Saturday, April 11, 2020 - Finding Joy in the Little Things

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Hello everybody. Hi Facebook.
Hi Instagram. Hi Marco. Hi. How

are you doing Happy Saturday?
beautiful Warm sunny day here

in Las Vegas. I can't ask for
anything more really stoked

about that actually cuz it's
been pretty cold here over the

past the past few days, cold
and kind of rainy, which is

really unique for Las Vegas
weather, but you know I guess

you. Take what is given and be
grateful for it so I don't know

how long I'll be on today just
gonna do my usual daily catch

up. Stay committed to my goal
doing this every day and you

know more and more envisioning
the structure of what I wanna

have with this and someone gave
me the idea last week that it

be good to have guest on. so I
thought that because. Cool so

if you are interested in being
a specific guest so that we can

chat about life and we can chat
about tea and ultimately can

teach something to our
community. I'd love to to have

you come on. you know now, of
course right now at this moment

if you wanna come on and do
that you can the link is bit

dot LY slash Tea Tea party and
you know after I finish this

live stream today. I believe
I'm going to create a landing

page on the website where. I'll
have all of the videos

documented day by day so you
can go back and see see

everything. Hi Allison. How are
you doing?

The flyer, or that's right.
Yeah. that's happening today.

Yeah, that would be really cool
to see I saw the so are they

coming Alison or the the
plane's gonna be flying over

you. I guess they are if you're
gonna be able to see it. I

don't know if they're gonna fly
over me. I should double check

the map I still got posted.

So good news yesterday at the
end of the livestream, I did

the drawing for the prize that
was donated to the virtual

team. Hey share how you doing.
It's good to see you thanks for

tuning in. I hope you're doing
well. I gotta reach out to you

and see how you're doing and
see how the development of your

project is going but

Yeah, the The Blue Angels are
flying over Vegas today. I

don't know exactly the purpose
but. The entire Valley yeah,

not staying with you. Oh,
they're doing a sweep. Yeah.

that's pretty that's pretty
sweet. I don't know how I feel

about that, though you know
like the world is struggling

right now, and that seems kind
of like a costly costly

endeavor but yeah, Oh well
worst things could be

happening. You know anything I
guess that's when you have to

like make that decision of you
know the the outcome versus the

means if this is something that
will bring hope and unity for

people The. It's totally worth
it. yeah, I don't me

personally. I don't get so
excited about planes flying

over now if I was piloting
those planes flying over, yeah,

that would excite me but I I've
been to air shows and such and

Not too excited about it, I
don't know what that is. I

don't know if that's something
to be ashamed of or not you

know there are a lot of things
that do excite me drum lines

excite me. I think they excite
everybody nothing better than a

good drum line. it can be
pretty incredible.

They're doing it in honor of
the nurses. That's good. Yeah,

I was at a good to see you yeah
the nurses they're dealing with

a lot and I hope you know they
feel the love yeah drum lines.

That gets me excited now if a
drum line went throughout town

and you know did that in honor
of our frontline workers, as

well as our other essential
workers that are still out and

supporting our community and
dealing with a lot of BS right

now, that would get me excited.
I'll be in in in front of the

line. you know trying to make
my own noise. Maybe I'd be

spinning some fire for them as
well. Although I don't think

the the fire Marshal would
really greatly like that. but

yeah, drum lines me. Really
excited often times I'll listen

to drum line while I'm like
working out while I'm running

or working out cuz it's just it
really is so exciting.

President it's good to see you
thank you so much for for

tuning in and being a part of
this and helping share us all

yesterday, you shared it.

Everybody helping us yeah, I
can't imagine I think even

going to the grocery store now
is is a nightmare. You know we

have to celebrate people doing
that. but I think there are a

lot of opportunities for
getting access to the things

that we need without having to
go to the grocery store. I know

for in Las Vegas, for example,
which is not a thriving

agriculture area. So you know
it's it's amazing that we even

had. The service, but there are
few companies that are offering

the right right to your door
delivery of farm direct produce

and the one I like to get a
shout out to which you'll

probably hear me. hear me talk
a lot more about cuz I think

it's a service that a lot of
people here in Vegas don't know

about I would like to know
about and so I'm gonna try to

help them get the word out is
the downtown Third Farmers

Market, which I used to you
know, have a booth there and

and introduce tea I didn't. A
whole lot of tea Allison, you

know all about that, but it was
a really great venue to sample

tea out to people make new
friends meet people in the

hospitality community and get
the word of tea out. so Carrie

who manages that farmers market
also has a farm in Malibu and

she manages a network of a
whole bunch of incredible farms

all up the California Coast. I
think all the way up from San

Diego to Santa Barbara, she
manages. A network of farmers

where she picks up their
produce and usually she's

distributing those produce to
the Strip to the the high-end

restaurants on the Strip, but
right now, there's no action

going on the Strip and so she's
trying to get this produce out

to the people. So yeah, you
should check that out Her

company is called Intuitive
foragers. So if you're in Las

Vegas and looking for right to
your door delivery of fresh

farm fresh produce. I highly
recommend that you check them

out, they are still running
their farmers markets on

Fridays and Saturdays at the
Downtown third, which is a

really great cool building.
It's the old bus terminal

downtown, but if you'd rather
stay in yeah, you could have a

delivered. but yeah, I had a
friend this morning that posted

a photo that he had to wait in
line for an hour to get into

the grocery store just cuz
they're trying to control

traffic. you know the amount of
people in the store to

encourage better social
distancing. So yeah that. That

you're going to the store for
your family right now is a huge

effort and you know something
to be celebrated but then also

to be augmented and improved.
and so I think that's where a

lot of these the right to your
door delivery programs can be

really useful at this time to
help keep people safe and you

know not not that. I'm so
afraid of the the virus and you

know, I'm I'm a complete a
crazy. For the social

distancing, but we need to
align for an hour and you know

dealing with that stress. you
know, can't really be that good

for our our sanity. So there's
something better. You know not

not to say that I'm I'm afraid
of people being together in the

same place. I just think that
there's just a lot of

unnecessary stress and then the
stress for the people working

there that they don't need and
you know at least they don't

have to deal. Stress of not
having a job right now, but

there's that that stress of
being exposed and and bringing

that exposure back to your
family or back to loved ones,

but really just like dealing
with the increased amount of

anxiety that people are feeling
when they go to those places

and I can only imagine nurses
even nurses that aren't dealing

directly with the virus are
dealing with other, you know

health issues of people coming
in are also dealing with a lot

of unnecessary. Stress so I'm
gonna go get my hot water. I'll

be back in one second and when
I come back, I'll I'll talk

about the drawing that we did

so our good friend Wendy Wear
from Libra T when she saw me

post about the virtual tea
festival, she reached out to me

and asked if she'd be able to
donate a prize for drawing, I

was not intending intending to
have a drawing and definitely

didn't intend to have any type
of corporate sponsors or any

kind of sponsors product brand
sponsors for that matter

because it's really. I wanted
this really to have the the

vibe in the feel of a community
Co created event, but she

insisted that she wanted to
donate something for you. So I

did the drawing yesterday at
the end of my live video and I

have separated just that
drawing and I'll be post

posting that separately so
everybody can see who won but

we randomly drew a number of
all of. The email signups that

we had including the comments
throughout the Facebook cuz I

wanted to make sure that people
that were engaged with the

event through the comments
would have an equal chance of

of winning this prize and
really exciting. it was a six

pack of library tea tumblers.
These are really amazing. you

know I know I do a lot of gun
food but you know for people

that are getting newly
initiated into into tea and

trying to integrate tea into
their lifestyle. These tumblers

are really great for on the go
at the office at your desk that

you can just bring your tea all
day long and and add your hot

water to it. So yeah, she
wanted to donate a six -pack to

one Grand prize winner. So you
know whoever won that.

hopefully they have a lot of
friends that they can. they can

share that with that would be a
nice a nice gift to receive but

the winner that we ended up
drawing was Sicilia Coral. so

if you know Coral make sure you
reach out to her. Let her know

I I'll I'll be reaching out to
her after this and let her know

that she won so that we can get
the shipping details of how we

can get these tumblers to her.
she should be really excited to

learn. we did have a second
prize and that was a donation

from our local tea friend here
in Vegas Bridgette she wanted

to donate a step counter so
it's. Made of beads really

beautiful, and you can use it
to keep track of how many steps

you have on your teeth. I think
it's really creative. I think

it's a fun thing to have at
your table. I don't have one

I'm not you know always trying
to keep track of my steps, but

I know a lot of people are but
the winner of that is Paulus

Paul Stoker so alright so
police dockers. I wrote it

down. Maybe I forgot to see or
maybe I didn't forget to see

but I know Paula for sure. And
I know that she was actually in

the she was in the livestream
pretty much the whole day. I

remember seeing her commenting,
so I'm really happy to see that

somebody that was Super engaged
with the event 11 of these

prizes. I think Paula Paula is

I don't wanna get it wrong, but
it's in Idaho, maybe or. She

has a company called Zama tea
that we supply a couple of teas

too as well as some other
blends and herbs that that she

has so yeah and ceramic tea is
one of the companies among many

that you can see that we
distribute tea too that are

currently doing online orders.
you can visit at T dot com

slash maps or maps. Sorry not
not plural. Just map. I'll go

ahead and pull that up. so you
can see what I'm talking about.

you know if you. If you want to
support, you know our efforts

and our business, we greatly
appreciate that. but you can do

that even without supporting us
directly by supporting our

network of

Of companies that are committed
to transparency and their

sourcing. so here is the
website. Talent dot com slash

nap. Oh, you can't really see
that let me put that down a

little bit. You can see Taylor
dot com slash map and just a

little message here about how
you can support us and support

the network of businesses that
support us. So you know, it's

really great. how we're so
collaborative and everything is

one big happy family by
supporting these companies.

You're also supporting us so we
do have a Facebook store. So

that is one place that you can,
you know regularly get access

to to to buying our products

Here's a map of all the
companies that work with us,

you can see we're pretty much
connected all over the country,

including some places in Canada
as well, even in Florida. you

know still a lot of places here
we gotta fill in with tea

lovers and you know tea lovers
committed to transparency.

Let's check out where they are.

No, it's not them.

This is killing me, but it's
really cool so you can see when

you put your own there in
Kansas City. That's right here.

They are. yeah they're in
Kansas City and so when you

click on their logos, you can
see their name where they're

located of course, and then you
can see if they're taking

online orders or curbside
pickup. so some of our partners

are still taking curves. I pick
up and then there's usually a

link here or there is a link
that directs you to all of the

teas that they. Source through
tea. Let so you can get Amber

Red from them, which appeared
is very unique tea that I don't

even have in stock anymore. So
you know they still have some

reserves stock left. So if you
wanna get your hands on that

beautiful tea, which has like
nice chocolaty notes to it

ceramic tea their website would
be the the best place to find

that. so that's something else
really cool about this website

is you can kinda find out where
tea? Maybe discontinued from us

is so yes, it's kind of a cool
map. If you zoom in, you'll see

more and some thing about this
map is it's so like here in Las

Vegas, we have all of the
places where you can pick up

our team Most of its matcha
watch was really hot right now.

It's everywhere. So yeah, if
you're wanting you know, matcha

or Mocha beverages there's a
whole list of companies here

one company in particular. I
like to point out, is our

friend Anna in Boston. she's
created this really beautiful

website called Syria visit them
to redirect you to all of these

vendors websites. When you
click you could see. You know

how beautiful her website is
say she was smart. She has her

own matcha Matcha tab, but so
she's like taking our teas and

making blends with them and
really interesting blends. a

lot of the teams are staying
single unblanched but and she

had her website is really
beautiful. I do recommend you

check her out and support her
business. her teeth can also be

experienced. Her husband's
coffee shop called If you're in

Boston, you probably know it.
It's a really popular coffee

shop called what's it called.
But thinking Cup cause you're

thinking. I think they have
three or four locations in the

Boston area. so yeah, this is
this is actually the website

that I most recommend that you
find our tea cuz not only is it

our tea, but it's also really
interesting blends and and new

concepts around the teas that
are imported through our


So, yeah, Let dot com slash
maps. That's where you're gonna

find all this information and
actually if you click this

right here on the left the top.
You'll see a list of all of the

companies on here. And I gotta
fix that, but you can see that

the most recommended are the
ones that are a hundred percent

transparent. So this is some
kind of You know Mark of

transparency and their
commitment to transparency when

you see this list and then
these are just supporters of

ours. So you know. I can't
validate the transparency of

their whole menus but I do know
that they are supporters of

Tayla and do get some of our
teeth from our network. So

yeah, that's it. I'm updating
this map so if you are a brand

that uses tea to source and
you're not on this map, first

of all, I sincerely apologize.
that was just you know my own

overlook on that and I will
correct that so please reach

out to me and let me know and I
will totally correct that for

you. so that's that and I'm
back. With my teeth,

Between my winter for a very
long walk this morning, so

still feeling a little little
buzz from that.

Let's see how it.

Yeah, I was yeah, I can I can
help you out with your poor

cakes. You know. I'm not a poor
expert and another caviezel

about cakes depending on where
you purchased it, you know I

it's really hard to validate
the honesty of what's written

on the label but I'd be more
than happy more than reading

the label and trying to tell
you what it is I'd be happy to

drink the. And give you my
honest opinion on it's age and

it's processing and it's
quality and and and perhaps

even some some guesses on the
condition of the tree that it

was harvested front again. I'm
not an expert like there are

some experts. I don't think
I'll ever get to that point in

my tea journey, but I have
drink a lot of tea and I have a

lot of confidence in in my
feeling response to drinking

teas so that. Would be willing

Have you willing to help it

So, yeah, you're talking about
charging for the tea fest.

You're right, I I think that
that would be good, not only to

support you know our efforts
and producing it, but it would

be great to send you know some
token of appreciation to the

presenters that put their time
into putting together the

contents and their
presentation. you know it

wasn't an immense amount of
time, but it was time and I

always wanna support creators
and and creating value for the

world. so I think charging for
it would be good but I think I

won. Get a little bit more
creative where it's not just

charging for this virtual
experience, but also some kind

of physical experience or
physical value. you get out of

it too. So I think next time we
develop a program like this. We

will include some tea samples
that come along with your

ticket price so that you have
something to drink and and and

engage with in addition, so I
know a lot of tea companies are

doing that. I think it's very
creative way. Making value for

your community instead of just
asking for donations to support

making the education or
whatever content you're making,

I think giving them a physical
thing to experience and it also

makes it more engaging
interactive too like if

everybody's kind of drinking
the same tea while you're

speaking, I think we create a
much more interactive and

engaging experience and not to
say that the festival was

lucky. Kind of engagement or
interactivity because we had so

much commenting and back and
forth going on, but I think

with an added shared physical
experience. you know our our

level of engagement would be so
much higher. So yes I think now

we will be finding ways of
creating more value in addition

to just the content that we're
releasing. Well, Alison, I hope

you enjoy the fly over. I'm
thinking about it. now. I mean,

I'll probably have access to it
right here from my office that

I have a pretty big window
right here and I can see a lot

of the the Blue sky right now.

So I am actually drinking the
same tea. I was drinking

yesterday. I decided to save my
leaves and drink it again. I'm

like that I don't like to waste
any tea, even though I have a

ton of it more than a ton of
it. I've got you know several

dozens of tons of it, but I
still don't like to to waste

teeth, so I had kept my leaf
from yesterday. I just infused

it a couple of times and I'm
I'm sure I'll just get this one

infusion out and have to switch
teams over, but I just wanted

to enjoy one last. This tee,
this is called Black Pearl.

This is the black Pearl I have
from Indonesia. Processed in

the style of a Taiwanese tea
high degree oxidation Taiwan

tea. There's a lot of these
types of teas. Shiloh good to

see you.

Yeah, so tight Taiwan tea is an
interesting story a purpose The

whole story by by saying this
one thing which is probably

like the most shocking thing
that you can say about

Taiwanese tea, especially to a
Taiwanese person or Taiwanese

American person. There's a very
famous brand called there's a

very famous brand called 10
Rent Tea 10 run is like the go

to Taiwanese National Pride
gift to give if you go to a

business meeting or if you
share tea with a friend, you're

gonna wanna stop by the 10 Red
Storm. Package to offer as a

gift, so it does have some
nationalistic symbolism in

Taiwan. now the thing that is
hi Maria Good to see you the

thing that is surprising about
10 rent is that only 90 or like

90 -, nine percent of the tea
is actually grown in Vietnam.

It's not even Taiwanese made
it's time when he's branded and

it's processed in Taiwan style.
Just like this tea is but

it is sold. As Taiwanese tea
and so there is a little bit

contention about the ethics
behind that I don't think that

there's anything in moral or
ethical about producing

Taiwanese style tees and
Indonesia, but when you're not

transparent about the source,
then that's when you start

getting into those kinds of
conversations. So the reason

why hi Joy is good to see you
again. the reason why so much

tea. Taiwan style tea is being
produced in these. Countries is

because Taiwan is a island the
by night space and even within

these tea growing regions that
are really famous that we all

know about there has been quite
a bit of you know, hold down on

the growth of those industries
for good reason, you know when

you start monitoring big areas
of land like you see in China

so China's not having a whole
lot of lock down on trying to

inhibit the growth of a lot of
these modern areas. China just

let it all go if it's business,
it's business and someone by.

On the land and they can do
whatever they want with it. so

there has been a lot of
negative consequences in China,

the differences that China has
a much more bigger, you know,

area of land that can be used
while Taiwan is very finite

space so the Taiwanese
government and then even like

kind of the ethos in the
culture among the farmers and

the communities where tea is
grown is that there shouldn't

be a big expansions of tea
growing and just logistically

would it be. Either so
Taiwanese business people have

found other areas that do have
expansive land as such as

Thailand, Vietnam Indonesia and
are taking their taking their

cultivars taking their
processing methods and also

taking the the physical team
Masters from Taiwan and

exporting them to these places
where they can do more

expensive monicker culture
development that they can't. In

Taiwan, there are very few
places where you see that

happening the only places that
I've seen that happening in

Taiwan are kind of in the the
low the low elevation areas

like ming's. you know that has
some some pretty big kind of

monicas culture, more bulk
commodity minded production

going on but most of our
Taiwanese tea is coming from

other countries where they have
more land and so. Is coming

from Indonesia. It's not coming
from Vietnam. I think I I made

mistake and kind of insinuated.
It's kind of from Vietnam. This

one 's from Indonesia. It is
Taiwanese style the tea master

that makes this tea was
exported from Taiwan decades

ago actually and so now he
actually identifies even being

up in donation. he is.

So Joyce just ask a quick
question. I wanna answer right

now, she asks. Is it safe to
drink this spring's harvest

from China and rest of Asia, So
the first thing is I don't know

if you're gonna find much of a
spring harvest from the rest of

Asia. I believe China is having
a pretty a pretty good harvest

production harvest for this
season so far, but I know

places like India and China
Lanka and Paul have pretty much

you know been shut down, so
there's not really any

production happening in this.
But yes, it is completely safe

to drink those teas I can't you
know validate the the safety or

the quality of all the teas
coming out of of China. I never

could you know Corona virus or
not I could never. It is it

will note it's not from hard
this is from a different

different producer, but yeah, I
do know the guys at her dog.

Alex He's actually one of my
first team mentors I had I

don't do too much work with
him. They're kind of funny,

They're funny Organization. I
believe that they get

themselves locked into a lot of
big corporate buying contracts.

yeah, you might know about
those actually so kind of

limits his flexibility to offer
his teas to you know the

fragmented. Small market that
we work with so yeah, the

availability of the horn dog
tees on our catalog is real hit

or miss. so yeah, which is kind
of a I don't know how it is,

but it is what it is, but this
is actually coming from

mountain tea and Yeah. So yeah.
So I'm saying team Masters from

Taiwan that go and work in
these places often times will

end up getting integrated into
the communities there and kind

of extending the Taiwanese tea
culture into those communities

and even marrying into the the
local communities and making

families there. So it's not a
bad thing. I'm not trying to

say that it's a bad thing. The
bad thing is when you try to

label it as Taiwanese well, you
know when you're you're

blatantly lying about where it
comes from which is like what

10 run does or what a lot of
producers. Do even the last

time I went to. Ali. I was with
my my team maker friend who

took me to visit with a. Team
maker a grower team maker and

that he met through some
training course that he took

and he was like. yeah, let's
go. visit my friend who let us

go and you know walk through
his garden and we can spend

some time in his factory and
then we sat for tea with him

and that's when you know this
tea farmer all of a sudden

became businessman trying to
sell us his tea and you know

the team was pretty good. It
wasn't you know wasn't the best

and it didn't have you know if
I was kind of asking for him to

show us you know maybe. You
know higher quality stuff that

he had but. That is awful love
the initiative a few years back

where they were trying to tag
their products for

traceability. You're talking
about hard dog trying to tag

the products. Yeah. That's
good. Yeah again. you know like

I talked about this the other
day in the webinar like you can

tag a package all you want. but
if you're you're the product

inside the package can change
just as easily as anything that

tag means nothing so I'm not
bullish on tags on

Oh, and in Taiwan, Yeah again
the same same issue, you know

you put a tag on the package of
the outside of the tea that can

easily be replaced with
something else inside so the

the solution is a lot deeper
and really to be honest. It's a

lot more expensive than than
what could you know be easily

thought of through a tag on the
package and oh there they are.



I didn't even have to go
outside wonderful. Yeah, the

the the blue Angels just went
past a cool. alright. I guess I

take it back. I get excited
about fast planes flying well


yeah, so the solution to the
solution to this is something

deeper and more analytical and
more more expensive. ultimately

so by idea you know with
thinking about food science is

really the only way to like
everything has a fingerprint to

it essentially and it's not a
very obvious fingerprints. It's

it's one to deal with the
volatiles like that's the best

way to really Differentiate
something and identify

something compared to something
else and not just food, but

anything everything possesses
volatiles and you can run that

sample through a GCMS using gas
chromatography to extract all

those volatiles in the Mass
spectrometry to kinda map out

all of those bottles, and I
mean that's how we do flavor

profiling now you know in the
food science world it a company

that wants to like directly
describe what is the flavor

profile of this thing and they
usually have these labs in

House. Coca Cola has these labs
in House where they can where

they can run a sample through
and just like validate

a hundred percent. That is
exactly the same or it

possesses this fully profile
that they're looking for and

the same thing can be done for
tea as well. you know how that

flavor profile will change over
time. I don't know exactly, but

I do believe that T you know
does possess a certain

retaining quality. But also
absorbing quality for volatiles

as well. so if you wanted to
maintain that same fingerprint,

you know like let's say you
your finger Mark that tea at

data harvest and then maybe you
know longer attain it it gets

analyzed overtime. Hi Nick and
Cynthia Good to see you guys

happy Saturday. make you
dismissed it. I just like saw

the the planes play for us and
I just got all excited. They

should be passing you soon.
We're actually maybe they just

did they were going fast but
yeah, you can run this analysis

on the tea and see it's a
volatile mapping but if it

changes over time as the tea
ages, that's also

understandable so but that's
the only solution I could say

that's like a hundred percent
full proof of how you can

validate the identity of
something and that's not just

a. Chip that you can put into a
label yeah, I remember when I

was working in the food
industry and Traceability was

kind of very nascent very
beginning and an RFID was like

really a popular option. It was
very expensive option. now it's

become much cheaper that that
technology has become really

has become really accessible
and affordable. and you know

companies like Walmart are
easily even Amazon. I believe

they use that technology for
inventory control.

I'll have to check that book
Cork Dork. I'll have to check

out that book, but I mean,
really, that's my only opinion

you know from from a food
science perspective of how you

really can validate and you
would want something like that

cuz if you're talking about
products that have an extremely

high perceived value in the
market. you're gonna want to

validate that because you have
poor cakes are so easy to you

know just put another paper
around it and even like age

that paper to make it look like
something and you know how do

you validate? I know in in the
poor world, even there's a big

issue and and and practice even
among some of the most popular

and embedded poor suppliers.
you know in the world that they

will just put like a small coat
on the outside of the cake of

the tea that you know, it's
written, you know as the blend

and then inside the cake,
they'll put something something

else of superior quality and
and lower value of course that

would. Yield a higher margin
for you know for the vendor,

which is the oldest trick in
the book. You know, I think the

dairy industry was the one that
first really brought this this

this problem to lie, but milk
is easy. You know they're

diluting it with water and I
love it with something you just

do a very quick fat test on it.
You know there's equipment that

can do that test really fast to
validate that. but how do you

validate That was something
like tea that is you know so.

Unique and so new once you know
and I I I I truly believe that

you know mapping the volatile
flavor profile of a tea. is the

best you know if I was to
pursue that you know and but

it's expensive, you know
sending sending samples to a

certified lab that would be
able to you know they're

charging you know $400 in a say
you know and if you got a if

you've got a analyze your
entire catalog and then not

only you're analyzing it. but
then anybody that wants to

validate the identity of that
tea. I would also need analog.

It too and so each one of those
points is is you know a cost

Yeah, I don't I don't really
know if that's a solution. It's

so funny cuz I get asked all
the time just because we are

you know such big leaders and
and the whole cryptocurrency

world and in blockchain and
Bitcoin and whatnot people

always just assumed. Oh yeah, I
heard I heard blockchain is

good for supply chain that
that's just a cover all

solution for all these problems
and it's like no like using

blockchain for this is is
really essentially like the

same thing as using the digital
database, but you know digital.

Database doesn't mean anything
unless you validate the

identity of that product and
you know just having it with

with a chip on on the package
or you know a QR code QR code

is actually just as effective
as a chip and yeah, maybe you

can put the chip inside the
cake, but then you know that

jeopardizes the integrity of
that product and you know the

quality of that product and
anything could be had. you know

you can take that chip out and
put it into something else and

you know there's so many ways
where things can get

manipulated. there was another
startup when I when I was in

the startup world in Hawaii,
there was a startup that was

putting these small little
edible tags on pills for the

pharmaceutical industry so that
they could validate the

identity of of medicines and
and that seemed to work. and so

I don't know if that's
something that would be

feasible with tea. you know cuz
the tea leaf is such a. Such a

small thing, and there's so
much of it too. you have to tag

every single TV inside. I just
I just don't know what what the

solution is. I don't think that
there's like an easy solve all

for all but. Solution and I
think the most feasible and

sustainable solution is just
educating the consumer how to

trust their own palette and
then also educating them to ask

more questions like I said this
tea right here like there's no

problem with it is a perfectly
good to you to drink it and

it's marketed as not being
Taiwanese being from Indonesia,

nothing wrong with that, you
know so. you know the the

consumer maybe shouldn't attach
themselves too strongly to

certain marketing terms or you
know labels of origin, they

should be more focused on
enjoying and purchasing teeth

that they enjoy you know and I
think that's something that

could translate into all other
parts of our our lives in our

society that could bring a lot
of good for the future. That we

learn how to truly value things
versus valuing some type of

status symbol or some type of
you know something else that's

represented through the idea of
purchasing a team from Alicia.

So yeah the story I was saying
about when Sean you know we we

were being sold all of these
teas and I was trying to ask

for you know the good stuff and
and my buddy kinda nudged me

and he says, Hey, don't don't
even worry don't waste your

time. I said why not, he said.
Office all the fake, I said

what we're on his farm right
now, like we're in his factory

right now. I see him processing
tea right there. He's like.

Yeah. he's not selling that you
know he selling. he's selling

tea from Vietnam. like how do
you know that he was like? I

just know that like the supply
of authentic teeth and this is

the same case with like even
like Don songs, you know like

in Phoenix Mountain, the the
real supply the genuine supply

is so small that it's already
been pretty much. For and so

whatever is accessible to you
whenever you just come up as a

tourist or you just coming off
the Street is is usually not

going to be the genuine
authentic thing. It's either

going to be from another region
or it's going to be a lower

quality thing. so like the the
the issue and down song, and

this happens to defenders all
the time T vendors that you

trust that that like I know
their stuff they even get duped

is they'll go to they'll even
go to the the village of we

don't. At the top of the
Phoenix Mountain, where like

the legit real stuff is coming
from the the real single bushs

cuz it's like first and second
generation, you know cutting of

the original Bush. And they'll
be sold something maybe not

from another region, but from
Lake lower elevation on the

mountain, where there's a lot
more of this Lake dense Monica

culture expansion going on and
so the teammate taste similar,

but I mean really when it comes
to down song lungs the only way

you're getting the real
legitimate stuff is if you're

going on the day of harvest and
you know the people that you're

working with and you buy it
that day because everything is

like cold for a day of harvest.
No you know going too much

later in a former having a
stock of what he harvested at

the farmers gonna have any kind
of stock. It's probably gonna

be from lower elevation patches
of of land they're working with

or or potentially even coming
from other places. you know

they just bought from from
other producers in the area not

their own, the only place that
you will find like the

legitimate Don song from the
area after harvest you know

months after harvest is gonna
be like in Beijing or in

Guangdong in the high-end tea
shops and that's. Even murkier

situation to find the genuine
thing and the reason why

they're the only ones to have
it was those were the people

that were up at that mountain
Day of harvest that sourced it

that day and now they've taken
to their tea shops and put on

you know like a five to 10 X on
what they paid for and they

already paid a lot of money
like these teas are not cheap

to buy wholesale. you know day
of harvest. they're very

expensive and so you know as a
consumer, the first determining

thing you should look at when
you're buying teas like this is

the price you know if they're
trying to sell you. Legitimate

down song here in the States
the vendors trying to sell it

to you for anything less than a
dollar 50. a gram like it's

absolutely impossible that it's
the legitimate thing that could

be your first point and now
just because the tea is marked

at a very high price also does
not validate its authenticity

but that's that's at least the
first step. So then you can

decide okay, you're only
selling at the right price

because mathematically wouldn't
work for a business to be

selling it for anything less
than a dollar 50 a gram if If

they did by the legitimate who
don't dump on teeth, even if

they were there at day of
harvest and to get home on the

plane with them they would need
to put a much higher Mark up on

it to to to make their money
back and make it worth their

time to do that. so then beyond
that, you really have to trust

your palette, you know and
tasting that tea and validating

the authenticity of it and at
that point, then you should be

buying genuinely what you like
you know you shouldn't just be

bad. Because this is legitimate
Don Song, this is legitimate

without downtown. You should be
buying it because you really

enjoy it, especially if you're
gonna be paying a price like

that, you should be really
really enjoying it and it

should be a really high value
in your life. just like how you

would value a diamond that
you're gonna buy. you know your

your significant other or you
know anything else of of high

value. You know tea is no
different than that just try.

The words on the label is not
enough, We really have to

develop your own disappointing.
Alison disappointing. I saw it

come by and I got all excited.
I was right here they they went

right past my. It was just two
lines of it like this school.

There was like four planes that
went first and one that went

after yeah, but they were low.
That was what was exciting is

that they were really low. It
was cool, they're here cuz

you're usually those fly overs.
you kinda have to like go out

to the air force. You know you
have to like kind of go, you

know out out North to see that
it was kinda cool to to see

that just from my my window
right here while we are doing

the. Oh, you only saw two
planes. Yeah, I saw like there

was one first group. It was
like maybe four planes like

making a V and then there was
one plane after it. So yeah,

you're on Summerlin too. So
yeah, you were probably like a

different path like I'm I'm
right next to the Strip. You

know the Strip is just right
here. so I'm sure they did.

they did you know a lot of
action over the Strip. Right

now, I really wanna make sense
to do anything over the Strip

right now cuz there's no one
there but anyway, so yeah, lots

of talk about today That was
that was a good little session.

talking about authenticity and

You're on the East side now
okay. good to hear you said.

You said there's a song I
should send you probably

actually never. I won't say it
to you and it's a really bad

song. It's like a rap song, a
local rapper that that wraps

about this side.

So, yeah, I think I'm gonna be
ending my livestream relatively

soon Does it end and pickles?
Oh, you're not far from me,

then Allison. It's nice out
there. There's a really cool

neighborhood out near where you
near where you live. Okay. So

where you live is definitely
not the East side in this rap

song. So it's totally not
applicable where you live. this

song is it's about Boulder
Highway. You know. so yeah,

you're definitely not you're
not too far out there but yet

desert. there's a really great
neighborhood out there called

Paradise Palms. I don't know if
you've driven through their

scene, but that is like the
Beverly Hills of Las Vegas from

the 19 sixties the same
architect that designed all the

homes in Palm Springs designed
the homes there. So they're all

oh Las Vegas, Nevada Cindy in
Las Vegas. Sorry, I just

assumed that people know where
we are Yeah in the desert with

all the twinkly lights so yeah
that that that neighborhood

Paradise Palms is it's it's
more. Off desert, Oh, I don't

know where my hobby is. I
thought you you said Petco S

cuz I know this neighborhood is
in between Desert Inn and

Maryland and Eastern like that
whole neighborhood right next

to where the country club is
that golf course that was like

the neighborhood there. you
should drive through it

sometime and check out the
houses. It's pretty magical

that that area is. You know
behind Boulevard Mall is yeah,

so you're not far. Yeah one
block East. so you're a little

bit more ease than what I'm
talking about, but still not

too far from this neighborhood.
I'm talking about that's

actually near Bitcoins desert
in and McCloud is where

Bitcoins that is

little tidbit of information
about the dog. That's where I

take him to get his shots and
get his claws cut when he needs

them but Paradise Palms is
behind Boulevard mall so a

little bit more West than where
you are, and that neighborhood

is all kind of you know become
a little bit of a rough

neighborhood, a lot of Street
people in that area cuz you

know just what stuff Maryland,
you know, it's a lot of low

income housing and whatnot so
that neighborhood got pretty

rundown for a bit and during
the housing recession the last

holiday recession, those houses
like. Mansions beautiful

mansions we're selling for like
dozens of thousands of dollars.

so like you know very
affordable to get these nice

houses but very dangerous
neighborhood and and rundown

houses, but there's a whole
community, and this is not just

a Vegas community. This is
people from all over the world

that know about this
neighborhood, you know they're

mid century modern enthusiast
have purchased these houses.

you know back in the recession
and now purchasing houses now

in restoring these houses and
not updating them. They're

restoring them.

Yeah, his vet is what are
those? It's like a whole chain

of vets. They're all over the
place, but yeah, it's right

there at Desert Inn McLoud.
Yeah. it's probably right

there. You know exactly where
it is but yet they've been

restoring these houses to like
their exact preserved. You know

Era from 1960, - two or 1960, -
four and a lot of these houses

are the old seleucid cities.
You know that used to live not

The the Mafia celebrities that
that we know of from like

Fremont from downtown, but more
of like when the Strip was

developing and all of the shows
were were were picking up and

they were importing a lot of
people from from barely Hills

and in Los Angeles for these
shows Paradise Palms Allison is

called Paradise Palms and you
should definitely drive through

actually. maybe you should just
drive there and just go for a

walk really nice place to to
walk around and see. Some some

cool houses, I definitely
recommend that you go during

the day, though, because like I
said there, there are a lot of

Street people. so it's not a
nice safe place to be walking

around at night, but really
cool and a lot of people like

will like make tiki bars next
to their pools and like pretty

a lot of magical stuff there.
there's even a speak easy there

that's really unique and cool
to go to so sending you ask

what I'm drinking. I am
drinking a high oxidized high

degree oxidize rolled along
from Indonesia. So it's a

Taiwan style of tea. but
actually grown and produced in

Indonesia and you know earlier,
I was talking about

authenticity of origin of tea
and you know identification of

tea and and this tea was like
the starter of that

conversation. So you know a lot
of Taiwanese style tees RV

produced in other countries,
but most of them are actually

being sold as Taiwan eats as as
being Taiwanese. So you know a

very famous brand 10 Red, which
you know has a very high. Of a

National pride as like VT brand
of Taiwan 90 -, nine percent of

their team is actually coming
from Vietnam but being sold as

Taiwanese. so yeah, just
commenting on on how much of a

shame that is and nothing wrong
with the tea. It's actually

very delicious but I just feel
like it's really a proper

appropriate to identify that is
is actually grown

Cindy Are you drinking tea this

You are welcome to answer.

yeah, I believe I'm gonna go
soon. I think I've I've said my

piece exit a lot today. I said
a lot of opinions today

I'll be back tomorrow tomorrow
is Easter, so I don't know how

many of you all will be here
but I'll be here. I'm planning

on taking it easy. Maybe I'll
cook some nice food for me a

bitcoin, but yeah out of
solidarity. now I've I've

decided to completely isolate
myself and not only isolate

myself but like challenge
myself to stay home even more

not out of a place of fear like
this is I'm not afraid of

anything. I'm just really
trying to set an example. you

know they always say that you
know your your example and your

actions or so much more
powerful than your words. So

you know I don't wanna shame
anybody or. You know, say my

opinion on on what should be
done. this is only an act of of

solidarity of you know what our
governments have suggested to

us and and that's the issues
they suggested it to us and I

think that there there could
have been a whole lot more,

especially in their example,
what they mean by shelter in

place or by isolation. So you
know, I'm doing it. I'm trying

to find happiness in it too,
and perhaps that will kinda

branch out into its own set of
videos about how. To find bits

of happiness and pleasure even
in what may be conceived as

imprisonment or you know lack
of freedom. there's a whole lot

of freedom to be found in this
experience of learning how to

cook and not only learning how
to cook but learning how to

cook with limited resources
right. So the last time I went

to the grocery store was almost
five weeks ago and I saw plenty

of food. you know, of course I
like. Out of all my fresh

produce and whatnot, but I
inviting ways to to find the

light and and pleasure and and
and abundance even in small

things. So yeah, I'm really
enjoying this time and I hope

it can inspire others to also
enjoy this time and drinking

tea is one of those things
connecting on the Internet like

this is also one of those
things. so I appreciate you

guys being a part of it and you
know I hope it's break. Some

some light and some happiness
to you cuz you're bringing me a

lot of happiness So with that,
said, I believe I'm going to

sign off and yeah I'll be back
tomorrow and look forward to

lots of more positivity.
Beautiful evening everybody.

Buh bye.

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