Saturday, April 4, 2020 - Tea, Music, & Other Hobbies

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I learned from the best. I
wanna say hi it wants to say hi

hi ??? about he's happy and
he gets to spend more time with

you. He is yeah, I've been
cooking lots of food, which you

know he always likes is that
why he's got a little bit more

cushion in his tuition. How
dare you say something like

that about Bitcoin? I thought
it was the height of fashion.

Well. he's a little wet right
now, so it's funny cuz he

should be looking thinner cuz
he just got a bath so he's he's

a little wet. That's why he's
like extra cuddly right now

because he's cold, you know
he's a chihuahua. Perpetually

cold Yeah. yeah, we've been
having fun. I've been doing

this everyday, so it's kind of
good to have like a regular

thing to always be committed to
or also you can go crazy. You

know like usually for me. It's
like it's meetings right. It's

like tea tasty meetings. People
set up that usually keeps me on

like a schedule that keeps my
calendar filled. But now it's

like there's nothing. Yeah
right. Sometimes without

deadlines like nothing gets
done, you know that's when my

House is the cleanest the

yeah definitely been keeping my
House really clean. you know

just just to keep myself saying
if you're gonna be spending so

much time there, you wanna be
within a clean space. Yeah, I

think it's important. Yeah. I'm
usually so busy like I'll keep

him. I'll keep the tea room
clean cuz that's important. you

know when people come unless we
are like bombarded with a bunch

of work and you know it's hard
to keep things up. but yeah,

usually I keep the tea room
clean. That's the only one I

have the time you know or the
attention to to keep it that

way you don't have to worry
about it or think about it.

Yeah. And then it's still good
to have you know Evan flow.

Yeah. Sometimes when you clean
things you make messes, you

know that's just what happens
when you go into the deep dark

things you know, isn't that a
funny thing. I always hate that

you know, it's like being it.
We've been cleaning all day and

it's like just messier than it
was, but I mean you're you're

like doing a deeper
Organization than usual. I

guess, so that's usually a good
thing. I'm just getting my hot

water. I'll be back in a second
Bitcoin is gonna talk to you in

my place. Can you actually hear
me? Can you hear me this ???

Have you do are you? Hey, bitch
say hello. Can you say hello

he's holding you still hungry.
I can't believe you. he's

always still hungry this dog.
Yeah. I don't understand why he

puts it all. I wish you'd tell
us a secret. I have a little

exercise tutorial with bit coin
alright when financially fit

physically fit okay, he would
do like two downward dogs and

like a little back leg stretch,
and then that be like go take a

nap and you know. Fam What you
can, He knows what works for

him Now we we've been going on
long walks. That's been

something nice. It's like I
have you know before all this

happened for the past couple of
years. I've been prioritizing

fitness, which has been nice
but I was only able to ever

dedicate like an hour to it,
but I was I was like really

working hard to dedicate that
hour at least five times a week

but now I can dedicate two
hours or three hours if I want

you know so I've been able to.
45 Times a week is more than

most people. Yeah, I know I
know that was already good. but

now it's like I like maybe I
could start to train for a

marathon. You know that was
always something that I was

like wanting to do or thought
you know would be a possibility

for me and not too far fetched
but you know training for a

marathon like that. it's it's
not like so much building up

the endurance. It's like the
time that you have to dedicate

to do that which I never had
yeah, but now I can. I you know

I can run for like an hour and
40 - five minutes and you know

I probably couldn't be anymore.
yeah cuz I think a marathon

impressed at my page would take
me close to five hours. oh,

yeah, you know what kind of
marathon like a five -K? No

like a real marathon. 020 days
was that 20 - six point two or

I don't know the exact amount,
but actually good. I mean,

that's that's a pretty good

For like a non like professionals.
Yeah, well, I think the

professionals do it in like
under three hours or under two

hours. Yeah, especially you
know they get paid to like

train eight hours a day every
day. So yeah, I have some

friends account. I have some
friends that do that and I I

see their training schedule
like they're casual run is like

a two -hour run. you know or so
I I feel like that's that's the

hardest part is like the time
commitment. you know like

either not getting bored and
you know staying focused on

that task. you know more. Than
just like building up the

muscle endurance cuz I think
that's that's the easy part of

the The hard part is like
getting bored, you know and

wanting to do something else.
How's that picture there isn't

it cute. I found that a
consignment shop and I got so

excited. it's it's Super cute.
is it like is it like gold

plated or what what's it?
what's its structure it it's

ceramic and. coat coated in
gold. You can see that. Ceramic

coated in gold that's Super
cool Awesome thanks for sharing

company. Do it a lot? Yeah. I
love it when I saw it. I got so

excited and then I saw this
piece and I was like ever spent

to be.

And then somehow the blue match
this other little sky one that

I happen to find randomly out
of yard cell. So that's it's

crazy how such come together,
so I thought that worked out

really nicely so and then I had
a friend. she accidentally

broke the saucer on this guy,
but this cute little antique

Paisley flower thing. I thought
it was really cute so I kinda I

really enjoy that I love
finding keywords and random

stuff you can use for tea. At
the text stores and Simon

shops, so yeah, you know I I
like to think of it as a

rescuing them and giving them a
new life being used again, You

know like that's that's gonna
be like the best way for you. I

mean it's it doesn't happen
every day. It will be a very

random thing when it happens,
but like for you to find like a

really really treasured piece
that like any tea shop where

you typically could find that
type of thing would cost

hundreds of dollars. you could
score you know, but again, it

doesn't happen every day, but
it happens. sometimes you know.

Like a state sales or you know
people that collect this kind

of stuff and they die and their
family has no idea what it is

or the value and you know they
just slowly. you know the

interesting about thing about
New Mexico is that during World

War two a lot of Southeast
Asian people in particular

Japanese Americans are
basically transplanted and put

into camps. Yeah here in New
Mexico and it's funny cuz some

of my teachers they actually
have their. Houses are much

right on the property right
next to the property where

these camps interment cancer
basically at so, we find a lot

of amazing Japanese air moves
here like things from like cast

iron kettles better worth like
thousands of dollars and people

are using them as like
planters, you know, it's like.

Oh my God. Can I give you 20
bucks for that. like you know a

lot of people honestly don't
know what they have, especially

the younger people. Yeah cuz
it's just I feel not enough

again. that bridge again
between our elders and young

people you know the knowledge
of the handy crafts and what is

truly valuable and what that
feels like stand the test of

time. Yeah exactly so I think,
especially among Japanese

culture. there's there's such a
a disconnect between them the

the different generations yeah
cuz the younger generations are

so like so in a hurry. So you
know after this is. Of

basically becoming more
Western, you know like what

kind of this romantic station
around Western culture. huh.

Those are my buddy Brendan is
commenting on the Facebook, and

he says that he likes what
we're talking about. he likes

to use the term upcycle, which
I guess that would apply to

like what you were talking
about like finding things that

maybe weren't intended for tea,
but then you know making them.

For tea, Of course, it's high
fire porcelain and it's it's

coated in gold. Yeah, you know,
and I mean what what's gonna

last longer than than ceramics
covered in gold? It's gonna

last for 10000 years if you
take care of it. And I I love

Upcycling. I'm a big upcycling
artist and like I'm one of

those people who find use and
value and everything and I used

to be my last people who like
saved bits of strength. So I'm

like, Oh, that's still useful
like I used to be called the

Mennonite of artisans, but I
love upcycling the idea of

taking things that most people
find valueless and basically

trash and adding value to it to
make it a worthwhile products

that people would love to have
and cherish hopefully for the

long run and not be in the land
fields we have. So Paul, you

know Paul our buddy Paul here
in Vegas, The wine Guy Paul

Yeah, he commented. millennials
think it's just them in the

boomers they forget about Gen
X. That's interesting. Yeah. I

mean I guess it's kinda true. I
mean my perspective on it is

that like I don't forget Gen X
X cuz I remember whenever I was

like in high school. I always
like kind of idealize genetics

right cuz they were like the
cool older kids right. Yeah the

Pepsi. Right, yeah is that what
they called the Pepsi kids.

Yeah. dude. Yeah. I love that
they have the combat things and

like sometimes they had trench
coats and then we have like the

top people and it's really
interesting time when we had

all these different diverse
acceptable social groups, you

know where you could branch off
into you know you see the the

rise of like a drag and drag
queens. you know and that and

that starting to be more
socially acceptable, especially

in the big cities. Yeah, but I
guess people. That are like

like younger millennials unless
they had like way older

siblings they really didn't
have yeah, they didn't really

have the MTV generation as
Brandon calls it to look up to.

I know I had that like my my
brother and sister are on the

like the lower end of Gen X X
and then I'm on the higher end.

You know the early end of
millennial. Yeah. But like you

know, I've got a lot of like
younger millennial friends and

yeah, they grew up in a
completely different situation,

but I kinda got into an
argument with. I should have

called an argument cuz we were
friendly and it was just a

friendly discussion package for
us, but people connect this

agreement. It's okay to have
different thoughts and

opinions, but that's it. Yeah.
he was like he was like a

little bit offended that I that
I identified with being a

millennial cuz he was like
well, your genetics like even

though you're years officially
like like right on the cusp.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm on the
cusp, but I ended up telling

him you know like I feel like
the the real definition more

than just the years is like who
grew up on the. Internet or not

you know, so I totally agree
where it was common place in

your schools and households and
and honestly our generation in

the way computers were forced
upon us from a very early age

of being in classrooms a lot of
government programs, buying

computers and Internet for you
know a high-income schools all

the way to lower inner city in
common rural schools. You know

it was a huge push for our
generation, but yes, I totally

agree. Yeah. yeah. cuz it
really changed your whole

perspective on life if you grew
up like with AOL, like even

though well was like the first
thing, but like if you grew up

going through school use having
that as a tool versus not

having as a tool, your life was
so different. very different.

Yeah, But you know they had the
Internet. You know it just it

wasn't as accessible. you know
you had to practically take out

a mortgage to get a computer
back in the day, you know in

this day and age for for for
yeah that that was more for

like the jet exercise. So like
some exercises did grow up with

Internet and. But that was that
that was like the family that

like invested you didn't talk
about it and they didn't come

out to the social gathering.
Yeah. So Jenny joined us. Hi

Jenny. Hi. I'm just drinking
hot water right now. that is

the essential basic of tea
right. Yup. right, It's like

grandmother of teeth. Yes, the
grandfather of teeth. that's

right. I am in the office right
now working on Fat choice.

Yeah. so I'm working on pivot
tables and stuff like that. I

look at the tables. Yeah. when
we do when we do reopen that's

gonna be important and so yeah
cheers guys. Cheers. Cheers I

call we got. too hot water.
What are you drinking Marie

right now, I'm trying to
finish. I just finished off

some monsoon. Dealing I believe
pool and what are you enjoying

at least? I think I'm also
enjoying some Georgia line the

package that I pulled it from
was unlabeled but it's

definitely definitely smelling
and tasting like late. It's

really nice. actually. it's
really beautiful. Unlabeled

stuff is the best. Great.

It is Paul what are you
drinking? Paul? What are you

doing? I don't know yet. I just
started to get my water and I

could do a dark. Maybe I'll do
it in the in solidarity. Yeah.

No that won't work see so
Jenny. You can say that you're

drinking a first flush $2020
because you know it doesn't

exist right. So Paul, right
now, I have exactly the same

thing that you do. I have hot

You know, let him go with the
Paul. It's like close enough

for me. I'm sure to follow
would be pretty happy with hot

water clean hot water. Okay. So
Brandon Brandon on Facebook

Asked what our pivot tables?
Oh, that's a good one brownie

long. That's a beautiful tea.
lucky you have that peanut

butter and hashtag jelly.

pivot tables are these things
I'll show you right now. Oh

yay. I love pivot tables so so
as you can see like I have so,

for example, I have pot
stickers here. We're looking at

the exact cost. so there's
chive Five cents ground. pork

70 - eight cents pot sticker
wrapper 17 cents cabbage

two cents sauce five cents
order cost a dollar seven sales

price is six percent $6 Cost of
cost of sale is 17 point, eight

percent eight percent so An
ideal world, there's no way

snow fast, no grazing and just
like that's the food cost. So

that's the stuff I'm working on
cool. What's what's crazy?

Is when the chef accidentally
makes a mistake and then like

kind of eats or like everybody
makes a couple extra French

fries so that they could kinda
nibble on it. It's not it's not

on purpose, but you know
they're hungry. They're around

food. so they're crazy. Yeah.
you wouldn't want me working

for you. I'd be doing that all
day long.

Family meals right. I mean,
honestly, it's okay to eat.

just it needs to be accounted
for is the main thing. So if

you want in order, French fries
all they have to do is just put

it in the problem is when we
have people that are like, Oh,

yeah, it's just like four extra
French fries and then that

becomes like you know the
attitude. Hey, it's for extra

French fries and that becomes
you can't account for that

later on so just trying to get
to true cost through true. true

cost. Yeah. It's nice that
you're so open with your

employees and hopefully
encouraging them to be more

open and honest with you, you
know cuz I find here. Town You

know a lot of makers mistreated
you know, so it's it's amazing

that you you do that. That you
know that we we want them to

eat. We just we need to be able
to keep like just need to be

able to figure out. Okay. This
is how much we wasted versus

you know what left the building
like on account. So is this a

new project you're working on
Jenny or is it something that

you've you've been you've been
having in place that Fat Choy

for a while. I revisited it.
This is from 2015. Okay so five

years later, so I'm just
updating the prices. Obviously

I should have updated every
year. It is what it is. I'm I

am where I'm at and I'm happy
with that. I'm fine with that.

Yeah, right every little bit
when you can. Yeah. So put the

tables are cool because it
allows you to take like a big

amount of data and XL. So you
know that can just be like the

raw data. so I don't know what
you're working on Jenny, but

I'm assuming that it's like all
your ingredients costs and all

your your ingredients and other
expenses. Yeah. So so this this

part is the you know like
figuring it out on its own.

Then I have like over here like
this is my item list. That way

I could take a look at it and
then I could see if my cost of

sales is correct or if it's
like a way out of whack. Yeah.

Yeah, there's a lot you can do
and you can like yeah, you can

pull you can make different
types of pivot tables to pull

different types of data so
something I used to do. I'm

very. I'm very very amateur
with pivot tables. So yeah.

Your math person, so you
probably love em to play with

them cuz it just lets you like
do Mass amounts of math like

and snap of a finger. you know.
Yup. How's it. How's your dark

dealing coming out? Paul Oh
man. This is amazing. I get a

lot of floral notes. It's like
Super like lavender, Hmm. Yeah.

I don't know what the deal is.
So apparently this is an along

from the Paul and it's amazing.
I don't know. Oh, it's an I'm

sorry. Yeah, but I was like I
thought Nepal will be close

enough to dart. It is like you
can you can literally hike

across the border and and be
from one place to the other in

a couple of hours. Yeah. So I
like your Cup. Thank you. I

thought this one for a while
since like I'm a few of these

from 2014, this is the original
tea bar machine was gonna open.

yeah, Paul collected a lot of
tea wear. I actually have quite

a bit of it here getting you
know trying to set up to to set

up a retail for Paul cuz yeah,
he collected a bunch of really

great team wear that I'm sure
Oh, you're such a great

collector. You collect the best
things you collected great

wine. Continue wear. You're my
kind of person. Thank you well.

We worked well together. you
know for sure it's good to

collecting find a good place
for. Things not just you know

in a society right now, like
buying stuff, anticipating and

hoarding, and I'm all about you
know, let's get things to where

they belong to be. You know
I've been holding onto this tea

forever. like this 10. I
probably bought from a least

like five years ago and I'm
like I I have the same problem.

I showed her that box of four
tins that I had the other day.

I was thinking like oh my gosh,
Thank goodness because all my

good teeth at the restaurant
right, he leaves a good team

for sale. No. It's nice on my
pods well, that's good. It's

good that you had it. You had
your little stash there and you

know those tins were designed
to to help the teens age you

know and and and stay good over
a long period of time. Awesome


Oh man that's good. Can I see
your guy one Marie or you're

gonna wanna see all of her
stuff. She's got a lot of great

stuff here. Oh, that's pretty
pretty huh. Oh cool. Wow.

That's pretty I wish I could
smell that.

You know there was someone I
think I told you there was

someone who invented like the
smell of vision with the pages.

So like when you get to a
certain segment in the TV, then

like you scratch and sniff that
part of the page and then you

follow along with that book
with the TV and then you're

able to kind of have smell of
it. Smell along smell a lot of

smells like.

Alright, that's funny, we
should try that with teeth.

Yup, maybe maybe I'll try it to
launch something a pilot

project for the virtual team
festival scratches the stickers

imagine if that's how someone
smell the tea for the first

time I scratched.

If you're like if you right
now, yeah, we can hear you Joe

the sticker you mention cuz we
we bend it a bunch of farmers

markets and so we lay out small
jars for everybody that smell

and we've had spoken many will
come up and pick up that leg

just trying to smell the jar in
other like is this where I and

it's like no open the jar and
smell the tea. It's like

something my favorite is always
the the the shoving the nose in

the tea. I love that. It's like
okay, you don't know nobody

else is gonna put their nose at

That's why you need that
dedicated smell jar cuz it's

like all the others. All the
boogers can stay in here and

you know.

Yeah, so I'm carrying my hot
water with chicken today.

That sounds delicious, It's a
good food pairing. What are you

having some chicken wings or or
what kind of chicken? it's

chicken kebab Okay with a
little bit of spice and ground

pepper and Bell pepper and
mushrooms and onion Red onion.

White hot water Why no tea I
I'm stuck in the office and

they're painting fat toy right
now, so it's sealed up.

She she, she is my mom and in
their office before I mean it's

awesome here we go. Jenny.
Don't forget you are drinking

tea. You're drinking the first
flush charge 2020. It's non

existent 20.

Oh little distasteful tea
industry humor.

There's no micro plastics in it
from tea bags. Good. that's


What's up Are you intending to
have your camera off? It's it's

fine if you do, but just oh, I
had no idea who that is that

guy here it helps someone get
to pickup. Okay. Okay. We'll

wait for you. Oh there you go.
Joe Let's go see her in

Palmers. It's good to see her
in action. Yeah. it's good. You

know. I'm happy to see anybody
doing any type of work or

business right now. So yes, Ma
Maria and action. Oh that's

pretty cool. Alright, I'm gonna
meet her so that you know she

can do her Justice and I see
you now. Hello. it's nice

cherry blossoms or peach
Blossoms. That's the first

thing, everybody says. That's
funny. I get that compliment a

lot in my House. everybody
walks in like wow. Nice five. I

got them all over. They're like
my curtains for all my windows

in my House so it kinda let
some light in you know kinda

get diffuses the light. a
little bit was that all over

where those something you found
in like a reclaimed store or

did you buy them online? No I
bought online about a whole

bunch at once and one of them
came a little bit broken and so

I complain and they just sent
me another 10 so back to more

of them. I like file so. Next
thing you need some to Tommy

Mats. I'm not exactly sure what
that is those are like the

bamboo kind of laced together
and then absolutely it can be

like a big Red lining around
them. Now, you could roll it

up. It looks like a gigantic
you know.

It looks like a gigantic sushi
maker like like it's still, but

really, the world's largest
sushi roll such a talking at

that's honest. That's awesome.
That's a really really nice

ones are are thick, you know
and they've got multiple layers

of of like insulation and
multiple layers of the bamboo

and it's like when you see
Japanese tea ceremony and

they're like million on the
ground and in doing yeah those

are to Tommy. Like they'll even
like dig the hole into the

ground to put the the cold
burning like water heater.

Okay. Yeah. That's really
advanced. I like I'm saving up

to to make one of my rooms in
my House like the small guest

room into a to Tommy as a tummy
room, but they're not cheap.

They're really expensive. I can
imagine anything handmade like

that is achieved. so there's a
there's an artist in La that

makes them can custom make them
too. So yeah that's. Definitely

like one of my my financial
goals is like whenever I go to

Tommy one of the rooms in my
House. I've I've made it. You

know that's that's me with any
extra spending money. I'm like

what kind of fancy tea stuff am
I gonna buy you know.

so if you guys haven't let Joe
he's he's from South Dakota

from the Middle of nowhere.
Dakota. That's awesome in South

Dakota. Yes. Okay. Yeah from
the. Hills I don't know if

you're familiar, but I know the
Black Hills started your fish

and all that jazz, but I mean
Spearfish right now. Yeah cool

in this Super rare that I meet
somebody that knows what I'm

talking about. I usually have
to say not smoke and then

they're like. Oh okay Deadwood
the Moon Stone on HBO that

shows incredible. That's my
other one when I think that's

what I gave at least the first
time I mentioned it cuz that's

that's where I'm from. That's
where I went to school. It was

actually in leading Deadwood.
That was yeah. Yeah, it's your

first time wasn't your first
time to Mount Rushmore since

you, you know everybody
wherever they live. they take

for granted the monuments that
are there. so right. What

honestly I my mom used to work
for a tour company when I was

younger, so I would go to all
of I would ride along with her

and in this big band full of
tourists and we just go to all

these stops constantly. I mean
it was it was a regular thing.

She's a single mom and didn't
have a babysitter so I just

ride along with her and. This
was in my, you know all the way

into my early teams, so I've
been to all of the monuments

and places tourist attractions
around here multiple times.

Otherwise, I probably wouldn't
have to be honest, maybe once

or twice, but to me they're
kinda boring at this point, you

know so, yeah, Hm tell your
mom. I think she's amazing. I

have a husband helping me out
with my seven year old and I

feel like I have two kids

that's my my lady. Got me, I'm
her. I'm her kid. So yeah, it

said. She definitely feel you
on that one.

It's no joke. There's no joke.
I'm Joe. what do you? what do

you brew it up? I am brewing up
a actually. It's wonderful.

It's the first time I tried it,
but it's it's a chain. Oh nice

The Boo Boo Yeah, and it is
delicious. I'm getting all

sorts of notes of flowers and
all sorts of goods. Out of your

graphs and it's delicious so
I'm enjoying it. I'm sure. How

was I was some really good tea
downstairs. I just can't get to

it. I was gonna say if you're
storing somebody here is gonna

hook you up like you know if
there's like some some supply

issue, then I'm sure somebody
will hook you up at least knows

I'm her junkie.

Several Guinea pigs like that
they're like give me we'll try

whatever man.

Joe How was your South Dakota
is a popular the tea the TC I

am the tea, but what I always
put it because we're we're

basically trying to cultivate
the market around here and

kinda trying to teach people
about team, but we're kind of a

meat and potatoes sort of
conservative Midwestern place.

You know there isn't a whole
lot of the especially Eastern

culture around here. It's very
like farm ranch kinda turn.

Rhythm things like that, you
know what I mean. It's like the

tourism around. here is all
like old Wild West stuff and

the gold rush and things like
that. So. I I'm I'm a team with

my hair, pretty much and and
and the people that follow me

so rock on South Dakota team
Movement. a minute it'll take a

while, but we're getting there.
We're what we're going on this

is our in June will be our the
beginning of our third year, so

we're almost two years old now
so and it's working people are

injured located in Spirit Fish.
Sorry, what's that you're

located in Spearfish? Yup. So,
what did you think of like

Sturges Deadwood Spearfish you
got like cuz that's that's

like. I guess the three most
major cities in your area that

would be like where this kind
of thing would thrive where

people are kinda little more
open to it. right? Yeah. Yeah,

that rapid city, which is like
the bigger city close to Mount

Rushmore. It's like 80080 -
5000 something like that but

yeah, for the most part, expire
fish that is like it cuz it's a

College town too. So that
there's a lot of open A lot of

it's kind of a routine you know
like like a grassroots kind of

community around here so people
are people are willing to

entertain the idea at the very
least and usually once you get

them in the door, they're
probably you know like I'm sure

you guys are once you can get
somebody in the door with

they're very interested and
there's a lot to learn and they

and they kinda keep on you know
so is that sturges like the the

motorcycle gathering place?
Yeah, we should totally throw a

tea festival for certain though
for that we should totally do

like a biker tea festival.

Time you want maybe great. I'll
help you do it probably should

do it. that'd be so much fun.
Oh man. I don't know if we're

gonna do this though. I'll
probably not yeah, it's there.

They haven't said anything yet,
but it's just it's in. It's the

first week of August and I feel
like by the time everything

opens back up. Nobody is just
that nobody's gonna be ready

for it and so if they do have
it the turnout, what's gonna be

awful. You know yeah and do you
usually it's. Well over

a million people come into the
area in the big deal around

here, it's half the reason a
lot of the businesses around

here even survive cuz
otherwise, it's a pretty small

community. So yeah, I would
just say oh. Vegas on Main

Street That's kind of like
first Friday is kind of to main

Street. What that festival is
to you guys. Yeah. Yeah. It was

dead last night. Yeah. It was
last night. No one there. Yeah.

We've been occurring or no.
Yeah, No the first Friday. No.

yeah. Well, my restaurant will
be right next to it. You know,

and it was the first party
would just be like such a a

hassle for restaurant people.
if you were normally just I

don't know. It was it was just
crazy. It's just madness and

neighborhood so it was, but it
was for everybody else. That

was not as busy as say, Ester's
like it was their life while

they were that was like a one
day that everyone will be busy.

So yeah, it was cool. It was
cool to see the energy, but it

was just so very stressful time
to work and be able to serve

people. What exactly is this
first Friday thing? Okay. First

Friday is like not a normal
day. It's like if you're if

you're used to like calm and
regular step. Business then

first Friday is like lightning
and thunder and lighting. It's

like a gazillion people walking
up to you and wanting the same

thing all at once. it's first
Friday of the month. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah First
Friday of the month and thank

you everyone. Yeah. Okay.
That's like a Street there.

Yeah. I think it was a lot of
the art galleries in the Arts

District near downtown would
open up later hours and they

were just be like, hey, open
galleries and talk to the

artist. So that was like maybe
I don't know how long it was

like 2008 or no before that
probably. 2005, Something like

that and then slowly it started
picking up and then it just

kinda became included all of
downtown. So when first Friday

would happen the first Friday
of every month, even Fremont

East would get dizzy, which is
kinda far from the arts

district. cuz the arts district
kinda centered around

Charleston. yeah 15. Is you get
off and then the intersection

of Las Vegas Boulevard. So if
you go North of that you're

getting like City Hall and then
free money will be a little bit

northeast of that and then, but
if you go South of Charleston

hit a little arts district. So
it's kind of like how our place

goes in Jenny's very close to
downtown as well. so she gets

some of that with you guys are
all in Vegas. Yeah. yeah,

except for Marie Marie is in
Albuquerque. Oh. yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But yeah,
this is pretty much. We're

gonna give her beef when she
comes back. We're gonna be like

you know your pickup was a
little too long. I don't think

it's safe for you

yeah. we're all in Vegas and
we're all tea friends so Paul

Paul and I know each other
because he was going to open a

tea bar downtown like in East
Fremont area when he was

talking about. That's like a
very hot nightlife bar scene

area that that over the past
five years has been. Quite

gentrified and so yeah, he was
gonna do like a non alcohol

nightlife Tea bar, which ended
up falling through but it was

great cuz then we became
friends and I ended up doing

like five months of training
for his like potential crew. so

yeah so every week twice a
week. actually we meet for like

four hours and like taste
different teas and talk about

them and and train the staff so
from that we ended up training

like this whole army of of tea
servers. You know which you

know now, we're all just part
of the community spreading the

word just spread it out all
over the place. Worked better,

You know, Yeah. it's really
yeah, you know it's very

interesting. Paul in his own
way is like the maker of a lot

of places in Vegas. He is a
very he's very humble. He

doesn't take the credit for a
lot of stuff, but he created

wine list for lots of different
places, including mine in

downtown at Walk-in fell, and
then he created the wine list

for Esther's Kitchen and
Ester's and flock and foul are

both. Award-winning. I'm sure
some of it do to him and then

Paul also helped to create like
like I would say like a third

of the downtown TC scene
because of what he was trying

to do. I mean it didn't pan
out, but it's still contributed

to a lot of what downtown is
doing these days with tea so

quality is still in the teeth.
Dollar I mean, I'm not in any

field right now. I'm in my

But yeah, I mean I my last job
was I spent over two years at

Esther's Kitchen as the wine
specials, but Esther's Kitchen

has been shut down. They went
from like being the busiest

restaurant kinda like the most
buzz worthy restaurant in

Vegas, the moment to just being
totally like we have to shut

down and so it's been
interesting to be there for an

opening and then stick around
to see it kinda become an

institution and then just to
have like the rug pulled out

from the hole, restaurant
industry and everybody happy.

Adapt to some to go ordering
only or you just close your

doors, so it's been really
stick. but that's where I met.

I just have a hospitality
background. I've been working

hospitality. I mean Paul's
being very humble. He did two

years and Singapore with Mario
Batali group. I think my first

flock and fell before we went
to downtown downtown was on

Sahara and that place was crazy
and he was still able to. Great

loose leaf tea into that for
the seven months he was there

so in my in my heart and mind,
he is a very important person

to Las Vegas along with Elise
because nobody can do the work

of tea sharing alone. So who
are yourself included people

that help you champion key like
I said me, I mean honestly

obviously that we get a lot of
support from the local cafes

restaurants and Health food
stores and places like that

they've we hold sale to. I
think we just got a new client

the other day. So now I think
we're at like eight here in

town between all the coffee
shops and cafes and stuff like

that. so really anybody. that's
I guess I should probably

forward that with Spearfish is
very interested in supporting

each other. so everybody tries
to source what they can from

each other before we're going
elsewhere, so a new restaurant

opens up champions like you
know every couple of months and

then. Like oh, we want tea on
the menu and then they get word

of us. They just call us up and
I'm like, hey, you know we

wanna we wanna carry your tea
and so it's kind of a

collaboration of the whole
town. but as far as tea, most

people are still in the dark,
they just think Oh people like

tea. We wanted on our menu and
that's about as far as they go.

Once we come in. It's like
okay, we're training their

staff to not over over extract
the teeth and kinda teaching

them. What's good and what's
not. We do a lot of herbal

stuff so cuz I'm I'm
technically an herbalist but.

So a lot of our teams are
geared towards my business is

called Sagen Cedar Herbal
Wellness, so that kind of

explains it and see Satan's
Cedar State Theater. Yeah. It's

a few things he used for smudge
like Sage and cedar. Oh cool.

Yeah. Yeah. So and we do we're
very holistically wellness

Torry again. You know we. we do
a lot of teas that. Operate

herbs and things like that, you
know we do a lot of specialty

tea leaf as well, but that's
kind of that's kind of that's

that's like a side aspect or
kind of just you know 11 facets

of the business. It's not
necessarily just specialty

Camelia census. We do a little
bit of everything we source a

lot of stuff local. There's a
lot of local farms around here

we live in a very
agriculturally its place. Yeah,

there's my sight.

Here she's on it, but yeah, so
I we are the team movement here

in town, you know, and we're
also the kind of the herb

movement too. People are very
interested. They just don't

have any guidance and so that's
you know once I started

studying herbalism. I wanted to
share it with everybody and I

kinda I kinda just found that
there was there was none of it

where I was at and it was like
a you know a light went off in

my mind. It was like well.
There's your niche go ahead and

follow it man so one thing I do
another and here I am drinking

tea with you guys. Yeah, I
wanna come visit.

So I'm gonna make an
introduction for Jenny now

since you know she's been she's
been pippins all his best out.

you know she might be the most
humble of all of us here she

she's like one of Las Vegas is
most exciting restaurant tours

her her husband and her work
together. Her husband is for a

couple of years now was Las
Vegas is token James Beard

nominated chefs. you know very
exciting chef awesome not

pretentious one bit like this
Super pure authentic comfort

zone. You know like just really
good good clean. Good good food

and Jenny pretty much runs for
an open House and and runs a

business, obviously with all
her pivot tables

But she's she's very much
intent beverages. Okay. He had

a pretentiousness as a disease
in the in the chef in the

Culinary community. So that's
awesome to hear when you when

you're running to somebody
who's good at what they do and

doesn't act like it. You know
what I mean, they're just

humble. It's there's so many
pretentious chefs out there.

That was my first. That was
when I originally wanted to be

since I was like five years
old, I wanted to be a chef and

an herbalist, but I can cook.

That's awesome and then who's
the other was the other lady

down there. Marie Are you
ready? Are you you back you

back at it? I am beauty you so
maybe you turned your mic down

or something. We're not hearing
you. I'll yeah check on that,

but I'll do a little intro for
her so she is with not made in

China really great name for
what they do. they're ceramic

schools Strip Ceramic Studio
and ceramics school in

Albuquerque, New Mexico and
yeah, and I met them in 20 - 15

or 2016 on Instagram because I
was organizing the Southwest

Festival and wanted you know to
invite more tea related

ceramics artist to vent One of
her friends and their network

was starting to play around
with guy wants and teapots and

so I invited them. I'm like you
guys are in the southwest so

you should totally come then
and it's so cute because I

remember they came. they
brought like a whole setup like

anytime you invite these guys
to come sell yet, so she makes

a lot of really great things.
so this is like a kind of

displayed dish. you look logo.
Yeah. Yeah. That's. That's

adorable. Yeah, you know you
can get this made too. So like

I'm constantly trying to
introduce them to other

companies that are looking for
like custom handmade branded

ceramics. so yeah not made in
China. See our website. Yeah

they do and they're on social
media as well. They, they do a

lot of really cool live videos
like her her partner Patrick

he'll sit up the wheel for like
a couple of hours and just like

bang out a bunch of cups, you
know and just like kinda show

you as he's going The other
school and so they they kinda

have like a whole crew of
people that that work together,

but it was it was cute because
they came to Vegas with all

their things and most of the
things that they had brought

were either like big mugs or
they brought a bunch of these

like small dishes like the one
she showed, but much smaller

and they're really great for
for coasters. well. Yeah.

they're really great for
coasters and that's what I was

telling him like this would be
cool coasters for the Tea Cup

to be on top, but their
intention was. Bag holders cuz

she was thinking, Oh what what
can we make for these two

lovers at the festival tea bag
holders and I end up saying

Well, you guys should come into
my team room. I'd like to

really show you tee wear and
they ended up spinning like six

hours just like playing with
all of our different tea pots

and everything is getting
introduced to the whole concept

of gun food jaw and now she's
leading the whole Tea

Revolution in New Mexico See
like now she's making matcha

balls. That's a custom-made box
that is like incredible the the

boxes they're making for their
matcha bowls. Now she's just

she's beautiful. I love it.
You're all. I'll put the she's

Cuba VCR right now, like
everything that we did was we

had a tea pet station set up so
they just said big chunks of

clay and then everyone just say
hey. Why don't you sculpt a tea

pet and then you can fire it
just find a way to fire and

take it to a local a claimer
chin. then they'll fired for

you. so it's kinda what it is
amazing. People just sit around

this table and get a lump of
clay and they just start

molding until I don't know the
first time I've ever tried

attempted to multiply my hands
out like an elementary school

art class. It's weird to tap
into that and just also just

put so much attention into
something for like an hour and

it really was just like
meditative the event that all

these people are kinda coming
and some people made amazing

stuff. so yeah, that was, I
mean there's something magical

about human clay in your hands.
Yeah. thanks for that. I think

everybody. Yeah. Mike is off. I
don't know Marine If you wanna

try to fix your mic. We'd love
to hear you. she's doing a

great job of showing her work.

I know the pilot silent QVC not
only social distancing also.

Practicing no noise.

But yeah, I heard her partner
have been extremely supportive

of all of our team festivals
since then, and we've just been

really great friends and in
fact, anytime I do a festival

now like an In-person festival
when I invite them they they

will make custom cups for the
festival so instead of having

to like import 500 cups from
China and print your logo on it

they custom make and they'll
they'll even put the low guys

we saw they do like the imprint
logos and and all of that. so.

Absolutely. Oh, my God look who
wants to come in. Do it. Let's

see if it's true. Is it true.
Oh, yeah. it's true. He's got

his video off

Legit son with his music, I
don't know hey that we we we.

We can't ask for too much and
the fact that that he's even in

here. it's awesome. I keep
inviting them every day. I'm

like Jake. you should come have
tea. you should come have tea

get out with the set up his
yeah. You don't have to say

anything at all. I can be and
soul food. Yeah your candy.

Yeah. he's been easier playing
a lot six people on these

things are just been more like
one on one interviews recently

or dive and seeing this video
on your teeth. Yeah it. it just

depends on the day. You know
how people are feeling who's

who's who's up? I mean
yesterday, I had like zero

people on until you jumped on
at the end. so but you know

I've committed tied. yeah. I've
committed to doing this so even

if it's just me you know like I
gotta find that confidence to

just carry through. And and
keep it flat. Yey Jake Chick

Maybe as audio is off, oh he's
connected. I'm Jake.

Electricity the other one okay,
Yeah, we got you now. they did

you enjoy listening to your
ramble for an hour. I'm not

gonna lie. It's great. No.
thank you. Thank you for always

great entertainment. Let's get
ready to put it absolutely

payment. Yeah. I love it. I
always learn something. I was

fascinated to learn about the
team in South Dakota. You know

like I think it's it's really
cool to see your holding down

the Middle of the country is
looking fly over States and

whatnot. It's like a lot of
here today with between Vegas

and New Mexico and then in
South Dakota. it's really yeah.

Yeah, we're kind of a cultural.
Dessert so it's you know it's

it's not the people here. don't
want this kind of stuff. It's

just we're conservative and we
don't tend to look outside the

box. very often you know, so
it's important for people who

do know who are proficient in
things like you know like

girls, cultural arts like tea
and music and stuff like that

to actually come in and you
know be involved in the

community. you know it's it's
it's not easy. you know because

people are mostly confused. I
was telling at least the first.

I was on, I think I've met one
person in the area and he's not

even from Arizona, Texas. That
knows what Gong food is before.

I explained to do it so out of
everybody. We've met everybody

just sees our little tea set
that we bring to our vendor

booth at the farmers market and
they're like Oh look at how

cute the whole spot is that
another baby.

Oh, that's adorable and it's
like that's really cool to the

notes. It's not just like
supposed to be cute, you know,

but it opens conversation.
That's why we bring in. We

never sell it, but we sit there
and we can explain to people


That's the beautiful thing too.
I love about the the tea arts

and cultures that you really
can go wherever your heart

would like to go just as long
as you enjoy and and share the

joy. I don't I don't think it
will ever lead you wrong cuz

there's always gonna be
different levels of snobbery

and everything that you do
anywhere you go. Oh yeah. So I

feel the most important thing
is always again going back to

like what you enjoy. What do
you love you know what do you

actually wanna spend your time
on and I and and tears just.

Amazing that you can find what
you like and it could be the

sweets and foods the layers or
even a specifically. we're

going to chop or like jump
these matcha So yeah, Yeah,

we're kind of things that that
herbal bridge so we even get

into the you know outside of
just Camelia instance, that's

the fun part for us to get to
not only show people the tea

culture, but we get to show
people the herbal culture as

well, you know and it kinda it
bleeds into like farm. And

things like that, you know,
we're always partnering with

local farms around here and
yeah great social economics.

does I'm gonna show you you
know you could take it anywhere

to farmers rights to various
injustices or tickets here You

gotta join sorry guys. I didn't
need to. I was just I was just

showing Nick can to be
unbelievable that that Jake is

having tea with us.

Who's this Jake Jake? Yeah. So
yeah, you know everybody else.

just so Jake is actually my
best friend and he's my my my

partner and tea here in Vegas,
my main partner and tea oh he's

involved in. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Okay. yeah. but he's

first and foremost. He's an
incredible musician. You know,

probably one of the most
talented musicians in the

world. He's just Super shy. So
that's why it's such a big deal

that he's here.

I think your audio is always
use my music. Yeah, we can hear

you. Nick Tear too No well.
Nick is on Instagram. He was

watching on Instagram so. But
so, like all of the the music

festivals that we do in the
music oriented events that we

do Jake takes total leadership
on that So yeah he we started a

series of of events.
Unfortunately, like right

before all this happened, but
we started a series of events

called a T jams with so that's
his that's his stage name. I

mean it's his real name too,
but kind we do and yeah we

drink tea and listen to like
Super sultry like meditative

loop Acoustic loopy music well
not just acoustic you play

electric, but he does a lot of
like looping stuff. you know,

like really like meditative
loopy music singing and such

and like well like world
instruments and stuff like that

or what I wanna integrate it
more. I mostly just do like

guitar like Bulls Okay like
that. But yeah, I like to

incorporate all world
insurance. Absolutely. that's

kinda how that's kind of my.
that's my. That's the other

part that we haven't touch, but
I've been playing guitar since

I was like nine. so I'm
definitely I'm on the same

page. Man behind the screen,
there's like a whole entire row

of guitars and banjos and oh
sweet awesome Buckley and all

sorts of stuff. so oh man. he's
our our surges festival is

gonna have to have music as a
major component of it then.

Your defensible ours. Oh, yeah.
I'll do it. I would have that

would be so cool if I could
like honestly, if you guys

could just come out and enjoy
the Hills with me, that'd be

sweet. Just have it in in your
tent while that's happening cuz

you get the link from that town
anyway, correct Oh well

constantly. yeah everywhere in
the Black Hills just flooded

and all I mean it's just full
everywhere. so but yeah, it's

anytime I can get anybody to
come out here. It's great

because I like I said, I mean,
like I totally used in the

beginning. These two parties
are awesome because I don't get

this kind of interaction like
you guys all know each other

right. There's not extremely.
I'm all for me and my lady and

that's it. so it's really nice
to even connect with somebody

who just knows what I'm talking
about. Breath of fresh air come

out here in person would be oh
man that would be amazing.

Alright. Well, let's do it.
Let's do it. I'll give you a

tour of the Hills. This forest
is magical too If Paul is

actually been here, I'm sure he
can attest it. I'm actually

I've only been here. okay so
that yeah, that's the capital

of the state, but yeah, I was
driving up to standing Rock and

so we hung out here for a few
days and then Mobridge and like

that's the only clue. There's a
whole other side of South

Dakota. It's like you know what
I mean that it's the different.

There's like a big old prairie
on one part, and then there's

the Black Hills were like kind
of our own state. so it's very

different through the Badlands
are really cool. I got to stay

in interior a few days as well.
Absolutely, and that was just

gorgeous. That's really that is
amazing country out there no

joke. Yeah, I'd love to have
you guys. There's planning

hospitality out here. so I
mean. Oh, man Jake. What are

you drinking? some liquid fruit
liquor is nice. Nice. That's

what I'm talking about. fresh
fruits. That's what I do it.

First. Yeah. You're getting
waste your drink tea. Oh well.

It does appear that with you
though. Like a bourbon or

something, yeah, I've heard
parties telling the one place

in Deadwood and is they're
they're going for like the four

and five star kinda rating, but
he said he was making he would

make some tea cocktails out of
this stuff that we had and I've

never experienced that at all.
I don't really drink so but I

was kinda interested in all
that they really know you could

mix tea with liquor. Alright.
hey, so we're gonna have like a

whole section of the virtual
tea festival is gonna be a

cocktail demos scale demos.
Yeah was that. One of the

chicks you had on the other
day. Yeah. Adrian Yeah,

mixology and stuff with her.
Yeah. Yeah. So she's she's

actually our raining American
team Master and the cocktail

portion of the competition. so
she's okay, You know certified.

we like the best, but I'm
trying to convince my friend

Joseph he's actually a
celebrity bartender. I'm trying

to convince him to to do a
cocktail video of a drink that

he invented. That's actually
really popular. It's like a

standard cocktail and high and
cocktail lounge. Now called the

the Duke of Suffolk, so it's
kind of like an Irish coffee,

but it's with tea. Oh, that
sounds fun. Yeah. It's really

delicious so I'm like trying to
convince him to to he. He says.

He doesn't like to be on video.
so I said, okay. Well we can we

can find a clever way to edit
you out if that's really an

issue for you right or just
show his hands. Yeah, like an

over an overhead thing. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. but he's he's

actually based here in Vegas.
He's he's a lot 30 - two. Be

cool. He invented a drink
called the Trinidad Sour, which

doesn't have any tea in it, but
that's kind of like his main

claim to fame really sexy
drink. Nice drink. It's so

funny the first time Jake was
actually there that night the

first time I went to Clever,
which is like a high-end You

know steakhouse here in Vegas.
we went at like two in the

morning which is a thing here
in Vegas. you easily can go eat

your dinner at two in the
morning. that's not.

Yeah. yeah, we were We were
pouring tea at this like rave.

for Valentine's Day, we got out
at two in the morning and

yeah we've we poured some teams
some crazy parties before the

great limit all the dance
floor. even it's it's it's cool

but yeah we finished at like
two in the morning and Cleaver

was right there. We're like Oh,
let's go. check it out. It's a

really nice really fancy
cocktail forward Steakhouse and

I thought well this place is
really nice. I bet you I could

get this Trinidad sour here. I
think they would know how to

make it and I ordered it in the
waiter was like Oh great. Yeah.

just happy is working right
now. He'll be happy. I'm like

what who's just happy and he
was like. Oh yeah. that's the

guy that created that drink. I
learned about that drink in

Canada. You know something.
Wow. Yeah. So I was like Star

struck you know I was like what
what I have to meet this guy.

Yes. Become friends and I came
to find out that he invented

this tea drink. so yeah.
Hopefully we'll get a big big.

I think the videos still locked
on Marie screen just definitely

on how is it? Yeah, It's not
going to whoever's talking.

That's all 00. Yeah. Yeah sit
same same. but that's what I'm

seeing too. I'm sorry guys. I
got it to where you can see

everybody pretty much. but yeah
I I can't force screens. How do

you see more screens? With the
writing, okay, there's there's

a there's an option for gallery
view. That's how you make the

regular lunch. That's how you
make the Brady Bunch squares.

So yeah, I turned I turned
Marie's video spotlight off so

we're all good but the the
stream I've I've been having it

on gallery view the whole time
for the stream. So if you wanna

see the play bag, Hi Priscilla
good to see you.

but Yeah. Team Mixology is a
cool thing something else that

people play with is it's not
necessarily mixing the two in

the same cocktail with the same
drink but drinking them

separately in a way where you
like kind of blend the

experience so Kevin has
actually mixing the tea with

her. Yeah, you can do that. I
mean, of course, there are

cocktails that you can make but
then my friend Kevin. At

Camellia Sinensis in Montreal,
he he does workshops it does

something he calls sandwiching
so you'll have like you you

have the the tea and then a
shot of your whiskey or

whatever you want a sandwich
and then the tea again. So you

you take a sip the tea, a sip
of the whiskey and a sip the

tea, and it was actually a
really nice way to blend the

two to kind of you know, feel
the experience of that of that

blend versus. Making a cocktail
okay, Okay. That's my preferred

way. It's the same thing. Cuz
that way you can taste it and


I'm completely ignorant to this
Park. so I don't drink at all.

I never have so I've been I've
been drunk twice and that was

when I was like a minor. So
yeah, pretty awesome. Actually.

I'm not. I'm not. I just I've
never really got along with

alcohol. It just doesn't
settle. I mean very well, you

know I've just never. I've
never went down that road. so

do you ever play around with
which I call? What's it called

when you soak the herbs and and
the alcohol dangers? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. like
extracts. Oh. yeah. Yeah we we

make our own extracts for
ourselves at home. There's too

many, There's too many
regulations for us to let him

wanna sell em right now, you
know we have to check them

through a lot of hoops to get
selling so we just go through

ourselves and for our family
and our friends. but but yeah,

I'm constantly taking herbal
extracts that you find a clean

source of alcohol to use an
extract cuz obviously the idea

of it. Insurance is like it's
for health. How do you find

like the purest? sourcing from
you know, just like every clear

or something or a particular,
so I would prefer to use like

ever clearing like grain
alcohol simply because you can

dilute it to the percentage
that you want and every herb

kinda needs a different
percentage. Usually it's

between 40 and just pure
alcohol so you can use vodka

you can use Brandy and he's
actually probably the clean.

The issue with the other clear
is that it is made from brain

in that brain is you know Mass
produced. It's not it's almost

you know. so so it's really
it's really difficult to find

good sources for alcohol and
you can't insult Cody. You

can't get it through the mail
so you know I can't ship it

here. I have to I'd have to go
get it somewhere and then drive

it back. basically, so that's
been a difficult thing, but I

wanna find it. Guys ever run
into like an organic distillery

or something, let me know
because I would love to touch

base with them. That's but for
now I just basically use every

player. It's it's the easiest
way to go about it and you can

just dilute it to the
percentage that you're looking

for depending on the herbs that
you're using it's gotta be like

a local distillery in your
area. The Black Hills like

caters more toward making
whiskey vodka and stuff that we

need one for you like even as
they make an infusion for you.

just like there is one. In dead
with this deadwood distillery

or distilling company or
symptoms, my buddy actually

works for him, but they do low
proof stuff. so yeah, and I

don't think they're really
interested in like the

sustainable. you know like
healthy manner. they're more

like making alcohol to put the
dead with logo on it and make

money out of it. You know what
I mean, so it's one of those

ethics battles and constantly
part. It's like it's really

hard to find. In the industry,
it's fairly easy, you know you

can find people that are like
yo. We want good clean product,

you know, but once you start
getting into like alcohol and

stuff, people aren't worried
about clean alcohol. They're

just trying to get you know
what I mean, they're just

trying to get off. basically,
so it's difficult. It's a

difficult process, especially
here in the Middle of nowhere,

you know.

Jenny. What are you eating now?

Okay and what teach you gonna
pair is that a bow or what is

that is that a cookie cookie?
Oh lucky you mount on the mouse

right now. Yeah, what's the
pair with it?

What kind of tea pairing with
that, like Ginger mayor

something you know? what do you
know what I'm drinking? Jake

Yeah, at least, tell them what
I'm drinking. 2002 first flush

Sergio Yeah, it's called Hot
water here in America.

Appearance it pairs well with
anything you know it pairs well

with anything it went really

Money I learned that the hard
way actually the whole first

let's start dealing thing. I
was like, Oh yeah, first blush.

That sounds better right. No
not so much. Yeah. I mean it

depends on your your your
preferences. Some people do

genuinely like that profile
better, but right, it's just

doesn't have quite that
signature flavor that I'm

usually looking for in a
healing. So yeah, I think I had

mentioned that in our last
Email, Yeah, I definitely. so

yeah you know. the the farmers
that we work with they they've

been playing around with like
making more like slightly

oxidized, White teas and Green
beans from their first flush,

which you know is nice cuz it
has like such a a high fruity

note and almost like pineapple.
Okay. Yeah, you know is not

limited just to that muscatel
flavor there's more to it than

just that.

I love this. This is the most
people I haven't heard drink

tea with ever.

Besides teaching you know what
I mean, I've trained like

employees and stuff like yeah,
I trained like a whole coffee

shop. You know, I was just
always like everybody's

drinking tea. He knows what
they're talking about. This is

great. There's a little feels
like we're hanging at Elise's

Tea headquarters. I know. Just
keep doing this at least.

alright, I will I will you know
every now and then I have like

I have an idea pass my head of
like Oh I shouldn't do this.

This is a waste of my time. No
one wants to watch this but you

know I guess I will I will keep
doing it, but Joe you gotta

come to one of our parties cuz
like yeah, we're we're up until

20 'clock in the morning
getting rowdy drinking tea with

you know 20 people at the
table. It's good fun. Yeah.

That's awesome. I'm not at I
don't have any of those

opportunities around here, but
you know it's really made a

socialize, our interiors
drinks, usually just spend time

in the Woods or stay at home.
You know, Hey Joe. we have

another Midwest friend for you.
here Is this my buddy Jeremy.

Yeah. Jeremy. Music He's in
Indiana, Indiana. Jeremy What

part of Indiana? you're you're
you're Mike. Get your audio

going Jeremy.

You so until he could talk,
I'll fill you guys in so he's

based in the cozy town of Tara
Hope. And he has a tea company

called Exalted tees. I love his
story. I love his marketing.

He's like specifically
targeting Catholics He's gonna

pull up a website right you
think yeah, I know that is

quite a market. That is an
interesting market. Oh okay.

that's awesome. It was.

Isn't like so Jeremy I think
are you playing the video

somewhere else? No. I'm trying
to zoom. Okay cool. You're

here. We are you know great.
Awesome. Jeremy. Yeah. how you

doing good good good. The
videos yeah. Are you playing it

on Facebook? Maybe no. I'm
running a free zoom. It's

picking up some feedback

You played it on Facebook.

I figured out it was it was
Marie Alright, Jeremy Go ahead.

Let us know how you're doing.

Wait, I think there's still
some feedback isn't it. I'm

gonna mute myself. Okay. I
don't know the feedback I

might. We're going to get this
working properly technical

difficulties. Yeah. So this is
exactly why we're prerecording

all the presentations for next
week's festival. just so that

yeah, so, at least a
presentation itself can run

smoothly and then you know
we're gonna do. Q and A like

why QALO so you know people can
feel that visceral connection,

but gonna let that you know if
there's technical difficulties

there than than that will be

So I think it's figured out no
more feedback. We're all good.

So yeah. Jeremy tell us tell us
how you sell tea to Catholics.

Is this any better?

I think okay.

Yeah, no. so what I do

so I kinda play up the story of
the tea leaf as as something

that's yeah,

Oh there's a lot of value.

Jeremy Everybody. everybody is
muted except for you so it's

something maybe you haven't
playing somewhere else or let

me try.

I'll meet you guys. sorry, I
made it all you guys. I just

was trying to get to the bottom
of this.

Process of elimination.

When I talk unneeded right,
yeah, you can do that. But

you're you're you're not the
problem. Jake you're fine. No.

I think I'm the problem.

yeah, what are you using?
Jeremy are using your computer

or phone number using my
computer using a Web cam. I can

switch over my laptops. I know
it works for me to see that

might be better. Yeah. Try
problem. I really want you to

be able to share your story
with us cuz I think everybody

would like to hear it so

let me just switch over. okay
cool. We're not going anywhere.

We'll we'll be here. We're
hanging here just eating

cookies and drinking out water.
Wait who's eating cookies. I'm

liking cookies. Jenny Jenny
need cookies It was. I was, but

then I realized I still have a
little piece of chicken left


Chicken, which still pairs
really well with my hot water.

You just opened their munchin
humble as ever love it. I have

a salmon salone waiting
downstairs for me. It's just

stuck in my restaurant that's
being painted is it is it being

painted a new color or is it
just being touched up with the

the same? It's touched up. It's
been. I think four years ago

they painted it once but yeah,
it's seven years now. Wow. So

it's this authority plan to
just decide to use the

opportunity while everybody is
close to do some remodeling the

casino's remodeling casino so
they also are remodeling the

restaurant. No. yeah. Why do
you little Bassett? Can we talk

about all the things that we
miss about Fat? Choy I made. I

miss the pork belly bow I
missed the short ribs grilled

cheese sandwich. Oh my God and
then the fatty melt. Oh my God.

Oh man. Oh Jake tortured.

We gotta make him go hungry.

That's that's what we're
supposed to do because thank

you hungry. Then he satisfy
that hunger, but not too much

so that you could still come
back next time. I don't know

the things I've I've I've
filled myself up plenty there

and been able to come back
perfectly fine the next day, so

I don't think that's ever an
issue. Jenny I had okay, so I

had Jake once, in fact, Troy
when he was hungry. Oh yeah.

Shake never he doesn't get
hangry my Jake. I wanna hear

what happened what what did he
do to express his his hanger?

She's like I'm brewing. I'm
bringing this team. It's gonna

be paired with whatever we're
gonna be eating as soon as


I love others, absolutely no
subject matter to this whole

thing. We're just looking at
it. And now it's beautiful to

show about nothing. Okay.
That's great. Well. it's great.

Honestly. it's like we're just
there's no pressure. you know.

it's not too serious. Yeah. I
feel like that's what it is all

about in general. This is the
fruit. This is a true reality

show when it's not.

Fair and if it's been scripted
by anybody has been scripted by

Fat Choice PR agency that
that's it.

Jenny you guys do your own PR.
Huh. Yeah we we always do our

own PR. It's just put our head
down in do work. Yeah. no. it's

good. It's better that way it's
authentic. Vegas has been very

very, very supportive of us.
You know it's weird how we

started. We started with a food
truck, which that's how a lot

of dreamers started with a food
truck and we Found that the

food truck at that time the
regulation was so new. This was

2011 and they just wanted to
make money everywhere they

could so they just kept opening
up different departments. So

like every three to six weeks,
we would go back and they're

like. Oh yeah, that now there's
like a new Department. you have

to get this permit. If you
wanna do this part. also, it's

gonna be five different
jurisdictions for the food

truck. so if you want to sell
in Henderson, which is a

neighboring city. Las Vegas But
really, it's like I think town

but different and you have to
have a different permit and

each permit is from $750 to
$1500 depending on what the

secret one time our truck was
over by six inches on another

city and then they had to tell
us to roll it back. Otherwise

we have the candy the permit

latest support small business.

So we decided to stop putting
up with IBS, so we got a little

naturally. we went inside of a
hair salon cuz that's where you

sell food.

So we did that for like 10
months and then we jump back on

to the food truck for a little
bit. sterling was born at that

time. Sterling seven now, so
he's the same age as Fat Choy.

He's like three months older
than fat toy. He has a little


So so yeah and then and then we
opened up flock and foul, which

was crazy Town Paul can attest
yup and at that time, it was so

crazy because at that time,
Lucky Dragon was just opening

and lucky Dragon was like they
were being crazy cuz they're

like no. we're gonna be Chinese
first language.

Chinese first language I opened
up on 12 3123 that's cute.

Yeah. They also closed on 1210
the following year. So cute.

we had a lot of fun there
though that the people that was

great. Yeah, I mean the owners
passed away from a seizure. so

very young guy. 20 - six bread
pampa really really nice dude

but anyway, at that time, we
opened up clock and fall

downtown. so 2015 we opened up
clock and pollen Sahara, Crazy,

two and a half years. It was
like we did all day the

business that we would do at
Fat. Troy we did in five hours

at flock and foul. Wow. Yeah,
it was crazy now. Everybody

loved it. a lot of people
always tell me they miss it. I

miss it too. It is what it is.
Yeah, but we have every grain

now. So yes and then we just
recently opened up another baby

restaurant every grade and then
Kobe it happened so we're you

know what's the BBQ restaurant?
It's a it's a small, a baby

restaurant. It's like oh baby.
I see yeah. my baby. you know

what's funny, though is it's
actually smaller in size than

our flop and fell on Sahara,
but it has a restroom. Look,

it's got that.

you have to go through a
costume shop and use the

restroom. What we got some
funny transition periods in our

life, Joe and and a Jeremy.
whenever you guys come into

town. We'll show this South
Dakotas and the Indiana how

it's done and the Ecuadorians
we can't forget the Ecuadorian

Mexican. Mexican. thanks is
Priscilla here. I'd love to go

see Priscilla is here you don't
see her where.

Oh, that ??? is okay, I just

Explain Alright. Jeremy How's
your audio should be working

fine right? It sounds. great.
Yeah. Okay. So please enlighten

us. We really idea of our seats
to hear how you how you market

team not it's basically it's
telling the story of the team

as possible. The idea is to
explain how the boats are

really intense suffering
process in order to transform

itself and then sort of we
bring it back to life in water.

So it's the story of suffering
transformation and rebirth,

which fits in with the with
with a lot of the Catholic

theology go. That's essentially
my market for now, we're gonna

use it like as an educational
tool right like a. That's an

awesome metaphor man I I really
did them. Yeah. so it's

basically the tea leaf and
become what it is without

suffering first. Little like
wine, Yeah. Did you really like

torture the grave? With tea
leaf that's awesome. So how how

is your launch been? Jeremy?
It's okay, Everything got

delayed for a few weeks, but
it's kinda like everything is

up and running but if
everything got stalled out

because I can't really host any
classes. I can't really do

anything face to face anymore,
which was like the biggest

source of revenue right now. So
yeah sort of learn a lot of new

things I guess going to the
digital marketing area. How old

are you guys?

Yeah, proud mom really I've
been selling for about two

years, two and a half years,
but this company just like he

called exalted teas started six
months ago. Yeah, that's a Web

set up by my. camera. That's
all it reminds me of kinda what

we got going on. So that's
cool. The DC down in the

evening, it was that like it's
not existing really say I'm in

South Dakota man. Yeah. I think
it's just the Midwest customer

is a person based out of habit
so it's really you can't really

replace anything in their daily
life became a servant. Oh,

yeah, it's just routine.
everything is returned for that

so some mine broke kinda ask
you know kind of that mindset.

So yeah. The idea is that if I
use as an educational, yeah or

you use the actual room of tea
as a form of prayer and

meditation that you can start
an integrated people right if

you can make the actual growing
process, an important part of

their day, then they're more
slightly gonna take it on

right. Yeah. just push you can
relate to something that

they're already doing some sort
of practice that they're

already in like their religion
or something like that, you

know they're making it's easily
integrate able. We said yeah.

That's awesome man.


Oh, man Priscilla How you doing
is your your audio working now?

Yes. yes, it is working. I had
a couple of troubles. I'm not

an expert on the understand
that I I didn't. We're all.

we're all becoming experts now.
we're good. Yeah. we're we've

been drinking tea or not tea,
but we're hanging I hear

somebody was drinking hot
water. Yeah.

Gonna enjoying your water.

I'm drinking right now a tank
prayer of kept in bamboo so

it's delicious.

Do you is it like really dense
like how is it very easy to

break off pieces? It's actually
got and basis. Okay guys. Let

me show you guys is like like
it. Come like in metals. Yeah

how many grams is that I have
120 grams of at all complete. I

don't know how much for each
coin but a one A half have a

coin is enough for. Put a keep
up, Okay. I been infusing this.

I think this is like the eighth
time. It's delicious. I

absolutely order Chinese food
today and it was my third team

birthday teeth sir in last, so
we're celebrating my feet my

birthday for three days, so
we're different stage. Desires

ceremony online That was that
was gorgeous, I couldn't

understand anything, said. I'm
speaking Spanish but the whole

ceremony that you had set up
when you go the longer it was

when the the black kimono.
Yeah. Well, it's not a sort of

money. Indeed, it is a it's a
it's a way of prepare a very

rare dark tea but Japanese.
Because they don't break they

don't produce produce dark tea
except in this part, Let me

show you I think I have give me
just give me a minute something

I have it. I think I have it
here and I have this stuff

right here itself. Let me show
you guys what I was doing so

this is the this is the tea I
was preparing that day. It's

called But because we. When you
when you shake it it supposed

to sound like butter, you know
and and it is harvest during

thank you. Thank you very much
so this day it's made with

their with leads and tweaks.
Wow and it is it's cooked and

they put into a wooden box for
a month. so that's how they for

mental and it just happens in
Pulwama only in Karama it's

very very sorry DJ or something
enough Sadly it's probably like

prepare they they basically is
like a child like royalty, so

they ferment they fermented
just in Yamaha and prepared

dark Japanese tea and this they
use this sense. You know it's

very different for when you are
preparing matcha with this.

Different tattoo, which I have
right here, you know. yes and

this. this is very different
and there's this special one

for preparing in this way you
don't you don't shake it in a

WWE like matter, but it's like
this. so that's what this

sounds like but so that's that
was my first tea birthday team.

I've been trying very
specialties for for those days

That's awesome. Yeah well that
the whole setup was gorgeous

going on. Thank you. Thank you
very much. I'm now now. I'm

working in how how I'm going to
do it for the next Thursday for

the festival and me and my
boyfriend we have been checking

the rest on gold cuz she's the
one who's going to hold the

camera and the interest needed
we are taking the distances and

some well because otherwise my
sense it will kill me.

if I just something you will
say you have more

This way, but we need to be
straight with me.

Always learning always my whole
life so I do have Vegas family

something I was curious about
you were talking about coming

out there or whatever what kind
of nature do you guys have

about ever since the desert a
ton? I'm sorry. Paul. you wanna

answer that Oh the nature of
Las Vegas. Yeah basically

surrounding area. Yeah Las
Vegas a very Big Valley so

basically like. The sprawl of
Las Vegas is basically crap

right up to the the footstep of
Red Rock Canyon so Red Rock

Canyon will be the easiest
nature to get to, and it's

really beautiful looks like
rocks. literally. It's a big

loop, so people will like bike
around it or there and there's

hiking trails all throughout
there. It's really beautiful.

There's even some running water
like ice box canyon stuff like

that. so that would be like
first and foremost. That's the

one that everybody knows about
and then you can go a little

proof out that like Red rock
vibe you got value of fire,

which I like a lot is a way
less crowded camping spots, and

it's very beautiful. An
interesting and you're also

pretty close to Lake Mead, so
you head out eastern part of

that that state Park and then
you're at the northern part of

Lake Mille, which is almost
untouched. everybody kinda goes

to the South. We were like all
the boats launching stuff, but

so you could feel ready to go
into the Park and camp anywhere

along there so that covers Red
rock like meat and then Valley

fire and then Mount Charleston
is probably the most diverse

compared to the rest of the
Valley. The rest of the Valley

is very deserted, but then.
People understand cause high

desert get the higher
elevations might be trees.

Also, you have the big
evergreen. The opinion lines

are going like eight thousand
feet above Sea level, and it's

really cold. It's it will be
like 2030 degrees across the

Valley. so we get snow there
every year. there's a ski

resort out there, which is you
know it's good enough for what

it is for being really close to
Vegas but you know, basically a

couple of bunny Hills and a
couple of like you know

there's. So you can go there
and I love about it. It gets

really popular summertime
because it's gets

a hundred and 15 degrees here
in Vegas, so even the Mount

Charleston you're getting feel
like 7070 - five awesome. you

can imagine how busy it is.
It's like I have to get out of

his seat. Please go there, but
it's also gets rigid so cold

like to move around because
snow plows are are a little

tricky. So I think it's the
most important now if you

Further out from Mount
Charleston in a different

direction you go toward a grump
grump is a bit of a smaller

town. A lot of agriculture.
It's interesting. It's on the

corner of the cost of death
Valley that you could cut

through like Trump and then
head over to 15 to get down to

Los Angeles to get back in a
major freeway. But Trump is

really close to some hot
springs in Copa and Shona,

which are along the the old
Spanish trail. They called it

goes a lot further back than
that. This is very native

Americans sacred the they stay.
People that were gonna run like

crazy horse, literally go and
hang out in hot springs. so

it's a really interesting.
There's little oasis is all but

there's not a lot of them and
then there's more than meeting

with those are like the one
that I know of you're not born

and raised in Vegas, but I
moved away from it is

interesting to like come back
and reroute myself.

And then you go to Utah more,
but you know, Utah will be a

good like at least two hours to
get to something and there's

hot springs along. you know the
way to like Brian Head, which

is really fun that would
probably be your best world

class skiing will be Deer
Valley and Brian Head. That's

only like three hours away from
Vegas, so you kinda have a lot

of stuff you just have to know
exactly what to go right. Yeah

cuz like if I were to come out
that way, I'm not much of a

city guy. I'm not gonna I'm not
gonna lie to you so for her to

come out that way I'd be like
well what kind of nature can I

enjoy volune out there? That's
just why I was curious about

that. Oh, there's a really easy
to get it. Go somewhere for

nature, You know that's the
problem. Yeah. People are

always surprised by that I
would like to ask you guys

something yes, how it is to be
being born and bred ace in

Vegas. I don't know about that
what Paul you were born and

raised here born and raised in
Vegas. for me, I mean I haven't

I haven't in Las Vegas a couple
of times, but only you know

Indiana the fun part on the
side, but I I can't imagine I

mean schools and going call it
and you know in Vegas. Well,

it's a pretty big ballet. I
told him I was born in 1980, -

two. so when I was born, I
don't know there might have

been like three or 400000
people here and then I get to

see pretty quickly like you
know get to a million and, then

two million than right now.
we're like over two million so

I've seen a lot of change, but
I grew up in the suburbs. I so

Henderson is actually the
second biggest city in all of

Nevada is bigger than Reno cuz
Reno and Sparks had their own

thing going. that's very people
will head there and then Los

Angeles people will head
through Vegas today is a very

big bout Valley. There's North
Las Vegas. There's Henderson

there's So I grew up in
Henderson, I went to Green

Valley High School and Green
Valley was like one of the

first like master plan
communities. It's like kinda

started the late seventies
early eighties and there are

some of the first to like move
out of this area When I was

born and my parents moved out
there, they kinda raised us

there. so I spent most of my
life there in Henderson so the

way I kinda think about it.
It's like it's kinda like

living in like Orange County,
California, which is also crazy

where I went to College. I went
to University right by

Disneyland. so I felt like
yeah, this is very similar.

It's very suburban culture and
so you're like a little bit

outside of the urban
environment, but it's very

suburban and and it can be
blend from kind of time and

also Green Valley basically
started like the eighties

onward so big verse of growth
in Las Vegas was like 1990, -

two or so like early nineties.
so great, then you have all

these houses being made by all
these home builders. They kinda

follow this like cookie cutter
pattern where it's kind of

southwestern inspired colors
when it's all stuck in the

Middle and so you know
it's just kinda. It feels like

not that generic, so I love to
go to places like I love doing

the East Coast. It's a lot
older or anywhere where you

guys are actually at Indiana or
South Dakota, where there's a

little bit more like soul. I
think I feel like I grew up in

a place where it's a hostile
desert and the Valley just

kinda a scroll to the demand in
this is an interesting spot to

live. Basically, I just grew up
in a very similar place and

then when I had to get a job my
first job was in and out burger

actually. Well, no, my first
thought was my dad's car wash

my my grandfather. in Downtown
Henderson Henderson, and then I

was 14 to 16. I worked there
and then I got a job in and out

burger from six to 18, then
went to College in Orange

County and then I got back. I
was like well what kind of job

am I gonna get I guess I was
working in a restaurant. That's

what we do here. We host we
serve people food so I started

that and then I don't know I
just never looked back to 2005

to now. I've been like a
hospitality veteran. And work

on the strips and just try to
find like my balance live in

Henderson live in downtown Las
Vegas and and just a few years

so in New York City, Los
Angeles Singapore. So, I moved

some pretty outrageous places
for most people, but yeah, it's

it's cool. and now I'm back cuz
I wanna bring all these cool

things. I found these places
here in Vegas, which is stuck.

It's true here where it's
dominated by you know big

casinos and it's a to go back
to your. About flying into

Vegas and I can't imagine
growing up there because your

perspective your view of what
Vegas is like if you apply in

this busy airport going right
to the Strip and then most of

all just pull it right out So
you know Kevin Alexander came

to wrote about grilling he
caught on to something and all

of us are kinda catching on to
what's possible in Vegas that

the cost of living. there's a
lot lower and it's hostile and

it's unforgiving and it's not
the most glamorous place to

live, but a place you can build
off of it. I finding that a lot

of work are coming here when
they're priced out of

California, but then it's like
people like well. I gotta be in

nature and if you come here,
you're gonna find where the

nature is and at the end of the
day, we'll just still you know

my home is my solitude. I come
here and do the best I can do

right now. I'm actually happy
with people who walk down where

I actually had time to focus on
like what's really working

well. anyways. Thank you very
interesting. Thank you. Yeah,

you know Priscilla. it's it's
your lucky day for. Ask that

question in a room full of Las
Vegans and have someone able to

answer that question because
most people here are not born

and raised here. it's very
unique to meet someone like

Paul. That's actually born and
raised here. Yeah, where you

from at least Yeah I was born
in in Southern California and

then spent a good amount of my
childhood in South Texas and

then went to to College in
Southern California because my

my original family was there
but then my family. Lived in

Hawaii They like relocated to
Hawaii whenever I was just

starting College great. Yeah.
So I lived in why I ended up

living there after I graduated
for seven years before I came

here to Vegas, but I've also
lived in West Africa. I've

lived in Japan we're in the
corner right before. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. So I don't really
have a home unfortunately, but

that's why I like about living
here in Vegas. It's because

like most people that you meet,
they don't have hometowns you

know and like that was
something I struggled with. I

was in the peace core cuz like
when you met another piece,

core volunteer like one of the
first questions, everybody asks

is is where you from and so you
know I was coming from Hawaii.

so I'd say that and then as
soon as they found out that I

wasn't born and raised there
like I was automatically

dismissed as like an
inauthentic line person and I'm

like well, I don't really have
a hometown and they're like Oh

well. Where were you born? I'm
like well. I was born here but

I've left before I was two, so
I don't have any attachment to

that. Identity but here in
Vegas like most people when you

meet them like that's very
common for no one to have

hometowns here so you know and
and and yet people are still

like very welcoming to
community because everybody

kind of can empathize with
everybody else that you're new

here and you don't have family
here. so you know like when it

comes to like Thanksgiving or
Christmas is it's a lot of.

Groups of friends will come
together cuz they don't have

you know rooted families here
in town. Paul is very unique in

that he has well my parents
live here now they kinda

followed me here cuz they they
saw how the cost of living was

good and you know how how nice
the living is here so they're

here but Jake also moved here
relatively early in his his

life, although he was born in
and raised somewhere else. but.

How many years have you been
here in Vegas? since 1990, -

seven. Yeah. so like that
Standard is like Super local

like if you've been here since
90 - seven, you're like really

local, you're almost born and
raised but yeah, hardly anybody

is actually born here. I mean I
guess now there's a lot of

babies being born here in
Sterling can

Jenny Seven year-old.

That's that's why I got this
tattoo the the world not. I got

it because I I feel like a
citizen of the world okay yeah

because when I was born here
but when I was three years old

when we move to pain because my
dad was studying here is a

special team ah she is a
special thing so the first time

I know it was to staying then I
came back and I lived in Mexico

Germany I have a sister living
in Germany with her husband and

in my my name is so I I have
spent long times in in Germany

in Japan in China and so when
somebody asked me where are you

from USA and of the world
because I need a part from

everywhere I have lived so I'm
celebrating Hami like you guys.

so the the last meeting I
celebrate Hami. I celebrate day

of the dead, which is a Mexican
Gary. I celebrate some Chinese

always Chinese New Year and
stuff because they are like

part of me. so I'm getting used
to my home town again, so I

feel more like a citizen of the
world. That's awesome. It makes

me feel grateful to be. I'm
like I'm back from either and

this is like where I've always
lived and I it took me until I

was like 20 - five that I
realized how awesome it was,

but you know you know when
you're young, you're like get

me out of here this this place
sucks. you know. I'm sure we

all kinda go through that and
then take 20 - five. I remember

and I walked outside of my
House one day onto my Middle of

the winter and I mean, I can't
explain lead to you guys where

I grew up. It's it's a pretty
eclectic little town, but

basically I walked outside and
it's in a Valley and every all

the houses are just stacked on
top of each other. You know I

mean, it's like the roads are
Super narrow and I walked

outside and it reminded me of
like Sherman here,

Switzerland's or something and
it just kinda like clicked in

my head and like why am I
trying to run away from this

place? like picture ask? Or
beyond all belief, you know so

for the last five years, I've
really really come to

appreciate where I live and
have the deep roots that I do,

you know, I know so many people
in this community and it could

be a real part of it makes
moves you know so it makes me

makes me grateful. I haven't
had to move around like you

guys. I'm sure that's not. be
Jake. Are you gonna play some

music for us?

I can easily unmute you.

Oh, I can't he's controlling
his mute. He's just gonna talk

to us with the that guitar.

Oh there you go great.

Why did he sign it himself?

Come on Jake. Right now, I
don't know if I know anything

about like being a musician,
It's one of those kind of like

a lot of musicians are hesitant
to do that Like dance Monkey

Dance. Yeah. I was like, Oh
yeah. you know. it's not

authentic. You know what I
mean, Hey. well. He wasn't one

that grabbed his guitar. You
know so impressed.

I I feel like a lot of us kinda
has a better were like. Yeah.

This is kind of forced you
know. Yeah, I know Jake Jake is

totally totally like that. you
know I've been trying to

encourage him to record more
and try to try to you know,

build more of an online
presence, but you know I've got

to be patient and just let him
find his comfort zone. He plays

really well for our T R T
events. You know like

everybody's all teed up and
feeling all loose with the tea.

Then you know like that's
that's definitely whatever his

his heart opens up with the
guitar right. Does he sing too?

yeah? Yeah. Are you saying she
does a lot of like protein and

and loopy, and you know like
harmonizing. Okay. Yeah, for

sure. Yeah. it's my stuff that
I have some videos online of

him playing some some of our
events also send some links to

you doesn't like the ambient
guitar in the background kinda

thing. Oh. yeah. definitely for
sure that's awesome.

Oh, no, I I I'm sorry.

You can play more if you like.

One second yeah, I'm gonna fix
my effects first and now I'll

jump back in. okay cool.
Alright Sorry, I'm getting

everybody. say I wanna put my
face. okay cool. Alright. We're

back on that was nice. That's a
nice treat.

So Joe Oh Joe is gone. Oh, he's
gonna go get his guitar. Maybe

oh that'd be nice.

I've got I've got a banjo joke
for Joe. he gets back. I just

play to the sound singing
Bowls. Oh nice, How many how

many singing bowls do you have
for now, just six the six

basic? Yeah. It's so nice, do
you ever do like sound healing

sessions is that is that what
you use them for?

I don't know if healing. it's
all that I enjoy it very much.

so I played when I want to be
relaxed. Yeah.

Admitted with it so I enjoy it
very much.

Hey, Joe. What's up? Did you
hear about the banjo player

this car got broken into when
he came back to his car. He he.

he had one banjo in his car
when he came back after it was

broken into there was two
banjos. What. What's this is

this real? Where is it? No?
It's a joke. It's a funny joke

making fun of banjo players.

Got no one, No one wants to
steal your banjo man. A nice

banjo is an extremely elegant
instrument. they're therapy,

making they don't have to be
like that going even though,

like like Backwoods Bluegrass,
I mean you can make some really

awesome ambient music with a
band. It's crazy. Yeah, I bet I

bet. I don't know, but I think
we had that conversation like

what kind of music do you guys.
Listen to I'm curious.

I like it, I like heavy metal.

Sweet, you know there's a
YouTube or YouTube and Facebook

It's happening. Metallica
Mondays every Monday, Okay. Wow

they put on a live concert. I
love them all the artists are

live streaming these days. It's
crazy. Yeah. so but but

Metallica Metallica, right, I
don't miss Metallica. Mondays

The. You know the Who
Priscilla. Yeah. Huh. Oh. yeah.

How do you? how do you
pronounce it the the Mount

Goliad the Mongolian throat
singing metal band. Oh, yeah. I

love them. Yeah. I love them.
They're incredible. I know

exactly yes I love them And
when I when I I I used to I I

list them when I'm working out.
Oh cool like a war. Already,

I'm going to conquer the world.
They are great. They are great.

I love them.

I I listen to a lot of like
just like relaxing like

alternative music, alternative
rock electro alternative rock

the band know if you remember
that you had like a video or

something and you had Banega
plan in the background, then I

I was like who is that I know
who that is, he told me who it

was like I have to. I listen to
a ton of an elbow, but I

couldn't I just couldn't
remember who yeah. Yeah, that's

awesome that we kinda have some
of the. Influences there so I

listen to a lot of ambient like
chill EDM, You know. yeah. Yeah

me too. background music
thinking music. Yeah man. The

painter just put out a new CD
yesterday. It's really good so

that is also Taco Taco. Oh.
yeah. Absolutely. Oh wow. Yeah

big fan. I love I like this
girl. Also this dirt I love

them their version of the sound
of silence the trail. It's

amazing. he bought. She's great
and I love. it.

I'm sorry, I'm just scared
becomes out here in place for

the Sturgis rally, I know I

If I would live in United
States, I worked in lots of

money and concerts. Yeah. yeah,
when I used to live in into

Mexico when when I used to live
in Mexico, they used to go, but

it was kind of dangerous and I
always go by myself because my

friends especially my my
girlfriends. They don't like

heavy metal they so I go by my.
So when I went to Metallica, I

went by myself. that's awesome.
I found a safe account nice

place to be not Christ because
I'm not tall at all but I was

not going to miss Metallica for
anything. that's awesome.

sponsor is actually a man's
apatow and frameworks and plan

trade and Elo. It was like a
whole slew of my like four my

favorite. Chronic artist and so
we couldn't miss it. We drove

down to death before it was
awesome. man. What can I

absolutely? Can I share a very
important music video with you

guys and and Priscilla, I think
it's it's really relevant for

for you. I think you'll like
this, especially can you guys

see my screen. Oh sweet. Yeah.
Yes. yes.


One time. Those


The last

You didn't.

I came up.

Public history Any husband,

What's up what's up? what's up?

Alright. Thanks for thanks for
hearing me I love it. I'm very

cool. It was great. not only at
only in an Asian fest. That's

for sure, Yes. it's in Yup.
Yeah. I'm trying to get them

for one of my team festivals
here in the States The Grinch.

That's awesome when you said
you like metal Priscilla, I

knew I knew I had to share that
video with you. How do you even

find something? Thank you. Oh.
That's my video. Thank you.

That's my video. we recorded
that. Yeah. it's okay.

Yeah, the very first tea
festival I was ever a part of

was when I was an intern in in
in Japan in that village and we

put on them a tea festival with
all these different tea farmers

from all over the world, which
was pretty much like the start

of tea like that was the start
of my work was helping organize

that festival and and they were
brought in as the entertainment

and they're they're legitimate
band like recording band that

like play shows, I mean that's
very niche. You know like tea

heavy. Great. It is great in
Japan and you say you say what

what? yeah farm? Yeah. I went
there when I when I went in

when I went to Japan, I went to
farm cool. Yeah, I started

their international internship
program. That's awesome. Yeah

great. So yeah. If you if you
went into their office, you

might have seen like the big
the big display of all. The

different volunteers like my
pictures right in the Center

cuz I started the whole thing.
Yeah, I remember yeah. awesome

good old days I remember when I
when I finished my my visit to

Togo Farm, I was sitting in the
Middle of nowhere in address in

a train station waiting for the
train in in like everything

goes. On time in Japan, I was
sitting very happily in the

Middle of nowhere and waited in
a very sophisticated trees, The

train station and I was like I
was so happy with tons of tea

that I got in the I bought in
the farm tons of tea, not even

a House near just mountains and
feels and these sophisticated

transportation. I was so happy.

ask you is there were plans for
doing the race or anything like

that ah yeah not not as of now
you know I don't even know when

you know the time will be
available but Yeah, I mean by

next spring, let's hope that
you know we don't have a second

cycle with this that'll. you
know, stop us from traveling

but potentially even in the
autumn If if people wanna

travel in the autumn, that's
another good time to to go,

visit these places. There's
there's action pretty much

everywhere, but I'm keeping
keeping my eye on the schedule

and definitely will get it
going cuz there was a handful

of people that wanted to travel
this spring, but just weren't

able to work cuz we cancelled
it. A lot of people were like.

Until the very last minute to
decide, they didn't wanna go

like I kind of pulled the
trigger pretty early on. you

know that it wasn't gonna be
good timing. A lot of people

are hesitant and like accepting
the reality of what we're

dealing with right now and how
yeah cuz you know how careful

we need people like the last
state that it doesn't have any

mandatory anything really. It's
just all carry stuff like one

of the only ones left that is
just voluntary shutdown how

many cases so far? what's that?
Cases so far in South Dakota, I

think we have what was it like
200 some. I'm gonna have to

look it up. I have it here real
quick, but but yeah, it's I

mean it's not anything too
crazy. so not as much as a lot

of places but.

Yeah, I was just kinda curious

about the whole tourist thing
and if you had plans like

obviously you don't really have
plans, but if you had like

intent to keep it going and of
course, yeah definitely yeah.

That's like the most important
part of our marketing strategy

right you know because when
someone travels to visit you

know a tea grower that they
work with and. Like watches,

you know like a tea, get
processed and you know was.

intimately connected with even
the people around the team like

the community and the families
that are processing the tea,

then they sell it a whole lot
better. you know we we do find

an increase in their sales, so
you know that that does help

end up helping us in the end.
So it's it's important. Yeah. I

would love to attend. honestly.
That's yeah. it's an entirely.

I would love too, but crying
from South America is really

really expensive. Yeah. so if
you have a next project.

I can't do anything I can say
we I hope I can go. We've got

212 cases as of like yesterday.
Oh wow. This is six hours so

212 cases 19. Hospitalized
cases two were deaths one with

one of those deaths. I know it
was. he wasn't from South

Dakota Okay and then recovered,
says 70 - six. So we're real

low at this point, but you
gotta think there's only like

eight thousand whole state
anyway. Yeah, it's going to

happen I mean probably one of
us. I mean like in this

community right now, probably
one of us will get It's going

to happen in Germany my sister,
her husband and two kids they

got take they they have they
got positive for Corona virus

and they are doing okay now
they are totally okay so Angela

Merkel and gave this a stage
and they say they type

calculate that 80 per. Send of
the of the country it's going

to have to have the disease but
it it is leader in less than a

one percent so sometimes we get
scared because we focus and how

many that there are, but we
don't count in how many people

have passed through this so my
youngest niece. she is six

years old. And she got sick and
she's perfectly okay now they

are perfectly okay, so it's
going to happen

so we have we have to go to our
wisdom and.

I was gonna say I feel like I
should have had it in January

cuz there's no report you know
people can get it and they made

it again and I think you know
this is this is what's going on

in Vegas is a good Internet
actually early January. It's

Super electronic show for like
10 days. I didn't know what it

was and I had a House guest. My
buddies who was staying with me

for like three months. He got
really sick too. and so you

know other. Days of this, it
was like man, I swear we got

like a virus or something like
I don't know if that's not the

only possible but he's just
convinced from our symptoms

that we had it and I I'm kinda
flying it and I think it's a

possibility as we react totally
differently. so what's

unfolding very possibly and
maybe probably like I feel like

that's the ideal anyways. Yeah.
I feel like I'm trying.

Identified it as something cuz
a lot of people over the last

like even all the way back into
August of last year, People

were getting like couple of
respiratory infections and

things like that, and it wasn't
anything. there wasn't a name

for it. You know many people
were just stick you know, and

then once there was a name
slapped on it, they identified

the virus itself. All of a
sudden everybody was like. Oh,

no, you know. I'm just happen
overnight. so I'm very well.

I've been sick a couple of
times in the last six months,

and we say it wasn't one of
those you know. yeah, but

people weren't dying at the
rate that they're dying now.

That's that's the one thing
that I think is like you know.

I also thought that too cuz I
felt like this was a really bad

like flu season or really bad
six season cuz that's what

yeah. yeah there was people
coming in for an herbal

remedies to your store Then we
actually don't have a book,

brick and mortar so Or mostly
online, and then we do a lot of

bending and things like that.
well, I should say were mostly

vending so we work with the
farmers markets and then we do

wholesale all over the place,
but I have had an influx of

people just contacting us
asking for blending are

related. You know like to
either immunity or respiratory

health things like that and we
do have one on our website

right now. Actually, I think
we've only got a few left in

stock of our elderberry. Blend
it's basically made for making

a syrup, so we sell it with
local honey as well. Yeah. I

felt with locally sourced mean
from one of our good friends

that owns a sunrise highs here.
It's basically you make an

elderberry surf, but it's got
Lions made mushroom in it and

some like rose hips an orange
peel for vitamin C things like

that. So there's a lot of a lot
of immune properties to that.

but the. Is good for those back
to you specifically for

prevention, not for if you have
the illness right and elder

specifically contract indicated
if you have that type of

illness because it's it's
cooling and it could possibly

exacerbate the symptoms. It
could make your you know

they're they're talking about
the side, okay and storms and

things like that and elder very
stimulates your immune system.

so you don't you take it to not
get sick, but don't take it

when you're sick is basically
the message. And that's a great

information. So, yeah, alright
guys. Well we've we've been

going at this for almost two
and a half hours. It's it's

been great. I'm not. I'm not
turning this meeting off just

yet because I wanna allow us to
say our goodbyes, but then I

think it would be very nice of
Jake could send us off with

some some nice tunes. Are you
ready down for that? Jake under


Yeah, you're good. Yeah. so.

How's it on that?

Great Well done. Thank you.
Alright guys. have a beauty

guys The Easter weekend. Love
you see you later. Bye.

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