Thursday, July 16, 2020 - Tead Talks

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yes they can but i mean supposedly i've
i've been hearing feedback that there's
an issue with that and the service and
um you know the bars actually help
with service you know like the cocktail
uh now have to to handle all the service
you know they're going to be over
extended now yeah
the cocktail wages aren't bartenders
no yeah they're just uh running the
drinks for everybody
um which they were already overworked
like if you
if i don't know when you come here if
you sit and gamble
and and see the frequency of of cocktail
waitresses coming around but
it's much less than what it used to be
like whenever i was first 21
and would visit here i remember you know
it was very frequent
yeah now when we when we end up there
we are generally sitting at south
well you know at the bars when you sit
and you play the video poker they're
they're usually
they're gonna always comp your drinks
there you know yeah
hey jeremy how's it going good
i remember when i first went to vegas it
was little caesar's
those mechanical horse game yeah those
those things still exist here and there
there's a couple
casinos that have those those are fun
the d
has them yes and they have
yeah i remember the last one was the
vegas i researched before i went
where to get where to find those um
but all you needed was one roll of
quarters and you could sit there for
about an hour
and the cocktail waitresses were coming
by every five minutes
like it was fantastic but that was the
old caesars
yeah like when it was still one tower
that was it
it was before although it's like four
large towers past the main building but
it's fun when my parents talk about
vegas they're talking about going to
vegas when like mickey
was it um like they were seeing like
actually like a-list comedians
in the late night lounge bars yeah so
they were there when the mog was still
running it
yeah this was fantastic time
the golden the golden era yeah
and they were always flamingo always
stayed at the flamingo
the flamingo is actually a cool place
it's like it's an older property now
but it if i ever do stay on this trip
which i never do but you know i think
there was like one or two times where we
decided oh let's just get a room and
stay on the strip when we party there
uh the flamingo yeah that's that's the
one to go for
it's the best location it's good
location and then like all the glasses
are tinted pink
so all your rooms are pink that's fun
remember the best location because
depending which direction you can go so
it's like equidistant from circus circus
from excalibur
oh okay yep and it was i mean you could
go both ways and you're
dead center on the strip yeah yeah yeah
that's pretty centered
um i miss old vegas
well old vegas for me was like early 90s
my parents started taking to us back
back when um vegas was a family friendly
and the big marketing push was the
and then that failed miserably and then
they went to the adult themed
that happens in vegas marketing
and that was it yeah
we're moving into our tea phase now
which is pretty cool
scale phase right
we got to make that a thing you know
last week sam weren't we talking about
like vocabulary that we need to
to start popularizing you know like the
phase we gotta we gotta make that a
uh making tea an adjective
i mean that antique talks we're all
getting teed up
so t uh teed up yeah that's uh
that has a little bit of a different
meaning though you know
like when i hear like we're in our tea
or like we're heading into the tea phase
you know in a historical context of how
that brings meaning to my head is that
it's like the mindful phase the phase
where we're all going to calm down and
sit and drink tea and
not the colonizing colonizing poor
nations part of it
no okay
um you know alexander pope no who's that
uh the the english poet um
late 18th century um
he's a guy that wrote the rape of the
lock which was like this spoof
heroic epic poem
um but in it i and and i came across
this because
i read this like article on the
etymology of teeth and in england from
like the 16th to the 18th century
t was pronounced hey yeah and they
proved it by these rhyme couplets
and these poets and the one that
alexander pogba will never forget
is soft-fielding minds to waters glide
to sit with nymphs the elemental tay
so i don't know i never quite figured
out what soft yielding minds are
but maybe we can integrate that somehow
yeah for sure hey priscilla
priscilla she said hi on facebook she
should come here
be good to see you might be going into
class oh okay
we love you priscilla miss you
we have the uh the nomad tea festival
coming up next week or like in a week
and a half
nomad yeah so that's um it's a virtual
you know tea gathering though the woman
oh okay yeah her event is coming up
and um uh
um ray and i decided to do part two
of our conversation from that original
that we were part of we decided to
continue the conversation
and um i think kenneth from thailand is
going to be
um is going to be joining us in the
yes priscilla yes it's absolutely okay
it is demanded actually that's that's
how serious it's okay
priscilla it's okay she could join for a
couple minutes
oh man so yeah that's coming up
priscilla is going to be doing a
there's uh if you go to the website
the sue has started to populate it with
with the content
it's amazing how fast time is flying you
yeah it definitely like
goes fast i find that it goes fast and
slow at the same time
yes good point
yeah here in california we're all going
back to lockheed
yeah well and you know it's rumored here
that it's only uh
by next week there the people are
rumoring that it's going to be happening
here too
everything closed down
but you know what's interesting is uh
i don't know if i talked with you guys
last week about this but um
the the source of that big argument is
about the economy
right it's like okay do we weigh our
economy our way you know public health
which is now everybody's
seen the rates are much lower than
originally thought
um but if you look at countries that
never shut down their economies they
never shut down anything so like sweden
and vietnam
um both of both of their economies are
also suffering too
so i don't know if it's you know really
smart to
immediately make that assumption that um
that having things open is is really
supporting the economy because the
economy is taking a beating regardless
you know even restaurants open sales are
down the the izakaya that we went to
last night it's a very popular
restaurant here in chinatown
and every time i've gone especially we
went at 7 30 which is prime dinner time
we had a reservation so we knew we'd get
a seat um
and they had all of their social
distancing and their seats but there was
actually even more seats that were
empty um tables that were empty that
could have been filled
so they weren't even at you know their
capacity so i don't know maybe people
are still
just choosing to stay home hi priscilla
hello you guys hello hi
you look nice thank you
thank you very much it has been a while
three weeks actually how you doing
you've been in school right yes yes i'm
taking a
t-glass awesome
what kind of t-class it's a
it's a cupping key okay i think the
translation is it
a cup cupping topping yeah it's like
very specific in how to find
uh aromas and dates and texture easy
it's kind of technical um and i'm j
i am enjoying it
awesome very cool is that like a virtual
class or is it in
in real life it's
it's a life but bit virtual
it's a through sum we are using soon
but they send all the packages we need
uh with the teas
and with the aromas and stuff that we
are going to need for the class
so i'm enjoying it cool
oh so they give you like a little jar
that has of
an oil or something that has the scent
and then you go
to the tea and you find the scent that
matches the jar
exactly yes exactly
great yes it's kind of
uh kind of hard because you said you
think sometimes i
smell and i mean white roses but they
red roses and stuff and i'd be happy to
find them
to be able to know that they're roses
i know so it has been
three classes but i'm happy with it
how you guys have been doing
oh good
well indiana's in good shape i can't
california nevada
seem to be um
stuck i guess yeah because you said
you might backtrack within a week yeah
yeah i did see terre haute in the news
though and i thought about you jeremy
federal friend yes federal penitentiary
yeah how was that was that was there
like protesting going on or
i don't know what did it happen yeah it
happened yesterday morning
oh shit i should have found out um
because i've actually protested there
when they were doing one but that was a
long time ago
wait what happened i have a quick key
question for you guys yes
um well um
because of the of the kobe thing uh
we were in quarantine right
all over the world but as far as i could
in usa they were not
as strict as hard with the measures
like in my country probably but
they start to to make the measures
harder when the protests start
it's just my imagination or
what what do you guys think i don't i
don't know i don't think that there's a
direct connection
they're starting to make the measures
harder because the
the case numbers are growing
well i don't think they're making
measures i don't think they're making
the measures harder than
they did originally basically what i
ended up happening is they we went into
and then it was great we're in lockdown
everybody's sick and tired of this
let's plant let's make a plan to reopen
they made the plan to reopen and
regardless of the way that it affected
numbers they continued down the plan
so it's like we will
we'll reopen and then as long as numbers
stay here we'll move on to phase two and
as long as numbers stay here we'll move
on to phase three
and what happened is numbers just shot
up and we're like screw it we're gonna
move on to phase two anyway
okay yeah well i'm glad it's just my
imagination or my conclusions
yeah i don't think it's directly i mean
of course
people that would want to twist that
story would say
the reason why the numbers went up was
because of the protests
but um that's not necessarily the case
maybe it has something to do with it but
by far like the reopening so when
reopening happened
culturally at least i know from here in
vegas and i'm sure
it's the same in other places too uh
people were so excited to be out
and so excited to be doing something
else outside of their house and
um and then also the culture of the
wasn't wasn't implemented from the
beginning of opening
and so opening meant oh i can go to a
restaurant and it was expected that the
service staff would all be wearing a
mask like
they're being clean and sanitary but
like customers
didn't have to um but now customers have
to and so that's why there's a push back
like oh they're being more strict now in
making us wear masks
when you know we're at pretty high risk
because our restaurants are open like a
lot of places are reclosing so like the
bars here and vegas had to close and
maybe soon the restaurants and the
hotels will have our casinos will have
to close
but it's all economically driven
like sam was saying you know like once
we were on that trajectory of
of reopening we were just so focused on
on recovering the economy at any cost
but i'm starting to think and question
that that's not necessarily true either
that the economy is is is on its own
path regardless of how we're
responding to the pandemic well i i
there's definitely merit to the economic
in that we are our economy is
based on consumption by services
or we don't even have to call them
citizens but we just have like
our our economics are really driven
by the people here consuming
consuming product consuming services
that's when we stop consuming is when
our economy stops
so at least when you were talking about
some of the other
economies over like in southeast asia
i i don't know for sure but i would
think that those are much more like
export-heavy and tourist-heavy
economies so
they're definitely suffering from the
lack of american consumption
and lack of
like global travel
so regard regardless of whether or not
they shut down
it would make sense that they would be
economically hurt
but in america so much of our economy is
tied to our consumption
and it's like i i know i know my credit
card bills have been half of what they
usually are
because i'm staying home all the time
and instead of going out to eat once or
twice a week
we go out to eat once and we order in
once a month
at this point and we're not driving as
and like yeah consumption is way down
well i'm just um i can't i'm kind of sad
many people is losing their jobs
because as we don't consume as much as
we used to do
some places are closing
and they are they are losing their jobs
and i mean not the
big companies but small companies
entrepreneurs are losing their jobs
yeah big companies are losing too you
know i don't think everybody is
scared but yeah no jobs are being
lost um
but the people in the effort and the
the primal need for certain services or
goods will continue you know so
um we just have to figure out the
direction to put the energy
to invest in to um to support that
i think i think for the time being it's
it's a second wave lockdown people are
afraid of most because like i know
people here that
were able to reopen their businesses
last week or about two weeks ago
they're telling me the same thing if we
get a second lockdown there's no way
they can reopen
they're like a lot a lot or enough is
um off aid for that first lockdown but a
second one
i don't think that that'll be
i know it'll be devastating here yeah no
it's already been devastating i think
like yeah last week i might have told
you guys
yelp has a report where
they um they just give different stats
and and whatever's going on
in their search engine and they had said
that from the beginning of march until
june 15th
53 of the restaurants listed in the
united states on their platform are
listed as permanently closed now and
that was
that was just after the first wave
so you know like yeah it's
you know and then even david's tea they
announced yesterday they're closing all
of their shops so there's a lot of jobs
there even within the tea world
oh really david speed's closing yeah
yeah does that mean there's an
opportunity for
for good tea to fill to fill that hole
um because i had i had this
this incident during the world expo
in long beach i was like
with a hundred bucks of different
keys and stuff that i i got in the
under in the tea expo and i was waiting
and this train they have uh
from the uh auditorium to the hotel
to the primary and i was in the
bus stop with with my box in
my box and there this is a
very nice gentleman he came to me
and he talked to me and he helped me
with the vets and stuff
and we were talking talking talking
until the we arrived to the hotel
and at the very end uh he introduced
himself and he told me he's the
master team lender of david steele
and he was very nice and humble
and such a nice person i'm still in
touch with him so
i'm sorry this is happening for him i
understand what you what you saying
i agree we need space uh for better tea
but i'm sorry for him
he was such a nice person so when they
announced that they're closing their
stores they they said they're still
keeping their online presents so
you know i'm sure he's still involved
like they're still going to need a tea
blender to keep their products together
but definitely all those sales reps and
all the stores and
and all that infrastructure is is those
jobs are gone for sure
wow yeah it's just the start you know
like um
very few people within the industry are
like having the confidence to openly
speak about it because it's vulnerable
you know like it's vulnerable to admit
it's not even failure it's like just
reality of what we're dealing with right
but um some have started but it's just a
matter of time before it just
it's more and more and it's just going
to become a common uh theme in
in the business world but it it also
means that there's room for
for other folks to um to come in
at lower risk and lower barriers of
entry to
um to service that market you know
i mean it's a very natural thing that
fire clears away
everything and makes space for new
growth and fertilizes the ground
one of the things i think has been good
um in in the middle of this craziness
is the virtual tea festivals
all of it everything i mean even this
yeah just
all of them it's bringing bringing so
many great tea people and tea
ideas online for everybody to share and
it's good
well we need to find a way
one day at a time
that's been my way
uh people well people is getting uh
anxious for saying in a in a
politically correct way uh they here
they are getting very anxious and last
uh i was watching um
something and it was like
two in the morning and i
i just i i went to the bathroom and i
to listen uh that there was a gathering
uh in my building and they were singing
uh christmas songs oh wow
that was like what they were singing
christmas songs
maybe they think that probably they
won't be
uh able for celebrating christmas but
they were singing you know
christmas carols and stuff and they
start to uh
i don't know how to say this um
to pop fireworks
and like happy new year happy new year
yeah they're just done 20. this is
yes please let's start with with 2021
2020 sucks or something of course
police arrived a couple minutes later
but it was
it was interesting for saying the less
like you merry christmas blog online
happy new year and boom boom boom boom
i was like okay thank you for the show
that was funny
well yeah there was a trend i don't know
if it hit there but it hit here in some
neighborhoods where families put their
christmas lights up in the house
you know to kind of lighten up the
neighborhood everybody's having to stay
home so they
yeah well
i love christmas so
i don't think i could do six months of
too many cookies i think the three the
three months of christmas that we get
are plenty
will be great christmas cookies
pumpkin spice and stuff
oh you got that there too oh man
we can send gifts to each other we can
tea to each other well hopefully we can
you know logistics are still you know
pretty much a nightmare everywhere
i think i think i found a way
because i have this friend i discover
she lives in in
usa and she was my classmate when i was
in high school
and like i said she lives in the united
and uh there's this she has like this uh
entrepreneur or something that you can
stuff in usa pages and send to
her address in new jersey probably
and she has people traveling weekly
uh to my country so you can get stuff
in this way i see
so it's like a virtual mule system
yeah yeah yeah the only thing is that in
in her bags uh in her backpacks and you
her luggage nothing belongs to her yeah
yeah that's interesting
but uh i tried um i tried to
ship from china a very very beautiful
and it arrived a month later the the
the because of the taiwan
uh because the gongfu the guy one sorry
alright broken so
okay yeah it happens yeah
yeah it happens and it's beautiful i
uh i know this person he's a art
wrist daughter is it a word
yeah she restores art and i gave it to
her and she's going to
do it oh sweet
yes so it's going to be beautiful anyway
is it like a coarse clay is it like a
you know uh unglazed clay or is it uh
like porcelain it's a porcelain i don't
yeah i've never seen the kinzugi on the
porcelain before
well she is the artist
how to do it sweet
yes and it's very beautiful it's this
new style that has
um like a like a circle
and you put the the guy one inside
and you can move it with a with a
with a teapot it's i will send you
pictures when it's ready
it's very beautiful yeah does it like
tip until you
does it tip okay i've seen i've seen
those yeah those are
becoming popular now yes this girl
lives in texas actually oh okay cool
so it arrived broken
so i need to learn patience
that's a good lesson right
i had someone finally bite my head off
because that's always my response
you know in difficult conversations
especially in business
i just say patience yeah
he bit my head off he was like uh
not he didn't like that
like what do you mean patience
we need patience but we want it right
now yeah yeah
no i mean he he was just airing some
frustration with me
so i guess you know in their village
they they
they're all a community and they're all
their co-op
and how their factory works is the the
co-op members bring their leave to the
factory and the factory buys all of it
and the factory always tries to buy all
of it
at a good price because it's like their
family you know it's their community
they want to support and i told them at
the very beginning of the pandemic
um that they should
perhaps not produce as much tea or you
know find other uses for their tea
because the market is really uncertain
and no one's going to want to buy their
tea especially right now the logistics
is just
kind of you know shady we don't even
know if the t
will will reach it's very high risk to
buy it and then the markets slow down a
but they decided to continue producing
tea and continue buying t
from the community and and now you know
he's like hey we've got to pay everybody
we have no money to pay and i'm like
he neither does the market either so
like we just have to have patience with
and find our way through it and not to
put too much pressure
um on our relationships uh and
communicate more
um yeah so it's uh it's a lot of pain
being felt all the way through uh the
you know yeah stressing
all the systems at once
so i was like it's always hard to adjust
and i read in in
kevin guys con
facebook page that worked yes for its
cancer and also
yeah yeah yeah so that that was new new
news from a few days ago yeah
what about the world team music festival
yeah it's been it's been canceled
although okay so
um well i can't talk about it actually
shit i'm sorry i even brought it up
but uh something
another virtual tea festival is is in
the works
a special one but i can't i can't talk
about it until
you know some other things are cleared
first but
but hopefully there's more music
involved i'd like to have more music
and make it more like the the world team
music festival
world team only if we can get cronkiten
to come play
oh hell yeah yeah priscilla that's an
event that
i throw here in vegas i've done two of
them um
and i usually make them like the after
party of the royalty expo
oh yeah so last year it was actually the
official after party
the the worldly expo sold tickets for it
and uh wow yeah um
and so we had yeah everybody came it was
a very cool experience because
like um my whole purpose of doing that
was to inspire people in the industry to
see like what are all the possible
activities that you can do at a tea
festival other than
what you typically see at a tea festival
which a lot of times is like
much more focused on like the
marketplace area
like the vendor the vendor booths and
and there's classes there
but like really communicating the the
true lifestyle of tea
the the lifestyle that if the market
really adopts
would really support a thriving tea
is like bringing in other activities
arts music
um we even had sound healing so like all
the the front of the area all this like
sound healing troop
set up tents and were doing uh they were
even doing like massage and tarot
readings and and palm readings and
uh sound baths um and uh so it was
really funny because my buddy jason
walker he works for
um like a tea uh chinese you know tea
industry uh he's like their sales person
here and so he brought his team
for the after party and uh he's like
what do we do here what's going on i'm
like well you guys can just go sit on
this carpet for you know just sit here
for five minutes
see how you feel and then you can walk
around and see the other stuff and
you know his his uh colleagues from
china were really kind of confused about
the whole scene they're like what's
going on here um
like all these hippies running around
with drums you know
people are having fun so so anyway i
left them there and i went to go host
the rest of the party and i i came back
out for like an hour and a half later
and they're like they're like laid out
on the carpet just like
zoned out and uh later on in the night i
asked them i was like how was this
experience for you guys and they're like
that was great you know like we never
would have
you know thought of of uh communicating
the tea experience in this way but
you know but then yeah we had like a
stage and we had music
bands uh different like world music
genres so
um every year we bring in i try to make
it as diverse as possible the the bands
and the artists that i invite in
and so there's live music and even
comedy we had stand up comedy
jason harris was like roasted in the tea
community that was pretty good
and uh we even had like visuals my buddy
stacy blur actually spacey plays
the the the virtual team festival as the
musician that
you know plays music and does the t
visuals he was doing the t
visuals on the the side of the wall so
there's just a huge wall of like tea
fields and like
tea hand rolling and there was like you
know laser lights and fog machines and
the bands playing
and people dancing and yeah people have
a lot of fun that was great
there was there was patrick in the back
we're making those little tea pets yeah
the ceramicists from new mexico they had
a stand outside and they brought a bunch
of clay
and they were letting people uh make tea
or tea pets and then you know telling
that they could take them home uh and
how to fire them in their own ovens you
uh but they had made custom cups
everyone got a custom cup and they
individually wrapped each one of those
jeremy wasn't that incredible
like they put so much effort and it was
so fun because you come
and it's like oh you want to drink tea
go get your cup and you'd have to pick
it from the shelves like which
gift box you want to open and um and
then it was a unique cup every
every cup was completely unique colors
and unique glaze and everything
and uh that for me like that's what i
want to see tea festivals be
you know versus like this like
commercial thing and you're just kind of
herded through these stalls and
oh sample this thing sample this thing
you know versus like sit down and learn
uh sit down and connect with somebody or
you know dance a little bit and
move a little bit or experience some art
well i really really hope you can find a
of doing it virtually
thanks priscilla and if there's a way
i can help just let me know oh thank you
um how is your your your sado practice
going priscilla
my sorry your tea ceremony practice
my your tea ceremony
your tea ceremony practice oh i
i tried to do it weekly at least weekly
because if i don't i i lose it
i forgot the steps and stuff
i don't i don't use the the kimono
often because it's longer than the
ceremony toward the
the traditional but i try to practice
that's funny it takes longer to put the
komodo on than it than it is to do the
tea ceremony
right totally did you do it alone
it tastes like it takes like an hour
and that's just the dress that's not the
makeup or the hair or anything
yeah i know but it works
yeah no it's worth it it's worth it
and uh well now um
i'm practicing my my tibetan singing
for uh namaste festival oh cool
it was so sweet because uh sue she asked
um about being in south america and she
said oh i know that there's mata
and that stuff and i say no we actually
have tea we have camellias
and she was like wow i i didn't hear
about it
it was very pretty new for her
hi hannah she came and left
hey so hannah are you you you got
thursdays off
uh for goodness sake thursday afternoon
off cool
but i had to run some prescription pods
to some doctor's offices
so i'm entering late but i'm glad to be
here it's good to see you
hi nice to meet you hi nice to meet you
priscilla yes okay cool i heard
in the background cool
i can't believe you guys haven't met yet
i think i might have seen you were you
at the virtual tea house
yeah yeah i think she was there
just to update you guys mifelda's been
been uh texting and she's saying uh
she's watching but she had to work okay
i think she's opening her tea house
oh is she awesome
i don't know i don't know i just saw
pictures on
on facebook
i hope she's doing it because when we
were talking about the
the the house of our dreams
she did a beautiful description of what
you want
if i remember correctly her vision is to
build that tea house in portugal and
she's still in australia now so yeah
oh yeah right
but uh i'm sure the dream is still
manifesting and she's
you know collecting all the inspiration
virginia says hello she wants to know
what everybody's drinking
well i have i have um bubble tea in my
refrigerator you made like uh the
the um the boba the boba balls
yes did you make them yourself from
sorry do you make the balls yourself
from scratch
i don't know not at all
i'm not as good as you are in kitchen
because i
i always see your dinner parties
and i'm like what she did around
tortillas i lived in mexico for eight
years and i never
did a tortilla by myself it's easy
yeah it's easy i i made it in
well the reason why i ask is because i
keep trying to convince jeremy to
to to get into the boba like once his
shop can open up where he is
and i shared a video with him of his
girl making the boba balls from scratch
and it took her like two hours
yeah it was uh it was it was an
video it was amazing there were so many
now it takes two hours and she only made
enough boba for one drink so
speaking of cooking elise we've been
having comfort fork all week
oh good for you guys good for you guys
i'm happy about that comfort pork is
always good
it's funny a friend um said like
sent a recipe for making mochi from
i thought oh that's a great idea it took
two whole days yup to make milkshakes in
scratch because i did the
like red bean paste and everything
never again
that bean paste it's uh hard to
to cook but it's the base of wagashi
yeah it's delicious i made it and i'm
glad i made that part but the
that plus making the mushy like
dough and the balls and everything i'll
probably do red bean paste again because
a lot of it's just
boiling and then yeah you could process
so you're in an immersion blender
but like the mochi part
it's not it's not always necessary the
mossy part
the gelatin part uh our sensei
teaches that if you if you made like a
like a ball of um of the bean paste
and you can put it in a in a cloth
and like turn it and it will be it will
be enough
okay and we and if you try it with
matcha would be
great good to know
yeah i figured i i after
a funny meeting last week
i discovered that putting matcha into
guacamole is actually very
tasty makes sense
it helps with the color too right no
that was that's guacamachia
you can't you can't confuse that with
matcha mole which is like a mole
sauce that i'm going to add matcha to oh
okay i might work on that one
yeah we got to figure out machamole's
but guacamatch is good
a friend sent a friend
was putting was drinking matcha
and he couldn't understand why like
it didn't it made him feel not good
and he didn't want it anymore so he sent
it to me and he sends me a bag
of culinary grade
all the fair trade organic vegan
gluten free all the all the buzzwords
it's like a one pound bag it was
it was imported from china
and he couldn't understand he didn't
quite understand why the macho was
good so i've just been using i've just
been adding it to
random everything that i eat it's like
ah let's put some matcha in this and see
how it goes
it's good with protein smoothies like
but i have a banana
protein smoothie every morning and it's
been like much of banana
and it works but fine
don't don't don't ingest it at all
plain no we got spoiled though elise
thank you
you guys i i have to go i have three
minutes until my classes start
so i will try to connect at least
at least one hour yeah thank you so much
priscilla we love you
thanks for stopping by priscilla enjoy
thank you very much and thank you for
receiving me see you guys next week
yeah the matcha so yesterday at that
that take it easy grand opening that i
went to the new coffee shop that opened
like they
they're using our tea and they're using
our matcha and they're doing some really
cool stuff with matcha
they have this like matcha cake and then
they're making like fancy like mocktails
or like interesting coffee cocktails but
they're doing the
the delgona the the foam on top of the
drink but it's matcha
it's like a matcha fall and it's on top
of this like
oat milk honey concoction
nice it was really sweet it was like
much sweeter than the cake
i was like whoa this is interesting but
it's really good i think that it's going
to be really popular and
it's good you know like even though
that's not like the authentic way to
take matcha which you can you can order
a bowl of matcha if you want but
i i think that like for people that are
looking for like a trending or
like a unique experience they're gonna
see that on the menu
and um you know at least it's good
matcha at least it's not bad like it and
the matcha taste comes through you know
and i bet it's good for the gram it's
good for the gram of course
yeah everything in that place is great
for the gram it's incredible like the
every detail is like okay yeah
there's definitely some instagram
happening in here as long as you're not
drinking matcha from my pan
like it's progress
i don't know i mean there's some matcha
companies that are that are making
pretty interesting ready to drink i mean
they're expensive
but they're they're out there i have an
aide who swears by the match of
whatever frappuccino from starbucks like
no no no no no
no let's let's upgrade the theory a
little bit
yeah just go go go on google and look up
uh ingredients of starbucks matcha
and show that to her and she'll never
want to drink it again
the sad thing is he knows he used to
work there oh
you should know better but i think
there's like 40 ingredients in their
mix that they use and matcha is the last
one on the list
just i think yeah because when you read
the when you read the recipe it's
probably at the very bottom matcha for
and it's probably the same matcha that
your friend had that senti
is right below green food coloring
for color oh so not even enough to color
i've i've been putting it in my noodles
though that i have for lunch and it's
definitely it definitely makes me tasty
actually it's like a sesame noodle like
sesame oil and
the mushroom actually works but i would
we want to try to make your mushroom
cake though
and it might be a little easier here
than in china
elise what do you do you have a is there
you have a tried and true recipe for
like just a
matcha latte type thing is it just
matcha and milk
yeah yeah yeah i don't you know i don't
really have any recipes
of anything right a sensibility yeah so
yeah just matcha and milk and whatever
variation you want to do on that
um yeah what about the magic cake that
you made
the the the crepe cake yeah that wasn't
even a recipe that's just like putting
things together in the bowl but i mean
it's like uh
pancakes you know it's like um flour
baking powder
sugar a little bit of salt matcha
egg water sift that or not sift it but
you know like get the chunks out of it
yeah and then create so i'm actually
going to do like a cook along class and
i think i'm going to make that cake
in that class
but yeah i usually don't
don't like using recipes i should you
know that way there's consistency
but yeah it was fun making it with you
uh-huh yeah that was fun
that whole experience was fun so yeah
guys by the way like
i don't know if you guys have ever read
the the tea girl on on mock
on hummingbird lane have you seen that i
read it i've
heard of it i think you might have
mentioned it or somebody else mentioned
i'm sure multiple people have mentioned
it to you multiple people mentioned it
to me and i never actually took
you know took it up and read it until i
was on the panel
with the author of that book and so i
was like i better read her book it's
pretty famous
uh you guys should definitely read it
because it's like uh
it's like a historical fiction um it
in the late 1980s and and it goes into
modern times
and it talks it talks about the
the the culture of the uh the akka
which is like the leaf family and nano
sean and like in the same village and
they they they even talk about like the
the the spirit gate of the village with
like the
the male and the female with the big
genitalia yeah
yeah they even talked about that in the
book several times
do they talk about the dog next to them
i don't think so but they talk about
eating dog yep
oh my goodness
but they assured us that they only eat
the naughty dogs
the funniest thing is that like two
that morning we get a call because our
dogs got into chocolate oh yeah yeah
the 400 of that bill and it's like i
don't believe in karma
but apparently it's true and apparently
maisie and maya are scaring us and i had
this much job
and then like the next week when we got
back it was passed over and i found out
the brisket tastes like dog
and it was not good i couldn't eat it my
is like why aren't you eating it
hi yeah it's a it's a serious thing
culturally there but dude
i just like uh it's such a great book
and um
it teaches you a lot of context about
those communities especially the
between you know before the big boom and
the puer market
and to now like when we've gone and
we've seen the level of developments and
the level of
um i mean essentially it's colonization
right because just 20 years ago they
were very very much
like uh aligned with
the values and the the culture and the
lifestyle from
the indigenous you know era to now it's
you know very modernized and um
it's just a good book it's a really good
book and like since you guys have
traveled there
uh and and seen that culture and seeing
the colors and heard
the language and eaten the food and um
it would mean a lot more to you to read
girl with me and very quickly yeah yeah
very good book it's it's it's uh
fiction so it's very easy to read it's a
fast read i mean most people
allison said she just finished it uh i i
read it in one day
it's just like it's entertaining you
know it's like historical fiction so
very entertaining but uh the writers she
did very good research and not just
of like the the culture of the akka
people and
and of puerto processing and kind of the
history of puerto but also
um the the factors of
governments and of culture and of like
um of like the chinese tea market
um yeah it's very enlightening like you
learn a lot about tea
just by reading this this fun fictional
thank you yeah we're drinking some of
the white tea that we got there
good the purple white yeah
good i still probably have
almost a pound of it
yeah everybody loaded up when we went
that was good
yup gotta last just two years apparently
i was wondering about that like whether
or not there is
like other books fiction or historical
fiction that's actually tea
based um
because there doesn't seem to be much
media i mean there's an entire media
around coffee
yeah but there doesn't seem to be a lot
of consumable media around tea
does there
not much uh there was like an animated
film uh
that you know was released in china a
few years back
uh about tea pets
yeah let me see yeah let me see two pet
yes exactly is it starring peabody
i don't know if there's a pt boy in it i
don't know
we have a whole shelf dedicated to
all right i'm gonna share screen with
you guys
oh you disabled it i'll let you do it
give me a sec
i remember the first time we did
virtual tea house oh yeah
yeah i like and i locked and i locked
down the zoom
my zoom room after that and everyone
never looked back
you should be able to share now cool
okay let's see
let's see i don't want to be in full
how do we get out of full screen
dang you gotta read your email are you
reading my emails
no you're sure i'm not i'm not reading
them but i see all the unread ones
wait what how you how are you on my
emails i'm
just looking at the screen that you're
sharing maybe i shared the wrong screen
you were sharing the right one at first
this is it right yeah okay
so yeah that was that was
that's pretty good animation though
right yeah
oh yeah yeah i never i just like that i
saw that that trailer
um when it first came out but i never
saw the movie
should do some digging and see yeah find
the movie with like english subtitles
and maybe we could do like a viewing
page or we'll just
we'll just rewrite the dialogue
mr mystery science theater
jeremy uh i had an idea about a year ago
with my buddy jason the stamp comic you
know that was doing comedy at our
he does movies and he writes scripts
he's always writing different
different pitches and stuff and um he
wanted to work on something with tea
because he's like there's something here
you know
like there's something to like be
heckled in this and
and you know kind of making fun of of
this tea culture and at the same time
popularizing it too and i was like you
we should totally make a series that
like of like little skits
that kind of like portlandia that like
make fun of different
elements of tea culture um based it
could be loosely based on real people
like us you know
and all of our little quirks you know
and just kind of over accentuating the
quirks and
and at the same time making it seem like
the the viewer
wants to be a tea drinker it's like
these people are so loony i want to be a
part of this
whole episode on how to sleep correctly
and that you're not sleeping correctly
that that's exactly a good
a good a good skit that was the first
one we thought of or or maybe even like
the skin of like the two
t-snobs like out sipping each other
yeah and they both passed out
oh they pass out from oversipping that's
yeah one easy one to do i mean
definitely would be to have two people
tasting and just like this massive
argument over what it tastes like
yeah oh it's very nutty
almond no walnut almond walnut
yeah and then there's one third guy
it just shows up brazil nuts
brazil nuts are good they are
just barely tasted in tea but you gotta
have one person that knows what
i think we were talking about robert
fortune yeah
everything it's
it'd be an interesting movie but you
really can't make that movie today
about the little scottish guy dressing
up like the chinese man
to go in and stealing everything they
but we're wondering i wonder if you
could play that out like a comedy
you can get away with it doing it like
well yeah and well especially if you
you're you're you're playing it out as
like a social commentary
like if that's in reality what really
i think that there's no problem with
communicating that story
but as long as you're doing it
in a a critical way you know and doing
it in an authentic way that
that actually has social commentary
versus just
um it was really interesting how he got
away with it
because like he spoke chinese but it was
just completely broken and barely
it was passable and whenever he went to
these districts and they said your
accent's a little odd and you look a
little strange
you'd always film the same thing i'm
from some province up north
because this is like you know this is
this is the days before
technology that you could say i'm from a
far away part of this country and people
would just believe you
i think it was i think he called himself
i think was a bright flower what's his
chinese name
but i mean he has an entire journals
but it'd be it'd be interesting to make
that movie but how would you make that
like that would be the trick you could
totally make that movie
it'd be a great movie you know what i
thought would be a great movie is like
just the story of t
um and and this of course being one of
the main
exciting parts of that story and then
all the other connected pieces to that
story too
um including you know wars and and trade
conflicts there's there's a lot to be
learned about our history through
that epic story yeah
not just the boston tea party no
it's just what we learned in school
although that could that would also be
an important part of that story you know
that people would be able to connect
the whole story i mean there's lipton
there'd be a really good story i was
reading about the history of tea in
and how loose leaf tea kind of came
and how they explained it was that tea
at the time was basically all like you
know the powdered tea the
the ground tea but it was incredibly
expensive and it was only really
for the rich and it was all sort of
and it was there it was a very class um
i guess you know it was such a
class-based system and only the rich had
access to these t's
and the younger generation
actually used loose leaf brewing as sort
of a form of revolt
because they said we're going to brew
tea our way
and they did it as sort of uh to kind of
stand up to the
you know to the to the rich and the
in that way i mean there's a lot more to
that but essentially
loose leaf tea was just was a
it was actually a form of a cultural
i think in the 18th century in japan
i don't think you know you really
couldn't do that
in america obviously it's not in part of
american culture and the way it is other
countries but
but just the idea of using tea as a form
of revolt
was kind of fascinating to read about
maybe we can make that a new trend
yeah channeling all this revolution
we talked about it as like demonstration
of peace
as opposed to peaceful demonstration and
like how we can
when when all the protests were
happening that's kind of the
conversations that we were having here
in this space yeah
i think it was important because t you
know when
when they started brewing it like loose
just leave
um you can actually in a way you can
express yourself
because there's so many different ways
to brew it and you can get through
flavor profiles how you do it how long
you do it
is that it is it is a form of
individualistic expression
you do it your way and this is my way
it's not the best way or the worst way
you know
so it's i mean it's not like a coffee
maker where it's very scientific
right this type of ground with this
temperature with this pressure and then
you get coffee
tea really allows you to there's so much
to it it's so individualistic
um that it actually sort of is a part of
your personality
yep that's what i was saying
so when are we gonna make this movie
tomorrow i'll have a draft done by
great so the premiere can be next week
yes tune in tuesday afternoon
tuesday afternoon for the preview of the
premiere on thursday
yeah that's true we need a premier event
this movie is gonna be like
like those movies that we used to make
in high school for history class you
know when you had to get together with
the group and
record a movie thank you that would be
but did you guys do that was that a part
of your curriculum as well
yeah except now we do it in ten now we
can do it in 4k from our cell phone
yeah or just within tick tock you know
it used to be a big deal you know we had
our camcorders and
you had to like keep track and one
person had to be able to edit it
together and it was really
shitty quality but man those were fun
those are like all my my favorite
projects to do in high school
and now your brother does it
professionally yeah yeah he does
for sure how's he doing he's good
yeah he's he's still in austin he posted
something cryptic online i haven't
talked to him about it yet about wanting
to move somewhere so
i think he's got he's got some ideas
brewing in his head of what he wants to
change of pace or whatever but um
hey how jeremy i wanted to ask you about
that so yesterday that execution
um our first federal execution in 13 or
18 years or something but
um i think it was first since timothy
mcveigh right
i think so yeah yeah because i was i was
i was with my cousin we were protesting
um i mean that was a big deal but that
was high profile it was really high
probably yeah
so what i don't understand and maybe you
can invite me on this since
um you know you're in that area and i'm
sure you know people in your community
talk about this so there's kind of some
understanding of that system but like
when does like a case become a federal
case versus a state case because i know
and counties manage their own you know
death penalties or whatever
and then in this particular case um he
had an accomplice he had a partner
that they and they both were you know uh
you know whatever convicted of the the
same crime
but his partner just got like a life
sentence you know he's just
in prison um well this guy you know so i
didn't understand that difference
yeah i never quite figured that out
either because
i mean you know when when timothy
mcveigh out there is it makes sense it
was an attack on government property yes
so it's a federal crime um but i think
mike tyson was out there
and so you get so i don't know how he
would have been there
you know it's so so i don't know exactly
it would you would find your way into a
federal prison i think blagojevich was
out there for a little while
because i know a prison guard out there
a wow and
and it was funny how he said because he
he he said the first question he always
gets is like you know who's out there
who's out there
what high profile people do we have out
there and he says we always tell you who
is out there after they leave
because they can't tell you before yeah
so like a month after they're actually
transferred out of that prison they can
finally admit like who was there
um i'm not yeah i'm not sure
yeah i haven't seen that guy in a while
is that the only federal uh prison that
we have or
are there more it's the only one that
does executions okay
all the others just do torture
and enhance interrogation you just
you just kind of hate it so much anytime
you see terre haute in the news
someone's gonna die
it's just it's i i know like people know
us like oh that's where like you know
lagoyovich was that's where mike tyson
like well they didn't live here
they were imprisoned
involuntarily yeah yeah
we provided the housing he did live here
but on our terms
in the uh the festival of progress that
i did with my buddy marcus
you know we had different presenters uh
different uh social justice fighters
doing presentations and one of the guys
works with the uh
nevada coalition against the death
penalty and
uh so he just did a lot of education
around the the current state of the
death penalty in the country it's
actually like
not used almost anywhere there's like
very few places is actually still
um but clark county where where las
vegas is this county
is uh the number one county of of
of um of death penalties in the country
and then the state of nevada is second
to alabama
i think he said um and that like
100 of all the crimes that have ever
um you know assigned a death penalty
have all been crimes against white
yeah so you know like your ch if you
if you kill you know a white person
versus killing you know a person of
color your chances of getting death
penalty are much different
in each each case wow
yeah there's also a lot of citizens or
there's a lot of people on death row
that never actually get that don't
actually get executed as well yeah
yeah yeah yeah there's there's a trend
of exoneration
which is happening like where they get
relieved because actually they're
finding that a lot of them are innocent
and even the guy the guy that was
executed yesterday his last words it's
documented he said i did not commit
these crimes
and then the other guy his partner he
has openly admitted i committed these
crimes like he actually like pleaded
guilty to him well this other guy
pleaded not guilty the entire time i'm
that's why he got plenty
but it's so funny yeah it was weird
yeah that kind of took me down rabbit
hole yesterday when i started reading
that i'm like oh terre haute i gotta
learn more about
what when i see terre haute in the news
now i'm like oh terre haute
it's never yeah it's never a good thing
i remember i remember in california
everybody always says like how do i get
out of jury duty and they said in
california what you have to do what you
do is say
you know whether or not you believe it
if you always say i don't believe in the
death penalty because that question is
always on the form
but they said the least that will happen
is you're not going to get a high
profile case
um that reminds me of jury duty next
oh fine i mean i'm praying for lockdown
we're in lockdown yeah
i i i had jury duty in april at the
exact same moment that the whole
that courthouse locked down and
yeah oh no it was
it was pretty much waved everything was
shut down because that was april when
all across the country um
so i'm off the hook for two more years
i got called for jury duty at
4 30 was when they stopped like
the juror questions and he had to come
back the next day
i got excused at 4 25.
i was so so angry
the entire time for like the last
afternoon of it
because the guy um
the the accused was there
and like the his attorney put his feet
like it's like well i don't have to do
anything it's up to her
to prove that my client is guilty
i don't have to do anything i don't have
to say anything the rest of the day
and the guy uh robbed somebody at knife
and they had people on the jury panel
who had gotten raped at night and they
were asking him
enough questions that like four of the
ladies on the panel were
crying and they were still asking
questions and the judge was like well
i don't and people are asking to talk to
him privately and said no if you want to
say it to everybody in this
courtroom so they were having to like
re-tell their stories
like what kind of monster are you you're
making them relive this in public
like if they're bawling in front of
people in public they probably don't
want them in your
jury and you're like
it was such a twisted
depressing process like
and the the judge was super careless and
rude and she's like
and then my aide got called like
a couple weeks later and had like the
same experience
it was just just crazy but
they would treat the jury panel there
we're the ones being innocent we're here
be on the panel and you're making them
and you're not telling them like you're
forcing them to tell their stories
to a criminal and or a
suspected criminal and everybody else so
so bizarre
actually i'm good for another year i
think but
not how you think the process should go
guys i have to go oh
yeah bye i'm sorry but it was good
catching up we had some nice
nice combos today i appreciate it jeremy
thank you so much for
enlighten me on all those questions i
kind of a depressing way to go out of
this but
i'm actually ashamed i should have known
i'm going to continue exploring it and
learning about it because it's like it's
a really fascinating
you know you know story and yeah but
yeah all right guys well i hope you have
a beautiful weekend
stay cool drink lots of tea love you

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