Monday, July 13, 2020 - Celebrating bartenders and servers

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hello happy Monday everybody dignified
hospitality today we are celebrating
bartenders and servers so just let you
guys all know if you are a bartender or
server especially if you have been
dealing with you know your work opening
reclosing trying to navigate what's
going on I'd love to invite you all to
come and join me today you can join live
the link is here you can see it bit ly /
t let T party please bring the fun yes
it is time I gotta make sure everybody
knows it's tea time just enjoy my
cocktail here on Instagram all right so
I am just going to be letting people
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just getting everything shared was here
hey you like my daiquiri nice yeah I'm
celebrating bartenders today so I
thought I'd have a nice cocktail instead
of my typical tea time that I'm usually
doing I will be giving some updates
what's going on
I want to make sure I just joined this
cool new group on Facebook called Vegas
bartenders and bartenders and servers so
I want to share this video and make sure
they feel what wants to join
okay I'm also all shared a little bit
more work today
if no one comes no one comes it's fine I
have plenty of stuff to talk about
specifically in the past week there has
been a lot of developments of various
states and entire states that are having
to shut down their their dining services
or bars and bars you know it's different
all over the place each each state is
handling the pandemic differently and
here in Las Vegas it's or in the state
of Nevada it's being handled in a very
interesting way very selectively of you
know who's gonna be held accountable for
you know protecting the public and here
in Nevada the bars you know have been
held pretty accountable for this and so
I wanted to invite staff of bars servers
at restaurants to talk about this you
know maybe not specifically about how
unfair Nevada is being about how its
handling its pandemic and how confusing
its handling its pandemic but you know
really in harmony with what I've been
wanting to do with this entire series
this entire dignified hospitality series
is that we have to pay like a new path
for the future regardless of pandemic
you know so maybe you can't then make it
all of this pain that the industry is
going through right now in this moment
is all you know maybe accelerating this
conversation but you know just full
transparency I've been having this
conversation for four years now this is
not new for me you know discussing how
important food is how important
hospitality is and how we really do need
to cert to to serve the people of that
value chain with dignity it's really
important and I feel like I'm in a
unique position to be hosting this
conversation into the you know having
these conversations because I don't work
in the service industry directly myself
my business services the service
industry you know we import fine quality
teas some of the you know finest teas in
mass and supplying its wholesale so a
lot of our clients are servicing
restaurants servicing bars you know bars
have actually become the biggest point
of growth in my client's business just
the interest in interesting cocktails
that are different and interesting and
intriguing and yeah tea has just been
kind of this new unexplored territory
that you know has been growing quickly
for my clients but now with what's going
on it definitely has put a big stress
how things are doing I love working with
bartenders they're probably like my
favorite people to work with on two
projects because you guys please join if
you want to join in this is casual this
is comfortable my tea table I'm just
gonna be drinking some tea if you're
watching on Instagram I'm drinking a
strawberry daiquiri I'm definitely
drinking a nice strawberry dad oh yeah
but yeah I want to talk about this
experience and what's being processed
out of this experience of how we can
empower hospitality because that's just
gonna be such a heartbreak you know so
last week when I was talking Yelp I was
looking over an article that Yelp put
out and that said that 53%
of the restaurants in their database and
the Yelp database 53% of them are
permanently closed now from March until
middle of June so this data is actually
from the middle of June so now we're
already in the middle of July it's
already a month old data so can only
imagine even more restaurants having
permanently closed especially due to
reclosing you know and so I want to talk
to somebody that has first-hand
experience of what that's like what is
it like to reopen what is the new normal
everybody was talking about and then hi
good to see you what's the new normal
and how has that affected you know the
the whole experience of service maybe
not from the consumer point of view but
from your point of view from the
server's point of view as an
organization how are things running are
things different you know and I welcome
all types of opinions on that this is
just a casual place if you want to come
and just vent I welcome that but I do
say that venting and all these things
are not so productive so inevitably I'm
gonna be asking questions about how to
pave the path forward and so that's the
whole point of this is dignified
hospitality manifesto and I have been
addressing different communities within
the hospitality world right now the one
that's like in the forefront that we
keep reading about and hearing about our
service employees so within the entire
u.s. food system like restaurant network
restaurant business and and supply chain
value chain of restaurants what's in it
which includes the bartenders servers
the cooks chefs we got Tom here hi Tom
hopefully your camera is on it's not on
I'm gonna ask you to put it on my Tom
thank you for coming tom you and put
your your mic on and your camera on
I want to know who you are Tom you want
to talk with me please
let's chat if not I am going to remove
you through the room it's cool oh
they're welcome yeah Tom if you just
want to listen you can just listen to
the stream you came here I want to hear
your voice I went to your story all
right Tom you can try to figure that
stuff out I am going to start video
maybe that'll help nope I didn't help
alright time when you don't move you I'm
so sorry try to come back have your
camera on love to hear your story
alright you're back with me again so you
have that entire value chain it includes
also the farmers it includes all of the
middle then that puts even companies
like me people like me that trained
staff and introduced new products and
and do that type of work there's 20
million people in the US alone that are
part of that and so that doesn't even
count all the millions of people I mean
hundreds of millions of people that are
part of the supply chain of of
international commodities tea
specifically right you know so I work
with tea and always talking about tea
and all of the the the workers and the
supply chain of tea but you know so if
53 percent of all the restaurants in
this country are permanently closed
that's 53 percent maybe you know I don't
know if that I am and I good to see you
I don't know if that directly translates
to 53 percent of that 20 million people
are jobless currently but maybe we could
just say that and if they are you know
they still exist their passion for their
work still exists
so how can we harness that into
something productive you know I'm not
I'd love to talk about that I'm gonna
call out my friend
Giuseppe Gonzalez very famous bartender
I hope one day I can convince him to
come on here and chat with me because he
has a wealth of knowledge and experience
around these topics very passionate and
this morning he actually posted
something specifically around Tipene
just powerful because that's one that's
been a topic of conversation I think
we've talked about it like three or four
times now in this series about how you
know the origins of tipping who knows
where it comes from some people say it
comes from slavery you know very
disrespectful and devaluing form of
value exchange and so yeah maybe I won't
read all just that these posts that I'd
love to have him come on and talk about
and basically you just he's just saying
you know like there's been this anti
tipping movements and how productive has
that actually been and that was
something I didn't want to dive into I
had heard that there was an entire
restaurant group that's converted to all
non Tipene and tried to plug in I think
was a 20% service charge and actually
finding that that's not making the
difference that they thought it would
and that makes sense
and a few weeks ago when Stefan was on
he was talking about when a business
sees their servers and their bartenders
as a salesperson and plugs in the
compensation system similarly to how
sales people are usually treated then
it's an incentivizing program which is a
win-win you know because it helps the
restaurant because then the server will
be incentivized to upsell that bottle of
wine or upsell that premium tea
experience whatever whatever it is
they're they're able to
that time and if there is some type of
commission you know just like a normal
salesperson you know they have a
commission you know if you make a
certain amount of sales then you get a
certain bonus you know could a
restaurant really you set up that way if
sure any business can be set up any way
you know you just kind of have to set
that intention and yeah I'd love to talk
with an actual restaurant to our
management that has thought about these
systems and thought about how they may
work because yeah I should be all about
empowering the server
you know servers are like servers
bartenders cooks they're artists they're
they're craftspeople especially in fine
dining especially in these like
heightened elevations and you know just
a context I truly believe that the
future of hospitality is going to be
like very very elevated and be polarized
either like a really really high value
experience because people are going to
be dining less you know do - pandemic
due to the budgets due to whatever and
so that the few times that they do enjoy
hospitality they're really gonna enjoy
it and the restaurants that are going to
or the businesses the bars whatever the
ones that are going to thrive are going
to be the ones that are offering that
heightened experience well on the other
end of the spectrum is going to be like
super convenience you know I hope not
fast food that's the the work that I
want to put in is to help that system
that side of the spectrum to be
healthier and more distributed and more
supporting of the community so that's
street food right I'd love to see see
that end of the spectrum become like
neighborhood Street food oh my gosh I'd
be so excited for that as of right now
the current food code wouldn't allow
that to happen so there would be some
major legislative changes that would
need to be implemented for that but so
that means that you know
service staff hospitality staff are
going to need to be elevating that
experience be it with more education so
that's a big one you know not just
presentation you know I think a lot of
professionals have been focusing a lot
on having like a really over-the-top
presentation and vibe you know like so
many restaurants in the past couple of
years have invested so much of their
marketing and so much of their build-out
towards creating this got to be your
experience it's more about like where
you are versus what you're enjoying in
that space ambience yes exactly
versus you know really looking at the
product you know ambience is is key
right that that should just be like
foundational like yeah create that vibe
you want but like don't make that all it
is you know for here in Las Vegas that
tends to be a big trend on the strip is
these like really over-the-top selfie
ready experiences and maybe the consumer
wanted that I think they did I used to
be an uber driver and I used to drive
people to their their dinner
reservations and when I would hear
people kind of talk up their excitement
about going you know to their
it was always um you know about the look
and about that that vibe and ambience
versus like I never hardly heard someone
say oh they they preparing this dish
like this special like this and they
they use ingredients like this it's
always like a celebrity name or oh my
gosh I remember one time I was stuck in
traffic terrible traffic from I think it
was the Rock and Roll Marathon and I
picked up these women and they had like
two hours until their reservation and I
told them about the traffic I'm like
we're about to get into some very heavy
traffic here and and and you you may
miss your reservation but they insisted
they wanted to go to their hotel first
because they had to change and they have
made up and before they went to the
reservation and I thought they looked
they were super you know well-dressed
and they look well made up I couldn't
even tell they just got off an airplane
I think they just came from LA so it was
hardly a flight but they looked ready
for a nice dinner and I said you know
why don't you just let me go drop you to
your reservation you know you could
probably store your bags you know at the
front of the hotel and you know go enjoy
your dinner but they insisted that they
had to change and get made up because it
was all about you know the photos that
they were going to be taking at the
restaurant so needless to say they
missed their their reservation that was
very uncomfortable driving my car with
very anxious women but I mean that just
says a lot about how much value these
women put into just the experience of
being in that place you know it I don't
know if that's gonna be as important in
the future because things are gonna get
more valuable and you know hopefully and
my idealistic perspective will become
more opportunity for high quality and
more consu ership among everybody even
even the lower middle class or people
that consider themselves not worthy of
connoisseur ship I think a lot of that's
going to change because quite a sewer
ship is not necessarily about being rich
and having money and collecting things
and spending money on things it's it's
about valuing things and even if you do
that activity a few times a year or once
a month or however frequently you're
able to within your own standards and
budget and everything it's still
technically connoisseur ship and so I
think I think I hope you know if you
think about something enough you
manifest it so that's what I'm working
on so I still haven't had anybody join
the room I would love to see some
friends come in especially if you work
in Vegas hospitality love to hear this
Maurice I know Paul from Esther's
kitchen he was really excited about this
but he's working right now he's working
lunch shift Esther's but he says as soon
as he's finished with that he's going to
be joining me I'm still enjoying my
cocktail and Instagram I still haven't
had a sip but it's okay I'll drink it
later I don't want to get drunk on
camera yeah I want to hear like you know
this this Vegas bartenders and servers
group that I've recently joined seems to
me a lot of mixed feelings you know just
a lot of frustration which is
understandable and I'd love to I'd love
to hear you know not only about what's
going on and all the confusion but like
where do you where do you see yourself
in the future you know I have to think
about that for myself right that's why
here I am I never would have thought
that I'd be like live streaming and
Hasina's conversations but I just felt
like that was my place and I'm you know
working it in and you know last time
when I was talking with a Stephan and we
discussed how like okay so there's like
channeling your passion in an
entrepreneurial way and like creating
your own path right and that I fully
encourage and I would love to hear that
story like what are your passions and
how my the community or your network of
supporters your network of friends and
family how can they support you in
achieving you know that goal of self
sufficiency and entrepreneurship but
then there's the other note spectrum of
of maybe this type of work is not going
to be as available as it's been
past which is good because then a little
D commodify that experience as well
because you have the service industry as
as an employee is a quite a commodified
thing now you know such high turnover
it's like oh this person wants to leave
don't worry will disease aliy be able to
hire somebody else in there are so many
jobs there's so many opportunities to
roll around and to work in different
environments but yeah maybe these jobs
won't be as available in the future as
they have been and so how to to build
the confidence to move on into maybe a
new path or you know just kind of a side
track of of your your path finding new
jobs and having the confidence to put
yourself out there and find those
opportunities so there's there's those
two opportunities right there and I want
to focus on those things and look to you
know talk with someone about with where
they feel in that spectrum and
especially if there's like any type of
interest in an entrepreneurship or
innovation creating a new path
lots of articles right now about
reclosing and even like closing down
delivery and take-out service I know one
issue that's happening here in Vegas you
know they specifically identified bars
as you know a hotspot for the spread of
the virus and so they closed that down
but then if a bar has a restaurant
license which a lot do here a lot of the
taverns have food you know full menus to
nice menus that's one nice thing about
Vegas I love here is that no matter what
time of the day or night you know
there's always going to be some place to
go eat a hot nice meal with a nice cold
beer but like restaurants or bars that
have a restaurant license can stay open
they just can't have the bar open or you
know this the video poker machines open
on the bars typical bars here and
there's confusion because there's a lot
of parties that are still open that have
restaurant licenses of course there's a
lot of you know opinion that a lot of
these bars really aren't a restaurant
because they're just serving a bag of
chips and a hotdog or something but as
far as I know the bar itself has to be
closed so they'd have to have like seedy
table seating around the bar in order to
be in compliance
so these bars that are open there's a
lot of confusing confusion among the
community the consumer the bar goer that
the bars are open and so I think I've
been seen a lot creative marketing of
some of these these like restaurant
taverns of letting the community know
that they are in fact open that you can
go in and enjoy a meal enjoy a meal
but it's just kind of all over the place
I just went to the water store this is
the third time I've gone to the water
store since pandemic has happened and
every single customer in the water store
has a mask on but then every single
employee doesn't I thought that was
interesting and you know it's a pretty
small space and you know you don't hang
out there and talk and socialise with
people but I just I find it so can be
confusing you know that the the mask
mandate is it's being taken so seriously
in certain contexts but than another's
not and I think that's where a lot of
the frustration it is around this this
mandate you know that some tends to be a
popular opinion among this thing as far
tenders and servers group that okay yeah
maybe the risk is real you know because
I think there is there has been a lot of
experience of restaurants and bars that
have opened especially bars of staff
testing positive and and even getting
sick too and even dying you know but
definitely a high rate of testing
positive and so it's like can't we take
it seriously but it's like if we have to
close why don't the casinos have to
close hmm
and you know you can read in several
different articles claims that
restaurants indoor seating restaurants
are you know a place of of high
infection rate and cause for a lot of
the infections so why not just apply it
to everything there's a lot of factors
that play here a lot of powerful forces
that are involved not just you know it's
not just our our politicians and it's
not just the public's opinion to like
even though we're we're in a democracy
and it's the public's opinion is
supposed to be
premier and the most powerful and the
the politicians are supposed to be
engaging with the public opinion they're
supposed to be representing that but it
tends that a lot of the influence
actually comes from business you know
and from all of those those factors
which have people within them so there's
some validity to why we should listen to
them but that's definitely not the
public opinion money is a funny thing
you know I was reading article about
Sweden Sweden had no closures they
wanted to go down the other route then
everybody else and at first they were
celebrated for that and everybody was
like when we do that Sweden is doing
just fine but in you know regardless of
how they're actually responding picked a
pandemic I'm not going to address that
right now but something that was
interesting in the article I read is
that their economy is suffering just as
much as everybody else's so I don't know
if if this whole argument around whether
we should shut down or not shut down is
actually relevant in the arguments that
it's bad for our economy because our
economy's gonna be suffering regardless
according to the Sweden story I don't
know I've heard other stories like
Vietnam my furnace let me I know
Vietnam had a very good response to the
when they stayed pretty much open
I mean yeah it seems that they're even
their economy had a blow
so you know opening up our business it
does not directly you know benefit the
economy maybe it does but I don't you
know to automatically assume that that's
the case is invalid because there are
other presidents of you know even if you
know who didn't have a shutdown I don't
think that they had to shutdown at all
because their response to the pandemic
was that they completely as soon as
information was released about the first
few cases in wuhan so this will even
before Chinese New Year in Chinese New
Year was you know a big cause of the
spread of the virus in China
internationally as well because China
had any even shut down probably out of
fear of the economy because Chinese New
Year is a big driver in the economy
every year people travel all throughout
the country to go back to their home
village or their hometown and gives
their purchases and and meals are you
know prepared and and big parties are
had so you know it's a big part of their
economy and so perhaps they didn't want
to lose out on that so you know they
didn't elevate their response to the
pandemic right away but in Vietnam they
shut down the country immediately
especially to China but actually I think
they had shut down to everybody they
didn't want anybody coming in I think
they had a few people that came in from
Wuhan like right before they shut down
and then they shut down right then these
numbers again you guys if you are
watching and you want to join and talk
with me you have some inspiration some
ideas about how the hospitality industry
can become
they get cases though they are having
cases but I think the top 24 they had 26
cases on March 23rd so they had some
initial cases at the in February
beginning of February they had like six
cases and then the new March they had
twenty six two six and as far as I can
see zero deaths incredible yeah Wow
incredible Vietnam has done a great job
and they're right next to China and
there is a lot of connection between
China and Vietnam is typically around
like industrial trade so you know had
they not blocked off the reporters they
definitely would have been experiencing
a lot more in this pandemic but they
closed down but they didn't even have to
close the country itself you know I
think face max culture there is accept
it and you know it's a part of their
culture so I think people were wearing
face masks but restaurants never had to
close business has never had to close
but even though they had economic you
know downfall due to the pandemic so I
don't think that anybody is going to be
immune to the economic disaster of this
it's gonna happen regardless if you shut
down or don't shut down and so you know
trying to be more proactive in dealing
with the pandemic could be I don't just
it's it's a your decision but our
government has decided it's going to I'm
always reminded of the meme of the the
the peen section of the pool thing I saw
that mean from very early on that like
having some states have locked down
another is not it's kind of like that
and now we have it within our own
community of Lee we've already been on
lockdown and we did we saw the numbers
start to go down
and then you open the lockdown after
people have already been pimped out and
wanting to be out and about you let them
out and they're really gonna go out but
we still have to live you know we still
have to eat we still have to thrive and
we still have to express our craft and
express our passions so you know rather
than you know talking about all of these
things you know I just brought these
things up just to provide some context
about you know how these arguments can
be all over the place so like let's
let's not worry so much about having
those arguments if you want to have them
you are welcome to I have them you know
I caught them plate these things and
talked with my friends about them but
you know I think creating a positive
space of talking about innovation and
talking about what can be done is good
now let's just talk about immediately
how a bar owner can keep can keep maybe
not create huge profitable opportunities
because I think that that's just too
far-fetched to believe that like you'll
be able to turn a switch off somewhere
there turn switch on somewhere and it
automatically will just you know support
everything and enough lift the situation
but you know keeping relevant keeping I
you know even even marketing
opportunities but not just for the
business but also for the people for the
bartenders for its servers for the chefs
maybe there's cool things I've been
seeing some cool things and I'm actually
going to be participating in one of them
so like secret burner which is a local
Vegas based software company that is a
marketplace for pop-up dining
experiences has evolved to support
restaurants now whether or not this
support is financially you know helping
the restaurants you know thrive during
this period I don't know maybe probably
not but it served mean as like a really
good opportunity you know selling these
meal kits and getting them out into the
community and doing like a live cooking
demo with your customers is a really
incredible way of keeping your story
relevant in the community I mean even
takeout services like that - yeah I
don't know if a whole lot of businesses
are making money over or over delivery
service although those are the
businesses those are the food businesses
that are thriving the most but those
like big centralized systems like
Domino's or ya know I think I think like
Dominus is probably the biggest winner
out of all of this right now but like
big centralized brands that have a
doing really well which is cool you know
and that was all through innovation of
of activating their community to be able
to easier you know order food from them
but even a restaurant that's not hugely
profiting from delivery service
it is profiting from in a marketing
sense and like relevance and a community
building sense so that can be really
powerful now how do we do that - you
know better support the people versus
just the restaurants brand because as we
know service industry you know the
people and service industry are such a
commodity that's you know when we're
promoting a brand or proponent of
business we're not necessarily promoting
the people even like the head chefs you
know like I have friends that are chef
in at some place and you know they build
a brand for themselves as a chef and
also building the brand for the
restaurants and you know when I first
got involved in this business you know
five six years ago of servicing
hospitality not of TIA and until much
longer but serving hospitality
specifically I would always like attach
the brand of the restaurant to the chef
and it was like they needed to be
together but then over the years I've
come to learn that chefs are constantly
you know they'll move someone else no
problem and all of that that brand
loyalty that they built for the
restaurants kind of it doesn't always
but it kind of stays with the restaurant
and doesn't always move with the chef
you know I think chefs of all positions
and hospitality have like the most
likelihood of building brands for
themselves and building dignity for
themselves but where the heck not a
bartender why not you know a server like
long servers that do incredible job and
make people incredibly happy and you
know the good customers we'll see
that's and they'll respect that and
they'll specifically ask for somebody to
serve them because the experience of
going to that restaurant it's not just
the restaurant but it's also what that
server you know I think our front hall
from us with kitchen is an example of
that he's always telling me that the
people come to Esther days you know
Esther's very much known for its food
very much known for its ambiance and
like just the overall vibe it's a casual
and like airy there just feels very
comfortable but you know Paul tells me
that you know a lot of his regular
customers will tell them you know we
come we come to the food yes but we
really comfort for you for for holding
that space so you know I think that the
we could play on that a little bit more
a building brand and value and respect
for the people actually working in these
organizations versus the organization
itself if not we get bill outs for the
restaurant that's great for the
restaurant but is it is that really
going to be like ultimately tripling
down to all the people within the
restaurant maybe probably not though you
know cuz that restaurant was will be
just like focusing on keeping itself
going it's an organization it's gonna
focus on keeping itself going and
there's nothing wrong with that that's
how many businesses should be operating
but like I don't have any staff right
now I've had in the past and maybe in
the future I will I will again I really
specifically like to build my business
as this like distributed system where my
business can do the functions of a very
large multinational corporation without
owning all the pieces because that's
always been the case the only way that
you could build successful corporation
like that is if you own everything so
yeah Starbucks is a really good example
of that Starbucks owned
thing from the service point to the
value chain to the even the farms now
they they're owning everything along
that and that is ideal if you're trying
to build an empire and not caring about
anything else but what we've come to
learn now and perhaps one of the reasons
why we're even dealing with this
pandemic at least you know to the degree
that we are now is that that high
centralization of power and influence
and wealth and ownership property
ownership allows for opaque decisions to
be made non capitalistic decisions to be
capitalism is you know defined as like
it's almost like justice it's like a
value for a value exchange but when
things are opaque when there's
information that's not being revealed
about you know that's true cost of
something or the the true value of
something then it's not true capitalism
and that has led to our friggin
environmental disaster hi Jake good to
see you be like my own my cocktail I'm
celebrating for attenders today so I
figured I'd and sit down here at the
cocktail not really but kind of so yeah
but when I did have staff and when I do
have staff into the future what I would
like to do is not only like think about
a fair value exchange with them
Aloha yeah that's a good wind of it not
a care about not just a fair value
exchange for the work and the value that
is occurring during that employment so
paying a good wage providing good skill
building and
and career building but also thinking
about your interaction your value
exchange with that person is gonna go
far beyond just that employments just
that you know like even if someone's not
working for you still they can still be
serving you and serving your brand by
like talking highly about that
they've had with you and and then the
other way you can serve them even far
beyond the time that they're employed or
you know interacting and that value
exchange with you through employment
through experience and through influence
and so you know I always told my
employees in the past that they should
use their experience with tila for
themselves for their own marketing and
they do so now you know regardless of
whatever the situation is you know I
still see a Joshua I still see you know
people talking about their skills that
they've learned experiences that they've
had here so I think that can be the same
thing in a restaurants that you know
your time working behind the bar or
serving could be building a brand for
yourself and building an opportunity and
influence for yourself that you know
perhaps you'll build your own business
from there or you know your own
opportunity I know that's kind of a
tapping thing you know I talk with my
friends you know on Coffee Roasting
that's that's a big place that this
happens you know baristas and Coffee
Roasters a lot of times have visions of
like developing their own business and
doing things on their own terms the way
that they want to but they wouldn't dare
communicate that vision or that desire
with their boss out of fear that you
know and it's kind of silly because I
mean the these positions are already so
commodified anyway we shouldn't be
worried about that we shouldn't be
worried about what our but because there
are bosses
well I mean I guess I could create a
resentment of like oh this person's
already counting the days that they're
gonna be leaving mean that should it be
like that that conversation between a
boss and employee shouldn't be that way
like that conversation should be
happening where you know the employee
talks to their boss about their visions
about their dreams about what they want
to do and the boss can hold space for
that conversation and say okay what can
we do now to help you with that
like what skills do you want to learn
now to help you accomplish that dream
you know versus this fear of like oh
shoot they're already thinking about
leaving I got already think about
replacing them I think that's silly you
know you can talk about your dreams
without it being this urgent thing and
like why I quit and tomorrow to do it
well no no I'm just I'm just like
setting the intention of developing
those skills and in doing that they're
gonna become like a far superior
employee in the now and provide a better
service and a better value and the now
and when the time comes when it is time
then yeah okay it's time to go I'm ready
to go one so sadly in America a good
boss is a good manipulator yeah you're
right and so that needs to change to you
know management needs to change to
become more empowering
we just need consciousness to evolve yes
Morty didn't treat Morty and that's what
it's ultimately about sirup conscious
that was the Stephan's podcast he came
on to this segment a few weeks ago he's
got podcast called self conscious and
you know a lot of his language is
directly targeted towards servers or you
know people working within the service
environment and encouraging them to take
their own initiative and their own
responsibility in freeing consciousness
to their work but this particular
conversation we're having right now is
you know more about talking about
management about the boss about the boss
becoming more conscious
but this is deeply-rooted it's like the
higher up and influence and power
someone becomes a more disconnected from
the need for consciousness they become
and it's it's even worse on the very
high executive executive corporate level
which is what I'm trying to influence in
my work I've been working on this for
years and years and years trying to
influence people on that level of power
to see the value and being conscious
that actually serves you better it
serves you better in the end
you know maybe now you feel like oh I
can't be vulnerable no one can see me
vulnerable this wouldn't be good at all
my business can't be seen vulnerable
it's it's not good and it's like
bullshit be a little more durable be
real be human have a heart let your let
your heart guide you and by serving your
employees by serving your community like
in the case of corporate leaders by not
being opaque by being more honest and
being more thoughtful of how your
actions affect other people and the
environments and whatnot then it's gonna
serve you better because it'll be more
sustainable you might have to wait
longer for it some of these things that
you don't have to wait that long like
climate change policy changes like okay
yeah that you have to wait long that
were we we are demanding that these oh
that's interesting
sorry about that guys I'm here uh yeah
for some reason why is everyone closed
back up
so yeah if you guys still want to come I
am still open you can still come to this
link it's up here bit ly / Tila Tea
Party hmm so if my my zoom account was
discontinued anyway we're still here we
have some of these like so like climate
change right we're asking companies to
make huge shifts on what they're doing
and there'll be big upfront investments
and big vulnerabilities that will take
years and years and years for it to turn
around and finally serve those companies
so that is a long lead type of a thing
but some of these changes are bringing
consciousness to how we manage and how
we run business some of those changes
that are needed are gonna like require
very little vulnerability and the
benefits will come a lot sooner and then
you may think but you know so people are
afraid of change they feel insecure
that's making a change will drastically
affect you know their their power
situation but right now with the
pandemic there's so much that has just
been lifted up and pulled out from under
us like I feel like this is a really
good opportunity for us to have these
conversations and not for these
conversations to be taboo you know in in
the first trillion is seven years of
building this business like all these
subjects were so friggin taboo and
people say oh you know you're you're
shaking the tree too much stop doing
that you know things are working a
certain way for a reason and we need a
hold space for that because there's
millions of people involved millions of
jobs involved and and now like all those
millions of jobs is it gone or
questionable or insecure that's like
okay so now this is maybe a good time to
like reevaluate what's going on
that's funny so mr. et says yeah the
corporate level has CEOs take
psychiatric evaluations before being
given the job and many of them are
literally narcissists and I'm sure the
evaluations show this it's true you know
and that serves the business that shirt
serves the shareholders I mean I'm
assuming that would be I never heard of
these psychiatric evaluations of CEOs I
mean I'm a CEO but like I'm my own
business CEO so I can you know but I'd
imagine like big fortune 500 company or
something that's hiring a new CEO
wouldn't want to have some psychiatric
evaluation and having like being like or
being a sociopath basically is
advantageous because it means that you
can easily make decisions disregarding
other people so yeah if you're a
corporate CEO you're probably associated
that if you're a successful corporate
CEO because the ones that aren't
sociopaths the ones that are like
following with their heart and and and
and following with their true moral
compass they won't succeed you know cuz
they'll stand up for what they believe
in or if they see something that's
corrupt or not balanced they'll stand up
for it so you kind of got to be willing
to bite your tongue or whatever you want
to call it when it comes to those kinds
of decisions or most ideally not even
have to bite the tongue like you're just
like you're so delusional that this
decision that's being made is for the
best of everybody and everything that
you could just continuously make these
very harmful decisions for for the
environment and for the world
and your own employees too I mean that's
what's really sadly it's understandable
but not permissible it's not good it's
still bad and we still need to work on
I'm fixing this corruption but like
of people by you know corporate
decisions that happen like far away
- like communities that like will never
see or ever meet or ever interact with
like that's pretty understandable how
people can can get lost and bad
decisions in that way but then you know
what marginalization happens within your
own organization with people that like
you see and interact with on a daily
slate let's say for example in the
restaurant industry to a certain degree
the service workers are marginalized and
they're right there and it's like it's
very obvious that they're adding value
to your organization you see them you
interact with them yet you can still
make decisions that marginalize them
that like downgrade their pursuit of
happiness and dignity in order to you
know achieve this you know better
outcome on your balance sheet or you
know whatever so yeah that's interesting
live my cocktail I've been using like
filters on my Instagram when I go
Instagram live which the video Justin
didn't spit on for an hour but I use all
these filters and the one I used today
was pretty funny I'm like sitting with
like a strawberry daiquiri on the beach
yeah so bringing consciousness that's
first and foremost in the case of here
in Nevada
with the bad decisions the confusing I
shouldn't call them bad yeah they're bad
but they're like ultimately end up being
confusing for the public
if there was more consciousness to to
those decisions then you know we be we
would be in a much better place where
yeah I don't even know I couldn't even
imagine being a politician right now all
the different pressures from different
directions and maybe if you even did
have like a really great idea of how
things could be improved that idea may
not fly with you know the powers that be
so we need to bring consciousness to our
government as well you know I I have for
so many years been putting so much of
the pressure of this consciousness on to
industry onto business which I still
believe is the most important because
corporations are like the most powerful
institution ever built by man even more
than any government or anything like
that corporations are super powerful and
then they get to behave like people you
know and their wants and desires are a
dress just like peoples are they're
they're their rights and value is is
treated just like people government is
different but lately you know I have
been realizing that that more
responsibility does need to go on to the
the government to stand up you know for
what they originally made their oath of
which is to protect the Constitution
which I do a constitution study group on
Wednesdays during the same live session
so if you're interested in beefing up
your constitutional you know awareness
join on Wednesdays it's just like this I
like read right now I'm on the
Federalist and anti-federalist papers
looking at how you know the fine and
fathers had addressed
you know the different topics that
became the basis of the Constitution
mr. et where are you based thank you
I don't know if this is you but this is
cool a self-proclaimed anti coffee it's
seems to eliminate all coffee at a HS is
this you look at Sylvania this is cool I
don't know if this is you but this is a
cool story I'm not anti coffee
I do enjoy coffee but I of course like a
tea better oh it's not you oh that's
funny but you don't drink coffee
that's cool I respect that thanks for
joining by the way is this your first
time to join the livestream I do this
every Monday and today I really was
trying to get some hospitality staff
from here in Las Vegas to come on and
chat but I can't see your profile well
thank you for interacting mr. t I
appreciate you I do these every day
since the beginning of the pandemic I've
started doing live videos on weekdays
only at first I was doing it everyday
but now I just do it weekdays get myself
a weekend off to go enjoy the hiking or
just relaxing being lazy for a second
but this is like a thought leadership
platform so I have different like t
education topics usually on Tuesdays and
Fridays it's it's on T education and
then Monday's is this conversation about
how to bring dignity to the hospitality
industry I feel like it's a urgent need
right now and I don't have all the
answers but others Paul
hopefully Paul's ready Paul join enjoy
the fun
well the chat with you I'll be
successful if I get one person to come
on and chat with me I just like I joined
this Facebook group called be his
bartenders and servers and I was just
hearing a lot of back-and-forth not
hearing but reading a lot of back and
forth about the confusion of what's
going on with the bar shutdown so here
in Nevada certain counties had to
shutdown on bars and bars only so far
that have restaurant licenses and an end
table seating could still stay open but
you know bars that weren't just a bar
you know a gaming bar have closed and so
you know it's a lot of people that had
gone back to work for you know the month
and now are confused about why just bars
not the restaurants not the casinos so
yeah I just like kind of wanted to
provide this space to talk about that
but no one's come on that's my media
public on he can't ride I thought his
experience he's still working he's a
test race which they have a bar so they
probably had to close that seating off
but they have lots of seating area it's
very popular restaurant very popular
here in Vegas if you ever come to Vegas
you definitely should try Esther's
kitchen it is a probably the top popular
like local spots now we have several
nice restaurants here mostly on the
strip with celebrity chefs and you know
big names from LA or New York but
Esther's is definitely very homey and
comfy neighborhood spot really good kind
of homemade California Italian and they
have a good bar program as well in wine
program that's that's what Paul I wasn't
not with their wine
but yeah I've been chugging you know
about a lot of these topics with toll
and getting some ideas from him how
could that be employed so like I'm I'm
big into like distributing this industry
I'm big into distributing everything I
think that that's the way that we could
bring consciousness and dignity if we
just like disempowered the centralized
system and and put the power back into
the community it's a distributed network
of the the the actual value creators and
so in food the easiest example to think
of that is like street food so you know
even somebody of their own home kitchen
um you know would be able to you know
cook cook up a big something and you
know have a stall on the street
somewhere even in their local
neighborhood and and sell affordable
healthy food to their local community so
that's extremely valuable you know
currently right now that that value is
being provided by like free and
McDonald's you know which is terrible
for so many reasons I we could talk all
day why that's a bad idea more we need
to change that slowly the idea of
streets that could be a very powerful
tool for distributing that value but
then how could we apply that to
bartending I'll pause here how could
that work like pop up bar experiences or
like that'd be cool a trend of like at
home hi Paul
there we go
how you doing how was your shift today
I'm still working out your audio well
you'll get on
I like your mask
oh let's do that yeah you're on yeah
you're right
it's already I'm not tech savvy I'm here
in arts district and I just walked
outside for a minute okay looks hot
oh yeah it's warm 115 it's just noisy
everywhere this music in the dining room
they're actually filming a music video
in the alleyway that's cool so you guys
been talking about hospitality stuff I
have been yeah unfortunately no one came
on I did have quite a few viewers I
posted it to the the Vegas bartender and
servers group so I think it like it got
a couple of viewers on and so I was just
I was just talking you're the first
guest someone tried to come on but they
didn't turn their camera or mic on so I
don't know yeah how was your shift today
oh it's still going on I'm still working
um I'm just this is great I doing the
office work on Mondays and Tuesdays
planning for my wine menu and try to
make some smart buying decisions there's
a lot of like suppliers at our closing
wine out and I have to just you know
make very intelligent wedding decisions
right now buying I can't buy expensive
stuff I feel like you know keep the cost
down and Labor's hired sales are down
but we're doing a lot of right stuff so
it's going good I'm sitting right behind
Cornish Pasties right there yeah just
mr. day yeah I heard it's pretty wild
yeah it's great
that's that can happen yeah it's crazy
how fast I mean what did that happen a
testers you guys have like a contingency
plan in place you've had to write up or
I'm really it's just we're gonna try to
not get it like here you can see see the
listener there yeah what's it say it
just explains oh yeah unfortunately I
see yeah so this is a restaurant that's
had to close due to an employee testing
positive yeah so I think it's basically
how it works is if anybody the
restaurant comes down with it they
so it's like a government-mandated
everyone is go get tested and then are
you gonna close down and do a deep clean
and I guess you're able to reopen again
but I don't know it's also not that
clear how the reopening works after that
so our goal is just not get closed down
so and just washing your hands
religiously and using a lot of sanitizer
and wiping tables down really good and
we're just still kind of doing the same
speed of service we were doing but just
extra cognizant but the other day like
it's still a risk to go out to a
restaurant there's a scale of 1 to 10 as
far as like you know likely to catching
Cove it I think it's in there like the
six risk factor right I know I said a
vest I might just say for a second so if
you saw there's a lot of new news in
California today so you aren't able to
dine on a patio only all indoor dining
is is done all bars are shut down so
yeah California's gotten really locked
down but yeah so the thought is like
restaurants could be next but in this
city might be a little bit different I
really have a feeling like our mayor and
our governor will have a fight and the
mayor's not gonna want restaurants to
close that's even what the common thing
is but the backlash from closing just
the bars is so intense in the city right
now that I don't think it's not likely
that restaurants going to close at Vegas
I think they might close in other states
but they're gonna stay open here for a
while and the restaurant it just be as
safe as they can be because at the end
of day I think that restaurants are
doing a very community-oriented service
that is kind of essential I think that
most people are there aren't other tools
nowadays just always cook every meal for
themselves like people are kind of like
used to going out and of course we gotta
adapt but like you know that business
lunch needs to happen or that person you
haven't seen in a while maybe a
restaurant he's a that is safe it has
all the tables space Department so needs
it exists and stones are risk to go out
but it's over so you roll the tape
as long as the staff are all messed up
then washing their hands and do what
they can
I think that's all you can do but you
know anyone gets shut down at any moment
but I think that a lot of people are
actually rooting for esters they want
others to stay open and we're doing our
best to just keep it running so it's
kind of interesting that this mask of
the the Chamber of Commerce for Vegas
gave us this is a stay safe to stay open
so it's kind of cool the whole staff
because they're actually the most
breathable mess yeah trying out so many
different masks because yeah usually you
can all six hours at a service and it's
hard to breathe and you start getting
but this mess actually works well so
yeah that's some of the updates of my
front gear cool yeah that's good to hear
so hey I just heard you guys had to
close your bar yeah so we've been in
restaurant you know so if you want to
drink a cocktail because we're really
famous for our handcrafted cocktail we
just got to sit at a table and get some
food and all our bartenders they used to
we serving people hard make sales there
but we just started we did a whole tip
pool so everyone's getting paid about
the same and it's working really good
actually we're very efficient and sales
are definitely down but I think we're
gonna adapt I think there is a way to
adapt and I think this is also how these
bars need to operate if everyone's upset
about this bar closing like well think
about what were you really offer to the
community and how essential is your
business all you're doing is people were
gambling with their paychecks at a
machine and you're open you're pouring
blood light on draft you're not really
providing the Camellia you're putting
some chicken wings from us foods and a
fryer like there's not really a craft
kitchen associated with these gaming
bars so it's controversial say this I
don't really apply a backlash for that
but like I don't feel like that shit's
essential you shouldn't need to be going
into a bar to like you know escape your
troubles and and drink away and
socialize this is what's spreading but I
think it's a little bit different
ballpark or a restaurant that is open
for lunch that has to serve people that
need to eat the we write down the heart
of downtown
city people we get Metro police to get
all kinds of people that come in
politicians the mayor came in like a
couple weeks ago so like you know these
people they're working in these
buildings and they don't have a kitchen
how are they going to like eat their
lunch you know and they're long so I
think these are kind of essential
serving lunch and dinner you know seven
days a week that's pretty damn cool of
us to do that we do our best to do it
and like you know we're soaking for
brunch and it's funny his brunch is just
like food for entitled people like
really it's expected it's 115 degrees
out and I have a section in the patio
yesterday and it was crazy because it's
so hot I didn't want to be there no one
wanted to be there obviously so
literally every party they've walked
outside because we're full inside and we
have a bunch of reservations and our
dining room it's literally cut in half
the tables every table walked out be
like oh my gosh it's so hot near a table
inside like yeah you and everyone else
like that's just how where we're at
right now it's just I know you're hungry
doing her best like you don't have any
seats and you want your brunch yeah you
could go somewhere else but who else in
the downtown area is serving like a
custard style brunch we could like get
in and out for like 20 or 30 ahead and
get really fed and get a little bit of
wine or a cocktail like I gots a damn
good service I think we're providing to
our community and so I think if more
these gaming bars are willing to provide
this kind of service then perhaps their
business is more essential I don't need
to fiction moan about being close yeah
yeah I don't know it's pretty it's
pretty crazy I know that yeah there is
like the bars that have restaurant
licenses are able to stay open but I saw
Derek from rebar he was on the news kind
of complaining about those bars being
open still because I think rebar they
closed but they adopted a new model so
even if they have to close or reopen you
know they're able to keep the business
pumping for themselves with they're
right there like gaming bars so it's
like think of the gaming bars they are
all over the valley you go to the
after work or whatever the unwind and it
PT's does like serve like an eden-like
there's not a lot of 24-hour restaurants
it's used to just always be such a
24-hour town but are you gonna go eat
like really late it's like Berta
sir she would go to you go to Petey's
and you get like a burger or you know
wings but I think it's all about you
know something you got to get a little
bit more than just being a gaming bar
and that's cool that Derek it rebar were
like taking an initiative and being at
the marketplace and conserving that but
any good it is a little bit of a food
desert down here there isn't really a
market place so I guess there is a space
for that in this space
but it's not something that I'm gonna go
to I'm gonna I'm gonna try to go into a
market very seldom will you just go to a
supermarket where you eat all the
produce I need or throw the farmers
yeah just like go to work work my shift
and just get home and I think we get
more into that mindset as opposed to
like I'm bored I need to socialize so we
got to get past that means by yourself
and find something to do at home yeah
yeah or you know well outdoors is kind
of glory now with how hot it is here in
Vegas but yeah every one of their
mothers probably going about Charleston
I've been craving going up there but I
also just well if you go if you go in
the middle of the week it's actually
pretty good yeah yeah I'm thinking about
going on a little camping trip up there
yeah we can cook up a nice we can cook
up a nice meal on the the barbecue there
we're quite the chef nowadays so yeah
and you're asking where you can go get a
meal at midnight in Vegas now it's like
I cut in my house that's that's what I'm
eating my side hustle to go yeah that
would be great you know if that hot side
hustle could actually work you know yeah
that's a thing like a testers you know
we have one of our chef de cuisine his
side hustle is he makes a bunch of a hot
awesome hot sauces he just sells it to
the staff for seven dollars a pop now
what legally he should have organized
that with an LLC and gotten the whatever
certifications but he just bottles it
you know dudes keeping it clean and like
just sells it to us it's great yeah and
then you know I like that idea I like to
cook and you know make smoothies and all
kinds of stuff so yeah maybe there will
be more of that with a shutdown yeah
yeah I mean maybe even just marketing to
your own close Network I saw someone a
pastry chef that was doing that at the
beginning of the shutdown she was like
promoting cakes and you know baking
desserts custom desserts for her friends
you know maybe there is a way of just
like marketing to your close network so
that you don't get in trouble you know
with the health department
like there's so many things that thority
should be worried about that's like when
the last thing they should be chasing
people down yeah hey so Wednesday
morning um take it easy is is opening up
having the ribbon-cutting ceremony if
you're if you're not busy 9:00 a.m.
Wednesday morning we should meet up
there there huh what'd you get your tea
in there right yep that's awesome yeah I
work on lunch so I gotta be there so
it's in Chinatown yeah nine o'clock it's
at 9:00 a.m. you can swing by there on
the way testers okay well you know and
watch it up because they have a bunch of
matcha drinks there okay yeah they're
making all these cool like matcha and
coffee cocktails mark hills yeah they're
gonna do well and I just met Kim from
Main Street provisions that's gonna be
opening like late August early September
and then Vinny wrote solos got is
goodbye and that's that's all right
really close to Esther's walk away
okay so we got those please look forward
to so I'm really happy for Josh who's
also part of the Arts District so the
best is the one coffee institution and
makers and finders is the other one
blocked over yeah and now you have a new
space in Chinatown it's a tricky
location you know cuz he's in it's in
the the long Chinatown strip like we're
golden Tiki and Lee's sandwiches and
fucking long but it's not on the front
strip it's like in the back in some of
the back alleys so I think first there
you know there's gonna be a little
confusion about its location kind of
like we're tila it used to be remember
we used to be in the dryer yeah it's
over there yeah well yeah but yeah so
Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. that should be
exciting all I'll probably be like live
streaming from there and checking out
over and watch a drink yeah brunch
service stove right that was us when
they first opened yeah well yeah I think
it's like a ritual these like places
open were there yeah especially like
during a time like this you know seeing
a brand-new restaurant opened during
time like this is exciting you know this
yeah there's so much uncertainty but
there is another coffee shop opening up
downtown at the Arts District at the
cher apartments jeez so much copy down
here yeah there's also a living that
little AC school building yep pastry
school top and you have the Berlin bar
down there then there's a coffee place
oh yeah it's kind of wild a lot of
coffee down here yeah yeah it's good I
mean coffee is good yeah people like it
you know and um the share coffee they're
not a roaster you know so like best as a
roaster you know they're really focused
on on the roasting and actually the new
that take it easy in Chinatown they're
also Coffee Roasters they have a big row
story there but the the new one that's
opening up in the share apartments that
is more focused on like the barista
experience so actually the head barista
from makers is now at golden Fogg and so
they're doing really elevated you know
coffee preparation and the
they're gonna have a very elevated tee
program with you know like the higher
the higher grades of tea I think I think
they're gonna have like roadway and and
you know like the higher the higher it
t--'s that's really the first time that
that's happened in the city to an extent
where they can be able to serve volume
and variety really high-end quality teas
so think like you know look dragon was
really trying to be so specialized shop
wasn't really able to translate that
into surface and getting that out there
to people and then I think I always go
back to I think public us even though
it's not your tea I wish it was the
tea's pretty good and I like the way
they serve it they do multiple steeps
they give you a good amount and I
haven't been over there in a while but
that was always my tea place back years
ago so I'm excited that people are
actually gonna take tea seriously and
white tea that I've always wanted to see
you know yeah they'll be doing some cool
iced tea drinks there too I think that's
that's another trend you know to like
kind of go away from ice be ice tea
being like a big batch process and you
know it's just like this commodity thing
you know you just get a cut from your
big batch to be like handcrafted so like
brewing it in small batches and then
like shaking it like a cocktail to ice
it and add in whatever syrups or fruit
flavors or whatever flavor you want to I
think they're gonna be doing a lot of
that the premise of this is also a full
menu correct like it's got a pretty big
menu so you're gonna be able to eat food
and then what are the hours is it open
for dinner as well or is it just like
lunch or brunch I don't know I'm not
sure I would think only like daytime
hours especially in a location like that
that's kind of isolated yeah yeah but
you can you can feel open for both
services then you can be able to find
you through Yelp that early looking Ian
I think Josh learn now with this space
like being like a free-standing
restaurant here in the downtown area
there are a lot of a federal for lunch
it heard he's doing that over there yeah
expanding the menu of the empanadas are
really good so I think it's is more
prepared than ever to just like do it
even more interesting concept yeah I
don't think I don't think that it's a
full menu it's not like a sit-down it's
it's more of like a casual like you know
I think the food options they will have
will be more like snacks so like they're
gonna have empanada x' but as well as
desserts like pastries next week so yeah
that's always the right concept right
now yeah yeah I don't know I'm feeling
pretty hopeful I mean our our kovat
numbers look like they're you know going
down finally yeah I think we still have
yet to see our you know death numbers
really manifest no just you know people
that live in this town that don't
necessarily have money they're what they
don't want to spend money right now they
don't know when the bailouts gonna come
because I really have really just so
hospitality oriented everything is based
around so like who really has the money
to spend right now that's the major
thing is like yeah people that are gonna
come in the door eight Rijn eyes you
that are willing to spend money so I
hope that there's some economic relief
people as well the other one is running
out July 2 of that it needs to get Chico
the people is time and that the
corporations yeah but the corporations
will get it to the people don't worry
Paul huh I said the corporations they'll
get it to the people don't worry the the
Vatican Church got like a billion like
seven billion and Kovach relief funding
it's like really they don't have enough
gold and artwork they can't sell off
over that like what though it's just I
just hope there's not more of that
nonsense when there's a round 2 of
bailouts yeah anyways this has been fun
yeah thank you thank you for for coming
and keeping me company here I would have
just done by myself either way but yeah
hopefully we can get this rolling a lot
more yeah well tell em Ricky because I
find her scream on Facebook so I would
love to be able I click the button - I'm
just joined for Facebook but I can't
really do that I know that I'd call in
for your zoom and I'm not like a big
zoom user so I try to click on it
they're like oh you're gonna update the
software and then and then it was
another change the way the buttons were
from when I was born before to get the
audio going so I don't know it's always
a learning curve but well it's possible
I mean Facebook has the meeting rooms
now so maybe what I could do is test out
you know meeting in the meeting room
through Facebook and then streaming that
you know cuz a lot of people they want
to interact with this content not you
know directly like this they'd rather
just watch a stream of it cuz you know
like feel safer that way
that's my log is and it's some cathartic
stuff that's going on that Tagus
bartenders and servers Facebook page
it's pretty crazy I think I said you a
screenshot of the one where the Futurist
scathing review the governor and just
like you know points on a lot of the
brightly so corrupt practices that have
been going on like misappropriated funds
over the years a lot of promises that
the cannabis money was gonna go to the
schools and that didn't happen and the
Vegas strong funds got mismanaged
so there's actually legitimate
criticisms that he brings up it's like
this is stuff that people never talk
about and then the fact that well
casinos still have a bunch of people
congregating at the pools but all a
small business you know independent
people are just out of luck
is a legitimate gripe and it got a huge
response on there and I've seen the
polarization happening so it would be
interesting to engage with people that
post like that and I think that if you
could just click directly through and
join via Facebook so the columns are
zoom I think you're gonna get people
like that so yeah this is a full the
trial level you're on the verge oh so
cool cool well hey thanks for for
calling in and and giving us an update
of what's going on there at Esther's
I'll let you get back to work please
come on in and Esther's in there Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and we're
gonna sleep days now the network's
Sunday sometimes to give you a brunch or
a dinner shift you know pretty full time
it's trying to show up to work nice and
healthy get my sleep as healthy as I can
show with my mask go right home so yeah
come on in if you're feeling like you
really need to get out and get a good
lunch we got great salads and sandwiches
and it's not that crazy for lunch and
tables are spaced out pretty good and
the patty is missed it so if you are
really worried about being close to
people you know we see on the patio and
of course it's 115 out but you get some
misters that soften the blow a little
bit it's so it is a pretty safe place to
come and eat lunch and it's ready to
build a city so maybe u guys yeah yeah
Esther's kitchen go support support
local good quality food and hospitality
for sure I'll see ya alright bye Paul
bye everybody all right well I'm gonna
tune out now this has been a lot of fun
I'll be doing this again next week on
Monday hopefully I can maybe target some
specific people to join me to talk about
these issues and yeah talk about this
the this way forward to bring more
consciousness to our restaurant industry
in our hospitality industry
so I'm wishing everybody a beautiful
happy week and I'll see you

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