Thursday, April 2, 2020 - TeadTalks Collective

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Bacon so there's like we can
create four strips of bacon,

good and crumbled up mix it in
hand cake batter. I also add a

scoop powders cinnamon and
dried chives and then lifted in

the bacon fat and instead of
flipping it cuz it's too big to

clip I broiled in the oven
Super good. Also on my portion,

I melted some pork solution,
which, of course Salon this

pancake was like taking a good
nap. It's not necessary. That's

a good one.

cuz I did that and I was like
this is nice, but I didn't need

to do this.

This is just a reminder is
being live streamed. Yeah, but

that's that's innocent. You
know that's perfectly innocent.

But that's make some wild
Purple Mountain, some 14 wild

purple and that but hopefully
it's not passed his Prime.

Yeah, I would say there's a
little difference been strong

in terms of age we do half. Oh
straight straight. Again this

time on time, yeah, this time I
figured it out. I'm with you on

a JD Davis dance.

Let's do it.

How's everybody awesome
excellent great. Took a bath

today Wonderful I love your
framing there. so yeah. Thank

you. Yeah, you know it's so
weird. Oh my God. I was totally

about to wear that today. I
have that shirt blue. It's like

in a Baylor, but I totally have
that T-shirt with the Monicas

great same shirt on the same

It's not a blue color. Okay,
Sorry guys playing back

someone's playing video. We
wear this shirt on the same

day. Do you play? Yeah

are we giving a playback on
this somebody must be playing

the video else, but it seems
like it's it was a secret. Oh

good sissy

It wasn't me and it was
seasonal way. Yes, you see you

might be times.

I still hear me if I'm back
here, loud and clear why we can

also see your tea and just you
know his mom.

Understand why you have that
everybody should have that

shirt. Okay, I'm gonna maybe
I'm. This is better sideways.

Hi Jeff, Where are you at?

Hi everyone. How are you? Doing
great so that everybody have a

good week drink. lots of tea.
Yeah. really good. Yup. Yup I

had had a pretty intense week.
I'm not doing this corn team,

but everybody has to do and I'm
like Super deep but trying to

take it easy. I guess that
today that would be good. I was

into like a whale and I did
this meditation where I was in

the ocean and it was really
intense and I kept wanting to

get out but I stayed in.

I think I'm far bearing
warranty, it was when it was

not happening. I'm absolutely
busy, you're doing.

Yeah, I've been to to put some
definite what I'm you know I'm

I'm trying to explode in you
know with what we're right now.

Yeah and then inspired us and
inspired by kind of enthusiasm

around the questions that have
been raised. but it's just like

a cool thing. you know having
decided to put together the

world's first festival that I
wanna act fits. That's why you

know they has been kinda short
cuz you know we use the time

left in this sticky clear like
quarantine. yeah. Folks and

communicating similar, you know
if this time and even beyond

cuz I think our relationship
analogy in our relationship

with live streams and all that
is gonna be different after we

go back to normal to our normal
lives. So I think tea is a

great segment or niche, you
know to like kind of pioneer of

what what's going on with that?
so yeah next week. So and

actually this show this.
Activity is gonna be a part of

the festival, so I'm really
excited about that. I was

actually next week. Yes next
week. Jay I saw the email. I

just get a win. I was too busy
like feeling awkward like what

do I attribute to get the
actual festival? Yeah because

we're gonna have we're gonna
have a zoom room just for Jake

J Davis, Danny That's. number
40 minutes.

Wait the chat box or can you
put more information for us to

see that I will yeah so the
official like market has been

announced yet so like only
announcements or marketing I

pick my own perk. I'm sorry
Cammie. I wasn't you know I I

were just acquainted through
this I didn't reach out to you

personally about it. I was just
trying the creators of it, but

we are we are we have 15
presentation or this five -hour

time so now that we have all
that we have like our

headliners of some you know.
Evening I'll be in like the

official world for participants
to what's going on but I'll

give you the link. If you wanna
co-create in this, I'd love to

to have you there. There's like
a very simple very simple. It's

not gonna be a normal tee
festival. There's sponsors

exhibitors and it's just gonna
go we're very straightforward

presentations from people from
around but and we have

presenters fans. Scott
Australia epidode doing

ceremony lectures and and even
some fun stuff like there's

like a DJ that is live
streaming. that's gonna some

like psychedelic TV bills.
Music and there's gonna be like

a matchy. be look cool. fun.
It'll all be streamed on

Facebook. so yeah, let's see.
I'm just typing that sounds

like fun. Yeah. it'll be fun
and how fredo Lennon Plucker's.

It's a time that's a place.

so the link I just went to the
chats or that like application

tonight word the link for the
festival itself will be a

different one and it'll just
be. And instructions of how to

engage so like it's like
virtual experience and you know

we're gonna doing their sense
to coordinate everybody's

technology and everybody's met
and and then as well as the

attendees too gonna have to
like have the timing right cuz

that's one thing I've noticed
is like Europe and Asia didn't

attending this thing and so
like I'm gonna have the time

listed out for everybody cuz if
I put EST like maybe people in

the States can all kinda. Real
quickly, but you know someone

in Europe or someone in Asia so
easy for them. So yeah today.

I'm gonna have a lot of fun map
with all the time zones so that

people can easily you know know
how to plug in at but just put

like a GMT minus eight type
thing I guess. so yeah. but

then what about people I guess
GM. That's like the main main

time and everybody knows that.
and if you're confused by that

quote that he just. probably
yeah, I think it'll be it'll be

good fun to figure out this map
they like roll any Jane. I like

what you. One time zone, so you
can just all China. Yup Nice. I

don't know if it's block you
know I I don't know so again I

had to figure that out Be
honest, I'd be like willing to

to do this is is having their
own like VP. You know probably

already also, there's
definitely an instant. I gotta

figure out something.

We saw back in frozen, I'm
playing a game. okay. It's

really fun. No, I have the
friend at the Stadium on Game


Now, I have a friend I'm also
streaming to my Facebook page

and I have a friend that wants
to come in here he signed up

for your things. Sam he's been
coming to my sessions. He's a

good guy. Awesome. he talks dot
com. Is that it that's all it

just goes there and does that
take them directly to the zoom

room. Look at the events page,
which has a link to resume.

It's very easy to join that the
date and time with it. Yeah,

that messed up on my go live
post and had my friend from

yesterday is Sam another state
or is today. I'm definitely an

adventure. I don't know how I
end I enter today. I had to go

through event and get a ticket
and is that that was more than

two, but I appreciate you
registering and that I remember

doing that last week, I did
something that easier to relate

with us but to let you in,
we're playing again and keep

things easy on.

We had a little bit of tea
roller. That's why.

I'm so hey what's up Elizabeth.
I just saw you I was about to

make some cheese. okay. perfect
That's drinking Thousand 14

Walker. renew.

Check my inventory today. What
are you doing that last week?

Silver needle last week wasn't

I'm on the calls without at
least you put you know we can

can't wait it could be your
secret. JJ. You might know it

as the number long Nicole also
known as Nepal balls. I think

you'd be a fan of that name.
You're welcome to use that


See you soon in 2003 too long
from Taiwan 2003 well, cuz

every week now. So this is
California Austin, where is

everyone. I'm a little North of
essentially Austin California

So corn team continue knocking
around Long Beach the Park

yesterday or workouts people
are heating up, so not really

sure. I'm pretty good, I mean
California. I don't know if I'm

quarantined, I think I'm I mean
clean doesn't that imply that

the sick ones that you have the
corn you are technically

correct, but at home, stay
sounds less threatening like

I'm staying at home and obeying
to stay home and step for

essential things, but I'm so
sick right now. I feel worse

for cuz I'd be like oh am. I
gonna die. I'm at home. I'm

reading I'm fatigue and I'm
not. Cuz if I was corn teamed

and already, I would feel like
if I use that word, I would be

sick and I would feel maybe a
little friend. I guess I don't

know I mean weird technology
going to wear. alright. It's

important to you or not because
like that shipments from China

and we coined, we make sure
that they've been out of China

for like and in that in this
not sick, but she probably

doesn't have anything on
quarantine just setting

isolating something for certain
creative. So I guess if you

were limited to contact with
someone who's sick and now I'm

quarantining my two weeks to
make sure that would be a

quantity you're teamed. You
just isolating tough. Can you

do it?

Hey, can you more felt like the
corn tea? so you hold it for

like five days? a container. I
just put a room that I'm from

the other tea and away from
people. Other tea can't catch

it, You know I mean, and then
when it's out of the box and

then after it's been outside of
the borders of trying to

honestly because China is the
one getting the disease where

they represent of really the
box is coming from China

proper, then boom are probably
safer. You know something that

we should be, for example with

And we got Zoey a couple. Yeah,
that's kind of you know what

like the face mask you can like
quarantine face mask after you

just like seal it up in a bag
and let it sit for you know

when you can kind of like
rotate that way you don't

really have to wash them. You
can just like let it. I guess

it it just yeah. Yeah. So if
it's not if it's not growing,

it is shrinking over the course
of life shrinks down to you

know how to throw your mask.
What time you use it. We're

just wanted to having mine sent
from honestly had for her

clinic. That's still like
working 15 patients and can't

get masks for her staff is
looking at me like keep wear

masks like they're having this
issue and things like excited.

a bunch of stuff wouldn't
wearing masks and everything is

done just went around like it's
nothing when you happen right

now and how can I don't wear
masks? I see pictures of people

in America and nobody's got a
mask on. It means that you're

not on you know, same kind of
like the perception corn team

you know, which is accurate
accurate. but like the mask is

the purpose of a mask is to
protect the other. Not yourself

you don't really understand
that here I got the phone with

the you know. is sure he had
the symptoms. It's like the

worst thing ever and when he
called he basically gave him

the number and said, Don't call
us call it called when you

can't breathe, which. Kind of
insane, but she said that he

got it when he he's he's pretty
lady on the Street. He like

remembers and then like four
days later.

I don't know that's like 70
year tea students went on

vacation where good back and 40
-, five of them fired tested

for it. I went to high school
with you of these people. It's

really a very long so shitty
Yeah. well he used to close

their beaches for so long are
you in Florida and my sister is

that's a lot of But talking to
the the governor did put some

researching down in Nevada.

So we got we got the California
Texas wrap it in here. Huh.

Yeah, Nevada and Southern Yeah,
you can just go to Nevada more

than Vegas and Bernie. both
California Yeah, Speaking of

the other California Zoey here.
there's new music. Oh, yeah

they're out there and there's
some. Get up that band camp.

Yeah, you're a big. I'm pretty
sure Camp dot com slash oh

wait. that's not how it works.
That's name is Zoey Winter and

cool is that giving the
proceeds from people but.

it was just one. Yeah 33 so
inspired. 19 music, or is it

This is something a long time?
Yeah, it's been about two years

in the make kind of I was
carrying all the songs around

and then finally recording.
Yeah. How's it going so cow?

Sorry? I know I joined late.
You've probably already talked

about that. No light life is
good. It's been it's been feels

like it's been doing nothing
but it's the mind is making

lots of spending a lot of time
hanging out with his. It's good

good for the spirit. I don't
think that we can you introduce

yourself a little going to make
the first time ever awesome

so it's a right yeah that was

like five years I don't know

You know I I had any good. I
don't know how long it's going

by you know. So it's like three
years ago, then no matter no we

met 17. Are you say God? I did
not know that? yeah those five


Yup, it's the mask five years
Earth. I'll take a moment but

so I I met so lot of friend who
was a tea spot back in the day

T spot and I was there for a
few months. I lived there,

maybe like plus what's that you
were in Austin the tea spot in.

I never had a torch that spot
okay, I got location. It was

great. It was a little Mike
Mike got to go. Yeah. I know I

did. Yeah right. Yeah. Zoey the
teeth fun day just got in town.

She was meeting our real friend
there and he showed up and

she's like Hey, I'm Joey. now
my friend. I surprised my

friend coffee shop up off of
the plane and showed up at this

coffee shop. She's this is
fantastic so here but I have to

go to work. Some plans later.
Why don't you just get a bus at

this at this address and then
you made the road. On and it'll

say I do and just go in there
and you'll love them and

they'll look awesome. The
universe will test you. Yes.

The universe will test. Thank
you. I wish in a diverse will

guide you put in some like like
a prophetic how my life would

be ended by a critical test Oh,

yeah. Yeah. you're right. It's
true just so. Transparent that

it's not telling you the
answers you gotta think.

I'm switching making some food.
really old and one here. nice

good thing about it being
immortal is that Okay. I'm

Elizabeth. Are you like the the
West Tea Company community.

Yes, I got interior to going
into I little over here we go

I'm just making ever since I'm
into it. It was a poniard. I

was like I'm kinda.

Let's go to say what's project?
Oh, we're keeping the sense

that one is in and we're
opening a new House and just

gonna be Western, The West
China and yeah, there's

something that would be the
same as going to a lot of

things are also gonna be
different. We're gonna have a

membership month and we're
going to have you know more

events. We're gonna focus more
on June, making this face more

accessible for community to
host a better and we're gonna

have matching furniture which
would be nice and you know.

That's that set to launch comes
back. That's what I'm busy with

all day every day. I'm having a
meeting today. I've actually

started taking the meetings cuz
we have a really solid team

lead minutes. So finally I
expected I don't have to be in

all the meetings, which is
amazing for the first time.

Owning this business. I
graduate not be in the meetings

do good things. At school, I
love that matches in front of

her like core pitch. That's our
new brand is matching furniture

on brand for cool. I'm like a
big fan of the unmatched

furniture like I have nothing.
It's like you gotta go. Yeah,

no. I'm into that. there will
always be a place for that. we

can the next House can start
off like that. It's a great

way. you know maybe use some
free stuff but I think you know

what I what I noticed over the
past, like maybe years of this

cuz the first week selling team
literally truck and then I

shared the space with us, then
I have room to. Camp drink It

wasn't very retail heavy. There
was no problem because there's

no room for it and then it won
King nicer tea where I started

getting the GTA where in other
stuff and they spend like I

mean I was like well. There's
so much when achieve world for

like you know you know
enrichment of the who are doing

and people will buy more and
you know if I like being a tea,

that's $300, people, death and
style someone's definitely

gonna buy $300 gain and what I
realized that we have all these

rooms that front will be made
to us. A place that you have

something really nice, We're
using an aesthetic metal. How

choked like a queen big
wellness? you know, lots of

plants, lots of like what a
pouch like something that would

be wait, You're trying to turn
it into a group like no. I

don't, but I want to project
value the way that we had

because Google takes that may
or may not be completely

worthless like crystal and
water in a spray bottle and

those people buy cars using is
that could cause might be

essentially worthless, but if
it's not value that people. An

arthritic has real value and so
we want value for example, no

more plastic. We're gonna move
on to the night. It's gonna be

a 10 to 10. They look nice
tonight. We've got a design

team working on a big album,
Asian Amendment and they're

design team and so stuff like
that, just said, and you know,

get moving your friendly
packaging and having you know,

global nonprofit partners and
pets and wood just having

things be nice. and so that's
what I do who walks in there

and like seven or eight
hundred, we'll walk you like.

Oh, this is totally a place
where in 78 hundred dollars.

Meanwhile, we have all these
other rooms. The Great Hall can

still be like the party room,
where everyone's just chill out

and having fun and being Super
happy that retail room that we

can project a lot of value. So
yeah, we got a whole spirit,

but we have meetings meeting
creates well. Wow, I can't wait

to come host one of my I like
events at your event room fun.

I can't wait for that will be
amazing. What are your old?

well? I've done like children
event right now. like I bought

a game. It's gonna be a car
game and you can do two people

or you can do it with like
people and I could have this

like city a bag for now like
that. I've been court like they

did or detent surrounded since
to my House really developing

it more just dreams that are
allowed me to like a little bit

deeper and just kinda just lit.
And body mint and tanda, and I

kinda got how like tea brought
me and provided the spirit. So

like I dropped with like just a
little moment of like

meditative smelling and me like
tea is about like using

invoking our power of the
senses, then brings us all

connected together. So it's
it's the thing and I'm really

excited about it cuz it'll be
fun and the lack I partnered

with psychologist and is doing
a boarding called Love The Goat

and that one thing was so much
fun. It was like a sex positive

board game and that one is
gonna be. different from what I

was doing more like a board
game of the brown and make a

picture like where is this one
is more like cancer and more

for like building a have you
senses the other one is more

about yourself those rights to
like test with my partner with

like to bring the tea and
connect to space so excited

about that that was with
friends game and it just

Conscious the truth their day
people together have a fun time

We knew about adult things.
There's also that card game

called Conscious connection or
something. Imagine. Yeah is

that there's a cool one. It's
like it just gives you a

toddler for like comfort, it's
kinda like a conversation.

Start kinda concept. It's like
you know much against you. but

but like you know Pause and you
know not not against humanity.

I love community, but it's it's
nice. It's it's good. Maybe I

have a friend in New Orleans.
She's a musician revolutionary

card game, and I think she
might have been in the Herb

Outfitters somehow, but you can
get up as well. It's also a sex

positive that it's cards and
bingo themed card game kinda

cross between cars as humanity,
but like. I mean cookie

humanity, which I'll show you
where is where is the truth is

being truthful about and talk
about set way. That is like

we're all adults here will be
whether we're adults or not and

we need to talk about this
stuff cuz it flipped under the

covers and you know, then then
everybody's confused about it

and should comes out and that
kind of stuff, but it's a

circle game. She's a talented
musician. You guys should check

lane. I will you put that. The
chat, or I will do both of

Y'all put on her game in there
should she plays like hotels.

Second stage type venue local
little mission support cool

positive feminist revolutionary
call. I'm I've got run a little

crew going in the outbuilding
tea culture there and they look

and they would definitely look
to collaborate with her cuz

they could do a joint event
with a new team with that. I

mean at some point. Each other
again, or you know all

community there obviously tune
in Carson CARS car seat Clanton

B L A N T O N all the things
Yeah. Well, Okay so a friend

watching on Instagram live and
she's need to all of this and

she's hear about all these
games and she the joke used I

thought that was funny.

When I was doing my like end of
the run before going to selling

not corn, I noticed no buying
condos, you're gonna have been

quarantine are gonna be like
gonna be the only person having

sex with me not true.

right now. Yeah about that,
like all the like the apps and

stuff like that is the
government required down or

trying to discourage people
from meeting strangers online

sex Anniston friend, she says
she's Super busy ship out which

can go on. Out there right now,
just a. man. Yeah. No, Of

course, yeah. it's it's Tommy
with people. yeah, I was just

doing definitely include
something on there, so I don't

actually meet these people.
Yeah, I mean zoom is probably

getting plenty of accidents to
know them right.

Drink new meanings in your
testimony. Being like that

looks like someone was talking
to the people and they're

talking to them to tell them
that they have and they're like

all thought they had a live
session. There's kind of having

teeth. We're gonna be joined.
Yeah good for you already. know

I think I have your contact Wow
if you'd like to and then he

has basically going to be a
line of eternity call. That is

I went to corn teen and I got
was the studio shirt. That's

pretty hilarious. I I predict
that the most popular girl and

boy names respect that we have
20 are gonna be Corona and

Kobe. No all the corn. Also
this boy named before you do

anything. obviously about a
person I think I coded like

it's like like a new puppy
sounds like a disease well

okay, but you know 20 years
from now, we'll still sees.

maybe I mean the nickname.

Or novel Corona, by 19 oh my
God. Priscilla so Kawaii. What

are you? Yeah? Yeah. Hello
everybody. I just feel like

consultation vacation actually
and at listening and trying

enough like what those guys in
about 90 minutes.

Hey dad I'm across that we have
the game that always talk about

sex like Dave, so it was very
interesting to hear you

definitely don't think it's
going to boy in a future like I

wouldn't. It's very funny to
the the what did you say the

nonsense you have condoms. It
was very, it was called that.

Let me see I have a beautiful
patio here. Yes. sitting on.

I'm sorry you're sitting on a
patty, but just in my family.

Yes, those are some tea. make
sure you talk to them. This is

my inspiration. It's my
celebration my sacrum of cherry

Blossoms, You know not real. I
thought who's that picture that

people have to like block
everything that's going on what

should be my oh my God. I don't
know how to remove it. I put it

yesterday when it to my missing
nephew and I used to remove it

now it's actually in my living
room weird so much. Yet it it

moves in a different way. It's
not cutting some stuff. I'm

lifting my arm and
disappearing. It's kind of

weak, but I put it for because
for my knees and I knew

yesterday and I didn't know how
to remove it. I think it's

great. It's awesome she made in
her living room. It's a photo

display from really right.
Yeah. he's in my living room,

but how to remove it from from
the ball, you know how. Let's

go to prep and background and
then you can remove it. Okay.

Let me see none is there

no other cute your matcha
shoulder pad kind of fun.

That's the real one. It is an
awesome room. so this is a much

smaller than I thought I had
it. Yeah. It's pretty busy so

it is in the. yeah just like
that you know the magic

technology my I miss call kind
of yeah I

think it's computer I don't I
don't think

because it's like that one they
have It's like I can't remember

what that's like a banana you

You could announce I just
signed the lease tea House just

now when that's why I was doing
ago, I was signing only signing

it and then send it in. so it's
not how many how many leads it

three cheers to that. Yes.

Hey, Brendan you about this
awesome picture. That's in the



He like nope, you can't. What
picture? background Sorry No

mine mine. Oh, no you're right.
So here we go here we go. this

is better when you're in a
cafe, you think you're in the

dining room about that me.
Yeah. I appreciate that it

picks up her guy. one. Yeah.
Maybe I should get my my Cup in

there now we know that probably
in a way. Yeah, it's too much

young gave me. I can send you
to the download someone you

like this like a holder of all
of these ladies. So this is

actually a video. If you want
to see the lady is actually

like moving and doing stuff and
so come through and like clean

the tables and but yeah you
like this huge file of all

these like crops that you can
download and you just need a

Green suit. you get well to
make it look really nice. legs.

That if you were really in a
space doing this, you're really

not no not at all. This is this
is how I fix you know of my

soul shouting when I actually
and now she there's no lady

next to you. It won't be safe
at home. Our children's

generation will be like this
this zoom background, why

didn't have to strangers in the
same thought about it for 2020

people used to congregate.

Alright, I put the distractions
I'll turn it off, but yes we

are now it feels feels weird
now. I'm saying that I was my

mother. Change it should just
lays here. static background.

She rearranges everyone smile,
but that's about it. Otherwise

she just sleeps on my all day.

Are you having matcha? yes?
it's not a weed. Yes. so you

make waste. I do. Oh you mean
the the blend I will. I do make

it that you would prefer
regular a full picture. Yeah.

let me let me show you the
camera skimmers. Yeah. so she's

you mean I can never go in that
day. Delicious could try being

card it taste really
experimenting with different

types of yoga and I had in this
and then today I did mom

turmeric and cinnamon, but it
would be good for like too.

You're actually drinking it cuz
like if you just whatever

you're doing cuz I like them on
sugar and I'm just like what is

it like? it? Sounds great.
Yeah. I have different types of

powder teas because my they
know matcha. as one it's the

enter and another one

oh my god

I have very special

like just

ah it's up to you know people
have very good sorry

good I just found the Mexican
yes ready one love it this is a

very nice blend but this can

India but ah when you In a Cup
or Carol, it gets a pink visit

that link on Facebook and you
should see of the elements with

Copper Bowl or kettle, but it
becomes pink so she tried to

raise a mix. I don't know if
you can look at it looks pink.

It's a powder and it's like a
recipe. You take it day for

making like they like they
doing so I have many connection

Sorry. can you show em what I
just didn't get like everybody

else. Let me show you the top
of the can because it's not

touch it. let me remove my
camera better


yeah yes when he takes a great
from Srilanka he grows actually

ah that guy he has ah He has
ancient tea trees from and he

gets to me and she makes these
these little tea rods. They

look like a tea bag because
string tied to them a bunch of

big TV tied together in a
little drive, You can just dip

it like for their bag. It's
really cool. it kinda looks

like a margin, but but yeah, I
mean it looks awesome. You


I still hear from Brandon me.
Yeah with the awesome.

Yeah. actually I was using we
were using the ball up until a

week ago until I figured out,
it's probably better soon as

the guy was cool. I'm not I
start I came first generation,

Irish American mom and my
grandma was all black tea. hi.

My name is Brendan Shaun's, I
live up in like top and if we

don't have to hear a couple
like male order, loose leaf tea

as far as service here like
that's for matcha easily to get

some gloves of divine so I'd
like to bring tea service to a

couple of events around here
and Growing up in the South, I

love some experimenting with my
status sweet jeans. The Mason

jar earlier that looks really
good. Oh, yeah.

Hey, and we got another another
actually into health a little

bit of dating her her. Awesome
well thanks for day. Thank you

and I hope to be at least
hanging out at the festival.

That's what we'll be doing
awesome. No we need to be I

finally got in 20 minutes. get
this. It felt like I felt like

being like a float kid like
they this is room to lead.

Yeah, naked have you seen that
meme going around husband so

sad swing at the window He came
to social assistance things so

I finally love.

Coming from Nick I've just been
on the House all day. I'm in

Vegas. Yeah. hot water here
have a little snack a little

oh. yeah. nice sauce in there.
All I'm going, I'm going to

have a like a baby now, but
yesterday it was made so I

would love a happy birthday.
Happy birthday guys know.


Your birthday. Happy birthday

birthday Thank you to her
birthday is only a part that

was on the 30 -first 00. Happy
birthday. We will do you just

keep the secret like I Yeah,
mine was happy It feels like

everybody's birthdays are kinda
suppose bone. You know. Yeah.

Yeah. We'll say it's supposed
to yeah. Hey guys. I want it.

She just came in so get a
little bit more international

here. Yey there nice to meet
you guys. Hello. Are you all

from you?

Venue. Yeah. That's so close.
I'm in the South the closer

global. We're up to three to
three countries guys amazing.

And two birthdays, we got a
bunch of birthdays birthdays.

So so tell us about your in
Brazil to how to go out there.

I should be drew it still
doesn't have the screw of the

lights teeth to blame actually
a local browder. like largest

brand in Brazil like a T shirt,
you know from me, I know if

it's big the US or not I look
at him from Barcelona. Yeah so

in Brazil with them, yeah

and then they have like 30 to
four large spree big and this

one has been like three years
so they're growing really fast

and that is other brand like
owner from the city from which

could achieve it's in the soil.
It's about a hundred kilometers

from some power. It's a big
city like three million and

then this one this fish. This
car is also trending don't like

three teachers around. Oh,
they're the largest groups

like. Brands for blends right
key shop, They have a lot of

good quality team like okay.
It's not Super good best. We

can find impress easily. then
there are like the pull of

people are parking good. See
That's it. so we drink a lot of

which is an awesome signed
inexpensive the The leaves come

out. They look like your
sinuses leaves, but like the

trees are larger they meet
other trees. this planter's

consumed by digital people in
the South of. Everybody in the

South, they consume that much
more than he or her body. I

have a question for you as far
as recommendations for Matt

have a favorite cuz I like
Matte. I'm not in the state,

not as a variety of selections.
It's mostly the companies that

are so yeah, I can write out.
I'm gonna road chat, make sure

they but. Of the state so
pretty good, then there are

letters of guy hands his
blending Matt from different

producers. It doesn't explore,
but I'm pretty sure if you ask

them, that's he's gonna send it
to you after down stuff the


I'm gonna remember it then I
write it down the bat yum. You

can have like Matt you consume
in the race so and either have

like the popular way was when
you think it's like actually,

it's a fruit they use the can,
but like the structure the

fruit they dry it and they sell
it and then you put inside and

you have extra and then you
drink it, you know, but most of

all, I'm gonna prepare one
sorry the one. Yeah. Yeah. Then

we drink it most common way,
then you can hit like coat ice,

another name name and then the
harp is like more powder.

They're like there's another
way, which is a matte, then

roasted my is completely
different and then over Brazil

specifically so real. It's
really a sense like I know

these are soft. It will drink
much like roasted Matic with

lemon and then then have you.
Have ever come to Brazil? No

okay so in the beaches in
launches this like sales like

they're like to say that they
walk around the Beach selling

stuff you know and then they
have like these Put the ice

cold roasted Martine side and
also the lamps lime juice

actually, and then they start
all over the Beach and very

popular on the Beach. You're
sitting there having a sometime

guy comes in, he serves you

It is the second winner like
Green shirt. I tried with us.

It was great too strong. Yeah.
I didn't go to College day.

It's different from the from
like Argentina, like Virgin.

It's different. I probably
don't tell anybody I reversed

him like for the the herb you
know to drink the bombing, but

then there is something else
largest brand in Brazil called

Maxi Leo, the Lion, something
like that consultant for them.

there they belong to code now
Coca Cola. so they're like but

I can popular. But I'm waiting
for them so blends and stuff

they're very big, but it's
something else. I'm pretty sure

that you want me to like
quality full hearing, but like

we have two summers and
blending core, we serve good

qualities but like we have to
pay our bills for Coca-Cola.

It's nice trying to make a
difference. you can use those

in your daily life. What what
do you mean which skills all of

your skills you you're able to
use them with your work? is

great. Yeah, but definitely
yeah. I'm trying to make him.

Shouldn't you so much like how
do you save the like so much

sugar by little are they still
using Brittain Brazil or or

they are the high fructose corn
syrup like we are here in the

States. I'm sure what kind, how
did it? I forgot words syrup. I

could those cars. I'm not start

Yeah. I look kind of I'm not
sure I like both are ready to

drink and like they have loose
leaf dramatics Okay like the

roasted. they have like looks
like like they'd like to hear

from you know they're not
producing like 13. It's absurd


Well, thank you for sharing all
that I'd like to also like you

all know each other for a long
time we all somebody in this

room for I would say great
definition. I think it's

awesome that we've been able to
get such Cranmer here and I'm

ready to next week with pets
where reach even more people

and I really look at this space
as a place for the entire unity

together and for us to share
the way we do in the way he

contribute us cuz. What it's
about at least is the life gets

better as I shared tea with
other. Yeah, and we can't we

can't really do that right now.
What we're dealing so this is

the next best thing, which is
pretty cool because we're gonna

connect with that. we never
would have neck with we were

you know focused on on holding
space and physical communities

here. Yeah. So like Danny and
Nepal. what was this 17? Kevin

I don't think that we've like
communicated since then

literally you saw me Instagram
and then it'll come come into

the room. You know that that
would have never happened or

been instigated. You know like
we not been doing this. It's

cool mom. it's. Like yeah, I
can't good job So last week, we

talked about how he community
bit and not interconnection the

tea community here in LA since
the community I guess for

community and and I this
opportunity of a global. I'm

sure I think I think we need to
find a way of keeping the

community together. be is me
you know because. I'm talking

for an hour, no unity, There's
no community and there's no way

of finding finding the team
high quality so I I need to be

in touch with us.

that's happening actually the
community but it's free recent

well you guys are ten times we
got done my country yeah little

bit more chances that shops
then but its bring new also

here like I have started room
brands ah like tea Glance and

also I use to inform all over
Europe but then I also change a

little bit the brand. I'm are
liking on my teeth so back in

2004, nobody working with teams
like maybe two T shots in.

schools in network, So let's
high school as leader, we think

will be great day.

Too much time I missed with my
English, I think shot that's

not no unfortunately is shot. I
can say when a language Bonita.

I would love you. There's no
schools here spend eight

wonderful years since we go
learning different ways and so

here I'm starting with the item
world where okay. see you next

week. We're gonna raise a few
lessons thanks to all of ours.

Also like it is a plan I had,
but now it's like a front

pushing us towards like online
like so. I've been doing

myself, I'd like to mention to
you feeling this every

afternoon like patients and on
Sundays asking like

international guests last week,
I had for Bobby. I'm not sure

you know him Sherman, part of
India and also the TRA search

associate we would like to out
the ??? the lockdown every the

influence of virus in the kids
over the world. this side,

we're gonna have. Handing works
at 11 and enjoy so speaking

English, but all the others are
are important, but once a week

we do so invited to join us. it
will be 11 AM brand time. it's

720 okay for you seven PM. So
yes, sir Okay. it's gonna be

seven AM for club more you or
me. Five PM Yeah. So like two

hours a year, it will be like
11 zero and he's gonna speak.

He's gonna talk about the team
marketing mean like right now.

So I'm I'm inviting like
someone at first Elise. I like

to invite you to guess next
Sunday, not this Sunday The

Sunday after okay cool, it
would be great too. Yeah. and

that's and then come and join
us if you want to come and we

call this group. Also, it's
really that like even people

from the world and and then
like we're going to release.

Like online lessons data. when
you fix and you put it online

when it's already recorded,
Yeah, even just a video. Yeah

because because it online a
spine or we're gonna have

lessons also and we're doing it
in in space so they can brag

about it. My from equity. I
don't know what's your name.

It's not written here received
you nice to. for their mother.

What very

thank you so much, It's been an

you have a name for this


tops that came from Sohan
virtual get everybody

everywhere in together yeah

Organizing dogs.

Well, yeah, this happens every
week and and next week,

particularly special Danny I'd
be excited to hear this to be

hosting on April ninth from
11 AM to PM Pacific Standard

Time and that will be streaming
on Facebook. You can watch the

lot. It'll be a series elect as
performance ceremony, which

Priscilla here will be doing
full Japanese tea ceremony for

thank you and there's also a to
be music performances as a TV

video screens and we have
several like. Celebrity evolved

and warm all over the world to
engage and this team gonna

happen about that and we'll
have a series of different

where you can bounce around and
meet other. so this week

Thursday pretty long. I'll be
sharing out the least everybody

so you can you know. Watch next
to me. I can I feel like to

brag about it so people can
join you. I'm trying to make it

as like possible, so I don't
have a face of video you know

if if you wanna join in on the
zoom rooms, we will be doing

this same exact. Thing and
hopefully we can have to

a hundred pull in the zoo
account that would be obvious

to have different rooms where
even different languages as

well. You know you can count on
me cool French Spanish We have

Priscilla already at least so
are we going are you going to

from Facebook or where because
I have that I would like yeah,

it's gonna be streamed on
Facebook is gonna also be

streamed on a landing page
ending page If they don't have

it, they can at least watch it.
Facebook will be the platform

to watch it because the can go
in and out. Preachers but yeah

tonight. I'll be making the big
launch with all the materials.

there's in such so you'll be at
with the links that we're going

to ask you for the viewers and
stuff so we can repost that's

tonight on social media can get
in. yeah, that will be tonight.

Okay. I'm excited good. I will
excited so great. I mean great

job. Thank you. Yeah. No. it's
only gonna be like three of

lots of events and and you're
already kind of warm. so I

really just to be an
inspiration for all the people

to see how easy usable it is to
do. And to engage so, yeah,

Alright Sam Thank you. Thank
you guys for was three was

definitely better than week two
is better than we really extra

week four. so we are gonna
change the world doing this.

whoo down you guys have have a
wonderful evening day wherever

you are drives. Stay home. Yup.
Thanks have a good one. Bye


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