Thursday, May 28, 2020 - Dream Teahouse

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Yesterday when somebody sent me a link
to a couple of tea houses near Lake
Louise in Canada and you literally like
they they're off-grid you have to hike
in to get to them and they're just yeah
is it good I mean it was a long time but
it was really it was really an
experience because that's for a long
time in those days so I can't tell you
anything about the TV but Mike was
really fun and the whole experience was
just like huh I could just see that
being a magical experience because I we
love the hike and we love to go and be
outdoors and that kind of stuff and yeah
visiting some like beautiful rad tea
house halfway through my hiking day just
sounds like the best but off of me
she's just agreeing with you so yeah
that's been to love prompted this that
I'm sure everybody's got amazing tea
houses that they would either like to
but they would like to visit or they've
already built in their head yeah don't
how are we going to build it is this
kind of house I'm a firm believer that
the story that the more detail and story
in the stories that we talk about and
the stories that we tell that's how
things come to fruition
Florian do something you have to say I
am going to do this and the clear
more detail you put into that the more
likely it is that you'll manifest it
right of course that's why narrative
it's it's an amazing way of literature
because it's buried this this great tip
I love reading in that way because a
disc described described sorry they
describe the room the light name the
colors of the car pain the sunny to the
window yeah I graduate with you so what
about you
is there any tree houses have you seen
pictures of tea houses anywhere that you
would love to visit there's a there's a
tea house in China where you have to
walk into a a tiny breathe into the
mountains and rocks and it's like
climbed in and at the end at the top of
the mountain there's this tea house I
would love to go there but like pictures
I don't know I think I think traumatic
seats it's interesting you think what
I'm sorry like like themes themes see
yes okay so what themes I dunno maybe
like the classic one you know like Alice
in Wonderland but I would like at a
Alice in Wonderland I like the book like
the classic one it would be a good idea
for me I don't know what element of it
like the silliness of it or you know
kind of like the puzzle part of it or
maybe the craziness okay or something I
know seems seems my my idea like
I don't know if it classifies as a
teahouse but it was for a moment when I
was having one of my tattoos and it is a
tea leaves and it said Nikki go it's no
and why why my mind tattooer was doing
it we we start drinking green tea the
whole sessions say was upon party so
you're basically saying you want a
tattoo artists in your tea house will be
great I'm going I'm going
tattoo on Saturday this Saturday and of
course I will bring tea of course is
that either either team tea tattoo team
wait they just duty tattoos no no all my
tattoos are DNA marry it will be a nice
experience for digital to have tea and I
can explain about tea wow you're trying
to capture and you're I would love the
tattoo artists Nina and I team
Wonderland this wasn't really a tea
house but I was in a garden in England
in october/november like a baby home
kind of place and they had the entire
Alice in Wonderland tea parties in the
garden made make it look like animals
and things topiary I think that's the
word and they have this entire big huge
tea table and all the character you know
the Mad Hatter
Alice and everybody they're all made out
of bushes yeah
did you think you tiem there's this lady
in Mexico she she start trading she was
the first one trade in make a tea to
Mexico and when her enterprise got
twenty five-year-olds I think she made a
great party and she invited me it was an
Alice in Wonderland Wonderland came part
it was great it was very funny I I also
love love totally love of course
Japanese tea houses they are so simple
that is a it's very beautiful to
describe peaceful now would you have
that as like a separate aspect of your
tea house you know to create that
respectful and quiet and peaceful space
or would you try to find a way to kind
of bring the craziness into it into into
the Japanese tea house definitely not it
is not the place for it but I don't
there are there are different different
things in a Japanese teahouse maybe a
formal ceremony can be very you know
respectful and meditative and but
there's there's something else we can do
like outside tea ceremony and that can
be a little bit odd be reverent maybe I
don't know if I answer you did yeah but
not the tattoo were into the Japanese
citizen well what if they did like the
traditional Japanese tattoos Oh
I think they won't go together Japanese
they really really link like this with
Yakuza yeah even even if you are not
Japanese when I when I used to go to my
keep glances I always always cover my
arms and once and I use a train in
kimono just for the just for the class
and sadly this this day is specifically
I was wearing a tank top and I forgot my
trainings mono and they the father of my
sensei a really old man all class and
man was leading the class
he was almost killing me with his eyes
like what is this person doing here and
when I start doing the ceremony I was
shaking just because of his eyes they
are very intimidating and I want to
conceive a Yakuza funny experiences that
mean definitely not the tattoo I did in
a Japanese sea house but now you can
just go make your own tea house with the
tattoo studio it will be great the young
one my young one he could understand me
with it probably when it when in classes
when I feel with my hand he asked me to
always put the timed it on it just for
classes just to practicing no TV
presentations or going to museums or
something well any sort of jewelry it's
not just like I did
but they do have very a very skewed view
of food people still I mean it's
improving it's the major series because
there's the foreigners and immediately
your Florida you know it's like a status
thing because like I stayed Jewish - I
be ok but yeah it's still very much on
the phone even in the bath houses yes
yes you have tattoos that's like good
god I mean I could into a bad house in
Tokyo games have to tattoo with people
that II don't know it was totally
forbidden that's too bad those are the
really nice bath houses yeah mark oh is
that a guy won a hand holding a guy won
on your shirt nice to meet you thank you
for coming
Wow thank you for hosting this is cool
this is great I I didn't get to come to
last week's I'm a follow that was like a
huge like oh yeah so so dream teahouse
mafada where's the where's the tea house
that you have never been to belong to
get to well I'm actually preparing to
make this dream come true in a couple of
clips and we're going to do it in Europe
probably in Portugal where I'm from and
is definitely going to be a modern tea
house in the sense that is going to be
blending cultures and it's going to be
traditions in a modern way not in a
pretentious or taking away from that
from that from front of traditions I
think that's the tea house that we want
it's going to be called the third place
and that's because it's somewhere there
is not your house and it's not your work
it's a third place that you look forward
to go to to have gatherings to build
committee I want it to be I have not
just for people that's lofty but also
for like-minded people so I want to run
workshops there about permaculture or
products arts or about you know having
life life music or having workshops
where people learn how to fix things
instead of just throwing them out in
there like I want I want it to be the
community hub and to to the tea to be
used as a tool for connection and for
engaging people from all different sorts
of backgrounds and because I'm doing it
in Europe it will be a very different
style I don't want to culturally
appropriate and anything in particular I
kind of want it to be an honoring of all
all the traditions and all the cultures
the way that I experience them and and
my husband Brad experience system so
that is the dream it feels something
that creates community creates change
and improves the world sorry let me know
when I can come visit you will
definitely know like even as soon as we
decided that this would be like we
always had that vision of one day doing
it and
the pandemic hits we were like I think
this is the the reset button that we
needed to just put every everything into
perspective if every wonder is really
important and how long are we willing to
wait to to make our dreams come true
so we decided instead of getting there
slowly let's just hunker down and do
whatever we need to do to make that
happen pasta and yeah it's it's exciting
but I have lots of people from all over
the world already I wanted to come over
and help me build it and since I've been
talking to people about moving back to
Portugal Oh like so many of my friends
from all different nationalities in all
different countries they're like yeah
we're thinking about we're it's Portugal
- which for me is crazy we can you know
16 years ago or 20 years ago every time
that I set up with Portuguese people
like is that like a colony or an Ireland
from Spain it's like a particular city
in Portugal that you envision your
Tino's pinyon I love my hometown I think
that I grew to love that even more since
I lived out of the country when I was 20
um it's a very romantic mystical place
whose very medieval its peak really goes
slowly so in Lisbon you have downtown
Lisbon the capital and everyone loves it
because it's so ancient and the
architecture is just amazing and
hand-painted tiles and things like that
but then you go to the outskirts of
Lisbon and it's all in a concrete jungle
it could be in any way in Europe or
anywhere in the world but in court so
because it was the second biggest city
he grew organically so so if the whole
city is the old city and
the votes coming down the river
with the big with the big barrels and
fourth port ones still like you know
like to maintain the tradition there's a
few of them say well there we go next
what I when I grew up and you know you
kinda it kind of take it for granted and
then when I started traveling around
Europe and around the world I realized
that we were extremely lucky that we
were very attached to our own culture
and our food we were very insulated for
a very long time so we're very
traditional and I think that's why
tourism has picked up so so massively in
the last ten years or so because people
just discovered like this holds Europe
and yeah so it's hopefully we'll be able
to open something downtown it's not I
have I have properties that I can turn
into the tea house sir when was the last
time you lived there that I lived in
yeah I wasn't probably like fully 19
because I like moved from there to
Brazil for a couple of years then I came
back in mr. Barcelona and then it came
back again just for a couple of months
and then goes to to London to do my
masters and that's where I met my
husband and then I miss Australia where
I'm currently oh and that's big yeah I'm
34 now so it's been a while that'll be a
nice a nice return yes my family is very
excited my family is they can't wait
they already tried to buy like furniture
to furnished houses first two years it
still it's fine I'll buy my own
furniture thank you very much so then
this summer
I know that we were talking about your
your tea house Stephanie's one did I
miss anyone else no Priscilla went first
okay yeah hi guys I see Chris came I
guess he's Retd okay what about you and
leaves you travel you've traveled a lot
and visited lots of tea houses yep is
there are there any on your list that
you haven't made it to of course my
friend Rebecca you and Taiwan has
developed so many tea houses and most of
them are on private properties so I'll
never actually get to go to them unless
somehow get an invitation
so yeah Rebecca she's amazing she's in
well near scene shoe which is like the
the place where oriental beauty became
she's a tea a tea house designer that
wash it actually exists and she's
incredible like the space that she
creates with teas like she's by far like
the most elite tea artist that I know
and she's just like so fun and playful
she built a tea house and these are all
private commissions you know like
wealthy people that that love tea and
want to have a tea house well-liked hire
her to work with the architects to
design the space and a lot of them like
like this one in particular it's up on
top of a high beam in the middle of a
lake like the beam is probably you know
40 feet in the air I have no idea how
you get into I think she says that they
have to put a special flattered but no
one really goes into it it's just there
to be there it's like this unattainable
you know peaceful space completely
isolated beautiful but like
realistically I have a dream house that
you know tea house that I like to make
you know inspired by all the cool spaces
that I have been in a lot of a lot of my
visions are more like infrastructure
related like I've already created that
the space as far as like culture and
community of a tea house here you know
right right here right in the next room
we have huge parties and you know
workshops and different you know members
of the community that come together and
teach and share and collaborate and of
course we drink tea the whole time but
you know my dream would be that there's
a friggin spring fresh spring fresh out
of the earth like as part of the
infrastructure of the house that's just
like streaming water when we need it and
and it might as well already be boiling
right uh you know if it's a hot spring
that'd be kind of cool like earth earth
brews tea oh my gosh Wow I'm so Lou you
you remember Sam that tea house that we
went to oh my god there were so many tea
houses within that property that that
kind of crazy aggressive guy from
Beijing had developed that property with
all the old trees and nonno Shan yeah we
did with the angry monkeys yes it was
such a weird place because this guy was
like his intention was to create this
like incredible like deeply rooted
peaceful t escape what he did he
successfully created that space but like
his energy and the energy of those
monkeys which with his pets was like the
opposite of it he was like super
aggressive like straight to business you
know train smoking cigarettes and in
this like gorgeous space in the friggin
jungle like with all these different
tiers of like bungalows for sleeping in
like it was like a eco-lodge type of a
thing but the thing that like I remember
the most from that experience was like
the main lobby area had that tea table
that had the water running through it
that's what I used for the picture on
the Facebook post in gongfu cha Oh
yeah yeah yeah this is that table I mean
that table was a little plastic a little
cheesy like if I was to create something
like that I'd want like the water this
length of that table to be like from a
spring and you know that's how you you
fill your kettle it's just like you feel
it directly from the table right there
just constantly flowing from the earth
and then of course a big fire pit you
know cuz like I just wanted to be a
hangout big like fire pit in the center
and like a fire play area and smokers so
we can constantly be you know like
cooking food when we need to Pizza Oven
I don't know I'm not clear that's that's
my dream tea house and it's got to have
better teeth in that place oh yeah yeah
that plays with such a contradiction I
mean that place was so dreamlike for
like thinking about the actual like
architecture and design of a Zen full-t
space and like yeah was this so cool is
like tiered right now oh you are cool
yeah I had like all these different like
play areas you know meditation spaces
and and the bungalows just had like an
endless view of all the ancient tea
trees going through the mountain yeah
that place was incredible but the thing
I was kind of a dick that that owned in
where was this it was in nan ocean and
oh we just like whenever a little visit
you know we had just heard about this
new property that had been developed and
actually Sam I've heard later on that
there are several other properties like
that just a bunch of wealthy people from
like Beijing or whatever they're
acquiring leases on the land with all
the ancient trees and creating like
opportunities all right
here we go I got pictures but you know
he was just like
so forceful you know it's like the
Reich's nothing right energy you know
the right energy I mean I'm sure you
spent a fortune to build this phase it
was built in a very short period of time
but they had like a bunch of ancient
trees there yeah that was the table
there yeah so they had like water
running in the middle of the table and
all these different yeah I think you
know what it's just it's the one thing
that money can buy right you know like I
mean you can want to do especially tea
houses which are also famous driven if
you have enough money and you have so
much that you have your own tea house in
the property they so luxurious in size
mm-hmm but then money can't really
change your attitude oh those are the
angry monkeys grab your hands and fight
you that's the guy said he was like yeah
I'll grab your hands and pull your hand
into the cage and bite you he was aged
maybe that's why they were angry those
are like the bungalows yeah that you
could sleep in there's all these little
housing units right I would love to have
to sleep into a tea house is just when
you have the wrong attitude it kind of
could serve that spin to the whole thing
doesn't it say I would love to be here
except I don't want the barbecue that we
did up on the mountain not at a tea
house at all this is like a you know
worker resting spot in the mountain but
that was good I went to draw in the next
no next trip
yeah come travel with us yeah we do fun
yeah that was fucking because we spent
all day picking tea and they went back
to like the shade spot and they're
sitting there grilling grilling food and
making tea in bamboo they just cut down
oh my god and they're harvesting fresh
herbs for us to eat with the cooked
meats you know so simple like that's me
if I have a kitchen in my dream tea
house like that's gonna be as simple it
is like the opportunity to like easily
do a barbecue like that or smoke you
know some bacon if needed you know you
never know when you need smooth bacon
yeah we can definitely do so it makes I
will love the big team also in my tea
house in a dream tea house to pick the
end to make some tea and I think
probably could be done in the individual
tea house you know like with pictures
like this is the way that looks when you
are picking tea this is the way that it
looks when you are withering or
oxidation or something I don't know
maybe with pictures and I get the
description and also people will learn
about the steps of processing tea yeah
that's that's part of my dream too so my
dream is having the tea house but like
the the second part of it is whenever I
built my own dream house that will be a
tea plantation and like almost like a
lodge for people to be able to say where
I can be processing tea for our own
enjoyment but there's an educational
tool to experiments and do and do this
for things and I really wanted to bring
like different masters from different
regions to do talks and to talk about
how you process to you
and how they do it in different regions
so people can have access to that
I experienced if they can't travel all
the way to China and also to build like
an archives college you can always come
back to that is that is ethnic part of
the dream and I'm very much insolent by
frank lloyd wright's and ray and privacy
in the way signing the houses so using
natural materials having a spring even
having like a drawl ik's
to to to use the spring to pump water
throughout the property has like fish or
like a way free to use that fresh water
or for not just food but also a port for
40 having like a whole aquaponics system
where the fish would feed the plants the
plants which was under water the water
will be like squeaky clean for you to
cool into drink with I would be I really
wanted to be a really sustainable place
using and the the most recent advances
in technology and practices but to make
it in a beautiful almost romanticized
way for people to not see it as a very
clean cut I like the closing that of my
wood and and and natural materials like
if you use on a construction I didn't
feel like he gives free gifts places a
completely different sea at all so it is
all possible in in Portugal in your
hometown or you had the the place the
property for us to build the dream home
is definitely outside India but Porto is
known as the Camellia top and go
wherever the familia bros really messes
grows as well and we
have the soil is perfect for it of pH
acidity of everything we have we have
already some pigmentation to see what
new places the richer the culture will
be and more people will be engaged with
and on it right so yeah it makes my
name's I'm like oh wait I mean it's a
lot of work and I can see I just I just
think that you will be the type of work
that I will never be sick
oh we're always finding interesting yeah
anything we're doing is gonna be a lot
of work I think I need thin anything we
can do outside also it's a it's a nice
idea it's not actually a tea house but
it can become a tea house for a moment
in February before the endemic things
start I want to prove to the to the
pictures of fruit and we have tea next
to the sea
and it's great and I live very very
close to the under sunshine and I love
to have tea next to the mountains and
it's not a tea house itself but it
becomes a tea house for the moment that
you are there because like they say is
very very sorry very worrisome and it's
a cramp
while it's clean its I don't know it's a
VIP house for a moment what do you what
do you pack when you go out and make tea
out in nature I choose a tea that can be
brew on low temperature because water
would be will will not be that hot I
pack like almost boiling water like
really really hot but it's going to to
get cool during the process so I pack
like green peas or whities or definitely
matcha because it can be done in any
temperature but do you pack like your
your utensils do you have like a Tashi
set that you usually travel with yeah I
have a trouble tea set it's very simple
is like a like an easier by one and two
cups and it's like this y'all sets
together and go so it need head to back
so I I separate tea in the back and a
therm with water I do that too when we
go bushwalking in Australia one of the
most beautiful things about Australia is
the accessibility that nature has here
and you can you can just walk in the
bush and for like a couple of hours and
they go to this beautiful waterfall or
secluded beach that has like clean white
sands then when you walk on it is this a
because it's so far and the water is so
clear it's like that turquoise green
and since in baby blues is just whales
it's just it's ridiculous
the nature here is that definitely one
of the selling points and when we go to
do teen nature is is beautiful
when I traveled wit T like right now I
came to Bombay to see to see my husband
I brought my whole set and around it's
like 35 big mine is like justice let me
show you like this one cup the the other
car and it's very easy to carry and this
is the back and that's it for now yeah I
have the ones that shit please it's just
a gun ahve I managed to figure out a
setup that all fit onto the back of my
tricycle to millions because for Burning
Man I wanted to be I wanted to be able
to like pop up and serve tea in like
random places and I went out to like one
of the furthest places from any sort of
infrastructure at Burning Man
way out in deep Playa where a friend was
do it where some friends built this
amazing art piece and we're doing a
music show and I popped up like right in
front of the stage and like pulled out
drop on I had a stove with me
I had like six or eight cups I had two
gallons of water and we we had like a
four-hour tea session in the middle of a
massive dust storm but we were but we
were inside a building so everybody
really that was inside was just like
super stoked I got married in Burning
Man a while ago and that was the only
thing I grew a bed where did you get
where'd you guys have your your ceremony
or whatever you did
so that's year remember which you know
was like 2010 and that year the theme of
Burning Man wood sprites of passage and
we were with a group of friends and we
were thinking one of one of us would
have to do some sort of rituals so we
would be proud of of the theme and
according to the rules like to be to be
really involved and as we were getting
into black city like what city were
looking around and there were some
chapels like full-blown chapels you know
almost like pop pop chuckles and people
were at work performing writings they
you had access to rings and there was
this tent we can exchange of clothes for
wedding dresses and so there was like
men dressed with like white dresses
marrying their partners and they were
way the tuxedos just your super fun and
Reverend Jim
okay well look we'll get married on the
last day and we organize everything in
the morning Brad went and had his fucks
I went to have my my my hips and as I
walked into the tent to exchange my
there was one dress list and but it for
me there was someone else
with it like wanted to take it and we're
like she was getting married do you
really do you mind giving us that dress
I'm really sorry and she was like how
you really it was like yes I know he
gave me the wedding dress and then we
went on our bikes and as I was going in
there was this camp that had the Chinese
paper umbrellas everywhere and there was
a white one at the very top and the guy
stopped us I was like hey getting
married it was like for me I was just
everything was so suited in furnished
like 20 is kind of kind of kind of
dressing with a white little little
umbrella Sun umbrella and we got there
to the trouble that were supposed to
have the way and they popped out there
was no much apple and I'm like what are
we going to do and next to it there was
this western-style bomb called the wet
spot and we got married a they had fresh
beer from cages like in the middle of
the desert to have fresh beer that's a
luxury yeah it was it was pretty awesome
and then five years later to that day we
actually got married in Portugal oh cool
so your Burning Man Miriam by this sorry
so you got your Burning Man marriage was
like a spontaneous thing it was no but
it was really full of love and
afterwards it kind of felt like married
we just need to make it official it was
such a great story thank you my father
there was far less tea at Burning Man in
2011 than there is now
them now there's so much tea ever
burning and I think the the program has
like 24 listed tea experiences and
there's dozen more like like the one Sam
was talking about you know just willing
te out in the middle of supply on and
serving they'll be so closely engaged
with people like that you know like so
and you would definitely find
open-minded people to just out of the
blue just what are you doing can we can
we join can we sit down
yeah right well you know it's kind of
gotten to the point of culture within
that community especially like the
regular burners that go every year
they're very familiar with the
experience of gun food Chuck
it's very common now than it was when I
first started going now people are like
oh yeah I know Ron John I sat with him
and drink tea with probably the most
famous tea server and you know thank you
to Ron John for keeping that culture
flowing or for burning it but now
there's like so many tea houses really
cool tea houses there that get built you
know cuz i donate tea to a lot of them
even if I never meet them or never get a
chance to even go visit their tea house
when I'm there cuz it's just such an
expansive crazy experience that
sometimes I don't get to go to all the
tea houses I definitely didn't get to go
to yours Sam like we were totally
playing like chase Bernie know each
other the tea house that we provided the
chai for I don't think ever I think the
day that it was supposed to be happening
it was like 200 degrees or something and
the people that were gonna do it we're
like just not having it so I don't even
think that actually ended up happening
but I I had fun like poppin up I like my
serving tea eases my social anxiety
because I feel like I don't have to go
out and approach people they come to me
and I am like my safe place behind my
tea set and I get to show up and like
serve people and it like it just totally
makes my social anxiety go away
so I love I'm sorry is that because
you're in control of the city I think
more than anything I don't have to break
the ice and start conversation that once
I'm like in conversation let me tell you
it's a great therapy so so yeah for me
to just be able to like have people
coming to me and I don't have to worry
about approaching people and like trying
to like establish connections
it's like connected it's more about
opening myself to receive connection
than have to go out and try and
establish connection is just a much more
comfortable position for myself to be it
so what I enjoy the the quest and like
the challenge of like popping up with a
like full tea set up in the most like
random and potentially most inconvenient
places you could think of and figuring
out ways to make it work but that's just
something that I myself thoroughly enjoy
I won't take your words them and about
the inconvenient places and I would like
to let you guys know next week how how
is how go the tattoo session with the to
eat the tea drinking with the copied
precautions I don't know how how am I
going to do it but you know you're a tea
sip and flapping your mouth
skur something I don't know no I don't
know how is he going to have this you
know this suit the last renown suit or
he is going to wear the mask of course I
will wear my match but my mother is like
a Katrina one like a Mexican day of debt
that is the mask I have and I have to
talk to him about the precautions he's
going to take definitely we will have to
take it to drink something yeah I know
I would like he knows what he's going to
do what he's going to going to be
challenged going to be a challenge for
future you've been very quiet so far you
have any dream teahouses that you have
made up ahead or what a visit
well actually I'm from Mexico so we
don't have like eat too many like a tea
culture over here but I started drinking
naivety when I moved to England sometime
and when I came back to Mexico I was
looking for a business something like
that so I decided to but I found some
suppliers of tea an eye opener small tea
room so since then I've been like
looking for a lot of information
unfortunately I had it only for four
months because of a lockdown so I had to
close it I'm kind of new in there in the
tea rooms but well
I came to see what I can learn because I
really love tea I'm uh I don't know I
drink a lot of tea today
what city of Mexico do you live I live
in to look at because I live in Mexico
for eight years I just came back to
Ecuador where I live now and I know many
many T people in Mexico one day I can
give you some contacts schools when you
can learn they are given classes in
Mexico City now and they have very nice
houses actually on Tuesdays and
Thursdays we are having notice that they
and Mexico it you can follow later in my
in my Instagram profile so you can start
to know people in Mexico who are making
they are sending a they are sending you
can buy something they send you to your
home and you can have classes like
classes and stuff they are they are
doing great stuff and they are very very
nice people
as we need to do to them so contact me I
will type my type for you my my T
profile so you can give me a like or
follow me and I do not sure I can give
you all the information
thank you very much
Colton in Mexico tickle turn in Mexico
it's growing yeah they are good friends
of mine I really miss them I will take
for you my my profile all right thank
you very much silly that's great
how did you get introduced to this
experience is it the experience this
exact one this t-top
okay yes I just I was looking for
information on internet and I came
across today talks talks yeah I mean a
night receive a email item from Sam yes
no no yeah I sent out an email I think
was earlier this morning yeah I'm
learning I'm learning how to use my
email system now to participate in this
kind of chat we do it every week so cool
awesome you like a different topic every
week yeah that's the idea
and we never very rarely do we stay on
topic that we go it's more about having
fun oh I love that - I already touch the
the addresses to you Chris yeah thank
you very much and okay welcome Rebecca
is most active on Facebook so I'll put
her Facebook page we could we can we can
pull it up in screen share sure up
screen share perv out for a minute yeah
I mean even if you just scrolled through
her timeline is just like what kind of
tea life do you live she's amazing she's
always like eating and cooking good food
and drinking good tea she harvests tea
like just in her backyard
dream and she just makes very small you
know batches by hand yeah she's living a
good life I don't know he's got a me
yeah I don't know let me see if I can
find specifically her tea houses I just
made you a co so you should be able to
screen share cool well let me search for
I just throw you guys all into Rebecca's
life which you know is a good life yeah
she's fun she's Alfredo's teacher like
an old mentor of Alfredo Alfredo Alain
that's how I met her but I don't know
her age no one knows her age but we all
think she's you know she has that energy
in the soul of a 16 year old but I think
she's she's much older than that but
that's that's what he does he keeps yeah
what is the name of her fake I put
evilly and design I put the link on on
the chat it's just a red signal
it's just her personal Facebook page she
doesn't manage like a business page
she's actually not in the tea business
she's just like a world-renowned tea
house designer youngbae's I cannot get
she's always traveling around here over
weeks she gets contracts mostly in China
just like wealthy people or wealthy
organizations that want to you know
build a tea house and she's very
friendly she's very familiar with the
different schools of tea ceremony and
Auntie practice and her name is Rebecca
with two
seis just just one the link I gave you
well I guess it says six one six arts I
guess that's what she calls her her
organization but that's a personal
Facebook profile is like team when I
heard something yeah I cannot but we did
not yeah just just ask to be in her
I think net and then you never as we
pick up yeah yeah I cannot even no I
cannot is it is it possible to type her
name please yeah it's just one see you
thank you yeah I'm not being able to
quickly find the photos of her her tea
house she has so many photos she's
constantly posting and she does a lot of
like videos and some of those like it's
just like every live video she makes
it's like she's up to something
you know she's got like some museums and
her musicians and her her tea house and
they're playing like traditional
instruments or you know she's crafting
something really cool or you know making
tea of course I've seen some pictures go
around on like Instagram or Facebook or
something of like hyper-modern
minimalist design at like the top of
skyscrapers would like just like walls
with walls of windows with amazing views
that always like
the design aesthetic really kind of
strikes me as like this they've got
they've been like tatami mats with just
like a really low but long table and
then cushions that have like a little
bit of a back around them and just like
yeah kind of it looks like a hyper
modern super minimal design like really
strikes me I don't know if that's her
work or not so let's see and maybe it's
not her work exactly and maybe it's I
just screenshot you guys can see this
mm-hmm Wow okay so this is just like the
outside of one space I don't know if
this is her house but she's definitely
involved and there's there's photos of
her serving the tea so that's her that's
Rebecca right there it's all about
you know the lighting is so important in
spaces Lightning design is one of the
most like itself rages on that hum at
home it makes times people don't pay
attention to it and it can really stitch
and frame a whole experience just by the
type of lightning they do yeah I mean
this is so minimalistic but then you
know the lighting just is just perfect
you know for this simplicity Wow yeah
such a nice space it's one of those
things that people don't have the wow
yeah thank God I don't even know what
this space is but it's pretty cool
hmm hmm yeah project it's like
contracted to like you know designed the
chachi and like work with the architects
on the different elements that would
make for the best tea house so her stuff
you know it can be minimalist and and
and and simple like that but then it can
also be like really rustic like her
personal style like her own tea house
she has I would just right
to a famous temple that has a huge
Golden Buddha so there's a lot of like
tourists that come for that and a lot of
you know monasteries around by Cindy and
that space is like extremely rustic and
you know really cute and she you know
collects a lot of things and but the
lighting is also really important there
too so yeah don't yeah i find giving
lighting just in general helps make
spaces feel a little softer yes an
intimate didn't have a face but the
lighting brings you closer and just like
when he has like a soul focused on the
if you you don't see anything else
around it it's just the tea-tray
and that experience but the backlighting
on a zoom call is like definitely the
way to go
put it putting a big giant window right
behind you in just a dark figure in
front of this light box like yes I
concur the world I mean like this is
another another example of her serving
tea oh my God look how gorgeous that is
it's beautiful ah so much fun but right
now I give up she already won the game I
give up well the best way he said he
raised it to incorporated hey what are
you doing
I'd wanna I want to hang out in that
space for sure and just Zen out when she
she said she's based in Taiwan and near
Hsinchu which is the it's not too far
from Taipei it's just south southwest of
Taipei and it's where oriental beauty
that that bug bitten me that famous bug
it's where that tea originated and she's
like old longtime family friends with
the family that invented that tea and
that's the style of tea that she makes
herself and collects herself like I I
drank like an oriental beauty from like
1964 and her tea room when they that you
know changed my life so yeah also if you
have an interest in that in that type of
she can help introduce you to the to the
right people it is not cheap none of her
stuff is cheap like even to hire her as
a consultant it's not cheap but she's
the best you know and if I ever was to
design a tea room or someone design a
team or I would definitely hire her and
make sure that there's there's money in
the budget for that cuz that that would
you know makes such a different
experience in your tea house then you
know just trying to do it yourself with
your own aesthetic yeah yeah not to say
that is wrong with your aesthetic but
this is like so unique art of design
then you know conventional interior
design that's awesome I am very excited
about getting to never work yeah just
friend her on Facebook she's super
friendly married it's good we have
friends in common I was like haven't
seen you leave behind yeah she's really
connected well cuz she's not a business
person so she's not actively you know
trying to increase her contact list like
all the other people arm but she's
highly renowned and highly sought out
you know by by all types of tea people
when they go to time
it's gonna be very funny because she
probably she's gonna get like a whole
bunch of friend requests it will all tag
her I'll tack her in this and all you
know she'll so be happy she'll be proud
she actually watches she watches those
here and there so she'll be happy to see
that we mention her she will get curious
to know that we are trying to design of
your trophy house and we can keep having
fun and telling experiences yeah I love
the idea of like using Joshy as a design
aesthetic and like extending chachi off
of just the table and the implements
that we use to make tea extending that
into the entire space when we when we
think about designing state when we
think about space design thinking about
it in the same terms that we think about
designing or that we think about setting
up our tea set I think that actually has
a lot to do with I think Sheree and part
of you kind of have those elements too
you have the water you have always liked
nature peace of flowers or whatever
around we have the heat of the fire you
have the earth like the tea plants where
they came out the Torah everything I
think that we you know and the history
that she has with with in a Zen movement
or things like that I think that it's so
perfect for that type of approach is
that the centuries chachi
is it's like yeah tea sets the stage for
the whole tea house
and that for me I think is the the right
approach right it matías it's written
while she's in our world-renowned and
she's so sought after and no like I
would be charging to for that for that
sort of experience in that that
knowledge yeah Jeremy what about you
what's your dream tea house since you're
you know I would go in the exact
opposite direction as everybody here
that's when I got the email from Sam the
the the first thing that pops in my mind
was something I heard from Peter O'Toole
he was a he's being interviewed he did
all these sort of epics and they talked
about how it must have been fantastic to
be at all these beautiful locations and
his response was how much he hated the
outdoors hated it and what he said is
that his idea of heaven is to walk from
one smoke-filled room into the other and
I was just thinking because I don't have
that much experience with like formal
tea houses or at least preconceived tea
houses so I was just thinking about a
place that I would feel the most
comfortable or the place that I had the
best type of experiences and it would be
like that like I remember telling people
my dream job for the longest time would
be locked in the library basement
researching all day and usually the best
the best tea experiences I ever had were
these long kind of intense conversations
that were mostly academic but would the
best part about those conversations was
that when you drink tea and mate it was
almost unconscious like a lot of tea
ceremonies it's very much about the team
it's about the equipment
is about the process and everything but
when you get sucked into a conversation
that that's that deep your just grooming
and drinking almost not realizing it so
the idea is try to recreate that type of
environment so mine would be sort of
like a dark matte dark dark wood would
be like a library of place with just
like you know bookshelves from floor to
ceiling in almost somewhat intimidating
type of place but I think I think just
the idea of walking into a place and all
you think of is whiskey and cigars and
you come in and you're drinking really
fine teas I think just the novelty of
that would probably bring people good
point I mean when I envision my tea
house I don't want it to be only in
place I want it to be a place of
engagement of people to have
conversations with people that they
normally wouldn't you know teas or me
you have those conversations and those
experiences because tea is a conduit for
it it lowers your you're almost your
your your mouth and into your walls it
kind of lowers it them down a little bit
because it's not an aggressive everyone
doing and then you start talking about
politics so start talking about all
right course I'm talking about religion
or those are the type of conversations
that I want through people to be having
around around the people and another
things that I thought a lot about during
that the bidding how we're going to be
able to make tea popular not just the
going through way but you know like
other new types of folks of tea know
sparkling teas or or you know to make it
a funky a new and new way of seeing
beverage completely no longer tea is
like in in a large tea pot with rich
and cucumber sandwiches I thought that I
want that out of the window I want a
modern version of bitch I want like
Friday nights and Saturday nights to be
opened at night for the public to have
jazz bands playing to beat people to be
drinking tea out of wine glasses and
really like paying attention to the to
the flavor into the to the smell and
smoking smoking inside because everyone
everyone I know drinks and teams and
cops like intense conversations it's
smoking it doesn't need to be like the
pristine place but you can have
different pockets at different corners
that allow different I would be to be
incorporated in the team huh so I think
that that's that's that's a great great
point some people don't want to talk
about to see they want to pass
connection with others I think there are
certain type of conversations that you
have with people like out on the street
that become our two intends to quickly
control but what you find is that if T
is somehow involved in the setting you
can have very intense conversations very
dynamic conversations without it ever
getting too confrontational because this
my signals breaking up again so what
have we built a a tea house into a
courthouse for legal mediation there we
go tea houses should be built in every
public building new rehabilitation
clinics teen is therapy yeah you know
they're exploring all of these different
drugs and the hell
benefits that they have they're treating
people with post-traumatic stress with
MDMA and mushrooms and all of these
types of drugs and I think that T teams
of psychotropic t has that impact on on
people like you see people that frankly
and I aging in these conversations they
don't get too confrontational because
they also increases almost your empathy
your your your coma you are pragmatic
you listen to what the person's point is
in menu point you put on your you know
the contra contra argument so it's it's
more like a simple way of doing so but E
is often what I call a force a forceful
mindful exercise because even if you
don't want to be doing it you are doing
it and it just has that impact on you so
the journey there you go the
introspective journey that you go
through while drinking oil drinking tea
can be really useful for places that
deal with addiction and let us like them
is this like a shared experience because
no matter what your viewpoint is no
matter what your stance is the fact that
you're all doing the same thing at the
same time enjoying it just the shared
experience of it kind of tempers
everybody immediately yeah and if that
might backfire because if the argument
turns to the quality of tea then it
might get a little too confrontation
please make sure the quality is the
highest first and then go from there I
love dearly Jeremy I think it's great I
always enjoyed my books I'm such a
bookworm and I love my books wait II
always know I
I really I love your vision guys I I
have to go I have to say goodbye I have
to start with my page it was great to
talk today and see you next week I am
leaving be nice to see you next week I
Chris your discret Jeremy I'm sorry your
description like painted this picture to
me of like the speakeasy basement with
the gambling hall in it
you like rock on the doors have to know
the password to get into there's
actually a building I looked at and this
was this was about a year ago when I was
sure too early into it
about starting like your auntie place
what it was it was basically there's an
old bar it was the employees bar of a
local distillery it went out of business
years ago this is still he got converted
into like steel factory but it was
intact so the bar was still there fully
intact and the whole building has the
history that the brothel was upstairs
Downstairs ways like the dark dingy bar
long bar probably like an entire length
of the of the place and I say here's
what we're gonna do we're gonna we're
going to keep everything as it is and
basically have it look like a bar
function like a bar but we're gonna
serve like nitro tea out of the tap or
sell growlers of you know ambient brew
tea so everything about it would be a
bar is just tea and coffee would
substitute beer and wine but the whole
building had such a such a long history
that that was is a great idea at the
time but there admit there's
no way I would have secured funding or
anything to do it was to static share
her easá t looking into it but to start
with a building that has that much
history especially a very sinful history
and kind of play on that rather than
sort of run from it or hide from it like
really focus on it mmm
because Terre Haute Terre Haute actually
was the Sin City of the Midwest was
called Sin City we were the first I
guess in the country because we were
just far enough from Chicago in places
where Terre Haute was a massive
storehouse for bootleggers and we're
just far enough away from Chicago that
no one cared what we did here so cherry
Springs all the brothels everything my
to my grandmother's aunt she was Madame
Brown she was she ran all the brothels
her husband Eddie Gosnell worked for
Bugsy Malone and was his store warehouse
if he was as his warehouse keeper so it
has that history and Terre Haute Heights
hides from them like no you got to do
the opposite you have to embrace it I
had a great uncle mo who was in
competition with the US Mint they might
have they might have been in similar
circles you definitely need to have a
tea house that that embraces that pass
and he's actually in there trying to
rebrand this part of town as the
distilling district enoy because you
know it was all the original
distilleries were in this so you now
have this old style bar called lagers
great name then right next to you have
the Terre Haute Brewing Company that
started up that restarted up probably
only about eight years ago and you have
right next to it that building was
supposed to be a distilling company but
the guy couldn't secure the license he
was gonna make like artisan gin but he
wasn't the big heinous partner couldn't
get the license to make it so they just
sort of put it on the market and the
building is been sitting there I think
it's still sitting there because they
refused to give it to anybody that would
use it for any other purpose than the
bar but there was so much competition in
like just the few blocks that no one
would ever buy it as a bar so obviously
they're having a hard time selling it he
said the last piece of the last offer
they got was a landscaping company who
wanted to turn the upstairs into offices
and use the land this world their
equipment and it was a good offer he
just said no no way
I mean be upstairs where the brothel
used to be you can still rent the room
it just doesn't come with company
anymore or maybe it does have company
it's just a tea server you know you can
have something that has mass appeal turn
the upstairs into an arcade say your
dream tea house definitely needs to have
an arcade in it because there's there's
three rooms upstairs and they're all
interconnected so you have the pinball
room it's through the various themed
rooms so it's strange to convert a
brothel into an arcade I think people
would like that it's like the story of
that well if you want pinball machines
and jukeboxes my uncle is actually one
of the best in the world of restoring
module and he basically that was his
hobby and his whole garage and the whole
basement I think that he has like 50
pinball machines and loot boxes that
he's constantly just like people from
all over the world send him the pieces
for him to restore it build and it's
amazing things like as they're the old
old old jukeboxes is just I would
definitely go to that tea house by the
way like you just said a t-bar I think
that it's important for people to see
how versatile tea is although I love
looking through a I think that conveys
this especially with the new urgent
patients they they out in the last in
the last 10 years the amount of
non-drinkers has quadrupled so the
younger generations are actually not
drinking alcohol and they're looking for
healthier alternatives a tea you know
has has the health benefits but you can
also get your pee drunk and it can be a
sociable experience it can still work as
a social lubricant and it can be it can
be served in completely different ways
and be a substitute for alcohol even
when you're eating so pairing food with
with with with me and serving it you
know how they not be coming out of taps
and having kombucha on tops or having
spark muties on Thompson doing all of
these different ways that tea can be can
be experienced I think that'sthat's a
way to create a new generation of tea
drinking and they don't like to the
different types of drinking tea but if
you introduce them to this amount of
variety that tea the tea can can supply
now me to break me that perception that
people have that tea is something that
you do the crime
now as someone that gave me a good idea
he says what you should do is get
together with the local restaurants like
right right around the corner and then
like give them even numbers so basically
all the designated drivers will be sent
my way and when their friends are ready
to go they just get certain calls from
the restaurants and pick up your friends
that I will be yeah at least it does the
community drivers have something to do
and something to enjoy so it's like a
dee dee daycare yeah pretty much Jeremy
your your creativity like kind of
alternate direction that it goes from a
lot of the discussions that we have
never ceases to fire me and like I love
the way you think what other thing that
reminded me when I when I lived in
Scotland there was a coolest it was just
a DVD it doesn't last but it was great
because what you do is you bring in a
DVD and for one pound you could swap it
out for any DVD in the place it said the
idea if you could with you would create
like a tea room with that type of sort
of business model that had that sort of
second revenue stream like yeah books or
whatever you come in as long as you swap
it out with something decent even for a
flat fee so even if it's just even if it
did brings in that type of person or
that type of customer these are people
that are anxious to have conversations
or they want to talk about something
that reminds me of you betting tea at
Elyse oh yeah at landing in a bottle
yeah yeah that was fun I'm gonna let
Elise tell the story I forget what
they're called
it's a true what's that quack Jack I
think it was yeah may they travel to all
the different music festivals and county
fairs and set up a little a little shop
it's kind of like a trading post and
they have a an old-time blackjack table
that interacts with the public and then
all of their goods are all just on
shelves behind them and they're really
silly like improv actors that are like
from from the Old West or something and
they'll play cards with you and there's
no money involved you just you have to
bet something and then they're gonna bet
something of similar value to what
you're betting and then you just play a
very simple you know a hand of cards and
so they'll even accept a shoe or they'll
accept you know even something that's
junk but they're gonna value something
that's junk that they have that they've
collected in their travels and exchange
it with you so yeah I went one night and
I took a bunch of tea I think I took
like two bags of tea and like big bags
like you know both not both but you know
sizable bags and I lost both of them but
that was the point I wanted to lose them
to them so then when they are traveling
or was someone else that comes up
they'll spread that tea out to someone
new you know so somebody somebody's
gonna see that tea on their shelves and
be like I want I want to play you for
that tea no it's it's worth this much
you'll have to bet something of this
value could be a watch or could be you
know and it's usually like you go there
with whatever you have and you just like
improvise and yeah you give your sock
away or something but now somebody gets
to win that tea yeah yeah I wonder what
happened to it I don't know it's a very
good way of spreading g-guys gonna go
somewhere and that's why I donate tea at
Burning Man cuz
I know that those spaces are really
great spaces where people are receptive
and wanting to learn more and I mean
even the whole premise of going to
Bernie man you know there's lots of
premises and lots of goals and
activities but overall no matter what
someone's initiative is and going
ultimately they everybody's feeling like
they're bettering themselves or you know
trying to acquire some experience or
knowledge that'll help them be better
people that doesn't always happen but
that's like kind of the overall
intention and so you know even if
someone is like out of their mind
party bender for two days and then ends
up out of gum food table somewhere
they're they're gonna receive that and
nothing breaks my heart more than seeing
these people offering gum food service
that like their intentions are great but
like the tea they're serving is shit and
not an alignment with what the practice
and sharing of gongfu cha is so you know
rather than tell them they're their tea
is like that a lot of times it's just a
matter of they have to buy the tea
themselves and that can be really pricey
so they're just gonna like take whatever
tea they have or you know crowdsource it
among the camp and it's you know not
gonna be great tea or you know there
there are some merchants that have made
influence and those communities that
have popularized very low quality market
tea specifically a not aged but cooked
tours that are not enjoyed that you know
are change and not embracing what that
server is really trying to create and
the thing about Burning Man is that the
probability of the people they are going
to be exposed to your tea they already
in some sort of journey so they'll be
open to the whole
it makes it up it has and of course yet
the quality of the t-nuts that's super
important it's really important but yeah
there's no branding on it I don't put
any labels on any tea that I donate you
know it just it just goes and you know I
might put some brewery instructions or
sometimes I'll include like a little
card that has information about the
maker of the tea but yeah I'm really
respectful of the cultural rules around
commodification although they're
bullshit you know cuz there's the two
organizations that make the most money
from Bernie men and we're not no one
supposed to make money Bernie man is the
government and Walmart and like I'm sure
every burner would agree that they
freakin hate both of those things
absorbing all the value from from that
experience but u-haul and Amazon are
probably getting pretty close to it now
yeah so it's like yeah these companies
are making money they're adding values
they should make money so like we
shouldn't stop burners like honest
hard-working burners that could be
offering that value and taking that
value instead like shame on any burner
that's trying to you know keep track of
the value that they're adding to this
system let's all go to Walmart or you
know just order it from Amazon and let's
check it for us I think it's about being
too realistic and to like you know you
you want something to be a certain way
but then as it evolves you know even the
people that go to Burning Man are not
the same now Burning Man seems to be
like the new Coachella it's it's like a
popular place and yeah it's just it just
changes I understand that they want to
keep the same goals and the same values
but it's it's it's not represented in
the in the in the in the actual event
and almost anymore I feel like if you
want to keep those core people engage
and if you want to keep those core
people as you know the the the reason
why you're doing this
the rule is for community is for art is
for the sharing experience but if you if
you're not almost like stopping them
from creating that those connections
because you know it's all fine and good
that you don't you can't sell things
there but if you if you put just a small
label of your your your tea I don't see
that as being taking advantage of the
system I see that as spreading good tea
and spreading knowledge of tea and
allowing those people to then have
access to amazing tea different people
have different perspectives on that I
can understand I just I respect it all
it's good you know and you know people
will share my name you know which is
good enough you know true and the key is
this the good team and and hopefully you
ever serving it does read those cards of
you know the tea maker and how it was
made and kind of share those stories
because there's value in that to know
not just in the the teeny but of like
sitting in that space and being like oh
cool this tea was made in India and
these were the people and these are the
struggles that they face and Woodford or
Woodward yeah besides Burning Man that
is the second best festival that I've
been to and I've been to several like
around Europe and I started traveling
around Europe when I was 15 on my own so
I was like really into discovering weird
festivals in the middle of nowhere and
but the woodford used to be a pasture
property it's huge it's absolutely huge
and in the last 30 years they have done
this this festival and it's all very
much community centered and very very
much on par with with Burning Man but
they have permanent grounds so all of
the toilets and showers are like
concrete cement floors and everything
they have like a system of busses that
goes and picks up people from different
bus stops in the camping areas and they
have beautiful stages and they have a
whole festival on the side for kids so
the parents drop the kids in to the
festival and pick them up at the end of
the day so it's a really family focused
and friendly event there's music from
all over the world we were catching my
music from from all these different
countries in Africa and I came in South
America and like tribe tribes as well
from from North America Australia and it
was very very an amazing experience it
was a very subversive experience but
also you had access to so many cultures
and there was so much to do in the in
the schedule it was very beautiful in
art everywhere you could choose the
plants and the trees that were going to
be planted in the in the property it's
all now it's like the middle of a forest
and every single treat you can donate to
to a to plant it and they will tell you
what animals you would bring in like
Florence Mona and they were it was all
native to the area as well so they
basically reforest
the whole property using using the the
festival you can make bricks and write
your name and do like drawings on it and
those are the bricks values for the path
so every year everyone in the in the the
festival actually helps it grow and
establish itself more it's really good
that sounds cool that sounds great yeah
yeah it's it's almost like the
principles of Burning Man but with
better camping and no dust
well it seems like more infrastructure
for expressing the culture in kind of a
closed system that is building upon
itself so like having activities like
though the whole concept of like
building the infrastructure with
everybody's participation like burning I
doesn't do that you know that's
something that I wish was there like
Burning Man itself had more activities
that exemplified the principles that you
know were meant to be building a culture
around you know it's it's just rhetoric
instead of actually like having
activities that that actually show us
and make us feel what that is I actually
spoke to Brett about it's because we
were we were talking how amazing you
would have it would be if if Burning Man
had its own space like this and I know
that you know Brennaman gets to be like
the second being a city when it's on it
has more than 60 powers of people coming
from all over the world it's huge but if
if it could have a permanent place it
wouldn't have to pay the ridiculous fees
that he pays to submit to the government
it wouldn't have like that Smith at the
the police dogs and the police just
frightening everyone it would have
better facilities for for water water
saving toilets and showers and all of
that because a lot of people create so
much waste to go to Burning Man because
they have to have their own water and
it's all fine and good but look at all
the plastic that you just bought in Alec
for me it was kind of I wouldn't say
ironic but kind of defeating the purpose
like he would be so much better if
facilities were provided we could still
leave no trace in terms of pollution but
this would actually reduce the amount of
waste is produced 65,000 people buying
plastic to contain water in to last them
for their whole time and
showers and all of that just the water
itself it's so much plastic yeah but at
the same time like the the ephemeral
nature the fact that Burning Man
there's definitely magic there but I
totally hear you on the the lack of
sustainability around the consumerism
that goes into building it definitely
yeah I think that they stopped focused
on it like no waste no glitter no
feathers all of those principles then
you go there and you see the other side
the amount of plastic that people
brought in and is everyone's walking
around with their on carbon and they're
on a stray which is fine but I've seen a
lot of people wearing glycerol or people
weighing feathers as well it's just yeah
it seems like it's kind of its kind of
the feeder to purpose or or or an
intention with with Woodford all of the
all of those pages all of the
infrastructures are turned on torn down
at the end of it is just the the
laboratories and the toilets that in
showers there I catch so every year it's
like a different different structures
different locations they do have
restaurants and cafes there are built in
like the modular buildings or container
buildings are brought in and set up so
you can see you can have like a proper
breakfast with your family and then go
and do workshops and it's yeah I really
really enjoyed it I think that for
people that want to have the Burning Man
experience but can't really go to
America it's it's a good way to
to have that yeah ever since I found out
about it a couple years ago clay and I
found out about it because I was getting
ready to go to Burning Man and the web
developer that I was working with at the
time lived in Australia and she had like
just gotten back from Woodford mm-hmm
so we were talking about it I'm like oh
my god that sounds amazing
yeah it's definitely like on the bucket
list of places to go now when the next
two years two years all right
it starts in the day after after
Christmas over 26 and then you spend New
Year's Eve bad news is the last day
mm-hmm people actually spend Christmas
there to get there early and they have
like proper set up camper vans and you
know people go to the festival for so
many years and make longtime friends so
they all go together and set up their
own camps with like caravans and
communal tables and communal kitchens
it's really good
does it still take does it take twelve
hours to get in and out sometimes ah no
no it's free well set up there's a huge
probably as big as the grounds there's
the parking and camping spot and then in
in in the campanian parking spot even if
you don't have a bike because you know
there's lots of people in not in water
space for the bikes there's the the bus
system that goes around the camping and
picks up people and that runs 24/7 or
new yeah so it doesn't matter what state
you're in at the end of the night you
can always get them safely well as long
as you can find it the transportation
will get you there if you can fight if
you can navigate describing that I was
reminded of something that I was like
when I was thinking about this prompt
for today's talk I was thinking what is
something you know outside of all that
infrastructure stuff I said I would want
in my tea house and I just remembered
really awesome
the children's play area really
important you know because that's one
thing whenever I have friends that come
have tea with me that have children you
know I tell them please bring your
children and I have like some toys I
keep things here to keep kids
entertained but you know there don't get
a point like into like the fourth or
fifth hour of your tea drinking session
that the kids start getting restless
and I don't want that to happen so I
want to make sure that there is like a
really awesome space for them so like
stay entertained and engaged with tea of
course you know yeah a nap room like a
child's tea table and like a jungle gym
you know so like the kids are begging
the parents hey we gotta go we gotta go
to the tea house you don't McDonald's
this was a fun prom yeah like I woke up
yesterday like man what the hell are we
gonna do forty dogs like it just like
happened that somebody some Jen Brenner
posted it in the citizen's slack I was
like part of her like joining process
and I'm like that's it so where does she
did you tell her about this I did I may
not have told her like as clearly as I
should have
yeah so next time it was also short
yeah but I think I gotta take off this
has been an awesome two-hour session
though I'm like always amazed how
quickly time goes by is sitting drinking
tea with you guys really appreciate
everybody's consistency for showing up
for this it's always a highlight of my
week it's been great great experience I
am always like telling T people's time
are you going to teach the virtual
dealer we can go with people from all
over the world thank you my father have
a wonderful evening guys

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