Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Getting through this Pandemic

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Hey Facebook. How's your Thursday
going It's at least in

Bitcoin. he's here today saying
hi to everybody. We're gonna

drink some tea. Hopefully we'll
have some friends link up with

us either through Instagram or here
on Facebook. be nice to

catch up with everybody. see everybody's
week is going. I know

it's been such a fast-changing week
and I mean I've been doing

these videos. Is the third one now
had a lot of fun doing doing

them so far when I continue doing
this every day at two PM PST

just about we can stay connected
with each other. stay social

remind each other that we're all
still here for each other and

you know also drink some tea together.
So I'm just gonna get

myself live up here on Instagram.
so hopefully we can get some

folks there as well. let's see.
To grab my little thing, we'll

be right back. Hey Tom. Hey, Tanya.
Hey Jim. How are you guys

doing? Hope you guys are well. We're
doing good here. staying

cool staying calm and we've been
really fortunate. The weather

has been really nice here in Vegas

You know staying home has been really
pleasant cuz you can

enjoy some nice weather. So now
we're live on Instagram and

hopefully we'll get we'll get somebody
requesting to come in

with us and we can have a chat together
but yeah, so I started

this just as a way to stay connected
with everybody. I'm really

social person so not being able
to invite people into my team

room has been really difficult for
me. so this is my way

welcome in it's important. I can't
pour you a Cup of tea, but I

hope you're drinking some tea and
it could be really good if if

we can all find things to to bring
peace and and calm while

we're going through this time yesterday,
I actually put

together this really cool interactive
map to Google Maps that

has the locations of all of the
businesses that support the the

direct trade that we facilitate.
so these are a tea retailers

and and wholesale buyers that Teeth

security system just went off and
yeah, so these are all

companies that are currently doing
either online orders or

they're doing curbside pickup so
you can call in your order

before you go and you know hopefully
connect with the new tea

business that you didn't know is
in your local community.

That's why I did this because you
know I know we may be finding

ourselves on Amazon or on other
online shopping platforms

trying to stock up on our goods
But it's gonna be really

important that we support small
business right now and that we

support local business and support
our local community. So you

can go ahead and find that map through
both well so far just on

our our Facebook page and then I
shared it on my personal

Facebook page you should see it
there or you can visit bit dot

Lee slash T Mac and if you go to
that, you'll be able to see

all these businesses and then even
though the the the links the

URL of the teas that they sort.
Through our platform, so not

only can you support a local business
in your own community,

but you can actually know the exact
farmer in India or in China

or in Taiwan that they source to
that tea from and of course,

you can always reach directly out
to me through through my

Email info at Talent dot com. if
you want to order tea directly

from we are making that available
as well and if you're here.

In Las Vegas, I am doing free deliveries
right now. so you know

anything just to get some tea in
your cups. I know it'll really

help during this time. so please
support local business. don't

forget to have tea fully stocked.
you know that's it's a luxury

that you know can bring a lot of
comforts and you know onto

that. I had a really interesting
conversation with someone last

night who actually wants to come
have tea tomorrow at two, so

we'll be diving deeper. directly
with her tomorrow when when I

do this live session but she she
was talking about how tea is

naturally a global commodity and
and I was thinking you know

what this you're right. It is it
currently is a global

commodity. It currently is like
something that the whole world

gets access to. but in the Grand
scheme of things, which is

really how I like to do things and
think about things is that

he is a very modern luxury modern
in the. You know it has a

5000 or so we don't know exactly
history but 5000 year history

in humanity but it's only been within
the past Hundred 5000.

I'll be meeting even less years
than that as a as a global

product that has relevance and cultures
all over the world. So

you know like I'm not saying that
we should take tea. For

granted, we of course shouldn't
you know I'm I'm advocating for

tea and advocating for Petita, be
a part of our lifestyles and

healthy grounded peaceful part of
our lifestyle, but we also

need to to see it as a luxury and
not see it as a commodity and

I think times like now are really
going to help us see that as

as a community as a humanity to
see really, what are the things

that that we should value and not
take for granted. you know I

feel like commodities often times
are taken for granted and

when that happens we start to lose
value of them and and that

ends up finding its way back through
the supply chain and

impressing oppressing the the people
at the end. who you know

they've been oppressed for all these
years, but in a situation

like now are gonna be the ones to
be the most resilient and

what's happening right now, so a
lot of lessons. To be learned,

you know I always like to to focus
on the positives. so, of

course, the positive of bringing
community together bringing

families together also bringing
individuals with it right

that's gonna be the first step is
for us all to to to to look

inward and connect with ourselves
and then connect with their

families and then connect with our
community and then connect

with with the rest of the world.
which is something you know if

if we would have kept that in flow
prior to all this happening

we be alive. Better off not to say
that we wouldn't be

susceptible to anything. I mean
any kind of risk can always

happen but more resilience. We'd
have more resilience and you

know we're we're trying to build
that up now that resilience of

now. so

I'm gonna use this time to to write
you know there's something

I've been. I've been wanting to
write a White paper on a

business framework that I've been.
To write that I I called

distributed entrepreneurship and
I feel like not only do I have

the time now to write it. Hey Ellie.
What's up girl? Hey you

what are you drinking tea? Do you
wanna do you wanna do you

wanna tune in just request to comment?
I'd love to have tea

with you but yeah not only do I
have the time to write that

White paper but I also I feel like
the time is right for this

information. To be to be thought
about you know not just in a

business sense of course, I think
it's really relevant in

business cuz the Corporation and
business and and capitalism is

one of the most powerful institutions
that we have right now

more powerful than government even
more powerful than than

anything else. So I think putting
it in the framework within

business within economics and capitalism.
is. Easy way for this

principle to be grasp but also in
how we live our lives and how

we connect the idea of distribution.
it's not a new idea and

it's been trendy. you know so this
is not a new thing or the

whole cryptocurrency movement. The
Bitcoin movements peer to

peer movements is all centered around
this and it does

challenge the conventional capitalist
system of everything

being centralized and we've had
a couple of like fake.

Distributed models and I call them
fake because we're starting

to learn right now that they're
they're really not working and

even those models are on the verge
of collapse and I'm talking

about the models of distributed
or collaborative consumption.

you know, they say it's distributed.
so example, great examples

like Airbnb or Uber. they say that
the the power is distributed

among all of these private contractors
that are just plugging

into this. Platform to offer service
and value to someone in

that platform is facilitating that
value Exchange. It was great

in the beginning. It was really
exciting back in 2010 2011

whenever I was still in my MBA program.
It was really popular

trend and everybody was saying that
this is a solution. This is

the way a platforms are all based
off of these collaborative

consumption things and you know
really at the end of the day

and what we're learning now is that
those. Models still have

centralized power. Uber still has
all the power right now. you

know the the what we're seeing with
the Uber Eats right now or

post mates they charge you know
20 - five to 30 percent to a

business. That's you know using
them as a marketing tool to

reach. you know their end user to
to to sell food deliveries

too and then so that takes power
away from the business. That's

trying to connect with the consumer
but then the delivery drag.

Which I used to drive for Uber so
I became very familiar with

the power dynamic between the app
and the driver. The driver

has no power and the driver is not
getting paid any bonuses or

you know I actually got a message
as a consumer from Uber Eats

offering a zero delivery fee so
I can get free, you know so

that incentivise me to order my
food to have it delivered here,

but I thought a media. Well, they're
offering me free delivery

are they been offering free marketing
services to the

restaurants that are trying to sell
the food to me and so a lot

of outrage today online from restaurant
owners that are kind of

up against the Wall with Uber Eats
cuz it's the main channel

that people are ordering their food
on they feel like they have

to use it, but they're being charged
so much and not being

offered any kind of discount during
this time of need and same

thing with Amazon, too, you know
Amazon is also charging a high

percentage Commission to be marketing
on their platform.

They're powerful platform. Everybody
goes there to buy their

things, so it does make sense business
sense to have your

products on there cuz it will expose
you to a lot more

consumers. But at what cost you
know that was something else, I

was thinking there was those articles
going around about the

people that were stopped piling
things like hand sanitizer and

then going on to Amazon and selling
it at a huge markup. Hey,

Michelle what's going on wish you
were here next time. we'll

we'll have a big tea party here
at the tea room. yeah, so there

was like a big controversy about
people marking up. You know

inflating the price on these products
that had become scarce in

the market that were needed and
Amazon ended up cutting that

off but that there was a period
there where they didn't cut it

off and the people. the sellers
were definitely making some

money, but the one that was making
the most money consistent.

he was Amazon cuz they still consistently
got their 20 - five

to 30 percent, per per order on
these inflated we don't seem to

hold those keep companies accountable
enough for the power that

they hold within our systems and
I think that there's something

better the idea of distribution
the idea on Yeah Boo on retail

arbitrage. you're actually right
like yeah. that's like I've

got a big thing about like receiving
value for not creating

value and like that's like you're
actually taking value away in

addition to receiving value Cynthia
What's up You're drinking

tea and wanna join in Please request
to come in love to catch

up with you. yeah same thing with
like Multi-level marketing

that does something else that gets
under my skin. You know like

I have a pretty solid community
consistent community people

coming in people looking for you
know, holistic products and

and and parts of their lifestyle.
So I get people like that are

part of Multi-level marketing. come
through here that are

selling you know the products could
be good but. You know they

tell me all you have some people
come through here you should

you should become part of our network
and you'll just like you

don't have to sell the product.
Just your network here will

provide you know marketing power
to what we're doing and every

month you'll just get you know a
check a free check in the mail

just for plugging your network into
what we're doing here and I

think wow like I get value for not
adding any value and I'm not

you know. I'm not really down with
that. and same thing here, I

mean it in retail arbitrage is definitely
value taken away. you

know cuz this is exploiting vital
products that people are

needing right now and putting a
markup on it. But no one like

pointed the finger in Amazon cuz
like ultimately, Amazon made

the most money off of all of that,
like everybody like pointed

the finger at the the individual
sellers that were doing that

arbitrage versus holding. Amazon
accountable for that, but

point is when you have centralized
power like that, like

Amazon, like Walmart, like you know
you'll ever it drinking tea

talking about tea as an example
there. when you have

centralized power, it allows for
externalized costs to be swept

under the rug. externalized cost
being this value that's not

being accounted for or environmental
costs that are. On the

line, because of the production
of a product or the marketing

of a product so in more distributed
systems, they're allows for

more accountability there and of
course resilience. It's like

biodiversity a lot a lot of things
to be learned from from

nature. Hey Tara How's it going.

So, yeah, I'm gonna write this White
paper. I've been like it's

been in my head for for years now
actually and I I've like I

light it out. I've done the research
on it. I've definitely

talked it out with a lot of people
at my tea table and so now

is the time to actually put my head
down and and actually write

it and I think the timing is is
right for this information to

be received by the community even
by the governments and even

by these large players because the
power that's being held by

these centralized systems is being
challenged even right now.

and so they're probably. In a desperate
state of figuring out

how do we build more resilience?
you know, I'm I'm not too sure

that they're they're down with you
know even even in the plane

field, which is gonna be a big prerequisite
for these

decentralized systems to work. But
you know who knows just

gotta get the information out there.

A L, A, you said these big tech
and retail companies, maybe the

new mob Bell. What is that my belt?
I don't know I feel very

ignorant. I don't know what you
need by that.

Yeah, I love you wanna expand expand
on that. What is my Bell?

I am I like really, I'm I'm really
missing something there. I'm

sure it's great. I hope you can
tune in time in there and let

me know up. Oh Bell Atlantic telephone.
you know I don't know

this story. What what what did they
do? I wish that you were

live with me. so you could explain
that. Ella is a good friend

and the Bay area good tea friend
Super smart. We could smart

and I wish you was here to explain
which what she means by

that. I'm sure it's some some. Study
the original Super

Corporation, I see you're right
they they are Amazon already is

you know so go here We go awesome.
Thanks Ella.

Just waiting for her to to tune
in with us, Yeah Super

corporations, no good. I mean that's
like you know, I said the

Corporation is like the most powerful
institution that humans

ever created even more powerful
than government and so then you

take that thing and then it's a
Super thing of that. you know

is really dangerous very Central
power. you know not not only

are they not distributing the value
and wealth with everybody,

but there's a lot of opportunity
of keeping things brushed

under the. Under the rug that we
don't get to see and and the

main thing that I'm concerned about
is the accountability the

accountability between everybody
to be able to to share what

they're dealing with And to share
if either one they're

receiving the value that they deserve
or to they're not

receiving the value that they deserve.
that's really important.

to to maintain that accountability.
I don't know maybe you're

you're not being able to connect.

I think it's what.

Oh, here we go. Alright. I got you
now girl. I got you you

should be coming in now. Not sure
what's going on waiting? Oh

here we go. Hey. hello. what's up.

Thanks for coming in to see you.
See you I am I'm attempting to

have a little normal. See right
here. Good.

Awesome in the midst of this happening,
so what's happening I I

saw on Facebook or Instagram. You
posted your you're moving or

what's going on. Yeah, so my husband
and I had a we had a move

in the works now for about three
months and so you know we're

getting everything going and then
we had our car rental find up

for Tuesday and

It things have just been pretty
crazy in the Bay area, so yeah

a lot of things shutting down. so
it's been it's been a little

challenging to move around when
he covered. Yeah. So no more no

more boat life.

No. I mean the space I was just
showing you in the office that

we share. we're losing this space
so it just called a lot of

things into question about you know
how are we gonna work in

your life? What makes the most sense
so you're I started

thinking about Sacramento and we
would have a couple of times.

It's pretty cool there. Oh. so you're
moving to Sacramento. Oh

cool. Awesome. Yup. Sacramento needs
more cool people like you

Sacramento. It has a very small
great teaching and I look

forward to yeah. Yeah. yeah definitely
did you ever meet?

Garrett Evans and Davis.

Yeah. Okay. I'll introduce you to
him like he's. he's a cool

dude. He's a he's a local dude.
He's a Davis. He's a little tea

company and he he slings tea in
the the farmers market there

near UC Davis, a lot cover in fact.

It's yeah guy. I've noticed the
the pace of things even before

all this started, but basically
in Sacramento was a little a

little lower key. Yeah, The Bay
area. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now I

think I think you'll enjoy it. That's
a good. That's a good

thing and now you know like UC Davis.
The Global Tea Initiative

is like the main thing that pulls
me out there every every

year. so yeah, no you'll be closer
to there. We can do

something Slice Tea party and together.

So here I should let me let me show
all your whoever is hanging

out here. Yes. Second, you guys
can see this beautiful view

that I'm gonna be missing.

Beautiful day there that's pretty
nice. Yeah. It's like Yup,

Blue Sky and enough clouds to keep
it nice and shady. Yeah.

it's it's really awesome living
living around the water. I've

really enjoyed it. I'm gonna miss
it. Yeah. Yeah. So until you

drinking some drinking some tea
there so drink some tea. I'm

having here. Let me show you guys
what I'm. See This is a 2008

poor that I brought back from my
trip to China last year and it

is from the eye Loud mountains.
hmm. let's see it is


Yeah. Nice. Yeah. So I'm really
I'm really digging it good.

look at you. Oh hey cool my friend
Amber Just drive Amber Hi


Yeah, When I first started doing
these things, I've never done

a live in the split video. I just
assumed that you should you

could add as many people as you
wanted to add but I guess it's

just two people but you know so
I was like I was hoping that we

can make a big party. I think we
gotta do that for for a zoom

you know, I'm not out there yet.
zoom works really well for

that. Yeah. I've done a couple of
times for in my business

before, but I think it worked. People
are actually doing that.

Yeah another conference platforms
to do like get together. Oh

my gosh, my hair looks totally crazy.

Okay. So you know the the thing
about being anyways you serve

like pair everything out. so I sort
of got my legs apocalypse

uniform on. Yeah, like you know
I've been wearing a variation

of like the same thing for like
a week. now, just like you know

my my gravely by Steve Jobs turtleneck,
you know like my jeans

like. Yeah, you know, oh man. We
will be ready, you'll be

ready. I've I've I found myself
keeping myself ready too. you

know, of course having the the weapons
already. I've I've been

sleeping a lot closer with my my
cooker lately, then then I

usually am and I've got nunchucks
sets nunchucks everywhere. So

just in case the only thing I need
you. I may make like a

little backpack for Bitcoin because
like if we gotta run

somewhere like he's not he's not
gonna do too well.

I mean I see. You know that that
kind of raises some good

questions for me, you know, I think
a lot of people are dealing

with level of panic like what level
of what level of personal

panic is appropriate for the situation.
I mean you know there

are some people have been saying
things as extreme as you know.

Oh, this is it. This is like the
gateway to the end times. We

need to be stock piling firearms
and all the stuff and some

people are like you know this is
like maybe a few steps more

intense than the H one and one yeah.
And there's some and then

there are people who are like. I
don't even understand what's

happening. There's a slice to continue
as normal. So there's a

huge spectrum of so yeah there are
people still spring break in


So yeah. I don't know I'm I'm definitely
not stocking on the

the the firearms. I'm not I'm not
a fan of guns. I am a fan of

like personal protection, you know
so yeah, I don't know I

don't know but I think drinking
tea is really important and

that's that's gonna be my only thing
that I advocate for this.

we should all treat more teeth.

Yeah. Yeah, I I tried to not pack
all of my tea away. This

smells like I know I need a little
something out. you know

there's practically nothing in this
room. At this point, you

know I have like the last thing
is gonna get packed into my tea

table. Yeah good. By Cynthia, Hi
guys. thanks for tuning in

that was fun.

Cynthia School. She's she's a tea
friend in in La area. She

does a lot of cool tea gatherings
of all places. She does them

into Pango Canyon, which is you
know, Kinda got a bad Rep right

now at for TC here for for tea community,
but yeah, she's there

helping people connect with tea
integrate tea into a healthy

inclusive lifestyle. I think you
know that's that's something

that's. Issue with some of the tea
community is that it's been

introduced with some dog of exclusivity
and yeah, that's not

tea tea is inclusive. This Instagram
platform is challenging or

in school. Yeah, go ahead the inclusivity
of tea time. It

includes includes this as well and
this is my. This is my

husband's teeth that I just made
it is like cute little bug.

It's got a little cramp us on it
right. He's got a campus on

his mug. That's kinda scary. He's
showing me away from his

team. Does he peacefully co-exist
ever getting getting rid of

furniture and not have to occupy
a smaller space together? does

does he like to drink different
teeth and you like to drink. I

mean, I would definitely say that
they're there are some styles

of teeth that that he's tried, but
he doesn't really cared for

like he hasn't really cared for
the cliff. tees really really

charcoal roasted. Okay? No. Oh yeah.
he calls him the charcoal


I think it's great, you know, maybe
maybe there's like there's

a cultivar that he like like a sweeter
cultivar like or is is

quite a sweeter or a full show is
is pretty sweet. Yeah, I

think cuz I've had a try ones that
have to have a lower roast

profile. Yeah. And then he's like.
Oh, that's that's pretty

nice. Yeah. It's like the the Super
you know I like. Of those

you know kinda tie when these old
man tees like Holy, you know

that are like so Super roasted.
but the first the first Cup is

basically just like pie charts.
but. You know, Oh, that's fun.

That's good. you guys. I'm gonna
I'll pull the background for a

little bit so you can bring someone
else in the Street. Alright

well, Hey, Ella thanks for coming
in and we didn't even need to

talk about the big corporations,
but that's okay. It's good to

change the subject.

Have a beautiful move? love you?
So that was fun. So, yeah, I'm

drinking a like Super broken up
broken grade black tea from

Tree Lanka. This is from the Amba
estate. You can see it's

pretty pretty chopped upgrade black
tea a little difficult to

brew in the guy want and I'm not
even using a filter, but I'm

just cracking the guy one really
small so that I don't get any

of the sleep out, but this tea is
called. Bengay Petco and it's

called that because it's a stolen
tea. this is like a style of

tea processing that the tea plucker
are the the the labors used

to make in the plantation where
they take it home and process

it by pounding it in their you know
big pistol in order to

start the oxidation process. Which
turns it into the black tea

but this of course is not made in
that way. This is not

technically stolen tea. It's you
know made by the the tea

Garden. It's just a model to that.
that story of stolen tea but

they make it in the factory with
great skill, but the same

concept of of kind of massaging
the leaf almost like CTC but

CTC crushed hair crawl is definitely
made in anymore commodity.

Of the quantity over quality, but
this tea has because it's so

broken and there's so much surface
area, which is caused a lot

of oxidation. It does have a really
strong multi profile to it.

You can see the liquors quite nice
and color. let's see that

color. nice. Yeah. beautiful. That's
always something good to

look at and equality is kind of
like the vibrants of the color

and this is already the third Steve
I'm working on here so and

you can see the there's not a whole
lot of sentiments. It's

pretty translucent and the only
sentiment that is in there is

the the the hair. From the Petco
from the the tips so yeah,

it's really quite sweet, really
pleasant to drink and coming

from the Amber Estate in Tree Lanka,
which is really cool

forward thinking tea garden and

In Ella, you know LSU here you're
using nice color. It's an

Ella region of Sri Lanka that is
more of like a cop model

compared to other tea gardens. We
don't work with a whole lot

of tea Gardens entry Lanka cuz there's
not a whole lot of

independent tea gardens there and
we exclusively work with an

independent tea gardens. We don't
work with large States or

usually even coops either. We usually
like to focus on. Working

with independent family-owned operations
where we know who's

involved in, you know all of the
the transfer value that's

going on, but this this garden is
a new model. the shareholders

are the shareholders are from

Not locals from there, which is
unique that they're building

such a co-op model. they really
are operating this garden more

as like a nonprofit than anything
else. of course they are for

profit. They are trying to create
more profits, but because

it's built like a co-op model. those
profits are getting

distributed back and how it is like
a co-op model I I don't

believe that the the workers. Are
paid like part owners like

models that they're like the owners
but they do receive 10

percent of total revenue on on their
business so that that's

pretty incredible that they received
that type of return back

from the sale of their teeth. So
they've learned how to create

a really high-quality product they've
created created in. High

quality demand and and sales channel
for their teeth such as us

and they're also selling into retailers
in Europe and South

America. I believe at a good fair
price and 10 percent of those

those revenues go directly back
to the workers there this is

not charity because the only way
that they can receive those

profits and have that secure sales
channel is through

consistent high-quality production
and the only way you. Do

that is through skilled employment
and the way that they do

their skilled employment is that
all the workers rotate through

every position so not only are they
doing things handcrafted

and with skill, But every single
employee in the factory, as

well as in the field knows the task
of every every part. So

every week they move around to a
different position even within

management so there. Not you know
one manager that's always

manager it's kind of like everybody
kind of moves around in

every position, which is really
powerful because it creates

empathy between the different roles.
So you know you're you're

operating a big operation and each
one of those people within

that operation, maybe having their
head down focus on one piece

of that operation. But while they're
doing that they are

understanding how their work is
affecting someone else's work

because they've done that other
work before and they're gonna

do that work next week as well as
the neck. You know step in

the process so it does create empathy
and empathy is really

powerful and creating understanding
and and seeing how that

applies into like quality tea production
is interesting it all

kind of boils back to what I was
saying earlier about the

importance of distributed networks
and of creating

accountability between different
parts of that network. you

know all right here and this Cup
of tea can all be explained so

pretty pretty powerful pretty magical.

Yeah, she is beautiful. during the
tea country, there is

actually quite easy. They have like
a really nice romantic

train system that you can take and
see all the countryside. you

can see all the the tea fields really
picturesque picture views

but you know from my perspective,
I don't get to spend a lot of

time there because we just we don't
have a lot of work there.

There isn't a whole lot of independent
operations. They're all

still very centralize and I I don't
trust centralized systems

because they don't allow for accountability.
They don't allow

for transparency and you know maybe
transparency is not the

absolute answer. I mean in in my
heart, that's what I feel like

it is at its core. It is that's
how we build trust. That's how

we build accountability and and
and fair value exchanges

between people and communities,
but You know, maybe the world's

not ready for transparency and that's
okay. you know, I think

that's fine. The world is not ready
for complete transparency

but what the world could be ready
for is is trust and

consensual, transparency and understanding
for trust to be

built between these two individuals
that are potentially going

to Exchange value with each other.
some level of transparency

is is helpful. And creating that
trust so how we navigate that

is gonna be our next step you know
and yeah I look forward to

to releasing you know what I write
around this and you know

hope that it resonates with with
some of you and that you can

also share your ideas too. cuz I'm
sure you all have great

ideas of how you think we can evolve
and become more resilient.

Let's see I think I'm ready to move
on to my next tee so on

March 20, -ninth that's the next
Sunday not this Sunday coming

but the next Sunday after that,
we're gonna be hosting a a

clean energy panel. at first, we
were gonna be hosting it as a

live event here in the the team
room and in the warehouse, but

with what's going We we will not
be doing that but we do plan

on doing it virtually and we'll
be using the zoom platform so

that way we can have multiple people
connected at once to talk

and this is gonna be like a free
and open to the public event.

so I encourage you all to to check
it out. you know we're gonna

be talking with several different
stakeholders in the clean

energy industry and just. Talking
about where where we are

currently and where we're gonna
go into the future and you

know, I'm sure you know just with
the events that's been

happening in the past week. We're
gonna hear a lot of updates

of you know in in lessons Lauren,
you know, I think one of the

main things that surprising people
that we didn't think would

be a result of what's going on right
now is that the

environment is becoming a lot cleaner
right now because we're

not you know by. As much fuel or
you know exhausted as much

resources right now, so it could
be really powerful to to see

what we learn from. Period of rest
that we're giving the Earth

and how we can continue in those
trends even after we we return

to business as usual.

So yeah, that will be the the the
next Sunday and it will be

the same time it will be at 20 'clock.
so yeah. I'm gonna

continue doing this every day at
Two PM and I may eventually

find a way to smoothly integrate
doing this through zoom

through social media so that way
we can keep the same level of

engagement but have more people
tuned in cuz I'd love to make

you know a big tea party between
all those tea friends around

the country and around the That's
good to stay connected and

share our experiences. You'll be
nice to have some friends from

China tune in, but unfortunately,
the time difference makes it

really difficult cuz right now.
it's still still sleepy time in

China so maybe a little difficult
to get get our friends there

but fortunately everybody that I've
spoken to in our network is

all find their communities are all
fine. they are you know

continuing with their tea production.
There has been some

discontinued continuing Asian and
how they're you know.

logistics business may be operating
because you know some

postal services have. Gone down
and just overall delays and now

that's starting to be seen in India.
so unfortunately we are

seeing some delays. We have some
tea on its way spend all this

way for a while and kinda getting
delayed longer now from India

because what's going on so we just
have to be patient and

waited out. but fortunately, all
of the individuals within our

network are all safe. They're safe
at home. you know Stain

local and distributed with their
local communities think things

for for the most part on their day
to day is just continuing as

usual. when it comes to like their
global business and they're

you know global ambitions. Those
things are the ones that are

being delayed and challenge right
now, but you know they're

still able to go out until their
soil and you know check on

their animals and and feed their
families just fine and then. I


spoke with Valerie Pratt, who is
James Norwood Pratt wife in

San Francisco. famous T author and
TV personality in San

Francisco. I don't know if anybody
is concerned, but he is

fine. Valerie said him in her are
safe in their apartment in

the city and they have everything
they need, including lots of

good tea to drink. So we shouldn't
be worried about. him not

drinking good tea or having enough
to to read and to interact

with security going off again, it's
Bitcoin or security system.

Did say that they were interested
in figuring out you know in

time how they can connect with us
through this channel. So if

we're lucky we'll get to connect
with Norwood Pratt while we

drink tea and see how he's dealing
with all of this he seems to

to be in positive spirits and you
know they also seem to be

really concerned about how our community
is holding up and TV.

especially you know cuz business
was never a lucrative to

start. you know be honest. Our business
is not lucrative. it is

rewarding it is fulfilling but it's
definitely not lucrative,

which is why I have intentionally
set up our business to be

extremely low overhead and really
lean so I'm very confident

that it will be able to continue
you know as as we've been

going, but there are other businesses
that are more challenged

by what's going on. they have rent
to pay they have employees

to take. Care of until they are
challenged much more and so I

have created that map of all of
the tea retailers that support

us and and what we do and in Exchange,
I do encourage all of

you to find a way to support them
because they're supporting

good tea and supporting good tea
business and transparency and

honesty and the tea supply chain,
so the least that we can do

is support. And it's a win win cuz
you know you get to have a

supply of good tea while you are
spending time at home with

your family and good tea can definitely
help you feel good and

this could be a good time for you
to explore good tea. you may

have like a whole big box of tea
bags in your pantry and feel

like that's more than enough of
what you need to get you

through this but

This could be a good chance to try
loose leaf and and and

realize well, this does make a huge
difference in in it's

flavor and it's a Roman and ultimately
how I feel after I'm

drinking it. so yeah, I encourage
you to try out some new teas

supporting some good local business.
you can find that map at

bit dot Lee slash T Map. I'll be
finding different ways of

getting that map out to you and
getting you connect. Did with

some really great local small businesses
that can get good TTU

and that you can support in Exchange.
you can also support

local restaurants. I know a lot
of local rush month restaurants

are are making their menus available
through delivery and

through pick up like her as I pick
up my Janelle. Oh, you are

you're smoking your firewood Green
good for you.

Come here Come say hi to Janelle
here buddy. Come on. Come

here. Come here. Come say hi. don't
just be barking back. Come

here. Come here buddy. No come here.
Come here. buddy. Come on.

Come on. Alright here we go one
second. Oh you're comfortable

on your pillow over there. Huh.

It's my baby. I'm at my isolation
buddy right here. Big Queen

say hi to everybody.

Yeah, he's been holding up. He's
been really happy. You know.

I've been spending a lot of time
a lot more time with him and a

lot less time you know at the table
with people so you know he

likes that a lot better he has been
on edge a lot more I don't

know if like he just kinda feels
energy from people, but I have

noticed him a little bit more on
edge than usual, but oh, yeah

Big Queen. You to oh look at look
at all those hearts. Bitcoin

here to see here.

Hey, Uncle Kelly, what's up? How's
it going?

Yeah, kinda who's not here is kinda
lose at home with his dad,

which is good. Yeah I kinda Jake
or is always here helping me

in the tea room. he's been spending
a lot more time at home.

with his father, which is good,
You know, I think this is

really great. A lot of people are
spending time with their

family and focusing on what's important
kinda. It does have a

lot of tea at home, so he's good.
He's fully stocked on the

teeth so he's he's good making music
getting ready for his next

GT jam. so you see the the sign
behind me T J Do that's his

series of events that he's been
doing here in the tea room. in

the warehouse playing music and
of course drinking tea. you

know. Really trying to find ways
to to activate the space to

bring the community in and find
opportunity for artists to

showcase their art and to support
themselves. you know there's

not a whole lot of opportunity for
artists to be supported.

through I mean here in Vegas, we
have like the casinos and all

these other Internet entertainment
channels, but unfortunately,

those are not. Very rewarding the
power is centralized, so the

artist ends up with the short end
of the stick there and so I

have a lot of friends here. a lot
of people that spend time at

our tea table and you know are engaged
with our community year

that are struggling to make ends
meet so even before what we're

dealing with now and so you know,
I really wanna utilize my

space to help artists You know,
decentralize their power and to

create their own value and to receive
their own value for for

their work. so yeah, Jake's been
doing that. so I'm sure he's

working on some some new music and
when we get up and running

again, he'll be back to to share
what he's created Maybe we'll

get some some life some live sessions
from his him as well.

with his reporting at home but yeah,
we'll be sure to let

everybody know when we get those
events up and running again.

But until then all our events are
gonna be through here. I

appreciate you guys being a part
of this helping me build this

community and confidence around
these virtual tea parties. And

yeah, keep everyone engaged. I know
we're not the only ones

there's a lot of people doing it.
so that's really nice to see

others doing it. others keeping
their community connected

through the Internet finding good
uses for social media.

They're not all negative uses. There's
a lot of really good

opportunities that we can have with
Facebook and Instagram but

yeah, maybe tomorrow. I'll start
experimenting with the zoom

that way we can get more people
connected at the same time

talking but I do appreciate. commenting
in through Facebook, I

don't know I hope you're still there
enjoying your firewood

Green. That's a good team. It's
a really good tea. We just got

some new some new stock of that.
so if you if you need more in

order to get it.

I like that, Kelly said, be safe
out there and take care have a

tea terrific day. I think those
would you meant to say, but it

says here Tea refocus day. I like
that too.

Alright. Well we've been on for
about an hour now of drink a

lot of tea. Now. I've had some nice
time catching up with a

good friend in Bay area. Ella hope
you have a good rest of your

day and rest of your move and everybody
here. Thank you so much

for joining in live we'll be doing
again tomorrow and the next

day the next day the next day so
yeah. if you want to join the

tea Party next time, please have
your tea brew. In and yeah,

we'll see you Oh. it's a great two
year right Jonelle. It is a

great tea. You're lucky. you're
stock pile. you got it up of

it. Hey Jennifer how you doing good
to see you. I'm gonna be

tuning out soon. so yeah. maybe
I'll catch you tomorrow and

again. Yeah come on Instagram. That's
where I'm able to like

actually share the live videos with
someone else. So if you do

wanna join and have tea with me
you can do it through

Instagram. maybe we'll be doing
this on zoom as well so we can

get more people together, but until
then. Hope you guys all

stay safe. drink lots of good tea
and yeah. if you don't have

enough good tea. please visit our
map and find out all the

great local businesses that you
can support to restock on your

teeth are all doing online orders
or courage that pickup. so no

issue in running out of teeth. Alright
love you all goodbye


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