Thursday, April 23, 2020 - Tea Culture of Latin America and Sri Lanka

so ready ah give me just a moment okay
so just let me know and I don't start it
talk like you know nothing okay
well my name is Priscilla I'm from in
South America and I'm happy to see many
familiar faces here I'm glad to start
being part of this community I feel
really really great thanks for inviting
me what I do most is learning about tea
ceremonies especially Japanese tea
ceremony now I'm happy that I'm learning
gopu cha I'm so excited about it and
well I'm here to take you guys a little
bit about tea in Latin America the last
time I talked to you guys in what's
about tea in Ecuador specifically but
now I would like to to embrace the whole
Latin America region which starts from
Mexico and ends in Argentina and Chile
you guys know so the situation in Mexico
is very definite and I want to start
with Mexico because I live my last eight
years in Mexico so I know the tea
community there and then you start with
schools and I think that the way T is
developing in Latin America is through
education and when we were colonized but
stayin well Spain had the knowledge of
afternoon tea and they were drinking tea
like they didn't in England you know in
friends So Han so they learning and they
bring it to their colonies in in Latin
America and they saw we had herbal
herbal teas very very interesting her
body so our culture I think cannot be
separated of only drinking tea and left
behind herbalism because they go first
they go together really close in
people's mind and second of all it's
very very rich because we have jungle
the a masonic jungle and we have the
Andes Mountains so we grow up I
surrounded by herbalism even in my
grandma's garden she used to have grow
meadow and probably dug the yen and gave
up when I and lemongrass really fresh
and they are you feeling okay so she was
she used to go to her Gargan to her
garden pick some delicious Samarkand
make to you so muchi for us so it's
difficult in our mind to separate this
in Latin America so it happens in Mexico
and what was a challenge for them
what's the teach people that T is not
for when you have a stomachache or
headache or your digest tenders now he
worked well so he is for pleasure he is
a way of life he is a very different
thing than that dear herbalism we have
here so I was I was telling some before
that an interesting thing happened in
Mexico the biggest school of P
which is Mexican school of tea escuela
mexicana repair are you starting with
them they are they are great people they
are very very nice they bought at a
plantation in Sri Lanka to D the
plantation is called to Lokhande so it's
going to be interesting what is going to
happen with these Mexican key grown in
Sri Lanka we are we waited what they are
going to do but if the only plantation
that belongs to Mexico it's not Mexican
bad balance from Mexico with the rest of
the of the continent we have between one
two three tea plantations per country I
was going to talk to you guys about this
tea I don't know if you can see it okay
this is Colombian tea the name of the
company is big taco probably you guys
have heard of them they present a it's
themselvess in a word TX for a couple
years ago and their key is getting
better and better as you can see is not
City seen as much of the kind of the
King we have in other countries in South
America and there are key plantations
and in Central America I think there's
one plantation in hwadam and what Amala
and two or three in Colombia -
plantations in Ecuador in my country
like - evil - in Bolivia I think Brazil
they have more different Asians like for
probably but you know it's not like two
hundred a hundred fifty plantations it's
not it's something very new and
Argentina I used to study in Argentina
so I said my my
and I met tea actually in Argentina but
what I could observe now I'm having in
tea for eight years but what can't see
what I can see in rivers it's that we
have in Latin America we have horrible
heritage and we have now a blending
cultures people usually get introduced
into the teamwork to lens so when it's
very very very good weird and strange if
somebody asks you for a great black
caiman tiniest E or a boy will Matta
when I practice the ceremony here in
Ecuador they like the movement the
ceremony you know but when they have to
drink the maca they are like mmm takes
like melt sushi or something so it's
it's a thing that people needs to to get
used to and in my personal point of view
I think we need education in South
America it's very very necessary so that
this is what I'm planning to do start
with education and the last and the last
chat we have you guys were talking about
correct correct me places if I
pronounced bad the ugly the word
sustainability did okay well you guys
were talking about the topic and it was
visually interesting for me to annex and
I must confess a little
ambhi because you guys already have a
tea culture you have traded a trade with
producers and
very interesting development of tea
culture in United States it's not I
think that we have here in in South
America we trade with people from United
States or from Europe and people usually
create blends this is very popular right
now and they they like to open the tea
can and smell like flowers and fruits
and you know all things except tea so I
hope I hope all people we are not we are
not a crowd yet but we are we are we are
growing out in it and I hope in a moment
we can keep teaching how beautiful and
how delicious is to drink pure things
rarities to learn about to are and to
learn about other things
history legends beautiful things that
the tea has and we still don't know how
so that's why I think education is very
very important for us and this is the
phenomenon happening in Latin America so
if you guys have any questions or you
want to leave questions later
we could do some Q&A now if anybody has
any questions you guys should be able to
unmute your microphone okay thank you
very much for that Priscilla I thought
that was awesome I love to hear more you
you had mentioned that there's a lot of
tea schools and that team revolves
around education a lot in South America
I would be interested in hearing more
about that
well people people who start trading
70 they noted that it doesn't matter how
great is you have people are not going
to ask for them if they don't know about
them so like I was saying you can have a
great age where but they are not going
to see it first if you don't offer
second if you don't know you do not
explain them what it is and then if you
can also offer I don't know
called yerba buena with sugar like your
grandma used to serve it to you so we
need to understand that we we share as a
continent a very rich herbalism culture
and we need to respect that and also
teach people that tea is part of this
lifestyle and that's why I think schools
are basic because people feel excited to
iacquire a new knowledge about something
and they drink their tea and enjoy them
better so that's why I think schools in
South America are going to be a very
very important that's actually true it's
interesting when you mention there are
parallels of my country and yours it's
what is very interesting is that many of
our people don't when they see some desi
like they they see that there's this
stuff growing around them but then
they're very amazed like wait it's still
it's there you know and it's interesting
like you said that you know when you
give them when you give them the when
you give them the this tea you're like
wait what is this you know and they're
very excited to hear back so yeah it's I
agree that you know it's it should be
more there as well I think it's
interesting what
do you say fun because you guys grow
with it surrounded by D so if I can even
imagine when I when I mean a tea
plantation I feel like in heaven smells
it's beautiful the colors for me of
course it's pretty new in every country
is new but for you guys I guess is like
oh there's pee in my garden okay I will
be so happy having tea in my garden and
for you guys is very common and probably
people doesn't appreciate it that much
interesting it's similar experiences
with you I mean I show them that there's
other kinds of tea and they're like yes
you guys have your seven basic games in
Sri Lanka right yeah I'll talk more
about it too great with any other
questions I have a question
okay hello hi good to see you thank you
for your presentation back back to the
the topic of Education and tea schools
who are the main like demographic of
people that are going to these tea
schools and what what is the general
value like pricing you know across the
board I just kind of want to know like
who's going to the schools and how much
are they paying simply is that I think
this is a great question great great
question because honestly going to
discos it's not cheap existence' when I
went the very first time I went to a tea
school I was like wow and I was also
studying my psychiatry was great and I
was like
that's in my hair that what how am I
going to pay this um but yes yes
demographically it's a middle upper
I must business here and it's not it's
not cheap to go into tech schools and
especially when you want to just study
tea ceremonies there can be even more
expensive because usually the Sifu or
the sensei they try to drink the tea
where so you can have it and it cost
even more I must say it has cost money I
don't want to say how much I don't even
think I calculate but I think it has
been a great invention for me in my life
I don't regret but I am I'm conscience
that it's not cheap so what I'm trying
to do here in Ecuador Jones with the
Kovach craziness started I was Serena of
course with some girls here in Ecuador
like I said hmm I think it grows the
interest and middle and upper-class
because they have trouble they have got
T in different countries and well it's
how it goes and we were sharing a a for
weekend classes we had to interrupt
because of the Kahui the emergency but
I'm trying to do it not as expensive as
I used to pay and in other countries
because I want to do it more accessible
I want to let people know that it's not
a luxury thing more than a luxury thing
for your soul not for your knowledge or
luxury you know like a highest quality
et wear or something but it's a luxury
for your soul I don't know if I made
tons I think that's absolutely beautiful
that T is a luxury for your soul that is
something that I have never heard of
I've never heard T described that way
well chilled any any other last
questions before we think Priscilla for
her time and then pan can talk about Sri
Lanka I'm just kind of curious how
people find out about your the teaspoons
Priscilla you're saying that in the past
people have been like tracted to jeans
that are maybe more to st. house fruity
flowery things and that was me just over
a year ago before I discovered this
whole world of teeth and so I'm
wondering they're like how are there
ways that you reach out to so people can
find out about this ever they find you
well would I so the very first thing I
can talk about how I I found in my life
I went to a hotel for having I keep sad
girl time with my friends and babes her
do they sell teas they were tea blends
they what in Argentina and when they
serve they put a little brand
next to it and I saw Argentine and
school of fear and I was like I'm
curious of it and I start to check
through internet so I think the the way
they are doing is putting the brand in
the you know the little the little tap
next to the teabag and when you go
somewhere you can reach for more
and of course they came and in Instagram
and it's growing it's going through this
way I met the first lady she is great
her name's Olivia the first lady who
introduced a tea in Mexico she had a
very very interesting testimony she
worked so hard he had to work with them
with people you know I don't know how to
say in English in ago announced in
sipping when you put something into the
country important very important many
people for important she had to struggle
with important with struggle with the
names and now she has three years
working with Mexico so they are they
have been working really hard and I
think this is something I need to do in
my country to each people respect the
herbalism culture culture we have and
work in education I don't know if I
answer your your question if I can add
something to Priscilla talking about
seeing this question and I are just his
cool winters ago so it was the first one
here but it wasn't the first one in
Latin America so in Argentina not there
are two major schools which are
competing meaning is cooler today and a
clue Delta which means the tea club so
ibaka come use two comments you come to
my school for just give you the example
just googling you know if you google
he's familiar then there's my my course
my - oh and also Instagram and Facebook
like when I started my school Instagram
was in trending a lot so we used like
and yeah paid ads in Facebook and then
Instagram and then Google and yeah stuff
like that yeah I think that's it now and
now it's trending like Priscilla said
what at first when I've opened my cheese
coin put back in 2014 and there was no
school in Brazil and now there are six
schools in yeah so in Argentina I don't
know Priscilla if there are more right
now I think there are three right now
escuela Cantina that they Argentine key
school of tea the tea club club group
that day and there's a smaller one
it's called yogoro and that's the
victory I know but I have been studying
with the tea Club and people that there
they are very very nice they have of
course a different point of your tea
they are more like English style school
and yeah that's why I was saying before
in South America in Latin America people
is more close to tea blends there are
pure kids so it's kind of or challenge
I'm sorry I could not hear I was not
other meeting so I know it took a you
are more than welcome how happy do to
hear you thank you so much for that that
was really awesome to learn about South
America our next presentation comes from
another John McLean Pandita he had
family that owns a tea plantation in Sri
Lanka and he has a quite impressive
collection of teapots and without
further ado I'm gonna turn it over to my
good friend yeah thank you Sam
hello Priscilla hello everyone well
thank you Sam for having me and
thank you everyone for being here I'll
first start off is that my my knowledge
he came when and finding out that my
grandmother owned the tea plantation
when my my mother told me about it and
over there it's just you know tea is
like your syllabus aliens everywhere
it's not um it's just drunk like water
basically the second it's like a
beverage so my family's tea plantation
does very British style
and that's because in as the history
goes and Sri Lanka James Taylor bought
tea over because the coffee plantations
were dying and so this started flourish
and of course sri lanka be British owned
and British and British influence after
tea was brought to India came there and
because Britain controlled both of those
fronts is like very much and they they
used it at their hub basically almost
all the tea that came from that was part
of the British culture came from there
and still do say as men you know
Lifton's other famous friends are come
from Sri Lanka Arabia and one of those
plantations that I come from is like for
my grandmother's tea plantation which is
in Gaul and it's a Lowcountry tea and
all black so what's interesting about
this is that in sri lanka many of the
countries like just like Priscilla's
only know one type of key and they think
it's the black powder time is the
whenever they hear of tea like from
other countries they're they think oh
it's same thing well then when I show
them other cheese like for instance this
one which I hope everyone can see is a
blur it's in here somewhere
is a park eat it raw bar it they're like
wait this is different they're very
they're really put back because they're
very still into the British tea culture
of milk and sugar and
my I grew up with without milk or sugar
and they're very interesting
understanding that there's differences
around there and there should be and
part of the reason why even in my
grandmother's plantation a lot of the T
goes to production of just like British
style tea is because that's what they
get they get the bhakti and the the all
the duties such as the teas that we have
that those very fine teas that we
haven't collect they don't get that they
are very like wait what's this
so it's interesting that they find that
when I went there again RIS recently I
found tea that was very much like long
or green or very buying great cheese
much such as this one which is a which
is a separate one from was called
Herrmann estate and this tea in general
is very different from black tea itself
so then it looks like this
so all at all although all that tea
that's around there is very still that
they're British but it's but we're I'm
trying to bring it bring the tea over
there to a different level meaning I'm
introducing I'm going there and
introducing this I'm going in
introducing the use of pots and other
clay where's that they even have and
hopefully having them understand that
our tea tree longest he can reach the
levels that previously in previous
generations due to colonialism was not
and so that they can that they can enjoy
that as well because it's interesting I
went to the factory of my grandma's tea
as me and almost all the tea again is
like Fanning's and they get that
all the other keys that we enjoy are
exported here or elsewhere what also get
me interested is that Sri Lanka being a
very Buddhist country and Hindu base T
is also have site is there's a
ceremonial aspect to it like with the
pots the dongbu ceremony and I want to
be able to introduce X that because as
we know T is he brings something to her
senses and brings us to a different
plane of existence I guess you could say
and many of my family members donors
don't see that so I'm hoping to bring it
be able to bring that and help them see
that it's there and yeah there there's
also different varieties feel like a
little saying 7 rice but they're all
very much the same same processing
processing the same is like they're
getting they're gotten they're grown
they're grown their droid and they
become listen either black white or
green just three varieties and but who
are it's fine it's not easy to find so
I'm trying to bring I'm trying to bring
it bring it into a different level cuz
it's amazing whenever I provide them
with a cup of tea like this
they're there means there's flavor and
everything you know I put milk or sugar
in it so and there's several tea
tastings over there however it's very
interesting because tea is drunk with so
much milk ensure over there
many of the motorists and that you know
you drink it without so I mean yeah I'm
putting a challenge of trying to
introduce different different varieties
but also at the same time I'm proud of
what my grandmother has done and it's a
very laborious process over there but
they're not given the credit that
they're due and it's such a strong of
such a vast country but the tea brought
either known for it was just very
and that Chi like for instance this one
that I just showed was very expensive
and many of them don't know about it
it's that sad so hopefully in the coming
years we're gonna have more exposure as
well and have the different varieties of
tea that say India has can be shown here
as well thank you very much so even on
like your grandmother's plantation they
don't process any of the leaves that
they grow and drink them themselves they
do actually I'm sorry I didn't mention
that they do drink it themselves but
it's very they process it in a very
different way it's very mechanical
like for instance it's in it's put into
a dryer put into several ways it's not
natural the way that the way that it
should be but it's very very strong as
anyone else regarding you know kind of
your goal and envision of introducing
teas from other origins into Sri Lanka
I'm not too familiar with the importing
rules and duties but I know for you no
colonial or ex colonial tea producing
countries they often time have very high
import taxes to support the domestic
market or the domestic industry is that
the case in Sri Lanka like I know in
India they charge like a hundred and
fourteen percent import tax for any tea
outside of India to come into India
which provide makes it prohibited to
bring Chinese teas or other higher
quality teas into the country but was
that the importing of other teas into
the country that and the higher taxes
that but also is that tea in Sri Lanka
it's for my from what I've seen and what
I've been told it was that it's
basically like like a sweatshop industry
there it's like they get the
he they make the tea and it gets
exported and the tea that you know like
like we have here like like the
varieties like Satan long or like full
leap teas are not they don't have them
there they they get them exported I
don't guess it's to cover that tax that
you were talking about I mean is there a
strong enough domestic market that's
sophisticated and you know wealthy
enough to support to support that those
types of products there is there is this
just it's this also a country that I'm
sure you know is that they're trying to
survive and you know feed their people
and so they're getting for that and
there is a strong domestic market so
there isn't a it's entirely domestic
strong domestic market and that's what
I'd like to introduce but on a small
scale so can they can't see my mouth new
except a minute or so does your does
your grandmother when you serve tea to
your grandmother the way you can hear
now it comes loose I'll enjoy it or is
it just like this is a she just says
delicious but just doesn't see anything
different or anything special
so yeah just like Lisa steak it's really
it's very there's not a strong domestic
market oh and also she thinks very what
about like just like random young Sri
Lankan people like people your age
there's like you got like Sri Lankan
homies who are into it was that they got
this like just like Sri Lankan like
friends like your age who are interested
yeah yeah they are I do have some um to
them when I've heard to introduce them
they were they're amazed that you know
there's different varieties as well and
their and they're interested in it
they're like wait why isn't this around
there you're not gonna believe I have
the same key as you do the sacrifice are
you one from hermano said oh no I can't
believe it I ran to the kitchen I got it
I still have 18 when I was in thrilled
Sri Lanka how do you like it I love it
Herman's doing I also like the white the
white see they're doing life the world
was expensive one which is interesting
because it's not that expensive when you
get it there yeah let's do it's
expensive I don't know how much I paid
for it maybe like 30 30 dollars two
years ago for some box with 60 bags real
but they're amazing they're doing very
nice things on exam I'd like to visit
your farm oh please yeah she she would
love to show you around it it's very
funny when she was here in the u.s.
chill um she'd open the door just for
anyone to come in and even then the bomb
- oh yeah and she demands do you have a
cup of tea before you go I had a
question money well I would buy so I
have a question about the Buddhist
culture and tea culture so he doesn't
answer do they drink tea with them or
did tea culture only come with the
British he did not tea culture came with
the British but and then tea first cake
I mean uh Buddhist culture first came
it was India then sri lanka then spread
out at the other parts my perception is
incorrect incorrect inform on at least
who was very knowledgeable as Willison
and everyone here the Chinese had the
tea culture already and they
incorporated it into their Buddhist
culture as well so that's where that's
where it was there and I'm hoping to
introduce that into like my local temple
you know like because tea is very great
for meditation so hoping to introduce
that with that it's interesting because
you know there's this classic narrative
like how did she get to Korea how the
Teague of Japan was came a good ISM I
don't know BIA Sri Lanka is on the other
side of India from from China so it
doesn't even need to come to China yeah
anyone it isn't trying to Gotti she
wanted got it paid off right yeah and
it's funny because her mom is very
ethnocentric and says old tree longer
tea is best but I'm like transit and do
you know how DK from Chanukah I think
that's his name but he has a company
called Forest Hills tea and he's based
on Sri Lanka and he's got some old tea
trees that he's working with to make a
whole leaf product and y'all should
connect I should yes yes I'd like to
I'll send it to chat right now he joins
these often I'm surprised he's not here
now I knew you would know him yeah
apologize I want to say thank you for
your question he's good he's doing a lot
of work on on Instagram and in
storytelling I haven't tried his tea
yeah he applied for the the tea lat
work you know to distribute his tea that
way but you know with all the pandemic
going on postal services are kind of on
hold right now so we gotta weigh our
hold on sure let's see I can't thank you
guys so much this really awesome and
educational thinking again to pan and
Priscilla we've got we've got 14 people
here right now so probably the easiest
thing to do I think would be for us to
just break into two breakout rooms
that'll give us smaller groups where
everybody will be able to participate a
little more I think 14 people in a zoom
room makes it kind of hard for that so
I'm gonna go ahead and split us into
into two rooms with six two seven six or
seven people and thank you guys for
coming and being a part of tea talks
this is we either five or week six and
it just keeps getting better so keep
your eyes peeled for more awesome stuff
waiting to go to a breakout room I
wonder where we'll go you guys are
watching the live stream you are welcome
to throw some questions in the comments
and I'll be sure to share it with the
folks at the tea-table
get them to acknowledge your questions
or answer any curiosities that you might
see it's still working
suppose while you're waiting I can say
hide everybody
hi I'm here just waiting for the
breakout room to open up and that was a
interesting to hear about tea cultures
and other countries or other cultures
Latin American culture and Sri Lankan
culture the zoo room is still frozen so
you've got me it bit quick bit Quinn's
been here the whole time he just got a
bath so he's really uh he's really
feeling good about himself right now oh
here we go
oh my - yeah me too overloaded it with
too much tea awesome yeah yeah I wasn't
drinking any tea but I was in a t-mobile
story big Alicia's the t-mobile store I
just yeah I just got to put the put the
tea house on or put the Tea Room on
wheels and then then you got the the
t-mobile store yeah hi Jeff nice to meet
I'm gonna grab a cookie I'll be right
back all right good good
I don't know if we've met before uh no I
just happened to see this I think I saw
this through the virtual tea thing that
was offered a couple weeks ago so I just
awesome cool where it were dBase Jeff
I'm in northern Idaho sweet yeah and you
drink tea is you yeah I drink tea the
stuff you see behind me is actually
Chinese herbs so I'm Chinese herbalist
acupuncturist and we just started
hosting some tea gatherings for people
here in the community as a way to create
community and I just I moved from
Portland so I used to do a lot of tea
step there and I've been starting to
stock some teas here so that we can
offer some monthly tea gatherings as it
means to create community here and we're
gonna educate people a little bot tea
and a little bit about Chinese medicine
my I'm not a tea expert so I just mostly
drink it and wanted to share space with
people in the Boise's a little bit more
South so if you drew a line straight
north probably about five hours that's
that's where I am
I'm very close to the Canadian border
actually like two hours from Canada oh
wow do you know I've got some boys eg
one is Jenks she was also in Portland
and then the other is sketchy and
they're both based in Boise they both
like G and then I don't know anyhow
yeah I've been the India and I used to
sit with PO a lot that's that's where my
tea background comes from home that's a
good one when I don't I haven't been
down to Boise yet just eats from NCI
skywards cool where is the place is the
person you're speaking about how to
place in Boise er is just someone who
lives in Boise just disembodied tea
well yeah disembodied community sliding
around I think okay it's nice to meet
you all yeah my friend Travis he's an
acupuncturist that used to sit with
I guess he still sits with PO I'm sure
you know him I'm good friends and Travis
yeah I actually just sent him a little
package of tea last week love the tea
community Sioux p.m. are you doing hi
so you're doing a little tea mixology
I'm gonna cry and it's gonna be a we'll
see is that you're not gonna try you're
just gonna do it I am doing so yes is
that something that you do often for fun
or you know for clients I do for clients
sometimes than just for parties so
depending if their clients party clients
are regular just for my friends but yeah
I experiment a little bit with cheap
cocktails I just put some hoodoo cha and
wrongly this morning to let that infuse
so that's been shown for a few hours so
I'm gonna make one with the hoodie - rum
and I've had a lot of people ask about
them like about key cocktails so fun
yeah I'm still getting you know when I
live and you know sharing the end just
me staring at me and like not having the
interaction and like a life like a real
thing so that's why I always like I'll
try it I mean Christina and I kinda just
like off the beast and they're like let
me share something with you while I
stare myself in my kitchen I feed off
people's energy to lack so that's why I
like it that feels like a Miss yeah yeah
well that's what that's what helps with
these types of interactions oh yeah when
we were preparing for the virtual tea
festival several people were able to
record their presentations because we
pre reported all the presentations to
make sure that we could meet our time
requirements and not have technical
difficulties so several people were able
to record on their own like Sohan you
know was able to you know set up the
camera record on their own but some
people found a little challenging you
know we're just not used to doing that
especially like setting up the camera
all by yourself and turning it on and
sitting down and just feeling
comfortable to just talk to a camera so
found it really useful to do the zoom
talks so that you know like they have
some somebody kind of receiving their
message and kind of responding and
interacting with them as they talk to
keep them flowing and then then I
usually someone will come in so it is
still conversation with those or you
know it's still like a fluid description
yeah and even especially cookies like
there's somebody like people there's
inputs you can like you know leave
directions based on a conversation
versus like a true presentation yeah
yeah about you Jeremy you said you were
you were researching stuff sorry I
didn't respond to your email but I need
to I'm getting together with a few
people that start like a podcast because
I really need to learn to embrace the
virtual world better
everything was face to face that I did
like everything yeah so it's a weird
adjustment because my instinct is always
to teach a class with you know between
like 812 people but I missed that so
much I need to find a way to sort of
continue that in some way so yes I
started researching how to do the live
streaming because I think it's like you
know you get zoom and then you can live
stream through multiple platforms yep
so I'd actually recommend instead of
broadcasting the zoom directly using a
streaming service there are ones that
you can pay for that that are like fancy
and like help you put in graphics and
make it look fancy but the one that that
I use is called OBS OBS it's free and
it's pretty pretty user friendly yeah
open-source broadcast software was
telling me about balloon as well which
sort of records any live-streaming that
you're doing I think it was it really
look into it yet he I would just heard
about it okay yeah I would just I'd
recommend OBS it does everything it does
recording and streaming and then if you
want to scream across different
platforms you've got to use a restream I
think that's the best ones ok bye so Mon
see you later
entire industry is now just like booming
of all these you know small companies
that might have been startups my started
or might be brand new and there's so
many different platforms and points to
things that are yeah getting time to
shine and see if they're able to skim
who was it a snapchat it was having some
some issues with scaling because see how
there seemed like a big increase in
traffic I have a friend who actually
just started he just moved to LA he just
started working for snapchat like
beginning of February and he was just
like I'm just walking to a shitshow he's
like like he just started his new job
this all happened me just read to a new
city and he's just like I think I've
never worked with such a my entire life
like has no idea what's going on why
what they're learning and growing and
they're doing but it's just like all of
it combined you know I got no history
here I don't know any of the previous
things so it's an interesting
have started in a company like that what
does he do there I think he does user
acquisition stops like gaining new users
which obviously is like a big part of
what's happening with them now as a ton
of new users are coming in and I think
like he works on the experience as a new
user okay cool yeah they got a they got
up their game tik-tok is killing it
right now yeah I refuse to go anywhere
oh come on yeah we got to make up a
teapot dance well do like a really cool
teapot dance we'll go totally viral reap
reason to it yeah please teach me the
snapchat actually relating back to tea
that I find really interesting in the
past late years maybe a little less I've
noticed a lot of people a lot of my
customers that are like middle-aged
women like mothers they're all saying
not high school kids drink more tea than
they do and that they're all like
interested in curious and learning all
about different things and they've
actually met a lot of young people who
are learning out on tea and kind of cool
ways yeah I think it's a totally
addressable awesome market that a lot of
people are overlooking you know like
they're all kind of putting everything
into Millennials and it's like no like
Gen Z and whatever is after that
generation is gonna be the the real one
that's gonna like truly embrace it and
create that culture yeah and I think a
lot of the one of the
she kind of made a good point there are
rambunctious and you know start drinking
and different things but they were
saying that that's in certain
communities at least out here that
that's not as like cool but like being
healthy is kind of like a cooler thing
even for the young kids which I thought
was shocking yeah but that ways for them
to hang out and gather together it has
been like inviting their friends over
for tea instead of like sneaking beer in
their backyard I was oh that's awesome
yeah that is that is so awesome I mean
kids need more positive outlets because
unfortunately you know so we need to
create these avenues of community and
acceptance sharing the joy of tea you
know and kids just have an amazing
enthusiasm you know and they're just
they're they're just you know I mean
everybody does you know but um you know
yeah young people do tend to not you
know young people and elders in our
society tend out to be as well-respected
as they should be yeah I mean kids I my
I do a lot of the school demos and craft
fairs and you know very few people who
run into it they just you know
everything from the where's the sweets
you know that the ceremony and the grab
sure if you like that sort of thing or
the socio-economic politics you know
that's the beautiful thing about tea is
that as long as you follow your chili
you know it won't lead you wrong because
there's just so many avenues you can
hate like clothing you know so it's just
I think that's the most important thing
you know like everybody's saying the
educational community and just
encouraging people to enjoy also your
book collection is amazing is that your
house no this is the Tea Room that
probably gonna end up closing this
location but don't say anything
confidentiality I guess I don't know but
yeah but these are this is part of the
Tea Room
we like to sell like a rare books occult
books mystery and mystical sciences and
pacts of self-perfection so there's a
lot of how-to like and like isaac has an
office in there there's like physics
books and I'm just just trying to
provide other avenues knowledge or is it
something that if you were like as a
customer to come in could you say and
read one of the books oh yeah totally
it's just like any good tea you know if
you don't approach it like you would
like a new friend or a lover you know if
you don't get to taste it a little bit
why did you want to buy it you know you
need to build that relationship and I do
feel like that knowledge because I found
um you're trying to educate people some
people love it and some people hate it
they just get totally butthurt you know
when you tried to just so any kind of
knowledge so I'm kind of fighting that
you know slow and soft they're gentle is
kind of where in Max norian Albuquerque
oh cool thanks I ever find myself an
Albuquerque Airport so you don't have to
stay Cynthia you can just go read some
blood of your state and then I
understand you got to make some tea
where while you're there - Cynthia
they're there they have a really nice
pottery school there yeah I gotta get
out ready
not right now Jeff what do you feel
about all this like talking about like
younger younger people getting into tea
have you do you have any experience with
that you said me right so yeah yeah yeah
we the people that have come for the
two things that we had before everything
got crazy
they were mostly like middle-aged folks
so we didn't have any kids that came but
I think it's good to see kids getting
more into Tetrick liquor promotes like
meditation and sitting in presents and
that kind of thing too if that's what
you're getting at because when we were
we studied brick very briefly in China
for a month but when we were over there
we went to a clinic like act functor
clinic like a big center where there
people come they bring their kids and
people that have kind of checked out
from their body from like engaging with
technology all the time and they reply
and fold them and they would sit them
and make them untie knots with being
blindfolded as it means to draw them
into presence with their body so I think
as as children are becoming more checked
out into this this world here
I think drinking teammate may be a way
to and sitting in that environment may
be a way to break them back into their
themselves into their body so that's the
way I've worked that but we haven't had
any kids come for our little gatherings
yet maybe once you build like like a
brick and mortar type of permanent space
you'll find that because that's that's
who are like the main revenue drivers
for like tea shops or you know it's
permanent shops it's always like group
of group of young people when they get
off school to gather together I have a
friend and in Portland and Clackamas
that just opened up a tea shop like a
year and a half ago called cup of tea a
really beautiful shop she had like
Taylor and everything for the adult
demographic not to say that they're not
inclusive to families and kids it's a
very welcoming place for them but she's
made a big observation that not only do
the young kids come
after school and hang out but especially
the the young women are super into raup
where she's like I'm surprised by it
it's become like a trend you know they
all know about and they all ask about it
and it's something that like they're
particularly into and you know she
wanted to even you know create the
hypothesis that that there there could
be something you know with the chemical
physiological effect for you know young
girls and that that age bracket that you
know just makes them feel good you know
because usually the flavor is something
that's like acquired you know yeah well
if we want to look at it from a Chinese
medicine perspective maybe those young
teenagers have a lot of pent up emotion
and angst so the green and and
polarities have a lot more moving
capability to move that energy along
maybe lighten things up in just a bit
exactly so tea marketers that's what you
gotta do I'm just like imagining this
whole like TV commercial campaign of
like all these like angsty teenagers
it's interestingly when you're talking
about younger generations it seems like
if the people who are most addicted to
like digital our arts are still obsessed
with image so in the habit in the have a
tendency to mimic people so when they
see tea and it's like oh it's only done
agent style for some reason they're
gonna get that impression like I have to
enjoy it in this way and only this way I
think the best way to get to them is
just by presenting it in as many
different ways as possible and then have
them chew its which type of way they
want to enjoy it yeah so we're all doing
the same tea world brewing it the same
way because it's like that's the word I
went I found my little niche audience
like things still too often it's like oh
it's Asian and that's it I'm not you
know you're not into Asian culture then
it's like oh I can't enjoy tea but they
always so they'll mimic what they like
the most but there you see that
diversity well you know I find that
whoever you're serving you know I
understand and that person you know so I
asked a lot of questions find something
that did to that person in particular so
like one thing I like to ask it's like
how why why are you drinking tea
you know what brought you to tea and
when the more common ones is like like
dietary soda so normally say I'm dealing
with like specifically a white Western
Westerner I will find like I broke up
I'm like a really fruity sweet tea blend
you know I want to go straight to up
here loosely tea right away cuz again
that person who's coming off of soda and
a soda addiction maybe I would try to
introduce them to something a little bit
more English style or and and of course
I would introduce typhoon styles I the
drinking the tea is how to understand
well she's breaking up yeah no she's got
she's got valid points yeah you do have
to read read the person and and
introduce the rate see oh she's gone
yeah there's so you know you you know
I'm supposed to try and uh cuz I'm in
the beginning I was just so enthusiastic
we sleep tea on everyone you know like
this is the most amazing style of tea
ever you know isn't ready for that kind
of culture shock yeah you know and super
excited yeah I think that's kind of
created to identify the needs it's like
I remember in the past I mean Emily
sweet we talked about gamers like how do
we get seen in front of gamers you you
you don't sell them like it'll lower
your blood pressure
you know you thrower cholesterol you
don't sell them on health benefits you
sell them on theanine the things that
that benefit them directly to exactly
what they want to do high school all the
more reason to sell - yeah but it's hard
to find a way in and I think that they I
think the easiest way in flight for them
is not necessarily selling the culture
as much as you need endorsements because
they need proof that this work so it's
not like I can tell you I can show you
studies I could walk you through the
science and trust me it works but it's
like no you got to go out and you got to
get like high-profile gamers to take
this and
have them just one testimonial of saying
that it helped me and that's all it
takes for them yeah there they have a
very specific need in only one way
they don't care about the meditative
qualities of tea you know I don't care
about any of that whether they need to
see yeah it's it's direct results I'm
sure there's a way in there's a market
there it's just a matter of getting in
there to that young age well I guess we
all gotta start playing at my tick-tock
tea pot dances that's what I recommend
except for we can't do them I mean we
have to do them after they become viral
we gotta find butyl like a really
influential 12 you know dude or maybe
each one of us do a version of the
Kermit team so everybody has their own
sort of version of the Kermit I have to
run to guys it was nice to meet you all
yeah and I'll pop on for as many
meetings as I can yeah thanks Jeff yeah
it was nice to meet you Lee I don't know
if I met you at the Northwest we're at
the Northwest tea-things yeah yeah I go
every year I've gone for the past seven
years every year we probably met there
yeah I don't know if I mention or not
but I just happened to be in Seattle
just by chance that weekend and so we
went on Sunday I think
was it your guys stand who had the guy
who was doing those around yeah oh my
god so we've got like a little packet of
like the cheapest time because I can't
afford the really yeah yeah I understood
your dollar much up ground much up but
that guy was so cute and soul mate and
so we kept coming back to taste like I
know he was doing like each time he kept
working his way
along the different classifiers so he
kept coming back and would go walk
around for like 20 minutes
he'd make a circle back again all right
I remember I've always been because it's
always so bitter and I was like this
tastes just like it has almond milk in
it but it doesn't I'm like this is a
Maine where I was blown away and like
the energy in that tea so we bought a
small little bag of it and it's for a
special occasion I mean I've gotten a
lot of other expensive tea since then
but my partner got the little bag for a
special occasion so that was great
well hey Jackie do you guys end up doing
more events and and are gonna want to
feature matcha and your events you know
we do have it wholesale and in larger
packs and it's a lot more affordable
that way so I said I just recently
applied to you guys okay I'm all of tila
everything so yeah yeah there's some
small samples
cuz I just keep trying to get tea from
all over just to have like a variety of
different things to offer and you know
what qualities we like and what people
what people like so we're not selling it
I'm just doing it as like a you know
people pay like $15 to come and I serve
like five teas and we have like some
snacks and people hang out and that's it
so that's a great way to do tea business
because your your reframing the value of
the team more than just the leaf itself
but it's a whole experience you know
it's yeah okay so I appreciate the being
able to get some things a little cheaper
that way we can offer nicer quality teas
that people would not have to like
charge a ton of money because in our
dairy we're in I don't think people are
gonna want to pay over $20 to come and
rimsky like even I'm like I'm proud
losing money every time but it's more
for the fun of bringing people together
in community and creating no having it
cheaper definitely helps for sure so I
appreciate that
yeah sure Jeff well I'll be seeing you
around thanks for joining me
Jeremy I'll keep a watch for all of you
guys next next time
so Jeremy yeah what's your what's your
podcasts it's going to be the theology
of tea and then I think it's just gonna
be me and at least like one guest and it
could be like a local priests the local
pastor kind of to give it some value
it's really because if they don't know
me well enough if I had a priest on
talking then suddenly the podcast has
value yeah you know it's it's so so at
least I think that would be a big
benefit to get more people because I
like oh I know this person I know this
person he's on this yeah if it's just me
and a friend shouting yeah I'm sure
it'll get some views and all that but if
I can get something going that has that
very specific sort of appeal I think
that's the idea least least people
around the Terre Haute community your
first guest already yeah and he was a
friend and he was helping me out because
he was telling me just get zoom and you
can stream that way and he told me about
loom I don't know what that is but I was
still looking into so that's why I was
just asking you I think for pockets the
easiest thing is just to do video stream
and then you set that with zoom you can
you can take the audio just the audio
track out of it yeah I mean there's lots
of tools that you can use there are a
lot of loom is free interesting yeah
it was a free service and he says if
zoom doesn't work used loom and it was
really quickly described it but he said
it just live records everything that's
streaming on a computer so I should look
into that too zoom doesn't work out um
but I think that you know it's like the
first guest has some authority to it
because he's well known around town yeah
and he was information ran out to be a
deacon and you know you so he has it's
fine like we've been talking a lot about
value how to assign value and you it's
like it's really easy like if you're
starting a philosophy club it typically
has no value if you're a bunch of
students but if you had like a guy with
this degree suddenly it has value and
you can charge people like I was
thinking about that with the tea world
what like what constitutes creating
value to it because if it's academic
it's easy whoever has the best degree
and whoever wrote the most books and
that that's it
cuz I was hoping like I was hoping Danny
move was gonna be on this because I
forgot to ask her is that she said that
six schools have now opened up in Brazil
but is there any any standardization you
know because certain people will say
well make you a tea master in eight
weeks and in another school who says no
we'll do it in eight months you know so
what do you what do you do you do the
eight-week course and then you sort of
you go around and you brag about having
this credential from this people but
it's like no no no no they don't know
anything our tea master school takes 28
years so if you're interested in that
128 years
a lifetime exactly yeah I know it's a
good point you know where is the
standardization and so that's why you
kind of have to you can't assign any you
know value to the certificate itself it
has to be that value and the experience
and it's hard to market that but yeah
we'll do it like I'm gonna start like if
I start a philosophy Club and of a
professor from Indiana State University
and then there's another guy from
Princeton who has a doctor it's written
two books well I could charge people a
membership fee to listen to those people
but people wouldn't pay me to listen to
some guy from ISU
I mean but that's you know that that
certification is so ingrained in us that
the degree in publishing it's just the
tea world I don't think has died yet
it's just experience like I've been in
TVs for however long but if it's like
I've been in tea enthusiast for six
years that just means you people don't
know how to process that you know that
just mean you read a bunch of books
can't I just do that on my own
but yeah signing value because I
remember that was the biggest topic last
week especially when school pop up
because once one is successful another
one will pop up and say it mines cheaper
and quicker and better and it's gonna be
terrible but they'll walk out with a
certificate it's so it's so I don't know
where we're at at that stage or if
there's any real effort amongst the
community trying to create some sort of
standard on who we would classify as a
master and who would be you know
classified as such and such because like
when you have a wine
Saamy need someone yay yeah it's got
uncie took a long time though it took
decades yeah but typically it's very
standardizing it takes years and there
are tears but that took I don't know how
long that took decades to come into play
but T in life are two completely
different things wine is taste
t is experience I mean that's kind of
how you want to really get it across the
people because wine is all about
identifying the flavor and then T you
don't want that you don't want to just
say this tastes better than the other
one you need to serve to sell this one
gives you a better experience than the
other one
so that's even harder to certify it's
interesting I was doing I was doing a
tasting and I was just running through
T's and I wasn't telling them too much
about the T here this one's more
expensive or this one's rare or anything
like that I was having him drink the
tea's so they're going through a bunch
of cheese and they were like enjoying
them all but when you got to like the
Ruby 18
it was kind of fascinating their
reaction because suddenly it wasn't it's
like it's like all the teeth before they
were struggling to identify a flavor and
then there was this couple and they get
to the age movie and the woman says this
this reminds me of my mother's perfume
and the man and that and the husband
says this reminds me of the cigar the
cigar paper that my father used to roll
so suddenly when you got to this really
high quality tea they weren't looking
for a flavor a triggered of memory yeah
it became an experience so I'm like okay
that's a whole different thing
but was interesting it was like with
moonshine in the Ruby they all
had this like oh I remember this like it
triggered something it wasn't like oh
this is barely citrusy and this is this
this is that because our instinct is to
find the flavor but at least once once
they understood that that better tea is
better like it's a whole different
experience that's what you know that's
what you need to sell but how do you
just try to get your guests to have that
aha moment on your broadcasts that works
for anything that happens a lot on
podcast I get invited to do in person I
always take tea with me and a lot of
times these podcast people like they've
never drank tea before they probably
invited me on because you know they
heard you know the podcast or someone
told told them that you know I have an
interesting story or whatever and it's
like you'll pour tea for them and
they're in the middle of their talk and
like you know doing their their script
they've got and getting ready to answer
questions and then you see them like
take a sip at the tea and they like
interrupt everything in the middle of
the podcast to be like oh this is good I
did one last year my buddy is they'd
have like this like rock and roll punk
rock podcasts you know they're just
silly as hell like they just pick up
different like viral news from the
internet and just you know about drink
beers I was going on to promote the
music the world team music festival and
we were all drinking tea the podcast is
like two hours long it's a long one and
you know Jake and I are just like
pouring a bunch of tea for it for these
and they're in the middle of like one of
their news segments and the guy like
he's like going on and on and on he's
talking really fast and getting really
excited and he like catches himself in a
little bit
he was like what is in this tea I feel
incredible oh my god
you know I was like yeah he caught
himself getting tea drunk in the middle
of recording the podcast and you know
you can't ask for a better testimony it
said something so like rod-and-reel than
yeah now now everything is done remotely
so you really can't have that
opportunity yeah yeah but yeah but I
know what you're saying that there are
podcast that's what you want you want
the honest moment yeah because people
know people know the difference of
whether it's scripted you instinctively
know yeah fascinates me that you don't
have to know anything about tea to
recognize good tea yeah that like good
tea just feels different and that's
something that you don't have to have
any education to be like holy crap this
is different yeah in yeah I'm just like
that couple when they were when they
were drinking the eighteen and then when
they discovered like it's twelve dollars
an ounce and this for the most expensive
tea that they're ever gonna buy in their
life they didn't hesitate at all the
experience is only worth it oh yeah it's
like I mean it was it was insane how
instinctive it was this is my mother's
perfume but I was more interested in the
guy who said that because he was he was
describing about watching his father
roll cigars and this smelled like the
paper he used so suddenly he's drinking
this team he's like this eight-year-old
kid in his mind which was kind of
incredible so it's like y'all take
couple ounces whatever it costs but it's
yeah you know you can't guarantee people
who have that and yourself but but they
were really they just wanted to know
everything about it they came in with
the right mindset yeah
because that's what you really want
because doesn't matter that's the value
the value isn't a vintage the value
isn't a taste the value isn't rarity the
value was the experience and that's
that's t's that's what sets t apart
anything yeah and so the probably
trouble that I have is how do you sell
anacs how do you how do you know spell
an experience to somebody who's never
had that experience yeah especially now
to I mean it's it's in a snap and you
can't force it on them a lot of the work
that I do like I'm talking about showing
up to places and setting up a tea
ballons yeah so the people that I'm
talking to about paying for me to come
and offer this experience those aren't
even the people that are going to be
having the experience yeah and it's like
how do you like I'm trying to get people
to pay me to come and bring experience
to their guests frame a reference for
the experience that I'm trying to offer
to their guests and that's what makes it
really difficult yeah so in my in my in
my own experience like you know I can
get the meeting to sit and have tea with
somebody I can usually get the gift yeah
yeah I mean it's kind of like whoa you
know when I started this project it was
I'm gonna try to give myself a head
start I'm gonna tap into their face I'm
gonna tap into something really personal
to them and then start from there
something and well maybe this is maybe
this is sort of you know it's like a
head start
it's not like you're gonna join this tea
it's like no no here's what we're gonna
do we're gonna we're gonna like increase
your faith we're gonna we're gonna
better you know so you can better
understand who you are in your place in
the world I don't know best to like you
know that was the idea how do you get
start you just do yeah it's like okay I
need to what mindset you have to get
them in because you can trust that
people are gonna walk in thinking I want
people who've never had any tea like
this quality before you still they still
need to have the right mindset that this
is gonna be a whole new experience and
this is you know you're just they're
anxious to see what will happen
otherwise this is an experience you have
never had yeah I need to walk them
through it like gonna just sort of give
a heads up he's telling about the team
and say you really need it and it's kind
of true with a lot of products you
really need to get them personally
identified with it so so it's like the
encouragement is you know how how does
this relate like to you it's just it's
it's kind of tricky but it's all about
let's let's let's get them in the right
mindset to begin with and let's move
forward from there rather than sit him
down brew it and say I really hope you
like this one or about this one but well
it was interesting when I first started
doing life started selling the leases to
eat I sort of saw much better tea people
knew like instantly instantly that this
was better even if they were just
searching for flavor and they were just
obsessed with that they just knew but
then you have the other people who were
just so involved in it and that suddenly
it was you know it wasn't it wasn't a
flavor it was a memory that they were
recalling when they were drinking this
tea in the same thing with whiskey I've
been a whiskey tasting for some people
come up with a strangest thing I almost
have one
or the guy he was talking about how this
whiskey it reminded him
it's interesting how specific some of
these memories are it reminded him of
the pencil shavings on the floor of his
father's classroom he was talking about
like it was back in the old days when
you had that winding grinder that was
sort of screwed to the wall yeah and
then if the if the basket isn't attached
the flakes and everything's like sivanna
so he was drinking this whiskey it was
fantastic but he said yes this whiskey
is the pile of pencil shavings on my
father's classroom floor in veneer
everyone else has said oh this is very
woody sometimes it's it's fascinating
how specific certain memories become
yeah like oh this reminds me of the
summer sometimes it'll be like it's it's
when this happened at this age and you
remember it for the first time in like a
decade yeah I think it's really
important to get people to talk about
their memories when they're tasting
something in the more detail they talk
the more confidence they builds and
identifying what they're trying to
explain yeah I've been doing that since
day one you know tell people there's no
right answer like we're gonna taste this
and we're going to talk about well we're
experiencing do you want to just say you
know I'm sensing this note and that no
you're welcome to because some people
that's how they know from wine or
whatever experience they have been
tasting but if you don't have that
confidence just talk about what it's
reminding you of whatever that memory is
and then we'll talk about it and the
more you talk and the more detail you
give the more you realize oh that's
actually the note that I'm looking for
yeah it's not like you drink a tea it's
like how dare you taste menthol on this
get out you just don't deserve to be
there's no vanilla things that I know
that people like will describe its taste
with action or scenery or a memory like
well it's like my third-grade classroom
and in the moment to all the people
sitting there drinking of the tea that
makes total sense yeah that's funny we
need a childlike mindset walking in
mindset all the time there's a I'm a
friend here in Vegas that's really into
like trying to find the science behind
serendipity and actually there is quite
a bit of peer-reviewed research that's
been done on the science of serendipity
you know that it's not just this magical
you know manifestation thing that just
magically happens but that there are
mindsets and you know conditions that
you can set up to increase your chances
of serendipity from happening you know
like the discovery of penicillin or like
major discoveries like that you know
that could be described as serendipity
could be described just as a random you
know thing that happened but there was
one research paper that she sent to me
and there was a term in there that I
found really interesting that described
those forms of serendipity called um oh
my gosh what's it called oh shoot no
it's killing me that I can't remember
what the the name was it's such a
charming charming word it was two words
but it was basically like
childhood curiosity paired with
scientific method is how you get to
those to those moments to increase your
chance of serendipity increase your
chance of like positive random things to
happen so yeah I think that's that's
you know be mindful and be articulate
avantika canned how you approach things
descriptive but at the base of it be
like a child's - yeah I heard something
this guy said that the world is lacking
wonder he says all that wonder yeah and
he had an interesting story he said he
was amused and on the street and he
looks over and he sees this kid staring
up at a tree just staring up to the tree
so he's watching this kid thinking you
know what's going on and what happened
was that the kid stared at the top of
the tree until a leaf fell out and he
very carefully watched the leaf oh all
the way until it hit the ground and he
said he said my mindset was what's wrong
with this kid and the kids mindset was
just the the Wonder and the fascination
of just watching the leaf hit the ground
they said where is that like why you
know where what point did I miss that
at what point am I thinking something's
wrong with this kid from why am I not
like this kid still he says just wonder
just think about just wonder see it
everywhere he said you can see it
everywhere it's just you really got open
yourself up I'll let it happen I thought
it was a good way yeah it was a good way
to describe that everything you can't
you can't spend all your time looking up
a tree at the same time there's a
component you can approach
things in a playful and wondrous manner
where you are exploring to see what
happens rather than coming into a space
with an intention to make for a specific
outcome yeah or at least not necessarily
holding too much attachment to a
specific outcome that if we explore and
let ourselves out more open to things
happening as they do rather than trying
to be so in control all the time
yeah surrendering a bank the fact that
things aren't going to go the way that
you planned up this yeah there's one
person talking he because a lot of
people are talking about you know it is
all about the journey and it is what he
said typically the the failing that most
people have is that the goal is not big
enough you need to set the goal pretty
much as high as you can you're probably
never gonna get it but if the goal is
high enough you in a way you're forced
in a way your your your whole life
becomes reoriented to obtaining this
almost near impossible thing but along
the way you kind of figured out
everything else it was kind of
interesting it says basically people are
the goals not big enough bigger goals
I'm into that it's just what's the
highest possible thing that you could
ever consider achieving that's that's it
I'm telling the grandest story yeah
this you know it's it's um it's very
much the wish upon a star I mean what
the hell is it you know it looks like
the largest most important thing but
even trying to figure out what it is
you're gonna figure out everything else
along the way
basically dream bigger at least it's
because I know you have such global
connections to possibly do some talks in
Sri Lanka it possible to do some talks
yeah sure I mean yeah because yeah your
question was very very valid and very
welcoming because we need I think to
bring tea in Sri Lanka to and expose the
different varieties more than just one
variety to the world and to that to that
hunt to the area is important yeah yeah
I mean I don't have like a whole whole
great amount of experience in Sri Lanka
there's only one garden that I work with
there you know that's independent and
and making fine quality I know I know
that there are several other making fine
quality teas but the the value versus
the price that they want for it is not
matching up so yeah really it doesn't
really work for our platform but um I do
a lot of work in India and the other
thing that I've been advocating to the
farmers that we work with there is that
they they need to stop focusing so much
on the international market as being
like their God save that's gonna you
know save all their problems and really
trying to cultivate that domestic market
cuz in places like Mumbai and Delhi
there there is like an upper middle
class and even a wealthy class of people
that do enjoy fine quality products and
and you know there's fine wine bars fine
whiskey bars and there are fine tea
shops too and I
went to all those research them and
there they're actually selling really
bad tea and so I love finding stuff like
that because it means that there's a
group it's space oh that's so much so
much for him in space and so yeah one of
the team teachers that I work with was
with me and so I was like instigating
him like hey like you know I know the
foreign market is great and I will
continue to work that for you guys but
like you have a market right here that
you can take you know $20 train rides to
go visit anytime you want and you know
do this education yeah cuz they were
something they were having matcha oh my
gosh this was like the worst match I've
ever seen in my entire life it was like
totally Brown yeah and in the way that
they were blending it they weren't even
using a whisk they were using like the
you know like the metallic like spirally
like egg beater this was really fancy
tea shop very fancy and very high prices
and people were there supporting it and
you know of course like I'm not gonna
have success selling tea to them because
the market no no that works better than
what they were using actually I wish I
had only right now to show you what it's
like it's like this springy like spiral
I don't
yeah it's like a spring that you that
you use it to UM mash certain things
yeah that's a good I actually use it
because I bought the matcha because that
was the only way that I was gonna like
have a conversation with them and
actually taste the matcha was if I
bought it and then I had matcha I had
ceremonial macho on me and I was step of
all with for them and the the guy at the
counter like he didn't even know what to
say he was he was speechless so that's
and I told my friend I was like hey you
know like you
should be cultivating these
relationships you should be coming here
to Delhi often to do classes and and
teach people because yeah there is a
domestic market and the foreign teas
coming in they're so expensive because
of that tax and it's if really good
quality you know that's better than the
estate teas that are being made then
there's better quality that can be made
like by hand in small batches yeah that
can be sold at competitive prices with
the Chinese teas and and whatnot but
yeah I don't know I gotta get going I
gotta do some work but let's keep in
touch everyone here yeah give me the
edge I love this and I teach talks on
give me off sometimes I have I have to
go so because in ten minutes I have a
couple patience but thank you thank you
very much thank you guys for inviting me
thank you for listening and thank you
for tolerating my English and thank you
very much and this is a good time to say
goodbye thank you
especially you I mean at least this
definitely wouldn't be happening if
wouldn't if you hadn't stepped in to
help with co-creation and introduce me
to awesome people like Jeremy and
Priscilla at least I'll see you in a
couple hours yeah yeah yeah looking
forward to

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