Sunday, March 22, 2020 - Tea Chemistry with Eric Scott

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This book, I see that we are this
is just this.

Just inviting to join us.

And I'll get on Instagram as well,
so hopefully we'll get some

people joining us to drink tea with

Hi good to see you guys. It's Elise
here just drinking some tea

to enjoy this Sunday. Let's see
here one last thing on the

computers set up high just robust
nice to meet you. How are you

doing today?

I actually left my the other room.
How convenient is it right


Was that no tea server? That's a
sad thing. Oh alright. we have

viewers on Facebook. Hi guys about
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with you guys if anybody's Dream
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together and we can chat and catch
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hi to everybody. I'm gonna say hi.
yeah. He's a good boy.

Alright. let's go on. let's go ahead.
I'm just bringing some

solid try here. I usually don't
drink this kind of tea kinda

creating all those spices and nice
stones and flavors right


It's criminal.

Everybody having a nice weekend,
I had a really nice weekend

went for a little yesterday or I
should got to enjoy that. I

see a lot of other people also enjoying
the hood so that's

that's good to see and I did a lot
of cooking this weekend.

please like big juicy hairs and
you know very many of me like

going to the store dealing with
all of that. So I ended up some

hamburger buns myself and It was
a a two -day process. you know

to make the dough the dough and
make everything for the burger,

but it was very big. A masterpiece

Hi is you know something that you
think the coffee shop and

they get usually as like a latte
or with become popular now is

the the journey the dirty try latte,
which is the masala Chai

latte that has an extra shot of
espresso in it which is what

makes it dressing well, a try just
blended or mixed and masala

is just is so like a masala spice
is just like a different mix

of different spices to use for cooking.
It's all a child is a

mix. Spice of tea and it's usually
brewed really just like

other try and and and meant to be
taken with no longer to

complexes in the multi brisk key
for but this high, which is

produced by the folks the family
a shortage in their grade of

teeth made a great call us and that
bit of a broken group of

tits. it's not seeing in hi. Still
higher Eric How's it going?

Can you hear me? No you're gonna
go? Oh hey. it's good to see

you thanks for joining in. yeah,
no problem. make it come out

of my headphone. I can hear there
we go okay. This startled

points all come on and start again
all excited that someone's

here someone's here.

so we have hi Adam How's it going
we actually have got on Zoom.

you'll be able to hear. Yeah. How
did you remain the zoom

meeting on Facebook live or you're
just two separate things? No

the meeting is getting streamed
directly right now on Facebook.

Look. Yeah. It is very cool. You
know kinds of cool techniques.

How about you could do that? What
do it was a paid account? You

have to have the premium account
Zoom account. Yeah cool. My

because of this quarantine, I'm
defending my peach certain few

like unfortunately gonna be die
living room via yeah. So maybe

I'll try figure out if I can have
it on Facebook. Yeah. yeah.

Yeah. you can get like $15 month
account and yeah cool good yes

tribes to get it to to stream directly
to Facebook. Finally it

I was you know I'm a little Green
on these things, but it's to

be worth world. Yeah, like I need
a new technologies right now

I just got into Google Maps. You
know trying to promote all of

us that work with and they'll make
sure that people support

their own and whatnot. So yeah,
I was able to create this cool

map but you know ain't about thinking
about doing for now I

decided necessity sat down on Google
and figured it all out. So

that's cool a map that so you know
really trying to encourage

people to even support local businesses
and discover how

businesses that are selling good
quality tea that they might

not. About yeah, that's cool. I
love making apps I have like

for like different cities or like
Oh I'm visiting you know,

calendar or whatever. what's your
What what recommends and I

just? Oh here I got a Google map
for it and my favorite tea

shops and restaurants and things
on there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I'm gonna use that more often really
cool how you can like

control icons so like pinpoint you
can actually put the logo

there and then the hover the hover
wind up. you can like

control all of that content. And
make it engaging is just the

normal map in points on yeah, So
you're just kinda that

happened about it. Good like extra
to finish these little bits

of because of all the additional
stress pandemic happening.

It's it's yeah. It's it's a little
bit like to be shaking and

like I can't have like a celebration
with like pull over. I

don't I don't be able to unlock
like two and you know like a.

But well, I'll tell you why if you
if you are able to to to

love or on to zoom and they share
it. I'd be more than happy to

help promote it for you. I'd be
awesome. Yeah. I would really

appreciate that. I'm my figure out
zoom situated a link for it

and everything I hear it on Facebook
and put in place.

Hopefully like I'll have a little.
I'm in a second monitor

where I can have all the zoom purchase.
I like virtual audience

and that I have my love with my
slide on it. It's a piece. So

what's what's your thesis? What
what's going on? my I guess for

people that are that I don't know
me or whatever it's all about

climate ingenuity and mostly what
I saw on is the leaf hoppers

back on the tea plants the chemistry
and how that interacts

with temperature and precipitation
changes and things like that

so it it ended up turning out the
cool we like one of the new.

That we talk about is how we found
that there's it's probably

for sure, but there's probably sort
of like old where you don't

get that chicken in chemistry, it
makes Eastern Beauty long

have unique aroma and like a certain
density of leaders certain

amount of and then there's like
this more sudden change.

Instead of just like you know more
leave. they're kinda

situation eat a certain amount before
you hit that like

threshold of having those in the
tea chemistry matches up with

a lot with what the numbers that
I worked with did they would

wait until there was enough damage.
Field when the goats were

gonna wait another week before we
harvest it so that what you

mean is that like volution position
or like or or was that like

something that was kinda looking
for you know this is like the

budget is not Super widespread or
it's widespread as I imagine

cuz these peppers are pretty of
the tea grows and I think part

of the reason why it's not so widespread
is because there's not

a lot of guidelines. Search about
how to implement that

strategy most of the farmers that
do are doing it really by

feel through their own experience,
and it's all there's

everybody everywhere that it's doing
this, but it has like some

actual like pretty connections to
Taiwan, which just started

but it's strategy for farmers because
when these leads are out

in the summer, it's in women's equality
isn't as good anyways

and so it allows them to produce
High-quality product and the

late summer and all they have to
really do. Is not a spectator

sides not can properly allow damage
and you know know how to

process it differently to take advantage
but knowing like how

much lead upper damage you need
to get the mom you like cuz the

leaf hoppers are past the field.
and so I think that's why I'm

probably not Super sweet, but if
they knew an amount or had

some sort of guidance like here's
how much damage you had to

get the most yield and the best
quality that would help so it

doesn't quite get to. Cuz I was
looking at tea plants and not

at the tea like the fanatic. I think
it's a first to get sort

of some guides for like how to take
advantage of Acts to make

better teeth. Yeah. that's that's
awesome. I'm I'm happy to to

hear that you know I experienced
with that style tea but I have

spent some time and I've got a good
friend that is Larry well

connected in the change area. Oh
cool, you know connected. With

some like really great horses there
and I have some time

learning from and but I've only
been there during the spring.

so this is probably like early season.
so it's not exactly but

they still call it the same thing
and they still say they're

processing the same type of teeth
and maybe they get enough

there. Yeah, I I do my research
is in Fujian province in

mainland China, just because that
was like where having a

connection. Yeah. So there they
weren't weren't they're doing

maybe for something big. The later
part of the year, but yeah,

maybe there's enough lead pop around
they can do it around.

Yeah. Well, I asked him about that,
at least folks that that

original family, you know three
generations huh, but that style

of teeth when I ask them a bug,
but the more important and the

withering watching there was like
really interesting pair to

other styles of with the I could
tell it had already been going

wild like like days while like.
Time yeah, the League or White,

it was like yellow in color was
like changing into this like

really clear that I I've seen rain.
I asked the team maker the

side of the they're all team makers,
but the Sun Yeah, I

figured I get more information on
him than from the older

generations and you know how long
it's been withering and the

friend that I was with who's also
a team maker was like, Don't

ask. That's a secret like that's
the most secret question you

can ask is how long they with her
for so. yeah. Yeah. So I

think yeah, a lot of books relying
upon. Yeah I totally. with

my friend, you'd really like her,
she's she's incredible to

yard. she like she's holding looked
in with with everybody. She

builds tea houses. She's like a
tea artist. it's not like an

architect. she works with the architects
that do commissions of

like really high unique houses and
she's kind of like interior

function sets passion, she just
like Washington batches.

really, it was like an 80 year old.
yeah. Because the behavior

on Facebook actually support from
Joe in Miami is like you

know, is this favorite tea in the
whole world? Okay? It's

freaking crazy about it and so we'll
introduce Rebecca and Mike

End up spending a period of time
there with her and so he be a

good resource because he's a lot
more cuz he's gone and making

yeah them, but I had poor like an
eight beauty one time at her

plate. it was pretty magical. That's
like the that's like back

to the oldest cuz it's not that
old of a stop that first yeah.

Yeah, I told you she's like she's
with like the family that

claims to be the originators so
it gets access to those types

of teas and it's really interesting
cuz she contrasted it tea

that we brought that you know we
showed up in the evening and

we had some fresh and harvested
tee that we made and we decided

to show her cuz it was like hand
processed like small badge

black tea that we had made from
the cultivar and the finale is

it going and so we're really excited
to taste really great. had

this like beautiful, like energetic.
Aroma to it, It was just

so exciting and so she was she was
happy to see her excitement

and she drink with us. She's like
Oh, this is nice and then she

was like yeah, but I gotta show
the you know just to give you

some perspective and shut this like
little canister like I

don't drink this tea, but this is
a good time. It's like a year

age tea and DVD. like this is like
wisdom. you know back to you

brought it was so exciting. It wasn't
a team to jump off the

walls this tea here you just you
feel the wisdom. A lot of it

that's pretty unique teams of the
processing because like part

of what the uppers do when they
do leave the leaves get kinda

tough and and chickens and then
the growth is stunted so you

can't do the normal kind of thing
that you would do with leg

kick one or something or the leaves
will just get crumbs like a

longer wedding and like a more gentle
processing, and it's

Super those are alive that whole
time and they're they're not

they're still doing stuff. Whole
that whole process and making

new chemicals and aromas and things
and yeah, that's really

cool. So yeah, climate change is
like I'm grateful that it is

and I'm seeing like a more active
because it appears it's all

just like for experience like either
between the team we work

with so they're they're always talking
about like the changes

that experiencing year to year and
how that affects their

artist store their quality or of
course, business people

talking about you know what they
need but from a researcher's

perspective, you know I don't I.
I'm just a whole lot of

outreach, you know it's being found
to to the community. We

thought that Could done in place
more at least more than the

United States and so it might just
be that there's as much or

to cross cultural outreach about
that research researches

happening in China and India July
it might just be there. We

don't hear about the rates as much
about the community here the

waves to share that message. yeah.
I think like UC Davis their

their global team great sort of
place for that to kind of

actually be like. Have it conference
or whatever it is strength

they sort of bring together people
from all sorts of different

parts of the tea world, including
scientists and industry folks

and people that are more in the
sort of art history background

if you're an opinion of mine right
now, but I would love to

hear about that. I'm I'm you know
a big fan of the global

initiatives. I go to every symposium
spoken at one had the

pleasure of of doing a presentation
in 20 - 17 in 2018 which

was like on sustainability. so you
know, we're kinda talk

there. so my opinion is and this
is something that transcends

beyond just tea. It's like it happens
within all the rules. so

from the perspective is presented
in an academic like Union

didn't touch the academic like the
best research and I know are

brought to They give their presence
their often time as if it's

an audience of that and then at
the industry for to come up and

invitation, it's often to like given
like you know you know

there's there's there's not a lot
of academic Psalms, a lot of

incentive to to take that you need
to take to for your message

to a general audience and the need
to take time to do. I mean.

so for me, for example, I I'm really
trying and I like to

finish writing. Conclusion for my
entire dissertation this week

and I would like it to be something
that could be then for like

a general audience and then like
maybe translated into Chinese

and distribute tea farmers outside
of that. there's like

incentive for me to do that because
the Grant that funded me is

are already so there's no like report
for me to say like I did

this outreach which is you know
it is programs while it's going

something about reach, but they're
not. It's not a lot of

incentive to put a lot of time and
effort to you know,

translating your magic. For the
general public, so I wish there

was more cuz like there's stuff
like my colleagues of the suit.

I sent you that wiper one of my
collaborators Rebecca bomb that

was all about how Summers responded
the kinds of labels,

sustainability and climate. he and
I just think that stuff is

like using I just was like so excited
when I've heard about it

and it was like give a talk it world
to something like like.

Yeah, it's just there's a lot of
incentive for people. Yeah.

yeah other than just ego you know
ego can go Lego so far if

you're not getting paid. Yeah. Even
when for want to it for

that, it's like the dude you know
if not a career instead of a

financial incentive for it, it's
hard to justify spending the

time you know. it's like you know,
I think it varies from

Liberty City but a lot of times
you know when young professors

are going up for 10 years. it's
really you know scientific

publications and it's I think it's
sort of what people view it

is kinda like well. the more time
you spend doing outreach

stuff the last time you have for
these other things but there's

other you know and there's a. Situation
where you know, profess

my University that do a lot stuff
and so I think I think it

depends, but I think that there's
not a lot of incentives to be

you know so this conflict that we're
talking about is exactly

why I'm I built in the reason why
I'm doing this right now, so

I wasn't from 2000 10 to 12 and
in the summer between those two

years they hired to okay so Eric
glasses. That study that was

out so that's okay so as was the
College of AG cuz they have a

USDA Grant to study Hawaii and it
was kind of the end of the

grants and they had money to do
like so these students were

hired. So like that was the whole
reason why I got so feel

immersed in tea so quickly we did
this mobility study for

Hawaii and I had two other partners
that I was working with on

this this, both MBA student and
we we discovered a lot really.

Stuff you know as far as like what,
but the Chinese team market

looks what the US market could potentially
look like and this

was like 2010 so our 2011 so the
teeth the real special To

start the States and so we were
like just at the verge of like

what eventually will look like and
what you know far as in in

Hawaii and this was all three of
us has that like our staff

papers on someone's desk. We're
actually you know get into the

industry or anything related to
the people that have and that

was like the reason why we decided
well. Hey, we got started

business. So that's how it's a device
ourselves of course, the

original business model is consulting
and you know realized

quickly that the farmers don't have
budgets for consultants and

yeah yeah. so if that is a big issue,
even though there are

specific like outreach posts at
University bogus, you know like

I I don't actually are there is
the incentive to do outreach

ways I mean scientists. Well equipped
tonight and so you know a

lot most universities like a Bird
Department or somebody that

will write. but you know there's
it's it's an experience like

the outreach stuff is more successful
the the same the outreach

and they're good at it and when
they put a significant amount

of time and money too money on it,
you know hiring illustrators

thinking, but that's like Super
reasons like I said, like

there's no way he sent to do that,
like in terms of. You know

getting more grants or tenure process.
so yeah. Drinking I am

drinking a piano relief. I've never
had this. I've never had a

pumpkin things like it's it's a
popular thing and I was

ordering stuff tea wear stuff from
the anyway. so I thought I

would try it out. did you get all
that order? but you know

February March. That's good. Yeah
you got in got in under the

wire. yeah, I was like trying to
order a computer monitor like

to have at home and I found one
that I want and added smart or

whatever and then. Said it would
like the estimated may 10 oh

never mind. I guess monitors now
cuz like going to mess up

well, I know Y'all should right
now is hit or miss. yeah

several people that have had. that's
stuck there. I've got some

teeth in India right now cuz I was
going through it a lockdown.

they relate. Yeah, I mean the Tory
like daytime curfew

physically okay. yes, so that's
why there was like a lot of

articles going around yesterday
of how creepy the Street cuz

usually it's just packed with corn.
And try people everywhere

everybody stayed it, so I'm not
expecting my tea to be moving

though I'm just gonna have some.
yeah try to get it out. We all

gonna have some patients right now.

That people are gonna if they're
not going out, you know

there's maybe still going to tree
store and still going to the

post office and the drug store.
I'm sure they're cutting their

key House visits pretty rapidly
definitely is like like Nevada,

You know the state has had a whole.
you know all leg non-dual

business shutdown. Yeah. So yeah
the only opportunity that

would be for like curves up. so
that was something that easy to

do with tea right. Like a Cup or
something, yeah, most T shops

are you know they've already had
figured that out because you

know they're not all the more not
all the people that go to two

shops know and appreciate food tea.
You know the customs to

they may not be expected they would
expect have like a service

so yeah, that's most of the people
that with are retrofit for

that. So that was something that
that map that I made like kind

of listing off all the differences.
Clients is offering right

now and in curbside pick one of
them, you know, I gotta make

sure we support their businesses
cuz they're still gonna have

to to pay their rents. You know.
yeah, for sure, I picked up

food from a nearby Mexican restaurant
after we saw on Instagram

that they were like average still
doing pick up stuff. so I

think that those little reminders
and stuff on social media are

really helpful to people through
their followers. Just like

little Instagram. And stuff I've
definitely been like, Oh, we

should get Mexican food cuz like
both delicious and also

because business. Are you are you
are you hungry and down?

though? Did you go stop doing some
clean and yeah we went to

on. Let's see Sunday a week ago,
we went to an Asian market be

shopping, and there was still plenty
of stuff there because

those and like they had towards
still stuff like that. So we we

stocked up on food, although probably
need to go probably need

to order more groceries soon, but
yeah I've been working at

home. From home on Friday and they
city let's see on Thursday

they officially like all research
activity. okay Thursday, like

just like three days, Yeah just
three days ago. That was when

it was like and now I actually walked
past the building the

other day cuz we went for a little
walk and there's there's

like caution tape over the door
and like a sign on it my office

plants are probably probably toast
pretty soon. Alright.

Let's see how fast everything is
happening and how it's

happening at such different rates.
maybe not different rates

but different initiation point is
it's like once a community

react. it's almost as if it's like
the next day next day or

even within hours another decision
being made so our big thing

that happened here in Vegas yesterday,
so our down or the non

essential business order close down
happened on Tuesday night.

I believe that those two and then
yesterday what happened was

be like downtown area. all the businesses
got hold it up but

yeah, like they're hurricanes coming
or something you know like

a little. Yeah. Yeah cuz they're
really matters. Oh wow. Yeah.

So I I think Vegas doesn't get because
of like armor and full

century here and that's all we are
really actually. As the

economy, yeah, so it's been professionals
here really having a

lot of the the year of known of
like are they still gonna have

work or you know they still gonna
be like held equal for paying

their rent their mortgage. yeah,
that happened on one of our

most popular restaurants here in
broken into three nights ago.

and so I think that's what initiated
the board everything up.

it's pretty scary. Yeah. yeah. it's
it's I I feel you know, I'm

that I still have a job at least
until May so like I can't

imagine that that the stress of
sort of general feeling of

dread because of this pandemic process
of losing your job. and

yeah, yes, yeah. I don't think people
here too stressed out

about the virus itself cuz it's
a be your and you know a lot

like the the retirees or the older
generation community that.

Live an in pretty like isolates,
Yeah separate from the but

there is a lot of fear around the
consequences of this, but you

know Vegas such a international
tourist hub for the city to

shut it down. Yeah we're coming
and I'm sure and and and

service and police were still searching
they bark and so the

governor has made an order so like
all good days so 30 days.

Yeah. that's that's all. At a time,
that's not just yeah what

places are just doing 10 days or
four days, but you know they

they went big with yeah. Yeah. yeah.
but you know I find it

really I I've gone through difficult
economic time before you

know, it's not liberal, especially
like transparent equality

where I'm like I pay for it. I don't
make money so I've already

finished run lean. I don't have
any employees but I do worry

small businesses that I and then,
of course farmers too.

Farmers and you know they're dirty
lane whenever they go on and

you know over the entire community
of people don't don't have

work for an indefinite amount of
time thrive. We thrive, you

know as they have soil the seeds
they have, you know cows, they

have made their community retrofitted
for that's yeah. it's

interesting. The thing that we're
gonna see is that like the

the ones that are gonna most resilient.
To what we're about

days are you know currently facing
are gonna be the ones that

we always thought were disadvantaged
or you know lower grade of

of society. Perhaps yeah, yeah,
it's very learning a lot.

There's really you know. I think
that's talking about ancient

tea right. Yeah. Yeah. it's it's
a big part of it and you can't

stop well you can't but they can
do is have strategies to be

resilient and adapt and yeah that
applies for things like

pandemics too again. Well, it's
change. It's like unexpected

changes happening, essentially the
the issue with networking

about is like how I deal with an
unexplained and yeah. yeah

putting all of your eggs. Ask it
is the oldest thing that you

can do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
So did you see that Northwest

Festival play about climate change
to interview him and gas

coin and Nigel and and myself? No.
I didn't I'll send it to

you. Oh yeah. I'll be in that. I
can share with my my my team.

yeah the academics ceremony. Nigel,
like the most I can make

the best, but you know I think it's
just like a six or seven

minute long video of the three of
it about like our own

personal experiences of what we've
seen as climate change and

what we in the future and what the
what the situation is and I

rambling a little bit at the end
and I burned biodiversity like

eight a 30 second period. Maybe
that was the the makers like

use of promises action there. but.
Ultimately it in biodiverse,

not just in like what we plant the
soil but positive or

diversity in our business models
and our same models. so sure

yeah my buddies in time you know
seeing climate change and they

don't have a hole of other places
to do my night stick land. So

it's not right right right. pick
up and go plantation. Alright,

You can only go so far up about
yeah as the climber was

eventually just improving your farm
up in altitude like yeah.

Yeah. so about a mountain. They've
had to learn resilience and

you know they also have the stage
of having your tea injuries.

They're not cemented in like generations
and generations of us

all like keep producing areas like
they're like coming to

styles a process of teas to deal
with these kids and and I

think yeah, that's really important.
There was a tough a while

ago her name, but she's the she's.
Like chief chief

sustainability of something like
that for the Association,

Whatever their name is sorry, a
really bad job, but remember

this is SCA like the special Association.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. So it was the chief sustainability
officer, so she was

talking about climbing coffee and
what was really interesting

there. Basically her conclusions
end was that I wish he sees

the coffee industry growing that
are going is you know sort of

single origin coffee He become so
cost prohibitive that likely

that. You know, we're gonna see
a lot of right now. That's

that's what specialty coffee is
right. It's like single origin

beans, Isle of production is small
holder, and it just become

like recognition and that she sees
sort of specialty cleaning

is more like coffee as like a flavoring
to think and so sort of

more creativity. in terms of how
coffee I see I I kind of I

don't know like I'm just I'm in
my little bubble, but there's a

great coffee shop in town that as
like you know huge lot. Like

that, but then the specialty latte
it always is like really

creative and has like you know like
a 70 Mocha latte online and

they do this also like this they
call em spritzers. It's like

espresso and Sauder and their homemade
syrup. you know, ginger

syrup or like that's cool. Yeah.
So that was what she was what

her sort of prediction was for coffee
and so it's but I I

don't. Think that that's I I agree
with you that I think that

that is a little bit different and
that they're because there's

such diversified production and
tea. It has so much tea is a

small holder farmers that there
is a lot of opportunity for

tivity and and just you know making
straight up but that I

don't think that's gonna go away
anytime soon ultra cost for

him well, it will be cost prohibitive
that yeah that will have,

but it's all about active. How you
take it right? It's gonna be

prohibitive in our commodity pricing
right right if if you're

gonna like loosely to succeed, continue
to succeed, It's gotta

be tough that commodity person.
That's for sure. Yeah. so and

and for the team it, you know I
think the the viability and

right now, everybody distinct commodity
and it's like we gotta

take it out of that like that but
if we don't then yeah all all

gonna go towards like not even just
like a limit product. Yeah,

you know it's already going. Yeah.
Yeah. So there's a report.

form for the fear called TB 1230.
Have you seen them? I know

how pretty that one 's dark? That's
like you know dark

situation, but it's serious. It's
real and basically draws up

like five different cases, five
different situations that we

will potentially see the tea industry
go towards 58030 and they

got the actual truth will be some
mixture of these five only.

Production and consumption leaf.

Okay, so that's so that's actually
really on par with the

coffee associations thinking. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you

know I don't but that I think that
that situations are very

viable situation but those four
leak ones that it's all

learning. Yeah. it's like 10 years.
That's not that hard. Yeah.

yes, so the only way that we can
preserve one situation, which

involves like organic production
of specialty tea actual

loosely that we drink as he is it's
gonna be like. That is

behind yeah, of course and so that's
why I'm not afraid of

trying to drive the price up. You
know, I'm not trying to just

make more money. I'm trying to do
that because it's a tea like

knock it out perspective that commodity
predicted that you know

keep our present now too, and we
kinda specialize farmers and

like India and call that are like
the little black behind us

that you know what I went a plantation.
It's not profitable

right. Up and leave they just had
a lease on the land. It's not

like they own the land right there
so they just up and leave

and they just leave the tea bushes
there the local people the

labor end up small parts at small
team. Okay, see us. That's

what they are. okay. They're four
course cuz all the all the

all the tea was originally part
of being States right. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So we'll come
in and and like help learn how

to make crafted teas and the groups
like already have factories

they've already done the. Building
before we come to help them

and they just followed the same
model of the estate values that

was or whatever but selling into
get and they complain to me

that they will never get more. You
know, $5 a kilo for their

tea, even if they do great processing
and use like the highest

quality of plucking and everything
they can get higher than a

certain. But then you know like
will come along and we'll get

them like $50 a kilo no problem
teeth and they're like. So, how

can we get rest of the year to pay
the prices you pay and I'm

like because 14 you guys quality
home better more than the

commodity around because pricing
is that and then like no

matter how you hard you work within
that command never gonna

get higher than $5 a kilo, but though
it comes to specialty

pricing is any like 20 - 2000 kilo
down with so it's always

smarter to put yourself up here
versus you know being down

here. right? Yeah. Yeah. I always
I always like to struggle a

little bit In in presentation, scientific
writing about like

how describe the difference between
new the very distinct, its

like a specialty tea is not at all
in the same realm of things

and I would have paper recently
that was remodeling like

effects of climate change on on
on on T Okay. So for this was

in in so they're talking about Dragon
well longing and they

were like in the summer. It's just
all about you. and so our

model is just how is climate change
affecting yield spring when

they're producing, you know this
high-quality specialty foam

Jane Green Dragon Wall Green tea.
Isn't correlated to farmer

income like like it's it's that's
not determined income

equality. It's like cool like concise
way like in a scientific

paper or whatever to just be specialty
tea means essentially

farmer income is not a field. That
yield words like yield and

things like that Organization, all
of that is all like

terminal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I don't like to use those

types of like to focus on value
and quality and that like I'm

the struggle that's gonna remind
you maybe not specifically

about tea as individuals as as individuals
gonna be challenged

to like really understand what we
value in our life and I hope

he gets really expenses. And and
people will it's yeah I I

think yeah, it's it's hard to Yeah,
it's a tea is undervalued

for sure. Yeah. No, I agree. Yeah.
it's undervalued taken for

granted. you know it's not a little
commodity that we should

expect to be available to us that
whole concept of tea bags and

tea and like all of my international
like tea culture, we just

assume have always been a part of
life are very luxury is it's

very honored not like tea in general.
It's got such a history

of time, but it's only like the
past like 300 years or started

to like become like a everyday you
know cool product. Type of

product or it was like this very
exclusive and I don't think

it's a problem if it gets back to
to that. you know the work I

do communities sometimes I tell
them things they came. maybe

you should uproot some of your pets
and plant something that's

that's like. That's our resource
like that. they can't do that.

and I'm like that there is good
to play within that yield,

which is not serving. so yeah, it's
it's relations to to be had

with they need to be had you know.
Beth tell the you know

inspires them to the right decisions
for for their

sustainability. Yup. Yup. Absolutely.

well. Hey, you know what maybe so
also talking about are they

within the doctor Amidst like like
I know that there are all

these they published their I don't
know I could can comment on

the book Live post for. We also
like with me if they have any

particular paper founded interesting
I can PDF or whatever so

if anybody listens to read it, I'm
happy to share cool well.

I'd like to for you know some of
the community with with my

extra time that I have right now,
you know, I'm using this time

to do my own writing. you know I've
been writing in recent and

prepare writing a White paper on
a a framework that I've been

you know playing whether since I
started this company called

distributed entrepreneurship but
in to that. More time as well,

I'd like to take a stab at you know,
trying to like be like

some of this patient from from these
research papers. Yeah two

this tree cuz it seems yeah. there's
a lot of relation out

there that yeah, just they're just
not can access it. Yeah.

It's yeah. some definitely some
somebody needs to summarize

things that are out there. I wish
I had more time for it. So

yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll I'll I'll
definitely pass that on your

way. if I see anything that I think
would clearly you for the

tea tree about. Research the church
wise. Yeah, I mean that's

something that I like to to do with
my own time. you know, I'm

trying to make my size or not because
I I much like people and

I like a business, you know so doing
that right now, but I do

have that ability like kind of easily
chin between those set,

so I like to offer that to the industry
cool, you know my my

whole goal like. Bring as much value
and so, however, I can add

building trust. You know that important.
I realize like that's

what my brand actually is my band
high-quality. You know my

brand is not these things like.
Ultimately, my brand is trust

in leadership. Some you know my
calling with with my extra time

right now is to to do this type
of work. So thank you for

coming on. Thanks. Thanks for this
nice. just like you know and

stuff when I'm shutting my House
so I appreciate it. You should

away with any family or cuts. I
just my wife and I have no. I

got two little two beetles that's
packed. Yeah, Alberto Alberto

They're both named Albert. There's
a big Alberto, a little

Alberta. She is my beetles and my
wife and that's it. So yeah.

I'm great. I'm in a cook soon. So
thanks for. yeah. Thanks for

that. nice to you. Yeah. it will
be a touch you so much Eric

Aloha Alright.

That's fine. also Eric Gone and
when I work at an hour now to

kinda Instagram really soon again
every day I am I'm gonna

doing this now doing a resume at
the Laney slash Tea Party. You

can just join that link in every
day and it be streaming to

Facebook lives. That's help stay
engaged with our community on

and then I will be doing it on Instagram
too. so trying to get

all these itself like puzzles and
teeth Hope to as much as the

community as possible and. you know
what they need to have Eric

come on so much about his research
on climate change and it

really was a treat to have engaging
for us and and hanging

links that we have talked about
here you can have some reading

material your time home. Thanks
Janelle Thanks for listening in

and hopefully you can come in and
join us for tea. Two. I'd

love to catch up with you again
like we're on zoom now so as

many people as an no need to make
an appointment. You wanna

give me a warning that you look
forward to meet on. You're

welcome to message me or Email me
and if you're Latino or any

loose leaf tea to restock shelves
during this time, I recommend

check out our list of retailers
and partners that we work with

are currently supporters or curbside
pickup in your little at T

dot com slash nap and yeah. we'll
see you tomorrow much love


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