Thursday, May 14, 2020 - Virtual Tea House Tour

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Tea House last week we had
about 60 people come through

and likely wouldn't have had
more if some of our advertising

efforts would not have fallen
actually they basically false

started when we tried to hire
them up to the engine just did

not work the way that it was
supposed to and I will just

leave it at that. So in. Doing
more events with more planning

will be able to advertise and
probably bring in much more

people did everybody get a
chance to kind of wander around

and see and experience the
space or would you guys like to

do a quick tour. I definitely
made a few changes that I wanna

show you that I think. Really
up level the experience for

people who may have had some
trouble. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just

gonna fire up a screen share
really quick and try if I if I

start to drag this on too long,
somebody just smack me in the

head and be like hey, this is
this is getting boring. It's

Danny more tips that I need to
find how many did you find and

you get all 16. There were 16.
So yeah, one of the one of the

so here we are in the entrance
and actually I found 14. So you

you miss too. Yes, I know One
of the changes that we've made

is now the Tea House is always
open 20 - 47 if somebody if

somebody goes to virtual Tea
House dot com, they come to the

front door when they knocked on
the door nobody's home cuz

Nothing's happening inside but
you can still enter and there

is a registration form below
for people to be able to keep

in touch, you'll
receive an email. With links

and everything that needs to
needs to happen so the days of

getting lost going through
Eventbrite, those are done.

We've we've gotten rid of a
Eventbrite completely and going

all the way around so some
things that some big changes

that I've made I've put in now.
there's a map that will be

available so the next time we
do this if. It's kind of hard

to for some people, it's
challenging to conceptualize in

their head. I've added a map.
so if you visit your map, then

you get a picture of the map
that I have yet to draw but

just demonstrating. but now we
have a map and a way for you to

then download that and like
keep it handy so that it'll be

easier for you to.

in addition to that there is a
sign with today's activities.

It was there last week I have
since improved it to not only

have who is doing what but
where they are doing it and

there's a link here. So now
from this sign you could

essentially teleport to any
space that you want you don't

actually have. Go through the
Choose your own adventure If

that is not what you're looking
to do if that's something

that's a little challenging.
this is gonna make a big

difference for people that are
using that are joining us on

cell phones, especially that I
recommend that this just kind

of gets them into tea with
somebody else faster. So those

are like the big changes that
I've made to try and make

things much more accessible.
It's great. the people that

weren't aware here again at the
entrance, There was an envelope

available for with your name on
it If you went to the envelope,

you found a cheap. Bingo card.
And these teapots were hidden

pictures of these teapots are
hidden in links all over the

tea House. Let's see if I even
remember where some are

probably up on the balcony.
Here's a little bit of blue

text hidden that is very easy
to read right past. but if you

notice that it's blue and you
click on it, you find yourself

a T pet and you get to Mark
them up on your bingo card.

with the Priscilla Thank you
guys so much for playing the

fact that you guys got into it
made myself and Hannah so.

Happy and it was actually it
was actually Hannah's idea.

She's probably the main
inspiration for our T PA

collection cuz who doesn't like
having cute little bunnies all

over the tea-table Right-I love
it that idea I just didn't know

how to market them in my bingo
card. you did you did great

taking the screenshots was
awesome and I put it all on.

profiles, I hope there's no.
copyright nope, no copyright

whatsoever, but I I I direct
redirect people tobu House dot

com So that was great. I hope
they they keep coming and

playing. I have so much fun
Good. I'm glad So I definitely

so if you went upstairs and the
balcony and look through the

curtain, you found yourself.
Basically, like a yoga when I

was trying to describe as a
yoga studio, this is where Kai

was serving tea big shout out
Tommi for the way that her set

up kind of really to me. This
looks like this could be she

could be in the yoga studio
that was being described so you

want that that really is the
kind of seamless experience

that I'm looking that I'm
trying to create here. That by

describing the rooms before
somebody jumps in to zoom,

we're already like setting
their mind and immersing them

into this experience that we're
creating a world. We're not

just creating a network of Zoom
calls that are all talking

about this stuff and to me
that's really what's going to

be the key in like we were
talking about elevating our

virtual gatherings. That's. Be
the key is how do we make this

more immersive? How do we make
the world's actually feel as

real as they are? There was
also we had the atrium, which

had this lovely garden and then
Cynthia from one tea. I don't

know if she's on the call today
or not, but she again like

fantastic job. Her tea-table
was like covered in plants. so

you read this description of
being in a big room covered in

plants jumped in to a call with
somebody having tea their

tea-table is covered with
plants and. That kind of

continuity to me really
heightens the experience. So

just to recap, we had we're on
three stories There was an

upstairs a ground floor that we
had three events going on

upstairs. We have three events
going on in in the ground floor

or events on the ground floor
if you especially including the

patio. Some outside stuff and
then down in the basement, we

also had three more events so
to me with 10 rooms happening,

we could have pretty easily
accommodated anywhere from

a hundred to a hundred and 50
people that assume a decent

amount of those people are all
meandering about and exploring

the space. Not all
hundred and 50 people are going

to be in the rooms at the same
time. So if half of them are in

rooms, that means we've got 70
- five people sitting having

tea at once that's about seven
or eight people in a call. that

is a really good size group for
virtual tea. I mean, would you

guys agree with that? right? Is
it possible for someone without

going through you to open up a
room so for example you it''s?

24 seven but how let's say I
wanted to just go open a portal

and and in a room whatever
since it's all built in methos,

you would need to have a methos
account and I would need to

show you how to do that. I have
no problems doing that. what

that getting into what I would
love to where I would love to

see this go is I would love to
see everybody wanting to host

rooms within this as a 20 - 47
thing doesn't have

to be thursdays. At 20 'clock
the idea being that we can

start marketing the virtual tea
House as this umbrella for all

of the T community and T
servers everywhere to be able

to be holding space and what
that does is that's that we're

unifying the tea community
behind one thing and it's much

easier from a from an
advertising standpoint to drive

traffic to one thing yeah. So
what I would love to do is yes,

I definitely want you guys to
be able to hold space here In

the in, at least the current
iteration, it would probably

take a little bit of work
between us to be able to make

that happen especially because
we wanna make sure to get on

like the front page. This is
where today today's event is

happening in the classroom.
Here's how you get to the

classroom that kind of stuff
and that is a hundred percent

all work that I am here to do.
This space so that others could

come and play in it so you if
you're asking me how to do

that. I wanna help you do that.
It's like you know if you're

modeling a virtual space like
there are people have keys

visitors right so pretty much
everybody who has a key should

be able to open up a room
whenever and then what could

happen over time? Is you just
have this really organic thing?

Where Oh my gosh, it's 40
'clock on whatever day-I don't.

I'm one with you if you go to
check the virtual tea House and

see if anybody's chilling, you
know exactly so so the the

General Road map I. I'll be
putting together an Air Table

form where you can submit an
event that you want to host and

that air table form will
populate a calendar with the

room information and
everything, and then that

calendar will posted at the
entrance to the Tea House. So

in in that sense, it'll become
much more automated and that we

don't have to go through an
update tons of pages that and

realistically the way that it's
built if none of the rooms

speaks to what you wanna do
speak to the kind of space that

you wanna hold. we'll just
we'll just design a new roof.

when I was originally writing
this, I originally had cammie

and so on both in the classroom
and narrative. I couldn't

figure out how to make it work
so I'm like well screw it. I'm

just gonna put in your own room
and we're gonna call it the

yoga studio and within 15
minutes. New room existed

Linkedin in no problem. it
requires a little bit of know

how a little bit of
understanding on how to use the

platform The Myth of platform
is a little clunky, but it's

not difficult to. I don't think
I mean, at least you picked it

up pretty amazingly Might be
able to speak a little more to

it's difficult to feel included
but once you feel included,

then it's extremely easy. So I
think what she's saying is

actually a very good idea.
something that you know, I was

kind of thinking about how we
would scale this all relying on

everything being on your back,
which is a big responsibility,

and I think it's kinda cool to
issue a set of keys to those

folks that can navigate that So
you know definitely since I've

already learned you know how to
use the myths platform and how

to create content there. you
know, I definitely would feel

comfortable having a set of
those keys so in the case of

and this could even be done
through Slack, you know if if

you want to make a room, you
know ideally, you'd give days

notice and that air table form,
so there's time to set

everything up and have the the
virtual space ready for it. But

in some cases we don't have
time. And we just have an idea,

pop up and we wanna go on and
if you don't have a set of

keys, you can't create that so
maybe distributing that

responsibility among people
that have keys as as she will

put it you could help keep this
like more fresh and take a lot

of the stress off of you from
every day having to update it.

definitely I am totally down
for that. give you giving you

keys is as. As I mean, here,
let me throw the screen share

back up wrong One. This is the
two talk memo. Oh here just cuz

this is perfectly practical
down here in now, I've tagged

Elise your username and methos
has been tagged. You can now

edit this memo awesome. You're
gonna do an Air Table,

essentially anybody who has
keys through a PR. I think you

can connect it to Zapier can
get notifications when somebody

requests a day there could be a
minimum anyway. Sorry. this is

I'm a software engineer, so we
don't know Yeah. I know it's

just great for me, too. I I
thought that we were actually

that you are actually already
doing this because when I went

to the attic. I think it was
after you move a couple of

Bucks you get into a room and
there was no one day. so I

thought Oh, if I linger here
then does that mean that I am

the Hostess and I think that if
we allow the room to kinda be

open like that cuz yeah, of
course, you can personalize it

and make it whatever you want.
but it's like an improv to

thing if it's like, Oh, I'm
just going to check if someone

is having tea right now at the
Tea House. does it really

matter? It fits in the room
full of plan or if it fits in

the yoga studio or in the
attic. It's just what you want.

The people is to share the team
so the the the the the space

itself might be really nice. If
you can, you know interact with

the description and provide
provides a visual and a

connection to the description.
I don't think that it's

extremely necessary because
when you're really providing. A

platform for the community to
engage, I mean down the road

that could be like something
that is really well curated and

and it's really well connected
about doing it. I think for

right now for people to create
the habits, the easier the

easier the better Yeah, and I
definitely think that the space

is a little overbuilt right now
that it has the capacity to be

hosting far more than what. But
far more than the traffic that

we're driving is capable of
filling. I think we could say

for sure and in the the growth
into that, we definitely need

to be mindful of how we would
we definitely need to be

mindful of getting people into
the conversations quickly and

seamlessly so yes, a feedback
about your specific thing, but

I think it's a great idea. I
think that's really cool to

have these kind of like
standing spaces, but the

logistical issue with it is
that as of. Now with how we did

it last week, all those spaces
are hosted by individuals zoom

accounts of the people that
we're hosting those rooms. So

there is a chance that there's
Zant would get held up so lets

you have one meeting at a time
so that would be the challenge

now If the talks was to acquire
like a an enterprise a-z

account where you can host
multiple meetings at one time,

But then you're you're starting
to talk about a major expense.

we run. Rented one for virtual
tea House How much was it I got

the Homie discount of five of
$6 a room okay, so those are

still the same links that no-I
all of those all of those rooms

are have are no longer
accessible. It was just a day

rental I see, but I mean, yeah,
even that is an expense you

know, yeah. and if we were to
run this 20 - four hours, but

if there was like a membership
fee or you know like if we were

to model something bringing
value to people that would be

awesome. but I think it's a
great idea if we could have

like a thousand members from
around the world That are also.

Into this and paid a little bit
each month, then we can

definitely account for that.
but we can also explore new

technology so I've noticed
today, Facebook launched like

their zoom competitor, Yeah
that that could potentially be

a scalable, You know room
creation hub I'll I'll I'll be

researching that later today to
see what capacities are there

so that could be really cool,
but it's just kind of lead you

into like a Facebook message
group where there's you know

like a zoom call going on. Yup
we are the same group of people

that I work with on the methos
platform. We're exploring

another platform called Topia,
which allows you to control a

little dude and wander around
and as your little dude gets

closer to other little dudes,
it automatically just pops you

into a zoom call or not. it
doesn't even pop you into a

zoom call. It's just their
video and their audio pops in.

Within that platform, it's all
within the platform. there's no

download required. we can
definitely go play in there

later this afternoon. If you
would like kaal cool, Yeah, I

would like that very much it's
it's a little young but the

developer I know the developers
and they are more than capable

of doing what they are set out
to do they've just they're only

two weeks in. So but seeing
what they've done in two weeks,

I'm stoked to see what they're
gonna do in another two weeks.

It's the future. Yeah. We're
gonna see a lot of stuff like

that. So but that definitely
what you're talking about.

Malta is 100 percent. What at
least my intention for this was

is to create this like Central
space for you to go and have

virtual tea with other people
and. And as we as we put

together content that allows us
to open the doors, wider and

appeal to more people and grow
the community, which I think

everybody on this call is in
support of anything we can do

to grow the community.

I'm excited. So come things
coming up I would like to do

another party kind of at the
scale that we did last time and

partner with some other people
that I know that run around

Night-club and we take they're
bringing in three to 500 people

into a virtual night-club and
if we attach five or six rooms

to that, we can have a lot of
fun. The space we all work so

well interfacing with different
environments and different

vibes that we don't just have
to sit here and talk about what

color our leaves are. Right, I
think I think this is very

important what you say because
I had so much fun in the art

classes. It was a great idea. I
started with Kahani, so it was

very relaxing because I was
like kind of after the Beal

test and then come down slow
down in a yoga class and then

to our classes, it was great.
It was. Great addition Good.

I'm glad Thank you Cammie for
for bringing that he did

Right-I. Can I say something it
might be a little bit too but

yesterday or thank you but it
is today so on and Jeffrey from

Lisas had a live stream and
they were talking about tea and

Spotify and how to get. Into
like so many different pockets

and people have so many
different hobbies and getting

that and with the Australian
specifically people start to

get really bored with
isolation, so they dressed up

to take the bins out And it
there. It is so I thought it

would be really cool to have
like maybe a theme for one of

the tea parties even if in
their life. Nineties or

whatever you know like
something something doesn't

need to be like sci-fi or
specific, but just to get

people to break the ice. So
it's not like your formal and

you don't know if you want in
Green tea is something a little

bit more. Oh, this could be an
actual party. This could be

like some of the Yeah we
especially the so the the

night-club partner that I'm
speaking of I have. I have set

up this tea-table essentially
at one of their in one of their

events and for a little
context, the way that their

event works, they have a twitch
stream with a DJ. that's

playing music and then they
have a zoom call that everybody

is in and everybody is busy
dancing and then they can take

and somebody in the zoom call
that will then go. And

spotlight whoever has the best
dance moves. And it's like

getting on the jumbo Tron when
you're at the at a at a

sporting event. Kiss's exactly
a hundred percent, so it makes

for this really fun experience
and then I had a side room

where I was sitting and having
tea, but the idea is that

everybody that's coming into
this, they're they're not

showing up in their pajamas.
They have taken time to

decorate their space. They're
wearing costumes. They've got

funny hats They've already made
three costume changes

throughout the evening. well
it. Could be a pajama party we

could totally pajamas. I would
like I would love to have a and

Wonderland tea party. I'm just
saying you know it's not yet.

This is the classic one. Yeah,
anything that we can be doing

to make this. More feel more
real and less like a bunch of

people sitting and staring at a
computer. Yeah, I don't know I

think it's also it's also smart
to keep it accessible as well

for folks that maybe they heard
about it last minute, but they

still wanna be involved and
feel the energy and and see

what's going on they. They
don't have the time to get

dressed up and to get in the
spirit or they're on the about

doing that. you know so like.
It accessible for them to

experience to some degree
without having to jump all the

way in and that could perhaps
motivate them to jump all the

way in the next time. One of
these events comes around, but

this is new. This is a whole
new, you know, thank all of my

Burning Man Group friends are
doing these types of events and

you know there's probably only
a small handful of people that

are really getting into it cuz
they really know this actually

works. This is a cool thing But
there. Whole bunch of other

people that are just viewing
and you know, then the next

event you see a lot of these
people that are viewing are now

into it because they got the
gist of it. So you know, I

think that's that's kind of the
the importance of like having

the interactivity. So like I
have a friend in San Francisco,

they're doing really cool
multidimensional virtual events

that involve like VR so that
you can have different levels

of activity with these events
that you can have the full on

VR experience and they have it
all built that way or you can

just engage in. Two dimensions,
or you can just watch it as the

broadcast that's going out on
Twitch and and you can choose

on what level you wanna
participate in with the event.

Definitely V R T. I think
that's that's the answer great.

I remember we were talking a
little bit about trying to get

like trying to have everybody
drinks the same tea in a way,

so we're trying to we're trying
to figure out some sort of

package that a person can
receive so that every time

every time someone logs in,
you're all drinking the same

thing so it feels more involved
that way. huh. Yeah, I've spent

a little bit. Time sketching
that out Jeremy I I think by

next week, I'll probably have a
model for what I think that

would look like and how to
execute it in a way that is

financially sustainable and and
kind of what that would that

would require. I mean, I think
we definitely have all of the

pieces that we need Here in the
even just in the car right now,

we have everything that we
would need to do that. So it's

just kind of a matter of
putting it together in such and

I just about finished putting
together, putting it together

on a on a spreadsheet so that
all we have to do is like

figure out What are the what
are the numbers that make this

functional? Well? I think that
this could be a function of

like whoever's. In that class
will be responsible for them.

you know if if Jeremy, if you
wanted to have one of these

like cold drinking sessions,
where you're drinking the same

tea, then you would be the one
responsible for shipping out

everybody's tea, but that would
also you know assign a fee and

this virtual tea House could be
like a marketing platform or

any of us to do those types of
events and you know you can

even like the Brian. Are you
excited about that? excessively

that was I. The Reddit's that
we did for the last one didn't

get approved in time for some
Reddit drama but running Reddit

ads, persistently collecting
and curating comment threads

that speak to the content and
basically saying this is

awesome like essentially
curating a conversation that is

championing whatever everything
sold and promoted once that

happens. once you get that kind
of portrait of a thread, you

can run the ads from. And the
cost to do so is so low, so

just basically having a
persistently open space that

anyone can wander into and and
just get sucked into that hole

and delight and surprise with
different things is yeah, I

mean that I've. Seeing Sam's
the House and wandering through

it, I mean I was I was live
streaming as I went through it

and I was just getting cuz it's
it's not. it's it's simple but

at the same time, it's not
something you find anywhere

else. and I think that that's
something that stands on its

own, even if no one 's in it.
you know like if someone's

sitting in the tea-table and I
can wander in. that's great but

I I did a speed run of the tea
House before anyone was there

and it was. I was supposed to
be a speed limit. It took me an

hour cuz I. Largely unaware of
what sammons doing and when I

found it for the first time,
this is a I went through every

single thing and then when
people are actually in it, I

found new things and it's it's
pretty magical. It's also not

to technologically or like
creatively difficult to just

keep adding rooms like we don't
have to deal with neighbors and

find new property right we. We
have no physical restriction

overhead. Abri speaking on the
the Reddit marketing that was

done, we did have close to 200
people from Reddit visit that

Twitch stream throughout the
streams so people did come.

they found it I thought that it
might have been through the ads

or whatever but I did a live
stream on Wednesday night. like

the 45 minute time, I got, I
had a little over a thousand

viewers throughout that time
and I was able and it got like

55 of votes and so I was able
to cross-post that live stream

to the TB. read it and I
invited people to. The Tea

Festival and the Tea House
there, so I think that's where

the people did end up coming
in. so I think there are

different there's a lot of
hidden features that read it

just kind of built ad lib and
then didn't tell anyone about

cuz they're not sure if they
were or not one of which is the

ability to create a post on
your user profile instead of a

sub Reddit and then link that
to a live event And so you can

do that and then promote it and
it's like a weird Super

technical thing but that was
another thing. I wanted to test

when we had more time and this
time you're not gonna get your

account suspended by docking
yourself a couple of days

before. Yeah, Yeah. And from
that I hear you guys speak

about Reddit. It sounds so
convoluted and that you have to

jump through so many hoops is
it worth it like now that it's

a big entity, but is it worth
it? Like I'm asking my best way

my my two best ways of
conveying it's worth right cuz

there's it's it's a soulful
process. You have to contribute

a part of yourself to get
something back, so it's not a

matter of like blogging or you
do it consistently and use

keywords and so you're you're
really exposing a piece of

yourself and that in itself
takes a lot I did that for the

first time in 2014, it was 12
hours of writing My first blog

post specifically for Reddit. A
30 days of spending about 30

minutes to an hour per day,
like learning what the ??? it

was and then writing that
article for them and then I

posted it immediately within 72
hours. It was 450000 people to

my blog within a while it was
338 thousand backlinks give or

take five to Seven million
Media impressions and to this

day five years later, I still
get Email. I just found your

article and I'd like to talk to
you about investment and so

you're the guy to go to there's
a lot of people to go to. I'm

the only one dumb enough to say
it publicly because as soon as

I did, I got featured a little
while later in an article

titled the The Magic Formula
for going viral, and it was on

Forbes, which I didn't choose
the title was actually

something different. They
changed it to be more clickable

as soon as I saw it, I was like
cancelling everything I'm way.

Gets picked up by a conspiracy
of like ??? this guy's ruining

our platform spent six hours
practicing nonviolent

communication and holding space
for people and at the end of

the conversation, it was like
??? everyone who's not this guy

and so you know it has it's it
has its intricacies but if you

are willing to jump if you're
willing to show up it's worth

it. If you're not willing to
show up, it's not worth it and

it's it's very binary in that
way. So I've spent the last

year building. Persona as the
least hated advertiser on

Reddit and that's kind of what
I'm newly and freshly excited

to use to promote people like
people like everyone here and

the tea House because it's that
platform really only works. I'm

talking about other people.
that's the nature of Bren and

if I use I actually the first
ad that I ran was promoting my

dating profile of Fred and apps
and now you're no longer

allowed to do that. I thought
it was really fun. I got like

18 offers for dates way what
would be desired from an agent

and all other aspects, but it
was really funny. It's worth it

and it's it's worth it. if
anything just to learn how to

find your authentic voice it's
worth it better than Instagram

or Facebook but it's gonna feel
like it's not worth it at

first, but it takes some time
and you definitely don't

promote yourself. Don't try to
call yourself great or don't

try to call yourself an expert
because yeah you will be you'll

be shamed and you'll be the
little and thinking you know

that everybody hates you when
they actually do. Cuz there's

there's trolls, you know that
just spend a lot of time and

trying to bring people down,
but if you talk with an

authentic voice, you'll be
fine. so I did read it when I

first launched Tela like you
know I was in a tech incubator

and it was all about like SEO
and marketing and get

everywhere and I did read it
just because the numbers right

and I did a lot like that was
the main platform. I invested

my time into writing and to
answering people's questions

and you know just trying to
engage with everybody and it

like it was working but then
like. The second that like my

name people start talking about
tela or that name started

spreading around there was like
haters and you know I I just

like felt so like useless and
the time I post those haters

would immediately download
everything and make sure that I

couldn't you know break through
the film and so I kinda quit it

but since I've gone back now
because of the virtual

festival, I kinda went back on
and reengage with the community

and come to find. That like the
the name is still very well

known there and it's actually
highly regarded so you know

kind of backing away from it
and you know I'm not trying to

feed so much into it has helped
but it wouldn't be there if I

hadn't put that initial time
into it. So yeah, it's it's

worth it. yeah. find your
authentic voice. It's basically

a community that does not
respond well to people's egos

and then themselves have the
biggest egos because they had

the keyboard keyboard In a
worry that want to bring

everyone down, It's just that
the democracy for me is one of

the things that really gets me.
I just I can't deal with

bullies. I can't deal with
trolls because my first instant

is to break them down to reduce
them to the shape of your day

off. so I I I have a lot of
experience in in in a practice

of trolling trolls through I
mean nonviolent communication

and and ego death. I mean
there's a reason I wear shorts

like fictional character And I
have you know skin encapsulated

ego in the shape of an eye
methos, which sammons like I I

put a lot of my stories there
so that when someone's you what

about I'm like, here's my
answer and then oh you already

have an answer for that and
just like being like basically

no matter what people say you
say I agree with you and then

you find that one tiny little
piece of something that you can

agree with and you build on it
and they wanna fight and so if

you show up and refuse to give
them one, it's it's hilariously

disarming when I. Did get
called out on conspiracy

Thread. I'd like my favorite
nerd today is the moderator of

the conspiracy community
thanked me for my time and

sharing my perspectives. and
then the community responded

that they did that just happen
and I'm like dude that just

happened you know like the
moderator of the conspiracy

community is thanking the
person who the post is about

for showing up so you know,
love it and we happen to have

metrics on that. To have the
patience. It gives you

patience, It is certainly a
practice for that. I don't I I

there's already so many things
out there. that makes me so

disappointed with humanity.
That's you know I I think that

that would just push me to the
edge now that I would even

engage and you know at you know
gasoline to the fire and sort

of thing cuz I know that's
exactly what they want. They

wanted the reaction. They want
the engagements they want to

you know, push your buttons So
eventually make us. Of

yourself, or you know Act out
of anger, It's not like I'm not

a control of my feelings. It's
just that the whole

construction of it The whole
situation makes me really sad

for the human spirit and the
human condition right now, It's

like we're going to become this
like yeah. I'll I'll respond to

that and transition us to a
lighter frame because I spent

this morning dealing with some
mental health. Or making space

for mental health issues and
conversing with people at a

very high level at Reddit, both
influencers and admins to

resolve something that happened
at 30 'clock in the morning

last night that I happened to
catch yeah, that's very much

the case and it's not just
reddit's social media. you know

for the last decade Society has
been programmed to speak from

ego and to push people into
seeing things that put them in

there. you go through
comparison and judgment and. It

has been in our has been a
catalyst for prompting this and

showing us that like our social
economic ego. All of these

systems are very much tearing.
that's why I resonated so

deeply with stamina Elise when
they communicated as a as a

practice of making space and I
think that there are many other

people like like you that that
feel that and they're all

looking for the feeling. The
thing that is real, the thing

that's not that the thing that
you know after 10 years of

Facebook, we know isn't that
and so just knowing that people

also feel that they also feel
disheartened. They also are

looking for that space and
making it as you all are doing

right now. Yeah, I can't
understand a little bit what

you what you said Mfa cuz I
have I know I probably say many

times before, but I'm a mental
health doctor so I've been

dealing with this kind of
patient and especially during

this time of quarantine when
everything is written. I hear

the other side and what can I
say to you is probably sounds

very simple, but it's not an
easy thing to do don't take it

personal because people. In
that state are going to do it

with anybody in front of them.
There's I have a for example

this patient she works in a
Bank and he wants to know that

she's going to catch go She's
around people and stuff, but

somebody came and throw some to
to her bad words because they

are doing. In this supermarket
at the gas station at the Bank

at the hospital to everywhere
and that's what I hear every

week in my therapy sessions
with my patient today, I've

been very sad and I missed with
my children and with my partner

I you know it's not personal so
don't take it for you. Letts. I

heard a very nice. Story from
it involves no Samurai and he

was with his student and he was
teaching them how to fight and

this young egotist some I came
and started to insult the old

samurai telling him he years
old and he's not bad. He's not

strong anymore and he kept
insulting this this old wise

man in front good. And he's a
students who are ready to cut

his head off and the whole time
he quiet until this guy get

tired and love them alone and
the students asked the the

professor the master, why
didn't you could cut his head

off and he said words are like
a gift You can take them or you

can not. It's your choice. This
man came to me with this gift

and this gift was horrible, so
I didn't take it and this guy

left with his horrible gift.
That was a bunch of you know,

insults and offenses So let's
let's try to keep in mind that

people it's not doing personal.
It's something that they do

they have to deal with it.
Everyday with every person day

says so it can be you it can be
made can be all of us but it's

not personal not just don't
take it it's not a gift for you

you can say no thank you That's
a good that's a good metaphor,

and it's something that can
help us, you know and all of

our life too and how to deal
with conflict and how to deal

with not taking things
personally and also how to how

to inspire people you know. and
I think that's something that

Brian was touching on and in
his interactions with with

these types of conflicts on
Reddit is that you're actually

able to like change their
perspective, you're actually

able to change their mind and
make them become more mindful.

And better people in their
interactions, so there's a lot

of power in that. And then if
you experience that it's like

Whoa, I wouldn't like Brian
wants to make a career out of

doing it. You know so it's it's
pretty incredible and I think

as many people as holders, it's
something that we have a lot of

power in doing so. Yeah, I'd
encourage you to like challenge

yourself to to have patience
and to to to do that you know

since you've already identified
it as like a pet peeve or

whatever. Call it for yourself.
yeah, maybe you could become

it's not not that I just think
I know that the the the the the

virus has created a mental
crisis that has never really

been experienced anywhere else
anywhere in our history. I

think that a lot of people are
guiding their lives right now

through the through the you
know fights and fear not

knowing like. Not leading to
the frontal cortex, so I

understand that you know that
the decisions and the fears and

the attitudes my not be a
reflection of the people that

they are the the Reddit
community that sets the

beginning even before in front
of ours or a hostage was

already known for having that
was already now for being like

the breathing ground for this
type of behavior. It was one of

the reasons why I didn't want
to go there because it's just I

just found that to see to be
like a really sad part of

humanity and a lot of it based
on whatever issues they're

going through the the mirroring
the reflection the trying to

you know, bring people down
because they're down. I just

yeah, I just I just find it
really sad to be honest and

it's not just. Reflection is
that a lot of the collective

perspective that Reddit is like
that is media bias. I can't

tell you how often people reach
out to interview me and they

it's more clickable if you use
Reddit and control or something

happen in an article, I saw one
recently where it was Reddit.

You know something something
quotes idiots. read it. Reddit

says. Thank you for the idiots
and and if you. The article and

watched the video was like very
much ingest and they even said

in the article that they
created that cognitive bias

because it's clickable and
there's been science that if

you create bias with your own
headline and then you change

the bias in the article, you
actually can't undo the bias

that you V author create with
the title. It's it's more

clickable. some of it is true.
it has it's merits. It's

certainly had more merit in the
past that it does now there's a

lot that's different. But if it
makes you feel any better,

there's that and then I'll I'll
send you I'm posting in the

chat. This is one of the ads
that I've been running for

several months now and it's
a hundred and 20 - nine very

polite counts so if you want a
different perspective, it's

well I I have found some some
some funny stuff threads you

know like snapshots they they
find in the in the Internet and

I always I always thought
wouldn't it be awesome if there

were if they were all like that
because I've never been in

Reddit so I didn't have that
stereotype that read it was.

Trolls and then those
situations were just ara ones.

So it's nice to know. it's not
like that. Most of the

situations are supportive and
collaborative majority is

supportive and collaborative.
You know just to a reference

that live video. I did it was
like a really ??? live video,

but I researched online and
found out the like more

authentic and ??? or video is
the better it does so I didn't

like make a set. I just like
kind of made the video quickly

from my phone. I had a thousand
viewers and I only had two.

That tried to like make a joke
to be little me and but then I

had like you know,
a hundred and 50 others that

were like really interested in
what I was doing and asking

really nice questions and like
thanking me for the information

that I was sharing so yeah the
trolls are there, especially if

you come out trying to like
show off your ego. Yeah, you're

immediately. They're gonna
immediately get you but like if

you're going in, they're humble
and just saying I'm more so

wanna ask you guys for
information. what do you think

about the? You're gonna like
you're gonna find so much

support and collaboration from
that type of interaction,

especially in the smaller and
more. I don't know if this is

the right word but like the
smaller communities so like

fatigue community or if you're
looking at a community around

very specific things you're
gonna find different. you're

gonna find a very different
tone than if go into the

political conversations, for
example. I wouldn't even dare

to go to it. You're that be
crossing your mind. Oh, no no.

I already have that too much on
Facebook because it is right,

so I think we've kind of gone
off topic, but at the same time

I think this is very on topic
that we've addressed to this

like these types of
personalities because as we

build out this virtual tea
House and created as this like

platform space that people can
come and go there's gonna be

potential for. Types of
interactions to happen as well,

so how do we set the culture of
that space? you know and

educate people as they come
into that space like how to how

to be better there and how to
receive more kindness there.

You know what are your actions?
Don't come here Just marketing

yourself. you know that you
know that's like a major like

if you go to any subst. They
usually have that as like one

of the first rules, no self cuz
yeah, that's you gotta know

that if you look at the
advertiser. They now have it.

There are things to me. I was
freaking Martha from steep tea

about you know when when I
finally actually open at the

House in the Dream and that I
would like to incorporate

different traditions from
different from different

cultures and not appropriating.
but you know kind of making a

reflection of modern times and
global community and one of the

things that I would like to
work with the the Ving to. Into

a place where I could not, I
think it's not is it. I can't

remember it's like the little
Japanese the little hurt's that

you kinda have to go and get it
into the tea House into the

media and even into the virtual
tea House, we could have

something like that, like a
little a little note saying

leave your ego outside. We're
all equal. You know like if

you're coming to the state
House, you need to to make the

ego outside and there's no
state. Here kind of thing and

it's great that I can put that
cuz that's one of the things

that I love about the House is
historically and and nowadays

it's such everyone's the same
level. It doesn't really matter

what your position is or your
you know your how much money

you make or where you're from
or who your parents are, but

you would be like a equalizer.
I think I love that so much and

I kind of I'm thinking of a
nerdy way that we can get

people to submit a photo of
them crawling to show a aboard.

It's like a lot of people who
have hashtag Christy Ohm's

under there under your table
like this, I think go ahead.

Johann Sorry, Oh I was just
gonna say I think that having

it be a Zoom based medium. I
mean you know you navigate it

myths and then you interact. so
I think people are a lot less.

To be trolls when they have to,
they have to be seen and heard,

I think people are more likely
to be. oh, so what's the troll

Uss? Yeah, I mean, turn your
camera back.

No, he's right, He's right. I
mean. that was the whole reason

why when we first started doing
this like multidimensional, you

know breakout rooms of the tea
room. Sams like the first rule

like your camera has to be on
right, and that was the whole

point of that was the whole
point of me kind of sitting at

the front gate of the virtual
tea House that the first room

everybody visited with mine and
yeah, and it was a great idea

and when you put the the polite
rules the. Etiquette or the

room, It was a great idea. I
read that Yeah. That was good.

Thank you for reading it. I
appreciate when people read my

writing. Sorry about that.
That's okay. You were just

trolling for a minute I was
just yeah I just jumping in

there. so now you guys got
really quiet which I don't know

why we're afraid you're
trolling us there. We go so I

think one thing is that people
are gonna be a lot less likely

to be trolls verbally. Visually
and I think that instead of I

think when you when you say,
read your ego at the door,

that's great for people who are
already inclined to do that for

the type of people who wanna
come and be that is like come

be a troll here. it's kind of
an invitation. I think what it

would be helpful would be to
have a general policy don't

engage with trolls if somebody
starts throwing everybody just

ignore that person because what
trolls want is attention and if

you ignore them they. Rely on
they're being enough of them

and on the person that they're
throwing reacting emotionally

to get their fixed and on being
able to get the support of

other trolls to come to their
aid and be like. yeah, ??? you

but it's the general policy is
trolls get ignored and we don't

engage with Trollish behavior.
abusive behavior is is gets

ignored and you keep doing it.
you'll be removed from the

room. I think that that should
you know it's a critical Mass

thing one troll in a room full
of people who are. Are not

engaging with him is is gonna
just go somewhere else because

they'll get bored. they rely on
either people, reacting badly

or other people coming and
being trolls too. So I think

that both of those things would
go a long way towards keeping

us troll free. Yeah. And I
think that comes to us as the

as the space holders and kind
of leaders in the space. I

suppose to set that example. I
do I do like my idea, though,

like that's and maybe it
doesn't need to be as explicit

as like we're ego at the door.
Maybe it could just be like a

fun game that you interact with
that like subliminally gives

you that message and give you
that feeling of like yeah. This

is a no ego space. Yeah, we
don't have to. We tell them

that but yeah, Bryan's idea of
like having them somehow submit

a picture of them kneeling or
like going underneath something

it could be fun or you know,
maybe it doesn't have to be as

for. There are many paintings
of how Sams is to put

themselves down before going
into the tea houses there are

paintings and probably it can
be it can be useful. maybe that

could be it. Maybe it could be
like cuz that's like a meme

going around right now, People
like recreating famous

paintings that could be it.
That could be a contest too

where you know like once a week
we we pick a winner and they

win something I don't know or
they get. Kind of recognition

or credit fictional character
T-shirt. Don't forget you have

members Elsa outside United
States and it's expensive and

sometimes we are frustrated cuz
you say there's a discount with

this and we can save these
things and we are like I'm not

available. Yeah. maybe there's
even a physical physical thing,

but it could be some
recognition. You know it could

be like a framed picture on the
Wall or something or you know

for that week. but. Some kind
of an activity to to you know

he had. Your grandma, but
that's fine. I like that idea

kneeling I've that might be too
much for when people first go

in. maybe it doesn't have to be
you know so personal as like

taking a selfie of yourself,
but some I'll be going but I

think that that'll be a
necessary thing. it'll be Yeah

we could. I mean we could
definitely put it into that

like entry experience that
essentially. They watched a

video that takes you down
through something. Yeah and it

just has it doesn't have to be
long but some sort of like yeah

Dunking underneath. I mean we I
I I just added at least like a

little bit of text. I don't
know if this is the right spot

for it or not. but like when
you this is part of the

entrance process now that you
dunk underneath the dress.

Well, maybe there can be a memo
on that, so you know someone

wants to understand context of
what that means. we can we can

talk about the tradition of
Japanese tea ceremony and I is

there is there a specific name
or anything for that you know,

I don't know the specific name,
but I can't. I can't find it. I

can ask my mm hmm Okay and I
have a picture doing it

Fortunately, it's off my back
so. And nobody's going to see

my face, but I'm going into the
House and on my knees and

watching a piece of art. So if
it works, I can send to you

guys at least some so if you
guys want to check it if it

works and I will ask my Sensei.
What's the name of the correct

name for this? a position of
your body and of your soul, Of

course, that would be. Amazing,
I will get that all documented

and into here like it doesn't
okay. Yeah. I just linked my

memo for what I called humble
tunnel Willie and I were

actually talking about the the
Ving door. So there's an

article that's in the bottom of
it for tea ceremony etiquette

on her name, but I'm not
finding one. There's certainly

isn't right, No. no, no no,
there's got to be a name for

it. Right-I forget. that's
cool. Yeah. I like that. that's

that's really neat. I think
taking people virtually through

it is is is is a great idea. I
think I like the idea of taking

a picture of yourself, maybe
even just taking a picture of

yourself. drinking tea would be
cool and I get an optional you

don't have to, but I think that
you know people lash out in

this really trollish ways
because they feel excluded

elsewhere and so they want to
be the one on the excluding

side and so I think a lot of
the time when people are made

to feel safe and. Then they
they identify with the group

and rather than being a troll
and I think that you know doing

something like being. it's a
very vulnerable thing to send a

picture of yourself, but it's
like okay. Well, you really do

like to you're drinking tea
with us. We drink tea. We're

we're on the same team here.
we're all going to. Screenshot,

you know if if someone is going
to be the gatekeeper, you can

be like you have to have your
camera on and you have to take

a screenshot so you know kinda
keeps everyone in. check. Yup.

I didn't. I didn't let you in
until you. I know I know you

showed up there's at Seven AM
and I'm just getting out of bed

I. Just like oh, yeah, the the
the virtual tea House thinking

it will take me to a website
and all of a sudden I'm gonna

zoom and she's like you need to
turn on your your your camera

and I was like let me just get
my head ponytail all your

kidding Deering. I was like
getting dressed and it was an

exciting morning and then you
turn your camera on and went

and had a great time. I know I
did. Even today, although I

haven't slept, I don't do you
know I I I feel I feel like

it's okay. I can go to bed at
nine AM or 10 AM. It's fine. On

You know what attended of
information about the kneeling

in the door to get into the tea
House, the first time that I

was exposed to that when I was
in where was I I forgot where I

was, but we were at a
legitimate tea House at like

A-team Museum and I was told in
addition to the the whole ego

thing what was most important
and relevant at that time of

these tea houses that were
usually hosted. In the shotguns

property was that it was a
meeting place for the samurai

to to have like peace
negotiations there, whatever

kind of negotiations they're
having that their swords

couldn't fit through the doors
if they kept on, They couldn't

fit so they have to leave the
store The swords out. I think

that's it's a cool little
tidbit of of history that would

be you know engaging for for
you know this audience coming

in that. it's not just about
the ego. It's also about

putting your guard down and.
You know being comfortable and

being ready to to connect and

That's great. That's why I
changed to a cookery cuz it's

much smaller and I don't have
to take it off to fit through

the door. Elise I'll shoot you
a link to this memo. you're a

collaborator on okay cool. so I
do send you a couple of

pictures to your Messenger. Is
I cannot share the picture so

you can check them or you can
share them. There's there are

about the example or kneeling
going on your knees before

going into the House. Okay, I
cannot I have not come through

yet. if you do you wanna share
that I don't know if you can oh

there they are. I cannot it is
only the host can share the

screen so I went and let you do
that. I don't know how to share

it. I'm plus I came on the
phone right are you on a phone?

Oh I can can you see it. Can
you see no not yet. ah let me

see there we go we can see you
know this is one of them

okay I think I need to mark all
of them

I'm so three photos' can you
see them? Yup? So that's that's

what that's what? yeah. that's
the door, and that's the way

you have to get into that. you
can see no shoes but here-I'm

wearing a kimono but in this
other picture, I'm on my knees

and I'm not wearing a kimono
but I don't have a no you Orly

either cuz there's no jewelry.
No no no inside of the House is

we are all the. And this is a
tea House in Japan. so it's a

always on your knees If this is
useful for you guys, I'm happy

to share with you and I will
find a name with the correct

name with my Sensei. We see
Cooney from Japan commented

that he's oh and Ian on the
name of it. If you're still

here, let us know comment, you
said. Hello, he says hello to

everybody. He is right. Yeah.
He's a good guy. You know

Priscilla. you would love this
about him this past October. He

started a tradition and
hopefully we can continue to do

it every year. you know the
couth kii you've heard of kt

right so he's doing Kota tour
throughout the US every year in

October where he brings the New
Year's mucha that's been stored

and you know he left the stone
grinder here. so you know I

take it and we meet and we set
up meetings at all of our

clients, tea shops and we do.
Like a celebration at each tea

shops he'll bring cultivars of
the different tensions and

throughout the period of time
all freshly grind every single

new cultivar. It's like
extremely educated. it's

incredible, but it was a funny
misunderstanding because when

he told me about this idea he
had, I thought that could kitty

I've heard of it before and I
thought it was like a highly

celebrated thing across the
Chatham communities, but it's

kind of. It's like a very niche
thing and you know very few

people even the charter schools
actually practice it. They know

of it. They talk about it, but
it's not like a big festival

celebration that I thought that
like a popular tea community

would put a festival together
or something right right

because sometimes people they
have. they have not even seen a

diplo. It happens to be. it
happened to me with the one

child community in Mexico. They
don't even know that that comes

from Amelia's and I was like
what are you serious and they

they just serve mucha and they
start to learn how to surf but

sometimes the celebrations are
particularly practiced by

growers. Yeah, so they are very
very special and in another way

exclusive and yeah, so we will
be. Don't enjoy that we didn't

make it exclusive. We invited
everybody so a few weeks that

he was here We went to Seattle
Portland San Francisco, L A and

and then he actually ended up
going to Miami and then to New

York City doing this event and
I had connected him with all of

his clients everywhere. I had
hundreds of people come and so

I was making it into this big
celebration thing and he had to

keep correcting me. He was like
no Elise in Japan. We don't

really celebrate this and I'm
like you should like this is a

great way to. Educate people
about the quality because

you're right like a lot of
people are so honed in just on

the ceremony itself. a lot of
times they're really doing

ceremony with like not real
matcha like they're not even

using a good quality product in
their in their practice, I had

a lot of fun drinking matcha at
the farm in Malibu. So yeah,

that was it Sam you win that I
got. I got I got to grind the

matcha. Then we had that
amazing tomato soup. Oh yeah,

That was good. It's a perfect
pairing. The next exercise is

fair to flavor tomatoes, soup
and great. All organic locally

grown well, I hope borders Gate
open and I hope I can go. We'll

be great. Yeah. Yeah hopefully
by October, but who knows you

know? I'm not getting my hopes
too high up, but I mean it

doesn't mean that we have to
break a newly found tradition

that we've started. We'll we'll
continue it when when the

opportunity is there and yeah,
we'll we'll bring the event

Virtual too. I now that we're
doing all of this. It's gonna

be just like second nature to
make everything virtual that we

do. We will be great so even
virtually I would love to be

there. Thanks for letting me
know, yeah.

All of you drinking by the way.
10 Bucks says Asus is drinking

luba Orr I don't know if he's
gonna give you that time, but

yeah, I'm I'm drinking a butter
from so Huns situation That's

right. I like that too. That's
one of my favorites the show

for Wow. What a rainbow? Yeah.
Yeah. I love that. I'm drinking

a South Korean nice. What is
it? is P or it's still one I

got it in Germany so they
probably they are explaining

but I cannot get it very much
and I went, I was crazy to get

South Koreans and well. After
so, I understand them way more.

It's great. Yeah. The Korea tea
I had when I visited Pedros

shop up in Vancouver, The Green
tea all Hess Green tea. I had

there was just like out of this
world. unique and tasty good.

Are you talking about outside?
Yeah, then that's amazing.

Yeah, it's like this tea it
tasted it was like a blend

between Centralia and like
Chinese Green tea. That is like

you know how drastically
different Japanese and Chinese

Green teas are and the Korean
tea, which I've never had

before it felt right in the
Middle and today's one. Yeah,

there's one particular
community. One particular that

I'm that I'm going to get in
that I was shown by a friend, I

think it's and it's like a
little little nest for that.

And you have to put them on
fire but directly into the

frames and kind of make sure
that it's evenly cinched and

then you boil it and it taste
like cotton candy and it's just

I absolutely fell in love with
it. So I'm definitely getting

some that's Korean. Yeah cool.
Maybe I don't have the craziest

ideas for making tea. And then
he learn I mean like in the

jungle of those places and
those countries when I had a

class with him when I met him,
he told me about but about the

Japanese dark tea and I was
like what and you have to boil

it boil it for 20 minutes
before you can use the shaker

the Chas in and I. Robbi I like
all the weird things I I find

that the more people get into
the more theys the more

countries start producing. It's
just more new things more to us

to explore more processes to be
inventive and mashed together

like in Australia. there's a-
one only one of of the patients

that we have here that is doing
their own thing. so they're

using japanese-language Uss and
they're using Taiwanese

methods. Being really.
ingenious with what they have

and it's it's great, something
completely new, something that

is not either Taiwanese or
Japanese or something That is

very, you have to that to that
plantation and I think that's

really exciting. I was like,
yeah bring on the things I

can't wait to see what the. The
colonized t T t trade is going

to be doing like even if, for
example, they're trying to

diversify and do more Chinese
styles and that that excites me

because I always know that I'm
being biased, but I always

thought that they sold
themselves shorts by only

focusing on and focusing on
black days. so I find in the

back can be such a. Raj Andro,
like amazing things can happen

there so yeah more power to
them. What are you drinking my

alda? I'm drinking White.
Keeping myself awake right now,

I've been drinking what time is
it now eight 30? I've been

drinking tea since one AM so
about seven and a hours, and

it's just started like. 10
minutes ago and I want you to

apply or when you're under
water and your ears just block

my ears just started to like do
that. Alright, I might need

some nuts. One if I get too
drunk, let me know that was

such thing.

Now, Jeremy what about you?
What are you drinking today?

I think sort of a little bit of
everything when you when you

pack tea, no matter how careful
you are leaves always at the

table, so I just gather them up
throw them in a Cup and it's

enough. I'll just brew it
tablet so cable. That's what we

call it The table blend. Yeah.
So think it's 18 Ruby White

forest. I think four seasons
and the roasted that's a good

mix. It's very it's a very busy
in flavor and a hard to

identify but still good that
hits me right in my childhood

with going to the soda
fountains and just like going

down the entire get a little
bit of everything and it's just

like just gross thing of sugar.

I'm also drinking a blend and
intentional blend that our


in South Dakota, I don't think
he's been on a Tess as he Joe's

didn't he they came into the
virtual tour. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

but I think they've come to She
Talks once or so, yeah, but I

think schedule wise. It's
pretty tough for them. Yeah he

well. he just started working
again so good for him. You know

South Dakota has opened back up
and they've never really

officially closed but you know
the communities. I think that

kind of hold back for a bit.
you know just having a

necessity less people are
traveling through and needing

you know support or what. but
this is his blend. It's called

love and respect. It's a Green
tea base pretty full leaf Green

tea base with a hibiscus
flowers rose flowers chamomile.

Yeah. So it's just like a
really flowery Green tea. Oh

yummy. It was brewing out like
pretty Green from the the

Hibiscus. Yeah, I wish the tea
had a bit more punch to it like

it carried through like the tea
doesn't carry through in this

but it's pretty beautiful
looking. Using a pretty full

leaf, you know. And that
happened from my friend. It's

like he made me A- one from the
T he was drinking in Africa and

it was like a Green tea blend
with Hibiscus and I had

biscuits was just too much for
me. so I took it out, but then

the Green tea had like nothing
to it and I was like now I

understand why he makes
Hibiscus no-I make it taste.

You don't understand anything
about Hibiscus. If it's really

good quality, You can actually
eat the the finish and. Has

like an interesting texture to
it like one of my clients. she

gets Hibiscus from us And she
brus it to make Aqua Frisco's.

as you know a drink, it's like
a sugary you know drink but

then the the finished flowers
her husband will use as a meal

replacement. He has like
Taiwanese comfort food on their

menu, and it's like a pork pork
and rice dish So instead of

throwing the pork meat into the
stir fry for the dish, I'll use

the Hibiscus flowers and it's
like really. Interesting

replacement texture to it like
you wouldn't even know like if

you were served that you would
think that it was just me, but

it's actually hibiscus flowers.
I'm eating it now well. that's

that's the way I used to eat a
vegetarian tacos when I lived

in Mexico with a disscus
flowers, see it's a it's called

a Micah Jamaica flower. It is
the latest it has a very strong

taste so for blending I think
it's not. it's not very balance

to use it very much cuz you can
totally cover the flavor of

tea. It's very strong. Hey, at
least comfort dot com is

available. Oh my God ??? I
think I'm rubbing off on you a

little bit. What are you
drinking today? Brian, a

longevity Green tea based on
the combination of all the teas

that are predominantly had
around in the blue zones around

the world, where people live
longer than anywhere else.

Yeah, We got a good doctor kale
in here. Yeah actually.

Fantastic programs that go
down. Thank you who's that

doctor is a citizen of one and
the proprietor of longevity and

then a bunch of time
researching the areas of the

world that people live the
longest and the ingredients in

the beverages of their that
they drink and then putting.

The same of teas and to say
it's up to his name or is it a

nickname she's she's a research
pharmacologist that teaches at

Pepperdine. her name is Jessica
Kitt Doctor Jessica Kl.

Alright, she's also like a
burner who started the I don't

know if you're familiar with
the original Muscle Beach, the

like aerial gymnastics stuff
and cinema and the the Burning

Man camp called Swing City.
It's like all of that stuff at

Burning Man she and her husband
founded it like a decade ago.

Nice I'm posting a link to her
story and the article that her

tea company was based on I
have. Have a shout out on the

about page for she used to make
this as a holiday gift for

friends, she would just make it
and then plastic Ziploc bag and

hand it to her friends and she
made the mistake of giving it

to me one year and I I'm
excited on her about page as

the person who followed her
around with money every time I

went to feed her and until she
until she sended to starting a

tea company so that I could buy
it. Bye. You are the catalyst I

have a gift for being
persistence and and it was

quietly nudged by her husband
that my persistence was helping

him to convey something that he
did not have the ability to

convey in his marriage, which
was to encourage her creativity

and I was like I will gladly
stand outside of your marriage

and harass her to embracing
this and she did it. It's. So

we're grateful. What gets you
in whatever they're trying is

delicious as well. I don't I've
always kinda feel the lost when

hanging out with Y'all because
I very little knowledge and the

knowledge that I have is Super
duper nerdy but they're

delicious too. That's one of
the most important things that

they taste good and makes you
feel good. I mean, technically

they don't even have to taste
it. You should just make you

feel good. It helps that tastes
good, It definitely does,


I grow up with a father with a
doctor as a father and

sometimes it needs to taste
good. I remember he's medicines

and he's USA. you're going to
feel good. You're going to feel

better, but it taste like hell
So for me it needs to taste

good. but what did Mary Poppins
the oil and caught fish oil and

milk. Yes. Remember what a

that? We have another in
Spanish, I know the version of

of this song in Spanish, it was
like fussy fussy and I need a

little little stuff like a
little elf. Oh, there's the

stage like hell anyway. In you
with the doctor going in with a

doctor in Portugal, we normally
say whatever burns Hess the

when you're like this infecting
your womb or something like

that. If I can tell you that
you get that sense that if it

taste good, it's probably not
good for you only the only

things that taste good about
for you. That's not the healthy

things only taste like crap.
Well, I agree necessarily

always, but you know that's the
perception that you create when

you're when you're a child,
there are adults. There are

adults with that perception as
well. So it's not a

metaphysical prot, though that
anything that burns Hess well

normally even even emotional is
never even like it's growing

pains. Cleaner right, but
sometimes I have a Bird, you

should probably just see a
doctor Well, yes, well, it

really does depend on the
case's you know It''s showing

maybe maybe you should or if
you don't remember the last 10

minutes, you should definitely
go see about that.

Hey, how do you guys get
scaling off of the inside of a

tea kettle or a water kettle?
Yeah. That's the coliseum of

the water you can put the
Bamboo Charcoal, but that's a

proactive thing right. So how
do I get it off from the inside

of the kettle? Like now I use a
vinegar? Okay. Oh, it looks

like a kinda just wipes off it
should wipe off, but it's

really caked on you can use
vinegar to help lift it, but

yeah try. Some charcoal online
just have it it'll absorb all

the calcium a different
charcoal that I would use like

for my hookah. Yeah, I think
so. Or you could try I don't

know I didn't know you. I use
Toca. I I'd I haven't been a

while, but I still have
charcoal, but now that I'm

thinking about it probably has
things like lighter fluid in

it. Yeah. I think you probably
wanna get like a clean bamboo

bamboo charcoal. Okay. There's
some tea companies that sell it

like probably would want to err
on the side of buying from a

merchant that that's selling
those specifically for teeth.

I've find that baking soda like
from support some. The candle

putting at this point of baking
soda, let that cool down and

just with the scar and that
that comes off, okay cool.

Well, what do you use Sam
water? Yeah. That's probably I

didn't it goes. It goes through
whatever filters in my

refrigerator, which is like
better than nothing and not

great. Yeah. But it's the water
The water that I have. I

definitely am not using
remineralize whatever I I

remember you you mentioned
getting shamed by a

photographer for not
remineralizing and boiling your

water and crystals. I well you
know here in Vegas. we have

such bad water. Our water is
much worse than yours, so even

if you use an RO system like a
home or a system or a home

filtration system from the
refrigerator, it's still way

too hard. Taste it and feel the
difference in the water and the

team and drinking so you know
the fastest spring water, but

that's just like expensive and
impractical from you know a

conservation point of view. so
I use the a filtered water like

the big filtered water. you
know like where you can fill

your five gallons like it's
like nine different layers of

filtration so pretty much like
cleans it totally out so it has

like nothing in it. so yeah, I
should remineralize it if I

wanna like get it to the
perfect way to brew tea, but I

think that's a little overkill.
You gotta pick your battles but

since I've switched over to
like from mineral water to

using that Kylie filtered
water, I don't get any build up

on any of my kettles anymore.
So that's been kind of

convenient. I typically I do go
to the grocery store that I go

to has a couple of those
machines out front and running

using my like auto kettle. I I
find that I go through about 10

gallons a week but it usually
takes me like a week to a week

to like two weeks to go through
to five -gallon jugs. So

generally like every time I go
to the grocery store. I fill it

up. Yeah. it's smart but. In
Harold, I haven't left the

House in about a week and a
half I got my. I got my Google

timeline email like last week
about like all the places that

I went in April, I traveled 70
miles in April. Good for you.

It was it was pretty funny like
scrolling through day and

seeing nothing happening. Not
even dog walks not registered

on my cellphone. Okay We're
dogs no-I a lot of the time

that I'm walking the dogs. I
don't take them. I don't think

my phone okay and I mean, does
it look like my dog actually

want to go anywhere. I take
bitcoin on like a five mile

hike or not a hike, but just a
walk or at least five miles

every time I take him out. Just
cuz I can't you know, Yeah

after about 20 minutes, my dogs
are like. Can we go back inside

and lay on the couch?

So this was fun. Yeah. Yeah,
totally and very relaxing.

Thanks for doing this how many
of us are online right now? I

can't see it on my phone. It's
a six now. That we're six now

we were probably as high as
like 10 earlier, who are the

other two folks that didn't
speak they've left now, but it

was like a war and Carlos
acting for a second Carlos left

when I prompted him to start
his video. Oh okay, I see Cory

and I met him in Mexico. He was
a guy interesting interested in

podcast, but I did. Didn't know
why he didn't introduce

himself. No, I said hi, he
appreciated being here and I

think it was kind of in the
Middle of something else and

just popping in. Yeah. So yeah
that that's like that's all

related to the accessibility
that I was saying that like we

could have different levels of
engagement. you know for

different people that you know
may not you know know that

they're ready to fully commit
to you know hopping in and

interacting with these
experiences. Still want to like

get access to the knowledge or
you know get inspired to engage

more in the future right, but
then we might and I incorporate

a different role instead of
everyone has to have a camera

on because it might not be in a
situation where they can't. We

could be like if you don't have
a camera on then you're not

allowed to speak and that way
they can. Still here and they

can still you know see what's
going on, but we can still

maintain that that thing that
we would say you are you are

held accountable because people
can see your face. I I. For the

most part, I find that it's
been pretty natural. I mean

today I made sure that the join
link is just like right on the

on the top of the Tds page for
anybody that is coming in. It's

just doing everything that we
can to kind of decrease

friction towards getting into
the room Brian and I have spent

a lot of time going back and
forth trying to smooth out that

process and we've made a lot of
progress on that I think and.

Have some new toys in there
soon to be that, at least once

to at least once to check out
for sure, I found out that all

of the issues that I was having
went away when I switched to

using Safari, so it seems for
me, It was a Google Chrome

thing. so still I mean they're
yeah. I don't know how to

explain it, but I would love to
play with people in it. No. So

so if if we all stay in the
lobby have no wanted to like

the actual individual rooms if
we just like meeting the lobby

of the Tea House and just start
a conversation ever went to the


I'm sorry, I don't quite
understand the question Well

when we enter the the Tea
House. I'm like being you is

like You're You're the the gay
people and then you will truly

whatever room you would like to
go into. but today is their

rooms that are being used. Are
we just gathering here? No

we've just gathered here today.
It's like the famous. We met in

the lobby of the House or the
interests of the team. We just

had a conversation in May, Yeah
we have in the lobby. There's

no reason to go to the rest of
the House. It's it. I like that

no. I'm glad that you picked up
on when you when you move the

boxes in the in the attic and
found yourself in mine and so

that room was displaying an art
project that I worked on with

another friend and it was
exact. If you picked up on it,

it's meant to just be this kind
of open space that you make

with it what you will and the
fun part about it is that we're

actually join links to that
same zoom call and other parts

of the House. Yeah I I went
into that zoom from by looking

into the painting in the
basement just as they were

coming in from the attic and we
both joined at the same time,

but they weren't in my prior
space. so I was like how did

you get here and then they're
like in the attic and I'm like,

Oh my God. I was like then.
Some boxes that is just the

it's one of those conversations
where like we're having it and

then realizing like this is
ridiculous. It's like burning

man. It's like no one 's gonna
believe me you know like. I was

that was actually my favorite
moment of the tea House. It was

both of us going in into the
art piece from different

directions of the House at the
same time. how was the flow did

you you know make any kind of
visualization of the average

flow? you know the visitor to
the Tea House and Brian gave me

I can't let me pull up. I have
the Google. Analytics report

for Methos, which is about as
granular as we were able to

get. Let me pull that up Hang
on just a Sec. Yeah and context

about that is that usually
people kept it open and I could

see I could see the page stay
open as long as it would stay

open until the system felt that
they were inactive, but they

were they would click a zoo go
out and then Google Analytics

would be like alright. now,
this user has become inactive

and then they will go back in.
I see. So this is when it

started. Bye. And we got up to
82 users.

And we're in like nine
countries awesome. so that's I

I I that's a metric that I love
to look at is how many

different countries and how
many different or in the US how

many States that that's like
looking at reach as like how

far does our community span
and? Idea that we are like all

over the globe sitting having
feet together is just like the

coolest thing to me

but seven and a half seven and
a half pages per session is

pretty cool as well. I mean,
that means the people were like

wandering around pretty well.
Brian am I reading that

properly? Yeah, I mean it's
just in general has very

similar numbers to Wikipedia,
which has some of the best

numbers on the Internet in
terms of captivating attention

and the Tea House was beyond
what we what are normal is our

normal is about three minutes
and three seconds. This was

four, and that means that
people's attention was occupied

for four minutes each time they
were active so if they left the

left and went to a zoo and then
had a chat for 20 minutes. Then

came back to navigate that they
spent another four minutes and

went through another seven
pages before they left again to

go to the zoo. So nerd speak
for it went really well. Does

Jeremy Howard's the table that
we're looking at here? Oh cool.

So you know what he works out
of a co-working space, so I

wouldn't doubt if if that's
part of that space, I'm gonna

eat there. He is it is a
foosball table. Yes. Who is

this assembled and I'm putting
it back together? This is

actually my House. I moved into
a House over the last week.

Congratulations and so it was
important is that fit the

foosball table. Who's key? I'm
sorry, I got it got it from a

guy who got it from an old bar,
so it's still has it's still

operated by quarters. And it's
made of like 10 plywood, so

it's kinda indestructible. It's
fantastic. That's the best

Mm-hmm. As I think I'm going no
problem, I think I think it's

probably about time. we wrap
this up. It's been a wonderful

two hour session. Yeah, it was
amazed that like time flies by

when we sit you sit and have
tea and then all of a sudden

it's been like three hours
well. Nice pop up is this

Chantel birthday card for a
friend. They're having a

socially distant tea party.
It's so. Wow great. I'm glad to

hear this more socially distant
party happening. Yeah, I always

feel better after these things
guys. Yeah. Hey, Brian. Can you

drop the link in chat Elise if
you have a few minutes to play

to play, Yeah, it would be
worth popping into this other

space. All are welcome.
everybody's welcome. It's a

little. So it makes more sense.
Oh good. Yeah, we're gonna pop

this is probably the this is
the future. Get your Tea House.

How cool I look forward to
seeing you I think Yeah we

should totally play around with
it right now for a little bit.

Oh there's oh there's not. Oh
there's other people in here.

Oh I know.

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