Thursday, July 9, 2020 - Tead Talks - Colonization Continued

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in new zealand she's still there with
her kid
she got locked down in new zealand and
uh she hasn't been back she's
like her blogs are pretty pretty
in that in that respect you get stuck so
far you know half a world away from your
and locked down but to be honest
i think she said she hasn't been home in
like nine or 11 months
new zealand is not the worst place to be
in lockdown
no it was the best place to be i think
i think compared to the rest of the
i mean i maybe not when you're not
prepared and you have a seven-year-old
in total yeah yeah definitely but i know
a lot of australians
that were considering just
getting a boat and kidnapped jacinta and
bring her here and declare her our own
prime minister
and keep ours out and be like come on
yeah she's like the highest ratings of
how to handle a pandemic i think in the
because not just her the the
prime minister of singapore she's also a
and the weather she dealt with with
the pandemic there being so close to
she she completely
did everything that she should didn't
have to shut down the country everyone's
wearing masks and
you know the numbers published it it's
doing things with compassion i think
that's a big thing for her if
growth does not equal growth in
quality of life then it's not a growth
keeping both of those countries are run
by women
hmm there seems to be a trend here the
countries that handle it well
hmm let me ponder that
women always do it better jay you know
that yeah
along with what we were talking about
earlier that if growth is not actually
our life is it actually growth right
exactly jay and i were talking about how
technology has
developed in such a way that we're like
always and constantly connected and like
is it actually making our lives better
kind of i don't know
i think that it's a very particular
moment in history of humankind right now
uh we are i i don't know if we would
have dealt with it the same way that we
are if it was if the pandemic would have
happened you know in the 80s before
before the the internet being sold
wild spread and smartphones
i'm not sure if that would have been a
good thing or a bad thing
do you feel like technology is helping
or or
not so much i feel like technology
enables all parts of me so
it definitely enables me to do things
that i i couldn't
that i couldn't do without it but it
enables all of the like
anxiety anxious self-destructive
that i not that i necessarily
need to express but like
it it really like allows me to
to live in my anxiety
and in my triggers and it like fuels
really well
i mean i think that's kind of how the
people that have designed it have
to use it to control population
hmm well there's definitely the
that know your behavior probably more
than you do since your behavior for you
is subconscious
but then it's verificated that's why you
the the ads that you get from facebook
or you know
things that are tailored to you
according to
what you've been looking at and what you
liked and what you you know hearted or
didn't like in online
i don't know i think that it's both
and um and helpful
and it's also at the same measure
can be used for for the devices and
spreading this information so
until we define a better way or find a
better way to
to keep facts being facts and
reality reality and separate
the crab i think that we are just
right now in a limbo
so one of my technology friends uh i
know him from the bitcoin world he's an
influencer in the bitcoin world he's
also an ex-child
actor star um he
announced on the same like like within
the same hour that kanye announced
uh that he's running for president and
uh his whole platform is technology it's
very technology forward
uh so i'm really interested um
you know not that i i see that he has
any like
supe tremendous chance of winning but at
least to see
like how somebody who is so deeply
involved in technology
would put together a platform um
i look forward to reading his platform
yeah and how can he shape the
that it's like even if even if he
doesn't have
even if he isn't really in the running
to win
just being out there and shaping the
conversation is super duper important
yeah yeah i know i think it is good yeah
i don't know which country was i'm not
sure if it was norway
it was one of the northern countries in
in europe
they were talking about uh going into
a full practical and engaging democracy
where all the
the citizens would have an app on their
and every single week they would have to
on laws through the the the app
so they would be presented with the law
the pros and cons
the different people supporting
it if they wanted to go deep deeper into
and but that way you wouldn't be
the the parties doing the decision
it would be the actual population
and i i thought that would be really
because it would definitely like voting
in australia
is um is mandatory it's illegal not to
and you'll be fined if you don't vote
and so i think that that would be
a really interesting experiment
because i think once people um
start to be treated a certain way and
have a certain responsibility
most of them will step up to it and be
more engaged
and you know be more aware of what is
and you will be a reflection a true
reflection of what
the people of the country want
so you'll be it will be interesting
that's like that's like true democracy
or athenian
democracy versus representative
democracy whatever the word is yeah
which is a good example like
only technology could really enable that
because you could potentially have an
app on you
they could do it that way whereas it's
problematic like in the us i know we do
they we they do it on purpose but
we don't want everybody to vote so we
don't like
have places for everybody but if
everybody in the u.s voted
we couldn't actually physically do it
because there's not enough
time in the one day there's not enough
machines there's not enough places
and even if and even if we wanted to do
that it would be almost impossible with
the population but you could potentially
do it with the app so it's not written
so it's it's that's a really interesting
concept because technology
could enable that and again if it comes
down to like technology
is not good or bad it's how it's used so
when i like to bash on technology
as a technologist it's not because the
technology is inherently bad
it's because we get this techno
technological can't talk today uh
advantage through technology somehow
but we haven't evolved as humans so
we're just as apt to misuse it as use it
so we some of us use it for good things
the evolved humans the
real humans and then the rest of them
that aren't evolved or are
neandertals less human neanderthals i
just read a book
yeah i tried a book where all of life
is about becoming truly human and most
of us aren't
uh also i'm a yogi so it's all about
trying to be more human but like
that's the problem is that the majority
of us probably would use that for
personal gain or for things that aren't
really furthering the common good
if you care about the context yeah it's
a very interesting thing like
we would have a lot less problems i
think in the us
if you just pick if we could try that
just once and pick
any any issue and go okay everybody vote
and every if everybody in the country
voted it would be very different than
people are telling us people believe in
the country yeah oh yeah yeah
from the polls it'd be very different
from what the empty suits on
uh you know on the
network media tell us that the areas are
very different than the politicians and
the people that think they're in the
middle of
if everybody got to vote without anybody
seeing their vote and everybody did vote
on any issue pick any issue it might be
very surprising
what the vote i think that uh america is
a lot more progressive
than what is being shown in recent years
and not just uh because i'm
kind of putting on my own perspective on
it but because if you think of
all of the all of the black population
that is not allowed to vote
and or you know vote for suppression or
the fact that people that have even
misdemeanors are not allowed to
to to vote and and how
more targeted the the black community is
compared to the world for the same
for the same crimes now like just you
know smoking weed
now with most of the the states or in
some of the states in america
it's it's legal and there's still people
in prisons and there's still people with
uh for just smoking smoking a joint
which i find
absolutely ridiculous um
so i think that that that in in the
of power has been purposeful
and i don't think that
the objective for them is to to
to make it easier on the contrary if
the the gop closing down voting and
people waiting in line for seven hours
to to vote especially in a country like
america where you don't have um a lot of
worker rights so you don't you can't
take the day off or or
you know still being paid for going to
it's just it's like everything is
into the don't pay attention don't vote
just keep working keep working for for a
very quiet
you made an interesting comment about
we don't actually want everybody to vote
like maybe we being
it's mostly the gop because like
if everybody did actually don't want
everybody to vote either i don't think
i'm not convinced uh i'll be the one
descent there and i'll say i wouldn't
want everyone to vote
yeah one dissenter
oh you're not the only which is too i
mean it's valid
that would be your vote right if the if
the one issue we picked just for this
experiment should everybody vote
we would get a lot of those goals that's
okay and and define everybody right
at some point if you're going to do that
experiment everybody is everybody like
citizen well that's probably problematic
is everything
is every is everybody people with light
skin that's
obviously product i problematic
everybody is a subjective term
so you already have problems right or is
everybody over 18 that's problematic
what age do you get to vote
or or only people that have completed
high school
or you know that make a certain amount
of money there's so many different
parameters that you can apply to it
that's closer to what it is right now is
only people that make a certain amount
of money actually get
get of both accounts which is really
the way it's always been in our country
right i mean our country's i mean is
i mean elise can probably talk to this
because she's talking about this right
now with our constitution i mean it
started out
the money property people were the
people that felt that's where the
electoral college came from and all
those kind of things
so it hasn't we're trying to change it
but i mean
in some ways it hasn't changed and it's
that resistance to changes kept us where
we are
um yeah so yesterday i did my
constitution study group
and i've i finished the constitution and
so now i'm on to the federalists and the
anti-federalist papers
and yesterday was on this so like
federalist paper number 10
written by hamilton is like the
like generalist paper that he wrote that
is like pretty much the basis of the
and um in his paper
he talks a lot about factions so
factions are like small sects of people
that would have
a special interest that opposes to
everybody else and so he basically says
uh or he said he says he's long gone
that's been a long time ago but he said
that um although he's he's he's uh he's
trending right now which is pretty cool
that's because hamilton is on disney
but he said he said that like there's
only um there's really not a solution
it's it's constantly going to be this
vicious cycle
and the their job in writing the
constitution would be
finding that balance between the
republic and the
the democracy so the republic is like
representation centralized this guy
knows better
than than the total and democracy is
like true
like what you're saying everybody gets
their vote in
um and so yeah he was like really in in
in that article
he was really careful to say it's a
it's not one or the other but then in
the the counter argument and the
anti-federalist papers which
this is fascinating that was like the
debate there was like two main camps you
know when they were
in the the conference there was two main
camps the federalist anti-federalists
and the anti-federalists lost obviously
and all of their articles and everything
that they wrote and said
kind of went like hidden until like the
some historians started and they're
still scraping
things together like it wasn't like a
cohesive like
published thing like the federalist
papers were
they were written by lots of different
people and they're kind of all over the
place but anyway the counter argument
had something really fascinating to say
about this topic
that um
if you make things too complex so like
this idea that mythalda was taught
i think it was her that brought it up
about in finland or somewhere in
uh with this app of like involving
everyday person
um in in in the decision-making process
uh it it could make it too complex and
when it's too complex
then um consensus can't be found
and so that's the purpose of and he's
this was anti-federalist so he was
against the republic but he said
that there is um there is a necessity
for this representation
in reducing the complexity like let
those representatives deal with the
of debate voting of decision making of
law writing
um yeah so you know i with those things
and then this idea about this app i'm
thinking that like
this could possibly be something that a
should be hosting you know among their
constituents of of they have the app
um and you know like some of these like
younger politicians like aoc
like she would be super poised to like
build a really cool
engaging app um that would allow her
constituency to be you know like let the
complexity be on that side of it but the
actual voting itself
um you know basically be a shit show
it's basically what he said
and he said this in 1787 so what did he
know you know like that
he didn't know anything
interesting i can talk a little bit
about this
for exactly these reasons i watched
hamilton on disney plus a couple of
nights ago
and then i pulled down my copy of the
federalist papers and started reading
some of them and
you know getting into that and just like
for me
the biggest thing i did is sitting
through that whole hamilton thing is
where when are they going to talk about
the white elephant and the elephant in
the room
to me which was slavery like because i
don't know
i i can't
there's one line in that whole thing
about it and then that and re
and going through the federalist papers
they kind of dodge it as well
which is kind of tragic um so
based on what's going on right now in
our country with black lives matter you
know it's like
why are we still here we're still here
because we never
really like to address it well and i
think that's
probably why i think
that's probably a key thing to point out
is that
the framers of the system
still had their flaws so
just because the way the framers of the
system laid it out
doesn't mean it's right
200 years ago there were three smart
guys or however many smart guys there
and they wrote this incredible document
that should have been chiseled in
stone on the mountain and brought down
by moses i'm not
i don't think that's true i like the
constitution as
it's a very interesting instrument of
government it's
it's genius but it doesn't mean it
everything about it is
correct and if that it's interpreted
right and it doesn't need to be changed
once in a while and amend it
like maybe women should be mentioned for
equal rights
i mean so that they actually there's law
and case law can catch up to that but
we can't even get that to happen in 100
we can vote come on we got all the
rights we need
of uh two descendants from from uh
a watch and and a black descendant
because he had a slave that he had
kids with and one of them in particular
he kept in the basement
and he had six children with and
they were both calling for the jefferson
for the jefferson uh i think
memorial to be pulled out and and down
and uh to put to accept the people with
the flaws
and that his uh ranch or
property that was turned into a museum
was a much better representation of the
person that he was
with the good and about that we should
not forget that although he wrote
you know all men are creative equal he's
still kept slaves so
you know he said the right thing but
never acted on it
and um they should not be
idolized and these were descendants of
his and
it was it was a really interesting and
really interesting uh report and
because one of them i think it was i
can't remember their names but i have it
safe so i can i can send it to you
and they they wrote uh
articles about it and it was it was
it was an eye opening because you know
with such
isolation in america of
the founders and such uh
a resistance to admit that they were
and they had flaws it's like anything
that nick picks
at the image america is the best country
in the world
gets shut down with if you don't like it
get out
or you're unpatriotic or you know say
these normally are the people that are
carrying the comfort flag
of the country that doesn't exist in the
that seated them in their life
you know it's just it's just so
convoluted and so
uh ironic
in my point of view coming from the
outside it's just like how can you say
that that's patriotic
patriarch would be paying attention to
the constitution
and treating everyone equally and you
know being compassionate and
having free health care and free
education that would be looking after
your fellow men
not creating a vision and and finding
thought for
a flag in a country and morals and
they've been defeated
it's very confusing from people from the
outside guys
what's happening in america
i mean you probably have a better view
than we do
yeah yeah it is it's i think it might be
even more confusing whenever you're in
the thick of it
especially like when it's like involving
your family you know
like these uh divisions and different
you know conflicting ideas are within
your own family within your own
network of people that you love and
respect it's like what
how well
in australia we very much have the same
history uh being an x colony from
from from england slavery
of the indigenous population the
the taking away the culture the language
using religion
to make them white and make them act
white and they were still considered
fauna and
sauna in the 60s
and still don't have a treaty still
there's some politicians that say
that captain cook discovered this
it's just it's just ridiculous
i think there's a and this is my
viewpoint as
a historian i think it's very dangerous
judge the past by today's morals
yeah this is very nice
it's very difficult but we know things
have changed i said so the least we can
do is acknowledge
how the united states has evolved in a
very short amount of time
you know it's over 200 years i mean it
took less than 150 years in the united
states for a man to go from a slave to a
no other country can claim that much
evolution in history
so i think it's fair for us to
acknowledge that you know the change has
been made and we can't lose
sight of how adaptable the united states
even if that change isn't necessarily
that it's not it's not it's not a linear
a linear path
the graph is doing fucking this but over
the course of 150 years it's up and to
the right
yeah overall there's always going to be
like in every statistical analysis right
any any historian there's always
but you have to find the sort of general
and sort of what's you know i think we
can all fairly say that america has
has progressed in the right direction
um obama was an outlier though i i
i don't know that first argument that
you made and i'm just like
uh well the outliers hint of possibility
yeah i guess so what
the outliers kind of are help help to
show to show what's possible
and break open where the
the boundaries of top and bottom are
at the same time we see people that it's
like oh man i didn't know people could
be this horrible
like i would i would consider the
the the people who are horrible
there's always going to be outliers who
are stuck in the past and they want to
keep the past
and never move forward but those are
fewer and fewer
but but i i mean jeremy you live in the
midwest how can you say that
that's the mainstream
well i think there was a couple of
interesting things that you said i mean
even as an historian
history is revised history is written
from you know whatever country wants to
to to to write and they it can be
you had the daughters of uh the sudden
something that completely changed the
the history
in in the the the red belt of of
america the daughters of the comfort of
the conferencey
what is it can't remember but they were
the ones that
erect all of the the statues
that are now being being pulled down and
doing the
jim crow like they they've just been
throughout pushing that narrative
that the the war wasn't about slavery
and all of those
things so history can be revised it can
be made into
whatever you really want and that's
across across the world
like in australia at the time that they
discovered australia um it was already
frowned upon to colonize
a country so they used the term
they basically said that the locals were
not using the land as they seemed
fit and they didn't have dwellings as
they seemed spit
so might as well take over and you know
kill them all or use them as slaves
so that was that the basis of the
colonization of australia was terrible
which is still very much contested by by
the right-wing
uh party in australia that wants to
believe that that's true
although the accounts of the colonizers
themselves the diaries
tell a very different story and
so that that was like the first the
first punch that jeremy
uh uh did and then the the second
um i think i forgot um
i think i forgot sorry
i mean i i 100 agree with you i mean
history is written by the winners
that the the the
the federer what you were talking about
at least with the federalist papers
we talk about the federalist papers
because that's the side that won the
yeah if the anti-federalists had won the
argument well then
those would be the papers that everybody
looks to and
like the the truth of the matter is that
we need to keep both sides
in equal regard essentially
it's an ongoing conversation that
conversation between the federalists and
the anti-federalists
never really stopped yeah it's just like
these milestones that happen where it's
like great now we have enough control
over the narrative that we can just wipe
we can just silence that voice for a
little bit yeah
well you know a lot of of the
ideas made it into the constitution like
the bill of rights which is
you know what everybody draws from in
the constitution
that's that was from the
hamilton directly said that he didn't
want to have that but then yeah he had
he had to add that in he ended up
writing it but
i mean i get compromise and stuff and
it's great they were able to do it i
just uh
i suffer from idealism um i'm a peace
and love guy
and i i don't like by the argument that
any time in history
it was okay to have a slave and to have
control over a person uh and i don't buy
the arguments that you could
use religion or eugenics or science or
anything to say that that person isn't a
person just to justify that so
it for me it's really hard uh
and the arguments don't hold that uh
well that's how they did it 200 years
ago or that's how they did it 2000 years
ago it just
for me it just doesn't hold like i i
don't know i
i teach a yoga
i call it a meditation class but it's
based on the yoga sutras which are
thousands of years old pre-classical
philosophy here and it's like i tell
people in that class
it's it's a selfish thing it's not a
yoga sutras are there's no they there's
no be good to your neighbors
it's about becoming again i'm gonna use
the term becoming a human becoming more
human becoming
a true your true self or pure awareness
and there's no room in that for like
harm or owning slaves or doing those
things or
commerce but people the people are not
perfect and that you have you have
people like
people that idolize candy he was a
or mother teresa she was a sadist she
would let
kids die if they weren't if they weren't
at the doorstep everybody
everybody has their
everybody has i guess their things but
i i i have a hard time i have a hard
time believing that gandhi
didn't know in the core of his being
that it was wrong to be a pedophile
oh that was wrong to take a
12-year-old girl just because her body
i'm i'm uh
whatever the word viable noun turtle now
whatever my body says i'm a woman now
and now i can be a woman
against their will without consent i
just feel like
that's an issue that's a power yeah i've
been hearing that i want to hear that
um like what where the this pedophile
uh comes from it was part of his
training of how to control his impulses
he would his wife would allow it to
for him to lay uh naked with
13 year olds and 12 year olds and then
in the morning he would say
he was able to restrain himself yeah
so yeah i think that there's a little
bit of context there
um you know i don't know if that's
exactly pedophilia
because he didn't actually do anything
he did do some bad things he wrote in
his autobiography
you know about beating his wife and then
even like early on in his
relationship with his wife he felt like
that was rapey
and and he addressed that you know and
so that's actually one of the reasons
why i like
gandhi um is that he's like real he's
human and he
identifies you know his vulnerabilities
yeah i had heard about that like that
being one of his practices
to like lay with with young uh girls
um yeah it's kind of fucked up
i don't know if that's exactly
pedophilia but um you know because jay
brought it up like
that ideal like in indian culture even
to this day
maybe it's a little bit different now
they've evolved a bit but back in that
day like a 12 year old or a 13
year old like virgin that's like prime
and ready
for for adulthood is like
the epitome of of sexual attraction you
know that's still a big part of like
the sex trade you know human trafficking
and stuff
um but uh uh
why was this even brought up again like
people's flaws
and historical context
idolizing yeah well that's a problem
you have to see the good and the bad you
can't just take
the good and you know make them almost
the same like
yeah a persona where if you find out
anything that they did bad
you just lose your marbles yeah
people people are not perfect
yeah i mean that's kind of that's the
source of cancer culture
and how we've seen half of hollywood get
wiped out
over what unfortunately were acceptable
practices in the culture
for a period of time
um and judging
judging people by judging the past by
the standards of the future is kind of
brought us here i think as well
and jay i i'm with you
on like
the behavior shouldn't be able to be
doesn't necessarily need to be excused
it's more about just
not forgetting the context of where
our collective consciousness was at the
yeah that like it
at the time where
at the time of the the writing of the
the the concept that
a person from africa or a dark-skinned
human being from africa was a person
like that was just not even
that wasn't even a radical thought at
the time it just wasn't
a thought
that anybody had so many like the
radical thought leaders
1800s wasn't it i'm sorry that was
during the 1800s wasn't it
the end of the 1700s yes yeah because i
think that
there were some countries already
slavery by then i if we would have found
out about it on twitter then we might
have done the same
oh yeah
so but that but that's kind of so
getting back to how technology is
connecting us
it kind of allows where some
areas of this global collective
consciousness we're
still screwing things up there's other
factions that
we're doing it right
so now that we have the technology to
actually start connecting it
we can do the right and the wrong faster
and bigger
and documenting yeah documenting and
is something that we haven't been able
to do
and now it's just common you know yeah
i mean yeah i mean i don't mean i don't
i'm not
i hope i'm not coming across as
a hardliner because i'm not i know how
hard it i mean nobody's perfect right i
totally have uh
a level of information sometimes is a
little bit scary
uh what's excusable and what's not
excusable and
for me the most baffling thing a lot of
times for me in my
particular country and with our
politicians is that
they still don't want to apologize for
slavery and they still don't want to see
that there's a problem there
uh they're like we freed the slaves and
we had the civil rights
act now they can vote and now they can
we're also going to post racial society
and we don't need to
we don't need to acknowledge that the
history there and we do need to
acknowledge history
and and you know i am not i'm definitely
not a perf
a perfect human being i've done a lot of
things in my life that i'm not
uh proud of i suppose but uh
thankfully owning a slave is not one of
uh did you like use a tea bag or
something jay what are you talking about
yeah tea bagging that kind of stuff
if you're a halfway decent friend of
mine and not a complete stranger i've
never done anything that i wouldn't talk
to you about
uh and that's good stuff like
uh again i mean it comes down to like
i don't know doubt
no i'm not our teacher i think i think
that um
you are a lot more inclined to be
progressive and open to new york
new ideas when you're younger as you
grow older you kind of become more rigid
and you become more um
you idolize that your your prime time
like when you're in your 20s and your
30s and
you kind of start to feel left out of
society and
all of those feelings as you grow older
how we deal with with getting older in
west in the western societies and they
are the people that constantly go
vote and they pay attention to fear
politics and uh
you know they they feel already excluded
from mainstream society so they're more
inclined to you know start
going going that way i think that it's
it there's
actually uh a lot
in in in there but also
it's the backlash of being
some progress that america has had i
think that
the what we're seeing now trump and
everything that is happening is an
extreme backlash
of obama it's it's the right wing
you know white america being really
angry that that you had uh
a mixed president that was seen as as a
black president and they were fed
that fear they were said that you know
the the
the fact that he was muslim or that he
wasn't born in in america
or that he wore a tan suit it's just
like the most ridiculous things were
blowing out of proportion and then
the result is you know
which goes against all of the morals and
all of the the things that they
held there for you know most of their uh
existence you know the family morals the
the being religious more more uh
constricted in that
religious uh um train of thought
and then they take over a guy that
cheated on every wife
and with porn stars and while she was
giving birth
and you know it's just it's just
it's so contradictory it's very very
i don't remember where i heard it
yesterday but the idea
that when something gets extreme enough
it gives birth to its polar opposites
was something that like i don't even
remember where i heard it yesterday it
might have been in this
talk about charles eisenstein um
that i tuned into while doing some work
it was one of those things that like
popped into my head it was like
that's an interesting interesting
thought and i haven't really had a
chance to like process it further than
but that's what you made me think of
jeremy you popped up on the screen
looking like you wanted to say something
i don't know i see my i don't i don't
think the backlash argument
works i think 2016 was about class
it wasn't about race or religion
and that's a whole different dynamic
um i think it was framed as race
but that's not actually what happened
because i think people just vote because
people are kind of you can kind of say
they're inherently selfish those who
weren't prosperous for those who are
struggling voted
for the opponent and that typically is
sure what
sorry sorry oh no
um yeah i don't think it's
i think race is the idea of racism is
that it's really pushed on us
because people based
on people vote based on fear and emotion
and that's pretty common so if you can
control the people's emotion you can
control their votes
so typically you you you amplify
the most irrational thing you can
imagine stick it on somebody
and then you can you can manipulate them
quite easily
yeah that seems to be
what what is working at the moment not
in america but you see the politics of
being i mean here in the strength
uh in in england with brexit you see it
being used over again
i mean i
i believe that that that uh push
is being done by as
murdoc press which started in australia
they own eighty percent
or eighty-two percent of all australian
news outlets
newspapers and whatnot they owned fox
news and then they went to america they
owned fox news and then
in a in um england sky news and they
always push
the same fear base
of the other divisiveness
is yeah i see a correlation in there
you just have to pit people against each
other there is a
um you know herman goering
hitler's right-hand man oh yeah
during the nuremberg trials there was a
diarist that actually was able to
interview him between
sort of i guess testimonies and he
explained to this guy how easy it is to
bring people to war how
easy it is to manipulate them and all he
said was he said it's simple and it
works in a tyranny it works
in a democracy it works everywhere
everywhere all you have to do is
convince people that they're being
attacked from an outside force
and then you have to denounce all the
as unpatriotic and then
and then and then exposing the country
to danger
and that's it he said the formula is
pretty simple and it works everywhere
but it really is just
it's kind of easy to manipulate large
large populations
and they've been and we know now it's
just it might not be
actual war like physical war but it is
it is a war
it's what that now i call it the
cultural war isn't it
it's like no it's just
sorry no i said like all wars basically
have the same
function um
so as soon as you set
the concept i i in my head he popped out
the the caravan the invasion in
in america of the the immigrants and
you know that whole thing that
just a couple of hundred people it's
like a caravan of invaders and people
going to the borders with guns
and it was crazy
but yeah it's the same the same
narrative it's the same
system that you were talking make an
enemy make it seem like we're under
you just yeah they don't have to be a
real threat you just have to convince
people that they are a threat
and once you get to that point is
pretty easy anybody that stands up and
says no they aren't
they're denounced immediately they're
put down
you're unpatriotic you're you're not
nationalistic enough
you're exposing us to danger from all
these people
and then you sort of like you got them
i've i had to talk with a friend i'm not
sure if i
if i ask you guys this but um
it was it was
about uh trump and the fact that you
he mentioned a couple of times that two
terms for him
is not enough and that he would like to
maybe be in power for
longer and you know the fear the
fear-based politics
and especially now with black lives
matter being
turning into him turning it into
uh almost a race war
and using it to to not talk about
cultures and and how he handled comfort
and how it's
killing millions of people or thousands
of people
and and how close he's
getting to maybe declare martial war
martial law and uh delay the the
because you know it's all about pr for
him and he's very upset
that biden is a couple of points ahead
of him
and so the way to manipulate that
would be the clay law not have an
and just you know
basically turn into a fascist
because it's not that far anyway
it just makes laws as he goes he doesn't
pay attention to
the laws he thinks you know he's above
the law he he manipulates the
system to let his cronies out even
though they've been
uh accused and declared themselves
guilty several times
it's just it just seems to be going
in a very scary path slowly and
no one really preventing it from
happening the democrats are still
playing a game
that has completely changed rules and
they're still trying to play the same
game that they played you know in the
and um yeah the the
the right wing seems to be too afraid
of standing up for a man yeah
you know who is stepping up right now
that's kind of changing the whole
the whole game and challenges the
success of this
the story you just said is the military
like high-powered people in the military
are fed up
you know and quitting um
and and denying orders you know trump is
he gets a lot of orders tonight i have a
friend that's uh
you know kind of involved in that and
and yeah trump definitely oversteps his
and these are people that are gonna like
they've been
fighting for for democracy and and so
you know protecting the constitution for
decades already
and plan to do it for decades in the
future beyond
who's in power uh you know so like i
think there's a lot of power
in seeing their response to this it's
pretty alarming
you know like the um the articles that
are being written the books that are
being written
about the current you know
campaign and um the lack of
respect to the constitution i think
there's a lot of power there
maybe we can we can organize the
who knows well that's what happened in
portugal that's how we
kind of knocked out dictatorship in 74.
uh it's because the military got behind
i said us i wasn't even born
the military got behind the people and
there was no fire shots
no one died there was two people that
killed themselves
they were from the special police who
basically killed descendants and and
people they were against the regime
and made them disappear so they they
took care of themselves
and there wasn't actually any shots
so that might be something that i just
i'm not sure in america there's so much
of the follow orders
and and
being a little bit brainwashed by the
inner i don't know military
it feels it feels like unless it's the
top for us unless it's like
the generals and we're not i'm not
seeing a lot of
no yeah it's the generals the generals
are stepping down the
the general the navy um
or not
towards the right direction um
that you know that i don't know but
maybe they just need an influencer you
know they need some
some you know uh because they're
frustrated i can tell i can just like i
can feel that energy
you know just in in the nature of
how you know these exposes are coming
out and people are
are stepping up and and telling their
um and that was the whole reason why i
even started this
constitution study group this was an
idea i had from months and months ago i
read an article
this active duty military i think he was
maybe not general level but he was
long serving and uh
he just made the observation of like you
know i signed up when i was 18 years old
and i made this oath
and not a single minute of my time in
the military have
i ever been exposed to the constitution
or like given even a pocket constitution
um you know understanding what my
my job in this oath is
um you know i think that sentiment that
there's got to be more people you know
not everybody is a sheep
you know a lot of people have
independent minds especially strong
people that you know can make it up the
ranks you know
yes they take orders but
yes they can also stand up and say you
know no i'm not
i'm not going to take this order
yeah it hasn't gotten to a point where
anybody has directed the tip
the the military against our own people
in well
i guess we can't necessarily say that
when we look at like the surveillance
state and
police brutality and how they deal with
the protests
i mean the whole photograph of
for for for trump that was even the
priest of that that church was gassed
it's crazy yeah
yeah yeah definitely the way that trump
has been handling
the um the protests has definitely been
one of the big um
triggers for this defiance
because it's silly i mean these are the
the the
people in military these high high
ranked people like they've fought wars
you know they've been in the thick of it
they know when force is needed
and you know even the whole going into
the bunker oh my god
that's a fucking joke he hated
he hated that people knew that he went
to the bunker like that stronghold
strong man kind of facade
he just and they lied about it too he
was down there for more than two hours i
and it cost millions of dollars it cost
millions of dollars to open that bunker
so it cost millions and dollars every
time that he goes
to to play golf too it's just
he's going to bankrupt the government
it's scary from from the outside
yeah it might not be it might not be a
bad thing that way we can rebuild this
like the right way
that's part of capital restructuring for
any for any company
so it's like maybe we need something
needed somebody to run it into the
ground so we can rebuild it the right
yeah hopefully
in the grand scheme of things
admire you at least for teaching that
class that's so amazing you're doing
that because i feel like
uh a lot of people that talk about the
constitution have no idea
what's in there and how it all came down
and all that stuff and it's good stuff
to know
yeah no it's it's it's it's totally
vulnerability because like
i have to admit that i haven't
read the constitution and even whenever
i did read the constitution i was like
freaking 16 years old and didn't give a
fuck um
so like having to admit that that like
yes i'm an adult
i'm pretty intelligent but yeah i don't
even know my own
government's document um that's
vulnerable i mean even i graduated from
high school in 1980
there was no such thing as civics
classes anymore those things
we started we had 10th grade i think in
my school district was u.s history and
you you kinda studied the constitution
they were more interested in you
the presidents and all the things that
someone like andrew jackson who was a
horrible president did
if you were a human human uh
if you judge him from a human
perspective he was horrible
uh i always challenge people name one
good thing that he did
one good thing but yeah it's so anyways
not to get off track again but like uh
the point i was trying to make is
it's great like it's coming from a place
of vulnerability i feel the same way
again when i teach the yoga sutras i'm a
dude from you know the united states of
america i'm not
it's not my culture i have to be really
careful about appropriation and whatnot
and i don't ever present myself as like
i'm just maybe this far
further along that journey of people
that are interested in the yoga sutras
of knowing it and i'm i'm giving you
that knowledge but
i can only do that much i can't i don't
i'm not an expert i'm
i'm not like my the person that i get a
lot of my knowledge from is an 88 year
old english
uh indian gentleman who studied with
krishna macharya
for 30 years he's like as close as i
personally to an expert but he doesn't
even call himself a yogi whereas
most of us it can stand on our head and
do an asana class once a week
we call ourselves yogi's because we do
yoga but he this guy
he won't even call himself that he's
like i'm not there yet and if you
so like who am i is this white suburban
to teach that i'm only somebody who has
looked into it and
and at least can start a dialogue about
it just like maybe you are
on the constitution or you know that's
where this stuff starts
instead of just assuming that we all
know it so i admire you for
for doing that and i thank you for doing
that actually
yeah definitely yeah i wish i could be
doing it in person i think that it would
you know so much more effective to have
that space together with other people to
but in time and time hey did you guys
hear about the um
the rebellion spelled z-b-e-l-l-i-o-n
zebelian uh this came out in the news a
couple weeks ago
uh it was like uh internal report that
leaked from the pentagon um of all of
these different
like war scenarios and they
you know had outsourced analysis from
different universities uh
and most of the scenarios were involving
like terrorism or you know like or
international politics or different
um but one of them was called the
and it is like uh it's this forecast
that uh starting in 2025 so starting in
five years this the belly will start to
be formed and by 2028
uh it'll be in full force uh doing its
activities and causing its anarchy
but basically it's uh generation z
the zoomers so these are like teenagers
to like 25 year olds
currently um that will organize
uh through the internet through
technology um
and basically kind of like hacker
culture uh will
start you know tearing down like
anonymous kind of like the same ethos of
tearing down um the
movements and organizations that they
feel are are wrong
uh utilizing bitcoin so they like
specifically call out that bitcoin is
going to be like their main weapon
um and hacking of course uh but i just
found that fascinating that the pentagon
is actually like addressing this and has
actually labeled it
so um i've started like a series of
memes and i want to
i know it's like gonna totally maybe get
me in trouble but
a series of memes uh with my dog with
you know kind of you know influencing
genzirs to uh make america
i think that across the board
yeah in australia they're doing the same
in australia they're militarizing
the police they're they're uh changing
the laws for gathering
and protests and things like that
they're changing the
privacy of the laws in technology
and it's all i think with the same
preparing for a rebellion of the people
and and how to counteract that
i mean you see now in america with the
protests it doesn't matter if they're
peaceful or not the police shows up in
full riot gear and
shoots rubber bullets even if you are
in your own home yep
just so i think it's a lot closer
uh now that you mentioned the the report
i didn't know that it was called the
belly and i knew that
um he had the 2025
uh date mark and uh i think i heard it
in the in the radio
on how maybe that's a little bit sooner
than that
that the pandemic has kind of
well 2025 would be the start of trump's
third term
god sam why do you even say shit like
you've known him he likes to say stuff
like that
i'm just noticing the parallels in time
if this continues if that story comes
and the rebellion story come true that's
the overlap yeah
like they collide at that point
i'm working on developing like a whole
like catalog
of like uh uh encrypted messages and
different like
dance moves uh as we like make different
like meme dances on tick tock
it's how we're gonna communicate um you
know with the
with with the rebellion you know without
trump knowing what's going on yeah we
got to teach the jay davis dance though
yeah that's like the sos dance that
means like we're going all in
come on guys i don't know if tick tock
is going to keep up
for very long you know like a lot of
talk of
how it's been because it's uh
it's been forbidden in india and yes
so so maybe a different platform but one
you know gets everyone involved as well
yeah i'm insulted by this letter z why
does it have to be the z value why can't
it be the j value
well because the zombies are waking up
going to be rebelling so it's the zombie
revolution or i can be inclusive of this
group and it could be the t billion
i mean come on y z a
all right yeah that's a whole other
other category of memes that
i will be working on today don't worry
although when we
were still able to eat at a restaurant
we have not
used a name other than tea
most since we had dinner with you
and yeah just for reference yeah
whenever whenever i
i ever put my name down on a list uh to
you know for a table i always put my
name as t
because it's free advertisement you know
because they're like
tea party of five tea tea you know like
slowly slowly that's all the seeds it's
the seeds you know
the answer is always yes
you please going going back to the to
uh um you're teaching the constitution
and i find that really really
interesting because being from a
completely different country
completely different culture america had
so much soft power
that everyone and still has that
everyone in the world
knows at least one or two things about
the american
constitution and it's interesting when
you go deep into it
how how much more nuanced
it is and how open to interpretation it
i just yeah i find
what you're doing at least amazing
amazing like more people should know
their own their own laws
sorry yeah yeah well hopefully it
becomes a trend but it's been
it has been a painful process you know
because i have
friends that are smart that are like you
know they have phds and political
philosophy and shit like that you know
and so i'll come to them with my
questions and their response is always
why the fuck would you ask that like who
are you did you even study this in high
school or did you even do this in
college and i'm like
i'm like come on okay i'm putting myself
out there like
come on like help me out
i'll get better in time because i was
thinking you know because i was looking
i i took a deep dive into the second
which you know that's the one that's the
one that like everybody knows it's like
yeah i can have a gun because the second
amendment and it's like yeah but like if
you really look at the context of it
it's saying the purpose of us having
weapons is so that we can
have militias so what's a militia
and you know it's written in the law
that we so we had the organized militias
which is like if we went into martial
law like that's when they would be
but we have unorganized militia we have
legal unorganized militias like what the
fuck does that mean does that mean that
like i can form my own militia
and start doing shit um and yeah when i
asked my friend that question
she was just like no elise like here are
some links go read this go read that go
read that
i even said we should have another
constitution um conference
because it says like for an amendment to
happen there either has to be like the
voting process through both
houses or there can be a whole
and we've never had a conference ever
ever since the very first one we haven't
another one so i was like naively like
oh this could be a good
time to do that and i told my friend
that and she's like oh my god at least
no way that would be a total shit show
right now and i'm like well why not you
know like just put it all out
i have a point i would imagine the first
one was a total shit show too
that'd be cool uh yeah that'd be cool
i would definitely like would think that
that would be something cool to involve
the public
in on you know like now that we're
getting so used to these like virtual
um yeah we should we should we should
that whole process even like the the
meaning of congress and meaning of
like what c-span you can watch some of
that stuff it's totally boring and
unengaging like we could totally
uh spruce that up for the virtual world
yeah activate people to to know that
it applies to them it's important to
i think we just need to do we just need
the equivalent
of questions to the prime minister once
a week
that's fun to watch
is that like where they're all yelling
at each other oh it's fantastic
like yeah when i was when i was living
in scotland all those years out of
roommate every week we watched it
it was great as well it's called
question time in parliament
yeah and it's televised it's it's it's
very interesting to
to to watch although it now has become a
little bit of
pickering and uh between between the
but there's a a few gold moments
that that uh transpired from it
and were even transformed into
i mean tick-tock is a very interesting
because you have you know the newer
you using it for dancing and
communicating but you also have
this political satire and comedy and
sketches and the political satire is
really funny especially in
i mean i only i most of it i saw about
australian politics
but when when trump suggested for people
drink bleach or inject bleach and uv
it was hilarious the the things that
came out from tiktok
is there is there something to the fact
that it's called tick tock which is the
sound the clock makes
and time is running out tick tock tick
tock tick tock
maybe that's the subliminal message for
this evolution
what's going to happen when the top
clock stops going tick-tock
although thank you at least for
introducing us to tick-tock my patients
are always surprised that i even know
what it is
are you um does your does your office
have an account are you guys doing
do it no i don't even
understand facebook very well
but just the fact that i know what it is
somehow gives me some sort of credit
with my little
students right but it's just like
every time they mention it it's like
thank you elise
yeah i i think it's only a matter of
time until it's blocked here
it really yeah
it's okay i can live without it and it
goes so fast it's really funny
like i i work at a summer camp for
almost every year except this year
because it got cancelled but
like this whole before i understood what
a meme was and everybody was talking
about memes i'm like
at camp i was just like i'm gonna just
do a new meme every day and i would come
up with something and everybody would be
going like
jay that's not a meme i'm like
what i want to see some of your meetings
i was walking around inventing memes and
every er they would just like yell i'd
practically walk in a room and they
would before i'd even open my mouth
they'd be like no that's not a meme
jay you became a meme yeah
exactly i think that was the point
mission accomplished
right just like i became a dance you
well you know dances are the the
tick-tock generation memes
so yeah
you can become worse
all right everybody i have to scoot
because i have to go like feel
uh uh
insecure in my ability to teach my yoga
suture class in that
in an hour or so so oh you'll do great
yeah you're not teaching you're leading
exploration that's right i'm
i'm leading by once one inch ahead of my
i'm not a teacher i'm just a guy in
a facilitator yeah
that's that's something that i think we
all learn from teeth
that's right yeah i'm just pouring the
tea that's all i'm doing
in my yoga situation
anyways it's been great thank you for
thanks for being here it's good seeing
yeah good seeing everybody this is
oh yeah hannah you've never you've never
experienced that
i have had two opportunities where
this is only the second time i've got to
like see him
and the first time he outright refused
well because jay doesn't do the dance
we do the dance for him right
well sam told me to ask him about the
well not bad yeah i mean he knows about
you know it's kind of um you know maybe
he's shy
i think it's just our meme
yeah he's still having trouble wrapping
his head around what a meme is so
the meme is an interesting concept it
really is an interesting concept to like
and to like really understand i feel
like i've got i've got a pretty good
of what a meme is and i know how to
create memes now but
you know like two years ago i was
definitely a little lost about
what makes a meme a meme does it have to
have a certain amount of viewers and
engagement before it officially becomes
a meme
um no i don't think so no no
it's like a it's a repeatable format for
the modern political cartoon
does it always have to be political no i
guess not
i think it's just a visual
of a feeling that we're that
can be across board yeah because it can
it might not even have anything
on it like saying anything it can be
just an expression
yeah you know something like
it could just be a clip of that of a
close-up of that someone pulling a face
and everyone understands where that face
means and
liberating because i can have a full
conversation just
with just using images
and they i think that they transpire i
feel like it's
a lot better than sometimes words can
i mean you can give your own profession
to words but when you see
an image in that sort of context
it can be a lot more impactful
so our so our language is going to go
back to
emojis which is the modern hieroglyphic
well even the abbreviations have become
part of the vernacular you know people
you should say at least uh lol
in person and you could look at them and
say like
you are not laughing out loud but it's
just like that
it changes language is is a very uh
mutable thing
that's why making up words is the most
as long as you have people that agree
with with what
your new word means or at least a
documented definition so when they ask
you you give them like a dictionary
of your own personal language i mean
i i i have one of those
like the the tea talks the site that
detox is on
that mythos site that's basically what
that becomes
i don't know that it allows a it's a
method for like defining
a word or a context or something and
it's like cool
now anytime i want to talk about this
this is the word that i use
so like this this morning
it was i i woke up and was feeling like
i'm doing the same thing that i do every
and it's like oh this is like feeling
pinky in the brain
so it's like
if somebody asks how i'm feeling it's
like i'm feeling a little pinkied
in a nod to that like yeah it's the same
thing i do every day
i do know people that make their own
words and their
language i have a friend who is also in
australia and she is also portuguese
and the first time that i met her
i was really confused because some of
the things that she was saying did not
make sense
in english or in portuguese i was like
what are you talking like what kind of
language are you using i
don't know like she she hurt her pinky
on her foot and she was saying
my meaning is like your mini what what
what are you saying
like i was looking at her foot it's like
my knee like that that means nothing
in english and in portuguese
it's the pinky she makes her own words
very interesting
i think that should be the new goal that
should be the new goal of t
talks to get in the oxford english
we have to get at least one word or
in the oed that's validation
for the urban dictionary
yeah that you just have to submit it
i think that you need a lot of people
using it to be able to
to get it approved now maybe
we should find out maybe we should get
the whole t
community to start using their own
a lot of us already do
much more widespread that would be
yeah yeah it would help you know like so
like uh my
my videos these live videos that i post
i i post them up to a blog
with the transcripts there's like
auto-generated transcripts
and um there's a lot of work i i don't
clean them up
but like if i didn't want to clean them
up and make them readable transcripts
um there's a lot of t vocabulary that
that ai is just not understanding
but yeah i don't know if there's any
like tea culture specific
vocabulary the only thing i can think of
is my buddy chris up in seattle
he's been you know on a campaign to push
the word
sap you want to sap you want to sap some
we're going to meet up tonight and do
some sapping it just means like to sit
around and drink tea together and you
know like what we're doing you know
we're saving
we're sapping hard right now
and he loves it because like i probably
have you know i
i support my friends in endeavors like
this a lot you know like
i love it you know and so i do a lot of
and i meet other tea communities and i
i've spread that word for him you know
i'm probably the top ambassador for that
stupid word
um and he is so proud if someone like
randomly uses it
like either on social media or whatever
and i always tag them in i'm like see
look chris it's working
they're they're using your dumb word
you have to always say
it was oh yeah so don't worry
but it doesn't have to be a dumb word
i like it though sapping i i i'm just
you know i'm good friends with chris so
i'm just kind of teasing him i think
it's a cool word
i feel like if it's fun to say you would
definitely spread
faster yeah a sap session
yeah even if you just
reappropriate words that are not used
like if you go to the dictionary and you
see some old english
that are not used anymore some of them
are pretty funny
there was a couple of them that um
i saw this online and someone's like i'm
going to bring back
some of the words and they they were
hilarious they
they did not sound english at all they
sound made up but they
existed and they were frequently used in
the past
and for some reason kind of
got out of views i think that maybe we
should appropriate some of those
they already are in the dictionary so we
don't have to
get in and just need to change the
definition of them yeah
that's how you rewrite history
let's do it everyone's doing it why not
do you still have an oxford dictionary
like paper copy though
i know i do but i
i i just moved
so if it's not if it doesn't fit in this
tiny house
it definitely uh is in the container
in a box somewhere but i do think i have
a dictionary an english one
i know i have medical dictionaries still
but i don't think i have an actual
you know when they when they started
that project i think it was 1880
when oxford university started the
and they gave him 10 years to write the
austrian english dictionary after
five all they did was all they made it
to was ant
project was a little bit more
complicated than they anticipated
yeah wow how many years did it take in
i don't know that i i i think they just
added more scholars
i don't know how they resolve that
because they'd probably still be writing
it if it was the original staff
um i think it was 1880s when they tried
from when they started that
so i'm looking at this article of like
uh dead english words that need to be
and uh i guess they used to call t
scandal water scandal
that makes sense
so a sap is a sap a noun or a sap is a
verb do we sap scandal water or do you
yeah we be sap and scandal water yeah
all right cool
and i guess that's the name of the
so we're here at the sap drinking our
sample water
yeah you know chilling at the sap yeah
and so i guess the context also for
scandal water
is that um and this is also a meme on
tick tock too
an important meme on tick tock like
spill the tea
that's like a tag line that that
especially women
will use in their in their videos where
they're going to be like gossiping or
they're going to be like
saying something scandalous they're
going to spill the tea
um and so this scandal water i think is
kind of in that context that like
like what we're doing right now you know
like we're drinking tea and it's kind of
like opening us up to
to to have you know
not gossip exactly but the past of
spilling the tea yeah
that's so interesting yeah because i
have to say when i first
heard spill the tea i did not
understand the concept i was like what
why are you stealing the tea can you
drink it and then it's like oh i have
hot piping tea
it's like good on you that's that's
not understanding the context
yeah it has nothing to do with tea at
all it's it's like gossip
it's like yeah like revealing something
um that because they don't want to spill
beans anymore is
like so
yeah i guess there's a little bit of
difference between spilling bees and
spilling beans and spilling tea like
spilling beans
is like telling a secret is like
revealing it spilling the tea is
something a bit more controversial it's
like a bit more
related with d yeah okay
because it's scandal water so the beans
are actually
less full of shit than
yeah because beans are something that
are just like in your pocket and they
they fall out and it's like annoying you
got to pick them up and put them back in
your pocket you know
it's different than the tea you know
because tea is scandal water
there's another word here fart catcher
fart catcher is a foot man
or valet that would be used to walking a
couple steps behind their master
they're called a fart catcher
not tea related there's a lot of cool
little saying
catcher how was that one just stands
back there with a sign
you have one it's sneezy lifts up
yeah that's a seven macy is your first
i wonder if spilling the tea
would go back to almost like if you
think of like the
old english tea time traditions
yes i we were cleaning out
cabinets and i found this
book called tea time
and it is well first off it has
a a spot for recipes and clippings
and it is a it's a it talks about the
pleasures of tea
how to prepare tea and like types of tea
and like how to
do how that culture
how to put on high tea
and then it is full of recipes for
tea sandwiches and savories of like all
the little finger sandwiches that it all
starts with like
rolling out the white bread
so that's interesting a lot of those old
so i want to look i'm going to look
through and i think i want to make some
gotta go make some egg salad you don't
have to roll out the white bread
you can keep it fresh
um i was i was reading about uh the
second world war in
uh australia and how the rationing
uh of things went and how people
when it came to the rationing of tea and
there was like a whole
black market of um people
exchanging people that are not into tea
exchanging a rash
of tea for butter or salt or sugar or
and it developed an illegal trade
of of tea and people were almost
rebelling against
against the uh well
the government in england and everything
because of
the t rather than like
so but it was uh recipes in the in
directions on how to make the
last longer and there was recipes about
how to make bread when you buy the
the flour it's it's interesting when you
look back
and you see all of those how people
dealt with things differently
and how the books were organized how
everything was made from scratch
i like that yeah
i'm finding uh really weird
words cathy
oneplus is a term that you will find in
midland or certain
united states referring to things in
this array
how do you want this i've actually heard
that and used
by somebody in a sentence and it makes
me very happy i've used
chatty i've used cattywampus i don't get
opportunities to use it very often
yeah it looks like the that translates
in yiddish
where it's just like things are just out
of sorts
or if it's a lie it can be a tarot
i could be doing this the whole day just
trying to memorize them to use something
like that okay
is there any uh word that you guys can
remember that
you found really funny although we might
not use it
i remember there's a word that uh uh the
upper and then you have the
knocker-upper knocker-uppers
because back before the days of alarm
in order to wake people up these guys
walked around the city with these huge
sticks with a little brass
in and they used to knock on your window
to wake you up
but to make sure they were on time they
had their own knocker upper
so that there was a profession and the
people that woke up
the knocker uppers were then knock
you definitely like being a knocker
upper has a different context
i know i think that's maybe that's why i
should be brought
back because that that confusion
just to see where does your mind go
first if i were to call you and knock
her up or knock her upper
when really that's like being a
but it's crazy to think that was
actually a job the knocker uppers would
sort of roam the streets in the early
time to go wake up jim so he can milk
the cow
you wake up bob so that you can do
something else
it's funny this was fun guys thank you
very much i think i need to
head out and move on to some other work
that i gotta get done
cool man i appreciate all of you
and the way that we managed
to go through
heavy difficult top
and silly light-hearted fun
and cover as much ground as we do
in this amount of time
so thank you guys for consistently
showing up
and those experiences
to me it's a lot of fun and always a
highlight of the week
thank you all much love guys see ya

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