Monday, May 11, 2020 - Less 2020 Teas, Enjoying Aged Teas

Video Subtitles:

Yeah, I mean pretty good lines
last time I shaved my head. I

was like messing around and
like kinda cut it down and I

just like shaved it all off
right and I was thinking to

myself like man, I probably
could have left the Mohawk and

then so just two days ago was
that next time you know, I'm

gonna go for it. There's ever
been a time to rock and roll.

It's right ??? now. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, very appropriate.

It's good to see you yeah. it's
been it's been a long time.

Yeah. It's been a while. Huh.
Yeah. I haven't really done the

thing on the phone or anything.
Yeah. I've been spending the

time pretty well. you know I've
been you know taking it easy

here and there, but I've also
working and just started the

Sachs Okay. So I saw you posted
that Yeah. I'm gonna take a

lesson with Justine tomorrow.
Oh good awesome. even though he

claims that no one can stay
focused enough on it. It'll.

You guys see this one is my
neighbor is the one I have now.

I'm borrowing it from the
neighbor and he doesn't play it

too often, so, he said, I could
borrow it because I was getting

a sound out of it, which is you
know hard enough to do on their

first couple of trials anyway,
I'm still getting the hang of

that too and in place and all
that yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I feel

like I'm a natural at it so far
cool so it could be it could be

good. Nice. So that's good for
Justin. Yeah. that's good, too.

I put it all together later.
You posted that I was like, Oh

yeah, I could you know support
each other here you know, but

he said that it takes a couple
of years of of focus. so you're

gonna make sure you got the
budget for that. Well, I think

you know I have particularly
particular feelings about

education and I feel like it's
really important to be

dedicated to one 's self
education right. that doesn't

mean you don't have teachers
but you have to know what you

need to learn at least I feel
that way like I need to kind of

go to and with Justin with sort
of a plan of my own rather than

relying on him for what he's
going to teach me like I kinda

need to know. I want to learn
over the next year so that I

can kinda get a head start on
you know just foreseen what I'm

practicing for. Yup. Yeah.
You're gonna have to grow your

your Mohawk and get yourself a
Kenny G haircut when you start

getting really serious about
it. We'll see. I'm sure you get

perm it'll help. Yeah. yeah.
I've been busy too. You know

the time is going so fast. you
know. I'm sure for some folks.

It's not you know and I think
there's a lot to be said about

you know, keeping yourself busy
to help make the time go fast.

But for me you know the past
couple of months is just flown

right by you know even though
yeah, I feel you it hasn't even

the whole thing with you know
isolating that it seems like

now that things are starting to
go in F- one. It seems like oh

man it's already over. And I
got bored of television a

couple of weeks ago with the
exception of Little House on

the prairie. so. All Things to
bore you, it wasn't a little

House in the prairie Goat.
Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm catching

up on 50 years of televisions.
so yeah start from the early

days. Yeah. That's a good one.
You know what else is really

good. I work at a lumber mill,
so is that what's inspired you

to do all your work? You know
it's time to think about what

kind of gave me this
inspiration to like go to Home

Depot and get a bunch of tools
and start watching videos on

how to build like modern
furniture and stuff like that.

I don't really know what
happened. It's always been

something I wanted to learn for
a long time and I mean I have

the common sense knowledge of
tools and things like that

through working with my dad mm
hmm. This is the handyman he

was a bartender wasn't a
carpenter, but anything. You

done the House he would do it
himself. Yeah. So actually your

dad would be happy to hear that
you're pursuing this. I'm sure

yeah and you know it's kinda
bittersweet too cuz the

saxophone was one of his
favorite instruments to listen

to. so it's like one of those
things like Oh man you know if

you can see me now, you're
gonna have to you know practice

in his honor. Yeah play his
honor for sure. I definitely do

I do most things in his honor
Now. It's really good to hear.

Are you drinking tea? I'm
actually drinking latte right

now. That's okay. No, I got a
little straw with my Cup you're

straw. so you have one of the
metal straws the yeah. We're

just using your using in a
different Cup. Yeah. It's the

the is the traditional way, but
yeah, it's it's kinda needy.

You have to like clean it right
away. You have to dry it right

and all this stuff, but I can
you know accidentally leave my

latte in porcelain Cup and it's
fine but a court, according to

our expert that presented about
Monta from Brazil on the

virtual tea festival, she says
that the Gores really important

for the flavor. In the it's
like a pot with a different

teas, you know, yeah, I can see
that I can see that. I guess

this is my face for.
Experimenting with what isn't

the most ideal? I'll probably
go back to the now that you've

said that really taste the
difference like oh wow, I try

it out. Try it out and actually
you should listen to danny's

presentation. what's all
recorded. It's all recorded and

it's on that website It dot com
slash B T F Okay. Yeah. all the

presentations are there she
talks about the folklore of Mta

like we're you know the whole
story of like how the herb was

discovered and yada yada that's
cool. and then she talks about

the. Of it and then she talks
about the way to drink it and

yeah, of course, she said. The
chord is is the most important

you know part of a properly
drinking it and getting the

full flavor and experience out
of it. Nice. Yeah. it was funny

she like called out all
foreigners, saying that's we're

not drinking it right-I that.
No no, she had. She had some

point to it because she's
saying that the majority of the

day that's being sold in North
America and Europe is being in

blends you know where the blend
it with different herbs and

different flavors and I was
even seeing brisk has their own

line of Marte. like yeah like
I'm going there. I'm like HM.

this is it's becoming this kind
of thing. now. it's strange.

Yeah. Yeah. I know it to be
like through Wye. And companies

like that who will sell like a
more palatable drink to for the

public. I can flavor and stuff,
but they also smell like the

raw leaf. So I guess like a
ready-to-drink Marte like a

cool version of Ready-to-drink
Marte is very popular in

Brazil. Okay and it's a really
common vendor product on the

beaches. It's so good like it
makes sense. It's like lime,

she says. It's like you know,
served ice cold with lime, Hmm.

Yeah and then and then you can
drink it hot. It's kind of more

ceremonial when it's in the go
like that to to share you know,

pass around and share with your
friends Yeah, I've gotta go to

Brazil and check it out. She
was even saying cuz she had

like a producer on with her
doing the presentation, and she

was saying that she she's
working with that producer and

developing some some like new
styles of processing the Mta

rather than just like
harvesting and drying and

potentially roasting if it's
the roasted type cuz it's

either Green or roasted and so
it's a very simple very simple

process but that she's working
with them on trying to apply

some additional like oxidation
steps and additional like

shaping steps. To to try to
bring out new characters and

flavors and qualities to the to
the day, she talked about how

long it's been in production
cuz it doesn't seem like it's

really hit the American market
until a few years ago. Yeah.

Yeah, she talked about it
really hasn't expanded out of

Argentina or Brazil until just
recently and then from her

perspective, she says that it's
like. Going into blends and I

told her no like there are like
Latin-American markets where

you can get the gored and the
straws and like people are

exploring it. I mean you
obviously let me be evidence of

that. I mean to. I'm drinking
it kinda wrong, but I'm just

drinking leaf and water. Yeah.
So I reassured her that there

are people that are interested
and it's not you know just this

appropriate thing that we want
to take advantage of so she she

was happy to hear that but
yeah, you should watch our

presentation. Actually I should
upload her newest one cuz like

we just did a rebroadcast of
the virtual tea festival and on

the first one we had some
technical difficulties and she

had to do it live and so it
wasn't as. Presentation but I

ended up editing together her
video for Thursday's

presentation and that one looks
really good. cool. Yeah. Ted.

That's that's what it's called
the cold version right. Yeah.

That's the the cold version. I
think yeah they saw that in the

markets too here and yeah but
yeah, I'd actually just had the

thought that tea of course is
probably older Being like a

like traded commodity, yeah but
notte really could have the

potential to develop a
different characteristics and

different families and of
production like I'm not just

like so many other. yes. yes,
Of course, they just haven't

been viewed as an art form.
That's more. That's how it puts

it. He says that there's only
four agriculture crops that

have ever been treated as an
art form. the grapes tea.

Tobacco and cannabis Yeah.
chocolate now. yeah. maybe

maybe chocolate you know
coffee's getting there so you

know it's kind of opens it up
you know and and but the only

way that you were going to
really see those types of

changes is with support from
the market support from people

like you that are interested in
that and are willing to you

know purchase that. And consume
that you know like just a

hobby, that's just doing it
with their own, you know with

their own production could be
interesting and they could

discover something cool, but to
really discover something that

could become a trend. there has
to be a market to support that

there has to be customers to
support that so yeah showing

your interest in those types of
things. Well, you know be a

part of that support, which is
always good. Yeah, you're a

good. By being like that, what
I said, like by being a

connoiss, you're not a snob,
you're an environmentalist. I

like that is that your quote.
Yeah. Yes. I like that we'll

put that on the shirt today.
Well, yeah, I mean if you

really think about it, you know
if if if you are a sewer and

the word I've talked about this
on a past life session and you

know I'll talk about it again
cuz I really like you know. By

by looking at it from that
perspective of like what is a

connoisseur like what is the
definition of it? Excuse me an

expert in matters of taste
that's from Dictionary. Let's

see Merriam Lester one who
understands the details

technique or principles of an
art and is competent to act as

a critical judge or one who
enjoys the discrimination and

appreciation of subtleties
right. So that's a great

definition right. that's from.
That's the Miriam Webster.

That's usually the dictionary I
like to go to for for

definitions so if you think
about it from that perspective,

if you're kinda sewer, you're
not just like a collect. That's

just like showboating your
consumer abilities. you know

it's it's really all about your
taste and your discrimination

and so you could be someone
without a lot of money and a

connoiss. It doesn't they're
not like exclusively you know

mutual with each other, you
know you can you can be a

connoiss sewer and be a
conservationist actually you're

better connoiss when your
conservation cuz you're Super

hyper focus on very limited
consumption and you're not you

know just consuming. Everything
and you know general on

everything and you know I'm a
cone cuz I have this wine

collection just cuz I have the
money for it. It's like you

really value those things and
yeah and actually Oxford Aol

Oxford says a person with great
knowledge and appreciation of

something. I appreciate the
element there too. Yeah. Yeah

appreciation value. It doesn't
mean you have to be rich. It

just means you have to
appreciate so You know if we

start using the word
connoisseur and like

environmental conversations or
in conservation conservation

discussions it can be very
powerful, you know. so that's

that's why I say that quote all
the time. it's like don't be

afraid to be a connoiss like it
doesn't mean that you're a

small, it could mean that
you're actually just mindful

and appreciating the subtleties
of the things you consume as

well as the subtleties of the
places where they come from to.

Bye. Freaking Snob Mohawk Kinda
sort of like yeah, That was

your thing when I when I the
finals. Yeah, I like that when

you were doing that, yeah, that
was appreciating all the

flavors that life has to offer
some are bitter some sweet and

when you can learn to
appreciate them all That's that

really says something new.
Yeah, we can do. Yeah. Yeah, so

not that we have to take the
conversation in this direction,

but there's been a whole thing
going on in the world. Yeah and

we're going into a phase one
situation now in Vegas or and

and yeah, I wanna have a
conversation with people. What

did you learn from your time
out? What you learn? Yeah, that

conversation needs to be had
needs to happen. Yeah, I'm I'm

saying it jokingly, but it's an
important conversation. What do

we all learn from this and what
are we going to learn from it?

Yeah, What's gonna actually
change our our lifestyle is

going to change and not just
through. Oh, we don't shake

hands anymore. We just wear a
mask in public now, but what

are our values now where our
priorities? Yeah our our

mindsets. Change Yeah. So I'm
probably I'm I'm still thinking

about that in terms of myself
and how my priorities have

changed and how my life has
changed and I have some more

thinking to do about that. but
I'm I'm looking forward to

having that conversation with
people. Yeah. Well, you know

I've I've been thinking a lot
about that actually just go

over this past week and maybe
it's this whole phase one

opening up here in Nevada.
That's like kind of got me

thinking about it. Okay.
restaurants are. Now, like

places to go and and and meet a
friend to eat and drink

together open now am I going to
do that. I'm excited about that

like I'm seeing other people
excited about it Like Where's

my excitement about it like I'm
not so excited about it but

then you know, I'm also
thinking maybe things will be

very different like once we're
like really back to normal and

that might be like two years
from now, right where we

complete. Move back to where we
were before it sounds crazy to

say, but it's not. I'm crying
me crazy. Don't call me crazy.

I'm not crazy. It could be it's
realistic, though I mean, Yeah,

Yeah, I was he has been planted
in all of our minds and you

know a lot of people are really
fertilizing it. Yeah. but yeah,

I think my lack of enthusiasm
to get back. you know to hang

out at the bars which you know,
I'll be honest, you know prior

to the pandemic I was going. I
mean we would meet at a bar at

least once a week. You know you
know not to drink heavily but

just to you know, socialize and
meet I'm just like. Feeling

like that's not something that
I'm ready to be rushing back

and not cuz I'm scared of
anything but just because like

it's not what I'm valuing like
you know like yeah. it's a

little distasteful right now
too with just the the climate

of people's mentality and the
whole thing, but I do like what

like I'm not Super stoked to go
out either. I mean, okay. fine

things are open and I had
ordered take out a couple of

times in the past couple of
weeks. and it's actually

interesting. I got great food
with my mom and I picked up

some great food or over the
phone and in person They their

kitchen was rocking and I was
like Wow, you guys are really

going here is they're like.
Yeah. This is our second

busiest day and like we we made
more just like our second

biggest day as far as our
income like ??? well, then

people are spending money and
decided to go out and eat

again. I guess I guess a lot of
moms. Greeks too, But I like

what when I was talking with
Jake about it asked him if he's

like to socialize and and he
said, Yeah. But he's also. I

really like this that he's just
going to be more intentional

about what he does and where he
goes, You know. Hi Dimitri. I'm

gonna adopt that myself. You
know. yeah, just go out just

because but to have more
intention and mindfulness in

meeting up with people and when
you talk to him about that I

would say that Exchange is like
a week ago or maybe not even

that just like three days ago,
that's funny. Yeah cuz we are

our friendship is a little on
the rocks because of our

stances on this. Oh yeah,
you're not alone. you know

because I hardly even saw him.
We saw each other a couple of

times but like we're best
friends right so like but you

know because of my stance, you
know he would like go hang out

with other friends and not tell
me about it and he ended up

hanging out. A lot of people
and you know not being fully

honest with me about it because
of his fear of my my criticism

on him. So that's why I was
interested to hear him say I

can't find myself in the same
boat. I'm I'm seeing people on

Instagram and Facebook like oh,
look at how many people on the

name any names, but like look
at that, how many people I'm

hanging out with. We're on the
Street like it's a poe of 10 of

us and look how cute it is.
It's like guys like you can do

that. Guess, but it's a little
distasteful. we'll be posting

about it. Yeah. people are
staying home for reasons you

know. Yeah. I think it's it's
important. You know that you

understand what what comes with
posting about it with being

vocal about it especially if
you're a business owner, that's

been a big point of contention
in the community and some

business owners are like
defiantly posting about it to

like make they say It's not a
political statement, but it

totally is like at this point
of where we are and it is a

very political statement to to
let it be known. You know your

stas on these things. Yeah.
Maybe we just have a different

definition of what politics
are, but yeah, it seems oh God

it's so complicated. But yeah,
so you've seen people like

business owners being like like
oh, look at how I'm going out

and touching things and yeah,
there's a big there's a big

thing going on with the Arts
District Main Street today you

should check out today. Yeah.
Yeah. it's on Facebook and

Twitter. Some people got called
out for their stas. I'm not

gonna name names. you can go
research it yourself and see it

people. you can find this info
like this on Facebook. Just if

you scroll up, you'll find it
okay. it's okay. It's a big

thing. thanks. Yeah. I like my
filter too. I've been like

playing with filters on my
Instagram live every day. I use

a different filters. so today
I've got like glimmering pink

stars I like it you know that's
why I haven't addressed it. You

know like I I I hardly have an
opinion on it actually to be

honest but oh Dimitri you're
not. Anymore. Yeah, I I did

like two swipes and I'm already
seeing okay you saw it. Yeah,

it's pretty it's pretty intense
arguments and well. Yeah, I

didn't really get what the what
the whole thing was just off

that one but And also I haven't
really put much into the drama

of it. All. I've just really
been trying to do my own thing

and you know take advantage of
the isolation and all that it's

definitely an opportunity for
learning experience. Yeah, for

sure you can see my some of my
new pieces of art behind my

shoulder. so I had to strap.
Yeah, so I've only shown one

other person this like through
photo This piece is by Alex

Fuera. I don't know what's
coming up correctly. Yeah. That

he created the end of last year
and I had this scrap pieces of

wood and I made this to
commemorate him. Oh wonderful.

Yeah. The series. In Japan,

Good Yeah and you're you're
finding customers for your your

your projects. I have yeah and
you know one of the biggest

intentions and in learning new
skills is how can I be helpful?

I feel like knowing how to work
with what is an incredibly

helpful skill at times. Yeah.
So that's the main intention to

be helpful and my neighbor has
been talking about and a couple

of other projects. And my
sister. Awesome like this is

less about like making money
right now and more about

learning how to be helpful and
learning a new skill. and yeah,

you know money is definitely
coming along with it too. So

I've had a couple of Commission
projects to I'm happy to hear

that Nick. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a
I'm still designing teachers

trays good, so I haven't really
built anything yet. I do like

the one that you. Right now, I
couldn't necessarily build with

the tools that I have unless I
took a lot of time to like

really chiseled out that shape
but yeah, there are particular

tools that make it really easy
to get those kind of levels

around your table. Oh yeah, I
can build up to it done. I'm

like learning. I'm learning
about those tools and what

exactly I might need to do that
kind of craft well. Speaking of

Jake, you should you know, try
to apprentice with his dad. I

was yeah I actually. About
that, yeah, I'd like to talk

with his dad directly more
about that. you know that would

be really cool. He sent me a
photo of some stuff that

they're working on the past
couple of weeks. It's really

nice stuff and yeah some stuff
I'd like to learn about,

especially like the Japanese
joinery and like not having to

use any screws but making these
intricate locking mechanisms

for putting two pieces of wood
goods fascinating. That's Super

cool. Super fun. Yeah. Did I
send you a video that I found

on YouTube. It's like 20
minutes long about Japanese

craftsmanship. no you didn't,
But I've seen videos like I was

on a I was on a flight one time
and there was this really great

and I was on a flight to Japan
and it was about Japanese wood

crafting and this guy built all
these toys for his son

including like a little like
rocking horse, all without any

screws or nails. Wow. Yeah.
it's very. Yeah, this video I

saw this guy he looked and he
probably have a translator with

him, but he goes to Japan all
these different days. the

region where they do like
indigo dying on materials like

like where they make kimonos
and they when they practice

like different like designs on
and kimonos. he goes to like

the City of Steele. They make
all these different chef's

knives and swords and things
like that Bye. Bye. I'm inside

of these people's workshops and
it's really cool Yeah. yeah and

it's pretty incredible. There's
a tea shop in in Brooklyn. the

last time I was there, I was
visiting he had an exhibit with

the Japanese indigo artist and
that artist had several of this

of their tapestries and
clothing and boy was it. Ns You

can get indigo Indigo is really
popular in Senegal. Okay. So

that's where you from you know
a friend with the coral player,

of course, don't forget you
guys. If whoever's listening,

you don't know and you like
some world music youu Saadi.

Yeah. yeah. why o U S o U P H A
Sidney Bayer. SID IBE get one

of my favorite musicians I just
put his name there so people

can see it Dmitri from Moscow's
asking about my brother, so I

just wanted to give a little
update on him since I just saw

him this past week. So yeah
he's in Austin. he's doing

fine. He does still support
tahts so all of our media. you

know the virtual tea festival
is help out. He's helped me

with a lot of this like virtual
stuff like helping load

software is on to my computer
to help me do the puppeteering.

my puppeteer No. I have a
software that I can be a

digital puppet. I have all
these different puppets. I can

be and so it's like you don't
see my video you see this like

cartoon this animated
character. Oh boy here. I'll

show you. I'm surprised you
haven't seen it. yeah It

actually posted a video let's
see I don't know if I can. This

is the Stacy Blur You know his
set during the virtual tea.

Facey has been doing a lot of
live streaming. Yeah. I haven't

really tuned in to this stuff
like I can't imagine what he's

been up to and the last couple
of weeks. Yeah, let's see okay.

So I'm screen sharing with you
now you should be able to see

it. Yep.

Are you still see it? Yes? Oh,
no, I see your browser and I

saw you but no video but there
we go.

Is that you in the top right
corner? Yeah, I'm Ninja Turtle.

Yeah. Well. I'm a dinosaur,
Okay dancing with my team. And

and we

It's funny. Space between
spaces so yeah, that's

Spacey's. his Monica you know
and he's when he's a. So I can

see here too. Yeah you wanna
see that pride milks two ways.

You can watch that if you want,
I'm good, I'll watch it later.

so you know I'll I'll show you
a past video when I first tried

out this dinosaur bubb. Happy
May six, I am recording today

from Origin. Yeah. Oh, my God.
Yeah, So just just just playing

around a little bit, You know
having a little fun. that's

amazing. Yeah. It's important.
I how your nostrils are like

right underneath the eye balls.
Breathe Better You know it just

makes the face mask really
difficult to wear, though

that's the only thing. Oh here
we go. Yeah. so I've been my

brother has been helping me do
those types of things you know.

I edited my first video the
other day that was a big deal.

so now that I've done that I
feel like I can do them all so

nice, which software do you use
for that Premier program. Okay.

Yeah. they'll be Adobe. yeah.
yeah cuz we have the Creative

Cloud whatever that that
software you know for for tea

Letts. Subscribe to that too.
Yeah. So hey, that character

animator software is within
that if you're subscribed to a

member of that, you can you can
use that software within Adobe

Sweet. I don't know if you have
a puppet but. Awesome. I like

the I saw this the zoom filter
where this guy like he brings

himself a Cup of coffee. have
you seen that? It's like a

quick like meme video and this
guy is like at the computer and

then he has like his duplicate
coming like set a Cup of coffee

on his head The room.

genius' the The Zoom
backgrounds are pretty fun. I

have a friend that sent me a
folder of all of these

different zoom backgrounds and
some of them are videos. They

don't seem like a video. They
seem like just a normal

background like one of them is
like a cafe and it's like

you're sitting at this table at
this cafe and the video has

like every now and then a
server comes out like wipes on

the table and then walks away
and then somebody comes and

next to you so. Funny to do
something like that when you're

you're having like a zoom
meeting with your coworkers and

they think you're supposed to
be social distance right. What

do they see you like mopping
the floors behind you?

Tripping them out. Yeah. Yeah.
so Nick. what do you do you

envision what your first
socializing event or

socializing outing is going to
be well, I won't talk about

what I've been up to, but
probably I don't know I don't

know. yeah. it's it's if a bar
opened up downtown that we like

going to open up tonight and I
don't know. Probably so

probably not anything like
that. I mean I'm gonna go to a

lesson. yeah, just becoming
more intentional and mindful

and my interactions. so I'm not
just you know going out for

whatever reason with no reason
but yeah, I'm probably I can

see myself going to a practice
yoga with groups of people.

Nice Yeah. Have you been
practicing by yourself a little

bit. You know a little bit, but
not anything like a full

practice once a day or every
other day or anything like

that, I'll just do like you
know my necessary stretches,

but nothing like a full
regimen. mm hmm. Yeah, I have

been working out there. I've
been you know getting some push

ups and sit ups and pull ups
and some in some way you know.

How are the how are the pups?
Oh? they're great. Yeah. Nice

and fluffy hair everywhere.
We've been good about cleaning

it. so nice. Yeah. Yeah. The
roommate situation is really

good like those guys. Nice.
Yeah. Yeah. send them all my

regards. Let them know and
yeah. it's definitely my

cheers. Yeah. Zippy says he
misses you. I can't wait to

have to have a nice party here
with the time is right. I don't

know if I'm gonna I'm gonna be
like jumping right on it right

away. when everything like I
said, it's just it would just I

mean even if you are
comfortable with it, it just

still kinda be distasteful.
huh. Yeah. And if you follow

the rules, then you're at 50
percent capacity, which means

less people. I do have my first
like tasting scheduled next

week later next week But that's
just one buyer coming in and

that will be the first person
to come through here. you know

in the past few months, so it's
kind of a big deal. It feels

like a big deal. Yeah,
something Yeah. Have you had

people order tea and like
you've done drop offs like you

did with me? Yeah. Yeah. So I
have a website now I don't know

if you saw it have you seen it
not a new website. Yeah. it's a

new website called and it's
people dot com and if you it's

it's got all of our whole
catalog There so you can see

our entire list and it's all by
the by the pound so you can buy

in bulk and. when you try
People dot com, yeah T and it's

people dot com. And when you
check out it has the option for

either in shop pick up which is
free or there's free delivery

for local Vegas orders of $40
or more. Okay. Yeah. So I've

been doing some deliveries. I
launched the website in two

weeks ago and did you find it?
Yeah. I'm on it right now and I

call it. Yeah, you can probably
still see. Even though I don't

have zoom up right, yeah, I see
you yeah. Alright guys. I'm not

really very savvy. yeah, I had
a lot of fun, putting that

together. I put it together and
pretty much like three days.

cool. Yeah. so so I can have a
place like if if people did

wanna order cuz I was getting a
lot of people wanting to order

and it was just kind of
difficult to like send the

catalog to everybody and have
them. Do you know just Email

orders or whatever? Yeah you
just send them a link. I like I

like this section on Tess. I
haven't clicked any of those

links yet, but I like that
you'd have those organized. Sub

category. Yeah, I one of the
website to be more experiential

versus just like here all the
products you can buy. Yeah, you

know a lot of tea websites.
That's just like when you land

on the front page like that's
that's all it is. I wanted it

to be something that you can
kind of experience and go

through and this website I plan
to keep going. I've actually

had the URL for for a year now.
Oh yeah. This is an idea that

this title. The book idea, and
so this website will evolve

into a book but more than just
a retail site. It's a community

site. So it's where I'm I'm
gonna like put all the tea

That's community so all of our
social medias is there you know

it's it's branded with Tela.
It's not a completely different

brand and everything it's just
it's just kind of like like

Tela dot com is our wholesale
like that's where the industry

is hosted and then this is
where the community is hosted.

you see so then if you. Click
the menu bar at the top.

There's the virtual tea
parties, and that's one of the

live videos that I've done with
all the transcripts of the

subtitles. Over 50 videos,
there's over 50 videos in that

section. Wow, that's crazy. I
can't believe how oh so. Oh,

yeah okay. And these are also
just your educational. Yeah day

videos. Yeah. they're everyday
you see the turtle. Yeah. We're

the 20 - eight. That's funny.
Yeah. It was a pet that day. I

was talking about tea pets. so
like every day it's really

cool. Yeah. I've been you know
I have some type of education

portion of the video. And then,
of course, all the subtitles

are there too, So you can
either watch the video or you

can scroll through and read the
subtitles Nice but the

subtitles I you know, like I
said, no, you probably have you

transcribe them so Facebook and
YouTube both transcribe videos

now just automatically cool
with like almost a hundred

percent. accuracy. No-I Okay.
That's when I say the word she

comes out cheese but for. Most
part like you can follow it,

you know and and the purpose
actually, I put all the

subtitles in there is for SEO.
okay, yeah interesting so that

Google will be able to
recognize those videos and kind

of like the nature of the
content and each of those pages

it also you know open it up to
the deaf community too. Yeah.

Yeah. Of course, yeah. they
wanted to read it for the most

part. things make pretty good
sense of Facebook. I think does

a better job at transcribing
The YouTube's AI system.

They're better ones. They're
like paid services you can you

can run and it has like an AI
on your voice. so it'll

actually like learn my voice
and you know will. Be able to

more accurately know what I'm
saying you know vocabulary and

my style is speaking. Hey what
date was the actual festival

the the first one? Yeah, that
was April ninth. Okay. Yeah.

and that one 's not on that
page so that one is at Tet dot

com slash B T F gotcha. And
that has all of the

presentations each video laid
out or you can watch right on

you on you for cataloging all
of these videos. Yeah, I

thought it was important. You
know like I know I'm I'm not

gonna tune in every day to
you're talking about like it's

just yeah. I'm realistic but
that I can go back and listen

to your talk. It's pretty cool.
Yeah and I tried my best and

like the the blurb of each of
each page to you know, say

what's talked about any. So,
yeah, I mean these live videos

were for the purpose of like
fun to like connect with my

friends like this and just kind
of have casual conversations

but over time people have
requested that I speak on

different topics and they they
kind of evolved into like an

education series. so might as
well, You know, put that

content out there for people to
find awesome. Yeah. so you know

you can see the website and you
know our full catalog If you

ever wanna order Tess or see
you know what's going on? yeah

rather than like hitting you up
directly. I can just look at

the full menu there. Yes. yeah.
and then you can check out

through the website and get the
free delivery or get you know.

pick up. so yeah, it can be all
like paid for by the time you

come, you don't have to pay for
shipping. nice. Yeah. Yeah

pretty happy. Yeah, I still got
all the teas that you brought

me good. I'm glad they're
they're lasting you yeah,

nursing home and saving them. I
mean I get my caffeine fix like

mostly through like monta, but
what I wanted to like sit and

really enjoy some tea. hmm.
it's only. Happy to hear that.

Go ahead. I think I'm gonna hop
off and I've been on for almost

a couple of hours now and I
gotta catch up on some work,

but I'm glad you hopped on what
did you wanna say? go ahead?

it's about to say that the only
thing that I'm stumped on for

making tea trays is the actual
like bottom like drip. Yeah.

and yeah, so I don't know if
I'll like shop for some of

those and then I create the
dimensions of the table out of

that. Or make it myself or you
can do the whole system or

something like that. you could
probably make them yourself.

You can just like make a model.
make a second, you can make a

mold and like fill it with like
resin or something. Yeah I

don't know or find something
you know find something that

that would work and then yeah,
make your trays around that.

Yeah, I did it. you exclusively
have to use this style plastics

here. you know you can find
something that works for you.

Mm-hmm. Definitely and that's
why I've only gone to like Home

Depot and Lowe's for wood but
most of the wood is like

construction material. They
have some crafts, but it's not

as wide as like a particular
like hardwood lumber yard, so

that would be my next step to
go and check those out and find

like nice pieces of bamboo and
things like that. Yeah. Yeah.

But anyway, yeah, I didn't
wanna stick around for too much

longer either cool man. Yeah.
it's good to see you too for

that and hugging you and giving
you a handshake and all that

yeah. So soon enough, we'll
we'll get to we'll get to

together soon enough, but yeah,
I hope you have a great rest of

your day and thank you so much
for jumping on. You're welcome.

Thanks for having me this
company. Alright the rest of

your week. We'll see you later.
Thank you so much love. Bye.

Alright everybody. I'm going to
turn off. I'll see you

tomorrow. Bye.

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