Sunday, April 12, 2020 - Easter Tea Celebration

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Hello and happy Sunday. Happy
Easter. It's great to see

everybody. I hope you're all
having a beautiful day with

your families and your home or
by yourself if you are just

enjoying this time of rest and
you know hopefully the weather

is nice. here in Las Vegas. We
had some really beautiful

weather this morning for a bit,
then some storms rolled through

which is kind of interesting.
It wasn't expecting that but

all at all. Grateful for where
we are temperature is still

pretty temperate. so that's
always good. so I don't think

I'm gonna be on for very very
long today. just a short time

just to say Hello. I've got get
over to my parent's House to

celebrate with them. I think
I'll be making them a carrot

cake again since they loved
that carrot cake that I made

before. So much.

Let's see what to drink today
kinda craving something like

fresh and springy Green.

Exactly but this looks

How's everybody doing today
getting some good rest.

Christmas Not exactly what I
was craving at first, This is a

2015 roadway. I don't believe
it's ours. I believe it's a

little gift that was given to
me throughout the years. so

we'll have to see if it's good
or not.

High tea project I'd love to
get to know you better, I keep

seeing you engaging with us and
I'd like to know you better.

What's your name So I know how
to address you when I see you

when I see you on so I don't
just call you tea project.

Real quick Yes, I'm gonna drink
some real quick just started it

up. It looks like it's brewing
pretty fast already. so I think

I'm gonna be can't it already
pretty unique color. I was like

color die it's so so fast and
it it released from the tea so

quickly too. So I don't know
we'll have to see we'll have to

see if this is a good quality
tee or not.

Hi heads. You didn't tell me
your name. How should I address

you? So if you wanna see this
color see how bright. Maria,

from your way, Alright, Thank
you Maria from your wife.

Maria Perhaps one day we should
connect you and sorry, my phone

is pretty far away, but I think
I'm reading my my day loan. you

guys can come on and we should
we should chat and catch up and

get to know each other. but
yeah, I just wanted to show

kind of this color here it
almost looks unnatural. I don't

know I think I'm gonna have to
wait until I drink the tea to

make my final judgment again.
This is not a tea that we sell

and it's I have no idea where
it came from that happens a lot

with With our teas that I just
collect so much.

To my Facebook so that people
can my friends can come join


Hi Sam good to see you. Are you
drinking coffee now? Well?

that's okay, no judgment. Hi
Marcella from Argentina. Wow, I

love how international the
community is become. It's

beautiful. It's exactly what I
was intending. I mean, even

from day one and when I started
tea let eight years ago almost

was was really to try to make
it into an international

community. How does it smell?
So let's see? it smells a

little too roasty. Yeah, I do
like we shot a young child a

lot but this one I don't know
we'll have to see like I said.

I can't make a judgement on it.
I mean I know I've already made

several judgements just based
off of the the first step hi

Eric Hey. congratulations on
your your defense really sorry

that I missed it I was really
busy last week preparing but

good news is Eric and you may
be interested in know that we

do plan to.


Is extremely roasty more roasty
than I expect from a Broadway,

but maybe this is retime
roasted. I don't know triple

roasted but yeah Eric we are
planning on rebroadcasting the

virtual tea festival to new
audiences cuz we did target a

pretty big audience through
Instagram and through Facebook,

but I think that there are
whole bunch of other audience

that I didn't get to
experience. you know the full.

If you can go back and watch
presentations, but I really

think the magic of the festival
was in the comments section and

then also in the the zoom tea
rooms that we created so I am

anticipating very soon. I mean,
maybe even next week. I'm gonna

start reaching out. I think I
read it might be a really

interesting community to reach
out to. I did see that the

actual festival got promoted to
the Reddit community a few

times but yeah. Is not good.
I'm sorry guys. It's not good.

It's acidic. It's like having
this like delayed kinda

sourness that's kind of like
rolling off the tongue that we

shouldn't be getting from a
high-quality Youngstown but

I'll drink it all the same like
I I always say I I don't like

wasted tea. If I start getting
a headache, I probably will

stop drinking it but so far,
I'm not feeling like this has

any kind of off energy to it. I
just feel like it's just a

lower grade of tea the color
issue. I'm a little worried

about yeah cuz like immediately
when I put the the water in

earlier when I stepped it the
color just like released

immediately from the tea, which
makes me feel like it's maybe

something artificial to it. I
don't know but yeah, I'll let

you know how my head feels cuz
that's usually the main yeah,

so the next festival will
probably like repurpose a lot

of the same content but the
live conversations that are

happening as people are
watching that content together.

We'll be all fresh.
Additionally, I want to. All

those presenters back who are
available and want to do it

again to do live Q and A and
perhaps I'll change the

programming a little bit more
to allow for more time for

those QALO to happen. So if you
are interested, I know you said

if it was a week later, you
wanna participate we would love

to I mean, perhaps you could
even just rebroadcast you're

saying defense that you did
last week I depending on how

long it is but pretty much just
building a whole new audience

around viewing it together and
talking with each other. and

then, of course, doing the zoom
rooms again, which we learned a

lot in how to manage those and
you know, I think we had a

little over 60 people in those
rooms, but we could actually

have up to a hundred people so
we'd love to try to get all

these rooms at at capacity and
do it smoothly without any

hiccups like we we kind of had
something else about this tea

that I can tell is you know
it's it's not the highest grade

of of of Roadways of Yes, they
aroma is not so prominent

usually with with the roadway
of of all the young child. I

find it to be having like the
most kind of sweet and nice

aroma to it like sweet like
literally sweet like smelling

like a spicy cake or something.
I mean it does translate to

cinnamon so you can imagine
cinnamon being a very strong

spice that's used in and baking
a cake but I'm definitely not.

That sweetness from the aroma
on the the the warm wet leaf

I'm really just just getting
that the roast and it doesn't

smell like a charcoal roast. so
the charcoal roast for me. I

mean this is just my personal
perception perspectives on this

you know not trying to teach
you guys anything. I'm just

trying to communicate my own
experience in my own confidence

and in my connection with my
experience is is the the roasty

aroma is like deeper. it's not
like a high. Kind of artificial

rosenthal to it, This has got
like a very high artificial

roseanna to it so more than
likely this was rose said a

very high temperature using the
electric oven versus using the

charcoal roast so usually when
you're looking for high-quality

Youngstown, you're gonna want
to know if the producer has

roasted it with charcoal and
you know it's it doesn't mean

that yeah, it does mean that
charcoal is better, but it

doesn't mean that you can't
good a good roasted. From the

electric oven roast, hi
everybody. You wanna do a tea

chemistry class that would be
awesome. Yeah. Eric. I should

connect with you and so first.
I'm gonna I'm gonna connect

with all the presenters that
already have presentations you

know because it's it's a lot of
work to record those things and

produce that content had
Christmas sugar Christelle. I

like that Michael. That's a
good way. This is definitely

not the sugar crystal. it's
it's not having that quick on

the the returning sweetness and
and all the kind of like

blooming soft texture coming
out of it. It's it's pretty

flat to be honest and
additionally to being flat,

it's sour so. You know what
I've learned in my experience

is that when a team is sour,
maybe the weathering process

wasn't done the best that it
could be done so I'm not going

to promote this tea. I will
drink it cuz like I said so

far, I'm not getting a headache
from it and that's like the

main determinant of a tea. If
I'm gonna say this tee is

undrinkable or not is if if you
get a headache from it and I've

become very sensitive to it.
this is not something that I

would expect other people to
seeing tea to be able to

detect. it takes a lot of time
and and also a lot of

experience with drinking really
clean teeth. They don't

necessarily need to be very
high quality teas, but when

they're clean as far as clean
and tension, so no chemicals

being used no. Indentured labor
being used no oppression of the

communities around the tea when
that's what I mean by clean

literally clean from chemicals,
but this is also clean from

from bad behavior. just full of
love. That's what I mean by

clean and I I do have that
great privilege of being

exposed to those types of teas
more so than than most people

so when I do drink a tea,
that's not clean. that doesn't

have that. Clean positive love
and tension to it. my I I

respond very quickly. I get a
very sharp kind of pointy

headache right behind my
eyeball and it's usually the

eyeball, but sometimes it it
moves but yeah, just a really

interesting thing about my tea
tasting and as soon as that

happens, that's a no go on the
tea. I will no longer drink

that tea and it is no longer a
part of my life and you know I

I get that response from a lot
of teas. You know a lot of

times. I'll I'll go sit with my
friends and their tea houses

even famous tea vendors. Drink
their teas and that happens and

you know like I usually don't
say anything to them because

it's not my place. You know
they're they're not asking for

my opinion in that sense, but I
won't drink the tea. so I guess

that says enough but yeah, this
is just flat. It's flat. it's

body less you know I I can like
at the back of the aroma I can

get that roadway aroma but it's
definitely not strong enough

and I think that be the
weathering was a problem. So

that's what's kind of
inhibiting that that really

fool soft texture to come out
and that sourness, it's almost

like the sourness. I relate to
like I don't know when I was a

kid. I did this. so this is
like my memory. I have when I'm

a kid like the the Hypergiant
was kind of batteries were, but

the ones that that were like
kind of chunky. I don't. I

don't really see them too
often. when I was a kid over,

we had a bunch of electronics
that that use these batteries.

But for some reason I remember.
We had to like lick the the

tops of it, and I remember that
sourness that came from that.

that's exactly what this kind
of sourness and and the

sourness that I get from other
teas that I tried, especially

from the inexperienced team
makers of India and Nepal. that

sourness always comes out and I
can always tell it's because of

the withering and that's a big
issue for a team maker,

especially one that's under
pressure to make. Yeah, my

assessment is harsh how you
should appreciate that. I'm

just straight to the point.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you

who's teeth. this is where it
came from. so you know this is

not coming from a place of of
you know contempt but yeah, my

assessment would be a lot more
harsh if I was getting a

headache if I was telling if I
could tell there was a really

bad intention in this tee, but
you know it's just you know not

made with great. Craft
basically you know but yeah,

that's sourness is something
that I find a lot with.

Janelle Happy Easter. Well, I'm
here to make you laugh how I'm

glad you're laughing.

you see I'm still drinking the
tea so it's not that bad. The

assessment is not that bad.
It's just you know I I would be

having the same experience just
might as well, be drinking

water but drinking warm
beverage right now is good for

you. so I will continue and I
will not waste this tea.

We have one of the producers
under pressure to to make more

quantities, which is a lot of
times the pressure that is felt

in places like India, where the
heart the price the the

possible price that you can get
for your tea is so low, like

there's no way to break beyond
a few dollars. a kilo for your

teeth. you are under pressure
to do quantity. It's the only

way that you can add a nine
-volt battery, the ones that

you like to make sure it still
works. Yeah, you feel that

tingle like it's like kind of
like the sour little tingly

from it. That's the same kind
Awareness that I'm talking

about in in tea maybe your
experience is different, but

that's like my memory and I
always encourage people when it

comes to tasting things that
like there's no like one rights

tasty note that you should be
identifying it's more just

being able to quickly talk
about your feeling and be able

to attach a lot of times using
a memory like that, like a

childhood memory like that as
as silly as it may seem is

actually very useful. So you
know, I'm not expecting that

every single person that
experiences that sour is from a

tea that I'm talking about will
related to this nine -volt

battery, but that's my
experience that I really did

too. it's it's an interesting
kind of sour. It's not like the

sour that you get from like a
lemon or something. It's like a

metallic salad. yeah, and
that's that's the way that I

relate to it, but that comes
from improper withering and the

moral of the story for every
team maker in Master in the

world is that weathering is the
most important step in

processing I understand in
processing the oxidation and

controlling that oxidation and
stopping the oxidation exactly

the right moment is really the
most important for that long

process. But if you don't do a
good withering you there's

nothing that you can do to make
it better. So what I work with

team makers that are new to the
game mostly like what we call

new world tees. So these are
the guys in in India, Nepal

that are trying to. A better
price for their tea and build a

better future for their
community. I always tell them

to pay attention favorite close
attention to their wintering

step, and they always complain
to me that they can't do it.

They don't have enough space.
they they don't have enough

time because they have that
pressure that mentality that's

always been hanging over them
that the only way that they can

make money is if they are
producing larger quantities and

I tell them no like here's how
the math works if you produce a

smaller quantity, it doesn't
mean. You're gonna make less

money. it just means you have
to pay more attention and if

you do it really well, then the
price that you will get for

your teeth Once it gets into
the market will be you know 10

times higher. Sometimes it's
even like 20 times or even 50

times higher If they do a
really good job and and so you

know you can kind of reverse
that number back to the amount

of quantities that they need to
produce to make it work for for

them and for their community.
So yeah, we're definitely. Not

trying to make cash crops here
and and flood these communities

with money because that has
proven to be very

unsustainable. this has
happened to cross China and you

know people talk about it all
the time of whether or not the

development that occurs from.
Popularizing region versus

really just valuing the quality
of the product, so you know the

the most famous example of
this, and there's several more.

This is not the only example,
but the most famous example of

this is a lab on John, which is
you know one of the famous

mountains of banana and you're
not where is produced. There

are big old trees there, but
again there's big old tree.

Everywhere and there's craft
processing everywhere and just

a really great marketer decided
to popularize the brand of

labor, which has really
affected the economics of their

product, which is good. It's
good for those communities

because truly you know 30 years
ago, those communities were in

a dire poverty kind of all of
China countryside was in dire

poverty, so they didn't need
some. Development but that

development like skyrocketed
skyrocketed like way beyond all

the other famous poor mountains
and so you know within the

past, I mean even the time
since I've gone, I haven't been

there since 2015 and I heard
there's been like ridiculous

unsustainable growth when I
went in 2015, I we you know

there was a really ??? road
to get up to this place. I've

heard that roads a lot better
now, so you know, I'm not

trying to spread any walston
but when we. Up the road was

still pretty ??? and there
were a lot of tours going up

this road. So I'm sure those
tours have you know driven the

the development of of of those
roads, But when we got up, you

could see the buildings in this
village were all pretty new.

you can tell you know new
developments the The metal

rooftops are all really shiny.
Still, you could tell they're

all brand new and just driving
to the village. I like really

felt like there was a way more
like banks per capita than

anywhere else. I've been in
China even in the cities so.

Like kind of like this, like
rule little like hamlet in the

in the Middle of this Lake
Mountain that you know we had

this crazy Rocky Road to get to
but then like all these like

kinda crazy development there
that didn't feel right and you

know it affects the perspective
of people so you know we ended

up stopping and and making
friends with somebody that was

actually harvesting tea from
from a really big tree. She was

a local. It was her tree was
her family's tree and they were

harvesting to take to a factory
so they were just gonna sell

the Green leaf to the
factories. so I don't I'm not

too sure if this is a story for
all the tea farmers there but

it's like the factories that
are built there are you know so

guaranteed to make a good price
for their tea because of the

the marketability of that name
that it's even profitable for

the farmers just to harvest
their leaf and sell it to a

factory and so. We ended up
convincing her to sell us like

her bag of harvested leaf that
she had from that single Bushey

took it back to the the Tea
House or not the House, but you

know the the House with the
teammate and the team master

that we were staying with and
with this was actually with

Sohan so fan from West China
Tea Company and the team master

process to that batch of tea
alongside processing

a single tree from non ocean
and we kind of not kind of we

did we side by side drink that
tea and and even looking at the

plucking standard, It wasn't
even just the tea. But even the

plucking standard was like
really inconsistent and the tea

itself was significantly more
bitter and less pleasant and

you know I think this is
something that like is is known

and kind of been written about
that. love on John has a more

like bitter profile to it but
we just didn't get it. Of

course, the tea master had his
own strong words about why you

know the high price that they
automatically get from the

market has caused all the the
tea growers and the team makers

and that village to become lazy
in the quality of their product

is low, and that wouldn't be a
problem if they were

guaranteed. Marketability for
life. Of course, it wouldn't be

a problem that happens all the
time you know like we're sold

??? products and and fancy
brands all the time but in in

the case of something like
this, it's a very unstable

future to build that type of
business model on, and it's

very likely that that
marketability of that name

won't last forever and then the
quality of the product you know

the value of that product will
fall back on its quality and

that's where it's unsustainable
so just. Story is when when we

work with these communities,
we're not trying to popularize

that community and we're
definitely not trying to own

that community and and own the
marketability of the tea coming

from that that community. but
Somalia tea. I heard there's

tea in Somalia, but I don't
know anything about it. I have

never tried it before. I'm very
curious to to learn. Thank you

so much for tuning in. I love
this. We have somebody a small

person talking about teeth.
That's great. so how I'm gonna

read your comment right now it
looks interesting.

I was talking about Alicia
yesterday actually, and it

really my encouragement to the
end consumer is not to care

about these labels. More so
just know your own value and

and your own preferences and
what you actually want and this

is something that should
translate way beyond tea and

anything else that you consume
is just knowing what you want

and valuing what you want
versus just trusting some brand

or. Some label yeah. so I

Well, I will continue talking I
don't mind talking to myself to

a computer as long as you guys
keep the comments coming in.

it's it'll keep me motivated
but I don't know how much

longer. I'm gonna stay on today
since it is Easter and I should

be getting to my family's home
so that I can celebrate with

them and and bake a cake. I
love baking cakes. But I'll

finish drinking this tea with
you guys.

Yeah, I mean this idea of
high-end label that's on our

teas extends far beyond John
and Alicia and you know there.

There's even things like this
like the young chess right like

this young shot. Hey, Joe Happy
Easter. Oh, I love Jojo Jojo.

We miss you at the Virtual Tea
Festival. We're gonna have to

have you at the future ones.

Joe want a carrot cake. Yeah.
I'm gonna make a carrot cake.

I'm thinking about putting
matcha into it. maybe I don't

know I'll figure it out. you'll
go. Yeah. I made a carrot cake

a few weeks ago for my mom's
birthday. It's her favorite

cake. so I made that ACC good
to see you hey congratulations

on winning those tumblers
yesterday. That's so

incredible. You're so lucky, I
hope you have some some nice

tea friends to share those with
cuz 60 tumblers. We need 60

tumblers hi. hey, then good to
see you. It's been a while. Oh

I already poured water. see I
get distracted talking, but

yeah, Jojo Jojo came with me to
wish on one time he literally

came for less than 20 - four
hours that crazy men. He did

some other crazy stuff too, but
we'll we'll leave that between

us. Nothing bad. nothing like
what you think. but just I Act

alone that he came for 20 -
four hours and and then just

left that's dedication to his
teeth fans. So yeah much love

to you. Mike Joe do in Miami,
Florida with

Jojo has got an addiction to
one of these

Paradise We should call it
Leisha paradise.

he's got an addiction to a
famous tea that is often over

branded and it's it's all been
branding for Easter dinner. I

don't know if I'm gonna be
drinking tea with Eastern

dinner usually my mom likes to
drink wine. she always gives up

wine for for length so

You know it's good for her. You
know she gets to drink when she

loves wine. So I'll probably be
partaking with her in one so

this will be the what do I like
to drink a chocolate? That's a

loaded question because there's
a lot of different kinds of

chocolates and there's lots of
different kinds of teas that

pair with chocolates. There's
whole classes that could be had

just on on pairings there and
another note on pairings is

that they're Super subjective
and can kinda be anything so

His obsession is with Eastern
beauty and if you have an

interest in that TV, you should
connect with him. actually I

think his like team membership
box. I don't know if he has any

left Jojo, you might have to
educate us and enlighten us if

you have any of these
subscription boxes left. but in

his current box, he is not only
well. he's doing like a feature

on Taiwanese tees and his box.
He has like a monthly box for

his his community which anybody
is welcome to to order. And

partake in, but oh, they're all
sold shoot. I'm so sorry that

I'm like getting your hopes up.
But yeah, he had scored a very

small amounts of a very I would
just sold out to yeah how would

be a good person to to get a
team like that to Jojo. She's

in she's in Saint Louis. She's
a good. Yeah, so we had a

I go good to see you.

well, so the differences is
that's the politically correct

way of maybe that tea.

I believe I believe we're
supposed to be calling it

Eastern beauty now but yeah, he
scored his hands on you know a

really important. you know the
real deal small batch of it.

You know this stuff is not
cheap. It's it's quite

expensive. when it's real. I'm
sure. You can Google search

Oriental beauty all over the
Internet right now and find

something Super affordable for
yourself but it's probably not

gonna be the real thing and the
real thing I don't know if it

necessarily only means the
region is more of a processing


A new thing Jojo I've heard
there's a new thing. I've

heard. I don't think that like
anybody's gonna crucify you for

for using the the old outdated
term. But as far as what I've

heard is, yeah, that that
oriental is Yeah, the same

thing same thing so yeah, I
guess it's the same thing as

we're not supposed to be saying
like Gypsy, you know, Gypsy

cheek or Gypsy is no longer a
Google tee is never good unless

yeah, unless like you're
googling like very high detail

level of information about
Tipperary while you're Googling

yeah, so the the cultivar the
processing and again in the

processing from what I've seen
whenever I've seen this

particular type of tea being.
By even like the original

family that that claims to have
developed to that process is

the withering is really
important. I I believe that

they would when I saw that that
team it was on the weathering

bed it looked so different than
what I'm used to seeing with

withered leaves it was almost
like like orange in color. it

definitely started with her on
they're not it definitely

started oxidizing on the
weather in bed it is said also

that it's oxidized on. Plant
still from the bugs biting it

but I don't even know if that's
necessarily true if if the bugs

are absolutely necessary cuz
supposedly there's a season and

at Eric who was on Instagram to
second ago, Eric Scott he did a

whole research paper, you know,
and he just defended his peach

the about these bugs that can
actually be found all over the

world, not just in and this one
area in Taiwan, where this tea

comes from so I think more
importantly than just the bugs

and everybody always talks
about bugs. I think more

importantly than that is. The
processing and yeah that

weathering process it looked
like it had been withering for

like two and a half days and
that was like the first thing I

asked like when we were taken
up to the weather in bed and

like Rebecca, who was like kind
of barley's on there or contact

she was like this is really
special. They're taking deal up

to see the withering and I'm
like why why is that she had

this is like the secret. I was
like you know first question

that came up when I saw those
leaves and how you unique, they

look they were all kind of
already shriveled up and and

and oxidizing. But not
oxidizing like what you see

with like black tea or new long
tea. It was like turning like

this kind of like orange
yellowish color purple issue

and I could tell that they've
been there for a long time and

so I I asked how long has this
been with her need and if they

immediately like they would
been so friendly. The family

had been so friendly up until
that point, and they

immediately just like shut me
down were like, okay. It's time

to go. It feels like why I was
like okay. I guess whether it's

a really important step in
this. That's Super secret so

and that's been the case with a
lot of team Masters that I've

met is like when you're asking
them details about how things

are made like they're usually
very forward with sharing that

information, but the one bit of
information when you do ask

about is in the weather that's
usually what they they they

kind of keep as their own
secret. so another testament

before why I think that
weathering is Super important

and why you know this tea got
such a negative review was

because it's sour. you know you
don't wanna see our tea. you

want like a real. Sweet full
blossoming tea you know as far

as texture oxidation and
cinematic breakdown. I don't

think it is clear in that
regard. so yeah oxidation and

it ends and Matic breakdown or
the same thing like in this

case so insomuch oxidation and
somatic brownie. It's an

oxidizing process that requires
an enzyme to oxidize so where

the nomenclature in tea,
especially translation from

Chinese, is that there's a
little bit of confusion

because. That the word that's
used for oxidation in Chinese

processing is a fermentation
and that's where it's confusing

because fermentation is
actually scientifically a

biological occurrence. so when
you're making beer or you're

making wine that is a literal
fermentation like there's

actual living organisms that
are causing things to they're

eating things up. They're
eating up the sugars and

creating alcohols or creating
whatever else. they're gonna be

creating that's a fermentation
from. Doesn't always mean

alcohol fermentation is just
when there's a living organism

that's breaking things down and
creating new compounds so

oxidation enzymatic browning is
is when an enzyme is causing

the oxidation so Indiana the
case of tea, I know there are

few different enzymes, but the
main one, which is the same

enzyme that happens when you
cut an Apple open or cut

avocado open they're that
enzymes. Is polyphenol Oxidase

PPO for short and so that's I
mean you see that name right

there. That's the name of the
enzyme polyphenol oxidase. So

there's a couple of important
words there so you have female

you know so it this reaction
involves amino acids you know

turning into or you know
there's already finals but but

then oxidation so that enzyme
is like accelerating oxy. And

so enzymes like are interesting
themselves too because you can

also understand their activity
like in in like warmer

environments. Oxidation happens
faster. so that's why when

they're oxidizing like black
tea. he's smart toker. What's

up put some good, see brother
when you want to accelerate the

oxidation process, you can
actually like keep the tea to

create heat, which celebrates
that enzymes activity to work

faster. So yeah that's usual.
Happening in black tea

processing cuz black two -year
morning the full level of

oxidation to happen and really,
you want it to happen within a

short period of time because
that all relates to it's even

like the sourness and the
texture of tea

the the longer it takes to
process something like I think

the more likelihood of you know
negative things coming through

in the in the in the texture of
the team again, like none of

this stuff is like written in
books just yet. this is all

just kind of like my food,
science perspective and

education that's been applied
to what I've seen when I

visited tea factories and I've
visited a lot of different

types of tea factories. so
yeah, you know Eric Scott said

that he wanted to do a
presentation on team chemistry,

so perhaps he would be more
suited for giving a more

direct. Relevance
interpretation of these things

you know, of course, I should
probably have a conversation

with him to try to to see you
know. Commonalities and ways

that we can better interpret
this information. Oxidation is

a chemical reaction so
fermentation is biological

action in oxidation is a
chemical, so there's the two

main differences you are
correct about the Heidi and

that is written many many
times. so you know, I'm not

discovering anything new by
saying that I you know, I've

been talking quite a bit about
the the chemical reaction part

of it cuz that's you know the
part. that's most interesting

to me as a food scientist Which
I don't think is explained a

lot in the tea books. you know.

So how you work so that's what
I'm thinking like so I want to

like re air like rebroadcast
this virtual tea festival

repurposing the content in it,
but then kind of refreshing the

interactivity of the comments
and then the live Q and A with

the presenters so what I'm
thinking that we should do when

we do this is do it a different
time that will be accessible to

people that were working so the
purpose of the first T festival

that we made. Was to give
something to do for people that

are at home and feeling

So you you brought up a good
question here. enzymes are

biological catalysts. so we're
do you draw that line well. HM

that okay when you're gonna
when you're gonna post a

question that way, then yeah,
the the line is extremely

blurry and then you know we can
we can start asking questions

like what is God. You know what
I mean so

I think that
compartmentalizing. Until like

a biological or chemical, you
know for that purpose but I

mean, really, if we wanna go
deep, we can say everything is

everything and there is no line
between anything and I would

totally agree with that
argument and I would defend

that argument, but I think in
the case of you know,

describing the nomenclature of
tea processing as it's

translated from Chinese, it is
helpful to compartmentalize

those two different things and
kind of draw a line between

them but.

Yeah. So here. Joe Joe's tuned
in. Thanks Joe. But yeah, I

mean those are those are deep
things. yeah, everything is

within the same spectrum. you
know this table and this guy

want and you know me. we're all

We're all within the same.
We're all energy. I mean, we're

all interconnected energy and a
good team Master is going to

like hold on to that principle
throughout their work and

that's what's gonna produce a
good quality tea. So you're

right Joe like those. It's not
to say that those lines aren't

helpful. Those lines are
helpful for understanding kind

of the dynamics of how things
are working but if you're too

focused on that perspective,
then it'll be like two robotic

and mechanical, and you won't
achieve. Those those higher

levels of value and quality
unless you are working upon

this underlying concept that
everything is interconnected

and everything matters and
everything is the same. so yeah

I guess it's Easter today is a
religious holiday, so we might

as well be taking it to the
spiritual side. That's cool.

So, yeah, I don't know if
you're hearing it, but we've

got some major thunder and it's
raining outside now and that

completely came out of nowhere
cuz I went for a ride a little

earlier today and it was
sunshiny. I mean it's still

sunshiny. You can see some
clouds over there and you could

see the Sun totally reflecting
on it in the Blue sky behind

it, but then right over us.
It's like this dark cloud. so

that's always fun and perhaps
rainbow to look forward to

which I love rainbows. We don't
get too many rainbows here in


Yeah, I like how you put that
Joe, you said, two focused on

those lines and it becomes like
arguing shades of colors. Yeah.

Snowstorm in Wisconsin. Yeah, I
heard there's been snow rolling

through the Midwest. so yeah.
stay warm put on a nice fire

put the kettle on. I'm sure
there's worse things that could

be happening. You got a foot of
snow last night. Wow.

I think we've got a foot of
snow in Vegas in the past

decade. We do get snow
sometimes it actually last

year. We got a snow like Super
late into the season. it was

like it was like the week after
Valentine's Day, so you know

almost March and we had this
like a big Oh, it's raining and

Summerlin. Yeah. I'm not quite
in Summerlin. I'm like you're

trying to town and imagine. It
feels like the clouds are

heavier going that way, but
it's all Sun shiny and and and

light clouds that way. so I
think this will pass quickly.

but yeah, we got that late snow
last year and what ended up

happening from that. so like it
was warm early February and

then it dropped and he said
Jan. Now I believe I remember

that snow happened after
Valentine's Day cuz and I

remember like pool season was
opening up on March first and

it's snowing. It's like pool
season. That's next week. How

the hell is that gonna happen

And then it heated up real
quickly and because of those

the those like crazy
temperatures for that season,

all these locusts came to town.
Do you remember that anybody

from Vegas and remember that
last year all of these locusts?

Michael Michael Davis. It's
snowing on the Strip and it

like it builds up some snow and
people are making snowman and

stuff like a week after
Valentine's Day so that was

February I think the year
before it's snowed in December

and it it was freezing into
January. Remember that but

yeah, last year, snow is weird
and that's what bra is locust

that came and so it was around
this time last year that we had

these like huge swarms of
locusts that came through here.

they weren't supposed to coming
through here. Usually they have

a good different path that they
go on and their migration. hey,

Destiny, I am not drinking
Jasmine I I usually don't drink

Jasmine Jasmine teas the teeth
that I can't really get my

hands on or at least the the
high-quality genuine Jasmine

tea. It's usually that was
after April. Yeah. okay. So the

logos were after April. I
didn't remember it like being

like a little bit delayed and
it was because of those weird

weather patterns that cause the
Lucas to come through and there

was yeah. Lucas were everywhere
and like you'd be driving

through a parking lot, and
there was like this huge swarms

in like the the light fixtures
and they're all banging on your

windows like trying to come
into the House. Everybody was

really annoyed by all these
locas. So thank goodness like

we're not getting a locus here
this year cuz I think like a

lockdown and a locus invasion
would be just too much blossom.

I told remember that show
blossom that was a cool shot. I

was a little young for that
show. you know that was

definitely like looking up to
big sister type of a thing but

that that was a great show.

Nelson did you wanna say
something about blossom? I just

remember Joey Joey was doing
it's cute, but he was kinda

stupid right, maybe he just
needed to drink tea but yeah

Destiny. I'm drinking a tea on
the package that says roadway

from 2015. I given my
assessment earlier in this

video, so I won't go into too
much detail about that. but

yeah, it's not very not very
great. But it's it's drinkable

so I'm drinking it if anything
I drain it for the the warm


Alright, you want me to high
Susie good to see you you want

me to recreate the intro
blossom Okay, just because you

requested that I have to play
it now so we can see You're

talking about.

Oh, yeah, I remember yeah. They
were all like kinda dance. It

was kind of like the Cosby show
intro right, they'd all be like

dancing in front of this like
curtain. Okay, let's see.

This is what you guys get you
want me to to recreate this and

then I mean it's gonna have to
just be me in Bitcoin at this

point, but I don't wanna work
with it. Oh yes, you know

that's not blossom is that
there's Joey.

So it's just gonna be like a
series of little dancing with

me. Bitcoin buzz that most
yeah, that was for a friend.


I don't know where we're gonna
get the Grand piano though.

Oh, yeah. Okay so that one I'm
gonna have to work on, but I'll

work on it.

Thanks for the ideas, that's
it's a cute idea.

Can I try no not right now? I'm
actually gonna be turning off


But me and practice me and
Bitcoin will start practicing

and we'll do it. Alright
Nelson. I don't know who you

are mount Nice Nelson, but
that's that's an interesting

request. That's something I
expect from one of my friends

here in Vegas, but yeah,
alright guys. Well. I'm gonna

try to hit the road before it
gets too wet and dangerous to

drive and get over to my
parents. but I appreciate you

guys connecting with me here.
I'll be back tomorrow and

That's funny, he took his
comments away.

Alright guys Well have a happy
Easter. Thank you so much for

sitting and chatting with me
for just a second Heidi. I'm

glad you enjoy it. I'll try to
keep it educational and

informative. Happy Easter
everybody much love.

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