Thursday, August 6, 2020 - Self-reflection & Values

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the the next like thoughts and prayers
um in a certain light
i guess the fact that it is it's a bit
self-deprecating yeah it is that's
it's huge yeah that's not a little thing
but you can't fake that
right you know i mean it'd be
even it'd be very risky to fake i mean
you can say can you say it and not
change is possible
i suppose um
but yeah it's definitely like it's it's
a step in the right direction
yeah i don't i don't think that um
anybody is making the claim that
saying it or like doing this activity is
going to be any making any change
or doing any good it's just
the first step like you said and
and i guess the the concern is
when people realize it's good for
they realize that authenticity is good
for business that's the day we all win
i see where that can be like a crunchy
like risk zone
of things getting like tilted towards
maybe not
creating transformative regenerative
but like there i think there is an
intersection of where
just good long-term business growth and
uh meets again all those like
however you want to divide those
concepts and concepts of humanity and
i think they're both directly supportive
of each other
in a way that's just been hard to
articulate from a
finance numbers perspective that we've
been very short-term
now we can show the benefits stability
of long-term
diversity organizations i think the two
are going to really
dance well together as we develop that
that's cool hi jeremy
oh it's muted hey
you came in uh on a deep conversation
that's great
yeah i think it jumped jumped jump
halfway through probably something
serious i don't know
is there a particular prompt this week
or is it just kind of free flow like
just boxing poetic
i mean i have some things that i want to
talk about but i mean
we're already naturally talking about
them which is great you know so
adam you know if we have to have a
prompt i think people are
talking about things that they need to
be talking about right now
so i'm glad yeah it resonates with me
i think the only thing i'm missing right
now is a little more hot water got a
ginger turmeric tea bags from trader
i'm going to go get a little bit of
refill honey i'll be right back yeah get
so speaking of tea bags i've been on a
tea bag journey
over the past couple of weeks
and you know thinking of some ideas and
um because i recently got
involved in working with hemp tea
or hemp tea sane and figuring out
um ways to introduce you know and and
that's something
it's not a connoisseur level t it's
it's uh you know very high value but
it's not something that like
uh an oolong enthusiast or somebody that
collects puerty is like immediately
going to like connect with and see value
um but there is value in it uh maybe
with like a non-t
connoisseur community um which then
takes you into the territory of like
well how are they gonna brew it
if they're not already t connoisseurs
and so you know the first response is
always tea bags
well let's just do tea bags and um
i went or i did a virtual like
commercial hip industrial hemp
conference this past weekend and there
was this woman in seattle that started a
hemp paper company where she takes all
of the
leftover hemp stocks
materials uh from the processing
of the isolates and stuff you know so
it's just junk that they usually would
chop up and compost or throw away and
she takes and she makes paper
and then she makes packaging and cool
stuff you know i'm like oh that's great
how about tea bags
and she's like oh maybe we can make some
tea bags
and you know she ended up contacting me
and she said yeah i don't know if we can
make the tea bags because we have to
seal it with some plastic
and then i researched it and i never you
know really researched tea bags before
but even the paper tea bags
those all get sealed with plastic so
it's not just like the silky
nylon tea bags that are releasing micro
plastics it's even the paper tea bags i
didn't know that
um but there's hemp plastic and so
that's why i told the lady i'm like why
don't we just like use him plastic
instead and seal it with the head
plastic it's like a bio-based plastic
um so there could be some interesting
innovations happening
you know sustainable sources and
you know convenient ways of introducing
um so you're talking about brewing
attempt to save
in a hemp tea bag yeah
meat yes
what's it taste like weed
that's a very polarizing taste and even
more polarizing spells
and it smells like weed too and it looks
like weed look i got some right here you
can see it
girl that's just weed
no it's hemp it's him
things are water soluble definitely
likes the volatiles are
are you know transferring in the water
now we aren't trying to make any kind of
claim about any level
of cbd you know being water soluble
and coming out in the tea like we're not
making any claims of any dosages
or selling this as a medicinal product
like this is like a connoisseur level
herbal you know blend component
uh that does have some body reaction
elements to it which is um
anti-anxiety it just like
disconnects any like pain or like
discomfort or anxiety uh within your
muscles in your body
so uh so there may be cbd in it you know
there may be some cbd that
is um that is
uh you know coming out in the water
i i don't know how much it is it's
something it's kind of like when we talk
caffeine and theater and tea it's like
we're not trying to like scientifically
figure out how much is getting steeped
out in our cup and
and taking it like it's some kind of
like nootropic supplement
it's like no you just enjoy it and those
you know effects from it will just
happen you know
so um yeah it's been it's been it's been
you know and it tastes good too
i'm sorry hannah would love if i started
brewing that smell on the house
i don't know if it would smell the house
it's not like it doesn't release the
smell like when you smoke it
it definitely um smells like it when
it's like dried
like when you open the bag it smells
like when you open a bag of wheat you
um but the taste in the cup is
interesting it's uh
it's sweet and citrusy and
um has a little bit of like a spicy kick
at the end
but like the main thing that you notice
about it is like as you're sitting there
and sipping it you like noticeably
notice your body
just like relax which is really cool and
i think that that's why this is gonna do
really well you know
people swear by by like the oils and the
tinctures like the processed
you know concentrated products people
swear by those
and those are really expensive and um
you know they they also kind of
the practices in the agriculture that we
talk about in tea that are not favorable
you know like when you're growing a
that's going to be you know processed
into some kind of extraction like the
quality of the product doesn't matter
what matters is like
the yields and the amount of that
compound you're trying to extract
you know being in that thing but
you know whenever you're consuming the
product this way or consuming it as a
food ingredient
which is also very interesting and there
was someone at this conference that was
talking about that
um that
you know you can it encourages more
artisanal craft which then
encourages better agriculture practices
and more mindful
mindfulness and value
almost like action is not a good thing
like extraction is a very the idea of
extraction is a very like one-sided like
a regenerative like doing something for
an ecosystem
it's true very like how much of this can
get out it's so true
very cool how much do you do you have
i do have samples yeah and i'll be
putting it up on the retail site soon as
okay i need to order i i need to place
an order
with you yeah i'll throw in a sample
yeah we have all kinds you know we even
have like the uh
the the really high quality oh you got
the nubs
yeah isn't that cool drop the whole nug
in the guy one
you could actually that's what i did
when i did the product shoot for this
i just threw the whole nug in there
thinking that it would just like
stay and put but actually a lot of it
kind of dissolves out into the water
yeah i didn't list this product yet so
like you know
the farmer and i are strategizing how to
introduce this product into the market
it doesn't really exist like there's
hemp teas out there you can find them
there are like tea blenders that get
their hands
on kind of the chopped up hemp flower
and they'll make blends with it so those
have been existing
but um as far as like
having different grades of even like the
full flower buds
you know being like marketed as
like something that you would you know
steep as a tea
or it's something
yeah no like in the the flavor profiles
uh cbd weeds regular weeds like there's
such variety there that's worth talking
about and
the steeping and brewing and yeah
cooking into the aromatics context
and it's different it's it's way
different when you steep it like the
release of the aromatics and stuff is
way different when you steep it than
you smoke it and you know the people
have been talking about the terpenes
so you've heard that word terpenes
that's like a big power word in like the
industry it's essentially freaking
volatiles it's essentially the different
aromatic compounds
you know that you would smell in your
teeth those are terpenes
i just i just like i'm picturing
being at a party or something
set up pulling out a bag and just
dropping a nug in the guy
you know everybody's gonna be coming to
your tea table to see what's going on if
you do right
the thing is they're like you know
that's where you get the science of
cannabinoid extraction
and you start having to work in milk
and etc into the ritual to get maximal
extraction of all the rich goodness from
the nug that you're
stupid yeah that's why i don't know if
the nug would be
um you know the best the best way for
steeping i think
kind of like the the ground up
bits is is better for that i don't have
any of that
yeah i'm sure it is i would like to see
i think a pretty sativa node like the
the airier ones
that's been like dehydrated might like
rehydrate the flower in an interesting
you've seen all those like maybe you
have out of the other like the glory
shots if you're really
oh yeah pretty looking you know like the
colorful hairs and stuff
yeah i think if like dried delicately
and then
rehydrated in the right context like a
nice like
clear something and just come back to
jeremy how do you feel about introducing
hemp tea
to your community
i don't know about the community but i
certainly know a handful of people that
love it but like what would it be taboo
if you were at the farmer's market and
just like
you know talking about hemp
yes but it's it's
it's interesting i was when i was first
in the farmer's market i had uh
my samplers were these clear glass jars
that i had
set out and a handful of people would
come up and one guy came up to my table
with these glass jars out and he got so
excited finally finally finally it's an
indiana i could buy some
you mean loose leaf tea no no no and
then he just opens it up and
i never saw such a little disappointment
in my life oh he thought it was weed
that's funny
oh yeah absolutely um
because it was those um like the those
ball rolled oolongs
in a glass jar oh okay
yeah you know you could easily mistake
it but of course
um i think i think indiana we're so far
behind we don't even have medical
marijuana yeah so if we if we don't even
have medicinal
and how far off we are from recreational
we have no idea so but illinois this is
not even marijuana though this is
hemp i know but but but this
but this this city is not the youngest
and if i was in the heart of the iu
campus i'd probably order some and
probably sell it out
within a week um
there are like some colleges around here
where there could be interest but these
are really
it's really interesting they're really
self-contained campuses
that there's no integration with the
so it's just yeah this community no
and it would just be a hard sell yeah
um unless i can get my few friends to
buy a half pound at a time
which they might be willing to do
you're gonna you're gonna grow yourself
quite the reputation there jeremy
maybe that's it maybe that's my new
i'll decide this undiscovered demand in
terre haute
you know what it's like all you need is
one customer
to spread the word yeah one right guy
and suddenly 20 people are calling you
up that you've never heard of
i could be better for worse yeah
you know you know what cbd is here and
it really caught on
when there is an independent cbd group
that set up its own shop and it's hugely
oh we'll see there you go there is that
so there is that here in
san diego there was there's coffee shops
that will do
mock tales with a couple extra drops of
on top um as just an add-on to whatever
fruit juice mix they throw out there
yeah and it's it's just just prank money
what's that our government
that might do a lot of help for our
the sketchy part is like you never know
like what their cbd drops are they're
just like saying like
your plus dollar amount add cbd there's
yeah so that's that's why i'm trying to
get involved in this and like bringing
the actual
product and and the source of the
product and let the the
the grower of that product educate the
customers about it
um you know it's a totally new thing for
because he's used to the business it's
you know the isolate business
is just like huge contracts and just you
yeah yeah but you know this journey of
him becoming a tea farmer
has been um has been interesting you
because now it's it's more about
storytelling and
educating on the product and and then
after going to this conference and
seeing that there are others in the end
like this whole conference was like
everything industrial hemp other than
they were like yeah the pharmaceutical
conversation has had all the time
like the isolate industry all of these
oils and everything like
and this was building materials this was
food this was paper this was uh biofuels
and even batteries
so they found that like the hemp creek
can actually store
energy yeah
yeah it's really cool you know so i'm
really excited about like all of that
you know and then
additionally we can enjoy it as an
agriculture product as like a
connoisseur level you know herbal
or food ingredients
okay would you hit on for me there was
the concept of like attaching
story to
the transaction to the product to the to
the item right
um coming from the grower that direct
we all know the whole hyper local
and so like creating an edited story
the hemp that i get for my cbd
that gives me not just quality pen
not just a hyper local keep the money in
the economy mindset but also
uh oh here's a pay it forward that's
going on around my head
it's just it really makes like
it it helps it helps being a consumer
feel less consumery
to be frank
that's cool i like that that should be a
new campaign
how to make the consumer less consumery
i like it it's
it's the truth you know sitting here
with a
ginger turmeric pre-packaged
individually wrapped tea bag
and like more honey than is really
reasonable like there's a lot of
in my personal cup of tea right yeah
like uh
so there's plenty of beauty reflecting
in it and there's plenty because what
happens because of it but the more good
that can happen
while still keeping the tea packets
the better the whole exchange and that's
that's all intertwining story
with your product and with the the whole
value chain of
of production to consumer programs tell
a good
wholesome story behind it that actually
adds value and isn't just being told
to entice or to convince or to to
portray you know like create additive
value with your with your product chain
have you found a hemp farmer that sings
to their plants yet
they're no no no one that cool yet but
there will be
you know we'll we'll get it we'll get to
that point
i definitely know somebody who has
a weed farm
that he
most of the time on his property he is
naked and singing
and i can tell you that his weed is
right see it makes all the difference
put the love back into it
hey so joe said he wants to join us this
is going to be exciting
because joe um is about to embark on a
very interesting experience because
is about to happen
hi joe what's up
yo what's up dude what's up you know how
we doing
good long time yeah it's been a little
it's uh it's been busy around here
that's good
have the trucks have the crowd started
to to come in for the big event
yeah yeah technically it starts tomorrow
um but they're rolling in it usually
about a week in advance
though there's like this hum in the air
and it's just not here this year
oh it's interesting yeah that
there's definitely going to be a lot of
people but it's not going to be
it's just not going to be as busy as it
there's no movement so
yeah that's my whole week i start
working 12-hour shifts in the cab
pretty much the whole time that starts
so driving yeah
yeah my buddy owns the local taxi
company so
that's my that's my my that's what my
buddy calls my babylonian job
and then i do obviously tea and herbal
as my actual passion
and we were just talking about herbs we
were talking about
hemp herb
hey guys quiet guys sit down
cool awesome so we don't have to update
you on that
no not not too much that's super
interesting because i've never thought
of being used
in a tea application you know i always
kind of put it in its own category
but but it is uh
it's definitely medicinal i can see how
it could be really relaxed
yeah yeah it's very interesting
i don't know i mean i don't know if it's
like the value
of of what is needed for it so
like on a retail level you know
like the cost of brewing up a cup of it
may be
you know two or three dollars
maybe even more depending on the brand
that's marketing it
right you know the value that you get
from that cup like there's value
you know it relaxes you it's noticeable
but like is it worth that much
you know i think cannabis a lot of
people justify the
worth of it through you know like
it's very noticeable difference yeah
noticeable effect well it's like it
doesn't have the
like with coffee you know what i mean
that's that's not the most noticeable
effect but it has earned its place
if you will in the beverage industry or
is that
people are going to be like what putting
it in water what are you talking about
you know
so yeah well i mean for those like
mocktails where they're dropping in a
couple of drops of oil
like that's also costing the consumer
you know an extra few bucks
absolutely for that experience so yeah i
don't know i'm looking forward to
learning about the market
and learning about who's going to
connect with this type of product and i
honestly think it's not going to all be
tea lovers you know and so that's why i
was like exploring tea bags and
right you know is it
is it a tv or um can you can you
reinfuse it
yes effectively yeah yeah yeah i'll sit
and refuse it five times and get taste
out of every single one so it is okay
so it can be marketed also as like a
very social
time like 20 30 minute
brewing session exactly it's not like
grab it and go
or drink it right before bed this is
in the afternoon on a weekend
it can be drunk what kind of tea pot do
you use for your pot
i use the bomb
don't worry
if you added some milk to it it'd
probably pull some of the cannabinoids
out of there
so yeah yeah like while steeping
yeah well yeah yeah interesting
so well it's you know all the cameras
are fat soluble so you
just throw some sort of oil in there
and it bonds with that and i know people
i know people that have done i haven't
tried it myself but i know people that
have done you know like
cannabis tea with with milk and it
it does have an effect for sure i
have a i have a vaporizer where the
vapor path is glass and
so the build up on it isn't
like the typical nasty resin from like
smoking it's actually all just
oil and the way that i clean it
is i put it in a pot of
um milk and i simmer it
in the milk and then when i take the
glass out
it's like completely clean
and then i use the milk to make hot
chocolate and it like fucks you up
it's like super strong
yeah i definitely believe
you could easily pick some of that milk
put it in a put it in a
cup of your earl grey or english
and appropriate the british tea style
with the california hippie like a
california fog
or something a calendar
san francisco fog yeah there you go
there you go
you need to brand that hot chocolate bro
talk about a retail market
now you just got to get a whole bunch of
these these vaporizers and just
vape till you drop and there you go yeah
i'll subscribe to that and help me with
that business model sure
it's actually a trick that i learned
from reddit oh cool
always something new on the on the vapor
i was like that that's where i went to
research with vaporizer to buy
and in this that's how everybody was
talking about cleaning it
i love it i love it i was skeptical
so it's just like the reclaim from your
from your wax basically mixed in with
that's exactly what it is you just use
you use the you dissolve it in the milk
so that you can just clean instead of
like dissolving
alcohol you know whatever
yeah that's that's interesting man that
flavor would be
intense though bro wow
it's funny because i do it in vanilla
oh okay so it's not even like a super
fatty milk or anything like that
right yeah yeah i just
if you've ever had can of butter before
man you know how strong that flavor can
it's like black that's awesome man
i love how cannabis friendly the tea
community is beautiful
they pair very well together they do i
feel like they kind of go
you know it's that same kind of it's got
the same kind of ambience you know what
i mean
like passing around to do like sitting
around the t table you know what i mean
super dig the idea of having like a
communal cbd
intentional space where you sit for 45
minutes to
take re-infusions of a nice artisanal
bud that's been that everybody
we're here cbd space phone's off
great appealing way to yeah i like that
that's awesome left yeah i like you say
i think i'm gonna put a basket by my
front door i've been wanting to do this
for a while but like
i'm gonna put a basket on my front door
for my friends it's like put your phone
in here
when you come into my house because i'm
tired of you looking at your phone every
five minutes or so you're trying to chat
have a good time you know what i'm
saying somebody comes over my phone's my
last priority
you know then i got a couple of friends
who like as soon as the conversation
lulls or
maybe right in the middle of it
slack sound effect that just like a
trigger to attention
yeah yeah especially in the citizen
slack turn that shit off
yeah no no definitely definitely um so
it's slack and discord from different
ones i'm enthralled
and it stays on silence so like the the
only way my cell phone gets my attention
is if i give it to it it doesn't get to
pull my attention anymore
same that meant all was on vibrator it
never shut up
so i'll feel it in my pocket but it
definitely won't be like ding ding ding
ding in the background
have you noticed if your communication
has dropped like are you forgetting to
reply to people or are people becoming
you know impatient with you replying
immediately to them
no see there you go so turn your
notifications off
the healing process
honestly i think more than anything i'm
able to like be more present
because i'm not like looking at a
message and being like cool i need to
remember to respond to this later
like when i see the message it's because
i'm in a space to respond to it
right yeah very much same i'll pick up
my phone
answer everything on there and then step
away from it for a while
yeah so a couple times a day like i go
right instead of my correspondence
unless i'm like waiting on something
specific and then
i'll make an exception for things
i forget who it was in our group that
through the station between uh phones is
distraction versus
sitting at a terminal to actually get
stuff done and interact and execute
you know so much of the stuff i think i
should be doing on my phone it doesn't
need to be done on my phone i don't need
that in my pocket
it's just a it's an excuse for a
distraction more than a
avenue to actually get anything done
more efficiently
yeah definitely actually i think i just
posted this the other day on facebook
but if there's a
there's a pascal quote that he says
all of humanity's problems stem from the
fact they can't sit quietly in a room
you know and that's what our cell phones
are they're preventing us from doing
that because any time we're alone or the
malls or you're in a waiting room or
i was just in clinic the other yesterday
everybody that's in there waiting in
line is just like
glued to their phone there's no
conversation and there's nothing going
on you know it's just
it's weird man we can't person sitting
in the chair looking around
like seeing what everybody else is doing
then you're the weirdo
yeah exactly
yeah yeah we just can't be it's hard for
us to be alone with our own thoughts
because we're so
constantly inundated with information
that as soon as that information stream
stops we don't know what to do with
you know well the little voice inside my
head can be an asshole
would rather other people talk to me
than what i'm going to say to myself
half the time
it took me a long time to start
believing the rest of the world as much
as i believe that
going voice inside my head right so
that's the hard thing
yeah it's a anime it's uh called guren
not a whole lot of it stuck with me the
one phrase that stuck with me was the
main character
convincing the other main character
who's altering a conference
said to him uh believe in the me that
believes in you
the source of all my self-confidence is
like okay if you're going to say that
i'll believe in you that believes
me i don't know do the best i can
believe in the being that believes in
that's great yeah so you're like
manifesting all of this like peer
that's incredible you could do that with
when you're feeling at your lowest just
believe in the me that believes in you
like i'm with you now because i i know
that what it feels like to be inside
your head right now sucks
fuel you but that's not the way it is
because i see you believing in me that
believes in you
you got this good
and message hannah obviously sees
something good about me
if his partner's there i mean that's a
good sign
yeah like somebody believes in you
and she's and and she's a pretty and
she's pretty awesome
so if she's awesome and she thinks i'm
yeah we're in the same boat brother
we're in the same boat right
there ash is amazing and i'm i'm
crazy so either i'm amazing too or she's
crazy as hell and i don't notice it but
it's probably
both i would say like that's the beauty
of both yeah
yeah it's reciprocal on both ends yeah
yeah bitcoin and i were having this
conversation last night
you know
i bet you i bet you and bitcoin have
some pretty awesome conversations
yeah that's who i've got if he believes
in me i could do anything
right no one of my favorite art one of
my favorite musicians they uh
they were talking in their in their most
recent podcast and
or not the most recent one but one of
the recent ones and basically
he was talking about like take care of
yourself as if you were your
own child um and that kind of changes
your whole perspective on things you
know what i mean like treat
treat yourself as if you were your
firstborn child
you know and like how much energy
and confidence and love and compassion
and all that stuff you put into that kid
treat yourself like that and but i mean
man that'll make you look at yourself a
lot different
i'm sure definitely felt definitely told
as long as rock needs somewhat outages
and tropes there's the idea of being the
person that your dog thinks you are
the barbecue man with endless kebabs
bacon dispenser
that's elise oh is the bacon you need
i got you so here we go here you go i
got some bacon for you
i've seen the stuff you cooked bitcoin
you may like make him a burger one day
or something i i did
i did and i literally like handcrafted
his own like
mini bitcoin and everything
yeah but i stopped that i went cold
turkey about a month ago
bitcoin is no longer eating human food
it's been an interesting transition for
the house
but that's not good
for me
it's weird though because he's gained
weight so it's making me think that
he was like the the human food was not
good for him you know
right even though i was cooking
everything like whole you know i cook
everything from scratch and use organic
ingredients as much as possible farmer's
market whatever but
yeah there just may be some things that
it's just not good for him so i've
moved well and the cooking process might
have an effect there too yeah
yeah so yeah because i heard yeah if you
dogs human food the most ideal thing to
give them is like raw chicken
but um yeah
not french fries
but you know i've only got one bitcoin
and it's a dog so i can't afford to be
buying him
raw chicken to eat every meal so
yeah i took him off the human food it's
been it's been difficult
um mostly because now i have like a
whole bunch of food when i cook
you just been feeding everything a
little last thing
oh that's a good time
no i am enjoy how much you cook though
that's great i mean
there aren't enough there aren't enough
households to do that kind of thing so
yeah and that's that's why i share it
you know i don't share it to show off
and make people
jealous like i try to do it like an
inspirational way
that right absolutely yeah we try and
cook at least one meal a day at home
so that's great yeah what's your
favorite thing to cook joe
man that's a hard one i've been going
hard on the fish lately
because i've been out fishing in like
all of my free time yeah i've caught
i've caught kept like 40 trout already
this year so
what's that do you ever do ceviche huh
well is that yeah i've had it i've had
it uh
out of salmon but i haven't had a trout
i guess yeah that'd be interesting
yeah try it out you know since you've
got a bunch of fish
it's cool my my friend when i was in the
peace corps in africa my friend
she lived you know uh relatively near to
me i'd visit her she had a lake there
and when it was fishing season they
would catch something that was
kind of like trout it looked like trout
tastes like trout and we made ceviche
from it it was really good
that's awesome yeah
i love ceviche peruvian i like fish just
period so
yeah yeah are you a bacon guy sam
um less so now than i used to be
um i tried doing the whole like keto
diet thing
oh yeah i was doing like eggs and bacon
for breakfast every morning
yeah and it was like really good and
then i went to the doctor
cholesterol's through the roof
oh i stopped that you gotta be careful
with that for sure
definitely well there's got to be some
diversity when you do something like
but you constantly have to change it up
like the smaller a food group that you
eat from the more you need to eat from
all of those things you know yeah
sam last time i went to the the mexican
market a few weeks ago
justin ewan and i got like a big it was
like a two pound bag of chicharron like
fresh chicharron
yeah it's like a body pillow i was like
you could sleep with this thing cuddle
with your teacher
i would too i'm so into it
that was
do you know how many people have said
that to me
fred's a good word
good ones too it's a handy it's a handy
little snack
you know i loved having that on my last
amazing tea race i had that little bag
of t-turn i got in like thailand
and it was like any time i was like
hungry i just need to stave off a little
bit you know i just
crack a little little teacher around it
like went a long way you know
yeah one or two of them goes a long way
yeah it's when you sit and eat like 20
of them you're just like oh my god i
hate my life
but i wish i had that self control
or you get or you get what my mentor
calls um
you know the start choking on the
teacher own dusts
and like dry heaving all the dust
i remember we were at burning man last
year and she warned me about it well
because she told me that
you know her her husband had you know he
he had gotten into the
to their own stash before we had left
for black rock city and
and and he was choking all night and and
i'm like i never heard of that
she's like yeah you know when you're
chewing it and you're eating a bunch of
them the dust starts to accumulate in
your dust
your your throat and at some point you
start to choke on it and it's just like
this vicious cycle of coughing and
then she starts doing it and i'm
freaking out
like i feel like i'm gonna have to like
resuscitate her or something you know
she's like having trouble breathing and
her face is like turning red and purple
and i'm just like so worried about her
and when it finally calms down
she just starts crunching again
it sounds like a great thing for burning
we can't wait to choke on some dust so
you need to help it out
and not playa does this is uh authentic
pork dust
you know
go into it
tony are you a burner as well uh
adjacent but i've never been
um my exposure to the community culture
comes through
the intentional community space um
when i was like 18 ish
at the 18 i tried to join an intentional
community down in virginia
had a lot of exposure to the
space um ended up rejoining
muggle world and doing a whole
other thing for a while and then
recently re-connecting with my roots in
the intentional community space
so burner is jason some other
communities intersect very strongly
yeah but uh i'm worried that coded
is going to steal my opportunity to ever
experience a burn
like full scale yeah it's definitely
going to be different
my uh friends up north in the anderson
valley they have a potential community
up there
they host seasonal events retreats clear
focus programming things of that sort
and kobe completely completely just
eviscerated their event calendar of
and now they're trying to figure out how
to change their business model to stay
relevant and you know afloat yeah
events of that sort and at any scale
it's gonna be a tough space for a long
what was that i want to go to burning
man with jeremy
you guys could make a cool camp i mean
i'd i'd be down to help you guys out
we could make like a we should make like
a church or something
could be fun
everybody's already there suffering
the church of suffering that's what our
camp can be called
oh man as far as what i have figured out
from burning man is 90 of your energy
goes into surviving
you're ready yeah if you can survive and
have energy left
then you get to have fun
under your fingernails that's all you
are right yeah
legitimate dirty hippie
yeah there's like a calling going on as
far as the festivals go i think though
you know it's like the real ones are
probably going to survive
and they're the ones that should be
here i guess let's put it that way and
there's going to be a lot that just
don't come back
i feel like well the the intention and
the gatherings will still happen they
may be happening on a smaller scale
and more fragmented which is better
anyway you know
right it's more potent that way i
completely agree
it's better that way because when you
get you know
like a hundred thousand people all
together in one spot it's just
madness you know the energy is they're
becoming very volatile in certain ways
i mean it's great it's powerful but not
when it's not directed
and i think that's where we're at with
our festivals it's just like let's just
party you know what i mean it's just
everybody going crazy
all at once when you get a smaller group
of people together you can all have that
kind of like same intention going into
and it becomes a more more of a sacred
ceremony than a party
the big ones are definitely definitely
my gateway that i wouldn't have gone to
lightning in a bottle had i not gone to
coachella i wouldn't have done the
symbiosis had to knock on the
lightning in a bottle i wouldn't have
discovered tea had i not gone to
symbiosis i wouldn't have met elise had
i not done that
i don't want coachella to die but
oh i don't think it will well everything
has to expire eventually anyway
you know what i mean that's the best way
to look at it if it's time it's it's
time if it's not then great be grateful
if it is then great be grateful you know
be grateful to go at all doors closed
other doors will open
right absolutely or maybe a window or
yeah yeah
i think that's true with a lot of things
like festivals organizations clubs
everything like that is that they're all
going to shrink
and they're all going to become more
concentrated and if it's worthwhile
it will so there's actually going to be
sort of almost like a revolution in the
next five years because everything's
going to shrink become really
super concentrated and then the message
will come
in a much clearer kind of purer way so
the new recruits will have a better
understanding of what this
what everything's really all about so
completely yeah
that is part of the natural
fire process the excess and
fertilizes the soil for new growth right
and the more dead wood that's been
laying around for a long time the bigger
the fire
and i think that's where we're at is
the thing about if you don't we have
this thing about
don't like we're so attached to
everything going on forever
and you need from a life to it once to
everything you know where
it's after that prolonged like never let
go of anything
and what happens if you take that
metaphor of the dead wood as it all
builds up and builds up and you know if
you take a forest for example like out
in our forest
it burns off every once in a while in
certain spots and that's a good thing
and if we don't let it burn off for too
long it will burn off so
badly that nothing will come back for
a long period of time you know it'll get
hot it will just absolutely incinerate
and so we need to like intentionally
burn things off and be okay with it so
that it's a small fire
you know things can grow back
but this isn't exactly a kind of a
controlled burn
no this is a once in a century purging
absolutely this is that big fire that
i'm talking about yeah
a little bit by a little bit we're like
no keep it all around keep it all around
accumulate accumulate
yeah and then we end up like beiru
oh shit
um yes jordan
jordan is yes you knew exactly what i
was talking about that is awesome
yeah a friend of mine introduced that
concept to me
yes that
and and like that song and or the the
mix that
he is linked in that is just like really
so when you start oh yeah check out the
link for sure
that's awesome man
yeah it's been very strong in my
in my consciousness it's
really interesting as well like i live
in an area like
an area on the outskirts
that very much like surrounded by at
this point a lot of like
right up front and
the i mean we're in the middle of fire
watching helicopters dump water on a
less than a mile from here
fucking scary sometimes and yeah it gets
you thinking and
every time that happens we
take two more loads this salvation army
throw out a whole bunch of shit
yeah yeah we have regular forest fires
around here too man they're
they're a reality check there's a really
bad one in the town that i'm from
oh this has been over 10 years ago now
there's nothing i used to fight wild
and there's nothing like standing next
to that i mean it's just one of the
craziest experiences you'll ever see in
your whole life standing up
you know 50 100 yards from a wall of
100 foot burning trees you know what i
mean it's just
absolutely insane
yeah exactly and that's kind of what we
got going on you know like
symbolically or metaphorically in our
culture right now
that's why things are so wild you know
it's just untamed chaos if you will
because we had so much order
okay so uh sam how are the fires around
you right now
i think last time we talked you were
saying that there was you know some
i mean last week there was hang on
last week
you see you see that white house and
then the rocks up behind it
yes yeah if you you might not be able to
see it but like
those rocks especially on the left side
are all covered with fire retardant
that whole hill stop most of that
hillside burned last week
damn yeah these just all
pink basically yeah
and then like we were we were not super
about that like coming our direction but
we were concerned about like that field
right out there
yeah i think catching some ash or
that's right the biggest concern yeah
those spot fires can just
turn into whole new fires themselves
so it was yeah it was last
friday was uh it was not the most fun it
was very noisy
um crazy man but so far so good
yeah um
basically like now through
october november
last year we had a scare
in like mid-october
that's about fire season for us too
so fortunately fortunately it hasn't
been very windy
um winds will probably kick up more next
and even though the heat will die down
winds are gonna
are really the problem
so vegas for the past like three days
has been extremely hazy
and someone was saying that's like fire
it's from the fires
so i don't know where those fires are
are coming from but
i mean it looks kind of hazy where you
are too is that is it still pretty hazy
around there or is that just
full clear sun oh it's gotta still be
smoking out there
yeah for the most part we're actually
having we're having a really
nice day like i'm sitting out here
because it's only like
in the low 80s oh lucky you we're
like only in the low 80s man that's
dude we've had a
run of like really nice weather the last
two days
and i'm like i'm gonna sit outside and
have tea because i haven't done that in
and i'm not going to get to do it for
yeah no it's hot today i think we're at
like we're at like 113 or something like
oh my god
dude 85 is a hot day around here
we do break a hundred and you know we've
gotten we get
we usually we break 100 at least a
couple of times a year but
at like 75 i'm like all right chill out
you know
and then come from 85 i'm like cranky
you don't want to be outside
i'm not that guy so
no it says it's 81 here
and it looks like neck is just going to
be like in the
upper 80s up to low 90s that it's
actually like
that's really nice yeah it does sound
i remember when i was growing up in the
mojave desert
i'd rather have dry heat over anything
i'd rather have 113 with zero humidity
like 90 with 90 percent humidity oh for
so it's you know the midwest is really
deceiving oh it's nice it's 80 degrees
outside and you go outside and like
your shirt just sticks to you yeah
you even reach your car
yeah it was the whole eastern side of
south dakota is too but
yeah in the black hills it's really
we're like in like great plains
territory so it's super arid out here
it's super dry
so some days it'll be fairly humid i
like right next to the creek so it's
super humid in my house usually but
i knew a teacher growing up he was from
and when he moved out to the desert he
actually talked about how great it is to
be in 100 degree weather
because there's no humidity and he says
basically you have two choices in your
life where you live in the united states
you're either going to be flash fried or
slow broiled
what would you want
and i'd much rather be a flash ride
i'll just move to hawaii and be sent
i'd rather go into the freezer and not
be cooked at all
oh really oh my god i'd rather be hot i
much rather take heat over cold i'm the
complete opposite i
love it when it's cold man the cold
doesn't bother me you can only take so
many clothes off
right that's what i would say you can't
take your skin off but you can put as
many clothes on as you want
so like living where you guys are at if
you didn't have air conditioners
you'd all be dead you know what i mean
like hey no i lived with that ac
for a week and a half fair enough
i i heard that story yeah it's possible
but it's a sweaty it's a sweaty
yeah well especially like as cock asians
you know we're not
like necessarily quiet
you know we're not built for that yeah
we're just not you know you see these
like these like hispanic guys up on the
in like 95 100 degree weather and just
killing it they're just fine you know
what i'm saying
i'd be a piece of bacon up there in
about half an hour
know so
i do remember i do remember being
without ac in the desert and
my and my grandmother what you would do
is that it was old school techniques and
they work great you get up you get a fan
and you get a bowl full of ice and you
set it in front of the fan
and we all huddle around it
seems like at least there's some
inventiveness that comes out
in times of distress yeah so as long as
your freezer is working you're okay
and you have a fan that's operational
you'll you'll survive
a few weeks
it helps yeah for sure and it's just
like having moist air moving
that's not hot
yeah i don't know there's like there's a
piece about
the winter that i probably like more
than like temperature aside
i really like fall and winter because
the world slows down
things get quiet you know i mean it's
there's a there's an ambience and a
calmness to it that you
can't find in the summer that in the
summer things buzzing
you know um just in general whether it's
your culture or the actual nature or
whatever but everybody's just go go go
if you live somewhere that like really
snows in the winter everything just
nobody's doing anything we're spending
time at home with our family
cooking food
go outside
then there's the one guy standing out
there while it's snowing and he's
tightening and barbecue
i've been i'm i'm pretty much that guy
yeah i'll step out there and like my
shorts and my live theater you know and
neighbors are like what are you doing
i'm like my you know
80 degree house 70 degree houses are
right behind me i'm fine like i can
handle being out
in the you know 20 10 degree weather for
a minute you know i can just walk right
back in people like what are you doing
my house is right there i'm good i'm
just getting that like i like that
transition when you walk in from
like smoking hot and into your
air-conditioned house and you're like
you know or the other cold fun
what's that
get out get out of the spa and jump in
the freezing cold pools
yeah it's like so refreshing and alive
remember being in vegas when i was
younger and
i you get it's like i got so nauseous
and lightheaded walking down the strip
because you know this is like high
summer so it's like 120
and then you can see the vapor rising
off the asphalt
but the problem is how the how parts of
the strips are designed is that they
move you in and out of casinos
but every time you walk into a casino
you get that cold blast and you're in 70
yeah you exit out the casino you're at
so you spend an hour going from 120 to
70 like you're just like body shock
the whole way by the time you make it
halfway down the strip you're about
ready to pass out
a lot of people they yeah colds here
because of that
you know tourists when they visit here
because of the ac and on abc
you know they they get colds yeah i can
see that
it's not the circulating coronavirus
there yeah now they're getting coveted
it's straight up just covet time now
dude it's so crazy motley the motley
fool put out an article yesterday
where they like broke down the numbers
like the timeline of vegas is shut down
and then you know layered the numbers of
our spikes and
everything on top of that and it's just
like it's ridiculous that our casinos
are open like the other day our governor
did an announcement to update us
that you know there's there's no changes
we're still in the same
you know phase two or whatever they call
which just means that bars are closed
that's all
you know andorra dining works uh
the casinos are all open but bars are
closed like bars inside a casino are
closed but you can still
like sit at the the slot machine and
order drinks there's still cocktail
waitresses going around
um and then the governor was like
someone asked about
like what would be the tipping point
like what is his measure
of when it's time to shut down the
and he like totally evaded the question
so it's very obvious
very obvious that there's no intention
uh to close the casinos
um and then no wide open here
so but like our casinos are so big and
they house
thousands and thousands of people and
people fly in from all over the world
you know especially california and
arizona which are
you know very active locations now
and then the governor goes on to say he
evades the question and then he goes on
to say and you know it's
it's these like family gatherings that's
causing the problem
you know a family of 12 people get
together and if one of them has it then
they're all going to get infected and
i'm like are you kidding me
i'm pretty i'm honestly i i don't know
for sure but i'm
pretty certain that the sturgis rally is
going to be
the biggest human gathering since
it is oh for sure yeah i think even
even uh internationally not even just
like in the world yeah yeah absolutely
that's so cool
that's so cool you're right there just
chill driving taxi
yeah yeah
if i keel over in a few weeks i mean you
know what happened
you should be wearing your biohazard
suit you should just go all in
i'm all about i don't know man
that's a tough subject to preach i'm all
about exposure so
i really am i'm on that side of the
fence so i don't wear a mask or anything
you know there's seven different there's
seven different versions
of the virus here in las vegas i'm sure
yeah for sure well that's the problem
the numbers are all funky because
everything gets
so many different things get lumped into
those numbers you know
if you test for the antibodies or you
know what i mean you're just
and then you die they're like oh you
died of covet and it's like oh man
you know even if you had other health
conditions my friends
my friend's grandpa just recently passed
away and he had
health issues and has for the last few
years and they straight up classified it
as a cove death
and he did not not die of cope
sure it could be an interesting deal
they're putting like sanitizing
stations downtown as if that's gonna
matter you know what i'm saying like
you walk downtown and you're just
covered in human body fluid you know
there's no getting away from it you know
pass off host to elise i have to run i
have a 3 30
that i need to jump into but the room
is still totally active so continue
enjoy don't know what happened tony
i think it sounds like his phone ring or
okay i'm sure he'll be back
but joe it was great to see you
absolutely same brother
it's good to see you they stay safe
that is the plan safe enough stay
yeah absolutely jeremy
it's always good elise always wonderful
thank you see you later sam i will catch
you guys in a little bit
all right yeah it's
it's gonna be a it's gonna be an
experience around here that's for sure
so joe you say that you're all for
like that's your consent for yourself
what about
like if people around you don't consent
to that exposure
it kind of depends on the situation but
uh we are
our vans are all equipped with maps if i
get somebody in the van that's like i
want you to wear a mask i'll put one on
you know what i mean i'm not gonna be
um and we have hand sanitizer and all
that stuff we're loaded you know what i
mean but our boss isn't requiring
you know it's just like up to
everybody's own personal judgment
yeah i mean around here it's like
probably 60 40 split as far as wearing
masks yeah
and i would say 60 of people aren't
wearing masks around here
but that the game is going to be totally
different with all these people coming
in you know what i mean
right so right absolutely yeah that'll
be very interesting
it will be very interesting i got like
walking pneumonia last time my
last reality after all
i got super sick last time one of my
co-workers got it
and then my body was i did no
preparation beforehand i was like yeah
working all these hours and then right
at the end
two days i was out for like a week or
like five days
but um
but uh this year i've done a lot more
work and i'm a lot healthier than i was
so i've been
i don't know i say i say i'm all about
exposure but it's more of like
i'm all about the intelligence of nature
i know people are like oh that's
reckless and this and that but
i don't know yeah i mean i i get it too
like i'm all about biodiversity i mean i
think that that's another way you could
put it right
right absolutely so there's that but
then there's like
there's other conditions right so
there's epidemic going on
and then additionally like with like
increased number of vectors you know
your intuition may change
you know about it once you know once you
start interacting with so many different
people your intuition may start telling
you okay
maybe i got enough diversity for the day
right right absolutely well it'll be go
home take a shower
you know yeah clean yourself up you know
take some good immune herbs
like eat well eat fresh you know that
kind of stuff
it's it's really up to me yeah
so but yeah it's all about it's all
about that intuition
it's all about listening you know yeah
if you if you presume
something to be concretely
true then you are also assuming that it
can't change
and i don't i don't believe in doing
that you know i feel like you gotta you
gotta stay
dynamic um with the way that you
approach things
so you know tomorrow i wake up and i'm
like this is weird you know what i mean
i will listen
to that yeah yeah yeah i would think
that like my
personal um response to the pandemic
like my own boundaries that i've made
here in the context that i am would be
different if i wasn't in las vegas like
if i was in a small town
you know my boundary would be much
different but i'm in las vegas
i you know am interacting with some
people working in service
right and those folks are interacting
with a very large number of vectors from
all over the world right definitely all
over the country
for me personally i don't ever think
that that was not
some sort of threat in the first place i
think this is only just bringing our
our attention to the fact that stuff
like this happens
we've just focused in on one thing
that's happening right now
you know what i mean like how many times
has this happened and we've never really
you know what i mean like we never we
never did this whole big
shebang because of it it's like we are
interacting with people from other parts
of the world and you know it's like if
you go to live in
like another country or something
they're gonna want you to have your
vaccines and all that stuff
you know i mean some countries require
it right
and it's kind of the same thing you know
we're constantly interacting with
especially in places like where you live
and where i live where it's a big
tourist community you know you're
dealing with people from all over the
constantly um and then we've been
exchanging that stuff forever
to think that this is the first time
that this has happened is
i think it's narrow excited i think
we're making a really big deal out of
what's going on not that it's
not serious but it's it's a reaction to
it that has
propagated it into something very much
more dangerous
and we're also damn afraid of everything
you know
i don't know it's a touchy subject for
most people
yeah hey but that's what the purpose of
this is you know
right absolutely like last week jeremy
jeremy was saying some pretty good stuff
last week about
you know what is love i thought you were
going to go into like a love ballad or
something after you'd said that jeffy
i think there is actually i was
listening in on that one
yeah we're like living in a time where
people are afraid to love each other
you know absolutely well i think we're
confused on what love actually is
you know um i think love is more of a
it's more of a sense of respect and
almost like
awe than it is this possessive
romantic um attachment
when you associate with that word you
know or like i love you
you know what i'm saying it's like it's
very clingy kind of like
that's what we associate with the word
love but i think it's much more of uh
you know when you really love somebody
and you step back and look at them
you're just like
wow that's all you can think you know
it's all your brain
death you're just like oh wow like this
is an amazing feeling and i feel like
that's true love right there
and it's the same way for yourself for
other people it's the same way for
the same way for the tea experience you
know the same sense
wondering the amazingness this whole
deal i feel like that's that's what love
really is i feel like we're
disconnected from that
you know we see it as romance we've done
that for
centuries now i think you were on the
right track earlier when you were
talking about
seeing yourself as your own child
yeah um because essentially it's like
when you love someone you want the best
for them right no matter what it is
no matter it's because so what that
means is that love is not always love
can be harsh
and love can be sometimes we come across
as rude and insensitive but if your
intention is right and if your motives
are right then
it can you know it is love right
um because you know what you everyone
knows this
you always go back to the it's like you
always go back to the golden rule right
treat your neighbor
like yourself but
there's um there's multiple
it was said in many different ways the
woman i like the most
is what it translates as whatsoever you
people do to you you do to them and what
that does is
force you to actually think
about what do i want and when people
really think about what they want they
want people in their lives to do the
best for them
they want to be surrounded by people who
are always helping them people who are
always loving people who are
always you know searching up the best
to help them so that's the person you
have to be for everybody else
right to the point of where you're not
just pleasing everybody but you're
encouraging them
yeah and it's hard because a lot it's
like a lot of people skip over that
first step
you really have to ask yourself what do
you want
like who is the person you want to be
yeah and if and everybody will say the
same because last week we kind of talked
a little bit about how
the one thing everybody hates is to be
yeah i thought it was completely
betrayed that was the way that yeah
yeah yes and that's it so
basically you are a benefit to everybody
else because that's the people that you
want in your life
so you have to become that person yeah
you want people to tell you but that
involves a lot of stuff that's a lot of
it's a lot of dealing with yourself
which i don't think a lot of people want
to do or that they don't have the
energy or the courage so i mean
courage i really do yeah to actually
look at yourself
and not be afraid of saying
man this is i'm not a good person
i'm doing this wrong it's it's the
courage that few people i think are
i mean i think it's the courage and more
and more people are lacking
to actually not be afraid to look at
yourself and not see what you want
absolutely yeah that's
it it takes a lot it goes back to that
you know spending time in your dinner in
a room by yourself
alone um in a quiet you know
uh people don't like doing that they
don't like hearing that
what comes up when there's not stuff
coming in you know
and that's enough that's what you need
to sit with you know
like what do you want you know how much
is enough like what it actually
is your definition of a
full uh worthy worthwhile
life not a happy day
that takes some real introspection like
you said
yeah because at some point you're right
because no one's perfect which means
that at some point you're going to have
to look at yourself and be
horribly disappointed yes
and that'll be the best moment in your
oh yeah see step one you've got to come
to that realization
step two is now you gotta work on it
you know absolutely well i look at it
like humility comes first
and getting all that um and then comes
acceptance or forgiveness if you will so
you have to be
okay with it you know what i mean you
can admit all your problems but if
you're not okay with them
you're gonna fall apart you know what i
mean you're gonna where you're gonna
hang it
that way but if you actually forgive
yourself for
all of the stuff that you've gotten
yourself into and the stuff that you've
done to other people um that's a really
profound thing
that's a really profound transformation
it will completely change the way you do
everything else in your life
all of a sudden you'll see that same
thing in everybody
so when somebody's actually doing
something evil
if you will you'll put yourself in those
shoes and you'll be like okay
like they don't realize what they're
doing that they did
they would be doing it you know yeah so
it's i've done enough bad stuff in my
life you know
to never forgive yourself ever for it
doing it makes a big difference
and and and i think almost every time
when you're prepared to
sort of do that work everyone's going to
find out that you can't do it yourself
right you you're gonna need other people
oh yeah absolutely yeah and so it's it's
a whole lot of steps
it's courage it's humility it's
it's you know it's it's selflessness
and you know you you don't see it
you know it's there it's not like it's
completely absent
it's just we're not seeing it
i think we're seeing it less and less
um i feel like in a position to see it
in the first place and now things have
gotten so bad that we're actually seeing
it one by one
but it's very it's a slow process one
one of my favorite artists says it's
all at once but one by one you know so
we're not seeing this big
movement of everybody getting together
and like
self-reflection and that kind of thing
it's one person at a time
won't ever be this big group because
that's not what it's supposed to be
it's not supposed to be this big
movement you don't do it with a million
like i'm gonna work on myself you know
what i'm saying that's not working on
you know movement of or like uh you know
community of people doing the right
thing but i don't think that's how it
works i think it's just a one-at-a-time
sort of thing so you're gonna see
you know three people in your life your
entire life
working on that stuff yeah three new
people at every moment in your life
you're just gonna be like wow cool
you know yeah and you know
it's it's like going back to what we
were talking about earlier about
being like the concentration right
so so all the groups that we're going to
discover are the most worthwhile and the
most beneficial to people they are
they're going to become
super concentrated they're going to
become smaller and smaller and smaller
and then they're going to become much
more effective
and grow out in a way that's going to
affect more people
than where they start than where it you
know they know where they are now
because it is it is it's like one at a
time or just a few
oh his audio went out yeah
jeremy we lost you buddy and he can't
even hear us huh
i don't know yeah i mean he's still
talking so he obviously doesn't hear us
like i don't know as i do it
just like the last 20 seconds yeah
oh that like i was just talking it's you
people talk about the micro and the
macro you kind of hear that
and it's all about the micro
like let's not worry about the macro
let's not worry about that now
if the micro is strong enough if the
face to face
is productive enough then it'll become
like you know we'll see the the results
of it in the
macro right
you know
it's all about what happens face to face
person by person yeah one one
small movement at a time that's been so
big about like doing doing what i do
you know i could be doing this massive
project trying to get to as many people
as possible but
i have a much more potent impact on
my community you know and the people
that i can actually reach
you know widespread information like i
wouldn't be having conversations that
weren't for widespread information
yeah um but
but nonetheless it's like that you
really at least
put intention into your community rather
than just
focusing on on the widespread
information kind of like with
elise but you do you know you you
definitely are very involved in your own
but you're also putting energy into
the uh the larger picture and i think
that balance
either it's a priority you know you have
to prioritize and
i think for everyone you gotta
start you know first it's family that
it's community
then it's you know state and then
country and then world
you know um all of those things are
important all of those things
are us and who we are but you know i
think that it's completely valid to
uh prioritizing yourself first right
it's yourself
within your family then your community
one thing is done i think we're getting
way ahead of ourselves because our self
is so hard and we can spend the rest of
our lives
working on ourselves just like we have
no time to get to the next person
yeah so you just have to prioritize you
know not not forget
and neglect but just understand you know
and at each turning point at each step
you take in life making a decision
you know kind of registering the scores
on everything and saying okay i'm going
to step in this way
and then step in this way and in that
my my buddy uh from grad school
started a um like a mind um
what's he call it
in like a mind hacking kind of framework
and uh he's actually a neuroscientist so
you know he's backing everything he does
with work but he's also like a yogi
and so he uh likes to take
more holistic approaches to to
than just thinking about
pharmaceuticals or whatever that's
usually how people think of it
and he does corporate retreats and
corporate counseling
for like executive level groups uh
on like collaboration and brainstorming
and it's interesting you know because it
all boils down to these like regardless
if you are
working on your own or if you're working
within a group and trying like if you're
you know an executive level team that's
trying to execute a new strategy
um you're manifesting a new feature
that's what you're trying to do
and so that's what he's like a
manifestation coach and
a corporate manifestation coach and he
brings in like meditation practices
and um it's really cool stuff he's like
the ideal is to get everybody in the
same state of mental focus
body relaxation i'm like hey we could
just drink tea together
um but he he doesn't involve tea and his
practice i'm still trying to convince
him to do that because that could be
you know a cool little like additional
revenue stream for his
business you know to actually sell
products to his clients
uh to aid in the you know
activities that he teaches them um
but he has a really cool activity and
this is more about
personal manifestation which is related
to what you know you guys were so deeply
just talking about
and this activity is cool and i i just
tried it with a friend the other day
that's you know kind of going through a
of like stepping into the next phase of
his life and
um you know just kind of being stuck in
the pain and trauma
of the last phase um but the activity
is to
think of yourself in the position as
that changed person
and like thinking about the feelings
that you're experiencing
in that and then communicating that and
communicating it
so much so that you start really feeling
those feelings
and then magically like you're just
gonna manifest into that person
um and this is related you know there's
people that have done this and written
books about it
i don't know the person's name but there
was a guy that like cured himself of
cancer or something
doing this right there's a lot of power
in manifestation
and um you know so like i tried that
with my friend and it actually helped
him a lot you know i don't think it was
like the cure-all like he's ready to
step in but
it was kind of a cool he he was like
very hesitant to do it
because they required a lot of
vulnerability it's kind of silly it's
i'm talking about feelings that i don't
actually have to be somebody i know
yeah well i was just having this
conversation the other day
exactly what you're talking about
because when you're like
you know you could use the example of
like i want
i want a new car or something and
you're like okay i'm gonna manifest that
i want this new car i'd be so much
better with this new car
and what you're doing is you're
projecting that lack
onto the world you know so you're
projecting you're not
having the car onto the world that's
what you're actually doing you're not
you having color yeah the want of it on
to the world and so you never really
could anymore or you never specifically
never do
get the car because you actually like
push that lock out
for the world
what is enough like we were talking like
what jeremy was saying what do you want
you know figure that out and
embody it yeah don't like want it
forever you know
yeah so yeah i guess one activity for
it is focusing on the feelings like what
will you feel like like not like what is
it going to be like what is your car
going to look like and
not not those kind of details like what
are you feeling
like like and talk about those feelings
like imagine yourself in that place your
car is right here you're looking at it
you're about to go in for your first
drive like what do you feel like
and like focus on that and and make
those feelings your own feelings and
you know you're much more proud and you
already have the feeling of having the
new car and all of a sudden you don't
want the new car anymore and then the
car manifests itself
like it won't like happen overnight
obviously in the instance of a car you
know what i'm saying but
but you realize that you're already full
you already have everything you need
you know you have all of that potential
with you right here right now
you're not wanting anymore you don't
feel like there's this big hole in the
you know you're actually like wow
there are some people who do that but
they don't think big enough
and they have to kind of be walked
through it like a lot of people want a
whoa right yeah
and like i don't want to and then you
know it could be a younger man i want to
be a car to
impress a woman okay well why do you
want that
and then you kind of work through it and
here's like
what the kid realized is that he
wants a family he wants a life in
children so suddenly that aim
went from a car to you know being a
father and a husband
right you know suddenly that that
bigger aim that manifestation
because it could utterly be when you're
looking at a car and all you're feeling
is the stress of
payments right yeah
you know but like you you could be
thinking of stress but
but when you look past that and you
manifest your life out
further and further there could be sort
of a sense of peace
with the most level of responsibility
you have
that full potential you know yeah you
can start small but what
what do you really want yeah what is
that actually it's a it's a symptom
of some deeper longing if you will
yeah and you can go even further we've
got family like a wife and kids and it's
why do you want a wife and kids because
you want to be valued well why don't you
do that for yourself
you know and it's just you know the
light comes on at that point it's like
whoa i can do that for me
you know yeah yeah
totally get it man that's beautiful
all right ma'am well my phone's about to
die so yeah
yeah i know we're at two hours i think i
think we're good this has been a nice
combo it's been good to catch up with
you guys
absolutely the same yeah i've been kind
taking a break from you know doing this
i'm actually setting up a new studio in
my tea room so probably next time we
connect i'll be
i'll be tuning in from the tea room but
yeah i just like allowed myself to take
a break for like a week and it's been
that's beautiful absolutely that
self-care absolutely yeah
not to say i'm not working still but
just taking a break from from doing
these things but yeah catching up with
you guys on thursdays is
always a special treat so absolutely
yeah and i'll be i'll be lost in the
shadow for
yeah good luck good luck to you
yeah absolutely i'll take the blessings
i appreciate that
all right yeah jeremy i got a funny
meme i've got to share with you i'll
text it to you
all right
yeah i can see this is probably going to
be good
we're just too easy to meme aren't we
i don't get it maybe you can educate me
on what it means i just saw it i'm like
oh that's funny it's making fun of
indiana i wanna i wanna know more about
yeah there probably is yeah something
about indiana being dangerous which i
don't understand
but i'll share the meme with you maybe
you'll you'll get it
all right all right guys well have a
great weekend
hope you have a beautiful day and uh
yeah until
peace stay safe everybody

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