Wednesday March 18, 2020 - Seeds of Love

Video Subtitles:

Hi Facebook Welcome to Wednesday's
Tea party yesterday we did

the live stream to celebrate Saint
Patrick's Day. We had a

focus on Green tea and had Eric
Glass from Saint Louis join in

on Instagram and you know we just
had so much fun that decided

to to keep this flowing and to continue
this tea party for the

the duration of this time. That
that were state we're having to

stay in and and stay safe so we
still wanna stay social and

connected and drinking tea together.
So yeah, we're gonna be

doing this every day now from two PM
for about an hour and yeah

if if you want to join in on these
live videos you you can

actually. Through Instagram, so
that's how we're able to like

switch split screens and invite
other people in Instagram.

Alright. So we're live now on both
platforms. excuse my hand

there a rude of me, let's see let's
so yeah as people would

like to join the tea party and you
know, drink tea with with me

and with everybody else virtually
I can just add you on through

through. Instagram So here we go.
We have our first guest

that's gonna join us. I think this
is gonna be Brendan from

Tahoe. so today there's no specific
subject. Hi Brendan Hey,

we'll sideways there. buddy. I'm
good how you may wanna flip

your camera your little sideways.
Your little sideways

hi, alright there you go awesome.
Yeah. It's good to see you

too. It's been a while man.

Mahalo. Yeah. Yeah. How are things
up in Tahoe? Pretty good,

yes, she said after right now, awesome
good well, I'm glad that

you're drinking tea there. That's
that's the whole point of all

of this is to remind everybody how
important it is to drink

idea. A lot of my favorite artists
have been doing Instagram

concerts. Yeah. It's awesome. Yeah.
I'm I'm looking forward to

doing doing some of that. you know
here online with what we're

doing cuz we do have some events
planned and you know the

artist that we were Co creating
those events with our really

sad and that we're not. Gonna be
able to do them so yeah, we're

gonna navigate some ways that we
can keep those events going

and eventually monetize that too
so that you know these artists

who you know really are down and
out during this time do have

these opportunities to support themselves.
you know finally

finding a a good use for social
media, but you know for now

we're just just trying to build
community drink tea together.

Bring hope together, Bring peace
and and calm during the time

of uncertainty definitely. Like
I consider one of the best

gatherings is to gather to self
a problem and I mean I think

the biggest thing right now is to
head in the sand. You know,

yeah, it's hard though it's hard
for people to to do that and

you know it cuz it's just weird.
It feels weird, you know even

you know like not shaking people's
hand, not giving hugs to

people that has been kind of the
strangest thing you know, cuz

you see a friend and you want to
like engage with them and. And

and share with them and you you
have to catch yourself. you

know like not wanting to you know
touch them on the shoulder or

something and you know it's it's
no insult. It's no insult to

them, but it's it's just what we
need to do right now, you know

so Eric, How is it going our buddy
Eric? Yeah and again if any

of you guys wanna join in. I'm not
too sure how many people is

the maximum we can put in on Instagram
but like the more the

merrier, let's try it out. you know
I'm I'm I'm all about the

tea party and I will said that I
can't. I can't be doing that

right now so just trying to figure
out the way to do that was

also saying like they're virtual
concerts going on now. Yeah

like one of my favorite artists
been hard kinda doing something

right now, like right now. This
moment he's got a lot going on

just like he like one of the one
of his signature interest

rates is like slow by guitar like
lap side guitar, so he's just

going at it. I didn't wanna update
since yesterday, we did this

I did say that the tea room is welcoming
people for one -on-

one tastings, but unfortunately,
we're gonna have to put that

to an end as well as the entire
state of Nevada had to yeah,

you know put the closure yesterday.
Yes, that was intense. Did

you watch that announcement? Yeah.
It was like I was watching a

press conference from a He got very
impassioned at the very end

you know, and I think that that's
important for people to see

how serious this actually is you
know this isn't you know

something for us to we can still
find fun. Just like we're

doing right now you know so I think
I think that overall people

are just gonna be doing a lot more
live streaming and utilizing

technology to stay connected with
each other and maybe washing

their hands before. It's from now
I like I wonder I mean events

will be. Conscious about that, Yeah,
definitely. yeah. Yeah. we

have to be you know regardless if
there's something going on or

not easy. Yeah wash your hands,
but we live such busy lives

like we're we can be multitasking
and we don't think about it.

but scratch comes up scratch your
eye. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

That's that's another weird thing.
You know that there's that

that mean that went around for a
bit where the they were doing

a press conference and the woman
was talking about how you

should you know touch your face
and then you know she

immediately like lick her finger
and. Same thing yesterday,

someone's hand right after the break.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's

just it's it's it's habits that
you know are difficult to

difficult to change. you know. so
yes, just being more mindful

is is definitely gonna be the key.

So I am drinking a black tea from
Indonesia. nothing too fancy

and you know I'm really not gonna
go into too much detail about

tasty notes or anything like that.
you know the purpose of this

is just to to drink tea together
to feel good together and just

remember how important drinking
tea is you know it's how

important interaction is like. Yeah.
it's a virtual face to

face. Yeah. yeah. What's cool. This
is like the most

interaction you and I have had in
the past. What like three

years. It's crazy. I think so yeah.
Yeah when you're living

here in Vegas used to hang out with
us quite a bit and come to

our tea parties, but you know you
have to move away. so hey,

this is actually a good excuse that
we're getting to to

reconnect. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah.
let's see if Bitcoin wants to

connect we just had lunch. I went
to. Pick up lunch from one of

my favorite lunch spots here in
town in Vegas, who is

continuing to do to go and delivery
service for their their

lunch and that's every grain chef
shared and Sue and Jenny

Wong, who is a big supporter of
of of our team and and serves

our team actually you know the reason
why I went there was

because she saw the live video yesterday
and it was really

excited about Green tea and decided
that she wanted to create a

a Green tea blend House blend that
she could use The to go

orders because there is a lot of
like icy hot tea coming in

with their to go orders. so yeah
she ended up purchasing some

Green tea. I went to a deliver it
and yeah, I ended up getting

a nice neck so Bitcoin just finished
you know getting his

little his little taste of this
neck. Come here buddy. Come on.

Come sit next to me. Come say. hi.
I guess what a Starbucks is

also supposed to just drive throwing
us. I think drive thru can

stay open so you know I wouldn't
think Starbucks. Would wanna

miss out on that opportunity so
but yeah, don't forget that

like here you go Bitcoins here.
sit down. He didn't join us

yesterday. He was too tired. He
napped to the entire time. Oh,

so we got two different views. You
know we all we all take this

news in different ways. Yeah. Well,
Bitcoin is pretty happy. I

think most dogs around the around
the world are pretty happy

about it because their owners are
home with them all day. sit

down. Sit down. yeah. so yeah we
we shouldn't forget that like

our favorite local small businesses
are still operating and are

still looking for support. You know
to keep things going so you

know I know we're all excited about
cooking more at home and

becoming more self sufficient. but
you know there's. Great

businesses such as every grain that
you can order a delicious

lunch and get some good tea from
and and Jenny does sell the

loose leaf tea which is something
I don't don't forget. you

know to to stock up on your tea
and your your coffee you know

and and better than going to Starbucks
for your coffee. This is

a better time than ever to go to
like a local roastery and

support that small business. yeah
we we have a local roaster.

It's actually Truckee California,
which is tomorrow from where

I live. it's called Drink Coffee,
new stuff cool and Did they

have smokey like tea selections?
but yeah. there's not a lot.

There's actually no loose leaf tea
in the grocery stores around

here. Oh interesting huh that needs
to change you know cuz some

tea culture. Yeah definitely well.
I think from tomorrow on

I'll be providing a list of you
know all of our partners that

are currently running their their
online stores and do have a

tea available for shipping you know
so even with the shutdown.

The postal services are still working
UPS. FedEx are all still

working so you shouldn't expect
disconnect Asian of things to

go out. There may be some delays
and things maybe shipping a

little slower than usual, but you
know you should definitely

still support small businesses and
support them directly from

the small businesses. you know I
know Amazon's convenience and

has fast delivery but you know,
Amazon does charge an arm and a

leg for businesses to. Other products
you know on their

platform, so you know now is a good
time to to support them

directly. maybe maybe get some people
people around here

offering direct delivery as where
this is small town like

Postmates hasn't really like caught
on here. And and because

for the police I I work at a fried
chicken place. Bernie's

chicken Okay. We are gonna be doing
delivery. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

That's good. Yeah, you know. my
friend Elena Ledo here in

Vegas. She has a company called
superb Maids and you know she

has. She has a whole live video.
You can check out on her

Facebook about launching a delivery
service, so she has a

network of housekeepers and you
know people that are licensed

and insured people that are typically
clean. Their client's

houses will now they're going to
be offering completely

sanitized and you know efficient
grocery delivery grocery and

essential delivery and it was really
interesting to see how she

explained it. you know different
than post mates you know cuz

Postmates is affordable. It's convenient.
I heard there is

backups on post mates where it is
a popular service. so there's

like long wait times when you do
put an order in but you know

pain. Premium for for her service
is you know not only

supporting the employee you know
cuz Postmates drivers aren't

making much money to be you know
putting themselves at risk.

you know going into these public
places and interacting with

all these different people and products
and and they won't know

your order from any any other restaurant.
Probably yeah. yeah.

be able to make sure like it's just
to your liking. Yeah. yeah.

So this is like a. A one -on- one
communication with that that

delivery driver and that delivery
driver is also sanitizing

everything as they go. so you know
when they're in the grocery

store, selecting things they have
sanitation wipes with them

and so this is like a really great
service for people that are

extremely you know I mean compromised
or at risk. you know

really clever solution for keeping
her made service in action,

which you know I can only imagine
Requesting less made service

now because people are spending
more time at home clean

themselves but you know, maybe they're
stuck at home with with

someone that they don't want to
potentially you know

contaminate with with with the public
space, you know so yeah,

it's it's it's really cool how she's
thought of every step of

how to keep everything Super sanitized
and and safe for for our

clients. So yeah that's superb mates
and that's only here in

Las Vegas so but I think it's like
40. An hour so yeah, you're

insured that the person doing that
work for you is getting paid

properly and so that they do diligent
work and and do take good

care of your products.

So that's my pitch. You know I I
hope you don't mind. I'm gonna

be like totally wrapping all of
my my friends that are you

know, coming up with good ideas
of how to keep to keep things

flowing for our community during
this time, absolutely. The A

lot of the dog boarding place local
one has closed down so I'm

offering some dog walking services.
Oh great. How are you

marketing that? how are you like
letting people know or is it

just through the community at the
dog boarding place or well?

Yeah, I mean right now. it's just
word of mouth. I've been I

work with the harder to train animals
at the pet network like

often large pit bulls and large
Huskies and so. I've just been

doing that it kind of as a hobby
Okay, but I've started

noticing like that they they get
adopted a lot sooner if I've

been working with them and constantly
exercising them look like

us, they're they get without exercise
that sometimes they can

get a little sad or anxious. and
in that kind of environment in

general, it's chaotic. Yeah anyone.
Be living Yeah. So yeah, I

had a friend post a question this
morning about like a shelters

and adoption centers that you know
if they're not operating

what's going on with with with that
situation. what's going on

with those animals? Well, there's
a pointment only adoptions

now okay. like the public can't
just come walk in and say, Oh

I'd like to look at an animal for
adoption. There's this is an

online they can. Look online and
the dogs and then request to

adopt them and then they can be
in adopt the dog. they they're

encouraging a lot of fosters now
because of the volunteers can

no longer come to the rescue shelters
just as a part of

caution. So yeah, they're encouraging
more people to foster

animals. Okay, it might be it might
be good company for the

next 30 days. yeah. Definitely I've
I've been seeing a lot of

my friends talking about adopting
cats or but the the wood this

morning posted she wanted to adopt
a dog, but the the shelters

were closed, but maybe I should
just suggest to them to to

research harder and make some more
phone calls and find out

yeah. yeah, like I I would suggest
that she tried Maddie

Maddie's Rescue Matt Maddie's Adoption
Rescue Center there

there a place their Center in San
Francisco. But they they have

they have adoption days that free
adoption days in Nevada and

they have in their website has links
to many different local

shelters like databases. it's called
Maddie's Adoption Center

Maddie's Adoption Center like a
G E M, A D D D. I E look it up

if you're looking for some companionship
and for another way to

support our community our animal
community we. Doesn't need the

support now? Yeah, I thought it
was good to see you thanks for

joining with us

ASPCA or the Humane Society is a
National thing. They have an

online network of all of their local
shelters like Humane

Society is pretty much the main
one of the biggest nonprofit or

rescue organizations. Okay. cool
I I did look up. A document

that the state had put out of what
differentiates essential to

non essential services and businesses,
and I did see that like

animal hospitals and animal care
is considered essentials. so I

don't see why it shouldn't be impossible
to to a doctor. Foster

an animal right now grooming cuz
I know barbers close down. So

maybe I grooming facilities. That's
like that. And I also think

everybody's in shock today, they're
trying to figure out how

they're gonna carry on. Yeah they're
scrambling to to know

themselves what the protocols are
now. Yup. Yup.

Till some soil compost some food
ways like a corn.

Those are all good ideas. Yeah.
learn learn how to cook for

yourself. I think that that's gonna
be one of the biggest

benefits is like a people are gonna
finally have the time to

say, Okay. I'm I'm gonna learn how
to cook or I'm gonna you

know and realize how easy it is
to actually you know, prepare

for yourself and and take care of
yourself. Yeah absolutely and

it's almost forces. US to take to
slow down and like in process

more of our day than rather dread
just going from the the next

just the next thing without really
soaking everything in I mean

there's so many there's so much,
especially in Las Vegas.

There's just so much to contend
with you've been on your drive

to work. Yeah there's so there's
so much buying for attention.

Yeah. yeah. It it, it's nice to
yeah. have some cheese. Maybe

do some tight cheese just kinda
be Yeah. I've been running a

lot. You know I was running even
before all this happened. but

now you know, I have so much time
that that used to be my main

limitation and like how much time
I have dedicated as exercise

was that I had so many other things
going on. so I only had an

hour and I had to pack it all into
an hour. well now you know

if I want I can. Out for an hour
and a half or I could stay out

for you in two hours if I want so
I have been increasing the

links of my run and now you know,
I'm I'm up to like 10 miles

so you know I'm thinking this might
be a good time to start you

know preparing for like a marathon
or something you know. so

yeah or maybe the Hawaiian Ironman.
Oh, no. no. no no. I'm not

good on the bicycle. I'll do the
I'll do the ocean swim but I

don't know I I'm a bit of a clutch
when it comes to like high

speeds, you know so and I also had
a really bad bicycle

accident when I was young. so yeah,
I tend to to stay away from

that. Eric. He commented that yeah,
just that we have more time

to exercise. Yeah meditate. It's
like it's it's something that

we all a lot of us say we're gonna
do but now. What else Are we

gonna do right? I can only watch
mad man so many times.

Yeah. yeah. Well, the TV show watching
is definitely increased.

You know I I used to you know Netflix
is great cuz you can been

watch stuff, but that's also time
consuming. So I kind of

switched from TV shows to just committing
to a movie, but yeah

now I'm back to doing TV shows to
get cuz I have the time to

been watch right. I have I haven't
they have a new series

called Pen, which looks. Informative
but could be a little

scary. Yeah. I'm staying away from
that. Yeah. Netflix is

definitely pushing those those themed
type of movies and videos

right now and I don't know I'm not.
I think it's actually a

docu series. It's actually like
a documentary. It's it's not

like a fictional story. Okay. Yeah.
And then there's that one

have you watched explained. It's
like kind of a 20 minute thing

Docu series like just basically

like the weed industry interesting
marijuana industry. Yeah,

just like kind of I don't know if
you ever they used to be a

Nickelodeon show. I I forget what
it was called it was like a

new show. I like it would have my
kids talking. It was like I

remember as a five WS, but that's
not what it was called I see

where. Icy Yeah, I I just remember
channel one news. That was

what I remembered from. yeah. okay.
So we just got a

recommendation from tunnel on Facebook,
she says to skip it. so

yeah, let's just not watch that

Oh, we can't skip it.

they're okay, so there is I have
a recommendation for a good

show and the first episodes are
all based in Las Vegas. so it's

like really interesting. it's a
food show. It's the chef show.

So do you remember that the the
chef It's like a movie that

that is like a fictional movie about
like that. he might have

been Cuban. Yeah. He was Cuban in
Miami that had a food truck

with his son and they went across
the country and but then now

he's doing like a like that Director
John Fibro. He is doing a

show. Roy Troy the guy from Best
friend the Korean barbecue

place that that's famous for the
Korean tacos in La and they're

going to different kitchens and
you know it's typical food

show, but this one is different
because they're kind of

explaining like what's happening
as they're cooking and because

they're in like kitchens like a
lot of a big operation kitchens

the chef that they're interviewing
is talking about. Why

they're doing different things for
like large production, you

know so a lot of cooking shows they're
just in this idealistic

small kitchen and just cooking.
you know one dish at a time,

but this is like how do we cook
steaks like the first episode

tees that the steakhouse that Wolfgang
Puck has and Wolf Gang

was saying like how do they turn
around like how will they cook

a state to make sure that they cook
it just right? But then

they've gotta do it 50 times in
one night. so it's like really

interesting. you know I I had a
lot of fun watching that show.

so that's something good to. To
to watch on Netflix right now,

the chef show yeah, and they go
to they go to a lot of kitchens

here in Vegas, mostly like the celebrity
chefs and like the you

know the bigger kitchens on the
Strip, which you know now.

we're all all closed but yeah, if
you're if you're missing if

you're missing this Strip that's
a good chance to see it. yeah.

there's also the show called somebody
feed Phil. it's from. One

of the writers of everybody loves
Raymond and it's just him

like going around with friends and
trying different Street food

and Asia and all over the place
and and and it it could be

really funny. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
That's good. Yeah. Yeah. it's

it's not so much like and he he
talks. he talks to the local

people. It's pretty fun. I mean
There's yeah, there's a lot of

there's also a show. I think like
with Jack White Hall where he

he and his dad go like traveling
and stuff. it's another

comedy, but I like to travel to
find good foods kind of stuff.

Yeah. that's always fun. I think
that that's that's kinda

become a really popular theme of
media right now.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I missing
that you know like I haven't

traveled at all this year. you know
I know it's it's

interesting cuz I committed at the
beginning of the year like a

resolution that I wouldn't travel
and I'm usually always

travelling you know and I wanted
to dedicate at least 90

percent of my ear ear here in Vegas
and do more events here and

so yeah, I haven't traveled anywhere.
I think I did one trip to

UC Davis for the Global Tea initiative,
but I literally like

drove there did the the. Event as
left one night at you know my

buddy's place there. Gareth Evans
if you're you're on and then

drove right back the next day. so
you know like that was hardly

a trip somewhere and an opportunity
to to explore the local

stuff. so I really missed that you
know that's something that

I've been really spoiled you know
to to to get to do in my work

is to explore different food and
different culture. but now I

get to. The culture of my House,
which is good. Yeah, right, I

I'm guess I'm looking forward to
win a sober too, and like to

see what the new new normal is for
just like music festivals

like Coachella was delayed until
October and and Bonnaroo till

September. I mean like are we gonna
start taking more cautious

hours gonna be like everything?
What was like? Yeah. I don't

know I don't know so you know I
was reflecting back. Yeah.

we're gonna be able to get sanitizer.

I was reflecting back to whenever
I was working in the food

industry and in 2010 or 2009 to
2010, we had the H one inflate

the The swine flu outbreak that
you know was pretty prevalent

here in the States and that had
really affected a lot of pro

protocol that I had to set up in
the food industry as far as

like sanitizing all hand surfaces
at least once an hour you

know, which was kind of what everybody
started to do he. but

that trends like was quickly forgotten
once you know that that

past so you know, I don't I don't
know if if you know, this is

definitely gonna be a memory in
you know in the the bookkeeping

you know there's there's definitely
gonna be like that little

you know special note of quarter
one of 2020. you know from a

business perspective and economic
perspective, but how how

much. What are we gonna remember
in in our own lives and and

you know the one thing though I
think it once it's all passes

through is people taking things
more seriously. you know

whenever another country reacts
like how China reacted when

they first started to announce the
world. What's going on? you

know I started to react really quickly.
My response was this is

gonna be here any minute and we
should start being proactive

and everybody was saying I was.
To paranoid and you know, it's

not gonna be true and you know it's
cancelling my travelling

plans and people are like why why
are you gonna do that? No?

It's just gonna pass It'll be it'll
be good by March. We can go

to Asia by March and you know so
I I think that that's

something that people will remember
is the urgency and yeah the

faster we react to things the the
faster we'll get over them.

Yeah myself like I didn't. I didn't
know how horrible we are

all words to this. I mean

it it's easy. I guess it's easy
nowadays to stay all the media

is just running with a story or
something. but I mean when when

the world when the Centers for Disease
Control says, we have to

take precautions. It's time to listen.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well,

I mean due to our current, you know
political state, you know

they're. I think there may have
been some delays on that. but

yeah, yeah. I mean people people
during the election year.

people don't want chaos. Yeah politicians.
Well, I read an

article that that's that's what
happened in Iran for Iran to

have such a big early Problem with
this was because they had an

election coinciding like at the
exact same time that they they

were starting to see their first
cases and the incumbents of

course you know wanted to keep status
quo wanted to keep

everybody calm. so no one, said
anything but they were already

building a burial grounds. They
were already digging the the

burial grounds knowing what was
coming, but they didn't notify

the public. yeah. Several articles
on that of of the timeline

of what was happening there yeah.

Anyway, we can talk about something
else. I think we should.

it's about time we we talk about
something more more positive.

You know. I think it's important
for us to talk about this

stuff. We shouldn't be afraid to
but you know we can always.

But we need to look up like who's
helping the situation. I did

there. There are people that are
stepping up to the plate and

I know I been reaching out to my
family more trying to be

supportive and trying to be letting
them letting them all know

that we're in this together like
yeah. yeah, I mean well and

that's what we're doing right now
too, you know like we said,

like I mean you haven't been in
contact for for a while. now

since you've moved away from Vegas
and you know, this is a

great chance for us to to connect
and and to share with

everybody else too. yeah. People
people are doing the work you

know. I think I think the the is
something that I posted to

Facebook that you know I've gotten
a lot of positive response,

but then also some pointed you know
negative response was the

the people not helping with the
situation and not that they're

you know doing anything damaging
or you know dangerous but just

kind of like the the people with
doubt that just won't. At

least silence, their doubt, you
know cuz we've already made

this decision that this is the way
we're gonna go down. You

know so shaming the Panicker S or
shaming the people that are

really worried or concerned is not
gonna do any any good. so,

like, for example, with this toilet
paper like well, it seems

kinda crazy. everybody needs toilet
paper. I don't think. but

when you when you think about it,
I mean like. Isn't it isn't

uncomfortable to know we like that's
one of the biggest. I

guess things about symbolization
as an individual is you like?

I mean it's such like it. It's such
a cycle that maybe we don't

wanna talk about it or anything.
but like we're looking for

comfort now, we're not necessarily
everybody's not gonna start

selling toilet paper on the Street.
They're just scared. Leg

ends to know that, at least at least
making control something.

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah, I mean
it's it's not real. It's not

really on the consumer to have to
check how much they buy if no

one 's telling them not to

It's like, for example, like lit
like I I already nice a litter

clean up here. It declined village
Okay and like it's just like

the whole idea that is out. it's
it's the people who use those

plastic things that is really like.
I responsibility to make

sure like it goes in the right place.
Well, it should not

actually start maybe somewhere floor
up at the top like people

making these frog. Yeah. yeah.

Hi, Erica Lyn Hey, Erica How's it
going. Ericka actually said

she wanted to join in with us so
as soon as she sends in a

request all a loop her in and she
can enjoy the the Tea Party.

She's another friend that I had
to connect with him a long time

you know and she saw the live video
yesterday and was like

yeah, I wanna I wanna connect. I
wanna drink tea with you. She

also used to live here in Vegas.
yeah, but I I don't know where

she is now. she connects it. I'm
sure she'll catch us up where

she is. but last, I knew I think
she was in Reno, which is not

far from you. Huh. No, I'm not at
all. Yeah. She's one of them,

Bernie man friends. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I'm not sure what's up

pretty man September. I don't know
what I imagine. they're

gonna be doing some stuff. they're
still selling tickets and

and planning as is. but of course,
the you know burners are are

the King of memes and so they're
there is definitely you know

different stories going around in
different jokes going around

about how different burning man's
gonna be our friend just turn

me off. To another desert party,
the Desert Parks, Oh, does it

hurts Yeah, and they in fact have
delayed their okay That's

good, which which which is a big
thing cuz I think they were

almost hoping since they were on
they're gonna be on Indian

land or something, and I think they
were gonna at first see if

they could do that. But now now
it's just. Clear that we can't

have gatherings of more than 10
for a while. Yeah. Yeah.

Alright Eric. I don't see your request.
I'm sorry try it again.

Yeah, Erica is trying to get in
okay. yeah. I I don't know it's

interesting. There's like the the
big Royalty expo that happens

every year. It's you know, typically
it was being had here in

Las Vegas but now it's gonna be
in Denver. That's in the

beginning of June or you know towards
the Middle of June and

they're still going as planned.
Yeah, you know there's a lot of

contention in the community about
you. Who wants to like invest

in committing to travel and committing
to to do an event like

that which can be costly, especially
if you're like an

exhibitor or who can commit to that
right now in the state that

we're in you know looking you know
two months and and and are

three months in in advance right
like if you're in the

international traveler would yeah
some people are afraid now

like if if I. Travel will be able
to get back in the country

just because things are updating
daily, but I I think in maybe

six weeks they will die down, but
yeah, I mean to commit to

something in June. I like I Earth
Earth Day is celebrations

have been you know postpone until
June. Well, it's okay. We're

celebrating already you know cuz
we're not we're not burning as

much. Fuel

Yeah, Eric Yeah, you know, I think
it is you're right. It is

close enough that we we can make
that decision even if things

are balanced and and and back to
to normal by June, the travel

planning and investing in all your
reservations and studies be

doing now and you know we have no
idea what attendance is gonna

be like they are people gonna be
underground by that. Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, but it's gonna take
a lot of encouragement for

people. maybe to get back out there
you go.

Yeah. so you know, I think it's
it's been difficult to make

that choice to cancel you know cuz
that's all your planning.

you know down the toilet whatever
financial investment that

you've had to put into it but you
know what's funny now is that

the restaurants that that that have
all announced their

closures. you know, we're like they're
their owners up until

this morning. We're like really
added it like we're gonna stay

open. We're gonna stay open. We
care for our employees. We're

gonna stay open and then as soon
as the government made that

statement, you know then when. They
announced their closure. It

will have nothing to do with compliance
with with the

government's new ruling it had to
do with their choice for your

safety. We've decided it's like
no just yesterday you were you

were saying you were gonna stay
open. so oh yeah. Yeah. yes.

That's why I like I hey Eric thanks
for for tuning in today

that was That was really nice and
yeah, hopefully we can tune

in so that's unfortunate. I think
we can only just do two

Erika's right. We can't just have
to so yeah Eric Eric. I'm

gonna get you in Erica. We're gonna
we're gonna have tea

together. We'll we'll do this. I
do wanna hear what you have

what you have to say cuz that's
really important. Yeah talking

about differences that we have with
our own family members and

I would you know I've been saying
this that I feel like the

divide that's happening due to what's
going on right now fear

book. Sides fear of the virus versus
like fear of the economic

consequences are really important
and and that divide is like

becoming almost more polarizing
than the divide that we've been

experiencing accumulate between
the right and the left and how

fast like only a matter of weeks.
People are like you know like

me. personally, I see my friends
that are you know versus. Just

saying, okay, let's set this up
and just and take care of this

and take care of our people and
and and and take care of this

quickly. you know they're complaining
about small business and

and that's true. These are all very
true things that they're

saying. But it's like the more that
we resist and shame you

know the panic kerrs the longer
this process is gonna be so

yeah we just gotta like but you
know like I I can handle

somebody that says things very polarizing
to the writer. Left

you know, I have a lot of patients
for that and I hold a lot of

space for empathy and patients for
that, but it's really hard

for me to hold space for somebody
that doesn't see the

importance of what we're dealing
with right now and so that

scares me cuz that means that it's
even more polarizing. you

know, I have a lot of patients for
someone that has a different

perspective than me a lot of patients.
But in this case, I'm

like this is like the safe the lives
like physical health lives

of people, but also the health of
our economy that we're

talking about here which you know
is. Like longevity and

sustainability and how things work
so yeah, Erica I think maybe

if you're still around, maybe I'll
do another live video. I

know that this video is probably
gonna cut off relatively soon

cuz then I will let you do like
an hour and maybe we can do

like a smaller video after that
and I can loop in America cuz

I'd love to to hear what she has
to say. Alright. I'd like to

help you with you tomorrow. Yeah,
let's do it. Okay, every time

every time I'm gonna be I'll show
you some arts and crafts the

craft project that you're going
on. Oh. yeah. good great.

awesome. Yeah. You know I I think
I'm gonna do this every day

at the same time so yeah if if if
any of anybody else that you

know wants to join in and we can
talk about anything. we don't

necessarily have to talk about.
you know the things that we've

been talking about today. we could
talk about anything we can

you know, but yeah definitely would
like to. A lot more about

art and all the cool things that
everybody is doing with their

extra time right now, making music.
Yeah. If you're if you're

like doing anything like please
like record it or find ways to

share it and yeah cuz I'm sure a
lot of really magical stuff is

being created right now. Yeah. I
know Jake time to do he's been

he's been creating a lot of music
at home. Yeah, I told him, I

said you start recording you gotta
record that stuff. Yeah.

Yeah, I hope like they'll be a lot
of things kind of create

created over these next 30 days
lots of babies.

Yeah, that's a good thing. at least
it will be babies babies

foreign within families and not
within you know like casual

connections so.

Alright, Brenda Do you mind If I
get I get Erica on here for a

bit I I think she should still be
here cool and we can connect

tomorrow. Yeah. let's reconnect
tomorrow. get all your your art

lined up weekend. We can share see
you tomorrow. Alright Aloha

Much love brother Bye.

Alright, Eric Are you still there
you wanna try to get in? I'd

love to have you? I'd love to have
Erica well, that was nice

catching up with Brendan. Now I
feel alone and there's no one

on Facebook. so no one 's commenting
there here. She is

awesome. Got

Brenda Thank you.

We're getting working on. Yeah there.
She is hi. Hi. I'm a

little foggy cuz I am I dropped
my phone.

Right over my head? Alright, right
on your camera Well, that's

that's cool. You've got like an
air of mystery to you. It's not

like it's like it's just my selfie
camera. So my selfie is a

little like you know like funny
and serious like collection.

How are you? I'm good? How are you?
I'm human?

Where are you Where are you staying
these days currently in

Orange County? Okay? great. So yeah.
Anything that's going on I

am. I was living in Mexico for years,
kind of back and forth

and Spanish and connecting with
amazing people there came back

last year and I've been in Southern
California. so that's good

to hear. It's good that you're with
your family. You know. I

think that anybody who has the the
privilege of being with

their family during this time is
should be grateful for that.

Yeah. I definitely am good. Yeah,
I am. I I put the video

earlier, but he could. I watched
it back and and I was I

touched my face several times and
I was like, Oh, maybe you

shouldn't post it but I did it anyway
and I just was shaking a

lot about it. You know like we've
been in a dated with so much

information and over the past month
and you know in addition to

information about the election and
you know. And the constant,

you know, political coverage, political
commentary and this.

Pack me. I just kind of have been
developing this aversion to

like outrage and and I and I I I
just I said in my video

basically that I I I think that
has its place definitely, but

one of the things that I feel very
strongly about right now is

communicating with you know people
who we have it agreed with


I I I feel very strongly right now
that uniting over you know

this is a public health Web is.
The most important things that

we can do, especially as our government
is is trying to figure

out you know what steps to take
in order to take forever, you

know whether you know, unfortunately
we we we have the system

that we. Been living in for several
years and I I I understand

that changes need to be made and
all of all of all of that, but

I also think that one of the most
powerful things that we can

do is come together as communities
and really Stress the

importance of community care and
Metroid. Yeah cuz you know as

much as we can, you know be outraged
over what the government

is doing. the bottom line is we
don't have direct control over

that, but we what we do have direct
control over is organizing

getting in touch. you know with
our community members you know

look. Like what what next networks
are out there, but also I

mean even you know thinking about
this and I'm sorry. I'm like

rambling and not letting you talk.
It's okay. Yeah. I know I've

talked enough. That's all you interconnectivity
and like even

like in the suburbs. Everyone has
those cameras and they

actually have like a whole like
community like reporting system

where you can get in and talk to
your neighbors. so we have all

of these interesting tools. Right
now that we could be using in

order to like maybe you know.

Organize the community needs and
reaching out to our neighbors.

you know and and. We have any needs
that need to be met and

also organizing resources for our
community community members

that are at risk. Yeah. yeah. So
what can you can you explain a

little bit more? What what your
community is doing like to

propose a solution for other communities?
Well I. Kind of so

I'm I'm basically like in a in a
suburb right now with my

family in Southern California. so
I am not really connected to

the community here. I know that
my friends in the Bay area, for

example, their their you know, communicating
in stock and

organizing amongst each other to
create Mutual aid for artists

there so there's some you know websites
where you can go and

you can donate to

programs that are handing out grants
to working artists who

don't have any don't if you don't
have a safety net. Yeah. I

know that. Are some people that
are organizing around the the

unsheltered population. I haven't
spoken to a friend. friend of

mine works at the soup Kitchen in
San Francisco, but I am I am.

Interested to see what what actions
they're taking right now.

after so, things like you know,
making a website that you know

has links to to donate to you know
specific populations or

making a spreadsheet of of local
resources that that you know

we could use

making a making a gold Google dogs
that like consolidates all

of your local information so that
you know people are just you

know reaching out for it on Facebook
and having to do you know

all of the research. Yeah, I mean
by that, I think that's

really helpful

It's it's really important to prioritize
for us as somebody

that is struggling, which is this
is not just you know already

previously disadvantaged people.
This could be like working

professionals that are struggling
right now. that the the first

thing that we should attempt to
do before charity is is

entrepreneurship, you know and so
for artists, this could be a

really exciting time for them to
explore their entrepreneurial

side and come up with creative ways
of keeping their art

flowing and Instead of asking people
to donate which you know

people will do and that will be
a good viable option, but yeah,

just getting creative and and how
you offer value to the world

because there is still value to
be received and there are still

people that are still working and
having their their usual cash

flows. So yeah, I think yeah. do
you have any ideas around

that? What what you you think your
friends are gonna be

innovating on. Are coming up with
new ideas. There's there's a

number of streams that are happening
music streams, DJs are

still sharing their music. I know
a lot of people are streaming

on Twitch. so if they streaming
their there's that they'll be

like a pay tall, Donate button so
you can donate that way. I

know that people are teaching and
those little dancer that I.

That she's actually she's doing
my virtual dance classes that

are $5 so if they're they're fairly
priced and accessible

So, yeah, I think I I I definitely
see people getting really

creative and use like utilizing
you know online. Payment

technology to share their art and
share their You know I love

of music or you know whatever that
that may be to generate

income and not just for themselves.
but I I am I know that

there's also a I'm sorry. I was
just there's I posted about

this on my Facebook. It was like
a developer is trying to put

together basically like an online
like music festival. Okay. So

yeah. About shows and you know,
musical acts and DJ my

performers and into like like a
one stop shop so that you can

like search through a guide and
you can you can you know offer

off your it could be a free offering.
It could be an offering

she raised my a charity or an offering
to raise money for your

community. Yeah, but I don't. They
haven't put it out yet, but

it's called Sofa King Fest. Yeah.
So if you go to cuz I don't

wanna say so ??? fun. It's so
fast that makes sense. you

can send them their information
like where you will be

streaming and I don't know when
it's gonna come out. but I

don't assume being that you know,
sometimes in the next couple

of weeks, I'll start you know putting
putting out the

information. You'll be able to like
you know, search your

entertainment and be able to support
people of it. Oh, that's a

good idea. Yeah, I think we're gonna
see a lot more of that.

you know. I hope that like artists
that are you know doing work

like that. shouldn't really rely
solely on patronage patronage

ship of of the viewers of like donations
from them. But if you

are gathering like a community of
people big enough that you

can get spa. Ship you know so reach
out to you know the the

more corporate side of it and say,
hey, I've got this audience

that's engaged with what I'm putting
out there can would you

like to have your brand exposed?
that's where the real money

is. I mean the music festival that's
really where the real

money is even offline. So yeah any
friends out there doing

virtual stuff should definitely
try to find some sponsorship if

you build up a big enough audience
and Kind of what I'm doing

here and why I'm gonna be doing
this every day is like I'm not

here to sell tea, but I am trying
to build an engaged audience

and when when we do April first,
we're gonna do a comedy night

and that's when we're gonna try
to get some some revenue coming

in for those artists cuz all the
comedy shows are getting

canceled too. So yeah, we've got
10 seconds left. so Erica has

been really nice. I appreciate you
coming on and sharing with

our community. you're inspiring.

Awesome. So I think that's gonna
be it for today. We've drink a

lot of tea. We've shared a lot of
inspiration with each other

and I hope you all stay safe. Stay
at ease at peace Drink lots

of tea support your favorite tea
vendors tomorrow I will have a

list ready of all the partners that
we work with that utilize

our platform for sourcing their
tea. we will be giving a full

list of all of the ones that are
actively shipping out to you

from their online store, so you
can support their store of

course you can support. Store directly
from from our warehouse

here through our Facebook store,
you know we only do a

wholesale through our website, but
if you're looking for a

little tea for your House while
you're there looking for ways

to connect with your family. we
definitely be help happy to to

help set you up with some teeth.
You know we sell our tea tins

like this and they have all the
story. There's plenty of

information to read about the tea
where it comes from how to

step it and we also have bulk teas.
So if you're really going

through the team, we can set you
up with that too. I'll see you

tomorrow at Two PM Pacific until
then stay happy.

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