatives. you know, I don't
think that we are meant to be

isolated for too long
anti-social for too long. I

don't know if it's good for our
psyche. You're a single person

like me. It's like. yeah. it's
it's not good but I've been

grateful for good conversations
that I've had with certain

friends like the one I had last
night. that's inspired this

this conversation today around
the around truth. so yeah again

my call to to myself that I'm
putting out there right now is.

that I will no longer be
focused on the past but focus

on the destination and the path
will work itself out and

that's. Too heavy for me to
join, I need it. Yeah. get a

dog. Don't don't lose. hope
you'll get your dog. It'll be

really good for you. I mean
it's good that you're with your

family. I think so that's good
but somebody that you can

relate to you know on a
different level than you know

with your parents. would be
really good for you. so you

know keep keep focus. I'm sure
once things start opening up

there, you'll be able to like
get to the shelters and And

then, of course, all the people
that took in fosters or took in

adoptions at the beginning of
the stay-at-home order that

realize they're not pet owners
will probably be oh you're at

your apartment. now that's good
to hear. But I wouldn't doubt

that there's kind of like a an
increase of of dogs that at all

the shelters when people start
getting out of their houses and

really cuz I know a lot of
people took dogs in at the

beginning, knowing you know
that they're gonna be lonely

and that'd be a good idea and
plus there was also a need for

fosters right cuz if if the
employees weren't gonna be able

to go and work who's gonna take
care of the dogs, so it was

important that a lot these dogs
found homes but Maybe not all

of these homes. We're ready for
dogs and that's okay. That's

totally okay. So you know don't
be cruel If you don't want the

dog go get it to a glass or
glasses at all. He'd be a good

dog owner. I'm sure you can
have a little tea parties with

your dog here. It can be really

Bye. So, yeah, sorry, I didn't
have a too much tea education

in my talk today I just felt
inspired to share about that

and kind of my new commitment
in my brand and in my work you

know so maybe you'll see me
talking a lot less about

transparency and more about
trust or and not just trust but

perspectives and The importance
of First, having tolerance of

other people's perspectives.
Which Russ your own perspective

it humbles and empowers your
own perspective by doing that

pretty incredible. so that's
why I think that's a good first

step in moving forward and then
after that

Always wanting to increase not
just your own perspective, but

I mean I guess it's kind of
related to that first role. So

maybe it's the first rule,
tolerance, tolerance and


Or maybe about perception,
Tommy you brought in some good

notes about that. so. I'm kind
of like running things, so this

will all get written out in a
nice concise and a nice concise

way that that will bring
clarity to all of it. So thank

you so much for letting me use
this time in your time

interacting. I hope it's been
enriching for you for kind of

figuring this stuff out but
it's important now more than

ever and it's related to tea.
It's related to your personal

life. It's related to you know,
pain or depression or. The

things that you might be
exposed to right now due to the

pandemic. so yeah keep hope you
know. that's one truth. I know

about is that happiness exists
right happiness fulfillment

community. those things all
exist and right now in our

perspectives that we're
experiencing those things are
kind of not existing or they're
all like they're. Go and and

there's so many other thoughts
that come through that negates

all those positives that can
make you doubt. I'm feeling it

myself and I'm really really
optimistic happy person usually

so if I'm feeling it I gotta
know the people must be really

feeling it So yeah, I don't
think that we should let go of

our desire for truth we.
Continue to seek it out Put our

patients, you know, maybe focus
on the truths that we know are

there and that will keep that
hope in that optimism for us.

so the truth that love exists
the truth that unconditional

love exists it does for
everybody, You know it may feel

like it doesn't exist, but it
does you know I think that

could help out a lot of these
other issues that we have in

the world and our T. How do we
know we can trust that we're

getting good teeth

Yup. Alright, I think I'm gonna
sign out I put on for over an

hour and I feel like I've
gotten out everything I needed

to thank you everybody that
tuned in Eric. Thank you so

much always good to hear your
banter. Good luck with your

dog. Keep your keep your eyes
open. Keep your hopes up I

believe in a truth that's going
to come really soon that you're

gonna have a really great
friend coming into your life

soon. you know. And I can't
wait to see all the pictures.

Alright folks Well, I hope you
have a beautiful rest of your

Tuesday and I'll see you here
tomorrow. if you have any

requests of what you'd like me
to speak on, I think tomorrow

I'd like to do something a bit
more workshop oriented and

hands on oriented with tea
versus you know kind of this

high level philosophical
conversation. of course, if you

want if you want more of that
I'm happy to do more lives

that. but yeah until then.
Please reach out to me my Email

is info at Tela dot com or you
can just comment or message

through any of the platforms
that you're viewing this video

on alright have a great night
Talk to you soon. Bye.

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