Thursday, June 4, 2020 - Tea to Demonstration Peace

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What's enabled say I want to
interrupt you guys. I was

listening but I want to say
hello. Hi Priscilla. It's good

to see you good to see you guys
to. I understand that what's

going on. It's very hard it has
repercussions some regards in

in South America, but I just
finished just finished a.

Consultation with the patient
with a patient of she's Mexican

and she lives in the United
States in New York. so he he

was me how to of the situation
is right now. So yeah and I'm

I'm I'm trying to understand I
have been reading so

information and I was Telling
that that there's a hashtag

or probably attendance that in
South America, adi toros more

laid laid with deal or no deal
with your racism because South

America can be very racist.
Mm-hmm. So it's everywhere.

It's everywhere in I mean, even
when travel to the the tea

countries to do teamwork, we
face face it as on different

levels and I used to like kinda
brush it off just like I did

did with like or you know any
of those those other

discriminatory. you culture
elements but in the past. Years

I've I've realized that like
it's a big responsibility to

like keep not necessarily keep
them in. check cuz you do wanna

be cautious of shaming or you
know, making someone feel

they're they're doing wrong
because then they the chances

of them and actually making
some change in their their

actions is is less likely, but
just making people aware even

like small new ones things,
especially the new ones. Things

are the ones that I focus on
reminding people. Instead of

just brushing it off like if I
had a sexist friend, I would

just brush off and just
thinking in own head. Okay.

Well, that's just gonna him.
That doesn't affect me. that's

gonna affect him and his
ability to strong relationships

but now I'm starting to see
that that does affect me in a

very big way and and that that
we have to fix that culture,

not fix it fix it but evolved
it make it more conscious and

tease a really incredible tool.
So Sam Thank for making this

there. It is okay. You are the
tea House. You have your

Bitcoin dog right want the 2000
San which tea I'm sorry that oh

my God. That was so big, the in
my in my head. it all sense cuz

I was sitting right there next
to you for. for. I think it was

like Chinese New Year, but it
was after Burning man that that

Dogg singer okay, Well you have
at home. Yeah, and we made the

tea House that was an epic that
was an epic experience. So can

I introduce yes and Elise. you
guys you guys are both

citizenss of one Oh, that's
that's how this all and I know

each other, Mccall Lisas and I
go way back and I've traveled

in two places she a-team mentor
of mine and if we're so lucky

Mccall is. Great cute little
song at some point that I get

well actually you know. Oh, you
can wait.

I believe at this event and it
was clear that she was both

passionate about the out about
about this card, but it's

really really cute and I the
way she showed brought in the

world La La La.

Wow. What a world? Yeah. I like
that that thumbs Priscilla. I

didn't know that there was
like. Oh, I see that reaction.

see there's more stuff. I'm
learning about Zoom every day.

Where Yeah, we saw, I don't
know if you remember but you

had those you you had cakes.
Yeah. I'm trying to think of

like there was something that
we. Cakes and it was so fun. It

was the festival, know and in
Chinese culture, you eat the

moon cakes and there was a
couple of people on our crew

that are Chinese so they were
know, sacrificing their

celebration serve with us
event. so I you know I just got

to try to town and pick up some
moon cakes that we could do our

own small you know ceremony. so
yeah, that was lucky that you

catch that cuz that was like a
special little thing that we

did before our last shift of of
tea. That That was a cool idea,

though where you were, you were
were creator in that event you

an artist or are you just
attending it? No-I No-I pants

off am, but I'm like to say oh
and you're saying you went up

and you were jamming with them.
Okay. Well, I remember you


I was a little out of control
because it was like right after

burning out and and I was open
and it was like a heat wave

like we're now and I was so in
there and I couldn't take it

and I was like ??? it and I
just I mean, yeah, I do

remember that that was an
interesting experience because

yeah, like most most of the
people like 100 percent of the

artists that created that
event, burners and so like like

we were fresh. just like you
know, you said. So everybody

was kind of still feeling
comfortable. And you know just

wearing what you want and being
what what you want, but it was

of interesting because after a
while, I'd like kinda pull

myself out of the situation and
be like, okay, this is where we

and you know. people are acting
like this is Burning man, but

it's it's not really like we're
in the Middle in the Middle the

city in this, let's be
perfectly clear guys. The

default world is gone. Okay is
that because he knows it may

not be burning man, default
world is gone. It's definitely

different. I am very confused
about the of.

Okay, so it was a little It
wasn't about that. Let me tell

you, but the thing is like
Burning Man. This wasn't

running them and it was your
right. it was in in the Middle

of the city and I think like I
I met a lot of people during

that two -week period after
burning them where I think

people like including Sarah by
the way Sam like she was Super

last night like before she I
was and then after after she

remembered having met me during
that same period, at least like

during that same like post
Burning Man, I'm still very

open Like whatever she was like
she changed and I was like,

okay, I get I totally it, but I
do okay so Priscilla was it was

like an Echo event and it was
it it was least just mentioned

or like run by by people from
burning man, it had people who

didn't go to to Burning Man in
it It was like public event

that you bought tickets for in
San Francisco and Had kind like

mixed vibes like that, like a
burners, but it also a lot of

like not burners and it was a
really really hot day and you

obviously obviously you just
like you want you go where you

want you do whatever you want
and I was weighing like kind of

thick pants cuz I thought San
Francisco in the evening, It's

always cold, but was so hot. It
was so hot and I couldn't stand

it. I was like I have to to
pants off, but I was only

wearing a thong, but I was like
??? it who can. Who and I mean,

also on the different context
where San Francisco, like legal

to be naked in San Francisco
and I thought that you. Things

like that are like I love San
Francisco, but I didn't know

about that thing. Yeah, and I'm
like I used to to live in the

Bay a time ago and I think a
part of Bay Area Area culture

is like more old school or it
doesn't matter is

deconstruction of body shame
and so like that's part of my

roots in from being in the Bay,
having those for me, a part of

set and kind of saying okay,
like here's a combination of

all these things I it wasn't
like I was. I mean I I did

think about it logically in
that way and it and I think

that people definitely like
we're taking a back and some

regards. but I think that
that's what culture like us

people who go who go to man.
There is a part of what I feel

like. it's my duty normalize
that sense of freedom and

normalize things like the 10
principles like gifting

generously and doing things
from an open-hearted way.

Invite other people to
understand that and hearts, but

that's everyone sees it that
way, not. it's not received in

that way. Yeah. So I think that
this is this is like Super

relevant to what Sam wanted to
talk in this session because

you said something like really
powerful at the of what you

just said about someone's
attitude towards you change

right. It was all based off of
you know some some assumption

that had made about you based
on behavior that they knew

about you before that's very
similar to the racism that we

all and and act in that. we're
trying to address right now

that these protests are trying
to address you know, of course,

I'm some are angry about
certain extremes of that racism

but even the subtle things.
Like that the way that that

that woman she approached you
and you. you know, maybe she

assumption in her head about
your behavior who you were

person and you know. and so
that's like how do we keep that

kind of stuff in check you know
as we go forward in our lives

because I'm sure we've all been
that. you what that assumption

is that we made about somebody
that changes our behavior

around them like being afraid
of. Or being jealous of them or

being I don't know what the
situation could have been for

you and that woman was
something of of jealousy or

like you know your behavior and
your kindness that you

exhibited that in that time
that she first met met you a

challenged her own insecurities
that had and so that's what it

is like the basis of the
assumption she's working with

which her to have of
discrimination towards you when

she like remember who you were
Yeah, How do we how do we move

those predators? Yeah. So I
think things I've been thinking

a lot about this. one of them
is like the notion of like stay

like as in we are a need of now
and things can be very easily

taken out of context and they
are like if you don't know a

person you don't know what mood
you're catch. And you don't

know what points of reference
they have like what are they

referring to behave a certain
way like what why why they all

you have is like either kind of
an understanding of like how it

would your perception of how
quote appropriate behavior

would be in a certain setting
and your own world-view. so if

you contacts for that person
because you don't know them or

because you come with your
world-view as we all do towards

the situation it all goes back.
Like we don't have, we don't

have context. We have
assumption and bias unless

we're in community and we to
stay in community and say

alright, this person has been
vetted over time by me and

other people or I've seen this
person and like all different

moves and they know that this
person is person and they're

funny and sassy and or whatever
it is and now they're in this

mood. I'm not judge them and
say this is the whole entire

entire person. This is like
this person in this context in

this move because we don't have
community. We don't have notion

of and actually talked about
this right before that that it

like being introduced to person

like has a buyer or has an
opinion about you right like

how many times does does that
happen you introduce someone

you're like later like you're
better friends right and you're

like. Oh that person. This is
my opinion about that person or

this is what I think this. you
trust your You you adopt their

opinion about that person
right. so anyway, I think we

need understand we need
community. We acceptance

context, open heartedness, open
mindedness and also teaching an

open either teaching by by
modeling behavior right or by

acceptance into community cuz I
don't think people. Necessarily

like I think a lot of the
resistance that happens comes

from like a lack of
understanding of like

alienation of another person,
saying like this is different

from me, they're separate from
me. It's like a judge them and

I don't to stop them and I can
like be angry at them and they

can kill them and they're me.
We not one. they're not a a

part of so it doesn't matter. I
can like externalize all the I

have about myself about the
world to someone else. Yeah.

It's a lot. I don't know if. I
just went on a totally reminded

me of kind of that I had coming
into this there's the idea of

demonstration and for me if I
flip that demonstrating peace

that to me is is what tea
services that the progress of

going toh is like this is what
peace. Good going going to when

you're at peace with the
process, that's when the tea is

the best. Yeah. Yeah. me
sitting in my place of immense

that I know to do and the way
that I can act is I can just

this is what it looks like to
be peaceful with people.

people. Yeah. so open and
loving good guk. Fud is good

hosting so the example of
Michelle, I keep bringing it

back to the sample and it's
such a good example and you're

like you're here now we can
talk about it and it's. It's

not racism, but it's the the
exact elements of what we're

dealing with like when we were
were serving in that space like

I'll be honest with you kinda
came in like a tornado. Your

energy like. WoW. It's cool,
you know and it's it's cool and

it was welcoming. up becoming a
part a part of experience in

our in our House and we were
practicing good food like you

came in with all of this energy
and somebody that was like

control the space, which
actually we had people like

that, like the the designers
that made the space like. Of

the space was like they're
number one priority, and you

you know how in control of that
room. You know they might have

tried to to do something to
down or to like get you to to

stop. you know changing Fec of
the room, but but t servers, it

was really important that we
help space for and for

everybody else and like also
make everybody else feel

comfortable with your energy
and it ended up working out

like you know and then you jump
jump on the and started singing

and we kind of just like let
that happen and hold space for

you and not making. Judgments
on you like someone else might

have know that was trying to
space and that's not what he

is. there's a lot of validity
to you know know the act of

being peaceful, but you know
there's so many facets to it of

why that's true and and I for
main thing is like that space

for regardless of who you are
what you look like. you know

you're gonna be welcomed to our
tea-table. You know if you

start doing something viet.
That's not gonna flow well, but

you know if you're being free,
You're I tell this is a a part

of my it's like open therapy
with other other people, a part

of my like I I what part of my
energy was really to there

there was a like gatekeeper at
the door. the door. I don't

know his name. Oh the that was
working at the Yeah say it

again. he like he was like
managing the the cohort of

people to come in. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. His sense policing and

self-importance and control
like attempt of control and it

kind of disrespectful way
really, like arv me and I mean

that has guru that's like a
combination of all different

things. But I like again who I
am and how I see the the I like

for authorities sake. I think I
I I can respect authority a lot

if there's respect for the if
there's like kungfu and Yeah

and they're like attempt. Or
like the necessity for

authority, necessity, it's like
I see it too with like royalty

the the the crown. The weight
of the crown represents the

responsibility that have and
service to the people. It's not

not I'm gonna sit on a a pile
of gold and like and that's

what usually and like when it
when it becomes like ego power

instead of heart-based power,
you lose that response you

lose. Like sense of
responsibility and duty and

service to your and and like
for me in that experience that

like the sake of gatekeeping
for the sake of controlling

people like you here and like
like pass this line by a inch

and like and you you have here
and like that, Oh my Oh my

really set me out. so that's
interesting cuz that was like

the only source of friction
that's me or any. A-team of

servers that was working event
that was the only only friction

had experienced in that space
like all all the chaos that

happening like there was a lot
of people. This was a a very

heavily attended event and lots
of people wanted to to the

space because it was so
peaceful but yeah the the

designers. that's what we
that's what you know. I'm

referring to them like they
design the aesthetic of the

space, which included those
actors that was something that

we bought with them because
they wanted those actors to

like coor. In and do like a you
probably saw that there was

another woman that would like a
ceremony for you before you

walked in. Yeah. Were you
smelling your hands? and then

you'd come in and sit and have
I kept trying to tell them like

we are not doing a ceremony
here like is like borderline

appropriation. If we say we say
we're doing a ceremony because

like we we're not doing the
ceremony here like we're just

serving you and holding space
people and try to have a

freaking conversation
conservation and zero waste

like that was the whole intent
of our space was to do I hope

that you felt that once you sat
down and had tea with us cuz

that's what we're focused on
well. I think you know I. I you

remember, but the group of we
had like we had a couple. I

think it was a couple of
Chinese people, but we're

guests huh and anyway we had a
really really discussion from

what I remember. Yeah. Yeah,
the distinct that we have once

we sat down was a discussion
but but yeah I I was definitely

responding to that and I was
really ??? that was don't ???

try to control me and tell me
where to stand like I'll

happily I'll happily do this
now. But if you're like, oh

yeah. I for sure so that was
that's kind of kind of hear

yeah the the role of the tea
server true kung fu tea service

is like hold space and make it
comfortable and in a experience

everybody, you know not to like
control things and yeah, I

think when we to control things
into some perspective of what

we think is good, whenever all
of this like opportunity for

prejudice and for you know
object. And whatever comes in

you know, so yes, T is a a good
way to to show peace. And To me

it like. The verb first so you
are actively and me there's a

lot of to like that sense of
like action. It helps make me

feel like I'm doing something.
Yeah. do you wanna say hi soho?

Hi soho You pop in a bit ago?
Is he still here live good to

see Y'all like what you said,
like to see you. You doing so

on it's still I'm I'm doing
Alright. I'm the the matter at

hand is is very much on my
mind. I've been talking about

it. a lot lot on my live
streams on Instagram

constantly. I've had a lot had
a lot of really productive

discussions. I'm personally
affected cuz it's a of mine was

protesting peacefully about
black friend of mine pregnant

black friend of mine was shot
by the police. Bean bags while

protesting peacefully so like
Super worked up about it and I

mean I've got a level head, but
I'm very emotional I've been

doing with situation trying to
help ultrasound trying to help

and talk to the to the lawyer
to. I lets stay the Tea House

turn her husband and her puppy
and stay at the for a night.

They're scared to be at home.
so and she's a-team friend.

I've known her for seven years
since she 17 years old and I

met her when she came the tea
House. so it's very much That's

I'm like, I'm like very
preoccupied. You could say that

this whole situation that the
the nation's occupied with

right Yeah. What do you think
about this prompt that Sam has

us talking about is it on the
I'm not looking at it. What is

the prompt?

talking talking about service
as demonstrating peace and idea

that by the is different from
peaceful demonstration, the

idea of peaceful the the idea
that be peaceful means it

automatically implies that it
could also potentially be not

peaceful. And that is a thing
we We are seeing that like,

however, you want, however, we
wanna about violence exists non

peaceful demonstration exists
me using tea if we completely

flip the paradigm, we're now we
are actively demonstrating

peace. We're just talking
about. We're actually just

doing what should be done.

it's a powerful frame to look
at what we we do. I I agree

Sam. I think that's a great.
think that the word that I've

I've been using lately is
modeling but modeling of

behavior modeling a shift in
perspective for people modeling

being wrong. I think it's a
really one. so I think that in

in in sense, T can model for us
inclusive and peaceful

environment looks like I'd say
there's a lot of. That you can

do that demonstrate peace
eating together demonstrates

peace. you know any any
peaceful activity that we do

together and that's not you
know actively stipulating

aggression demonstrates peace.
think is demonstrates best is

inclusivity and and celebration
of new people who you don't

necessarily have common ground
that's to me. That's the really

remarkable thing about tea
because when you're eating.

Even drinking alcohol and
someone comes and sits table.

That's That's an encouragement
that person is taking up space

in space and you don't and then
if you feel expected to defeat

them or to them alcohol, then
they're they're they're they're

encroaching upon your property.
taking advantage of you or

whatever you're you're you're
extending yourself on their

behalf in material way, whereas
if someone you're having teeth,

you know and someone can sit
down tea-table even in China

even in chaz. If you just go
sit down in the. TB it's

totally cool. people got two
tables in stores, not two

stores, furniture stores, or
you know even like little

grocery Whatever there, they're
serving tea. they're doing

going and you totally can't
even as foreigner, especially

as a foreigner, You can go up
and say, hey, what's up wave

and be be and just point at the
tape. Just like this you like

and they'll just they'll go to
drink tea with them and then

you pull up up the chair and
and and and in when we're

serving tea and I assume in in
in know it's like this is where

we have this tea culture that
unites us all if someone comes

in. Your tea-table your stoked,
you know you're like talking

about about is about being a
good host. You're you're being

a good good host isn't about
etiquette and how you how you

act act towards someone. about
your sentiment towards someone.

If you have a you're excited,
you're genuinely happy that

that person is there that's
awesome and that through your

but know with tea, we have the
opportunity to be be very

hospitable without it in
imposing us because if someone

like let's three dudes roll up
to my tea-table, it's not

costing me. To serve all three
of those guys or or women or

whoever you know, I just pour
more the that I have and no one

's be like what this this week
is how I'm gonna leave you know

there's you stick around and
eventually drink. Yeah. If we

have three more people, we'll
go go through marginally more

twiss by Mass probably than we
would if we didn't, but not

necessarily, I can just get
more steeping out of it and no

one cares because that one 's
still having a good time time

and Awad. They have a saying
the tea tea is our friendship

is strong. I can't remember how
to say it in Char's, Chaco was'

the I think it's a small
detail, but I think I think

that these combined to your
rights. I think the answer to

long answer your question. I
think you're right. I think

that T models keys, know he
really is it is not I don't

think peace is a very specific
term. It's a very big term.

really. this just means absence
of war. The absence of

violence, peace it's like it's
a it's a negative adjective

because it's defined by the
absence of something which is

fine. Good thing The pieces
important, but what we think.

I'll just interject real about
that specifically recently saw

quote that resonated with me
has to do with this. I think

it's definitely not. it's not.
It's not deliberating on

action. The quote that saw was
if you you're only peaceful if

you're capable of great
violence, if you're capable of

great violence, you're not
peaceful, harmless, meaning

like you're not even you
wouldn't even be capable of it

right so like peace. Is a
choice and it's a very like the

bravest. It seems seems like
non nonviolence as a a But But

really it's like very It's like
the illest to me, but me, but

that is reade definition. No
that's that's that's I think

yeah, I think it too be
dressing two sides of of

approach piece. There are are
many options of approaching

this. I I I was in the. Before
you joined the zohan that I

just finished a consultation a
patient of mine, she's Mexican

and she lives in New York and
she she telling me how hard

it's been in the situation with
with protest and destruction of

the streets every day and she
was feeling very because she

was telling me somebody who
looks like me is destroying

things that I use. Or people
like us for referring to the

Mexican community, so we were
starting to peace and I think

I'm in both ways and probably
more ways because there's a

there's a point in where need
to accept that pieces to stop

violence like keep not doing
this I'm doing doing in active

peace doing bios but in other
way it needs be very reactive

because it's easy for a to have
anger and anger is waking up

inside of you. It's easy. It's
very easy to have so the. And

in a state of peace can very
active to because thinking and

concentrating and thinking in
what what is best for you and

best humanity, sometimes can be
a really hard to process that

anger so sometimes it could be
stop doing things stop doing

violence and sometimes it it
can be very reactive like a.

the transform your energy your
anger in something more

positive because it is like a
bit six things energy won't be

created and won't be destroyed
it needs to be transform so

sometimes we need to transform
or in our anger because we have

suffer races rest them or
sexism or many things and we

need to work hard in
transformation That anger in

peace and it can very reactive
to absolutely. Yeah I I'm

Priscilla. It was beautiful and
Michelle I guess I'm I'm

looking at I'm looking at why
have peace right now because

this protests and haven't
protest because George Floyd

and a bunch of other black
people were killed and. And we

don't have Justice, you know, I
think that there's what the

root cause of our lack lack of
peace is that we don't have

Justice and don't don't we have
Justice because of race and

what is racism? racism is one
on one group of people is

treated worse than another
group of people because of who

they are. And so then I'm like
okay. So what's the really root

cause of our lack peace is is
discrimination. and-and-and

exclusion. you have a certain
being excluded from society

being treated like it. Their
lives are important and and

then right now, Everyone's ???
about as rightfully they should

be, and I think that I agree
very much with the sentiment of

of some of the I think the
spirit spirit in the question

was written and it just for for
me man of difference difference

that I've I'm more interested
in discussing how does T

harmonious coexistence? How
does T model different people

being together, including each
other? Being safe space for

each other appreciating each
other for not in spite of their

differences, but for their the
differences and the I guess

when think of the word peace,
I'm reminded of Foxx Ramada,

which means the Roman peace and
that refers period of like 250

years or something during the
Roman there were no armed

conflicts, there war and they
they call it The Pss Ramona,

and that was a peaceful time
people weren't in conflict, but

that parkman. Achieved through
the subjugation of many

different different Nations
that were previously at war

with each with each other and
with Rome and they were

subjugated by Rome and then
suppressed so that they didn't

rise up and and and meanwhile,
the people were taking the

slaves and ET cetera, and so I
think for me is important and

everyone deserves to have
peace, but we have to we. I

think it's important to look at
Justice at the same time

because the lack of peace
fundamentally usually. Lack of

that's what causes the lack of
peace is cause, and there are

many different kinds of piece.
you you can establish peace,

establish a physical keys
repressive meats or you can

just wipe out your enemies.
just exterminate them. you're

at war someone and you you
exterminate genocide them and

then you have peace. But
obviously neither neither of

those are the type of we're
interested in and so that's I

don't disagree with any of any
of any of y'all at all. I

totally agree with all y'all
and I think that I just wanna

that's my my part. That's
that's where I would focus my

attention. Michelle I like that
you you brought you brought up

Alisa. I heard you you snuck
that word in there didn't

expand on it further, but I I
think that that could be a good

replacement if we really wanna
have some some very

conversations about this of
exchanging the word peace for

Alisa. he says in Hindi word,
it the Eos of Gandhi. he was.

he was that's really popular is
that word and build some

solidarity around it but it
just means nonviolence and If

you study with that nonviolence
word means or violence it's not

physical violence. You know a
lot of of people extreme

violence. a lot of people like
for certain words, even like

words like racism or sexism,
they always think of the

extremes versus those words.
That's like very overarching,

generalized words and so
violence is not just physical.

could be mental. It could
emotional and so like all this

that was just talking about
like that that that period of

peace during Roman Empire was
actually not nonviolent. it

was. Maybe there wasn't a
violence happening, but but

there was oppression happening.
There violence happening. there

was there was hatred. You know
the and so nonviolence is the

lack of hatred. you know
nonviolent Alissa practitioners

like the Jane. you know
division of attendees is is

like most nonviolent of all of
all of them. won't even like

shave their because they
believe that's too violent of

an act to like to. remove
something that is part of from

your body is an an act
violence. it's a very deep

thing. so you know I think
focusing on the and you know

on. you know the work of Gandhi
you know, Gandhi facing some

violent and very during a very
violent time in human history

and he was trying to mobilize
people together in solidarity,

build solidarity around
nonviolence which requires like

requires like courage right
yeah, I wanna I wanna say

something about that too is
like Gandhi also raped 13

-year-old girls Yeah, does that
mean mean that we does that

mean we vilify say that none of
the things that that he ever

were good that he didn't change
the better that the things he

did were like Completely
violent and completely

inexcusable and at the time in
in the context the time and in

the context of what was going
on like does that mean we throw

the baby with the bath water
and not say right? So that's

like something. I think that is
really important for the

overall like anyone you put on
a a pedestal fall anyone that

you to to view as a completely
idolize and perfect. godliness

that you around them, find
reasons very good reasons why

they're they're not perfect at
all, but that is also to

remember that it doesn't mean
those are invitations to learn

and grow and to say okay, this
is unacceptable and like and

also thank you for your
service. Thank you for changing

the world and it's a reminder
that. And all us and the more

have the more we're to model
our behavior and peace and the

or demonstrate right here to
change you wanna see in the

world like really like live in
embody the things that we want

to see as an inspiration to
ourselves and to other people.

Yeah, that's where transferring
forms. I can't. I think it's

really important that you just
say Michelle. idolizing people

because I I really we have

It's okay and they no no no.
the thing. I'm I'm I'm really

with you in the in the way you
are staying in don't need it.

It's not healthy to idolize
people because there's no

Complete madness evil or
completely impossible we beings

are are beings of We want the
or the extreme evil, and

there's no such a thing.
There's a there's a phrase from

the the app. The app store he
said something different to

keep the good things and rid of
bad things. It's that simple

because people is completely
bad or completely evil. so even

with big figures like you know
the Dalai maybe the or I don't

know Gandhi. They are not
perfect, but they are things

that can learn from the choices
and I'll also from their

mistakes because probably in
their own queues of peace, they

mistakes or in the way of
maturity they made mistakes.

Characters and his know, Naomi
Ghibli, Japanese animation

films. what A What are the
things that I love the most

about his films their films is
that a lot of lot characters

are flawed and a lot of the
like quote. bad characters are

allowed transformation and
they're a lot of acceptance.

They're allowed to go through
their own hero's journey.

They're not completely
qualified and how other rhythm.

As a person and what sexism and
any kind prejudice, any kind of

racism and that's what it is
like. this person is different

from me. you can cut them off
and put all the them and we're

lucky it doesn't Miyazaki
shows, but there's like

opportunity for and
transformation and inclusion

right Yeah. Jeremy Hm. What's
up man? I wanna I wanna hear

what you gotta say that what.

it was interesting, I was so of
the fact that I remember

studying history for so many
years extended periods of peace

or very he to be broken up
because the longer the piece

exists in the greater. the that
ended it is peace is something

that's earned. It's not

It's something that we need to
sort of come together and earn.

But it needs needs to actually
be broken up along way. His

peace can't like permanently
and forever, but it can exist

momentarily. the idea is to
string those moments so long as

best you can.

You know like the tea service,
it doesn't you know, sometimes

the world might at peace, but
this is now and even if just

one moment of peace is probably
sufficient enough to kinda keep

you sane for quite a long time.
So need you know, I guess more

and and more moments. Timor it
is it's it's important just to


Reminds me of what I was
writing about this morning in

my idea that all the is here
and now and the here and now

that we're in now is of the
transformations of from

yesterday that it's still the
same movement that continues to

evolve continues to change. I I
very much look at it like if

if. Is an state, Maybe that
time is a way that I serve and

pieces like that place where
come back to feeling at least

aware of everything around you.

Being in the present, and I
think it's pretty much almost

every religion is intent on
putting you in the present we

all are living in fear and
typically that fear is from we

basically take the past and we
projected to the future, so

we're never actually living in
the moment because we're always

living prediction of what's
gonna happen next if people's

the entire life is trying to
figure out how to live in the

moment or having. But in the
moment, just live in the as

this past, happening in future
is something something that you

don't if you don't really know
about so hardest possible thing

that we're even capable of is
just being still. And you just

need to keep trying to to sort
of those moments and those

experiences were even if it's
like, I said, even if it's just

for a moment just to still is
one of the hardest emotional

stages we can ever get to. I
mean people submit their like.

I what do you say to it me lot
of the concept of ichigo ETA.

the moment ah the moment is
unique so probably we need to

leave a little bit more ah
because they these we are

having for a while it's going
to change and we need to be a

with it Yeah, I mean even more
not peaceful probably hard to

to without this hard moments we
cannot appreciate peace. I I

don't wanna talk probably with
around state work inside hearts

without that heart that were in
our hearts. sometimes sometimes

we are able to appreciate the
value of of food and if have

peace in that moment, it's very
itchy here you need to enjoy it

because it's unique and you we.
When it's going to repeat I

like that a lot so I I that you
made good point in talking

about there will always always
be suffering that will always

be lack of peace. They're
always be periods and their

journey. Also there there. a
natural fluctuation between

peace and conflict. That's just
part of the fabric of reality

and that's okay to have. Hold
on we give mail with her dollie

back. Come Okay. I'm gonna
wait. you're you're you're

giving mail lady her dog back I
had a big delivery if you want

I can unpack you're gonna gonna
send it to me. I mean you be

fine? We're unpacking is such
as such as so it's like

Christmas every single time.
let me give me. Dolly back

Thank you so much, Oh, no, I
didn't. didn't. I just wanted

to walk I don't want people
wandering in while we're doing.

Thank you so much. name again?
Bonnie Soho good to see you

yeah. you got it. Okay. Sorry
Alright so what saying is

Priscilla there this conflict
and there is there's always

gonna be and it's part of the
nature of what it means to be

human is to confront this
conflict and be in our hearts

and what can we do to keep the
word from being anywhere? But

in our hearts, you know people
will There is a a necessary

amount of amount of suffering
that you have to have to be a

human and to grow and we can.
So at the time, extinguish

strife, you know when people
suffer needlessly for something

they don't need to suffer from
starvation. There's plenty of

food world. Nobody needs to
start. We can make need not a

thing anymore and then if we
can do that and and and and

strength and then like work
there and it's it's like I that

the the veracity of the fact
that we do this fluctuation and

we go back and forth. You know,
I'll turn my camera

It works you see me No no okay.
Hold on. okay here we go. Yes.

Yeah. Ta-da back but that it is
true, true, it's fundamentally

true that there is be you can't
have peace without but I think

that can also we give a kind
resigned to the reality of

conflict when I think that
we're actually like a hair's

breath away from not having
conflict and I think at the

heart of that issue is what
Michelle was talking about and

Priscilla, which just new ones
just having a world-view that

allows for new ones. Like, For
example, Gandhi was a great

man. He also raped 13 -year-old
girls so you know what do we

what do we that? that? Do we
cancel Gandhi? You give us some

great but having holding a a
sense Oh there's protests going

on and there's also riots going
on and nuances to saying, but

they're not the same thing and
they're not the same people and

they're not the same reason
well. They are the same reason,

but they're not the same thing
and they're not the same people

even though they're happening
at the same time and in the

same So that's I think that's
what's lacking in our the that

we have now is that people
don't have new ones. They can't

hold space for two conflicting
things to be true about the

thing or they they can wait.
Yeah. Start getting the That's

how sorry Sam occupy Wall ended
all you need is either like

higher. They were hired that
came in to break up the oil and

were hired or know whatever 20
kids to like basketball

windows, the media on that that
ended Street, thousands and

thousands and thousands of
people marching protesting

peacefully with song and dance
celebration of community and

few people come in media
focuses on that and that those

movement and someone who's
paying. someone on the new

station so who who in why what
are the assumptions

agitators you know lot of
someone it's so easy people

don't have the capacity for
there not able to hold space

for new ones and not turn group
of people into but yeah that's

that for me that's what this is
all about that's what this

entire ah racism issues Is Oh,
I see black people doing bad

things TV. Therefore, for for
all black people are bad and I

see cops killing black people.
therefore all black people kill

cops. Neither of those things
true. and and it's this asinine

over extrapolation that to have
a lot of of difficulty getting

over a lot of difficulty
getting over unreasonable

difficulty people are smarter
than that, but because of that

that we have things racism
because if you can can say

robbed by a black man, but he
didn't Robb me because he's

black. He's a is black who
robbed me and those things are

all true, but they cause other
and then, but then being able

to also have the new ones to

For example, George was killed
is a black man who was killed

by police. He was killed
because he black. The black man

who robbed me didn't Robb me
because he was black. The black

man who was by police, was
killed because of his black or

at the very least his killers
are less likely to face Justice

because he was black and don't
systemic oppression. right-I

like that person, Robb you
maybe he did Robbie because he

was black and maybe you're
wrong because he was black. up

under the circumstances of
oppression with an inability to

get. Lack of education lack
lack of but that is systemic if

that those statistics are
across the then like that's on

us too. That's all because
That's philosophy. You are we

wanna sorry. I cut you off
though like a few minutes ago,

did you wanna say something I
don't remember what it was at

this point and it's not really
relevant that then this is now

you go. You know it really is.

I thought I didn't mean to cut
you off, but I do wanna say

goodbye and thank holding
space. If you have Michelle

thank you for being here.
Hopefully you can come to more

these and and and for your
perspective, it's nice so just

everybody. Her name me like
Paula Okay. So thank you. Thank

you for coming. Bye.

Hi Kristina Dina adios, but you
hi. Okay. Hi Dina. I'm I'm

leaving again. I'll find you
later. Bye. I'm miha. Dina. Hi.

Thank you. Thank you so I I
definitely agree see the that

that piece right now without
Justice is not peace and what

is that look like and it's not
all. It's definitely not going

to be easy. It's definitely not
going to be comfortable but.

That's the discussion to be is
it not.

And it's deep, you know that
Justice not just for this one

particular I mean this for true
peace many layers to that

system. You know the systemic
problems that we're talking

about and it's not to do with
like police. I mean, police is

probably like the most like in
your face and scary cuz it's

like in our own communities.
It's what we interact with and

what we're supposed to be
trusting to protect us versus

you know scare us, but I mean
even the. We consume and the

the food that eat and the
communities that that we live

and bringing Justice to that
would so and securing the

sustainability of the piece you
know. so, yeah, Yeah. But

that's the idea. I mean law by
definition is the the enforcer

of the rules so. It's the rules
are written in ways that.

Exclusive and separate people
this is what happened. Yeah. I

saw you cut out there for me
second, but but it's important,

also like like black people
have equal protection law under

the law is written. written.
they have equal protection, but

execution like how if you can't
like can put more laws on it,

but it's already illegal to
just go back. And what's going

on behind the scenes like what
is making people that in the

first What's making police
police do that? I think where

that's the question cuz just it
illegal doesn't mean it's stop.

it doesn't mean the underlying
problem is gonna stop like what

is going on. is that people
feel like that's okay. We gotta

talk police about they're the
ones who can can give us

answers. Yeah. I guess
specifically Keller police but

we can also look at our school
system. look at our response

system. please there's lots of
police out there. I actually

talked to to one for about 45
minutes today and parking lot.

I thought I passed them by and
I saw him in car and I came

back to tell him Hey, man I
support you and a knee at the

protests and his name was.
Romeo Ruca and he's a very long

interesting stories he's been
on LAPD since a long time and

he's seen a lot change in and I
think if we wanna figure out

why police are killing black
people at much higher rate, we

got to talk to the police. They
have the answers actually, and

there's a of officers on there
with seriously goodwill and who

wanna fix it like seriously.
Deeply wants to fix to fix it,

They have White skin. They want
to this. You know. I just just

it's like a really good source
of information. you truly wanna

know why they're killing black
men at this rates, you know

it's a good place to start
asking It's a great idea. I've

never thought of that. that is
such good idea. That's most

obviously the best way to go
about figuring it out and also

it humanizes them and them an
opportunity to grow you know

know confront their own. You
know. since I got going on

Dina, it was I've got to go you
guys. you know. it was really

great comment and I'm just.
That cuz I'm so good but I

appreciate you. I appreciate
all y'all for being here and

I'll see you all week. Yes. see
you on. Thank you so much I saw

him. Stay safe. Bye.

Welcome Dina Hi. Thank you.
Thank coming. Yeah. Thank you

all for here. I think I mean
this has been a really.

me and just kind of

What's how other people are
experiencing these times? mm

hmm. I for for really
interested to the colt numbers

in the next two weeks

I think that'll say a lot about
the war of this information

that's going on. Cuz I think
whatever happens like the

people who are saying, Oh, it's
not as bad as everybody says it

is they're either gonna get
approved right wrong, and

that's gonna do a lot to shine
light on the this that that for

me and my experience, my
biggest challenge is I don't

feel like I have accurate
sources of information so. And

chatting new people and I mean
that in the people people in

the most manner, but best way
for me to get my information is

from people that I trust and
respect and love. So thank you

guys for all all your
contributions. This has been

Super duper. Good. Yeah. You
know, I think what people need

right now and and maybe that's
what offer to this conversation

In are some you know points of
of action of what people can do

that want to find their
solidarity with this

conversation, But no don't
necessarily feel that their out

protesting or is even
vocalizing these things through

social media or you know
whatever and that's that's

totally fine like you can still
be an ally and still find

solidarity without actively.
And those activities that have

been you know shown to us to be
the way to engage this that

even a simple things such as
drinking tea, you know,

hopefully it's someone else
because when you're drinking

tea conversations go to these
comfortably and you know not

aggressively where you have
these uncomfortable

conversations cuz that's what
it is. It's like ultimately

like if if each one of us
everybody in the world that. Be

a part of this movement of
making this change if each one

of us have you conversations.
10 uncomfortable conversations

where you show you about the
privilege or about the the

systemic problems that's either
benefiting them or harming

them. in most cases, it's gonna
be the ones that are benefiting

from it that don't know about
it. if each one of us could

have 10 of those conversations
with people in our lives and

TV. A great tool to to that
conversation comfortably and

and not aggressively where
people will actually receptive

and and and you cuz like once
you start using words and

that's I've been thinking that
maybe we even need to come up

with a whole new of having
conversations cuz you use these

words like ignorance or or
sexism like those are

immediate, like words that like
no one, you know like no one

identified with You say that
word and they'll they'll

they'll put a Wall up shut off
and then that conversation

won't won't go to the place
needs to go to so you know it's

hard, but you're drinking
course, saying those words

makes it a lot easier. You know
that cuz the team breaks all

those walls down and makes
everybody feel comfortable and

being vulnerable with each
other. vulnerability is a term

that's been really resonating
with me lately and it's like

being willing to like put
myself. And that comes with

being honest myself about who I
am and then accepting that and

being willing to share that.
And that's ??? hard and scary.

Yeah, I was thinking about that
this this morning actually

after the him cuz I I thinking
to get I I I almost him for his

contact information cuz he had
a really strong story himself,

you know and his family
history. He understood the

bigger picture cuz of who he is
and exactly where. Economic

disparity know and like I was
thinking God it'd be great to

get like someone like like
someone like him, you know and

someone would even darker skin
to real like panel discussion

of openness on these issues.
and then I was like but ???

that would be scary as hell to
put myself out there, you know.

And it could be powerful. I I
that's something that I've been

thinking about what was
thinking about like the what to

like going and having tea with
police officers. and it's like

I have a friend that I grew up
with I'd we were in Indian

Guides and have been going on a
camping trip year for since we

were old. We're not Super
close, but we have that like

childhood brother. He's in the
LAPD at some point, there's no

reason that he and I together
and chat about experiences and

I think he is a great way to
bring people with different

experiences, tying it back to
the of the conversation with

different different that are
bringing contexts to one table.

And if do that, that's a really
like you're creating moments.

It's totally agree and I think
that's kind catalyst for

change. You put all put it all
together. I would add to that

like I I feel this really

An importance on having
conversations and allowing

young young people listen in,
you know because when I look

the footage the protests, I
don't see elders out there. I

don't see my presence. I'm an
elder, I consider holder and I

I just think like the youth can
really benefit from all that

experience well, Why didn't you
elders educate them better to

begin with well, you know I I
was resistant when I was a kid,

I had to go seek my elders and
and and developed the

willingness to listen. I know,
I some. I had some really wide

to older women around me who
definitely like I gained from.

I'm grateful to them now. Yeah,

yes, I think maybe holding
space for protests could be

very powerful cuz that's where
where conversations would

naturally happening in a
peaceful judgmental

environment. you help help
people process that are anger

cuz you know that's
unfortunately happening too is

that everybody solidarity for
for protests, the the only

outlet that they're getting
exposed. Is one anger so it

would be good to have other
energies flowing through there

like not not nothing wrong with
the anger. anger. it's good to

have an outlet for the anger
but then also you know balance

that with with other activities
and other flows of energy. so

you know people don't just
leave feeling angry. They can

leave feeling results. know in
some fashion, maybe not fully

resolved but. What must be
heartbreaking, though is to

like put all all energy into it
and you leave feeling I know

night that the shooting
happened here in Vegas, we we

had like that's one of main.
you know, PR points that

Trump's administration is using
as the here in Vegas cuz it cuz

it was like in face it was
public. It was in front of

front of a courthouse. want one
of the I'd it was a young kid

actually angry at young kid but
that night like from the. Into

the evening when the when when
proper protest are happening,

it was Super Super peaceful.
actually got that night was the

first night that a lot of the
police officers were actually

marching with the people. You
know that's happening in a lot

of places which is great then a
couple of later people start

leaving the protest is over and
then that's when stuff really

really starts to go crazy next
thing you read is that there's

a shooting and so how
heartbreaking was that be to

like go through that positive
experience and they have all of

it. Rubbed away and and then
you know the whole story turns

into a shooting versus yeah. So
how do we not let the shooting

monopolize conversation like
especially when we don't

control the loud speakers.
Yeah, Right, I don't know.

Yeah, I just continue to to
listen to the there's an

Instagram my friend. runs an
Instagram account. That's

pretty much all it is is an
Instagram account that updates

on events. It's called the
there's nothing to do in Vegas.

it's kinda funny cuz there's
always something to do here. so

here. so that's what they do
is. They post flyers and events

to like keep you updated on
what's going going on

culturally in and since all the
protesting has happened, they

have been interviewing. You
protesters involved in

yesterday, they had a huge
string of like interviews of

people that had been arrested
and and you know trying to get

their stories out and they're
using their platform, which has

you know tens of thousands of
followers of people that are

usually know to keep up on
events. know they tend to be

either alternative or an know,
community of people that you

know are trying to keep up with
these events and they're

getting exposed exposed to all
stories, which is which is

great. You know, I think that's
that's one. If that would be

happening on on a larger scale
other platforms throughout the

country, a lot more of the real
stories from the people that

are you know, really a part of
that movement could out versus

you know the media these, you
know other stories that are are

controversial and more
sensational the truth. know

Yeah, But does the algorithm
allow that content to propagate

the way that it? Who knows, but
I all I all I know that

yesterday they like a lot of of
live viewers it and you know

it's it's a platform. You know,
I know that there's gonna be

hundreds of other platforms
similar to that that that do

have an engaged network. I mean
I I know with my own platform.

platform. it's very niche to a
very specific community but is

and I've been working hard on
engagement for other but now

feel it is it is important. you
know to share that. With some

of other stories and and
sentiments so Priscilla, we

love you. From

Yeah, you're right. The The man
who knows like social media is

such a mad House right now
about like you know platforms

are censor different things
things and that's why I would

say just posted it everywhere.
You just try to get out

everywhere and if one of them
tries to oppress that

information, then focus on
another another platform, I

know it's been been a really
great platform. you know it's

built that way you know. yeah.
At some this feels like a war

between and oh really, and
yeah, I mean, honestly, it's

probably something Brian could
speak more a little more than I

could but talking to I have
people that I would call very

good friends that are

I would say on the other side
of the aisle as part this

conversation far as this
conversation goes and would

take a lot of issue with a lot
of things that we discussed,

but There're I've known a long
time and I wholeheartedly

believe that they're good
people huh. And they're very

active like fortune in the four
community and like seeing the

differences in the content it
very much feels that way. was

gonna say like you know, it's
just to your question about

algorithms and stuff. I think
one of the most powerful things

to do is kind of to you like
not even go through algorithms

go direct to people like. Have
a lot of like you who are the

other side of the aisle and I
listen and speaking them where

I'm not there to judge. I'm
just there to hear what they

have to say and tell them what
I see know and almost always we

walk away from it with a
broader perspective on both

sides and a lot less narrow
vision on both sides, you know

like I. That I'm not there. I
don't to be know, don't need to

know all the and when I it like
on that, personal conversation,

or where it's with respect and
preaching. I know that they me

and I know that their
perspective is broaden, you


Yeah. I'm like a big believer
in the idea that you change the

world one person at a time one
Cup of tea at a time one Cup of

tea at a time one heart one
mind at a time you know. So,

yeah, I couldn't agree with you
more I. The social media game

has been a difficult one for me
cuz I don't necessarily feel I

can practice vulnerability that
I don't necessarily feel like I

can really really put whole
self out there

And I mean part of that I guess
speaks my own and definitely

have them I think we all do so
finding and building network

and building community through.

Deeper connection I think is
going to be a really important

path forward Long-term.

How do that? do connect and
have those authentic

experiences and conversations
when we're not supposed to

right now?

I think that's where the
results of Corona virus gonna

come in and tell us how
dangerous it actually is to

gather I think what we're we're
going to end seeing is it's

probably safer than we think it
is to gather in groups of

people huh to to set up a to if
we curate a guest list for a

conversation. Probably pretty
safely put six people around

the six or seven people the
table and be really potent and

be respectfully safe.

Sam those those numbers might
skewed because of the of the

gatherings that are happening
right now. That was one thought

I had. Yeah, but they they
still interact you know that's

it that's why the the numbers
that Sam you're you're thinking

about that are important are
gonna give light on this like

it may more than a few weeks
for those numbers to come

through right because the
people that are potentially

become infected from this
protest and it's probably not

gonna affect them, but it's
take some time for those things

to pass to the the portions of
our population that are

affected by it. maybe like a
month out, we'll we'll start to

see those numbers, but one
thing I did. I here is that if

there is like like big
happening now, then likelihood

of a big wave, The second wave
happening in the second season

is a lot less. We're having the
second wave earlier. Yeah,

basically, yeah.

Yeah, but I mean mean I think
it's a matter of finding think

if you set the frame, people
all have different risk

tolerances their willingness to
gather and some people aren't

leaving the House and some
people are with gathering mob

in the Middle of the the Street
with thousands people there.

There's a dichotomy there where
I think we can probably find.

We can probably put together a
very potent conversation where

people are where you can find
six people are willing to like

sit in a circle and drink
boiled water.

mean at some level, it doesn't
require any it doesn't require

any physical contact

If you have a big enough
tea-table, you could have

reasonable distance between
people. doesn't necessarily

feel Super I think feels less
but that's name of the game

right now is balancing the
feeling of intimacy and the

feeling of safety. And I think
if you you do outside also,

exponentially lower risk. It'll
make it. It's just very

unlikely you're gonna catch it
if you're being Ofer outside.

So yeah, I think it's a
opportunity to be a really

powerful example.

that I think I think to explore
for week. Cool. Yeah. and I a

good topic we could talk about.

Guys, I think I'm gonna I'm
gonna out, but it's been a

really nice conversation. Thank
you so sharing. Yeah. Thank

you. Jeremy is there wanted to
add to feel complete. I know

you've been the strong silent
type as always.

I think I think generally.

Really intense conversation, or
something that could possibly

turn 10 conversations about
Justice current Affairs. I

wouldn't really suggest for
tea-table because I there's a

certain level of education
people need to have because

like you said it's even when
you know that you're not gonna

be judged. you still can't make
yourself and the T should just

be basically made. just to find
peace and I'd rather world.

It's just a way step away be
still kinda find the present

and then kinda move on. Because
I mean, you it's it's. It's too

have to create because the
piece of the tea-table going to

overwhelm conversation. It's
never going to sort of you know

that is never going anything
just need to focus on

cultivating that piece.

That's a hard practice. Yeah,
will keep practicing what if I

have a really big tea-table
with like lasers coming out of

and smoke machines with that
help. I do that I'd go.

Yeah, no matter what's going on
everybody's gonna be that

what's the problem with you all
you need and maybe some blinky

like well, maybe fog machine
but it's it might bring some of

that to the tea-table mimic the
chaos in the world, but at

least this time will be

colorful like alright.

guys you guys, I hope have a
wonderful weekend. love you

all. Thank you all. Bye Bye.

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