Sunday, April 19, 2020 - Isolation Technology Boundaries

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hello happy Sunday everybody I am live
here from my office just gonna do a very
short video today nothing too extreme
trying to get out and enjoy my Sunday
it's beautiful day beautiful weather
here in Vegas so today I'm just going to
give a brief industry update
specifically around what's going on with
logistics in Japan specifically so Japan
has had some restrictions and updates to
their Japan posts system and so these
restrictions started from the beginning
of April so the first session happened
like on April 4th and they restricted a
post to several countries 153 countries
and for 126 of this countries the
suspension is just on EMS and airmail
which are kind of like the the more kind
of budgets services that you can get for
Japan Post so you know even though Japan
Post may be suspended for those more
Express services to you you'll still be
able to get are not the express services
those more affordable services you'll
still be able to get the Express
services so there is a lot of
information online to see which
countries are included in this
suspension that that's a lot of
countries 153 let's see if I can look at
this list yeah so
you know a lot of middle east and other
Asian countries African countries have
been suspended and of course you know
this is all due to cope at 19 so if you
are expecting you know any tea shipments
in from Japan you know you should expect
some delay and have patience with those
parcels to reach you know I know from my
experience with the producers that we
work with and shipments that we have
coming in from Japan there has been
delays so for instance there is an EMS
shipment that I've been tracking that
does not have an update in the system
since April 4th so unfortunately we may
have missed the cutoff date of when
these suspensions started and so now
that parcel is kind of stuck in this
system so we just have to have patience
for that parcel to come in I'm sure if
we would have ordered that shipment
under the more costly Express services
there would be less of a holdup so that
is the the word on the street that's if
you want your parcels to reach in a
timely manner right now it is worth the
investment to take the Express shipment
so that's actually the service that we
are using for all of our matcha
shipments that are coming in so yeah
that's you know kind of the the deepest
industry update I wanted to provide I
know that there are some logistical
suspensions and and holdups for other
countries such as China and of course
India so India is on a complete lockdown
yesterday I was talking about how the
tea processors and the estates are
allowed to have some level of you know
labor capacity up to 50% labor capacity
out in the fields making tea for
mystics or shipping or any of those
types of companies there is a complete
lockdown until May 4th so yeah you
should expect delays from shipments from
India but Japan is not on a lockdown
things are unpredictable we don't know
but the the Japan Post has put several
suspensions on a shipments to different
countries they are allowing imports
though so if you are shipping something
to Japan which is you know not extremely
likely but in that case then you will
not experience any delay and your
shipment coming in so I am going to
quickly drink some tea I'm not planning
to be here too long and actually I
wanted to use most of this time to
express a new boundary that I've come
across in this experience of doing these
daily tea videos with you all and that's
that I think I'm gonna take weekends off
you know when I first made this
commitment to do this I wanted to
challenge myself you know even just for
my own sanity to have something to do
every day so I've been doing that but
now I feel like there is some structure
and what's going on and I'm very
comfortable with you know this whole
formats and and feel like there is a
good amount of value that's being shared
with everybody so the week things are
enough so five days a week I'll be doing
it and of course I think I also want to
give myself that flexibility that if I
need you know some time to myself or I
just want to take take a break from
technology because yeah I think I'm
starting to feel some technology what's
the word fatigue I think is the word
so much yeah and technology fatigue you
know I think it's really needed really
authentic raw content is needed because
if not you know we're just going to be
consuming our content from the
powers-that-be that want to you know
control our culture or you know kind of
our perception and and viewpoint in the
world and so you know I think it's
important to to contribute authentic raw
content like this to help keep the media
that we all consume a bit more grounded
than the not so I appreciate you all
allowing me to do this in and holding
space for this yeah so that's been my
major breakthrough yeah I want some I
think I'm ready for some more you know
quiet time and peace times so you know I
still look forward to doing these like
videos so I'm definitely going to be
doing them during the week and and
taking my weekends off so I'm burying
some silver needle I've read this the
other day and it was really nice and
kind of feel like drinking it again
something light and fresh
crisp vegetable sent to it like
asparagus no just nice flowery as well I
did a lot of cooking last night and plan
to do some more cooking received a large
farmers box from the intuitive foragers
farmers market so trying to find
interesting ways to create recipes with
some of this unique produce and you know
of course create some inspiration for
others too to find some love and passion
and yeah you know just kind of simple
pleasures and and simple luxuries you
know that we miss those chances and
experiences to go to the tea house to go
to the restaurants to eat good food with
your friends so I think there there is
some more work that we can we can do
ourselves for ourselves to to create
those kinds of experiences so I've been
kind of documenting some of those things
yeah the orange cake it was good it was
interesting you know I juiced a bunch of
oranges and created a bunch of pulk and
I just didn't have the heart to compost
that so I tried to make a cake and yeah
it was pretty good
it's no carrot cake you know I look
forward to making a carrot cake with the
the carrots that are in the box but
actually the the frosting that I made
for the orange cake I'll be able to
transfer over into the the carrot cake
but yeah me too lasagna and and the
whole premise of this this whole
experience of cooking these things and
sharing you know my experiences with
that is that I haven't gone to the
grocery store in over six weeks and you
know my pantry and my refrigerator you
know has become quite sparse but no need
to fear you know you can still find ways
to create interesting food and and and
learn new recipes and learn new
techniques you know to be honest I'd
never made pasta before I just thought
I'd try it you know dry pasta is always
such an easy thing to get and such an
easy thing to cook but with so much
extra time on my hands now I figured I'd
take my stab at and actually making it
by hand and I think lasagna is probably
one of the easier things that you can
make because as you're rolling it out
you know you don't have to to roll it
out into small little pieces you can
just make the the big pieces so I highly
recommend it baking bread all these
types of things you know baking bread is
actually a very you know more advanced
technique so you know I I encourage you
that if you try it and it doesn't work
out for you you know don't lose up no
don't lose hope
bread is advance especially like a yeast
risen bread so you know maybe go for
more of a quick bread or like a baking a
baking powder risen bread or baking soda
risen bread because those are tend to be
a little bit easier you know pancakes
things like that tend to be a little
biscuits time would be a little bit
easier than the sourdough that's a bit
of a more advanced one but yeah I
encourage you to to have some fun and
and also apply this mentality of
scarcity and of trying to find value and
things that we might have not valued in
the past so for example the orange pulp
when I was juicing the oranges you know
of course the juice is very high-value
I'm enjoying it you know you even making
some like tea taeju
mock tale type drinks but the pulp that
comes on the side is typically something
you know when we're living in a time of
abundance and you know ability to go out
and consume all you want it might be
really easy to just think to to throw
those things out and not value those
things but this is a better time our
best time than ever to really challenge
yourself to find value and in everything
even the things that you might have
thought had no value you know in in
relation to T something I've been you
know telling some of our partners is
that there's value you know even if they
one can't produce the T because of some
government lockdown that they could you
know produce T for themselves or or you
know they maybe it's not wise for them
economically to produce T four
unsustainable unpredictable markets so
but they still need to to manage their
plants and and prepare for next flush so
you know they do the skipping and in
that case yeah they just compost all the
the leaf but I think you know in this
time of scarcity there could be an
opportunity to find some kind of hidden
value in the Tea Leaf such as eating it
you know people et leaves in Japan and
China it's it's kind of a novelty just
kind of like a delicacy novelty type of
the thing but in this time of scarcity
when we're gonna have to you know skip
all those bushes anyways may as well
find some value and and in that greenery
and being able to cook it so just a
second soup here thank you so much
with my two friends helping you keep
connected during this time just so yeah
I'll be singing you tomorrow and all the
rest of the week you know unless I
provide notice that I'm going to be
taking a day off but next week and I
look forward to yeah exactly so Marilyn
says it reminds me of growing up for
single mom and how she had to improvise
you know I know that's a very rough
hardship to deal with in something you
know wouldn't want to wish upon anybody
is you know having a limited family and
and limited resources for your family
but that's resilience and being able to
improvise even in the face of scarcity
it's a really valuable character to have
and I think it's it's a privilege
actually to have that character and
there's all kinds of privilege but this
is a unique type of privilege that I
think the world would be really well
served if more people you know had that
had that privilege you know so this is
the time and yeah so you know all of my
work right now I you know have a lot of
time on my hands and a lot of effort and
a lot of energy and so all of this and
all of the other you know stuff I'm
putting out on the Internet you know as
uncomfortable and and vulnerable as that
may make me feel my intention is to
empower people to see the value in that
privilege of knowing how to improvise
and be resilient so yeah it's not coming
from a place of of anything else you
know purely of
Powerman and inspiration and you know I
feel like that's that's really the the
only thing I can offer right now you
know I'm trying to offer other things
but that's that's the greatest thing
that I can offer at scale
you know I'm an entrepreneur I'm a tech
entrepreneur so I'm always thinking
about how do you how do you scale this
value and so that's exactly it
I mean typically he wants to share that
inspiration too so with that said I
think I'm gonna tune off a little bit
early today and I appreciate that you
guys you know held the space for me and
connected with me and hope I shared some
valuable information today not much but
it's Sunday and I hope that everybody
has a beautiful rest of your day get
some good rest before this week and hope
you find some some passionate goals that
you want to accomplish over this week
and and do your best to to reach those
goals so goodbye

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