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- There's a whole world
out there of scrambled eggs

that I never knew existed.

Woo, that's fun!

So, today I'm going to start by trying

a ton of different recipes.

Pretty incredible.

Orange juice.


Egg facial.

I don't like this at all.

I might have to return to that one.

And then tomorrow I'm
going to try to develop

my own, perfect scrambled egg recipe.

The most popular
scrambled egg recipe video

on YouTube is our friend, Gordon Ramsay's.

And I'm going to cook with him live,

because he goes really fast,

and I would just rather have
him there holding my hand

than not.

35 million views.

- [Gordon] Start off with three eggs.

- Off the heat?

- [Gordon] Eggs in the pan.

Nice knob of butter.

- I don't know what a
knob I'm going to guess

somewhere around there.

- [Gordon] You can't stop stirring.

- Can't stop stirring.

Okay, I'm going to do his thing,

take it off the heat,

stir it.

At some point he burns his toast

and he's like, oh (bleep).

And he just takes it out
and throws it. (laughs)

- Is that my toast burning?

Oh, shit.

- He's just cooking so
much faster than I am.

I don't think my heat's generous enough.

They do look nice and soft.

Very velvety.

They also have creme fraiche in them,

which is not an everyday
ingredient, for me at least.

This is a very active way to cook eggs.

It's not, like, throw some eggs in a pan,

while you brew your coffee kind of recipe.

My arms getting tired.

And eyeball, like, a half tablespoon.

Pop it in.

It's almost like a porridge,

it's just totally smooth.



- [Gordon] I'm going to put

a little touch of chives in there.

- A touch of chives.

- [Gordon] It just makes
it a little bit more sexy.

- He says it makes it sexy.

I love that he says that.

That is a very aggressively
soft scrambled egg.

Very, very, like, delicate.

They are super jiggly.

It's on the brink of too soft for me,

but it's pretty good though.

I love the chives, super sexy.

There were some cool techniques in this

but I think this is a
little bit too intense

for an everyday scrambled egg.

Recipe number two.

I'm going to give this one a shot

that includes baking powder.

It's says it's the secret ingredient

to really fluffy eggs.

I'm skeptical but I'm excited to try.

This one also includes milk,

which I don't really add
to my scrambled eggs,

so I'm interested to
see how that turns out.

And the recipe says I
need to let these eggs

stand at room temperature
for five to seven minutes.

I assume that's because the baking powder

needs a chance to activate.

So, I'm just gonna let it do its thing.

(upbeat music)

They're very fluffy.

They've got a little bit of
a rubbery bounce to them.

I don't taste the baking
soda, which is good,

And by soda I mean powder, sorry.

- I dragged Makinze away
from a very important task

to try these.

There's a strange secret ingredient.

- Decent amount of pepper

but I obviously don't think that's it.

- What do you think of the texture?

I just wanna tell you.

Can I tell you the secret ingredient?

- One more try.

- It's not a flavor.

- They're pretty normal.

- It is baking powder.

- Whoa.

- [Lena] They say that it'll
make them extra fluffy.

- I don't think it's any
fluffier than a normal,

properly scrambled egg.

- Yeah, thank you.
- Oh, cool.


- I appreciate it.

Two down, I have, like,
a hundred more to go.

We are trying our third recipe,

which is with corn starch.

They claim that the added corn starch

makes scrambled eggs
really, really creamy.

Very curious.

Corn starch is kind of a
crazy thing to cook with.

Oh, (bleep), I did it wrong.

Well, let's just see what happens.

I was suppose to whisk the
corn starch into the milk.

You know what, I think
this is just gonna be fine

the way it is.

And this recipe calls for a
tablespoon of butter per egg.

That's a lot of butter.

I think I might not actually go that crazy

because there's absolutely no way

I would want to make eggs
with that much butter

for breakfast every single morning.

And this recipe says

heat it over high heat until hot,

then we'll add our butter,

then we'll add our eggs.

Then we'll wait three seconds.

Then we'll take it off
the heat and stir it,

and count to 12.

I kind of like that method,

just letting the pan heat up

and then they're pretty much done.

I don't like this at all.

I can really taste the corn starch,

but it's giving me, like,
a little bit of a pancake,

or popover type of flavor.

I don't like it.

Well, we're onto the next one,

and this one has probably
the craziest ingredient

that I've seen,

orange juice.

- [Man] Say what?

- This is going in our scrambled eggs

along with sour cream and milk.

Very curious,

don't know how I feel about it.

A tablespoon each of orange
juice, milk, and sour cream.

I can smell the OJ.

Keeping an open mind.

My perfect egg definitely doesn't
have any brown bits on it.

I really don't wanna like these.

What if I'm like, yup,
this is my new thing,

putting orange juice into eggs?


I can taste the orange juice.

It's not disgusting

but I wouldn't really say it compliments

the flavor of the egg.

I don't think I'll be taking
to my complete recipe,

but the sour cream, maybe.

It's really nice.

This next recipe is pretty nuts.

I don't know why I never
thought to do this before,

but we're going to be
poaching our scrambled eggs.

I've got about four inches of water

boiling in a saucepan,

and I have a lid for it too

because when we poach them
we're actually gonna cover them.

It takes water longer to
boil when there's salt in it,

so I like to wait for the
water to come up to a boil

and then I add the salt.

Doing that same vortex method

that some people like to
use when poaching eggs.

And now we're going to pour in our eggs.


Whoa, it's so weird looking.

Okay, I've gotta cover it.

Count to 20.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three.

20! Okay.

Let's see what's going on in here.


Just gonna slowly and gently.

Egg facial!

They honestly look pretty normal.

Oh, sad.

Oh, there we go.

Give these guys a nudge.

They look kinda beautiful actually.

They look very smooth.

They're obviously not super fluffy.

The recipe says you can
drizzle them with olive oil,

which I think sounds kinda nice.

I'm actually going to do that.


That tastes really, really, really crazy.

It reminds me of something
and it's not a scrambled egg.

I've never tasted an egg that
tasted so little like an egg,

but I think I'm realizing that

a lot of the flavors that I
associate with scrambled eggs

doesn't actually come from
the egg but the butter,

because this really tastes different.

I don't think they're
quite what I'm looking for

in a classic scramble.

It's also a bit of a hassle.

Slowing down, y'all.

I don't want to eat anymore
eggs today but I have to.

Egg number six.

This round we're trying browned butter.

Alright, so we're starting to brown.

I'd say these babies can go in.

Ooh, that's fun!




It's kinda like the best
version of a diner egg.

I feel like I need to mull it over more,

but I really like the brown butter.

Alright, so it's day two.

Today I chose to wear my Gudetama pin.

You guys should really
look him up on YouTube,

he's amazing.

- [Children] Gudetama!

(egg speaking in a foreign language)

- [Man] (speaking in a foreign
language) Scrambled egg.

- I'm hoping he will help me see the light

towards scrambled egg greatness.

And I have a few more tests I wanna do

but I'm feeling a lot closer.

I'm going to make four batches of eggs,

one with sour cream,
one with Greek yogurt,

one with cream cheese,

and then just a control one

that's just plain old eggs.

I'm going to add all these
additions after the eggs

have been scrambled,

because I feel like the
fat takes on a different

characteristic when you cook it.

I want them to maintain
all of their creaminess

and flavor as they are now.

Onto the next one.

Okay, cool.

Sour cream!

You can already kinda see,

they did lighten up a
bit with that addition.

And the Greek yogurt.

This is 2% yogurt and
it has a lot less fat

than both the sour cream that we added

and the cream cheese.

So, I'm skeptical if it'll
give us the creaminess we want.

They're definitely creamy.

Last, but certainly not
least, cream cheese.

Not the easiest method though.

I may have to figure out
a better way to do that.

I have a feeling these
might be a little bit heavy

but probably really good.

I will start with the classic.

It's standard.

I've eaten them a million times.

Sour cream.

Really nice texture.

You don't get the sourness that much,

which is kinda nice.

It still tastes a lot like egg.

Greek yogurt.

It's got like a goat cheesy vibe to it.

It's definitely a little
bit cheesy, which is nice.

I might have to return to that one.

And cream cheese.

Mm, very similar to the
Greek yogurt actually.

I think these two are my favorite.

I think cream cheese eggs on the daily

seems like a little bit
of an intense thing to do

but maybe less.

Greek yogurt.

I'm not just saying this
because I want Greek yogurt

to be the best,

but I really feel like you
can taste the eggs better

with the Greek yogurt than
you can with the cream cheese.

Cream cheese does make eggs
taste really (bleep) amazing,

but it's a little bit
heavy for what I want

for my everyday.

I'm going to stick with the Greek yogurt,

which I'm pretty excited about.

But, that said, if you wanna
put cream cheese in your eggs,

like, highly recommend,
it's really delicious.

I'm gonna do two more tests.

I wanna see if it matters
if I add it at the beginning

or at the end,

so, my first round of
tests I'm going to whisk

the yogurt in with my eggs.

Last time I did a teaspoon per egg,

and I thought that was pretty nice

I'm gonna stick with that.

It definitely seems easier,

I'm just worried it's
gonna be less creamy.

But, only one way to find out

and that's to cook and
eat more scrambled eggs.

That was pretty easy to
integrate, which is nice.

I think I will wait to do the chives

also until the end,
like my friend, Gordon.

I would be glad if it
didn't make a difference

because I think I'd
rather whisky it in first,

it's just easier.

Adding the yog.

The one thing that I do like about that

is you get these little pockets of yogurt

which end up tasting kinda cheesy,

which is nice if you're
into that kind of thing.

Wow, look at the difference in color.

It's so much lighter.

So, I'll try these first mixed in.

It's nice, it's good.

Yeah, they taste identical.

So, that's good,

that means we can just
mix it in in the beginning

and that's easy.

I feel like we might be there.

But I'm going to do one more round

to make sure it's all copacetic.

(upbeat electronic music)

This is the 15th scrambled
egg I've made in this episode,

and I'm happy to say the last round.


We got there.

At least for me these eggs are perfect.

They're fluffy, creamy,

you can make them with
stuff that's probably

already in your fridge,
which is really nice.

They also have some
similarities to Gordon Ramsay's,

which we all loved.

I hope you guys try them
and I hope you like them.

Please let me know in the comments below

if you have any tips or
tricks to good scrambled eggs.

And don't forget to subscribe.

(upbeat music)

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