Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Life in Shutdown

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Hello Facebook. How's everybody
doing today on this beautiful

Tuesday, March 20, -fourth Wow.
Unbelievable. It's already

March. Feeling good feeling pretty
good and I've been having a

couple of conversations today with
friends and seen. yeah

generally, people are feeling pretty
optimistic still drinking

lots of tea and yeah make you best
of their time. you know, I

know there's still a lot of certainty,
but I think we're all

gonna make it a getting some. some

Called a Ruby 18. It's the cold
bar developed the circle, the

Taiwanese Research Center and beautiful
teeth. I got a driver.

Hey, Evan How's it going good to
see you or at least see your

little icon of your profile. It's
always refreshing to to see

that happy Tuesday. Happy March
20 -fourth already March 20

-fourth The classes time is doing
but yeah, let's see what he

wants to be helpers here. Hey Brandon
For you to get connected,

Yup, you gotta connect your audio
to the to be part of the

party. I am sure hey everybody.
It's a beautiful Tuesday. We

are having an incredibly beautiful
Tuesday here in Vegas. Lots

of Sun quite a bit of wind Realty.
Thank you so much for

joining I've been enjoying often
it's it's good to stay acted

and yeah, I hope you're Having a
good time with your family,

munity their entry logo, perhaps
hey Brandon. I hear you now. I

can't see myself. maybe yeah looks
like your camera is off

looks like there's a blank avatar.
But your camera is off.

okay. I just requested for you to
turn it on. Oh they are hey,

yeah, they make your bed.

Feature where you can like change
the background like that was

like a thing going around on the
Internet when but he was

starting to to do all these zoom
meetings for their work and

you know how you. It's judgment,
I'm just used just now well, I

saw a little term Amazon Basin broke
while I was hiking a

couple of months ago tape together.
Is it like what is the

iPods? Those things are pretty cool?
No Amazon basics. It's

just really attack. I gotta get
one of those cuz like the

Instagram is I just like I'm against
the table that the monitor

is right. That's you like a friend
of mine. who's with me. I

left this in my car and now she
I think she's in San Diego.

she does a safe comfortable place
to be a lady there. Oh, yeah.

definitely. I think that she her
office is yes. I'm sure what

she does a lot of travel like headquarters
in San Diego

actually met meet up and meet up
and she made me a co-worker of

town. Well that's convenient. Yeah.
So four tillty on Instagram

from Chez that we'll stay at home.
Hope you guys are safe

safely. Yes, we are pretty cool.
My friend. Take this morning

on Facebook. that start up I didn't
click the list. you know,

read the click bait but I had taken
an APS data from phone all

throughout the day and yeah every
state of like how effective

or they're yeah they're. GPS points
and how many people are

always staying home or stay home
for another place where you

know a lot more movement in people
moving around system that

like Nevada like scored, Yeah. Well,
I don't know that that's

good a governor on Tuesday last
week I guess seven days ago and

it seems like a long time. It's
pretty good, but we're all

we're also a pretty small populated.
I like I should click on

the links that way I can do what
it says I would assume that's

like I put a type of you know rating,
but I mean when I saw I

made, I thought well, I mean, maybe
Nevada has like the highest

perspective of people get off. you
know right. Yeah make a

really felt decision faster than
all the other States too,

which was really helpful.

Yeah. Seems like so in New York,
where the first one in New

York is now a Center of everything
cuz obviously, it's what

like it's 10 Peak million people
that like five burrows. Yeah

and imagine like how many people
are seeing for job like

there's no. I guess there's not
a lot of gambling but I mean I

bet Atlantic City. Yeah. And I mean
New York is just an

international meeting there so playing
like yeah. Yeah there is

what do you what do you been up
and what do you what are you

keeping busy with well the key for
the most part.

Yeah, well I kinda been set just
I'm a I'm a volunteer local

Humane Society here like as a hobby,
It closed down so I've

been trying to figure out the just
places online. there's this

Saturday. I'm going to help work
on animal airy that in the

Valley here near Carson's it's gonna
be for. For animals that

need some help getting into yeah.
well, that's great. if it's

the legacy society is an operating
or not open or they're at

least still people they're carrying.

Yes, yeah, the officer on duty and
and because as they're

they're all sorting facilities.
so I think the people that

worked in the boarding for earning
shelter because they're I

don't. there's only a doubt. it's
it's an interesting multi-use

facility. They have boarding and
grooming is like the bad and

the classic signs so unfortunately,
the people are working the

boarding. I think there's stops
they have A time with the

animals that they film on Oh Nice,
Oh, that's the community

engaged with it. Yeah. Somebody
on Instagram was asking. I'm

drinking right now. just do a fill
in I just brewed two steps

and stack them is picture of me.
18 grass for the 18 Ruby he

likes to make a little excellent
different but 18 Ruby is name

of a cultivar that was developed
by the Taiwan Research a

minute. Of the wild's Taiwanese
cold of a variety of tea and

Islamic code tip brought in and
those were Crossfit make this

variety and it's typically into
a black tea like this black

nice beautiful. That's why they
call it a Ruby 18. It's a

beauty, but it has like it has like
several a oh there you go.

You got a little tea there. What
are you drinking? Brandon

Bring some some tea from India there
you go. I was the breath

from the team that they bring. just
like almost a hybrid

exactly that you're drinking is.
that's also a hybrid, but that

would appear as a break all the
plants and then that. Speed

there's different varieties varieties
that they teach Islamic a

song. This is teach that's for so
it it grows higher location

with the weather gets clear and
the Islamic relief that grows

at lower elevations more right to
like he's cool climate. but

what you're and the Islamic, a variety
tends to be a multitier

stronger more brisk. you know sensing.
Their team there I'm

trying to develop a taste for it.
I'm I'm a true like I'm a big

milk long fan. so I put because
I started drinking blast milk

and ??? most people their coffee
but yeah it's about since

meeting you and getting more interest
leaf tea. I've developed

more of a palette. I I don't have
though I like to get like I

haven't whisks. I might wanna get
into the art over this a lot.

Yeah. Yeah. that'd be good but watch
is really good. It feels

good. It gives you a nice heightened
so focus and like

meditative energy right, yeah and
you can also cook with it

like I saw you on it's on the cake
with it. Yeah. Yeah. yeah

walking with matcha. yes, the last
trip that I took age as to

where I did. I did I brought matcha
with me in. to make an

offering to all the families that
I was staying with and if you

know not have an oven which you
know, usually when you're

baking a cake that's made a tool
that oven and ovens are so

pattern Rule party but cake you
can make on a flat paint and

it's a face you know you just keep
your stacks with cream the

team crepes I had in the recipe.
so that's why the the actual

pancake was. And then tall enough
stack you know as as tall and

that thing and matcha, it's easy
like Syria. So this were cake,

you know so so strong, you know
a piece of cake would do that.

that miss yeah station that you
want you know like a lot of

matcha people making or cooking.
It's not only matcha. It's

like it's more technically powdered
Green tea. I think to be

considered as much a a couple of
very strong like. Guideline

guidelines that need to be followed
that yields that really

like savory, sweet flavor and soft
texture silky texture. Yeah,

you know if it gets you know, it's
it's really expensive using

like the real. yeah, so how their
Green tea and bitter and that

takes better to to sugar, which
is what you're talking about

with milk when you said that when
we used to drink tea with

like milk sugar Like the tea, you're
having right there, the

empty even this one would take well
to sugar cuz it's such a

strong brick punchy punchy flavor
will power through in the

milk. Yeah. I found I'm I'm from
Atlanta so girl there had a

lot of sweet tea. I mean in South
if you get the you bet you

better and you don't want sugar
and unsweet tea. you don't you

don't just ask for us too. I found
a recipe for iced tea with

some monks, maybe the monk fruit.
Counteract the after taste

the ancestor of the Stevia. I'm
not sure yeah, I think it was

called keep it keto tea. Okay. You
gotta make it make sense and

I I also found online those bottled
iced heavy. Yeah. Yeah.

there's quite a few. I have a few
clients that actually make

products like that. there's actually
shot. It's called Matcha.

It's like a five -hour energy that
my client and she uses

ceremony, okay and Stevia and in
it to make a cuz they were

using money and you know things
don't like honey. so no I

didn't. but the.

Oh, yeah but but. There's definitely
still there's a huge

market for because people love my
local cuz it might help your

immune. yes exactly. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. That's really good.

Yeah. I like me. I'm really optimistic
about tree ups right

now. you know, I'm still haven't
gotten more attention as a

sweetener. then he's like honey
but. My buddy is doing sales

over obvious doing blended tree
series like this leaf maple

base. It's not just maple it'll
be like or for tree syrup or

you know just to kinda give it like
the character and flavor.

Yeah at my strong, we wake our eyes
to one ones with the syrup

like more like a cocktail tea rather
than putting the. The tea

just putting straight ??? Yeah,
it's better than like putting

suspending their simple syrup does
make easier to blend and you

know different than just be in there
and swirling it but you

know what look like anti sugar.
So you know, I think that trees

which are already suspended, you
know there are the those are

already suspended throughout. yeah
have a better glycemic index

just. Sugar syrup Okay, it's molasses
a tree sugar. No, it's

organic right glasses is extreme.
You know, okay. so so yeah,

technically healthier. you know
it's not as process. you know

sugar like they're just the the
The soup is too close. I don't

know I'm a little on life science
on that one, but I mean

anything that's cool and as like
obsessed as possible to be the

healthier option. Yeah. yeah. Like
sugar, you can just choose.

okay. Okay. Yeah ruin your teeth
I I remember like in fourth

grade best friends got sugar one
of his birds from his mom.

Let's just a big big sugar case.
Oh, yeah. Yeah. What doesn't

the piece for in West Africa? Sugar
was of course, a delicacy.

It was a real treat, and we always
knew when she sees floor

everywhere where all the chewed
up pieces of the. That's how

they consumed it like culture is
won't do that cuz they know

it's not your teeth to do that.
They'll be like streamers that

are like crushing the hurricane
and maybe a sugar cane juice.

So you know you don't have to chew
it yourself you can drink

the juice directly and it really
sweet really delicious and you

know a lot of people say like really
healthy, especially

compared to just refined sugar.
Yeah, I mean with the Mexican

Coke. Yeah, I feel like I drink
actually since the new year.

And the ones to cut out all free
corn syrup you know, I ???

those corn syrup, you know has a
whole list of to it. You know

not just dietary unhealthy for you,
but it's it's pretty

unhealthy but an economy analytics
too. You're not of our fixes

dictated by the corn industry was
directly you know related to

the developed and use a pipeline
syrup, Coca Cola and Mcdonald

together. the two of them are the
mayors that cause that all to

have I'm gonna about the King of
corn. it is. It's a

documentary, Yeah, like one of these
guys I basically an of of

land in an just throughout how process
like they lease it, I

guess from a large farm cuz you
can't make much if you just

have like in type of corn, we process
more the type of corn

that's going to feed cattle or yeah
sir. I guess that's where a

lot of it's now a lot of you know
alternatives, you know. Bio

fuels not but the the fruit toast
corn syrup like they're just

so many layers bad and faulty that
so yeah and like the. I'm

Emma Story class, but one of those
where like it to get the

thickness they refer in. I get what
the thing is that it's

spins like huh, like a centrifuge
I guess or something okay,

but the process of acting in the
commentary think about it.

I'll think of court was flexer.
No I I actually saw it at UNC.

Oh cool. Somewhere all share, Yeah,
it work definitely I I

started another documentary on Netflix
minimalism. it's pretty

interesting but I just start on
this guy. He was climbing the

corn just like realize like what
what am I missing like it's so

caught up in the chase to get things
that we don't realize what

we're what. Really is to me this
is a lot of a lot of

happiness, just think forward to
being happy like and and and

rarely saddest like that. my primal
nature like we're restless.

We're looking for something new
like they're. well. Let's hope

that what they'll do right now.
you know how fast all of that.

Yeah, I mean in things like this
are popping up all the time

like I'm more and more Instagram
people are starting live

videos with other people like Erica,
but I do have answered

last night, but it was a bad new
free market or something. A

lot of people are exploring exploring
that and getting better

too. I feel like the content is
scared. Yeah. And two days then

I'm gonna be with my at safety shops
Sam Kaplan in La he's been

doing like daily topic themed and
he said. he's gonna be one on

Thursday at 20 'clock so we're gonna
do this together and do

them together and another tea. buddy
of ours is so fun from

West China Tea Company. we're all
gonna be other and I'm pretty

excited about it you Really gonna
elevate what we're what we're

doing here. you know what I said.
here is like really casual

like it's just you know what it's
all feel it. through. Yeah. I

mean this is gonna share with people
every day really. But with

what's going on, I don't get to
have these cattle tea

interaction friends, so I created
this platform for that. but

on Thursday, we're gonna have much
more like articulated and

kind of. Oriented by a friend, Sam
is Facilitating the set not

just one second. I'll be right back.
Alright. Yeah, so we'll be

talking about. You know how to make
the work and as what what's

going on to build community build
more than get more people

drinking cuz tea can the world that
can save us.

I'm feeling pretty saved now.

Yeah, they have tea with me the
link to join the election right

now is bit dot LY slash Tea Party
pretty remember pretty easy

to get when you go, there will be
room there have to approve

you could possibly. I've come to
learn that on you know these

trends is like live sessions going
on. There's a little more

with module. Non consult contents
being shared so I wanna make

sure that we keep playing on the
tea focus community. right.

Yeah. I'm back, but apparently I'm
supposed to be somewhere

right now. Oh, yeah. Oh I have an
appointment with

Yeah, I have an appointment with
a friend of mine. go over some

stuff well if you do what you gotta
do, I appreciate that you

saw me in that you did and obviously
it okay. Alright. Alright.

Buh bye. Buh bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
Alright there we go Get outta

here. That's funny. So, yeah, like
my third steps 18 rooms so

this is a 20 so got a few years
on it still got some nice

color. see.

See who's with us who is joining
us see but we do have hours

on. It's good to see you guys. I
hope you're doing well you for

joining me as beautiful today. Andy
Room. I can't wait to have

you in my room for real the time
be soon The I hope if I've

never had the chance to come here
and sit with me at my table

that this will be the opportunity
of Fomo to motivate you to to

our events or 14 when things calm
down and go to normal and we

can get back out to the. Community

I see you thank you for sharing
the love. Yeah. Yes Boss Vegas

straight now cuz looking the activity
of our town Strip as we

all know it and as all the locals
avoid absolutely gone dead or

the past week and then businesses
in and very people walking

around on the Strip. so the weird
really weird kind of quite

light zone. Be here in Vegas. During
this time and now but and

East, you know our veterans and
business are all boarded up cuz

the cities for the own. we're 30
days for one weekend only few

more weeks ago and yeah happens,
so it's always best to be

safe. protect ourselves. I'm protected
here so I'll be fine.

And I'm doing this live session
at Two PM from like two to

three a little over halfway done.
if you want the session, it's

very everybody's welcome and you
can't or you don't have to

drink tea, but it's always more
Green tea together like this is

to try to fill up my empty tea tables.
so I'm doing this every

day and inviting the joints and
connect and talk and Dream

about we want for our future together
all over wanna drink to

join you just. Go on the Internet
and you could do this or

following you do it for a tablet.
You can do computer and visit

bit dot Ly slash Tea party and you'll
come to ours where we are

and streaming on our Facebook and
then I'm streaming to

Instagram. Fortunately, I hate to
stream you know multiples on

to Instagram. My technology skills
are advanced of the leaf in

this tumbler. you know my whole
reason of why I started doing

these things with the latest thing
the community, but I do have

a couple of events planned during
this time and. Cohost even

though we had cancel our event,
our physical here in they

wanted to continue with the production
of these events and so I

decided that we bring a virtual
online so I wanted to start

going to be an awareness about virtual
events and then also a

little bit of skill with how to
effective see hold the

community together like this. I
appreciate your patience as

we're learning more danger if you
drink. If you tea lots of

very good tea of the safely purchase
through your computer and

I did that you visit our Matt all
of our retail partners to

learn various killers and tea brand
that could be located right

in your way that you could be supporting.
this is doing good at

the culture business. You can visit
that a map at T Calm slash

Matt and there we have a map of
North America all of. Our

retail partners are currently fulfilling
online orders have

their websites as well. Featured
products that from our catalog

so multi teas that have been sort
of independent family farms

all made with great skill up. so
this is a really to expect

explore loose leaf tea. You know
you've always been intimidated

by loosely or by new styles that
you had before what a purpose

to share that experience with family
or yourself if you are

yourself if you're like me isolated
all this is a really great

to to get it done into and the best
if you wanted me for tea,

you can come on and we can drink
tea together. I'm happy to any

questions that you have. I'm no
expert you know quite a bit

let's to a lot of areas and been
having the great fortune of

working with when was killed. The
Masters of those so I can

answer questions always happy to
to hear that tell you with

that. if you have any need to comment
on the Facebook live

video be happy to to answer anything
about tea about this about

food about about the Internet, all
of my favorite things.


So I'm gonna make another Bird our
specially being there's just

in two days, sometimes at two PM,
you know as part of ongoing

series of Virtuality pretty, I'm
gonna be joining my band

Kaplan in and our friends so on
Houston, Texas we talking about

authenticity community trusts leadership
all these incredible

topics all teeth into the tea and
the practice of child You

know top minds of of these target
becoming to talk so it would

be a really valuable session and
you are all welcome if you

want aggression we do really reduce
Sam sleep, which all the

media of how you can register it.
you know we make a collect

collective consciousness around
all the pics of of trust

essentials down to trust. You know.
that's what I've I've come

to learn. you know what we're dealing
with. you know it's

interesting. I've been doing. With
deeper eight years, eight

years as a long time and I worked
in changed at all, know the

the concepts and the rain works
in which I work and I think I

really haven't changed. you know
I haven't even become jump. Oh

my goodness from day one, it was
a trust. It was always about

how do we build best like press
possible? We've all

experienced. I've experienced it
with ourselves. We extend

close family eventually have experienced
close our our work

colleagues but it seems so far.
There these relations from us

Corporation the government politics
the farther actions get

from us, the lawyers trust gets
and that's pretty released the

unbear that we live in.

All my work and my business and
build my own path was to you

know, try to build us and remind
people that each other now

we're at a point. It's all kind
of employee itself and hey

Mondo how I see you. I hope you
are come in and say hi look to

catch up with you. I've been so
long Red Mondo from California

and some really good friend in the

Beautiful Central Coast Rica. We
experience Syrian tea in

Francisco at a really cool festival.
Yeah, you are there miss

you too. I was like this is all
over. We get there. Oh, yeah,

we served really incredible event
called planet at home and

yeah, it was like a whole sustainability
conference and all

these different artists collaborated
a lot of like Bernie

collaborated and own exhibits of
the attendees. they're also

was you know like live music component
so like Snoop dog and

punch on performers among several
other bands but the main

purpose of this yet but to get people
to use different exhibits

different and Around sustainability
and you know how to

available communities and we were
asked to make a deal lounge

and our whole concept was our call
to action was to value more

and bus digital. You know it's incredibly
powerful and I think

it's something right now. specifically,
we are all seeing how

to you know matter what social classes
or what your financial

position is that in society we are
all be enforced to really

like what we value and what we can
do. I mean. I take 12. We're

all like coming very intimately
at our consumption of a toilet

and in which we value that type
of thing and you know, I just

hope that these reflections continue
to exist influence our

lives even beyond. it's time that
we're going out. Yeah. I like

to focus on the parts consuming
less isn't that can help all of

us the ways, but all you be more
is really powerful. you know,

I think a lot don't really have
the opportunity to have money

privilege of valuing things that
you know avail often times

reminded about the youth is that's
interesting how the captains

I read yesterday and I'll I'll go
ahead and share that link to

it right here. I'm a researcher
did the study. Pay a premium

books that had environmental sustainability
Associated with

them and so they had like disappeared
people that they were in

this hypothesis on and of the people
who are economic scene

more village least likely to a premium
for products that you

know a positive impact. so I'm not
really interesting because

it means yeah that they're. You
know and even regardless they

have like a positive environmental
impact products that more in

care and put into them armor consumer
level products and it's

it's as if the have the money to
support those types of value,

those types of products don't actually
value them. It's like

like don't have the money are the
ones that actually do those

types of acts so be interesting

you know around. Consumer You know,
it's like you get the more

the well beer you get less, you
value things is the overall

rating I got for that which is such
a box.

My buddy system, please excuse him.
Bitcoin. You see that some

covers proposed bill is a bill in
Congress right now to

initiate some digital currency for
meals packages that are.

Hopefully gonna be coming to the
people of this country soon. I

don't know how far it's gonna get
you know to to hear some

other people's opinion on Hey Steve
How's it going. I'm about

to turn but Steve a day you definitely
actually Thursday. be a

day, then your team with the fun
and Sam Kaplan NLA. We're

gonna be talking about gun food
chain and trust and you know

for the future. I hope to have have
you a part of that

conversation. Be a real job with
you see how things in Portland

are going actually just saw Jonathan
He was doing some very

first the next block and he wanted
to go say hi. so I figured

that I'd be reviewed, invite him
over and back up the tea room.

He's literally being the person
to to walk a space in the past

three weeks, but yeah, it was good
to see him and he sent in

Portland thanks for keeping the
teeth flowing in the northwest.

You still got a lot to give. I'm
sure it's more. Pretty high

buzz level pretty pretty high energy
level from this. Which is

good cuz a lot of work and writing
sector. I finished this so

it'll be good to have a nice little.

I appreciate all the time given
me what you've just joined for

a second step through this whole
session. I'm grateful for your

friendship and your support in your
community and this and been

through and I'm here for our community
and we'll continue to to

produce so everyday at two. I am
going to go live at bit dot LY

slash Tila TV and you are all lying.
preferably let's help you

so the Boiling and I'd love to catch
up about what your

parenting right now is definitely
a safe place for us to talk

our feelings about one of course,
all with perspective are not

negative positive. we're focus positive
cuz there's still

things to look forward to in this
positivity, so we are gonna

positive, not negative and yeah,
I love to see you. I'll be

barrels and Thursday we have a session
so Mark that on your

calendar and prioritize to be here
on there, I will send up so

that Be able to register so that
you can ask our session on

Thursday, which special month with
a really great knowledgeable

tea friends around me. so yeah,
Big wise Tea party. I'll see

you tomorrow.

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