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TeadTalks Puer Party or Puerh Party

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on her life i've joined her so
oh it's from uh it's from allah who
indigenous not indigenous like ethnic
are from there from the west uh
yeah west of thailand the city is called
uh and they live like an ethnic group
indigenous people so i spent a couple
with them like uh sleeping in um
bamboo houses and having rice
uh cooked inside it was amazing
uh and then i was there back in january
so they gave me this as a gift so the
guy who's making it
his father is chinese and his mother
which is the ethnic group
and then they're making very delicious
not poor like dark tea
but it's really good and i've kept it
for five years before
uh tasting it and it tastes as delicious
i love it
i thought where is only a yunnan style
of tea
i mean i guess the plants can exist
outside of yunnan and you can process it
in that style
directed myself by saying dark tea yeah
that's why i said poor
actually a dark tea like the method
it's not from poor but it's made the
it's just the same
same genetics too i mean you're just the
plants don't know about borders
you've got these big tea trees moving
one side of the border
border there's like
they have ancient trees there like um
it was like a two-day trekking to go
there i was like
well i got oh my god please take me but
it was january and they can only pluck
it in
april but he sent me some sample i like
i have this
uh old tree ancient tree tea it's
delicious also
so yeah it's an old area for tea as well
i have these uh i have this dark tea
from japan uh that i actually got from
it's bhattavata i bet he knows
way more about this than me but it's uh
it's not a poor of course but it's also
a dark tea
from japan bud i think is very exotic
it's funny but the japanese actually
they they refer
to that type of thing and also goes
often as
which of course you know we know that
but apparently a lot of people use it
loosely to refer to any
dark fermented tea
pedro are those teas typically uh
harvested and processed
from tea trees grown from seed
yesterday butter yes the answer is yes
there is only one guy who still makes
and and it's in um in toyama and
the trees are old and messy and and they
are of unknown cultivars so they just
say side eye
of course and you know they haven't
planted more because there's not much
demand for it for uh
toyama china in the world
that's it they are not they're not
victor freeze they're
they're that are just cold and gnarly
it's probably one of the most
northern growing areas in japan
and uh you know you just don't get the
plants to thrive and become very big
this is the beautiful chest and that it
use it for it
i love it i have you tried priscilla
with with actual poir if you try
cooked pour with uh and you butter it it
turns out
really creamy and delicious oh i will
i will for sure i will you know i love
my chestnuts
and yeah
and and you risk it like you would
no no no no so when you make patapata
what you do is you cook it like like you
would for example for uh for hunan
oftentimes ethnic people just just boil
the hair a lot of the dark tea
so that's what you do with uh with
patamata and then you put it in a bowl
and you whisk it and you create a
beautiful kind of
espresso froth it of course adds a lot
oxygen to your brew now if you try that
with with
actual cookware i think you can make a
really nice drink
completely non-traditional completely
not what you would do with
work but i'm a mexican so i
don't have to follow my grandfather's
tradition oh wait you said you could
make uh you know but cook
and what to make a really good training
okay so
what are you doing there's a cycle from
a place called
in northwest japan yeah and what they do
is they they cook the tati they just
boil it right
right and when you serve it you serve it
in a bowl it's a very
it's a very tall bubble so you can make
comments right
a whisk the whisk is more similar to the
ones that that people used in the song
dynasty so it's not a traditional
japanese chapstick
and if it's linked they are too chasing
like like the one that priscilla just
and then you just just whisk the health
out of your your
your team
like exactly priscilla is showing the
reason why they do it
i was told in toyama was
if all of us are drinking um
the guy who started toyama who was a
monk he was a buddhist monk and he
wanted to create community
right you make a fire because everybody
gathers around the fire
and once you get all the people
gathering around the fire if
you just give them tea and they go away
that's the end of your community you
know they they came they tried to be
they're gone they don't
have a free tea now if you give them a
bowl and a whisk
and and i whisk it and then i give you
the whisk and then you whisk
and then we compare it my whisking is so
much better
so it's not a fat ceremonial kind of
it's just a originally it was it was an
to create community to to do a bit of a
whisking competition
right it also of course adds some oxygen
to your brew and it also of course
changes the texture of the drink right
and i find it pretty fun i find it makes
a very delicious drink when you do it
with either toyama but
or you guys have even a regular chasing
some old chasing
and and you make some cooked pork and
and put it in a larger bowl so try
something like 150 milliliters
just whisk it and and see how it tastes
pedro what what is the butter cha is it
is it a dark tea is it green tea what is
yeah it's the hearty so so it's uh if
you ask the japanese they call it a uh
a port which of course it's not
but the fermentation process is not very
different versus cookware or leo
it's a it's a pile fragmentation okay
now the kind of microorganisms that you
get are very similar to the ones
they're you know some kind of
aspergillus right
that's awesome thank you um i think we
still had a question
are she froze i have a i have a spot
no i have a sample here oh yes i have a
sample here of vatavata
it's mostly uh tea leaves and twix it's
beautiful underneath
i i don't know if if you guys can't see
i see they're very big leaves that's
oh yeah yes yes they are
our big leaves and tweaks also
now i'm curious from uh speaking of
level um
that's a tea i've never really tried but
i've heard it's like
supposedly like the big brother of red
mark from the 1950s
what is it basically why is it so like
heralded and like so good
uh my dad's from hong kong and and he
drank blue about growing up and what he
told me
was that poor is the people who can't
handle lil bao
oh hey wow
all right that's it's it's like
you know how people go and they want to
get the spiciest hot wings at the
right that's no battle but for
earthiness it's just like the earthiest
funkiest darkest
darkest huh as far as the darkest one
i've come across it's like
um what was the imen t habitat told me
oh it tastes like a right who are i'm
okay but hearing this is different
everyone told me it's like so many uh
essence of t said that
their lube all from the 1950s is like
red mark
and i'm like that's a high thing to say
i gotta see what this is about
uh i'll also say it's super gnarly when
it's bad it's the gnarliest tea
like it it's like uh really really
when it's like really low quality
nobody's like really toxic it's gnarly
but good nobow is really good and it is
it is a lot like uh sophomore but just
turned up
oh okay because they were also saying it
they have a three leaf one called uh
that they use for meditation so i'm like
all right i'm looking to key like that
that's what i said really interesting
let's talk if you look in alibaba or
taobao you can get a
wide variety of leo bao a lot of which
of course
is fake and some of it may be real
but uh you know there's a super wide
variety from the
the the one that just stays like dirt
and some stuff that is comparable with
with a really nicely fermented dark one
you know chauffeur yeah okay i had to
check this out because
right when i heard it's like red mark
i'm like and they've offered me
a 1950s red mark for like a hundred
dollars a gram and i'm like
yeah food i don't know about that
it can be good i'm gonna try it yeah
yeah it can be um uh dan i
i used to sell lil bao for like four
years i sold lil bao and then my guy ran
out of that one batch
and he just didn't have anything else
that was good and now i just don't sell
it i just don't have no about now that's
that's like how it is because the the
farmers don't
keep it and the collectors can't can't
keep getting
the same stuff or my guy could not keep
getting the same stuff so that's the
when i saw that um tea was selling it
and they were selling it for oh my god i
kid you not 10 grand is 185 and i'm like
it's kind of steep for me i'm like
stephen is like what if it's not
something i like because i remember
getting a
um it was a wii
and i spent like 30 dollars on it for
like eight grams and i'm like what the
heck is this
this is ridiculous i'm like so i'm kind
of skeptical
can i say something about this yeah go
so i've drank many kilos of leo about
tea from essence of tea
i would say you will not be disappointed
if you buy
the four gold coin 2005 leo bell
it's 175 dollars for a kilo obviously if
you want to buy a sample
that's fine but you know for 175 bucks
i mean it's really good so
2005 for gold coin
oh yes that's pretty reasonable price
man for 2000 that's a very reasonable
and it's better than a lot of right now
yeah 175 a kilo that would be like the
wholesale price
oh that's on their site that's not
oh wow that's really good price man i
would i would try some of that and share
with your friends yeah
i would i definitely would have because
i'm like i'm not i'm not a poster i've
heard many good things about
their smt and they're very trustworthy
so i can't deny that but
but i'm gonna go with what eric said
yeah you're right you guys are right
i'm kind of skeptical i've been
skeptical because like certain
teas are expensive but they're not worth
it's true yeah teavana being one
still pretty good for a kilogram dude
that's not bad yeah per kilogram
really yeah it's a kilo and it's really
good tea i've drank
personally i've drank two kilos of that
particular cheese it seems that you
drank a lot of
lube off from essence of tea have you
tried their 1950s
no i'm you know i i'm not uh
i'm not about to spend that much money i
like tea but
you know you can have a lot of good tea
for not spending that much yeah yeah
yeah well it's just like these legendary
teas i keep hearing about i remember
trying monkey picked oolong for the
first time like what was this
yeah and i was like very over
underwhelmed unlike this not what i was
thinking about
i i get a lot of mileage out of not
spending a lot of money
i've i've just been going through a
couple of the sohang's t's uh
lucky anchor and um
uh i forget the name of the other one
the lucky anchor is really good i'm
really enjoying that team
and it's the first time i've had this
i don't know what the the term is but
where they don't turn it so it's kind of
a surprise each time yeah i'm sure other
i guess we're talking about fermented
tea today right is that the idea
yeah so the what eric's talking about us
that's used to talk about thank you by
the way i'm glad you like that
lucky anchor it's uh it
it has the least interesting name of the
new ones we give them all kind of funny
names so there's like don
cheadle and ormus and bang thang and
look at that but what they are is
they're called yanchangtois
means about the not turned poor is that
uh when you think about shanghai aging
and getting
fermented on its own it's not being no
one's turning that tea
if it's a being if it's even if it's
just a bag of mao cha
no one's turning that teeth by the way
this is this is i'm going into my teeth
my teeth sam did you help pick this me
and mancho and i think sam picked this
in nano mountain that's very gnarly
it's very gnarly and interesting what is
it yeah it's just maucha
it's single tree it's from one tree like
we picked it from whistling tree
how old is the tree you know old we
don't know hundreds of years old
big it was big like climb up in it big
big picture
i don't comment on who our tree age
because it's not super knowable and
get particular about it so i'm just like
it's old it's older than me because like
i've heard
a lot of old ones have a weird character
to them
they do yeah this one does for sure but
um i was saying that you enchanted
the guy who who whose plants these are
leash you win
uh and then eric i mean sorry uh sam and
at least know him
um uh he
he he likes old tour but he doesn't
think that
show poor tastes like real old shanghai
and he likes shopper he does enjoy he
makes it and he likes it he drinks it
but he doesn't think it tastes like old
shanghai and so his his
his analysis and he worked for the daiy
factory for 30 years he's got a lot of
experience fermenting tea
his analysis was that the difference is
that when you've got
poor being woe dwayed in a pile
turned then you're turning it and you're
getting a completely different kind of
environment because
when you're every time you're turning it
you've got a bunch of different
organisms empty about aspergillus and
then you've got a bunch of other stuff
and some of these things form networks
but when you're turning the leaves with
respect to each other you're disrupting
these networks that are formed and
selecting for a micro biome that
contains more of these
non-network forming yeast and bacterias
and fungi and whatever
it doesn't make it bad it's just
different and he concluded that the
in the way that in post-fermented
shopuard taste and the way that aged
shang poor that is naturally fermented
taste is that
this turning of the leaves there's
something about that that uh
reduces the complexity and also you
don't have the opportunity for an
interior and an exterior of the pile to
develop in the same way
so that's um so yeah she's that's what
we show
in he developed this in 2000 when i met
him in 2010
um he had he had been researching this
for two years
and he did not let me buy any for
another three years
you know he would i called it the chunk
tea i was like how's the the toy
doing because you showed it to me you
won't let me take pictures of it either
but it was this big
chunk and it was not like
cake it wasn't like a being it's not
pressed it just grows together and you
break off chunks it looks like
wow that looks nice it's funky
that's right you've got a good setup
eric your stuff looks really nice it
looks like a
promo video for you and chunk right now
uh lucky anger that's yeah that's
fucking good
it's okay i'm buying you convinced me
right there
and they have these the reason they have
these silly names like lucky anchor
lucky anchors the least silly name
there's baba yaga
there's uh cloud cream you know
the reason that these silly names is
because we would buy these
and they all and like like ashish was
saying that even different parts of the
chunk taste different
because they're not homogenized so you
know different
one batch of this is completely its own
unique journey and then once it's done
it's just done forever it'll never exist
again like lucky anchor
there's maybe seven kilos of lucky
anchor that exists and when we're done
with lucky anchor there won't ever be
lucky anchor again there'll be other
teas that might be like bucky anger
but it's not just because they're
different years even two chunks sitting
side by side from the same year from the
same harvest
end up tasting different because of the
way that the microbiome colonizes
chunk it disperses through it it's super
interesting anyway that's your enchant
and his he thinks ishu in the guy who
created this thinks that it tastes more
like old shum
and i have been i i once was mancho
served me at year 2000 shanghai
and uh and and we play a game at the tea
house where no one tells me what tea
they're drinking they make me guess
and i guess it was uh i guess it was a
yuan champoir
uh and because so this was an old
and it tricked me into thinking it was
one of these mentioned for so
anyway it's very interesting i'm glad
that you're digging that uh ashish and
that was a totally
good point to bring up about tea
fermentation because it's
when you think about it the the
mechanical process that choker goes
through is not
the same even you know it's not just a
faster version of what shungkou goes
it's totally different young toy takes
about 80 to
80 to 90 days i think so it's not much
slower than mojoy
but it's really hard to do you can only
do 10 kilos maybe at a time
he's done a few batches bigger than 10
kilos and he has to check on it
five times a day he'll go up and he'll
he covers it in a tarp so you can't turn
it to dry it out
so he uncovers it to let it dry out and
it's sitting in one of those bamboo
or this bamboo panza that you toss the
weeds with it's in one of those so it
on the bottom and he goes and he
uncovers it to fly it out and he covers
back up
you let it get left and there's the dew
there's the ambient humidity and he goes
he sticks his hand in it like three to
five times a day to check the
it's very fine-tuned it's a super
fine-tuned process like i said
for the first uh two two years i knew
him two or three years i knew him he
wouldn't sell me any he would just
let me drink something pictures of
oh he didn't he doesn't compress it
sounds very interesting the problem
sounds beautiful it's it's it's crazy
i wish that's something that's
because i would like to know uh once he
uh he reached his goal with this team
how he uh made it again
how he uh replayed it i mean
because he experimented very tight many
when he reached his goal how uh how he
did it again
you know because bacteria is changing
all the time
and you know weather uh rain
the earth the dirt you know it's
changing every time
so how he um he can repeat the process
he doesn't always repeat it sometimes it
molds sometimes he gets a batch and he
has to throw it away
uh because yeah that's the danger that's
and that's why he tries to keep it he
can do
he's done bigger than 10 kilos but he he
does it only 10 kilos at a time
not just because it's easier to control
but because he'll be
lose uh less tea if it goes bad because
you don't it's like a wood-fired
pottery you know i mean you lose a lot
of pieces in the kiln
yeah it's tricky so yeah sometimes it
doesn't succeed someone's just to throw
it away
and he's done it with gushu cha he did a
very small batch with gushu cha also
but it's it's like you wouldn't wanna
you you might not want to do as big of
like a wardrobe process on gushu
because that's like a lot of tea and
you're making a lot of dust in that
turning process but you preserve a lot
more of the integrity of the tea with
this unturned process
you know what's really interesting about
the this tea too
i've done some work in my life with
and uh this tea has
the energy of the mushroom in it
for for sure like when you drink this
it it has it's like
there i don't know how to put it but
it's obviously not
psychedelically active but
there's some there's some commonality
that they share
some element that is totally mycelial
yeah well wait wait you said that it's
not psychologically active but there's
with it tell me more please
well when we drink when we drink these
teas that have chi in them
right there you may you may be able to
like as we get experience i i feel like
certain energies we can we can break
down and we say oh
the energy of this tea is also in this
tea but each one of them also has other
characteristics that are unique
themselves so there seems to be this
isolated type of energy
that um i mean i'm i'm on my second
sip now and i'm already feeling it
activate in my head
it's like it's uh
it's good that's the technical term
it's good are you not the first person
to say
that yuan shanghua has psilocybin energy
well from the process that you're
where they're not turning the pile and
they're letting
the microbiome develop and connect i
that is what the fungus
kingdom does like on the forest floor
that underneath the underneath the
floor there's this whole network of
fungus that regardless of
whether it's psychoactive and
hallucinogenic or not it's this
network of a living organism
underneath and living inside of
the nature living inside of nature
but it it you know i have chaga and i
have reishi mushroom that i have
in jars that i will put and kind of do
out from
alchemical blends with my chocolate so
i'll put some reishi in or put some
chaga in
so i know what it's like to have
mushroom mixed with tea
like non-hallucinogenic mushroom
but this particularly
is like a solar cybin mushroom not just
turkey tail or lion's name or whatever
there's like an element of this yeah yes
here's something uh
yeah fun i would like to ask you what
what kind of
mushroom do you have in your heat
oh i think i think i confused some
some of you guys were talking about uh
mushroom in your key i think it was fan
i don't have a the whole screen i'm
involved in my phone oh no
um much about that
ashish was talking about that priscilla
yeah i have some chaga
that i'll put in my tea sometimes or
i'll put reishi in
just like a little chunk just to kind of
give it a little bit of that energy
of the of the medicine of the mushroom
oh but right now he doesn't have
mushrooms in his teeth right now he's
drinking a tea that reminds me of
well it more than reminds me it's almost
it literally has the energy in it it's
like it's in there
like and it makes sense why it would be
you know
um you know
so just saying thank you that's awesome
dude i
i i like i said you you other people
more than one other person has observed
that about you and chung chua
uh um in general but lucky anchor ended
up being
probably my favorite out of all the the
four new ones
that we brought in in this past batch
and um i don't even know if it's really
called lucky anger because i
i made those names up you know i mean
like don cheadle and ormus
and baba yaga and lucky anchor those are
the four new ones
we just made those names up and what we
do is we give them names in english and
then we give them names in chinese
we should in doesn't really read english
so we give names in english to give
names in chinese and then when they
send us some they don't send us the
whole 10 kilos or however many kilos at
a time they break off a chunk and put it
in a bag and then they have to label it
and so to label it they don't want to
put the original label in there because
that's the one that identifies it in
their bag
so they copy that but literally
they'll they'll get these and they'll
say like the name in chinese of this tea
of the tea that you're drinking
is is fupai lucky brand is what it is in
chinese it's just like the name that i
gave it
we called it lucky something first it's
definitely lucky something
but they wrote like anger with a
backwards g and like a
like a like just not not even really all
letters and just
in a weird order so i have no idea what
we actually call it in english because
the english name is not lucky brand
it's something else it's lucky anger or
something i don't know i need to go back
and physically see the label that we put
into their bag
of yuen chong choi to read what we wrote
but anyway that's just a fun story about
that particular one to you
probably looks good in tight jeans too
so um eric you were saying that you know
i was wearing
with the essence of t1 and i think the
lucky dragon has a good amount of um
a good amount of uh in it right
oh yeah oh yeah okay um
the four gold coin
that's good that was has been my daily
drink product for like a year and a half
it's pretty uh i would say
um it has a really good profile to it
on the mouth feel it's a very grounding
okay uh it it brews for a really long
time it has really good
longevity to it i have a um
a 2003 leo battle from scct as well that
i also got a kilo of
and that one's good but it's it's a
little bit more like
i'm kind of towards that spectrum of
what you were getting at so hot it's
it's kind of like
getting a little bit more like
earthy like in the forest like earthy in
a sense of like
a little bit gnarly but and that one
pretty much probably has a lifespan
about six deeping but the four gold coin
easily goes for 12. and i do thermos tea
with that
all the time it's just super versatile
i'm like
it's such a great fun
yeah do you guys find that drinking
these dark teas especially in the summer
time is almost like overheating
i i find that i tend to drink more
lighter and younger
shang during the summer time i find that
i need it in order if i eat like spicy
food or like dark meats or something
i really need it in order for like to
counteract a flavor profile
it just just adds more excitement i
guess you could say to it
um i don't i don't see that
of that though about that's interesting
about the weather-wise though
i want to bring up something kind of
related to what we were talking about
earlier around
the uh energetic properties to these
teas and how different they can be
you know like not not just the flavor
profile being so different
t to t but also the energy
and then a shoes for you to bring up
energy related to to mushrooms uh that's
you know that that can be that's a
pretty interesting place on the spectrum
to be and for me
personally um that's not always my
you know for some people it is but you
know for me my
my reaction with that energy is is not
uh where i need to be so
like with that said and and there could
be other energies as well even some that
that are a bit erratic and kind of crazy
and out there
especially with the younger um
the younger shang poor's or with you
know like the funky
fermented pores um
is that something that like vendors
should be communicating
in their like marketing you know what i
mean and
you know i yeah so i kind of want to
bring that up yo this shit's going to
fuck you up
i want to hear honestly and it's like
that's right
like for me
i think uh i have uh sometimes uh had to
uh what kind of reaction is going to
to prove this and different people uh
like a doctor because they are sometimes
in latin america they ask in a in a
way like you know uh sometimes poor has
been sailed
uh sold with the idea that you are going
to lose weight
or something or is going to um delete
your uh your hunger and they they look
for poor
in that way so uh when i talk about who
are with people
i i think i need to explain that it's
not a magic
uh pill that it's going to you know
to delete all the the fat or extra
weight that you have in your body
and that stuff but definitely i had to
explain uh that tea drunk
sensation because it's real
it happens to me and it has uh
some extra some extra uh
things that happens in your body when
you drink water because
it stimulates uh your liver
and your um digestive
uh system so it
it needs to be explained probably uh
some people is very excited to know that
if you
have drink alcohol a lot you will feel
drinking queer or something because
these are
things that uh people knows
or have heard about poor and sometimes
they ask
and in my experience they have
people have asked in like a medical way
and um when people is uh
taking medicine you know like uh trust
non-trade by what i mean it's in a
strictly medical ways like pills for
i recommend my patients to drink
some kind of work because they liver
will be healthier so that's
my experience about explaining people
what what can happen priscilla you
brought up a very good point that um
if you drink more food drunk alcohol
whoever might be a
good alternative i explained yeah
uh foier is very much like fine wine it
you know it's aged it it has very weird
flavors that immediately don't
that'll make you go good already yeah
anything so i had to tell people that
a priscilla is awesome she's also it is
a good alternative to alcohol
as far as like a cultural thing but also
i think what she was talking about is
huawei helps metabolize alcohol
yeah and it helps to reverse the helps
to reverse the effects in china they're
like you know it's they they call it uh
what they call it untying the alcohol
like un
un makes you sober it makes you not
drunk and makes you not hung over
so that's yeah yeah yeah that is it is
exactly what it does because
it is um where it stimulates
the function of your liver and your
gallbladder so it um
dissolves alcohol yeah in the way
all the things that you can even when
when you have eat something that doesn't
feel good
yeah when you drink poor it
helps these uh your liver and your
so you will be healthier and be um
uninfected and for for saying in a way
you won't be infected or uh contagious
whatever you you got from food because
your liver and gallbladder are
working better also um intestines are
working better when you train poor
so it's one of my favorite favorite
medical uh aspects of t4
for my patients especially for those who
are taking
a lot of pills i think i have said it
and um i'm working with uh with a girl
in mexico she has a diagnosis of
and she's drinking she's taking a lot of
a lot and i started working with her
with puerto for taking care of her liver
and gaba oolong for improving
her her sleeping and she is doing great
uh yeah yesterday
uh it wasn't a month since we
since we started drinking wear with her
and she sent me her laps and her
liver is doing great so i'm so happy we
are working in that way with her that's
good to hear that's amazing to hear
she's a great she's a great girl she
deserves a better life than
you know being under medication all the
time and she has discovered tea
because sometimes during consultation
she asked me how to prepare
how to you know get good water and stuff
and she's getting calm also uh
getting introduced and the way to
prepare tea about
patients and stuff and it's helping her
so with her anxiety so it works in
very beautiful ways
that's amazing here
hi oliver nice to meet you are you are
you youtube oliver
awesome i don't know if your audio is
working sorry i just wanted to to shout
you out and welcome you to the party
yeah so as long as we're at
a a quick pause now is usually about the
time that we would break out into
breakout rooms
um i think in a large group of
18 people right now which i must say is
freaking awesome um there might be
people that would like to and wish to
speak that aren't getting the
opportunities to
and the best way for us to include
everybody is to split up into breakout
so thank you thank everybody for
all of their participation um
and i'm gonna send us out into breakout
rooms now if you guys don't mind all
right cool
uh i sam sam i'm sorry i
i really don't want to but i have to go
because uh i have uh patience in 10
and i have like five you know uh
kobe this uh freaking out people so i
keep with my patience
thank you very much for this poor party
it was great
i enjoyed it very much and i was so
happy to
to get all my career around and to
listen to you guys and learn about your
experiences has been
a very enrichment for me i'm sorry i
have to go
but uh i have to go with my patients so
i won't be in
the groups but thank you very much love
you all
thank you priscilla thank you i'm all
drinking the tea
even with my patients i drink my tea it
can't it calls me down
yeah awesome see you guys
thank you everybody for coming and i'm
we'll we'll get split up we're gonna go
into three rooms this time
okay three rooms wow
bye see you love you all
i like to put a little seed out there
while we're all getting ready to get
into their our breakout rooms but
uh i want to know if we can come up with
like a common term
for the folks that are constantly
chasing the
the poor high like the crazy extreme
um you know you know those folks are out
i don't think we have a name for them
you know
probably try because i'm one of them so
yeah i don't want to mention one but um
i don't know if you know him yanchu
for his website he calls it uh junkie
well i think we need something better
because it's just like
not chasing the dragon but um
because that that's heroin yeah i know
awesome elise you and pan are in the
same room
all right we're going to get some so
you'll be able to discuss that plenty
crusaders the the two
oh no that's mean um
breakout rooms are not working are we
not are you guys not seeing something
that says breakout rooms on your screen
um no i haven't seen it again oh my gosh
did i i broke my zoom room broke out
must have been all those crusaders came
and crusaded your resume room
uh this is disappointing
i messed up and i don't think there's a
way that i can get it working without
having to restart without everybody
having to rejoin and that sucks
yeah that does that because then we'd
have to sign up through that eventbrite
page again too
no you could mask it now
you rejoin using the same link okay the
where am i storing this link where am i
saving this link on my notes on my phone
i think i have it here let me just see
wait so it's the same like every time
i'll go make a bitly link this is really
going to make sam happy
um please please use
the mythos link because if we do have to
change the zoom room
that's the way that i can change it and
if everybody is going to the lobby that
i have built on mythos
that's going to be the key that's what i
so i just shared a mythos link in the
group chat
that that's the link to bookmark it
it says click here to join when you
click there to join it launches
zoom it doesn't take you anywhere else
that's the link to bookmark okay i do
appreciate everybody that does go
through the registration process at
least once because that's what gets you
into an email database that lets me let
you know when we're doing awesome shit
um as long as we're kind of in this meta
talking about doing awesome shit elise
do you want to talk about
next thursday oh yeah so next thursday
we're doing
a rebroadcast of the virtual tea
uh with uh with select presentations not
the entire thing
uh but uh we're gonna be doing it for a
new audience so we're targeting the
community uh and and uh broadcasting on
uh that'll be from 8 a.m until 2 p.m
pacific and then at 2 p.m we'll be doing
the t
talks as normal but because we're gonna
have this engaged audience from the
virtual tea festival we are expecting
um a pretty big crowd and um
my goal i know maybe it intimidates sam
that i make such ambitious goals but
my my goal is to have 100 people in the
in the tea talks i mean we're not that
far away today what 18 that's
that's not too much different yeah so
um yeah go ahead sam so using
this awesome mythos tool what i've gone
ahead and done
is built a choose your own adventure
virtual tea house
so last time we did this people had to
come into my room
and i had to manually assign them into
breakout rooms
here i can send them to this link they
can choose
that they want to learn more about tea
they get a fun little fact about tea
then they can decide that they want to
learn more about gongfu cha
and that puts them into a room with
sohan for example
so the idea here really is for
our guests in this tea house to have
the power to choose where they go
what room they sit in what tea server
they have tea with
um if you guys would be interested in
hosting a room
let me know my goal is we if we're going
to have 100 people then we want to have
10 to 15 tea rooms
so if you're interested in hosting a tea
send me an email we'll get you i'll get
you all set up here in the virtual tea
house so that people can find you
and let me know what you want to what
you want to
discuss in your room how your room's
gonna work
and it's really gonna be up to you
i want this to be an opportunity for you
guys to hold the space the way that you
want to hold it
um does anybody have any questions about
no actually it'll come up i know that
of course what do you think about uh
slightly more like off-base tea rooms i
have a friend who runs a circus tea
that they have been showing up to some
like tea events i've already been in
touch with travis sigwa
it's not even travis sigley that's funny
i know right
a different circus tea house i guess i'm
i'm all for it like really i
i think we were i was chatting with
elise last week and the idea that t
is like the ultimate space holding tool
so i'm all for a variety
of t spaces yeah anything yeah i mean
you saw that choose your own adventure
yeah you can go
in in all types of directions and the
more diversity the better
because yeah we are we're gonna be
bringing in
uh so many different people and the
people that are gonna be coming to this
one next week
it's a whole new crowd so this is not
the typical like instagram followers and
facebook followers and like t
festival people that we're all kind of
already intertwined with this is going
to be the reddit community which is
pretty like
anonymous and diverse so um
you know i i think like the more
diversity we have and and our offerings
and the rooms the
the better that's true if we have it if
we have a
circus tea room then we can go to the
circus community on reddit and tell them
that the circus tea room exists
that sounds right when uh when is this
event again next week this is a week
from today
yeah same time same time the the tea
talks so the the virtual tea festival
will be running kind of all day
from 8 am until 2 p.m and that will be
to twitch um you know and we're going to
cross-promoting it across different
subreddits um you you
all are welcome to join anybody welcome
to join and watch those
but the marketing that we're doing and
the promotion that we're doing
is specifically to the reddit community
we're trying to bring like friendliness
and community and non-trolling to the
reddit community it's going to be
um it's going to be world changing i i
can't wait to see
what happens
read it's a jungle british is worse than
four channels say that much
that's safe from me
well it depends depends on what your
your definition of of
of wars 4chan has its own things the
thing about reddit is that like it can
bad but it's so much more kind of mass
than 4chan um and but then that's the
opportunity for us to engage with that
community and be like hey like
these tea communities exist all over the
world and
you know when we get out of our house
and start socializing again there will
uh great opportunities for us to we'll
together that's why i'm thankful for sam
and y'all having these type of things
being due to my anxiety and being
antisocial extremely due to my autism
having this was great but like um like
whenever and
online i'm pretty much safe but for me
reddit was like
the convention of conventions like where
i go and
where when i go to ikea i just get
overstimulated and then crawl up into a
so i'm like that's what i see reddit as
so i'm like i have to say you're brave
for that
yeah we're pretty darn brave for what
we're doing but we've we have experts
helping us
so you know we're we're not going in
completely blind and
um everything is pretty meditated yeah
fortune favors the ball fortune favors
the bold yes
that quote that's i was here i was here
uh sir sir
um what's his name says that planet
david attenborough david attenborough
that's right you're saying that
so whatever david think of sean
connery's voice i don't know why
guys i'm gonna dip out i'm giving myself
until three to start doing some things
but it was lovely seeing you all nice
with you
damn i'm gonna hit you up because that
sounds fun awesome
going good
so sam are we are we gonna do this
breakout room thing are we gonna
no i had turned off breakout rooms on my
so that i could do some remote support
for my mother-in-law
and never turned it back on and
apparently can't turn it back on while
still in a call
like i i fucked up the breakout rooms so
we can hang out here breakout room
nice unless people want to leave the
call and rejoin
i'm okay with either but hey i'm okay
with anything i'm actually probably
going to dip because i've got a
instagram live at in 30 minutes with um
my friend who's a potter so if anyone if
you are done with this at that time and
you want to come
and watch me talk to jason blank and
he's going to be making cheap hats he's
making cheapest while i talk to him
what's your instagram
what's your instagram live thing west
china tea it's all one word west chinese
but yeah anyway i gotta go and get ready
for that but then this is great thank
sam and elise you're amazing i'm so
excited about the virtual chief that's
going to reddit
and you are so brave and yeah i
appreciate you guys
and thanks for thanks for holding down
we got the week bye guys
see you soon um so elise i
i just sent you uh speaking of the
virtual t-fest
i made an adjustment to my pre-recorded
okay cool and i i sent you i just added
a bumper to the intro
and something at the end where i
mentioned my website great
awesome thanks for that yeah you're
gonna have more time this time
uh so yeah you're welcome to make any
edits like that
um well the video is actually gonna be
shorter than it was before because i
took out the whole preamble
about the virtual t-fest and thanks
inviting me and all that stuff
cool um because you guys cut that anyway
you put the beginning and the end off of
the video
yeah you know time i
just took on way too many people last
time so yeah
learned from that uh you know it's more
better to give people time um at least
you were mentioning about uh last time
now what's the highest grade of matcha
like or the best of the best
the highest grade is gonna be like
single cultivar
um hand ground uh
you know very first flush where would i
get that is my question because
because i've seen ocha and ipod but i'm
not sure
yeah i can i can hook you up with the
best stuff
thank you yeah just message me i mean so
you're asking like the highest quality
the highest
grade like what i said is the highest
grade that is like totally unrealistic
like that would be
you having to like get your own tencha
which is the raw form of matcha and then
having your own stone ground and
grinding it yourself
and i'm i was thinking that ceremonial
grade is the
highest but i'm not sure that's why yeah
so ceremonial grade is the highest
i mean there's really only two two
grades whenever you
gonna generalize into ceremonial grade
so within the ceremonial grade category
there is a wide range so
yeah um you know and that's become like
a really strong marketing term so you're
gonna see ceremonial grade everywhere
even though it's not technically
ceremonial grade but just
a little education on ceremonial grade
like officially
if it's going to be ceremonial grade
what you're supposed to you know the
um which aren't policed so that's why
mislabel anyway but it has to be uh the
plants have to be shaded with two layers
of blacked out
shade at least four feet above the plant
so it can't be like the kabuse that's
directly on top of the plant it has to
be above
so if someone sends you a picture of
their matcha field and say oh this is
matches coming from this matcha field
if you don't see a scaffolding system
around the whole garden that can put
that rig of shading
then it's not it's not even true matcha
like so
matcha has to have that shading like
that and then
for ceremonial grade it has to be coming
exclusively from the first
flush um there's there is a little bit
of debate about what cultivars you're
supposed to use
um but you know there's also a lot of
flexibility coming into that now because
a lot of producers are figuring out how
to make very high quality
um matcha from cultivars that are
considered for sencha or you know for
lower grade teas
um but then uh the um
the stem has to be removed from the
so it has to be just the leaf only so a
lot of matchas will be made from you
ground up the whole leaf and stem the
stem has to be removed
and then it has to be aged for at least
seven months prior to
grinding so if someone hits you up in
and says hey i got 20 20 matcha you can
have it like no
say no like you gotta wait until at
least uh like uh
october until they open open the matcha
or the tensha and start grinding it
and then the last uh requisite is um
the stone grinding right so and that's
the hardest part because the traditional
stone grinder like even if it has like a
mechanical element to it it still has to
be that small scale
those can only do 80 grand i don't know
40 grams an hour
40 grams an hour so you know if you're
thinking of a big factory that has to
process through a ton of of tension it's
impossible to use the
the traditional stone grinder yeah yeah
and you can you can test that yourself
very easily by putting a little mound of
the matcha on some white paper
and putting your finger and running it
and if it feels like silky paint
it's it's legit they're using that
if it feels like coarse at all uh you'll
feel the difference
um then it's like the commercial grinder
and it's not ceremonial grade
i see so many matcha shops around la and
it's just like i'm like i don't know
what's what it's kind of like how people
over over hyped t1 yin
so it's going to have a surprise thank
you so much about that yeah
sorry this is meant to be about poor not
matcha but
on the note of shading matcha is it okay
to do it with solar panels
uh yeah it's actually very economically
feasible well not now anymore because
japan stopped the feed in tariff
incentives but um it you know like that
rigging system
is uh even the traditional one made of
you know bamboo is a great renewable
resource uh but even that
is expensive so like a farmer has to
invest a lot of money into doing that
but for a while there when the
immediately after
the tsunami the japanese government was
solar panels with the feed-in tariff you
know you get paid for your energy that
you fed into the grid
but now they don't do that anymore but
you know during that time there were
there were a lot of investors that were
looking for land to put
solar panels so it was kind of a win-win
that they could do the shading with
solar panels
but there is some argument you know some
uh theorists i should say
uh that believe that it's unsafe to
like live under solar panels and to like
food that's you know been cultivated
under solar panels
but you know i don't know the validity
to that but there's there's that
argument on that side
some kind of radiation from the solar
solar radiation is a bad thing
well you're talking about radiation from
the sun right
oh i'm talking about 5g oh my god yeah
yeah what
what is is that what you're talking
about so 5g some that's why i said
theorists you know because
i'm just talking shit for for the sake
of talking shit
absolutely um
uh so back to we can go back to player
let's do it
how how young how young is too young to
drink chunk
that's a good question that's what i've
always been wondering two days
six days i would say there is no
young people he's trying to speak and he
hasn't spoken yet
but his microphone's not working yeah
oliver you got to figure out your audio
i'd love to
oh he always has such great things to
say on youtube but he's very
knowledgeable and i'm sure he's got some
great things to share with us right now
what's his youtube channel no he watches
the live stream and he comments
all right he's gonna try come back
oliver pedro you were gonna say
something though i wanna i wanna hear
what you were gonna say
i was gonna say that i don't think there
is too young you know if
you guys have ever tried just some fresh
leaves from uh
from poor trees boiled in spring water
they're delicious
yeah and they are you know beyond young
because they're
straight up as a tree i think they're
gravy yeah it's true
that's what we were doing on nanwo when
we were like they were boiling it in the
and then we were drinking yeah yeah i
think it's delicious you get some bamboo
flavor and and
yeah i think you can grate yeah that was
a nice experience that was the day that
harvested that single bush tea that
sohan was drinking
and we did the barbecue we did barbecue
and we we had the
the tea boiled in the bamboo and then we
were eating like raw camphor leaves
with our meal with our barbecue oh that
was so good
of course i i think that it's it's one
of the best ways i've ever had
and it's beyond young
i think after processing and i think
this is similar for a lot of different
types of teas though if you're going to
process the tea there is kind of a good
like week or so of just kind of settling
time that's ideal for a tea
yeah yeah i would agree yeah so that's
why i said a few days
you know let it after the process let it
let us say a few days and then you can
drink it
i don't agree
if young is your thing
if you don't like young it doesn't
matter how
how old it is or young it is or this is
the question for everyone actually
uh what's the oldest tea you've tried
uh actually um has anyone tried any tea
from like
beyond say either beyond 1980s
um like say what's it and what's it
taste like
1940s is my oldest what's it what does
it taste like
it almost disappears before it hit your
yeah um
it was also kind of earlier in my
experience with t so i didn't have as
as kind of
practiced in the awareness of energy of
tea at that time so
but the experience wasn't such that i
was like oh wow
like this is where it's at
like i've been drinking crap it was you
know it was
it was interesting you know but
yeah and i thought i've been wondering
because before buying any of that i'm
from this experience i think it's like
the same with like the corollaries in
the wine world where like
even like wine connoisseurs are like
look like you could spend
tens of thousands of dollars on wine but
really it's not that much better than a
200 bottle or whatever
i find that that's the same i mean 90s
2005 puerto for me
uh a ripe where is
i mean because i've spent extra to get
80s tea and sometimes that tea just
because of how it's stored or other
factors is just not as good
you know because i've always wanted to
get one for that was for my birth year
you know so i could drink it every year
but then
that's a cool idea yeah that's fun
you just touched on the ass on a
probably an important aspect of
that we haven't even brought up is
so so wet storage is
like hong kong taiwan
in the humid environments which is
supposed to increase the aging
process or speed up the aging process i
that's my understanding others might
know much more
well actually i was wondering sam why do
so many people want like
malaysia's sword why is it so sought
i i defer to others who may know more
i don't know anything i know that i
store it on my shelf and i drink it very
storage is one of those things that it's
like it's just a whole nother
labyrinth of tea from what i gather and
i just
i haven't been able to understand
it's kind of like you sing in a way
yeah i think there are pros and cons to
to both
and you know the malaysia thing i don't
know about that actually
like most most of the sought out
merchants that i know about are in
taipei and hong kong but
it could just be a matter of like
reputable merchants
that you know people trust and people
trust the way that they are storing and
that they're handling their t's and
how they're sourcing their t's um
but you know from a like outsider's
perspective not knowing any of the
marketing not knowing
any of the anything like just from a
scientific perspective and then also
you know like a holistic perspective of
understanding quality and processing and
and cultivation is that like
slow and steady is always better right
yeah so if you just take them from that
perspective then
the dry aging should be the best
but then dry aging takes longer and you
know requires more resources
so then maybe the price is higher so
then the it's advantageous to get the
wet storage because then
it's more accessible and price friendly
i'm you know i don't know lots of things
to consider
there's some interesting aging going on
here in
north america too you know it's not just
i got a couple of cakes from
from uh i don't know if you remember him
um yamcha
and his it's really his uh storage
process is amazing
and his cakes are really great too where
is he located
he's in los angeles here on and west
delight to be precise
does he alter his environment at all
not i'm not sure i'll have to ask him he
um he runs a website puerto junkie
but he has a he get a he saw me a green
mark from 2012
that was a mint that was a blend and i
can't get enough of it it's just
has such great oomph to it and flavor
and i it can't describe it
and whenever i goes and gets the teeth
the cakes itself
he goes through this like i guess he
hits a basement but it's like a certain
way and he comes out i'm like wait you
were gone for like 10 minutes people
laughing here
like you know it's secret
um ashish that that ht that you were
talking about you experienced was that
with uh old poe
which oh the 1940s yeah yeah okay
yeah he basically he basically we did a
uh it was 10 people and we basically all
bought in so that he could get this tea
because it was
it was not a cheap amount of
money to get this tea apparently eighty
percent right no idea i i doubt it was
that much
um what's the name again
of what of the person that you drank the
tea with
oh is his name is poe his um
his website is heavens
why did that sound familiar because he's
been around a long time
he's a legend he has he has by far the
most impressive tea collection in the
united states
and he he ages himself yeah he does he's
so much tea and you know speaking of
aging in different places so dave
dave hoffman is another big t collector
yes that's the one who i was gonna
and i visited him and i'll i'll just say
the chi in his tea is significantly
diminished from what it should be
oh okay wonder if that has something to
do with his storage
because not a huge collection of like
80s teas and all this
and whatever but to me like and i bought
some of those teas and i drank some teas
at his place
my experience was that uh you know
what was a 1980s tea and should have had
a certain amount of chi
was comparable maybe to a good 2015
it was like so there's that
because yeah david hoffman is the one
that i was going to mention he's like
appeared to be like the black person of
bakura to the us
and yeah legend and all that he's done
weird things about him yeah go go to old
opo is the one to go to po won't sell
anybody tea unless they drank with him
i'll do it that's why i said go to him
yeah yeah
you have to sit with him yeah and then
you can request but i'm sure
you know i'm sure he'll if you if you
email him and you really want to get
some tea
yeah drop our names i'm sure that'll
help too
but um you know i think the what what
you're talking about ashish with um
with uh with david lee hoffman um
you know i have a friend that worked
with him for a bit and did a sourcing
trip with him
and um i've seen his aging you know i've
gone and have tea there he's an
incredible human being
like really great personality i really
enjoyed that experience there he like
lunch like completely from scratch like
grew the wheat that
he ground to make the bread that he made
his lunchbox like
really incredible person in that sense
um and the
uh storage caves that he's made like i
actually got to go into one of them i
don't know if you had that that fortune
um to go into his caves um they were
legit as well
so like i think the storage is fine um
but you know based off of what i've
heard about the
sourcing strategy i think it's more of
um about the tea
than it is about maybe my
personal feeling is about it too is
there's a lot at least when i went there
there's a lot of stuff going on legally
in his
field i don't know if you're familiar
with this yeah yeah
so i think that that is definitely has
an impact
on energetically yeah yeah on the
of course now actually was wondering
i was going to go on the thing about you
know his storage and all that
is it as legendary and elusive as they
say it is or is it
it's caves it's legitimately caves that
he's like burrowed underneath his
like he's he's developed his product
property very cool like
very sustainable like really a lot of
cool diverse things going on but
but then it is it's all out of code you
know and and
you know so which
dang it like that shouldn't be a problem
no it shouldn't
the unfortunate series of events because
like people are not being cool about it
but whatever it's it's the situation
yeah there we go
and i just looked up a po and i was like
i do know him i've heard of him several
times so good
yeah no he's legend
how do we get old poe in the in the
teeth talks
i've tried yeah he's
he's a he's like a snow leopard
you only see him once yeah speaking of
bbc planet earth
i like that analogy yeah i'm sure if
like if we could like manifest ourselves
you know to to speak in the voice of his
cat petal
and get pedal to convince him that he
needs to join
the crew at t talks you know we might be
able to
actually i mean i did i was doing
testing out my tea hangouts for my
course early on and he actually did show
up to one of those and i have a
recording of it
if people are interested in in uh
seeing what he's like because he's not
as you would maybe
imagine he's a white jewish guy from new
you know so make sure that you have his
consent to share that recording before
no i do i do for sure because it's it's
already shared it's already public
right yeah yeah i don't think that he's
that shy
um you know he he gets out you know he's
very social in his space
yeah but um
yeah he's a funny one whenever before i
met him several people like
warned me about him um you know about
he's too spiritual or he's too far out
heck no dude he is so grounded he's so
there with you
and he totally embodies this like the
real spirit of tea not that like elusive
high level spirit of tea but like the
real grounded spirit of tea and
yeah he just likes to to joke around and
have fun
and you know drink tea with his cat and
i mean the space he drinks tea
and uh he's completely surrounded with
all his tea storage he has all of these
beautiful ceramic
storage containers and he's storing in
portland which i think probably has a
very interesting climate for
aging itself you know oh so yeah
david um is that his name not
not dave the chinese tea company guy in
in vancouver
david c yeah pedro no no no no no no no
no no
daniel daniels yeah daniel yeah daniel
so he we when i visited him he was
talking about storage and he and i was
surprised because he considers
the northwest climate to be dry storage
even though
he considers it to be dry storage which
i thought was interesting
his teas are fantastic i think yeah i
have a 90s shangquier from him
which is really nice wait david
daniel the chinese shop
i got i have a few pots from him that i
really like and i've
the the couple of teas that i've gotten
are awesome as well now speaking on that
level has any of y'all
heard of uh chanting pines yes
um i bought i bought some qing dynasty
tea ware from the mountain here let me
get back um about i bought a couple of
them from them so you would say they're
legit pretty much the company itself
oh yeah this teapot is from them
oh nice what wow is that a that's a qing
dynasty right
no no this is this is just an artist uh
made this this is a new pod how does it
flow and everything
but it's great it's uh the way that they
do their pots is they
they have different grades of clay so
you can buy bronze silver
diamond this is a diamond level
clay pot and i have a silver one that i
ordered as well and i actually consulted
poe about
buying like he's he's also really
good with antiques he knows how to buy
antiques things and i asked him hey i
really just want
a pot that i that's like kind of my
samurai sword
right yeah and he and i was like can
should i
buy like some age potties like you know
what actually like my samurai sword
teapot is from chanting pines
oh okay you know even silver grade not
not necessarily diamond grade so i have
a silver grade one that's
it's actually been held up in shipping
for four weeks
being the t of the the where's nurse i
am i saw a ching dynasty teapot
for sale there for like i think was like
2 000 and
i think it was a person from teasley
like said you might want to
check he didn't know about channing
price anything you might want it might
be skeptical so i was like
who told me that if i want to buy an
antique teapot not to buy from them
not because they're not necessarily good
but because their prices are a little
bit high
but that's just what he told me i would
say be skeptical anywhere
you're thinking about dropping two
thousand dollars on a teapot
that's why i was like ah i certainly
see myself dropping two grand on a
teapot anytime soon
thanks for letting me uh listen in and
learn from you all
um i i appreciate it because you all
know so much and i know so little so i
like to glean what i can from my all
your conversation
but i need to go but thanks so much
for joining us
i gotta go to guys bye bye it was nice
seeing you again
bye danny hi have a nice weekend and
have a nice
labor day not working
i'm gonna call on jeremy the strong
silent man who hasn't said a word in
like an hour and a half and he's gonna
just drop some like
knowledge bomb on us yeah definitely
that's usually what ends up happening
no i wish i could in this respect i'm
just i'm really not that experienced
with two hours
the one the one thing i was um
i was that one thing that was
interesting is the last time i was at
like a poor tasting
that it's sort of like a blind tasting
so they don't really give you a heads up
on what it is every single time i always
defer to young
shanku players and i think the big
lesson there was
don't feel obligated to buy the 20 25
year old
shoe if it doesn't sort of fit your
pallet if you don't have that experience
and i think
some people are way too intimidated
by the poo air you know market
because it's so
yeah so it's like uh so i'm going
through all these teas and it turns out
that i'm i've
i seem to prefer the least expensive um
and oddly enough i was reassured don't
worry about that
you don't need to sort of go to the
or the most expensive yeah
yeah there's tons of great where for
less than 50 bucks
becomes frozen for some reason one thing
i like about it is i
i think i'm always on the search for
in the wine world per se like the chris
style or the
pinnacle i like that though
eric you were mentioning you you used
the term like your samurai
sword of teapots yeah is that like
the one teapot that you can use for
no no because i mostly just drink um
chopua and liubao so i'm pretty much
drinking the same style of tea
so i'm pretty much just talking about
drinking those types of teas with a
particular pot
i see so you're just looking for
a pot that is like really good for that
stuff those styles
would you mind if it's an f1 pipeline
chance or a who what
an f a factory one pod i'm not
i don't know that much i'm not you know
i've been
for for years this is a recent thing for
me for years i was using a taiwanese red
clay kind of half and made pot
great um so
uh the limitation of that that i found
was that the clay
it doesn't insulate the tea as well so
that i just wasn't really able to
squeeze as much
out of my eight my kind of like darker
right i'm noticing with this pot
especially with the size you know and
it's this is just a new learning
experience with me now that i'm
trying different parts and actually i
have a long
spirit relationship with particular teas
i can naturally tell things when i drink
out of a different pot
what the difference is and i'm noticing
it makes some things better and so you
know some things
are better in that other pot and just a
kind of level of learning for me
for for my for my knowledge that i've
learned i'm still always learning what
it is
uh factory one and sam or someone could
jump in possibly
and tell me is that factory one has
uh their clay from like i think from
early 90s beyond that
before that their clay was very very
good it really um
retained a lot of uh mutual like
properties that really enhanced the tea
made a lot of tea really much better and
really did
was legendary in that aspect and so and
for me it's
if that's one of the reason why i
collect a lot of those because it does
especially with war so you might want to
check them out
how important would you say it is to
have a clay pot
like if if you did like
what if it's a small glass or a small
well that's a good question because for
me it could all depend on a thing of
i always had i always used porcelain and
i still use it for certain teas
like for say like a lungi
or green teas but for darker teas or
like who are
i find they have so much to them
that like a clay like for instance like
uh an f1 or a um other sh
like the one that eric has they provide
more they um
really have um an essence to them that
bring in and help enhance the flavor
it's very much like a um
like a cast iron pot for say they're
very well seasoned
for me it's important for that but for
i know other tea masters a tea people
who was like oh no porcelain's fine and
they they jumble well with it me
i i can't and i need to learn how to
i drink tea out of what i got
one or nothing now
i i have a pot that i use for
er yeah that i have a pot that i use for
sun for wear
i don't think there's anything
particularly special about it
other than the fact that i've made a
whole bunch of shang poo air in it
that at this point when i pour water in
it like as i'm just like heating it up
when i pour water
in it's not clear when it comes out oh
um that's that means it's well seasoned
which has just come from from time
yeah but i
wouldn't say that my tea is any
less enjoyable when i
make it in a gaiwan that's right
for me it tastes like the tea for
instance if i make um
was it in a taiwan
versus say my um
the taste is different the taste is more
in say a um a
and less muted versus a um
one of these and yet this also has
of providing more flavor and brewing it
differently than that so
it's a it's an exciting journey i guess
but yeah jeremy the way you frame that
you know i think what we're trying to
say is
you know you ask how necessary it is
it's not necessary it's absolutely
not necessary or i think
do certain people find it necessary
i don't think i don't even think that
like i don't even think people that do
i don't know pam i'm speaking on your
behalf but
people that do have big collections they
have those collections because that's
what they value and that's what your
collection should be it shouldn't be
like oh
you have to have it like this because if
that's the case then you let somebody
convince you
of that it's usually a marketer or
somebody trying to sell you something
i have this thing because i truly value
it and
you know it's how i enjoy my my
experience with
tea but yeah it's it's not necessary
always just hit the nail on the head
right there
exactly my preference is just pastas
being the coming from an artistic
background i also love the form and
i love art that it's functional and
provide something with it so that's why
it's like cast iron pods for me
and i have an addiction yeah
hi oliver can we hear you now yay
sorry for the trouble with the tried and
true method of restarting everything
cool yeah so oliver please catch us up
on all of your thoughts of our
it's really interesting um i was really
happy that you guys brought up new about
earlier because i actually had actually
slipped my mind
um i do collect poor and i
last year i went and studied in japan
found out about goy shicha which is a
pickle tea
which is very cool so i also have a
collection of that but there's only
two sources that produce it and so you
can only really get two
and they're all very similar they
standardize it quite a lot um
what's the source actually uh it's from
okinawa like a small village
um there's actually youtube footage of
it if you just uh
search goeshi on youtube there's a guy
who went there with his uh old camcorder
took shots of them you know uh
processing the people team
it's pretty cool they pickle it before
or after
when do when is the pickling process so
i think
they wilt the leaves then they
it's arguable how much they ferment it
but then they add some um it's not brine
it's i believe they use
hmm i'm gonna have to do a bit more
research on that
because i don't think they use a rice
vinegar for it
i'm not entirely sure which kind of
vinegar they they do use but
um the issue with koichi shot is it gets
you very tea drunk
very fast there's a lot of mycotoxins
floating around in there
um it's not necessarily dangerous but
it's definitely more noticeable than
with poor i'll be back
cool so the crusaders would be into this
kind of stuff
i think so it's a bit sour it's a weird
it's like it has a hint of like an off
or a really old yogurt yeah it comes
i'll just really quickly and grab a
small sample so you can have a look
what it looks like
um yeah i've tried it before it's it's
not my favorite flavor
of of tea
i don't i love pickles
i'm actually pickling cherry blossoms
right now oh nice
so this is
it's like a little flat
segment of two leaves
and it has a
smell like someone poured lemon juice
over horse stone
overall doesn't taste too disconnected
to that
over like a horse manure it's a very odd
it originally um comes from a chinese
but it's died out in china completely so
it's only
made in a small region of okinawa
cool you can buy them off amazon in
these kinds of
packets uh this is a japan only size
it's like the
minigrams hundred gram packet size you
buy them in smaller
amounts um i think that in through
and on the american amazon it's way more
pricey so i'd honestly recommend
just waiting till next time you go to
japan to try that's quite fun
i mean what cha and britain used to be a
european source for it
but i haven't seen negotiation on their
website for a while
yeah it was probably a high-risk tea to
take on
probably expensive and who knows who
liked it
but where did you study in japan
i went to osaka university for
half a year i did a study on uh flower
petal orientation making with genetics
uh sonic biology student um that was
quite fun
and i did a lot of traveling around and
a lot of team drinking a lot of other
moderate drinking
a lot of tea buying although i maintain
that i didn't buy enough
to ever run out ah
i really wanted to just stock my whole
freezer but uh yeah
you have to keep some kind of a budget
when you're students of course
and you were you were in osaka you said
cool yeah osaka is a fun city
it is it's really good i like uh the
kansai people
and you can see a lot i actually went to
tea farms because gucci is relatively
close to osaka
that was fun yeah i lived in waduka for
about six months
i started their internship program there
so yeah that whole
that whole thing is all due to uh the
work i did when i went there
so yeah i went to osaka often that was
my favorite city to go to although nada
was a lot easier to get to osaka
just like way more exciting and fun
what times of the year were you there i
was there from um
january until may uh okay
i don't i think it's in spring though um
in nada they do
yamayaki like the setting the mountain
on fire yeah no i didn't yeah i just
missed that yeah oh yeah yeah i heard
about it though of course
sorry i have a friend who just moved
oh cool you should go visit your friend
as soon as that is the next trip that
hannah and i are planning on taking
because it's not actually my friend it's
her friend okay
bring a camera i'm gonna bring a camera
and an extra suitcase for tea
if there's anything there's anything
that i learned on my trip to china it
was that i didn't have an extra suitcase
for all the tea i wanted to buy
smartphones and i made it so that i
couldn't buy as much tea as i wanted
and as i started to get closer to the
end of the tea that
i bought in china a little over a year
ago i wonder why i didn't buy more
yeah that's why i collect poor because
you can just store it forever
and uh it's easy to travel with
but yeah oh and bring wet wipes because
the deers are gonna lick everything that
you own
i tried to multiple times to eat my
girlfriend's scarf
that wasn't
like that because the people weren't
going there and feeding them
you know i i had to research what's
going on but yeah
because of cover 19. yeah interesting i
might i might ask my friend who studies
yeah currently it would be interesting
to know how the deer
are handling you know because i think
the tourism is like a part of their
you lifestyle very much yeah this is in
yeah there's a very famous temple in the
in the city of nada that
has a very big buddha a big golden
but also worth visiting yeah because
like that reminds me when i went to
india and they had a similar thing with
the deer that
people would like give out like bags of
food for those deer to be fed
and they're having that situation too
with a deer you know they're
not being dead by the tourists yeah
yeah yeah island is also having a
similar problem
oh that that's a whole bunch of a whole
kind of worms i'm i'm not
even gonna i had um
an eccentric professor at osaka
university who studied japanese
and mechanical genetics and uh behavior
and diet
and they had a situation where it wasn't
it was neither like
village or rabbit island or cat island
but um
their idea was to make a kind of
sanctuary for
um feral animals but the macaques
started to take a liking to meet after
survey yeah monkey
yes child use my cats i thought you
meant to do some very strange things
yeah i thought you made my cause um
south america
wait do the monkeys eat the bunnies
yeah no not on that island because that
island doesn't have macaques but uh
yeah i won't tell hannah
so i was actually um since this was a
poor stream
uh what are the strangest things you
guys have found in your poor
because i'm sure you all have found
something strange air
i'll let others go first
i honestly haven't because most
i i have not had a
huge variety of poo air i've had
a lot of a small variety of glares but
experienced anything like super strange
yeah me neither i know you have
i haven't yeah i mean all the the t's
that i come across are all like uh
extremely artisanal small batch even
so like i i you know know of the stories
of like
factory tees not just from china but
from all over having crazy stuff like
cigarettes cigarette butts probably
being the main ones like yeah i do see
the open chain smoking um you know in
people's factories and homes so i can
imagine a cigarette butt making
its way into the tea but
yeah actually none of the poor producers
that i've sourced from
um are smokers so that's that's a good
i guess i'll go um well for me it was
interesting i found um
some bits of wool and hair in mine and
it's interesting and human hair so i was
like oh
but i've heard others have found like
and one one big i think was a giant um
queen and and silver
yeah so that's
that's bizarre yeah so i i keep a little
container which is an old an old macho
container actually
um what things are found yeah of strange
things in my poor
it's not gonna pick it up but uh there
is human hair
and i found like some shards of
okay i'm going to take this with my
fingers some shards of porcelain
and the most interesting to me these
very specifically shaped
all your freeze little lead weights oh i
can see they have
a little they have a little um hook they
have a little kind of um
you can see there's a hole so they're
meant to be tied in with something
so it's like a fishing weight yes
it's it's clearly lead because it hasn't
so and sadly i found it in the last
piece of that poor cake
that i sampled so i might have ingested
quite a bit
a little bit another piece so
yeah that porcelain you never know
i did find some chicken feathers as well
once but i that's before i started
saving them
that's a good idea having a little
container of all the stuff you find in
your tea
yeah the only stuff i come across
regularly is is hair
yeah that's the main thing that makes a
lot of sense you know
hair nets are not um you know
very common now i know why people use
their hands yeah exactly
or in jeremy's case a beard net
oh it gets it's too much from it
but to anybody who's like willing to
willing to rock it
i'm not going to be the top beard yeah
especially now when every barber shop is
every salon is closed so the least you
could say is i
i had to
i had no choice i had to shave to go
with the uh
corona cut
um i would think that like the hardest
thing about a beard
would be like the identity crisis of
when you cut it off
kind of right it's very strange it's
it's nobody recognizing you yeah
you walk up to somebody and they
introduce themselves and it's like yeah
we hang out we've
been talking to each other all the time
it's like every time you're carded and i
have to show my id
it's always a fun moment when everyone's
holding my id right up next to my face
about like no no no no
that's too much fuck funny i get it
we have another person we say i don't
think we've heard it from them
yeah we haven't me contacted me
through the gong food shop group asking
if she could attend she
is busy working but still wanted to be
able to tune in and listen um
so she yeah she asked if she could come
and i i said yes
um eric eric and elise so i see that poe
um t-session for like 75 dollars
what is the attitude i should go in with
i shouldn't be a person saying oh i want
to be a tea master type person but
just wanting to be humble and learn i
guess you could say right
well you're just talking about i mean he
let's say he has a number of offerings
but he does t school
yes but then he also does just key
journeys which
the attitude of that is you're just
showing up to drink tea
but if you want to do his tea school yes
every week of sunday and
he's like i i studied with him for
in that fashion for i'd say three years
and um
it's just chill like you show up
he doesn't he doesn't ever seem to plan
so and i and i say the word seem and i
don't actually think he does plan
anything but
it still is it still all translates you
know as an
amazing learning experience um because
he's just because i see that he has the
that for like i think 75 dollars and i
want to learn from that but also
of course buy t from him because i cuz
from what i've heard from you and also
others i
it seems like he's like not like elusive
but like
not someone who would like like
cater to someone who would just say hey
i want to become a team master type
i mean he's he's a he's not a
fixed person so if you he's very
open so if you want to just reach out to
him and just
be open about where you are and what
you're looking for yes
you know he'll respond to that more
perfect um
i don't know if he would respond to like
that kind of aggression
well though right he's a humble guy he's
honest he doesn't call himself a team
okay yeah um
because from like what i've noticed is
like certain um
and i'm not saying they're bad but like
chinese tea masters would not just give
lessons to either anyone they would
really you would really have to like
show that you're willing to no he's not
like that at all
no he if you want us if you want to sit
with him and take to the school
but he he doesn't do it remotely though
you'd have to physically be present
so i mean he's as long as he has a seat
for you you're
he's it's welcome everybody's welcome
matter as at least when i was doing it
doesn't matter any level of experience
yeah and if you if you go for um
one of the tea journeys you know one of
the private sittings with him
um he uh
it's more like a counseling session than
anything else
you know you're gonna go in and he's
gonna make you feel comfortable
and um you could
and i highly suggest that you take it
this way
is just sit back and enjoy it and like
talk to him as if he's your counselor
and the tea will flow the tea will be
incredible it'll be the best tea that
you know get to drink and he he's not
going to be sitting there telling you
about how incredible the tea is and
telling you oh this is
this age from this place and that's not
what it's about
it's it's about the
sensuality of tea that's that's the way
he likes to put it
and um how it makes you feel
and how it you know hold space for you
of course after you drink the tea if you
want to know about it
he could tell you about it but he's not
forward on that you know most tea
they're just like they're so forward on
like that that's the most important
thing is for them to explain to you why
that tea is so incredible and
why it's so valuable and why it's so
unique and right
paul has that but he he doesn't start he
doesn't lead with that he leads with
the the sensation and the the space
um and sensuality global tea
in a way but different yeah
he will actually talk about the tea like
that i i've heard
from global tea hut that like they're
very much forward on the spirituality
part of it
and you know asking about the t and
asking about the technique and asking
the technical part of it is secondary
you know but paul respects all that you
know if you want to ask him about it
he's more than happy to tell you um
that reminds me of my experience of
having tea with mj
yeah yeah mj's uh very similar to that
now i know who mj is i looked him up i
remember him um
asking if there are any gatherings in la
i guess it didn't go well or something i
was like oh wow
it went great i was there really yeah it
was awesome that's how i met mj
yeah we were like five people having tea
at some
weird property in topanga and it was
like that sounds true
it was freaking awesome that's the best
yeah and then and then the other time i
got to have two with him was like
was at his tea room on my way home from
burning man
and it was like the perfect stopover on
the way home from my first burning man
i was like oh tea with mj is a good idea
after all that
so yeah it was it was great
but so we're at four o'clock there's
been two hours of
like just awesomeness yeah
i gotta go see i need to hit the road
and move on
i can certainly leave the zoom room open
if you guys wish to continue
i think i got everyone thank you so much
for introducing me to poe
and i'm going to look forward to that
and sean so thank you
bye guys
one last thing for people i just
officially released an online
gun futi course
at if
people want to go check that out and
want to actually go through it
let me know and i'll set you up with it
congrats on that ashish i hope uh hope
it goes well
it seems that there's a lot of uh
gunfuti classes out right now so
you know the more education the better
exactly well let's get let's get all the
redditors in here that don't know how to
do this stuff
yeah don't you dare tell a redditor he
doesn't know how to do something he or
she doesn't know how to do something
that's that's the first step to getting
getting trolled out
all right guys well we're hanging out
it's been real hey oliver thank you so
much for tuning in i hope you get to
join more of our tea parties in the
thank you the time difference is a fun
challenge but uh yeah
yeah i speak quietly i think it works
thank you so much for having me and uh
have a nice weekend everyone thank you
bye guys

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