Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - The Future of Events

Video Subtitles:

Hello Facebook Happy Tuesday.
Happy April seventh just two

weeks two days away from the
virtual tea festival so excited

to be hosting that things are
really coming together.

beautifully for it. Bitcoin is
really excited. He's been so

excited. he hasn't been able to
get off my lap over the past

couple of days so yeah, so
we've been spending the past

few days having zoo. Meetings
with all the different

presenters and talking about
what they're going to be

presenting and how the whole
operation is gonna work and

helping get the word out. so if
you wanna help us in that, we

greatly appreciate your help
and getting the word out about

About how exciting and fun this
this event is going to be for

all of us to to join together
and talk about tea and talk

about how much we love tea and
how it can help save us during

this very uncertain time. So if
you want to join me today and

drink tea with me today, it's
very easy. if you're watching

here on Facebook, there's a
link that you can see that is

bit dot LY slash Tea Tea party.
You click that link it will

take you to a waiting room of
this zoom room that we're in

and there I'll let you in and
we will be able to talk about

tea and talk about all the
things that we love about tea.

Or we can talk about anything
else you wanna talk about

really. This is like a very
formal casual way for us to

come together because really
since this whole pandemic has

begun I really missing the time
that I've been able to sit in

my tea room and meet with
friends and talk about all the

exciting projects that we're
working on. yeah, I haven't

been able to do that and in a
little bit in person at least

but here today and everyday
when I go live as silly as it

may. It's such a great
opportunity for us to to come

together and and and catch up
so it seems that something

caused my Internet to slow down
and it looks like the Facebook

video is it's paused. Let's see
how it's looking on my phone.

What's working on my phone so
it must just be my computer.

That's not working. So yeah we
have viewers on Facebook. I'm

sorry I didn't know I was
moving and talking the whole

time. So yeah tomorrow. Also
there's going to be a really

informative session definitely
not gonna be as casual as this

is where I'll be doing a
lecture for the European Tea

Society, which is a new
Organization that I've recently

began. Began to get involved
with they are a new

Organization overall and
they're someone of a trade

Association between different
companies in the specialty tea

industry in Europe, so they're
gonna have this webinar, which

is the first of series of
webinars that they plan to do

into the future talking about
specialty tea and talking about

you know all of the ways that
we can improve our businesses

and improve our love for
specialty teeth so tomorrow's

lecture is going to be on
direct trade transparency in

the supply. and then also they
requested that I make it

applicable to the current
situation that we're dealing

with with the pandemic and most
importantly with a climate

change, which is you know very
good that we're connecting

these things because they're
not directly connected, but

they're similar and how they're
affecting us. They're similar

and how they're creating
uncertainty and change for us

and the resilience that we
build for one will benefit us

and the resilience that will
need to To deal with the other,

so yeah tomorrow, 11 AM Pacific
so you know if you're on the

East Coast, I believe that's
three PM so just in the

afternoon and you'll get to
learn about the Europeans as

tea society and hopefully
you'll be able to interact with

other people so that will be a
more industry community versus

a consumer community which
we're expecting on Thursday.

I just saw like an ad for the
killer clown.

So it looks like it is still
pretty choppy. I'm gonna try to

close out all these windows.
I've been like having so many

windows open to to do all this
work over the past few days, so

that might be what's causing
all these problems. Please

excuse all my mouse clicking.
Lady DT Nice to meet you Hello.

If you're still there, it's
been great been making a lot of

new friends on Instagram since
we started working on this

project which is something I've
been trying to do you know,

Instagram has been kind of
putting a lot of controls on

its a lot of them of you know
who who gets to follow you or

you know who gets exposed to
your media so yeah, it's been a

little difficult. to to grow
that network, it's interesting

cuz when I first started
Instagram back in 2012, when I

first started doing it for
tillett. It was very nice

channel to to grow very fast.
If you have a really good

quality content, people would
see it people would find it

they would connect with it, but
then overtime you know, like

especially after they got
acquired by Facebook. There are

a lot of them became tighter
and tighter. really. I think

it's you know to discourage
businesses from doing well on

there and we're officially a
discount. it's not a Cup of tea

water or something. so I think
it's the longer than works.

Businesses to try to encourage
them to to pay for the

distribution of their content,
so I refuse to pay for

distribution on content the
only time we will pay for

distribution on something as if
it's like an event that we're

trying to invite people to so
we will do a little bit of

plain with ads for the virtual
tea fest leading up to it with

the hope Jennifer's iPhone
let's see who Jennifer is Hi


Alright, Jennifer I'm going to
ask you to leave. Come back

with your your camera on get
your camera on your audio on

and yeah. I'll be sure to let
you wait hi Robin good to see

you on Facebook. Yeah, you
can't wait for another taste

and I can't wait either. I
can't wait until that all gets

gets available again. too. You
know I just I was just writing

an article for the vertical
tifa of the virtual tea

festival and you know Kinda
said that the overall goal is

that hopefully overtime or over
the the the course of the day

and the festival. people can
make friends with each other

and can make new friends with
new tee people and of course,

have fun drinking tea virtually
with each other, but then

ultimately beyond that
festival. I hope that you guys

can remain connected and you
know remain friends with each

other and eventually get to sit
down and drink a Cup of tea in

person with each other. when
the time is right and we're

ready for it. Hi Instagram. I
love the hearts. Absolutely

love the hearts so I'm gonna
use a new guy. One today I've

been using this one for the
longest time. It's really kind

of my favorite guy one so
usually this is the one that I

have out but since Patrick came
on yesterday was showing us is

that Charlie Hi Charlie Good to
see you since Patrick came on

and was throwing some pottery
yesterday during this time, I

thought it would be.
Appropriate to use this guy

wants so this is a guy one made
by Patrick who if you watch

this every day and watched
yesterday, you probably saw him

at his wheel throwing some cups
and some tea pots. this is his

one of one of the first
generations of a guy won that

he created. so it's got the

Base really beautiful, Nice
coloring. And then the Cup nice

leg on it. Also, some nice
coloring and some some cool

like cracking.

And then, of course the lid
with a ungli top, which is kind

of nice because it helps your
finger like hold hold the lid

into place whenever you're
you're pouring cuz you know the

whole thing is glazed and the
whole thing is pretty heavy.

You know it's pretty thick
which means yeah it does hold

in the heat but it's it's
really thick so it can be a

little bit clumsy. if you you
know, don't have a good handle

on it. so this ungli based top.
Really helps and keep holding

the Place. you have to excuse
me, I have to go warm my water

real quick.

So does anybody have some good
news? Hi Allison.

Good to see you hey if you
wanna come drink tea with me

just click that link at the top
of the bit dot LY slash Tea

party love to have you here be
good to catch up with you.

My virtual tea control Center
I've created I've got my tray

here. This is actually my desk
where I usually wear. when I

started doing these things, I
was trying to do them from my

tea room, which is you know
down down the Hall and and at

the other side of the building.
but the WiFi was too slow the

connection over there, so I had
to move over here so I could

plug directly in with the
Ethernet cable. So for those of

you that are trying to do more
of these live videos, I

recommend. You do work with a a
hard wire plugin for your

connection or else your your
video will be slow which maybe

it's slow on Facebook. It's
being slow for me, but I think

it might be it might be my
fault. It might be the the

computer itself being slow
versus the the feed to the

Internet being slow. Yeah. So
yeah. so behind the tea tray. I

actually have my keyboard here
so it's kinda hidden here. You

can't see. of course you'll be
able to hear me typing if I

started typing so I won't do
that to you all. I'll keep I'll

keep that from you guys and
then my mouse is here right

behind the side. so you know I
can, I can still be doing my

work and and drinking tea at
the same time like I never had

this type of setup before, but
it seems to be working with

doing these videos cuz I'm
doing them every. So it's not

like if it was a once a week, a
type of thing I could just set

up, you know, special space and
and just do that for when I do

the videos. but since I'm doing
it every day, I kinda don't

wanna have to be setting
everything up. So, yeah,

everybody is learning how to do
videos right now. Not everybody

is learning how to do them well
and I think that we have lots

of time right now. Thank you.
Yeah see so you're seeing a

different view than they're
seeing cuz the the zoom cameras

much higher than than my phone
for the Instagram. So you get

to see the very cool art behind
me, but then you miss out on

all the art on the sides. so
it's kinda cool. Maybe you can

you can bounce around from from
one angle the other to see the

different different things. The
Instagram view is much more

focused on the the service of
the tea, although I kinda like

this from the the zoom camera,
you get like kind of a downward

view so you can kinda see
things as they're as they're

brewing. So, yeah, I don't know
if we've met in person before I

know you know we interact with
each other online and I see

online that you are a potter.
hi good to see you I'd love to

see your stuff sometime I love
mean American Potters and

encouraging them to pursue team
more. Patrick, who made this

guy was when we first met
through Instagram, I had

invited him to the Southwest
Festival to then I didn't know

what type of tea where they
had. I just knew we wanted to

diversify our vendor list a bit
more than just tea brands, so I

invited them to come and they
happily came and they made a

huge setup and ready. Only have
like big mugs and they had all

these beautiful little trays.
They were like small little

things like this little ceramic
trays that I thought would have

been great for coasters and
that's what I told them, I

said. Hey, you should have you
should make matching sets of

like four or five of each and I
I said, this is the coaster

right, they said. No. no. no.
This is not a cozy coaster.

Actually this is tea bag
holder. We made these for the

tea. Because we thought people
need a tea bag holders right

they they use tea bags when
they drink tea they they need

something double bag, I said.
Oh, no what this is a little

bit different tea community.
maybe they're not using tea

bags. maybe you can make some
much bowls or you can make some

guy one and teapot and they're
like what what do you mean like

like here's a teapot and I was
like I think they might have

had like a big size tea pot. A
lot of potters will make and

they I envy. Them to my teeth
room and this was a 20 - 16

again. This was 2016 the
beginning of 2016 and they

ended up spending gosh that
must have been five or six

hours just playing with all of
the tea wears that we had, you

know we had a lot of Chinese,
of course within Japanese wears

and Korean wars, and it was
really the the Korean wears

that totally took them. Okay,
We met an I love drinking tea

with Jeffrey at the Portland
Fest. There's actually a photo

and maybe you're in that photo
of whenever I was sitting at

his table. There's a photo in
the Portland Teen Fest

marketing of City Net Jeffrey's
table, and I'm just like

smiling so huge, you know he
must have said a joke. I love

his sense of humor cuz he's
such a serious guy, but then

when he's not, he's not a very
funny guy.

So, yeah, they fell in love
with tea wear and ever since

then, I think they've

this guy won I do have some to
sell so someone on Facebook.

Hey Kayla good to see you as
someone on Facebook had asked

if we have these for sale. we
do have some guy wants and off

this exact one. This was like a
personal gift that Patrick had

given me, but we do have a
little bit of a selection of

their stuff, a couple of
shelves selection of their

stuff. so when all these
finishes love to have you come

over and see if there's
anything that you like Allison,

they have. Of those coasters
they, they still continue to

make those tea bag holders but
now they make them as coasters

so they they have sets of them
and they're really great. You

know, I've never really seen a
ceramic coaster for a Tea Cup,

but they fit perfect and I
think that's kinda fun. You

know when you're building your
tea table and you're building

your gun food shop. That photo
see Alright. I'm gonna look

back at that photo and remember
that we we did sit together at

that time. That's awesome. So
yeah, so it seems that

everything is running smoothly.
They're just a little bit of

delay and that's the nature of
live streaming, even like on

Instagram. When you live
stream, there is a little bit

of a delay. that's just how the
Internet works. I know we like

instant gratification, but
sometimes we just gotta be

patient. you know, so there is
a little bit of delay. so if I

ever like answer your questions
a little late, that's why cuz

it's the delay. It's not that
I'm ignoring you or not trying

to answer you. It's just where
a little delayed just. A

problem. So today I want to

Flip the switch.

Nice young child from 2016
Middle roasted so probably

twice roasted.

I mean that smells nice such a
beautiful aroma.

I feel like all the the lungs
are you know, at least the

crafted in the lungs of Fuji
and China. are also interesting

in beautiful and aroma as well
as texture, but we'll get to

that later. I can't get to the
texture until I actually get to

drink the tea so patiently wait
to brew it. Oh, we got someone

trying to come in. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. okay. La hi Kayla.

Good Kayla, I haven't seen wow
good to see you.

Audio is off.

I'll just be brushing my teeth.

This is the the guy one is a
little heavy, so it's it can be

clunky to brew to pour if
you're not used to its weight,

Get your audio on Kayla. I
can't hear you. I don't know if

you're on you're on a computer
or phone. The buttons are in

different places. you'll find

Oh, that's good. I wanna talk
to you. Turn your audio on.

I see you it looks like a
bright beautiful day there.

The audio button.

Let's see who we tie Laura Nice
to see you there. We go. Yes

there. she is I have to like
turn off the Facebook one now.

Oh, yeah. definitely you're
also will get some like. back

there. Yay. I love this Lake.
everybody's getting to learn

you know a video conferencing
now not like it's new

technology or anything but
yeah, I went to the. Online

festival on Saturday cool it
had like multiple rooms that

you could explore in all of
them were different zoom like

art rooms, there was like a
fortune teller and like a

sports broadcaster, Oh well,
and I did the alone together

show alone together. No. Oh, so
that was another festival

happening on Saturday. It's
great like there's so many cool

things happening right now with
with all the technology, I'm so

blown away. I'm the only person
in the zoom right now. Yup

cool. That's good to see you.
yeah. It's good to see you too.

Have you been. I've been okay?
Yeah, you're still in Eugene.

I'm in Eugene. Yeah. wonderful.
I've been this beautiful there

starting to warm up It is sunny
today. Thank goodness it was

like miserable in the last you
know five days or so. yeah.

Yeah I have a friend in. Eugene
I was actually filming with him

yesterday, so we're doing a
virtual tea festival on

Thursday just in a few days and
it won't be a series of zoom

rooms like we're we're really
gonna like control and curate

the content and stream it to
Facebook like what I'm doing

now. So like I'm streaming what
we're doing here in to

Facebook. so that's what we'll
be doing and so we we're

actually prerecording all the
presentations to avoid any type

of technical difficulty or
whatnot cuz there's so many.

Parts to it and yesterday, I
was filming my friend. Jonathan

Steele. He's a Potter and he
was like making a teapot. in

the video. He's a really great
guy. If you ask around you, I'm

sure you'll you'll get
connected with him here in

Eugene. Yup. Yeah. What's his
last name? Steele Oh, I was

like Steamer. I know him, but
that's a different one. It

sounds like a tea Brewer
Jonathan Steamer that be a

clever name. Yeah are those
some Nick can too originals.

Got there? Oh? yeah, I love
them. Yeah. Nick is kind of

like the resident artist here
and you know it's so funny cuz

whenever I first opened here
almost two years ago. Nick you

know brought a bunch of his art
donated a bunch of his art for

the tea room, and I said, Okay,
he's our residents. He's our

resident artist for now and now
two years later, he's still our

resident artist and I'm I'm not
ashamed of it. Yeah. these are

actually newer ones. These are
like a newer style that he's

doing now more like simplistic
simplistic designs. Ooh. Yeah.

great job Nick Mountain to
yeah, don't don't be

embarrassing him too much every
time I do this and I like show

off his art. He comes on
Instagram and it says I'll stop

and they're seeing me mom.
That's great. This is his

tooth, so he recently got into
calligraphy. Ooh. Yeah and so

this is just like a board he
built this board as well and

put the the chalkboard you know
paint on it and then he this is

chalk he did the calligraphy
with the chalk pain, but this

is for when we do like tea
festivals like beloved, you

know we have our tables. so
it's like this one. it's time

for tea and then you can have
it this way you know when when

you need to take your break and
and go on, you know. That's

perfect. Yeah. Oh my gosh treat
guy. Yeah you all are. I'm like

impressed with what you're
doing right now in this moment.

well, thank you all moments.
Thank you for creating with me.

Yeah happy too. I'm working on
a crochet project. Oh what what

are you? What are you crushing?
It's gonna be a headband to

like it's like a commissioned.
My friend's mom wanted some leg

warmers cool and I had some
leftover and I thought maybe

I'll make some to warm your
ears. Oh, so that's not just

like a fashion statement. Oh
here comes Patrick Awesome. Oh

boy. Yey Patrick So Patrick.
This is his guy won. This is

Patrick's Guy won. I was just
raving about his team wear now.

he's he'll be coming on cool.
Yeah. It's always fun.

Sometimes like there's nobody
that comes on to this and

sometimes there's a bunch of
people that come on and I just

hold space for all of it. But
like the ultimate thing is that

three weeks ago well now it's
over three weeks ago, I

committed that every day. I'm
going to do an hour long live

stream and the point of it
really was like to first of all

like give myself something to
do like some some kind of

schedule to do when there's not
much else to do and and then

also learn because I had never
done live streaming before and

I figured this was a good time
to learn. you know how to do it

and it's pretty amazing just
like running pretty fast and

like before I knew it like this
whole virtual tea festival came

together and yeah we have low.
30 different people from all

over the world Co-creating this
festival and only about tea you

know. so it's yeah, you know a
lot of the festivals I've seen

online. They're like a mix of
like music and yoga and

podcasting and and different
things like like you you're

talking about fortune telling
that's great. like astrology

readers. Yeah, I imagine that
that be something really good.

Now. you know everybody wants
to wants to hear what's going

on with the stars you know,
which actually I heard. From

the the last astrologist,
things are picking up, I think

from Saturday night, you know
things started to turn towards

abundance and and progress. So
you know, yeah, we need it. We

we're ready.

How sweet I appreciate you too
someone just like so I post to

Instagram as well, live and
someone would just commented

that they they appreciate these
and always look forward to them

even if it's just me talking by
myself, are you currently

managing a zoom of Facebook and
an Instagram live stream? Yeah.

That's great. Yeah. I just
showed up and you were like it

was like I was really at your
teeth space like I would see

you in person and you're doing
it like digitally well in three

different platforms. That's
just so impressive. It's not.

Hard So that's what I'm trying
to let people know it's it's

it's not impossible. You know
like I think the biggest

barrier to entry is just your
own. Comfortability. You know a

lot of people feel like Oh, no
one wants to watch me. No one,

you know, why would I put that
out there into the world and

it's not true. You know like
people are craving connection

right now and you know the
memes can get boring after a

while, you know. Yeah. Yeah, I
couldn't believe just how

fulfilled I felt to Connect
with people in that way and to

like use our creative
creativity and like right now,

like he's throwing pottery and
I'm crocheting you're serving

tea. This is just so cool.

Yes, yes, Patrick. What are you
making today putting together a

tea box cool? They're

I was just raving about your
guy. one. did you saw the guy

one. I'm using right? Patrick.

There it is the better one.
This is this was the first one

you ever gifted me and I still
use it often. That's what I'm

saying. It's a good one. It's
all it. I feel like I could

hurt somebody with this guy. I
could protect myself with this

guy line. I should say it that
way I wouldn't hurt somebody

but I would protect myself. I
love it. Where are you located?

Patrick Albuquerque, New
Mexico, Oh wonderful.

It's a good space to do art.

So how's Eugene been for you? I
don't think that like we've

caught up like outside of
beloved. I don't think that

we've caught up at all since
you've left left Vegas. No.

yeah, It's been a trip you know
coming from the desert and

planting out here and just
yesterday I went on a walk by

the River and it was like it
was almost painful. how

beautiful it is like in the
spring cuz things are like

blossom how much abundance and
in the desert, It's like a real

stud. vibrancy. Yeah, it was
like a subtle. Rainbow from

like you know the ground all
the way up to the sky, but here

it's just really in your face.
kinda like Hawaii or something

you know like the flowers are
just big and listening and

juicy and then it rains a lot
in the winter, which is been

challenging, but it was easier
this year. I was at Brighton

Bush Hot Springs for six months
four months. So what we're I'm

sorry, What were you doing
there? massage therapy? Okay.

Yeah. They have a healing space
and I was able to live there

and work and be in the trees
and soak in the water and meet

a lot of really cool people and
I actually just invited one of

them to this tea room because
we used to talk about tea

ceremonies in the in the food
Hall in the lodge. Oh cool. Oh

maybe he'll show up in today or
tomorrow. Oh awesome. cool.

Yes. so this link that you use
to get here as the same link I

use every day and okay. it's
always at 20 'clock I start and

even if you get here before I
get here they'll just be a

waiting room and I'll be doing
this until my doors can open

again and people can come drink
an actual Cup. I'm sure I'll be

continuing kind of the spirit
and and you know this city

because it's nice. It's really
nice. you know I'm connecting

with people just like you that
like I haven't connected with

you know just through this
simple little tool. Yeah. How

is it in Vegas? I mean there's
a pandemic there too, but what

else is going on. I don't so
the weather has been nice this

year as far as like delayed
warmth, which I don't know if

it's a good or a bad thing, But
you know it it the cold, the

winter, the cold of the winter
kind of persisted for a long

time. we only had our first
like warm day sometime last.

but it got cold again it
dropped again and then it's

been raining the past couple of
days, which is you know it's

kind of interesting weather for
here, but I see the Sun coming

out right now, which is nice.
nice for Bitcoin cuz you know

Bitcoin really hates it when
it's wet outside. Bitcoin.

He's been liking this, though
cuz I've been spending a lot of

time at home, so he gets to you
know, have me to himself

usually usually he's around.
you know, I always have them

around, but I'm always like
hosting people having events

and people at the tables. so.
He's really enjoying just being

able to spend time with me
only. Yeah. Yeah all the pets

rejoice that the humans are
home. how about your cats

Patrick or they are they happy
or are they upset? it's the

same. We're we live right next
to our studios so here all the

time anyway. I see I see so not
not much difference for them.

Do you have any pets now? Kayla
I don't, but there are some

monkeys on my bed so they look
like they're in love and they

hug Yeah. but she like he
always lets go and she hangs

on. but. That's how it goes,
You got the story. other of


No pets, I would love a cat, I
would love a a clay studio too.

When I was in Vegas, I was
going to Clay Arts. Oh cool and

having a lot of fun. Yeah, you
definitely need to connect with

Jonathan Steele. Yeah in Eugene
I'll have to look that up. I

know he like he. I think he
works out of his own private

studio. I think in his own home
so I don't know if he's worth.

Out of like a public studio,
but I'm sure he could point you

in the direction of of places
that you can go to in Eugene.

Yeah, once everything opens.
yeah again. Yay. Yeah.

You can watch his presentation
on Thursday. it's I think let

me confirm the time of it.

I'm gonna be announcing the the
schedule for for Thursday's

festival on

Do the is that the festival
that you would have had in

person? No has a pandemic not
happened or is it a different?

It's a different. listen. This
is a new one. Now I do have a

festival that I'm cancelling
because of the pandemic. That's

the the World Team Music
Festival Okay. So Jonathan's

presentation is gonna be at 315
in the afternoon on Thursday.

Cool. Yeah. I'll tune in to
that. Yeah. so eat kinda do.

What Patrick's doing now

But doing a lot more
explanation of you know why

things are shaped the way that
they're shaped you know to

realize the best poor you know
when you're brewing tea to it,

You know there's a lot to it
and I love that there's so many

layers. you know, there's all
the intention of what he's

doing right now. There's all
the intention of planting and

harvesting the plant and having
relationships with. Who do all

those things and all the
intention that you bring to

that? Well, you know. Patrick
is something special. Yeah, you

know cuz he he embraces that
even more cuz yesterday, he was

filling us in that all the clay
that he's working with him

right now is clay that he's dug
himself from the Earth. I love

it I I went to winter count,
which is a traditional skills

gathering and we did in the
Earth fired clay and one of the

people who. The the instructor
of that class had harvested the

clay from near my hometown in
Arizona. He was like outside of

Benson and I'm from Sierra
Vista and I made a cute little

teapot and watching you like
put the little spout on there

right now is reminding me of

Do you still have that tea pot?
Yeah. Would you like to see it

sure okay right outside my door
Cool. This is fun show and


So it was a pinch pot. Sweet
Yeah and the lid comes off and

it was like you know two pinch
pots put together at the same

and then this little spotty guy
and then we literally dug a

hole and you know fired in the
Earth. it took all day. Some of

them didn't make it, but you
just did so do you use yours?

Is it so it's not glazed? Huh.
It's not glazed. It's just raw

and I've used it to make tea. I
would like go harvest the leaf.

And just you know, put hot
water in there and drink that

but cool have fun. Yeah. Yeah.
That was a cool experience

where was that festival and it
was in Maricopa. It was outside

of you know South of Phoenix
Okay, And then they have a

sister event. That's in
Rexburg, Idaho. It's in

September and then they just
started a third one. That's in

Texas somewhere. What are some
of the other subjects of the

the festival fire by friction,
So I bought a hand drill set

and I was able to start a fire
with a bow drill siding and

spoon carving I have carbs
several spoons out of wood. My

friend who I went with was very
into tanning like processing

the animal skins he over the
course of a couple of years

like made some shorts so that
was really cool to watch Ooh

and another topic was death and
dying is viewed by they used

the word primitive. I feel like
traditional sounds nicer but

primitive mindset or tribal
mindset and. They talked

essentially about like Awake,
you know, like after a family

member passes that you will
like keep their body around for

several days and interact with
them, you know and clean them

and prepare them for burial and
how it's very different in the

Western world. Yeah, you know
there's a lot of separation and

the nervous system doesn't get
to process. it's a process. It

is much you know like the loss
so I was. The demo body for

that workshop they like I laid
on a table and all these people

like rubbed oils on my hands
and like gave thanks for all

the things I had created and
done and then wrapped me like

in a blanket like a shroud. It
was really intense. Wow That is


that reminds me of the events
the regional Burning man when

it was Colds forgotten city and
we had this jam camp and the

leader of the camp. I was at
Jam camp. Yeah, the leader of

jam cabin is incredible person
Mark Finney, who actually has

passed away recently so yeah,
that's that's been a incredible

loss to our community cuz he
was a great community

collector. He was a fun guy. He
was constantly just trying to

have fun, but there's there's a
lot of power in that you know

for keeping the community tied
together and he had this idea.

Our big events for the whole
weekend was like a human

sacrifice event and 1010 was
actually our our human

sacrifice and it was it was a
bit more crazy than what what

you went through, but I think
that was an interesting

experience for him. You know he
reflected on afterwards and was

like that was that was
interesting to you know, be

this unliving thing you know
and and having people you know

interact with with with me
around me during that. wow.

Yeah. All Wall banging drums
really loud and dancing around

in circles and such yeah. Jam
camp was you guys were loud?

I was like on the other end of
camp like but I was I'd walk by

and there you were. yeah well,
I think yeah they had like six

or seven huge drum sets setup
and it was just like come over

and being a drum as well as
loudly as you like. That's the

point right Super fun. Nice
Patrick Yeah. looking good get

in there.

I like this tool in the top
that makes it so you can hold

it. Yeah 10 years of making
teapots to think about doing


We just we just an inclined
plane that fits into any

circle. Okay and it keeps it
from a snapping when you're

adding pressure from the
outside. Wow make sense right.

Yeah. It took me so long. It's
such a unique tool to like need

right right just gotta make it

Oh, man we just got some teeth
from JT. Oh good. Yeah. you

know them. Yeah. He's got good
teeth. Yeah. Well my roommate.

He does a lot of volunteer work
and he collects a lot of food

that's being given out you know
by grocery stores and places

when they're like, Oh, it's
pastor whatever. and then she

gets it to like people and
family who families who need it

and sometimes we get things
like JT. Yeah. Oh cool. Oh

lucky BJ. What is this stuff in
the grocery store? Is it the

stuff from his shop on friendly
Street? I'm not sure it's been

a little package so it could be
either. I've only gone into the

shop once surprisingly, it's
not far home. Oh you live near

there. I have a peace core
friend that lives right there.

She lives on friendly Street
right there cool. Yeah. It

seems that Eugene must be a
pretty tight-knit community.

It's very small. Yes. It's like
I've been here a year and I'm

already like seeing so much
overlap it took me a while in

Vegas to get that. What's the
population there? It's like

A hundred and 60000? Okay.
Yeah. That makes sense.

Hundred 70. Maybe yeah and a
lot of its College kids right.

Yeah. So so they're in and out

Of the dance community, the
coalescence ecstatic dance

Okay, but

Yeah, you probably have like a
much higher ratio of ecstatic

dance and and Eugene then then
here in Vegas, we do it twice a

week and in Vegas it was like
it was lucky to do it once a

month. Yeah. But there's some
more groups. Yeah. I know

Maribel she is she's always
keeping it flowing and House of

stream is you know always doing
events and there's a new woman

in town. I met Tara. She's from
Seattle community. She's

recently moved to town and
she's been trying to organize.

Of course, you know right now
in the moment, there's not a

whole lot going on but I heard
there was like a really big

ecstatic dance at Sunset Park
couple months ago that a lot of

people went to so yeah, it's
good. I'm always happy to hear

of like more people getting
getting involved in that and

you know finding a way to
express express themselves and

that's something that
translates into your life more

than just that moment of
gathering, you know just gives

you kind of that confidence to
to to flow and express yourself

and hopefully you'll take. Into
your everyday life and you know

just dance by yourself if you
need to yeah, we do a lot of

contact improv here and that
has taught me so much about

myself and about others and
boundaries and. Everything it's

really interesting. Yeah.
That's one thing that hasn't

taken off here and that's the
one complex that I have with

the dance floor at beloved, is
that like all the folks that go

to beloved like they're so into
it, It's like 90 -, nine

percent of the dance floor is
all doing that, and you know

I've I've just been a custom to
just flowing on my own and just

you know finding my own flow.
you know and someone approaches

me wanting to dance and you
know I'm a little Confidence

Yeah. Well, that's good. It's
fun. It brings up a lot of

stuff to like contact and it's
a little blurry too, even at

ecstatic dance cuz
traditionally you dance alone,

you know it's like a static
solo experience and here it's

like you know every day. I'm
coming up against that out in

about sometimes they'll be like
contact in Proverbs like at the

grocery store and they just
come up. Do your shopping card

and all over me like I mean
they ask consent, but yeah.

That's a big thing here. Yeah,
I know it's Super important.

totally. Yeah. I think that
conversation is is kind of

starting to be had here. you
know among the the conscious

communities, but you know I
still, I still think that

there's a lot of you know
fuzziness around that. you know

what a lot of people think that
consent is like strictly a

sex-related thing and that
anything that's not directly

involving. Sexuality or
physical sexualities is not a

part of that conversation. It's
like no that conversation is

completely useless unless we
think given the in the grander

context of of all of our lives
and and understanding other

people's consents even beyond
just the two people that are

exchanging that interaction
that there could be potentially

other people's consent involved
that we just don't even know or

I liked it at a beloved, You
know how that conversation was

brought up a lot and the vast
amounts of vulnerability

required to have those
conversations. yeah, you know I

didn't go to beloved this past
year was the first year. I

haven't gone in a very long
time. Did you go? I did I was

on the pre festival crew for
Bliss Wear Okay and I was there

for eight days. Wow. Yeah. So I
watched it go from like 60

people to like some. Night
What's going on right now?

Yeah. Yes, I didn't go. I just
saw all of the messaging

afterwards from from Elliot and
that took a lot you know to

like be vulnerable like that of
like yeah we've potentially

have been making a mistake for
many years and we've got to

rectify that and and have those
conversations around you know

even consent of the environment
you know, which is often times

left out. Absolutely. yeah, I
thought it was interesting. He

like that coalition that he
wanted to put together and I I

wonder what came of that like
who came forward and what kind

of conversations are they
having? Yeah? Yeah, I haven't

heard much

I do know they found another
location but they're like with

the hopes that by August, we'll
be able to gather you know but

who knows I think the thing
that event organizers also need

to take into consideration is
that the future feasibility of

our events is not just reliant
upon lifting our social

distancing orders right now. we
also have to think about. Other

aftermath things the economic
impacts and you're not. it's

like if they're gonna be able
to afford to buy a ticket to

go, but also the businesses
that support our events like

what are they going to be in a
financially responsible

position to to be investing in
in marketing efforts like that?

yeah, and you know, I know it's
it's stressful organizing the

event cuz I do it myself and
there's deposits that you have

to pay and you know all the
marketing that you've already

invested into it. So it's
really hard to make that

decision of okay we need to to
cancel this. It's also an

opportunity to like use your
platform to to have open

conversations and you know like
this this virtual tea festival

that I'm doing I I've had some
establish you know Realty

Festival organizers that have
you know questioned them

the harm that you know doing a
virtual tea festival and and

talking about how it's a it's
something. For us to enjoy and

of future festivals will be
able to have in person how

that's damaging to you know the
marketing of tea festivals that

haven't been cancelled yet and
I'm like if I was you and you

know like I'd be hosting
virtual events already, you

know trying to keep them
together already versus you

know just trying to clean on to
the hope that we don't have to

cancel cuz the businesses would
like that cuz they're all

struggling right now and And
then, of course, the community

that attendees they would like
that too cuz you know, we're

all just sitting at home, you
know hoping to to do find some

connection. Hmm. Hmm. Yeah, you
gotta find some inspiration and

support and support those
businesses and and those events

and such you know versus
fearing is it gonna happen or

not happen? huh. Hi, buddy Good
to see you. my friend entry

Lanka. Wow. Yeah. T Graham
Sweden Are you from Sweden? Wow

cool. Maybe maybe your last
name Sweden. I don't know, but

maybe you're from sweet and
then that's very cool if you


All done good people.

Oh left-handed. that's that's
very thoughtful. I know I'm the

only person that does
left-handed. That's why I say

you're very thoughtful cuz yeah
not usually have to special

order that if you want a left
hander, I try to make the

percentage of my tea pots the
same percentage of tenders.


Ready to go, I have I'm
actually like almost done

drinking this. I could probably
get a few more States but I

have been drinking tradition
roasted young chap from.

China Beautiful very sweet
aromatic long tape.

Yeah, you know JT that the tea
you said. You got that guy Josh

you know, also a friend of
mine. He is Taiwan East T. He

carries very good Taiwanese
teeth so Yeah, you should go to

a shop and I want to yeah do
some tasty. He's got a cool tee

bar in there and he's a pretty
cool guy too. You know really

fun to hang out with. he's very
like casual and youthful. so

he's he's he's good fun to hang
out with. I think he's got a

few shops so he's got like the
really nice architecture one on

a friendly Street and then he
has like a long iced tea bar. I

think that's like a more casual
sure. shop that I haven't been

to. that's why I don't know
much about the second one, but

I know the first one his
original shop. He's got some

nice teas there. They may you
know seem a little pricey, but

they're valuable you know
looking on his menu and I was

really drawn to. I think it was
called Deep Earth. It was maybe

like a poor probably and it was
like the most expensive tea on

the menu and I was like, Oh, I
don't wanna spend $20. A couple

of this today, but I'm gonna
remember this and I'm gonna

come back for it when I can
budget that. but the one I did

get was another Earth one and
it was very delightful. It

might have been called Middle
Earth. I was drawn to it

because of the title. Yeah.
Yeah. It's a good play on a

lord of the rings. huh.

I was looking for a House at
the time I was looking for

housing, so I was like I want
earthy rooted grounded. yeah.

I've got some deep deep Earth
tea here. This is this is an

example of one. I mean I've
been grabbing for this tea

anytime. I'm you know needing
some some deep grounding, but

yeah, it's a it's like an age
from really old trees lots of

wisdom. You can do multiple
steps with that. Yeah, like

yeah, I mean pretty much any
tea of excellent quality. You

should get at least three
steps, but something like that

you know like an they're really
good quality parity depending

on how you brew it and how you
like to brew and how you like

to sit with it. There's the
potential to Steve 20 or more

times. That's what I thought if
you're into that, yeah. You

don't have to you know some
people they wanna sit with it

all day long and you can great
job. Patrick. That's beautiful.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. Judy. Bye
cute. You know you know he

kinda looks like it kinda looks
like I call it a heat.

It kinda looks like the tin man
you know with like you know

with the cute cute hat and like
you know his his nose. Yeah, I

completely agree a lot of the
times. I think they look like

birds, but sometimes they take
on some other characters.

How cute wow is this is this
gonna be another tea pot or is

this like a tea storage?
Another key pop Okay cool.

Do you do the glazing too? or
do you leave them right now?

We're doing glazing We might be
about tea pots, but we have to

test to play a lot before we
feel comfortable doing that.

Yeah, a lot of tea consumers
like their tea pots to be

unglazed right and so yeah,
that's like something that's

kind of unexplored with
American tea wear. It's deeply

explored in Chinese tea where
they know you know exactly

which plays to use like there's
very well-known beautiful clays

that that are good. Wow. yeah,
I have no ceramics expert. I

you know it doesn't. it doesn't
excite me as much as it does

like the soil and the roots.
you know, which is why I think

I gravitate more towards
studying the tea itself, but

there are definitely in this
unbelievable how much priority

in their life and how much they
value meaning how much money

they spend on their their team
where habit. But you know

that's their values. That's
that's what they What I have in

their life, it brings joy to
their lives so all the power to

them are you familiar with Mark
Manson speaking of values, No,

he's the author of the subtle
art of not giving a ??? Okay.

Alright. Yeah. I've heard of
that and the whole premise of

that book is you know? what do
you give your folks about so

like you were just saying like
I give a ??? about like the

roots and the Earth right so
y'all like spend my time and

resource and enter. On that and
yeah, the whole book is an

exploration of like well. What
is that for you? What are your

values and are you giving
excess bucks to things that

don't actually matter in your
value system and you know. So

you reminded me of that that's
important. Yeah. It's good to

know. I've never read that
book. I've heard about it, but

yeah now it's I'll have to
check it out and I can

recommend it to people cuz like
that's such an important thing

to be sharing with people right
now and I find myself like

constantly having that
conversation around that being

one of the positives of what
we're going through as a

society right now is like we're
gonna have a lot of time to

like sit and ponder those
things and yes. It's gonna be a

lot easier for us to focus on
the things that we give a ???

about when we come out of this
versus you know just going back

to our old ways prior too. huh.
Yeah. We really just have this

amazing space of time to really
like cut out the fat. If we you

know can and want to yeah, I
think I better working still

you know I think everybody is
getting that opportunity

because of course, the people
that are working still are like

having to work really hard and
are having to deal with a lot

of stress and a lot of pain and
seeing and experiencing other

people's pain. I think you know
even the grocery store workers

and and all of that, you know
they're they're having to

experience a high level of of
stress and. yeah, maybe they

don't have a whole lot of time
to sit and think about what

they give a ??? about. but
like they're the stress is kind

of forcing them to to look
forward to the things that they

they really value and care for.


I'm kind of interested to go
see what type of tea we have.

Yeah. let's see that be cool. I
wanna go see it and are you on

we'll bring you to the kitchen
with me. Oh great.

So did you end up finding a a
big House with roommates? or do

you find yourself a quaint
little spot for yourself? my

roommate bought the House in
January and it's a little two

bedroom and it's Super cute and
I'll show you the backyard in a

second cool. this is great a
tour of Kayla's House Black

Dragon Black Dragon huh.

Looks like I know this. Yes.
Lose sleep along. right here in

the backyard is really the most
amazing part.

Let's go out there. How about
that? Oh? yeah, That is look

that looks nice. I'd be
spending all my time out there.

I have been today is just been
I wasn't feeling well. I didn't

sleep well and right before I
hopped on here I had like a

therapy session, so it's kinda
funny. I was all like teary

eyed that is beautiful and we
have like a garden bed over

here that we made and yeah this
archway we could like there

could be weddings. Under that,
we just did the the grass

yesterday. So now I'm in the
shade there we go cool. What a

nice spot? Nice. Yeah. There
was an online ecstatic dance

like on a Sunday and I set my
camera up here so I could like

dance in the backyard and that
was really nice. Yeah, I bet

you had like the nicest framing
of anybody at that dance. I did

yes, what is it there in their
House like? Not to kick their

TV and and I was like all into
a big backyard. I was I was

thinking of how grateful I
feel. This is my experience so

yeah you are. We have a very
large big tree. Oh wonderful

those yes those fruit like
later in the summer right huh

My very first big I ever had
was here in outside of Eugene

and Kevin was here from House
Extreme. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. and

I was really confused like what
do you do? I just I just eat

it. I just bite straight into
it. Yeah Yup and I was blown


Yeah, it's you know there's a
big set here in Vegas. Yeah, I

had a neighbor that yeah, he
had a couple of big trees and

when and I just remember it was
like in the Middle of the hot

hottest part of the summer and
he called me up and he's like

my. my pigs are fruiting right
now and I'm like what how is

anything fruiting right now?
this place is spot. Yeah. Wow,

but yeah, yeah. he had a nice.
He had said that they have

freed a little late and he
didn't know why so you know, I

think maybe they're meant to be
fruiting and like May or

something, but he had a bunch.
Wow. That's good to know that

what happens. Oh, no. Oh shoot.
I wasn't moving my tool. Oh no.

Oh, it's such a bummer.

Not really, it's a reason to
make something else. Yeah, and

it's a beautiful crack like the
two pieces are a nice shape.

That's the non attachment.

Alright, nothing else to put
together. Enjoy the rest of

your day. Thanks Patrick. See
you later.

That was great. Yeah. Yeah.
That was nice. Yeah. good

surprise. with that, I think
I'm gonna go to. I've got a got

a whole list of of tasks to get
done for our event on Thursday,

but Kayla Thank you so much for
joining today was so nice to

catch up with you. Yes.

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