Monday, March 30, 2020 - Tea as a Tool for Coronavirus

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Hi Facebook Happy Monday. It's good
to view. I'm happy to be

here be connected with everybody.
It's been a month finally to

the can't believe how long this
March has been for us, but you

know it's gone. It's also gone slow.
you know, meaning that

it's it's feel it's it's felt like
forever, but you know we're

surviving and we're lean and to
be getting stronger and getting

closer and more well connected you
know I'm pretty. About that

you're trying some new some new
tricks I started doing this

live stream. Aids really challenged
me to learn new software

and learn new edits about you know
how to effectively kidwell

and Yeah, so I I'm actually right
now in to.

I'm trying to embedded onto my website
so that way people can.

You know I was without Facebook,
you know, I find that Facebook

tends to have the bent the best
ability connect with everybody

and how engaged without having to
commit to this. this room

zoom zoom room the fun without having
to coming into this room

with me. I know that that can be
intimidating feel that to to

come live the Internet to you know
drink just perfectly fine.

I'm not offended I totally understand
but Yeah, I am you know

trying to make that you know people
can watch within on without

being on Facebook and Going right
to our website because I have

some really exciting news we begin
finally had an epiphany.

what to do with You know with all
these efforts you know be and

you know getting connect people
connected through tea, which

I've come to learn is actually good
news full and people have

really been grateful these experience
I'm gonna keep doing it

and make it stronger. I'm gonna
make it better and more

engaging and not just me sitting
here having tea. you know, of

course I I don't mind be honorable
one that you know that sin

that. you know steps up to do this
let's see.

Get cozy gift Please address right
after the open So let's see

if this. I could be showing you
my age of this work but

Let's see.

This little share with you what
we've created until this past

weekend did the live stream for
the Green team that not

everybody. Is Facebook or even has
accounts on Facebook, You

know, actually you can

Looks like it might not working.

Look at this one, you can watch
a Facebook ad or any Facebook

content unless it's private content
with you know these

Yeah, unfortunately, like I might
have to do some more work on

this this embedding. What am I doing?
I don't wanna board my

work here so get drinking tea. Oh
Eric. Thank you for that.

Under good friend Eric friend to
have always willing to help.

Yeah, the let's see how this one
I hate saying the ice. I'm

sorry. I used that expression very
nasty expression for me.

There's like we should have said
Oh Eric. I love this. Alright

we make it look a look around the
page and yeah now be leave on

this live stream but here we go.
I'm gonna leave the. League,

where it's streaming on TV and Eric.
Yeah, go ahead and water

and we'll see. yeah nice everywhere.
Alright, now I can get to

the juice of what I wanted to do
today. Just drink tea with

you. So let me get my hot water
be right back in one.

Here we are happy Brendan. How dare
me how many tell me what

make tea or not make you make tea.
I don't know excuse me of

maybe you should come on here and
tell me exactly how you feel

I start with the new. Yeah today
I really exciting news to

share this epiphany on Saturday
night about you know what what

to do with all the effort of building
community around drinking

tea together online during this
time and also you know all the

that acquiring and efforts and how
to set to affect this as

well. So what came about was the
idea or the First virtual tea

festival T festivals are Center
like really near and dear to

me. I've been a teacher for 11 years
now organized my festival

and in a small region and killed
the man and that's it and I've

come to that we you know are having
to either cancel or propose

Bowl Many tea festivals like festivals
have already started to

make this matter gonna be post events
first. Quarterly festival

was looking forward to attending
but unfortunately with when it

happened you know decided it was
best if I just you know,

stayed the festival itself also
had decided it was best for

them to stay home so that Brandon
just ask it was cancelled so

the expo has been cancelled, but
it's been postponed to October

so kind of like a Coachella one
of the many reasons that Realty

Expo Della So in postponed until
October in Bellingham Festival

thirsty festival that will announcement
that they were gonna be

in their efforts so

it's kind of sad cuz a lot to a
lot of people like people that

festival Junkies that we you know
just attend all the

testimonials and you know it's it's
definitely a networking

opportunity. It's definitely something
we look forward to.

Since I completely forgot to share
you know to my network so I

am going to share my. So excited
to get out to the Web page,

which Eric is it working. Can you
come back and let me know if

it's worked for you on that that
link I gave you yeah, I wanna

make sure that when I get to the
to the to the potatoes this

announcement everybody is here that
wants to be here

Yeah, I wanna make sure that we
wanna see this is here any

information. I'm gonna be sharing
some live on Instagram as

well. Donkeys we look as well. We're
all good together. Many of

us. Thank you. Thank you for your
help to say sorry for little

video. I'm sure you're having fun
watching it I'll fix it later

and make her. yeah. I'll I'll make
it pretty later like I think

an option that actually open it
in a new book, but I would

think that that new window is just
a Facebook window of this

videos. so I'll make it larger on
which itself galore on. The

page HM there shouldn't be echo's.
Because let me know friend

or anybody else watching I don't
know oh to fix it. So yes,

Erica was talking tea festival junkies
and how we need to fix

and you know things like this whole
social media out you know

helping but we need more. and so
that's what this virtual teeth

is going to be so this of my announcement
today give any at it

but in my attention and I'll let
you guys know what I intend to

do and most excitingly how you can
get involved if of what I'm

about to say. Interest to you have
to invite you as a coach in

the world's first festival, So this
is it Thursday. This is

next week Thursday. I seems like
a little up soon but you know

this is why we shouldn't be well.
such a quick turnaround is

that Mark is going to be for us
because marketing is just gonna

be an issue letting our friends
know to click and that could be

know the week ahead that could be
had or that as the event is

happening, We're just sharing it
with us. We don't need months

and marketing preparation to make
sure that this team the next

thing is. that's a lot of time on
right now or no, you know, I

know that some some some of us are
still work very hard and

don't have a lot of time on our
hands, but what they do. this

could be a really great activity
to put our focus into into

Good to see you atomic guy that
could be a good activity for us

to do so what I'm talking about
the world's first festival. Hey

Gregory Good to Greg this interest
you and you wanna be

involved so first virtual tea festival
going to be on Thursday,

April ninth from 11 AM four PM a
core opportunity to longer if

we're all having a lot of continue
the fun together or turn it.

so what this is going to be is going
to be a complete virtual

event that will happen on computer
screen for our phone screens

access to insist of different pictures.
Tea perfumes, including

tea ceremony is it performances
well as media screening, so

this means been working on a cool
tee videos tea sounds or

audio that you share with the tea
perfect opportunity, connect

with a wide audience and share that
all will connect with also

consist of social tea time like
you know I've been trying and

sit here in my through these like
live session but we'll have

multiple zoom brewer you can different
than get together The.

Tea friends all over the nice conversations,
discover the

lectures and throughout the day,
and you know hopefully makes

friends and learn something new.
you know, ultimately you know

the community together and bring
that happiness that the the

teeth have all come bring to us.
you know over the years so

creators this is anybody that did
and presenting you know your

presentation would only really use
to to give your presentation

in front of a computer. our our
media will edit all of these

presentation. I'm Super dynamic
and really beautiful. I'm an

engaging of course and we will be
live streaming. The live

stream been on TV Let's Facebook
page as several other forms so

that we can more and more audiences
but our team will be

everything to make sure audio issues
or any videos. we wanna

make sure that you guys look Super
happy. you're gonna be on

and offer something to the community
in the event and so yeah

all you is have a complete very
good. If you don't over the

next week, I need to be accepting.
Applications of people wanna

give some type of presentation now,
the prints will be no

longer than 20 that we wanna make
sure that we everybody's

attender out the whole time and
if your presentation is shorter

than it's that's perfectly fine
as well. there's no

requirements. I'm on and show hit
and a half video that you've

been you'd be more than welcome
to do so. Hey Mojo. how's it

going to you? application is located
at Gillette dot com slash

album T Fest at Hope Fest you'll
be. Google Fill in all your if

you're having any questions about
how to fill the application

access accessing the application,
please speak directly to me

either through direct message through
any social media platform

or through Email us at info at T
dot com. I'm gonna hate to

answer a questions Hi Forest tilton.
We're talking about the

world's for school T Festival welcoming
everybody for all over

the world to be a part of it. So
if you're interested

presentation, you know just better
you're sharing with the

community of tea lovers the challenges
or the issues that

you're. tee field that being we
do already have you confirmed

tea farmers a part of this and you
know, I'm gonna be hitting

all of our network of folks well,
yeah a few weeks I had called

North him and his wife told me to
let them when I figure

something out for them to with on
the Internet. Yup, great

idea. I hope you are great. I'd
love to a part of it either.

You know three mutual tea set or
giving temptation if you look

so ink to access vacation Talking
about Talent dot com slash at

home it was just using that a like
booklist for for the tech

festival, but what's cool about
this being a coated free

festival is like up to the community
involved over this few

days to help me name festival to
like create a goal some. any

news out there that are interested
and began want to like help

with any kind of design. yeah, go
ahead and reach out to me. If

what you want, it doesn't get fits
in the application line feel

free to directly either through
social media or at info com see

how we can fit in, but yeah the
more that are involved. the

better like I want this first event
to be like Mass and

everybody feeling good and cuz we
debt right now so forest. He

asked how many minutes are the prints.
We're trying to not try

and we are limiting the presentations
to 20 minutes or less, so

if you're in is longer than 20 minutes,
look work with you to

to get down because of course, we
wanna keep the audience with

what we're doing and I've I've come
to see with like all the

life festivals going on online right.
That's the shorter the

better. so you know, I know a typical
gems could be up to an

hour on with very long but I think
with online gonna be a lot

harder for us to to stick to. More
concise patient and we will

have Q and A solved. This will be
an interactive festival with

a presentation where when you give
your presentation, we can

allow you know five or the audience
member to type in their

questions and during the tea sets
world time for moral like one

back and forth that part of the
festival will be in in zoom

room or several zoom spinning on
how many people you know, kind

of mushrooms and make sure that.
Become too large and common

that there are people and talk over
each other, so we will have

moderators that will bondable for
these different rooms so that

is perhaps something else. If you
are sitting and holding that

kind of fence. So that's going to
be Thursday, April ninth at

the time is 11 AM pm PST So definitely
gonna give everybody

something to do on that day. If
you're just gonna be engaged

with the content that we're creating
definitely be sometime on

that Thursday next week. it could
definitely be something that

you just have playing in the bag.
Round if you are working from

home in your home office, expect
to have a lot of really great

engaging content. we've already
ends right now. This is gonna

cost to this, but we have Eric Glass
committed to do a tea

pretzels. you know to get to learn
like that offer all types of

presentations either brew tea or
even how to hold space or or

Sarah and we also set a signed the
Apple and that the A lot of

variants live streaming psychedelic
visuals. And he actually

did that anybody came festival after
Realty past year. I

remembered that we like I was like
trippy sides playing against

the Wall else of like tea farmers
and like layering of he wants

to be involved in. so this is a
female. This is gonna be a

community that events, which means
they to attend. We're not

selling tickets on this will be
free and fun and so it's going

to be in honor of the tea festivals
that have had test our will

have to vote postponed I'm gonna
be reaching out to you.

Festivals and letting them know
the community is gonna put

efforts and hopefully they will
support as far as like being

their communities set to join us
and this is gonna be April the

next Thursday. It seems like it's
come by fat. You know, let's

do have a lot of hands right now.
so I think will be easy for

this to get with all the experience
I've been getting what live

casting you know on to Facebook
and learning new tools and

allergies. I thought gonna be fully
capable to something Super

dynamic really engaging and you
know to to. And together during

this time.

Alright, Forest Hill be all with
you and we'll talk about what

you want and we'll see how your
presentation to all of these.

So if you wanna email me if the
easier for you my email at info

at T dot com and reach me there
or of course you can do

Instagram it's just as easy to that.
It is female or anything.

Yeah. I'd love to hear your ideas
if you have ideas for

branding marketing how we can better
get the word out to the

community. I'm you know collaboration
again. this is gonna be

beds kind of dipped in typical stable
is that we're not. To be

having like a marketplace or sponsor
matter so yeah, there's

not commercial element to this table
and I did something that

before people you know to buy tea
and typical to physically buy

tea when you go to a festival and
you know take home your your

your score and you know perhaps
in the future we can get other

festivals that a more commercial
element to them, but the

intensity level is we unity oriented
actually try people to

come to and learn the power of the
dirties difficult time. I

know it can be a little vaccine.
Draining you know to wrap your

head around how the city is dealing
with it and perhaps you

have to have the piece in the grounding
ET yourself. It's

definitely a gift to share with
the rest of the world. We need

our community even if it is just
virtually to share the power

of teeth to make her and calm intense
stress and or do so, Yeah

virtual Tea festival or two. It's
Thursday. That's my intent

Super simple and I'm welcoming feedback
and other St to let's

see is this Hey Jenny Good to see
you hi. How's it. I am I mean

Long. Oh lucky you. yeah. I'm I'm
watching hey drama with my

son and my husband, my son can read
all of the subtitles so if

you've made drama called High by
Muslim, Oh yeah, is it Super

drama Or is it comical? Somewhat,
it's some will some it's but

basically like the most like well,
Okay, So there's like a

couple shrimp and it's not about
diamond. It's actually one go

she was able to get God to 40 -
nine days as a human, she

reappears before her daughter, who's
four years and her

husband. She passed away in a car
accident or even got to hold

below And so now, she's young women
and and that feels for her

has a zero record of spec to read
and that just came in

picture. He's like 90 -, nine point
percent shared. it's He was

like reincarnate all the ghost.
He doesn't feel for any of

them. He's like they go up. No.
you're not gonna watch your

family member blah blah blah anyway.
It's like just think of

like humans and brain and moms and
stuff like that. so cool to

have fun and you're keeping the
tea flow and that's important.

Yeah. Yeah. So actually my cousin
just called me about this

really she's done. I do and she's
a respiratory therapy. you

know, obviously Kobe and I did the
lungs and stuff like that

for a lot of people. Yup so she.
Gonna leave she's not

contacted someone here in Vegas.
He's gonna hopefully have a

doing meals just like week twice
a day for the respiratory

therapist over at Sunrise Medical
Okay. So yeah. so we're gonna

do that. and then we'll see if anybody
else wants to join us

right. But now we are just to try
it for the one day just to

make sure smooth and then how dog
would work and then also it's

a mess so we don't want anybody
to get sick. Yeah, so we have

to take the precautions in the feed
these people so we have to

like get out. The therapist they're
air birds yeah, it's 12

hour shifts, so we're just trying
their day. This is your

cousin, you said. Yeah, my cousin.
she's in La so different.

I'm using a French. I hope you have
mine. I don't that's okay.

That's okay. It's perfectly fine
as long as you're drinking

good. That's all that matters. drinking
really good. I feeling

very spoiled right now. I saw your
guy one in front of the

screen. what were you editing yesterday
I I we were supposed to

host the person here at the warehouse
where the Green team,

which is like a local nonprofit
environmental group that was a

clean inner, so they just like clean
energy experts. so the the

guy on this talking is a state for
that's like one of the

leading activists for cleaning one
form here in the state. His

name was oh, so bad that I forgot.
Okay, It's a state. It's a

state senator. I don't want like
the Congress people. Yeah,

you're knowledgeable, though it's
like a guy. you know that

that he was sharing his knowledge
with the communities. we

ended up because we could event
in person, then we need to host

it online and I was reminded to
Facebook my own my own kind of

doing a daily lives, but then the
the zoo got, which is

something very serious. I think
all the community needs to

understand like what that mean prevented.
I mean, like a big

calm and their conference with like
Unconsidered content it

nasty words or graphic, so we have
something else be usually

they're they're not usually they're
just goals that are trying

to say mean thing things you know.
we had to end you know cuz

I've been you know in this like
live strategy and how smooth

and whatever I was able to offer
up to tell to stream the

meaning to a Facebook event or Facebook
video, then we. We

could engage the audience that wicks
so then the trolls

couldn't win meetings, so there
are some things like using them

that you can do to safeguard so
like to click on the event.

there was a waiting room that you
had a purpose of this so that

the the host can screen the before
they're invited so that's

like the easiest way you know. so
yeah, you gotta be careful.

There's trolls. I've got nothing
better to do than to troll you

yeah, That was you hear that. Yeah,
it's it's it's unfortunate.

you know, like such a difficult
time in my room. We're just

like like really good to trying
to kinda talk about progress

and to talk about good things and
somebody just you know, try

to entertainment out of something
so stupid. this is something

to be mindful of so with that, said
no like we with this

virtual tea fast together, you know
it's it's you know really

cool that I'm able to tell all these
things and you know all of

you pouring what do you drink a
White forest? So I'm spoiling

today. Where's? For us, that's the
the Super from the lately.

huh. Yeah. Thank goodness. you know
there's Paul has been kind

of the possible of years assistant
quality because you know

like when I started going there
in 14 the first were like

really live and like putting a lot
of effort in really great

teeth, then after we can kinda publicize
that in and and

awesome things that are happening
there out of larger buyers

started going there and demanding
lower prices that like

Natalie is putting that nipple.
Rob then they wanted to pay you

know for team really lower teeth.
The farmers started getting a

lot of their processing to meet
them, so it's basically like if

you guys are running the restaurant
in like a big buyer, Big

catering like yeah but to be this
cheap so you would have to

adjust your recipes your processes
price to to do that business

so the case liking 2016 20 and 2018
all of those you win and

samples the teeth. You know like
what happened what happened to

the you know their their answer
was always like a wing to to

meet the price demand but this past
year I found some good tea

really really small operators that
are resisting working with

the big buyers. so that's that's
important. You kinda have to

set a standard. I know I'm not going
to like the big catering

gig. It be for us to set a sand
and even if big buyer and said

lay you out for the year. If it's
not to the standard that you

have then you say no a lot of people
desperate situations with

an overly of product it's really
hard for them to set that

standard and to know you know. Cool
awesome. I like your teeth,

you know I volunteer tray looks
like you had me dude and I got

Rita here that this is a friend
drinking with you know lonely

here. I need someone to drink with.
He's pretty funny where

Bitcoin Bitcoin I I'm having serenaded
cucumbers. Yup, chilly

garlic and then I have some macaroni
and ham with veggies. Oops

hold on I could. There you go. That's
yummy. Yeah. So I'm I'm

at home. I'm sick sweater. Yeah.
Yeah. I've got my my, You know

I was really happy to to wear.

It's been nice. Thank you for these
tea parties. It's just not

really good time for me, you know
Sterling's home schooling. I

have like usually I'm trying to
get the yard done during the

day on this yard entire bid and
I still have some oh so that's

all you've been doing weeding weeding
and then getting a so at

every grain we gave out some food
to the locals over there. so

you know we're just focus on. I'm
just glad he's alive so I'm

very right now, like like every
day I wake up and then I

started okay, he's still breathing
and I know it's crazy. but

after we had that scary realize
I priorities I was at some of

my pretties fortunate. What's your
what's your top priority Now

party is sterile sure that he's
that he's good at I think

before I talk priority was still
work work work Other ships.

Yeah, but and I are like working
on the future. We get back

running everything lowering over
there because originally had a

problem with the food concept kinda
fix it but nose and we

actually have a cheese problems
that we weren't able to work

for you know no beef has a first
overage, you know and they're

passing the cost onto the consumer.
so where the beef

originally should have been like
the 50 a pound. It's now $7 so

that. Could research how can they
grow to be without the

freaking cow? you know and it's
just so sad. I know you don't

wanna hear that stuff, but that's
the truth. Yeah. So you're

talking about like the dish meat.
Yeah. That's so interesting.

I've got quite a beef with that
whole industry of weeks like

our environmental issues with the
amount of meats that were

consuming the amount of animals
that need to be produced to

consume that much like that I I
understand that but ridiculous

is that we're trying to question.
Options were treated like

band Aids so things like this within
the Indian effect, you

know, is it a problem No, and then
like alternatives like that.

so or you know any kind of they're
using commodity products

that are just as much more to the
menu in our sustainability,

the mess animal production of music
right like you know we we

we do need to be more like the consult
rather than the that

were assuming. And it's like one
silver line. What we're

dealing with right now is that everybody
is questioning the

amount of being right like the idea.
Yeah, I mean you kinda

like how people were set during
the well I bought now even

though they're pairing for it incorrectly.
Everybody is just

buying like Overby being you know
really much toilet paper. I

wanna see how much toilet paper
people have actually you know.

I'm a ridiculous right but like
just even like that alone if

every thought okay, we're gonna
buy enough today, then the

world would be sustainable right.
right. It's a little wet.

It's okay. It's fine. Yeah, I mean.
I have been going to the

grocery store in weeks and the all
I got from you guys is like

the restaurant. I gotten. yeah.
Wow. that's awesome and I

didn't hord but to the grocery store
three weeks ago, like

another two months of food in my
my kitchen like I've

definitely learned through all of
my fresh produce but you

know, I still have some frozen meat.
I have you know all of my

lids which you know, we're gonna
force it more create in and

hook, which like that's like the
fun part, you know, it's been

really fun. No. I know I have the
advantage of the the food

science background like You know,
maybe this and they're like

but we'll come to a point in a nurse
for some people that that

board buying that or people that
are truly from the grocery

store Exactly really like we, you
gotta like reduce the amount

of that you're introducing getting
someone else's journey from

Sena. So yeah, like we've seen the
amount of times that we go

to the store with to do that. you
know the concept of Ratchanee

will finally become our effective,
which we never had. That's

like the value of in one second,
I'm gonna pause the series.

That's fine. I can continue to talk.

What do we got? he taught us Jenny
of the Fat choice grain two.

sorry, I was just doing a few were
gone who else is. Oh, no. I

have one viewer Facebook and did
we paddle roll? you know, come

out. We got 21. Okay. Yeah. people
like rotate through these

things. I hardly have people that
like sit through the hole

that's always kind of like people
flowing through which is

cool. You know, it does mean that
I often like when I like

important information, I'm trying
to share that like I have

repeat information, which is perfectly
fine, too. I don't. Mind

So yeah. just really you just end
up really knowing your

information, but you know what so
I was very impressed with our

podcast that we rain. I know they
did three advertisements for

it. Wow. Yeah. so it must be getting
views for that or or like

listen, it's completely. It's a
good podcast. We talked about

good stuff. Yeah. But yeah, I'm
very excited about like your

tea and like I'm listening other
podcasts that were part of the

fight for us to be in the business
and then now she is like an

ice cream and vegan ice like it's
it's very interesting like

they dealt with food. It's mixed
with like some avenues. Oh, I

love that like you know it's sexy.
Yeah. Hi Brenda. How was it

How else drinking tea lots of. Ways
I mean, please food it's

been kinda cool like doing daily
really likes and like

sometimes a random Instagram we'll
be watching and they'll want

it. They're like I wanna connect
with people just like really

want neck right now, you know, so
you know I'll tune in with

him and because I'm drinking tea.
you know kinda forces them to

go drink teething and you know maybe
or not you know deep into

the gun food like we saw you know.
they're not heavy stuff but

it's always cool to see how people
get creative with how the

tea my my buddy. Brandon, who you
know, I think you might have

been a mountain of our events. he's
actually leaving he has

been coming on to these shows huh
and he made the guy was like

no not from ceramics, but like I'm
like a Bowl in a separate

lid that fit right and he just kinda
made it a guy won and I'm

like see that's genius. you know
that is really cool. Yeah.

He's like I want I wanna do I would
go with you. so it's it's

it's been a while like I have like
a Brough last Tuesday, so I

guess it's. Exactly last night,
I was like the whole period

that you know, Yeah. I'm doing a
lot better. Yeah. Thanks.

Yeah. it's it's okay to be vulnerable,
you know and so I got

pretty one day, which is kind of
poor hard what I was going

through emotion had ever come on
and then a front that I've

done a list with in South Dakota
on and they're like watching

these things and it just feels so
good to be on it all and like

we need more of this like just feel
so good now like to connect

with someone until like me tea friends
and they were like just

thanking me. Doing this and it's
like wow. Okay. I guess you

know cuz what we down was like enough.
I'm sure everybody put

the work together and I wanna be
part of that and saying I had

done anything but yeah, I was feeling
like this resentment like

I have ledge but I'm not doing enough
and you know they took

some gamble. Yeah. so I'm looking
forward to making it bigger

and better and involving more people
we have this virtual tea

festival next week Thursday. I'm
looking forward to April, so

it will be leggings. I saw I saw
I saw that and like

applications right co-creator people
that wanna contribute you

know what it's not a monetary thing.
We're not asking people to

contribute product. You know we're
gonna do all the work of

editing everything looks like really
slick all it and then live

streaming in and bring the community
together to like watch

content and then you know part of
the festival will be like in

action like this, but with lots
of like the room gets too big

like breakout rooms and you can
like bounce around. To the

difference in like drink tea with
new people, I'm looking

forward to this happen and you know
if anything, I just hope

that people are boutique potentially
will become you know long

lasting tea friends. they stay connected
with and and yeah

someone on Instagram at where is
it going to be? It's gonna be

hot so it will be stay on to teach
to the live page but also on

a page like streaming there parts
of it. I'm sure we'll be

putting on to Instagram live so
you can watch it from Instagram

but Let's let's Facebook page will
be the main place with event

payment also like streaming the
actual video and being

questions in the fact absolutely
played so the festival not

happened in the zoom room. It'll
be happening you know through

a stream but then, of course during
social period the social

tea drinking period that will happen
in this room and options

of how to join. So yeah next week
there. Hopefully you can you

can open their and you can make
it part of sterling's

homeschooling curriculum because
it'll will be a lot of

education Sessions Okay. Yeah, right
now. he has a lot of stuff

on his plate. Okay. Yeah. it's I
feel like the homeschooling

has more stuff than even when he's
like in a regular school

because the teacher stuff shoot
him to get done, then my sister

had stuff she wanted him to get
done and then I have my own

stuff that I wanted to get done
so it's pretty crazy like he is

constantly, but you know what he
really enjoys it like he loves

reading. So he's a natural bookworm
and there's this the. This

thing called Epic, and it's funny
that it's called Epic because

you know it's you're like like electronic
and pick for picture

and it's picture books that you
could like flip like it look

you could hit left or right and
it'll look like you're flipping

the book page and he's reading tons
of books there and then he

does IXL which does math for him
and then like their story

time. so tonight different to where
he's gonna be like. ??? up

with Connie and Julie. They let
their kids okay and then at

Senate, have a story to Scarlett
that Jason Harris is kid.

Yeah. so so if he just schedule
back awesome, that's good to

hear you're keeping them busy is
he is he getting any PPE in?

Yeah. Yeah. yesterday we did the
strength training on Peloton

so on one from my cousin who's so
respiratory therapy she see

Peloton accounts for us so that
we could all stay fit during

this during this time. So. Doing
strength training and he

joined in yesterday and the water.
yeah, and like he was like

this is my favorite part, the where
we are and I was like, Oh

my gosh like he's seven. He's talking
about alternating weight

and then in the UK drama it was
two days ago. he was is this

get the divorce I was like like
like a week before that had

asked me, he's like what does divorce
me that the UK drama I

was like it's the opposite of marriage.

You're so it's hilarious. We just
got the the cutest comment on

Instagram, but we'll drink some
teen. A little. my dog self are

cleaning up this 13 and a huge fan
of gun since he knows the

benefits in this suite.

That aren't.

Yeah, you know, use powerful you
know, like especially during

these times, so it's like extra
important for people like us to

you know like encourage people to
drink tea, not only encourage

people to like exercise or to you
know like cook their own food

and look at the family, but bringing
teas very easy thing. It's

very enjoyable very little commitment
and can bring you know a

lot of of harmony. Actually there
was no one 's gonna ask you

that maybe you can or your cousin.
Okay the rest there's You

can passing around in the community
my friends have been

sharing with me and asking for their
you know what what's being

compounded apology That's been respirator
spreaders but these

sailors and you know the inhalers
course concentrated version

of it, but that you know they're
trying to make the claim that

sinking tea could be has something
to help like we've the

stress in your in your. Respiratory
like if you an issues due

to the virus or I'll send you the
link of the actual okay,

maybe it's something your cousin
could like validate you know

and and not that we want that like
you probably won't do that

he kills so if you're drinking a
beverage drink into your

stomach, it will kill the virus
is something that was talked

about see released by them saying
that you don't want to drink.

Cold beverages right now so you
wanna drink beverages and then

also taking a sip of water. every
15 minutes will help you so

that it doesn't allow for like the
virus to pass through to

your lung. But no so yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Tea teas Warm. Yeah. He

is meditating when he could also
help you know with just kind

of relax body and like seeing your
anxiety levels so that you

know you can breathe smoothly skin
issues. You have trouble

breathing things yesterday yesterday
says first meditation me

Or that, for the first time we did
it, We did a stretch

training and then we did a five
-minute yoga meditation after

after that, he made it the whole
five minutes he was able to

stay still and as posture like it
was so like it was so funny.

He's like this. he put his hand
like this on to his knee and

then he like closed eyes and and
he was taking seriously.

Ashley has a seven -year-old could
take station. Well. that's

good to So I asked him how you and
he said this very calm. so

I'm like yeah, I thought it was
gonna be really answering it,

but actually he did a pretty good
job. Honey kids like kind of

how Trump calm like they have trouble
processing value of that

state. Yeah, you know, I'm a maybe,
maybe he thought of it as a

game like you know, Okay. That's
a good stay still okay you

should do that was a kid. yeah,
I thought about it as a game

like a challenge. If I could be
sure five minutes. Yeah, I got

it. But yeah, I remember laying
the garden like nap time was

always such a formula. Why are we
doing this? like what this

is? Why are we doing this but like
halfway through the year? do

remember finally like I mean Napster
and and you know and and

and getting into, but yeah, the
biggest stick. it was really

hard for me to understand this is
to be playing. What are we

doing this morning? Yeah, I would
think as like it's quiet time

where more quiet than the bunny
teachers room like this is

really quite a person. So for me,
it wasn't even like not being

able to round it was like having
to be like. I'm caring every

just be quiet. It's like whoa. I
don't know I could do this.

But he helps me quiet. Yeah. Yeah,
unless it's matcha and

around, then then quite. That time
that you had the party where

that gentleman came and he was introducing
as much as so do.

Oh. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was the
there was a lot of it's so

funny, though, right because like
that is you know I love your

parties because I feel like people
are not pressure drink

alcohol and at the same time it's
air but everybody's choosing

tea and like and if they do some
kind of elbow because it is a

tea party and be responsible and
they might you know like.

Refreshing to see I like that I
love your parties so just so

you know awesome. Well now. I've
gotta make more. I've got you

know I eventually burn out online
parties with grapefruit

juice. Yeah cool. It was nice seeing
you yeah. It's good to see

you too daddy for tuning in catching
up and hopefully I'll see

you again next Thursday. You can
you know take part at least

part of what we understand but yes,
Thursday try. The schedule

what time is it? It's it's running
all day from 11 AM to

four PM goodness tune in off and
on I can do 11. I have to go

into work but you know work. I mean
I'm I'm basically we're

alone, but I'm very focused now
on the food cost at Factor

number one priority because beef
has been tie. I'm I'm working

on like okay. I'm gonna step out
short ribs for something you

know. I'm gonna have pork chop on
the menu there like I'm gonna

figure a way to live. Wait so no
more short rib grilled cheese.

it'll be a brisket cheese. I'm thinking
so I know I'm so sorry

they'll be pleasing. I it's just
been trying figure out cuz I

can't bumping up those for the fast.
so maybe I could switch

out the product so that still up
to Arsenault, but then not

crazy expensive for the guest, you
know they're used to the

price points. huh I mean. The last
time was was like three and

that was because at that point shot
up so much so we just

changed the prices anything with
short with it. so anyway

that's forward to it. I can't wait.
okay. We'll see you later.

Well, this has been fun special
treat have Jenny join us me of

that joy in every grain here in
Las Vegas, her husband chef

Sheridan. I'm really providing awesome
food well as good tea.

So Jenny is junk food tea service
at her

Let's see let's unmute me. I can't
believe I'm meeting my yeah,

she's doing gun food at her space.
there are grains so what I

do recommend that you go to check
out there so with that I am

going off. I appreciate everybody
that tuned in hearing all of

intentions with the world's First
Realty Festival that will be

happening on April ninth Thursday.
10 AM to four PM lots of

great entertainment. tea lectures
tea performance in our money

formance is as. Team Media screening
and be drinking session

with new to all over the world.
If you're interested in

creating with this, please visit
Toyota com slash At least I

have an Apple tree. You can provide
all the information of what

you guys. I'll see you tomorrow
PM. Buh bye.

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