Monday, March 23, 2020 - Tea Friends are the Best Friends

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Yeah. so our live now on Facebook,
we have Eric Glass with us

Lewis. How are you doing? Eric?
Well? How are you? I'm really

good? it's Monday. The Sun is shining
bright here. so you know

that House how's the weather out
in Saint Louis cloudy Dream. I

love it. Yeah. I mean it's looking
so Green. you guys must be

getting a lot of rain. It's like
planted out. Yeah. I mean I

mean it's a nice foliage so far
it. It's all organic.

Good Yeah. It looks organic and
look how diverse. it's great.

It's good. You should see the roots.

That is that's good to see you.
I'm I'm gonna see that. If you

didn't sleep last night was too
much teeth, No about one. Don't

sleep. Okay.

So I don't know what that's about.

Alright. So I've oh my mom is how
is it going mom had her

birthday yesterday went out to their
place made a a carrot cake

carrot cake man. that was good.
Happy birthday. Yeah. What a

bummer to having this time you know
you can't have any parties.

That's a good thing sometimes if
you don't like parties, big

birthday party, No, I'm not. Oh
okay, I can understand yeah a

little parties. I love birthday
baby, not too big a parties.

I'm not like I'm really into like
the best parties with so many

people there. You don't know anybody
and you know I can get a

cut like dinner party or a tea party.
It's always always really

nice. It's all start making I see
you're sitting among the team

but are making some tea, not the
tea behind me. Okay. No. no.

no. that's just you know for summertime.
I don't know.

if you're you're you're too cool.
I I like you like I like you

know I work so hard to try to set
up this nice. you know you

could framing here. make my tea
room and you know you you got

your feels. Yeah. It's beautiful
here that cloudy. but sunny

sometimes that Dream, but.


Huge all the rage now he's you know
having to use it a

necessity learning cool tricks like
what you went on there and

I like it a lot. Yeah. What are
you drinking? I am going to

drink some Georgie tea

But to the camera, we get some light
on it, You know not the

biggest grade of leaf but you know
I've I just like the aroma

the flavor of Georgia Line teas.
So yeah. did you see that?

Could you see that like all like
P double little hair is put

into the guy One big desk. Try Combs.
You're not what do you

like to call Tri Combs says they
will turn Yeah. Hair I don't

know I'm bringing dreams. Oh, you're
still in that curry and

Green. I like that I buy crowd in
January about January. That

was that like a seasonal thing that
you like to do or is that

just yesterday or White? Why do
you well normally create and

iPhones? Wait, you know traditionally
til like festival in.

Yeah, but I wait, I'm like more
in the work Yes.

I like your your shot this key school
like in and out and like

it disappeared hearing and the teeth.
I'm a medium.

That's funny. Yeah, I brought a
new tea drinking buddy. I he

doesn't maybe if you've got some
inspiration of a name for him,

but yeah. Is this dude? He's like
I know what it is. I don't

know what that is either. Let's
see he's like a. Anybody know

what this is Adam Janet I don't
know Rita there we go freedom

masculine energy or you know it
would be Rita. Alright. Eric

did you named UFC Drinking buddy?
No, you got him.

open a brother that's definitely
reader marry as in marriage

happens oh

I found the dollar store and

I don't know like his cups a little
bit big, you know, but I

think that he's just trying to flex
you know the team room were

all drinking out of her small cups
and he's he's got his big

Cup. No, I need a refill. I'm good,
I can take tea. I don't


Person come to my table, I refuse
to the small Cup like it was

just impossible for them to to use
the small Cup. and of

course, once we give them a big
Cup that was fine small House.

I mean, sometimes they're small,
but I mean, typically like you

know not too small right about that.
I mean some small like the

child like taste really small when
we're having really big tea

parties sometimes will bring those
out exclusively because It's

just here to make sure everybody
has. he has a Cup. you know,

sometimes we'll have 50 people here
you've seen that before you

see our crazy tea parties yet, Oh
well I I was asleep.

Different time in my life, you said
that you were asleep and I

and you're in that. I'm just like
imagining those pictures that

are going viral right now of the
the elephant sleeping in

fields like I can only think they're
why they're there. It's

sad cuz their habitats are approached
upon. Yeah. That's the

first thing I thought of I'm like
why, but it is cute when she

look at it got me through. Rice
wine They're just tired after

the long walk, It was a smile of
the tea.

I'm getting that smell, but you're
so lucky. This is like this

is a pretty smell in the growing
smell in the spring, it's such

a beautiful, you know what it is
in Roseville departments of

the tea the tea that's right. It's
just oh my God. it's it's

probably that's when it burst open.
Yeah. That's probably like

my favorite ever in the history
of ever, you know it's it's

unique to tee. It's not just the
small of nice tea. you know

you could smell like this smells
incredible. You know, but it's

still slower. but it's a pretty
different smell from rose to

the finish. Yeah. Hey, Justin What's
just watching this book

you should come to the party dress
and if you're just some tea

just you know you come on love to
catch up with you, I know

Just some tea because before all
this started he came to tea

and bought some pretty big battle.
A nice tea to get some some

nice White teas so up with some
nice tea.

But you do have enough tea in your
House or all of this. I'm a

parents for this quarantine and
I brought enough teeth. you

know it and and you know that I
have plenty of tea for two year

long queen or air glasses ready.
I'm aging most. oh, that's

good. Well. I mean point roll. We're
all kind of aging

ourselves now with with the corn
team going on. Yeah. we're all

gonna come out, wiser and smarter
and more grateful. I think

I'm in the tea, the tea not wiser
and of course, but I'll do.

You know we're working of course,
actually we're probably like

aging more than like ugly. We're
probably aging. You know the

typical and the in this corn to
state it's gonna reflect on

seeking word a lot. That's why I
say that

philosophically where aging. The
wrinkle in the gray hair is

kind of aging, but wisdom kind of

that like decrepit age. No, no.
no. no. I see what you mean

now. Yeah, like the the the tea
right, the positive aging the

tea that wants to do with their
DD. Let's think that's not the

type of aging. We're talking about
it like developing more

costs, flavors of us and compounds
that you know increases it's

in its quality when we enjoy it
and make the connection. Absent

minded at the moment drinking good
look, you're doing some

glass performing there. You're just
like you're tired there. No

okay. now it's come back.

Yeah, I'm a little trick to make
Green tea. Yeah quick is to

just look in a room temperature
water for a little bit get that

time is you know a secret? Oh, that's
your secret. Okay. You

can keep a secret to it. It's just
well and then you put

boiling water on it and it comes
out a little sweeter, a little

sweeter and more. Mommy but it doesn't
work with all Green teas

that Greece doesn't it work for
Japanese and some Green longing

doesn't work driving well, most
Japanese doesn't work. Have you

worried eyebrows with Japanese keys?
It's really really high

mommy was I do not have the patience.
Okay. Yeah. I try and

then I just ended up putting cold
water on it or a room

temperature water on to the ice.
Yeah, and it was. It's

alright, but I've never done that.
Yeah May it may I make a

suggestion of how you may be able
to to tolerate that patients

to make it happen. Drink another

Whatever you gonna say, yeah, Oh,
yeah. you just said it to the

side. You know that the ice light
and said it to the side drink

their teeth while you wait, no like
40 - five minutes, ice to

melt and into bra the other Patients
here I know I know there's

something I never thought I would
never thought about well. I

don't imagine Japanese Green tea.
So that's why you know. I'm

surprised you and we gotta practice
with it. You know, I think

a bunch but I didn't like the person
that anymore.

Hi Instagram. We have some bulk
watching Eric Glass on I

actually wanna show you this. This
is really funny cuz I know

you zoom going on, but if you can
see they're using that you

feel and that incredible.

Wait now we're over here. I'll be
here they got it technology

is funny. Yeah. Hey, what's going
on girl? I'm a man was that

if you made our tea parties, I'm
welcome through Zoom link is

bit dot. Leave Tea party. come drink
some tea with us chat with

us. We got Eric in Saint Louis.
He's a good friend friend long

time you're officially the very
like home. The auction system,

I told you that I didn't know how
we speak again. I have a new

stock and I have you know the stock
from your you you bought so

it goes inside by I can help you
with that. Okay. Yeah. I'm

fine with has really has like it.
Yeah I wish it was a bit

fuller leaf, but maybe that's a
key to a testing how it is.

Yeah. That is yes. So I have that
rich you know cuz it's like

it's like Lincoln process. So it's
not like a full leaf. the

the blood that we see in the market
now, they were all pretty

much developed by growers that were
drained entry longer. I was

like an Exchange, no shame because
the gym was seeking out like

those tea processing become with
their deal. That's that's how

that all came about kinda like shoe
was learned about through.

Huh. Can you explain a little bit
more about is a very started

to shoot port. It's gained from
a different province. It's

wrong, she neighboring province
and they have both bushes three

and small leaf, so they make different
grades like bushes and

trees. I I mean when Hong Kong wanted.
The old age style tape

way Union went and she told from
the processors and that's

basically the same process I use
for. So interesting so much so

much more to learn you know you
think you've you learn

something and there's find that
they're 20 - five yet to even

vote. Yeah, that's you know learning
right now is a really good

time to to learn grateful to view
and share your knowledge. You

know, I know you say you don't have
knowledge but you do have a

very unique things that range in
strong areas. I guess yeah for

the government area. Yeah. Yeah.
that's good, you know cuz you

There is a whole bunch of shoe poor
experts out there a lot of

enthusiasts Elmar good to see you
buddy hope you doing well.

hope your family is doing well.
Omar from the dragon. I guess

if you want you can join on you
can join us like now through

your phone or your the link is bit
at least slash tea Tea

party. That's an easy one to remember
today. you know so it was

something that I thought was an
actual thing. I did put safety

guard on this tea party room teacher
we didn't have. I heard it

is a thing like a zumba mommy make
rolls that will turn into

these like forum that would have
created if there's knowing of

filtering going on, you know you
could have trolls in I'm wanna

be drinking teeth. you know really
damping or drinking coffee.

Oh forbid or I mean worse, they
could be you know putting

content on why this too. You know,
we wanna be careful what

what could shared so I do have a
waiting room. so whenever you

click that link slash Tea Tea party
you'll have to wait in a

while and then

I'll be able to view to come in
and have a safe and people and

collaborative tea party together.
my goal is to eventually you

know, fill up the whole table. You
know people you know the

more at the table the better I'm
gonna continue this every day

changing much.

You know we we do like to chat with
each other when they're on

the computer, but leave it too like
video just type of thing. I

know that it's not as intimate of
living by you know

broadcasting this to the Internet,
but we actually do have very

unique knowledge that I've been
enrolled in a full to get

access to so thank you for sharing
it. For listening, I'll

always do I love I love your sense
of humor my dry sarcastic

sense of humor. My my failed humor.

Today he just got in from it, but
he says him and his wife

joined also that is I'm happy to
hear that is the perfect time

to enjoying tea as well as your
family and your company. have

you been to a lot of tea with your
family or a little bit mom

prefers Certainties. My dad prefers
all types of teas. Oh, it's

not at the same time, but yeah some
teas. Yeah, just chatting

with my friend. Ella. I was chatting
with my friend the other

day the she she was telling me that
her and her husband like to

drink different cities. So you know
they have like this. Hey

Justin what's up? How's it going
awesome good to see you. It's

good to see you too. What's new.
Hey you got a look at your Tea

Cup. That's a big one. No check
this out. Ago

This is what Maria made for me.
wow the bunny. She gave me a

whole bunch of stuff. That's my
own little table slash

the lid is slotted so you can 14
if you want and approve from

the inside. so I got my own table
now, Oh wonderful man versus

like so much creativity. She's she's
good work surprise. Does.

Everybody's going you've got your
tea fields behind you just

got his fancy tea table. I've got.

This is fun so Justin. How are you
how you been doing? you've

been you've been staying going out
for walks? What's been here

was lately mainly stay side running
around the dogs healing

time in the House restoring pets
already restored like 10

sharpened played in the House. No
not yet. I haven't done that

yet. But I have taken on restoring
next old kinds that he got

from his dad. Oh, so yeah, that's
going nice so hot process go

a long and tedious. What do you?
what do you do right now? I'm

soaking it in lie someone I gotta
scrub off all that. After I

get all that gunk off and then from
there, I just let the

others by they're gonna be nice
and beautiful again. It's the

beauty of a pen cuz they last forever.
Yeah. I tattoo bins Yup,

you can respect.

What are you drinking right now?
We've got a tear right now.

I'm going to milk long running weeks.
I've been drinking is

that Central Ruby 18 one night or
a lot left good excellent.

That's a couple more months. Whatever
be White wonderful. I

tried that one Eric there will be
I have Ruby bright White from

Oh, yes, I have I have. I have a
little bit of it too. Oh nice.

nice little nice little treat to
save her a good time. It's

just such a unique tea. You know
what it is. I have other Ruby

White and each one crazy one is
just like not even process.

It's just very. that's it. I mean
it's just still Green. It's

pretty crazy. Is it like a creep?

No, you know why would you describe
the other two? we'll list

very glad eucalyptus notes. Oh,
okay. Yeah. and the other has

enormous amount of bottom and not
much taste. So what do you

mean by body feel? Oh warm and it
goes like goes from like the

chest out to the hands. So it's
very nice. It's it's not stuck

in the head guys, but there's really
no flavor to it. It's it's


showing Noah from floating Lacy
through Vegas weeks ago and I

had the growth welcoming them to
my tea table and that would be

that that we shared moment you know
that's that actually shows

in the US that I ever saw about
Ruby White. So that's why I

figured she'd be interested in trying
it and she had even said

it was very different from the one.

Oh, so I guess I have four hurdlers
and her compression okay.

So someone on Facebook just commented
and just cloud Cava or

Ava, The Polynesian culture is a
body feel you guys know about

that I know about, he said. What
that that color is something

that what he called it a tea they
do. they make it like a tea

or an infusion with the the ground
cava just like a. Root that

the powder is Hawaiian culture,
but us get a body feel it and

I've I've not my medicine experience
is that it was your whole

body. Yeah. so he's talking about
the the body feels and

numbing one or is it like a tingly,
energetic one it's was an

energetic. Yeah. Well, I wouldn't
say numbing, I'd say wow

little bit numbing. I say no. This
one right here is very

tingling and all over my body. well
extremely. Yeah. Nice Green

tea. What's up buddy here at Bevens
from is watching on.

And catch up, I got two friends
and two friends on right now,

Eric Glass and Justin both good,
but I have another friend.

John John is good so sorry you're
having trouble getting it.

Yeah. We'll see you you but drink
more tea. Everybody got our

tea. Yeah. I've been drinking water
to every day quarantine, or

which one yeah, I have this one
and a bigger one here it was

insulting. Yeah, that's what I've
been using for the morning

for Green tea and this one I've
been using a White.

I'm sorry you broke up there. It's
good. That's a good team.

Matcha John John here in Vegas our
friend and he says he's been

he's been drinking matcha see. That's
the one thing I did in

stock is matcha. I'm kinda sad He
wants to watch. I don't drink

it. Make it, you said you have no
effect when he said it

doesn't do anything. No. it doesn't.
I mean I woke up in the

Middle of the two Bowls and went
right back to sleep. Wow. It

doesn't it's not it doesn't affect
me. It's just like a drink


Are you doing out of all my Christmas?
I'm dreaming where you

are yes, but not all. I I only get
the effect Lily for a very

period of time and I get it very
intensely. I taught ??? and

I'm like Super on point you get
that really going. Yeah like I

feel it and I know that we're sitting
with me but like within

20 like I'm just like oh and just
like really loud, you know so

that's the infected for matcha,
but I just enjoy like the

flavor and you know. So yeah, John
Jacket about Cobbie says.

Doesn't it relax it does. It's like
I mean for me and know me

like my whole like it starts throwing
the mouth, which actually

is like, Don't like it's not a pleasant
feeling like I don't

mind them like my mouth and my throat.
I'm not into that.

That's why I called my message,
but I think traditionally it's

meant to be like a very like ceremonial
type of drink. that's

like a group. yeah, that's. Calm
every like had or things like

that, but and that's like five years,
so it's be popular kind

of like party drink this whole like
cava bar people gather at

and you know like listen to live
music and just like getting

all about together. yeah, it's like
it's like yeah. it's like

for your hand, goes like or something
or feeling. I'm not that

people don't want. I guess I'm feeling
something. Yeah, I don't

know I've never felt that kind of
entered from a tea before it

was very chilly. it were like liver.
I think the main organ

that it affects their bad damage
if it's too much of it or if

you drink it with alcohol. So that's
why it's dangerous that

Cava is becoming the social popular
Dream like I have a bars

and stuff everyone. you know, yeah,
really popular and actually

be the tea bar that that up in downtown
Las Vegas, they were

very interested in and having cava
there and They were all you

know like trying to like they were
trying to like put

themselves as like a bar hopping
stop for like people that are

drinking popping like they weren't
going to have they weren't

going to have a hole at this. They're
gonna tea entered these

other things, but they were positioning
as a night light as

people are like bar hobby stop into
the Sea bar. I can you know

around to drink conscious raising
bench with their friends and

they can with their bar hop and
I was I. Very dangerous, if

you're gonna have that because if
you're having people that are

already drinking alcohol coming
you know you've you've got a

track. you've gotta have some sign
to let people know that they

shouldn't be drinking those two
things together and they

shouldn't be because if I kill yourself,
Yeah yeah. And then we

are having time and it's only on
voices you hear behind you are

a leader on Zoom. You can join us
at bit dot Lee slash Tea

party gone for another 20 minutes
so feel free to come. Justin

you in on drinking some tea. I'm
talking about our feelings,

but what happened to the teeth field?
then I'm gonna do. I give

you something else, but it was just
my getting on my nerves he

instantly walk.

I need more teeth there. you go.
Oh wow. so so tropical you

look like you're on a vacation to
go on vacation on the Beach.

If you wanna sit under the coconut

Get lost We were talking about or
the like a room, a root herb.

you know it's popular and Polynesian
culture has become really

popular state, says Lee Drink. Yeah,
a weakens your liver. So

then you can't process the alcohol
so you shouldn't drink the

two deer see I thought you were
talking about that instant

coffee brand cow. I don't know about
that. What is it? It's

like. Powders and coffee that my
grandmother loves, but it just

went they just stop making it like
goes for like 900. I don't

know not 900 maybe 90 instead of

Dad so on Instagram is just giving
a little parts like the

horse will stop. I'm loving it.
Whoever is not thank you. love

you too. Maybe it's smarter. smart
chokers there.

Therefore, you cook it or you're
doing are you you're exploring

your coils with all this time with
your family.

I I wanna make my box of balls.
Yeah, that sounds interesting

into that, maybe all made all the
make up a recipe and share it

with you. I've never made multiple,
but I like I'm allowed

exploring new things to cook and
all well. there's there's

tricks to them not to follow the
instructions on the box. Yeah.

don't follow the instructions so
that's that's that's a bad

sign. Otherwise, you get dense mozza
ballet or just yeah about

side. you gotta have a really pop
that area. Yeah, you should

about double the water they suggest.
Okay. I see Oh so they're

not so dead. It's gonna make sense.
Yeah, so they really take

it. Alright. so someone on Instagram
is still asking about if

it's if there's any to you, I don't
about the like the only

thing that I did is that it is like
a ceremonial community.

That's usually shared at like a
large family does funerals and

such my only been experience was
that it like numbs your whole

mouth and then eventually known
to be in spirit. it it can be

like a comedy. so I could if you're
you know in that stressful

and of a funeral within such sharing
about this type of drink

with the air could be beneficial
and you know kind of the

spirits but that's that's all I
know about I don't know about

any other benefit I do know it's
not my medicine. yeah, I'm not

into it is not me some people like
it. I don't know. I'm not

really being into my body being
them, but some people like it

and then John Facebook is asking
about Ramos or honey Bush tea

do you think I'm also experienced
and and robust you know it's

not tea. so that's like a really
big appreciate and what you

know in my work we do is like inspiring
people to see. What

teaches made from the chameleon
plants, which has life been

about health benefits and other
great properties to them. I'm

sure area congestion with along
about no. No. No, I think I

don't. I don't care about health
better. Yeah. That's good.

Yeah. good play there.

Also, it is important thanks or
yeah, see you later couple or

Larry or other like that can be
infused in hot water. building

vocabulary is kind of did it that
way. so that's fine but is

like non kid. That's what I know
about it. I find its flavor to

also be like slightly numbing. I
don't know it's not cava.

We're not. To the actual body, but
like feeling tingly and

numbing, but I don't know I don't
find that's it. I'm not a big

fan of us of teeth tea blenders
like to use it because it is

happening free and you can blend
it with other things like a

very unique complex flavor to it,
but yeah I have.

So someone on Instagram at they
find Robust kind of like

vanilla and flavor you guys agree
with that. what as Bill of

flavor? that's honestly, I'm not
too sure since I don't drink

Rubio's keys a lot at all, so I
would assume that some of them

do notes to them because you know
they can yeah. but it really

just depends because there's so
many different blends that you

combined so many different things
you can put into them and

blend together. Yeah. vanilla is
one of them. Yup and She also

says it's good for digestion. which

but I haven't had in like 10 years.
I have no idea.

Yeah, so the classic booty sushi,
then you didn't know that cuz

totally boogie

breaking pure commuter. Yeah. That's
the library. Yeah.

Alright. Yeah. it is library estate.

I mean he's got a key field in his
backyard on the Beach. Come

on. Yeah. yeah. Be the other side
of the teeth field, and if

you turn 90 like oxidation be referring
to are we talking about

because you know that could be the
the difference in in tea so

jump on Facebook. I need to know
that occasion about me. so

yeah, usually that's like the most
surprising thing that people

bought tea. They learn rises them
is that's from that same

plant that Camellia Sinensis plant

Plant plan I mean huge and there's
one in tiny edge Japan, not

they even have them here. It's too.
Wow. That's a big roots. My

brother's got one in his front porch
in Austin. I'm sorry. What

did I miss? Nothing important? Get
a funny Eric is making me

about how big the the tea trees
is growing all over the I have

a friend has a Committee synthesis
sentences. Oh sweet. That's

pretty cool. Yeah, person. I mean,
you know the the tea tree.

you know like the trees they harvest.
you know our teeth when

those are essentially trees pruned.
so many houses that I mean,

really, they weren't pruned. it
would be 60 all, but instead,

they're only like four feet tall.
so yeah they're killed, but

you can pick em all nicely and easy.
Yeah. It's better. yup or

or or you know. Where this called

Unproved really big and they look
around the tree that you

could climb to get to the top the
first time they've ever seen

that the guy that owned the property.
There was explained to us

that this is the bamboo holding
early to be able to climb to

harvest the tea, but it was there
to keep the tree lost


Like get up rooted and will be common
throughout the village of

town, so they put a bamboo in there
to like hold it. There's so

many like flooring teeth up with
all those supposedly the guy

took his place it over these bushes.
Yeah. That's what John he

says. Is there a bedtime picking
tea? What about Panda poop

tea? I've created. Yeah, that one
's interested wait isn't

there like they're like fertilizing
the kind of interesting. I

think that there is value when I
was, I keep my spirit be

separate from the compost and I
find that it's like more

fertile and really smells better.
it smells like tropical fruit

incredible. I don't know using What's
up man join our Tea party

bit Come up. We're here we got we
got Eric Claus. We're talking

about healthy Pick. Monkey Pick
Monkey Pick tea is a thing

right like Tijuana Teavana like
I don't know about that. and it

really is a thing. Yeah, but it's
not literal. you know. yeah.

It's like well. folk legend well
right marketing term rate. It

was like you know it was like a
word that and I don't know what

meaning of why they started came
from it possibly could fall

cool. Slash Tea Tea party bit dot
Lee slash L Y L Y slash Tea

party So, yeah, the thing is not
for real or some pretty

incredible lean potentials there,
you know like monkeys going

to strike and what not I think it's
really hilarious because,

at least I mean, maybe your thing
we should make let you know

since the people all. we're all
gonna send the monkeys out to

make our our teeth. you probably
teach a change.

or a baby. Yeah they. can trust.
They're so smart, they're they

don't throw proof like paint these
yeah, but I do is is with

each other. No conflict. they got
bushes to hide behind.

and you were talking about answering
this this video content in

my own zoo. I'm here we are. Talking
about we're gonna start

we're gonna. watch.

Hi first. Know someone on Instagram
please we need a 2020

harvest. I think this is gonna be
interesting. The monkey

picked tea for the 20 twentieth
all all Star Carpenter. Yeah,

all picked by monkey. No. Marvin
said. he'll do it. I think the

picture of elephant out drunk and
slept in a yeah. You feel

that yeah that he missed it. Eric
was reacting those photos and

the beginning. it was incredible.
We can look at.

I think we're not that's okay. I'm
trying to play on, but I

don't know I'm kinda tired for you.
lovely. That's my second.

I'll finally get some sleep.

He saw the elephant photo. I was
a pretty viral viral image

that that made the rounds that's
good, You know more and more

taller, you know Photoshop. Oh,
I don't know I mean, yeah put a

lot on Instagram said that she already
a first flush in 2020.

Had there are some estates you know,
started producing some of

our nurses and a Psalm started producing
tea but country of

India like the. Country went down
a shutdown this past week so

pretty much every factory and tea
state across the country has

shut down production not a good
thing. thinks because and we

saw this in 2018 during the second
lush that because they're

harvesting going on, there was no
like management of the field

and some level of like a pruning
harvesting that does you know

the longevity of yeah the hardest.
And what not so the good

thing is a multi grower, independent
guys like coffee, but you

know we've already of team production
is small growers make

sure they're still gonna be able
to build. they may not be

processing or like harvesting teeth
of the factories for cross,

but you know they weeding they can
be pruned. They can be

maintaining their fields and making
sure that staying healthy

during this as moment so yeah. That's
a good. Yeah. If I'm a

tea garden and just to get out and
see you know how your field

is deal get some fresh air. Yeah.
key farms just processing it

themselves. Yeah, that can happen.
but yeah, I'm sure that like

some of our partners, I mean that
but like I'm talking about

like the factories like majority
of multi Russia are not

produce their own tea like how it
works and they'll harvest the

fee. and then they take it out to
the main line where the

factories are buying the leaf and
falling the leaf to the. It's

processed into like the CTCU or
another Orthodox grades of tea

and you know they they require in
our network of employees to

yeah, but you know, actually the
that pause that have energy

tea fields during the 2016 unrest
that you know that all the

workers went on strike, You know
the the team didn't get

harvested that actually feared really
well for the the tea

plants in India they're. Commodity
minded So they're always

trying to get the most yields out
of their their production so

they'll harvest the Lake 67 times
a year, which is like the air

you ever heard of that in China,
the plants that many times

yeah. So in China was I want? Yeah.
That's a lot. Yeah, that

that's a machine that is you know
like something child show

don't pick and let the trees. Yeah.
Yeah, you wanna let them so

this could be one of the positive
side of what we're dealing

with is that you know these plants
cannot. Rest. Yeah, you know

the plants and bomb or you know
like the Mark Price is really

low. We're trying to like such as
they possibly can so they

will harvest we go out and so this
will force to kind of scare

plants, which could be good for
the quality people will

factories pay for the quality. It's
not the factories I don't

for it. It's the the Middle man.
It's like the reason yeah and

they don't you're right. They don't
I was talking with our

Scott yesterday about. You know
about the commodity mentality

versus a specialty include the the
price window can get it no

matter how kind it is that price
window is anywhere between

like 200 kilo. It comes a specialty
tea. We're all drinking

here that that price potential for
from like me to thousands of

dollars ago. So you know we're working
within that community



Get a higher price as a get out
of that metallic the special

Yeah. That's pretty sad.

But you know how it works at the
moment you know by the future,

I don't know about the future. The
future is gonna be

interesting. Also definitely nothing
is gonna be the same.

If the optimistic estimate gave
himself up so he's not

disappointed. Yeah. yeah when you
have low standards, it's like

easy to you know be happy right
exactly I mean I could always

look on the bright side of life,
but I don't really like that


Life of Brian

A lot of water you're out. Yeah,
I have to go like across the

House to get in the water. I'm not
doing that. I'm too lazy.

You know, I have a water sooner.
Yeah. From this, oh, that's

good, we got five by seven in it
at least that's good. You know

that's something that people always
you know they may they may

practice and say it's so much money
on TV and you know whenever

you actually like do the math you
have any steps you get out of

your tea that five brews out of
it, but it ends up being you

know better than tomorrow. I'm.
10 out of a Green teeth What

this is a semi wild bushes.

Tea company the collective actually
oh, that's nice. Yeah. yeah

he collected wonder without a collective
of farmers. Oh cool,

and then they put it produce in
one place, but they're all

together. They all get paid the
same. It's all the same

company, but the E form is run by
a different person. There's

two of those in Korea. Basically,
they're all under one company

or individual farms. Yeah like Tyson.

Alright. yeah. Good good example
Wait again. No, but it's an

interesting model that you know
a lot of our partners in Japan

are playing around with the collective
model, where have like

collective resources that you share
in the marketing resource

because marketing is really hard,
you know like a barrier or

you know they just don't know what
marketing they know about

you know realizing work and varieties
and deeper. The customer

being the discount so or not even
think the gardens. Yeah,

Yeah, which is fine. You know it
is there the resource and you

know that from behind and you know
kind of the call as well is

that like like a liar is in what
they're good at what their

values and then this can work together
to you know make happen

to make commodities get created
around the world appreciated

around the world but you know like
where the issue. Causes

whatever car is centralized in one
place and the value is not

shared fairly or currently with
everybody's I think the the

focus of movie sure is finding ways
things can be more

distributed and you know experientially
shared you know I've

been trying to figure out and this
could be good but like the

coke bottle. so like that's another
kind of modern. but a co-op

where all the workers are like a
part in the business and they

all kind of work together. there's
been a lot of faults in that

because a lot of times they're trying
to plug this huddle into

the already established sprint model
that is laying within that

commodity system. so there's really
dignity to mobilize up but

yeah, I'd be interested. can you
you know, send me the name of

that. I'd like to research them
and see you know what they're

doing now. I must admit it's out
of this is to collective or

another company. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
Why is it again and I can't

read it or I mean I could read Here's
both songs from

legitimize Okay.

Hi Sally us on Facebook so have
seen this like through it. I'm

just so I can get this shared through
Instagram and eventually

that everybody will find us this
on Facebook or the actual

meeting room to zoom and I'm doing
every day at two PM at bit

dot LY slash Tea party continue
to share that link on our

social channels and if you'd like
to join us sometime, I'd love

to have we could talk to you. We
can drink tea together. I'll

probably be closing us tea sessions
again. we'll be going on

and everyday. I'm trying to like
invite from. A couple of days

tea time was very casual lots of
jokes from Eric Glass, but he

yesterday's session I had on me,
PD researcher a tea and client

change, and so he had dated us on
research and really fascinate

aircraft to that one. Yeah. Yeah.
Good stuff. Alright starts

like having like the content talking
you said Shadow. So we're

going on and and share with us using
your passion and yeah

inspire some folks. Yeah to explore.
Action for tea what you

can do on you can do a segment on
Korean tea more since you are

the only person that I know of who
actually is knowledgeable in

it. I'd love to do that more formed
of Korean tees, Diversities

and Japanese Japanese bushes as
well as Chinese bushes. Steve

Yeah, I mean, JJ Island is entirely
Japanese bushes I saw

Japanese bushes. I don't know if
you know this place, no, I do

know those places. they're himself.
They got that volcanic soil

that helps Yeah. I know it's really
for nutrient for vital

plant, but see I didn't know primarily
Japanese us climb that

can only allow it to be born in
themselves that too, you know

they're not climbing. Yeah. it's
it's there's several frost.

and when I went there, there was
a frog winter and it was great


Yeah, that's always an interesting
now, sometimes the the the

plant that that to the plant will
do the deal will increase its


Yeah. so Priscilla Facebook at she's
been Liberal Korean team

information, but there's no books.
No. what what was that

there's three books and now a really
good what it called.

I can't think of them. now. you
know what you're gonna do is

you're gonna find them after we
disconnect and then you know,

send it all add all that information
on to the comments of

Facebook video and so that you have
facility also assisted in

and check it out. Yeah. Yeah. that's
good. Check out and I've

got there's some really about clean
too. cool. Awesome. You

have an engaged tea friend this
wanting that difference. So

okay. great awesome. I love how
Eric that's how you get him out

in the world. as you show your interest
is interests.

and I'm not interested in the team
just kinda like.

Yeah, like we should continue, I
wanna develop this. I know I'm

still kind of rescue getting better
and better, but yeah Eric

if you wanna wanna prepare procession
where we can go a little

bit more in depth about like I can
even do like and sharing and

such through this like I can share
links and maps and stuff

walking so that way yeah, people
can can legalize and and

really see what you're talking about

Point somewhere find it. I'll find
it. yeah. cool. Yeah posted

on we can maybe yeah. we're gonna
talk like this cuz you know

all the teeth are meaningful this
year so people yeah, you know

you know I was gonna do that and
the Bellingham team Festival a

good place. huh. It's too bad, he
will keep the information and

the tips are flowing. You know cuz
we need that it's really

important now but yeah, I wanna
bring on other you know their.

Be the future of clean energy so
we'll we'll be having some

scientists and experts talking we
we may not be drinking tea

looks like a panel. I'm I'm helping
execute so that'll be too

April Fools part of comedy things
so that will be a more light

hearted session that will be doing
yeah, that's all gonna be

all right. Yeah. they will be on
soon. They're also gonna be

like passing it to Facebook live.
so you know if you wanna come

on to the zoom you can do it from
Facebook and you know type in

your comments there and we can age.
and then I'm putting on,

I'm just so you know that community
get access and know about

on I also like wanna put a plug
out for all the tea vendors

online. Team matters now is a very
important time thumb and

support supplies like Eric and Justin
are good. others may not

be so the postal service right now.
and so you know most of the

tea vendors that we were in the
States are still fulfilling

online. Order do need your support,
especially like the brick

and mortar shop, but our self pay
rents and you know we're

trying to support their employees.
so I did a really cool map

of all of the what do I do Love
Justin No of Eric. what I see.

you were adjusting you were laughing
about you know companies

trying to support their knees because
I know that it's

important. I definitely. Bad form
that can be for another time

to talk to you about that experience
time. we can we can talk a

make up what you and your peers
are dealing with right now. you

know with all the the restaurant
shutdowns and and lack of work

and uncertainty of that. but you
know, shop owners are going to

difference as well and just put
down and so I created a map at

the slash map and that is a map
of all of our retail partners

that are currently for theirs either
online or. Pick up at

their tea shops so yeah, please
go there. pick up the tea and

yeah have some tea with us so well,
you can folks. Yeah. Yeah,

I think cuz it's very likely that
the country whole country as

a whole could shut down, including
our service. So get your

team now support your team now and
that way you in on these

parts and yeah we gather together
we need yeah definitely and

it's okay in bulk. Yeah, a lot.
A lot of our partners are doing

discounts all buying. So yes, it's
a good to you live in

Ecuador. I don't know how I could
worshiping and we believe

maybe I can help you get some get
some teeth Priscilla

well and Ecuador. Yeah, some means
women on but I'm not. I'm

not well what exactly is going on
actually Priscilla when you

when you come on. Already, you update
us of what the corridor

it would be incredible to hear that
that experience that you're

having also alright guys. I think
we've gotten ourselves

problems that we've laughed a lot
and you guys just laugh

really relaxed good well. cheers
to better and trust everybody

else here's tomorrow too much love
six day happy. And folks,


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