Friday, May 29, 2020 - Everlasting Tea Memories

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TGIF did we still stay that mmm happy
happy weekend like it makes a difference
anyway these days right so today we're
gonna talk about talk about tea memories
and our most fond team memories this was
your idea
Eric by the way yeah yeah that's cool
I'm just shocked what do you what are
you shocked by then you actually took my
idea all the kinds of great ideas Eric
maybe it's my fault I'm running out of
ideas that's the issue and I have over
60 live videos now in the past you know
a few months so yeah I'm kind of run out
of ideas I can see yeah yeah not really
I mean there's always something more to
talk about NT it's an endless rabbit
hole alright you can repeat too with
different people yeah depending on the
subject yeah or just to switch the words
around a little bit yeah make it feel
fresh or maybe I can just like cut my
hair and then redo a whole the whole
thing and no one will even notice yeah
how's your hair doing are you are you
keeping up with the haircuts nope on too
long I can't maintain it it's actually
gonna flow be is that the thing like on
Wayne's worlds with the vacuum things
like ah cool that's an epic scene you
know talking about classic movies that
really is an epic scene that was a thing
let's slow beat was it it wasn't just in
a movie it was
they took it from the actual the I did
see an infomercial recently I'm sure
that sales of those types of products
have spiked a little bit during the
pandemic yeah but at the same time
people are like just picking up scissors
and a comb and realizing hey we can do
this not to yourself but to someone else
no unifying no mean not to yourself okay
of course with my hair yeah I'd let you
cut my hair Eric the chainsaw no this is
the chainsaw that would just be
that'd be worse I've had a haircut with
a straight razor she just comes it up
and uses a straight razor big chop it
off that was a great haircut
I bet mm-hmm have you ever done the
whole like luxurious hot shave with the
with the straight razor oh yeah I heard
that's nice for a while yeah you know
naturally I've never done it before but
I heard it's nice it's sometimes scary
if you don't trust the calming yeah it's
your first time yeah yeah well you know
the only way that I wouldn't trust
somebody in that context is if it's like
their first time yeah or maybe maybe up
until like their 20th time after 20
times and I'd be like okay you're cool
you probably know what you're doing I'm
over the the barbers and in Africa they
were just like their real street style
you know they don't really have shops
there was shops here and they're like
how we have here but most of that work
is done by people that just walk
on the street and they like clink it's
just like in chengdu and the park where
they clean the ears and you hear them
clinging their tools together that's how
you know that's what they're doing yeah
so about a year massage in China yeah
was that how was that I'm curious about
that it was my left I think one of my
ears at hurt the other year was so
but they're like Bellini they're
cleaning it or they're massaging it
means they're just pulling it I mean
good until cleaning they were just all
in so they didn't pull off their tote
their tools and their no big you don't
ask for the the ear pulling well I could
do that for you next time I see you
let's give you a good hard yank it'll
make you feel good trust them random
Chinese guy but you so that's kind of a
team memory yeah was it I was in charge
either Chows over on she I think on she
2009 a long time ago somebody has a
question for you let's see it
hook up the Friday lag going on yeah
Bridget wants to know did you lay your
head on their lap well that was going on
no I sat in a chair a stool mm-hmm yeah
I think that's how I saw it
in Chengdu there's like a touristy
destination part where people gather and
yeah you just hear that metal clinking
noise and it took me a while to figure I
didn't do much research on you know
tourism there I was just along like a
sort layover so I just had to figure
things out as I was going through and
yeah it took a while for me to figure
out oh that's like people cleaning ears
that's like I haven't seen that kind of
rustic kind of service since since I
lived in Africa and yeah they had like
little stools and actually some of them
had pretty luxurious kind of like
recliner chairs you could sit in and
just like hang out while they pick
picking your ears
yeah tea memories good memories not tea
memories just tea memories yeah yeah no
no no tea memes here no well we'll make
the tea memes if anything yeah yeah so
you asked me that question this morning
about you know sharing memories with tea
and like long lasting memories there's
so many
I think tea is such a great platform for
for experiences to be created and
essentially that's what a memory is also
the memories associated with sensations
you know like sound memories or smell
memories like yeah all something it
reminds you of something tea is great
for that as well
you know I only have had that
oh oh I've had like not not censoring
numbers but actual memories that can pop
up how do they pop up what triggers them
to pop up the team
I like remember something that I'm
totally forgotten what's happened when I
first started with T and I was thinking
some good tea for the first time oh yeah
it was really weird
I think that could be considered a
sensory memory Eric
okay so sensory doesn't have to just be
like sound or smell it's any kind of
sensation so even if it's sensation of
Chee well know that that counts memory
was an actual time I remembered maybe
that is yeah it's like an experience a
sensory experience including you know a
Qi energetic sensation it connects to an
experience that gets triggered just like
what you said yeah so you know for a lot
of people it's it's smell you know cuz
that's like that's kind of like the
low-hanging fruit of our sensation you
know our olfactory has like thousands
upon thousands of receptors of different
so that's thousands upon thousands of
reference points that we can associate
experiences with and memories with oh
okay I see what you mean yeah yeah so it
could be like a smell of lavender you
know might remind you of like your
grandma's house because they always kept
lavender soap there or whatever that
lilac remind you my my parents backyard
they have a lot of them they have a huge
lilac bush three of them and the coolest
thing is when it's a memory that is like
repress that you don't get to connect
with often early yes repressed or it's a
memory that you don't connect with often
and whenever you do connect with it
you're like oh shoot I Lee
I remember that wow I haven't thought
about that in decades you know like that
them that's a real trip when that
happens it's freaky it's scary sometimes
cuz it's just yeah it's shocking well I
think I think it can be most scary when
you're not able to quickly connect that
sensation with the memory right away
it's like I remembering this for some
reason this is feeling and a lot of
times like will will label it as like
deja vu or something like that do this
fringe to do this cringe no I try I'm it
just really do you yeah so you don't
believe in DejaVu um no no that's not
the problem
okay I guess you're right or you could
be right I don't have to talk to a
specialist and read about five papers
not a three years event yeah there's a
preserve well I think the experience of
deja vu is scary in itself it is
experiencing so you know when you have
like a sensory memory and then you
assume it's deja vu you know unless
you're like one of the those types that
likes to you know that like stage on who
you know I know people especially like
spiritual people that are very much into
like astrological energy ships and
whatnot they're very much into that but
you know someone like a scientist like
me when it happens yeah it's a little
it's a little shaky because it's it's
not adding up you know it's like how the
heck did I dream this before it's
happened how do you explain that
yeah I had a dream the other night I
know it's totally off a subject but it
just was so weird I had a dream that
like but it felt real that I was like
sleeping in the same space with a few
other people and we weren't sleeping
together we were just in the same space
and I was dreaming while I was sleeping
and when I woke up I was like really
worked up like I had like a intense
dream like Inception a dream within a
yeah I was a dream within a dream but
you know and and when I woke up from the
dream within the dream I didn't think I
was dreaming it felt really real
and you know it leaves the other people
and they also woke up like really shaken
and we all described our dream and we
were all friggin in the dream together
with each other and I was like whoa this
is just weird but then but then I woke
up for real I guess that is like
Inception yeah yeah yeah I haven't seen
oh yeah yeah I have no idea how we got
to that from-from talking about memories
but the subconscious is a variation
intervening me and said there's a loft
topic I remember that yeah I I warned I
that so yeah they were a team memory I
always go to a memory in involution with
my buddy Mike Ortiz from Miami Florida
Jojo T yeah you've met him in person
right yeah okay good
he showed up we have plans for us to
spend like four to seven days together
traveling throughout China you know to
learn about tea and meet some new
friends and whatever the starting point
a meeting was going to be in we Sean and
then we're gonna move
from there which is pretty central you
know with the train system you can get
everywhere well he had a change in his
plans with business which was good you
know busy business is always good so I
wasn't angry about that and I was just
like accepting okay you can't come you
shouldn't come you got to focus I want
you to focus on but the guy shows up for
like 17 hours and Louie Shan he like
changes itinerary he showed up just for
the amount of time that he have free and
that was an incredible 17 hours we drink
lots of tea and I just remember we were
so like elite 'add and like hi just from
studying that time together just like
the excitement's of like picking up from
the airport we picked him up from the
airport it was like 9 o'clock at night
already it was pretty late Keeney
airport yeah it's a small easy airport
to get in and out of but it was late it
was late at night and then his next
slide out was gonna be out like you know
4:00 in the afternoon the next day so
like such a small amount of time to
spend together but just so much
excitement when when he first arrived he
was coming from Europe you know he had
all these great stories to tell me about
a new business project that he's working
on and so yeah we're kind of high you
know I guess is the best way to say it
like our words weren't really connecting
that well that didn't matter and and
then we went downstairs to we were
hanging out with Cindy Cindy Chen and we
went we went downstairs to go hang out
and there there there warehouse and
there tea room and we were just drinking
tea and this is Cindy's first time to
meet Mike and definitely her husband's
first time to be my her husband doesn't
really speak English actually no he
doesn't English at all so they're just
looking at us like and they've never
seen me outside of like female business
partners they've never seen me interact
with one of my friends or you know one
of them one of my clients you know I've
got I've taken clients there before but
it's always been like
Mill so I could they were like watching
us they kept pouring the tea for us and
you know trying to educate us but Mike
and I were just like on a whole other
level and there's like what's going on
what's wrong with you you know and then
and then the tea the tea Highness
started to kick in and you know we ended
up just just assigning jetlag to what's
going on and that's how we were able to
evolve from that but we were we were
totally we were like little kids we were
like teenagers up to no good you know
that's what it felt like you know but it
was just fun you know we drink a ton of
tea that night we were probably up until
like 3:00 in the morning drinking tea
you know just to make up for all the
time and friggin Mike flew all the way I
you know I hope that he learned
something about young child while he was
there I hope so and then the next
morning we got up early and we hiked
through the you know protected area
reserve the reserve and of course you
know did the classic yes take the
picture of the old trees and yeah you do
the on the nine Ben no we didn't do that
that takes time that's a commitment yeah
I've actually never done that cuz every
time I go like it's work yeah you know
Luke and I don't go for tourism so
that's why I like when people ask me oh
I want to go on that trip with you you
know I really like limit it just to the
businesses that we work with because I
want them to be in the same mindset that
I'm in when I'm traveling like we got
work to do we have things to learn every
now and then there's extra time to have
some fun although that extra time to
have some fun is usually after we finish
the day work you know when we're you
know finish processing and so it's in
the middle oh yeah yeah I see me yeah
so not a whole lot of tourism goes on
and the traveling mm-hmm I've been on
one only one trip like that where it was
just learning and think sourcing and
things like that was China and 2013 when
I went to we stayed in a dong village
for five nights four nights nice and
then we went up to Hoonah for pooja for
the muna a chat so that was quite a trip
so it was it was really interesting when
I went up to Bhutan coz we went up in a
car and that's scary but when you go
down there was no car so that's both
picked Oh fun I've never ridden a
bicycle before so I'm scared to begin
with but there were three people on
there and two large backpacks on one
moped and I was oh it's just wait they
play you want a moped with two other
with with two other people yeah one was
driving with me my friend who was taking
me around and two back are two backpacks
well Eric if we ever travel together I
will put you into some very
uncomfortable situations but I would
never do that to you okay yeah I would
never do that to you I know there must
have been some very special situation of
why that happened that way we had to
catch a train and I think the road was
there was an avalanche was blocked okay
we couldn't wait for car to come up way
to go down and catch the train wait this
was during an avalanche type what there
was there was like a landslide you mean
one time yeah herbal part was being
snuck into Tom ooh okay we were being
it's not in there until we got out we
were like wait we weren't supposed to be
there it was but you didn't you didn't
feel like anything was fishy when they
asked you to get into the trunk of the
no how was it in the trunk
yeah I've heard of people game snuck in
there before I haven't even attempted it
you know we've talked about it I type
are missing me about it because we we do
you know sell the the gym to me that
comes from there and that was back when
they were just developing ginger man and
they wouldn't let us find me because it
wasn't ready yet
so that was interesting there ginger Mae
and then they had to see silver they had
the silver version and then a regular
version they were talking about but then
they called one of them gold very you
don't really see that now maybe you do
if we go there yeah all the research
that I've never snuck in there so I
don't have this kind of Intel that you
have that must have been mostly before
CCTV was set up in there yeah yeah I've
heard that that is now the situation
yeah yeah I've heard of people sneaking
in and you know making it to the factory
and was in ten minutes of hopping out of
the trunk of the car the the law
enforcement snare yeah we need to escort
you out of here I leo
we're talking team memories if you want
to come a bit ly / t let T party you can
join us
um another one was me
I tell how everybody knows I was in I
was crossing a street in child row and I
slipped on a banana peel okay that was
great because I never knew it actually
happened concussion or something I never
knew that you could do that oh that
actually happened yeah they would catch
myself but everybody was worried about
me and I was laughing like crazy so that
member pardon me laughing like crazy and
everybody worried about me well I mean
we all learn well from the cartoons when
you slip on a banana peel the best
response is to laugh normally it's the
audience badly yeah well that's the
discrepancy between cartoon and real
life you know in real life when you see
someone slip on a banana peel yeah
you're gonna ask that they're okay I've
never slipped on a banana peel but I
have felt guilty about accidentally
throwing a banana peel in a road I
thought I was throwing it you know into
a bag and then ended up on the road and
I was like really worried that we should
stop and and pick it up it was your
banana peel yeah no this is actually in
Africa so I don't think it was yeah I
mean you don't really think that banana
peels is being slippery but I guess it's
a deadly so tell me about the first cup
of tea you had after that incident was
it good I don't honestly don't remember
that's too bad it was probably not
memorable because it was just so I was
laughing for a long time and then it
wasn't I guess it was a memo or we
didn't have tea for a lot maybe that
trip I remember the least it seems that
the least pictures are the lower the
less pictures I taped the better I
remember the trip that's a cool
inference there I mean to focus on
taking less photos and experiencing more
yeah but sometimes you gotta take photos
you know yeah you just hire someone to
do it for you cuz otherwise you're not
in the photo yeah cuz we're all rolling
in the cash to do things like that Eric
we're the ones with do you know how many
emails a month I get from people asking
if they can if I can hire the most
photographer on my travels really
there's no shortage of people interested
in doing that work yeah it's just not
it's not feasible yeah it's I mean not
only do you pay for their room pay then
yeah yeah it's just not feasible they
should hire me you know I'm a pretty
good starter for now no I don't know
yeah or my jacket pocket but you know
it's just hassle sometimes a hello
camera I've never had a big camera but
yeah I think like if you're traveling
with the crew is it's good practice to
have like one person
the crew with the good camera which you
know I usually have and you know when we
invite you know a client to travel with
us I tell them hey whatever photos I
take you'll have rights to them that's
that's how you know our business works
so you don't have to be stressed about
taking all your own photos you're gonna
be welcome to use our photos and I make
a point to take pictures of them too so
the photos will then be personal for
them but you know then you have your
phone and that's where you take like
those little snaps that it's just like
oh this is the cool thing I want to
share if my friend or like this is
something yeah I want a document
chatter liner and then that's what you
can keep in your pocket yeah although
last time listen I mean sometimes it's
just I hear people using their phone
only or you know they bring a camera but
they're just mainly using a phone
because you can just pop it out for them
yeah yeah
I use both yeah I think it's better use
both mm-hmm music intro when you need it
and then the silly fun pics the fun pics
yeah sometimes I get lucky and
especially like the younger the younger
tea makers will want to use my camera so
you know just a quick five minute
tutorial and then I have a photographer
there yeah I can't we had a button that
instantly put it on auto that was really
nice one of the best features on that oh
so you don't have to worry with the
focus or I can do the focus or just you
know do the settings and then when if I
want to hand it to someone just press
the button and it goes immediately to
yeah yeah they're not gonna know how to
do this audience yeah
what are you drinking we passed yeah I
am drinking forever spring long four
seasons simple crisp it's hot here we're
at 108 today so cold here it's like 75
yeah that's perfect
well it's fun to 85% humidity oh yeah
sweating sorry
what's 75 you know you guys just had a
big storm yeah beautiful I love big
thunderclaps and everything yeah but
then for the following few days and it's
really humid it's more humid than usual
usual doing like 75 here so in five
percent yeah yeah that's a that's a
pretty high humidity anyway yeah it is
normally higher here in the summer and
then down to 50 to 40 in winter and then
with our heaters it goes even lower
because he hears he just dry out
everything stinks yeah
did you see the photos of the department
store in Singapore after it was on
no they opened back up I'm gonna show
you or maybe it's a Malaysia but yeah
they they had to shut down for you know
Co vid and when they opened back up like
everything was like molded out the
humidity yeah yeah so it's a video here
see I don't think they allow you to
stream with you they don't allow you who
doesn't allow who who zoom I've tried
that and I wasn't able to must be like
legal issues they do oh they do yeah so
I'll do it right here for you oh yeah so
yeah let's see so they've gone back in
to go check everything out and all the
leather has been destroyed see that oh
that's not like army you know where's it
called camouflage it's mold
that's mold yeah Wow yes oh the shoe
next to it must be synthetic and that's
because the AC the AC wasn't running and
the you know all of that wasn't
protected you know so yeah yay for
humidity I used to live in the jungle
when I lived in Hawaii
and everything would get covered in mold
it was just the way it was yeah if you
left anything outside just expect it to
be covered in mold within a week
when some of the farmers that we work
with their their environments are like
that too you know like I'll leave T tens
of their teeth and like years later all
visit them and the tens are all like
rusted out and all destroyed and it's
like here the tens last forever you know
but just different environments if you
label but now with that doesn't mow that
like that paint yeah and to lead because
then stupid kids start eating with paint
chips I think it's just also just in the
air I don't take so long but it's good
what are you drinking you ask me what
I'm drinking oh I was drinking a Korean
green now I'm going for smoked green
Hunan green that's been smoked over
burning dumb balls with sweet gum seed
pods Oh interesting tastes like cotton
candy yeah
tis it's a sweet smoky I find that like
really soft green teas and naturally
have that burnt sugar taste to it if
it's good so o if you you know smoke it
with some aroma that's got even more but
I don't know you're talking about
gumball seeds I don't know what that is
but sweet gum tree is it's got those
seed pods that are really spiky okay
and they're all over st. Louis but
they're also in China and really you can
see if we know what it is if you look it
out yeah I'm a picture of mine either
but it's called gum gum tree sweet sweet
gu n sweet one word or commonly also
done ball to you and yellow
there's spikey pots yeah yeah they're
hard to rake berry powder so then are
these are they sweet like what's their
aroma like a sweet smoky well they don't
smell but when they when she burns them
he creates a very unique smell that's
just it's not like lapsim smoky it's
more of a just pleasant sweet smoke
which I can't really pay her well when
you taste it you don't really get smoke
at all sure to get some to the aroma but
you it's really obvious really smell the
cheap the smoke give me taste so that's
it there I am currently sharing a photo
of these eat pods
hey Mike my brother he's on Instagram
so yeah that was my my most memorable t
memory I guess I mean there's so many
others it's such a hard thing you know
you asked me that it's hard to pick
something to share
like just one or two so my brother says
that even in Austin the tins will rust
from everyday touching well that's
okay guess that's the advantage of being
here in Vegas is that we're able to take
good care of the tins it doesn't seem
that happen here it's like has to do
with spores in the air maybe that's true
I think most importantly it's about
humidity I think Austin's is pretty
humid mm-hmm I think you did oh nice
nice technique well it's not there's no
technique but I can just yeah that's my
bad this one what's what's the original
technique two-handed oh so you're doing
a little one-handed yeah yeah that's
very advanced oh thank you
I mean imagine all the things that you
could be doing with your other hand
while you're drinking tea I can juggle
one hand yeah you could know especially
with one man but mom can't do that
but get into spinning some nunchucks
regular yeah and that way it can help
keep your tea warm while you drink it is
cream I think that's always a good
that's a good assessment for for high
quality smoked teas you can smell it but
then not taste it what about feeling it
though I feel like feeling the smoke and
teas is good feeling the smoking jeez
yeah honey no not like that but like in
texture this is really this is really
slippery this goes right down and leave
the film not much like yeah I can order
yeah yeah I guess you'd have to call it
that I don't know what else it just kind
of stays on the top it's not really a
film it's more like the taste days all
the time yeah but you know like a lot of
the smoked teas that we can get access
to at the grocery store or you know at
the vulva tea shop the the smoke you can
smell and you can taste it and and then
it just like dissolves right away after
that it doesn't really like resist and
you can feel it cuz its flavored you
know it's like liquid smoke you know
it's just a flavoring oh I see what you
mean like when you breathe out you can
just and you feel like a dirtiness your
throat CD maybe that's what I mean by
smokey like feeling the smoke yeah you
just kind of feel I know I think I know
what you mean but like when its flavored
you don't feel anything
right now it just slips down goes down
like water and then you forget about it
it's like what was all that flavor that
was there where did that go
and it was just you know essentially
perfume it was just you know some flavor
that was there when I breathe out I can
kind of taste it through my nose smell
through my nose going to be that cool
cannot taste it it's really interesting
we'll have to drink that tea next time I
come visit you or the next time we have
tea together at 500 grams so but it's
preaching mean it's from this year yeah
you've been buying tea this year no I
bought this team okay I'm trying to get
rid clean my cabinet and the next year I
want to focus on three two or three
types of tea probably just two types of
tea and then have a few that take a
break off I say I don't want to do that
I died over the last few months yeah I'm
struggling with the whole buying new
teeth you know just with how how
business is going and how things are
flowing it's difficult economically
difficult to do it especially now yeah
yeah and logistics costs are going up so
you know that's also adding to it but
you know I'm getting you know enquiries
of people wanting to work with us and
the fact that I haven't brought in you
know I have brought in some new team
it's like our best sellers that
constantly are on rotation like matcha
that I'm bringing in but the other stuff
is just like you know I can't put our
operation at risk like that you know
holding it up cash with products that
I'm pretty sure it's not going to sell
yeah you know it may sell to like one
niche buyer that's wanting the new tea I
made a mistake about a bunch of a child
some food challenge well I know I I've
never pushed it so I can't say pushed it
you know I never advertise that I have
yeah it's only like three stores that
are four stories that are beverage
containers how much do you have left in
kilos okay considering some of the
breaks they go from 800 grams through
kilogram okay I'm be restoring those and
st. Louis yeah yeah it's really dry my
in any apartment so I keep a little
humidor you nor no humidifier right you
keep it at a certain humidity but I do
like to go from high can they do need a
local community Presley over time or
like on a daily your whoa well on a
yearly basis okay it's high winter it's
it is lower I thank you that too low
that is just 20 percenters well that's
cool how have you found them to be aging
really well but sometimes though the
golden flowers come and go and if
there's too much it can get very cloudy
the tea yeah first first one or two
sneeze so that's not a good thing
because you can actually taste that
you can't just like brush it off really
rolling leaves and so interesting and it
comes to go is there any like
correlation between the the variable
humidity that you keep throughout the
year no I mean certainly with a lot of
humidity grows but maybe that's the
problem but I mean it's only recently
gotten all that much and I'm already
starting to see it go away
sort of yeah so I really don't know the
correlation is that's something I really
need to look into yeah if it's known
which probably is well I mean you you
have your own data you can pull from
right right I'm sorry yeah well you
check the taste and everything every
once a while yeah it could be careful
you don't want to drink up all your
stock oh I know what you mean haha
that's that's a problem no not that big
of a problem I have more personal stocks
and everything and I eventually I
sometimes buy buy one from me myself so
go back to sweet yeah that's endearing
what did I buy it for myself
yeah you guys seal the deal with the
handshake or what well yeah well that's
the safest way to do it yeah what pay
yourself were to doing blood and shake
yeah to do a polite handshake especially
in these times he's done yeah because
you don't have kin of the max yeah than
you can shake you can shake your hand as
many times as you want if you celebrate
hamburger day yesterday
yeah celebrated with tea good I didn't
eat a hamburger that's too bad I want to
be am burger for person but I just
didn't have any I didn't want to go to
the store and get some ground beef yeah
I made hamburger isn't long oh you have
someone on YouTube this is gimme T what
a demand but you can learn a lesson from
Eric here and you can buy some from
yourself to drink it's a good thing
otherwise I mean it's two different
accounts for me and it's you know that
and then mine in inventory can't really
yeah I just love that too so what I have
better but it's pricey Oh what always I
mean some I can't appreciate like pricey
black can't really appreciate black Team
Red Tails you don't like I mean I've
given I mean people can definitely tell
me yes when I'm tasting yes this is much
higher quality I'm kind of I haven't
tasted it enough black teams it's a
point where I can I can't really
I don't much experience that's what I'd
what about like Jim Jemaine you're
talking about that earlier I mean I can
tell when it's when it's the first one
and I've had an amazing one like back
when I went to tomu but when it's when
it's the first time I have one that's
just blows every other T out of the
water I recently had a long Jane
that blew every Longjing I've had before
out of the water I thought I didn't even
like mom G and then I had this one and
it was just oh no I know what they're
talking about
oh where did you have this experience
friend okay breath friend get to me a
little bit nineties oh it's too pricey
they're not a stellar but they had
brought back some from China
okay yeah well even getting the good
stuff in China is difficult yes yeah if
you go there in person especially if you
go I was like a tourist I mean maybe you
this friend or tortoise is in the
business so they were able to uncle is
in the business in the tea business but
not I don't think not in the long jane
outside of chengdu what making me hungry
for some hotpot even if there's tongue
you don't like it oh maybe I know if
I've ever had tongue in my pot I don't
think they'd do that wasn't it looking
much why wouldn't they though I mean
there's ample amount of beef
did hotpot yeah I just think it must
take a lot to cook the tongue I mean if
I'm thinking oh yeah well maybe if it's
like precooked and that's yeah I give
you yeah to cook in the soup that's a
good point though yeah XD right it is
like a but I mean the way that they
prepare it for like Korean barbecue when
they cut it very thin like that that
cooks pretty fast yes you're right and
he's much faster yeah I mean I've never
actually seen it be cooked we did Korean
barbecue here and we need be cooked
you're sitting right there we're only 17
when I just I remember a little bit we
had a lot of fun that day you ate a lot
of tongue that day I remember that well
that time yeah oh yeah I remember I
think I am the entire tongue dish I mean
we ordered two orders of it
we had a big group at the table so we
all ate a little bit but we definitely
you know reserved most of it for you
thank you
yeah I haven't gone back to that place I
wondered if that place is open again so
you know like Las Vegas is all pretty
much open yeah from today even all the
gyms and everybody is open and from the
fourth which will be by the end of next
week all of the casinos can be open oh
that's crazy people apply to or drive
there and it'll be worse yeah yeah well
I have a feeling that there's going to
be like a big influx of people from Los
Angeles that that will come here just to
eat and go to the salon and in
do those things that they've missed
doing because Los Angeles as far as I've
read is going to continue their lockdown
until like August I believe oh my
brother says if you want to see the
whole tongue cooked we should smoke it
with pork belly and T smoke put
gluttonous make-work steaks good you're
right you can port state drops yeah yeah
no no like pork but you know I think
what my brother is trying to say is that
we can have the old tongue and wrap it
in pork belly and then smoke that for
you know good smoke it all day long and
put tea into the the smoker ya know I've
never had I don't think I've ever had
and you might had anything my family
where there was a smoker my dad has one
of those like they call it big green a
well those are nice
and you got one as a present so that was
really nice yeah you can smoke you can
smoke with that you mm-hmm
it is that was like the first like
modern commercial smoker that was
popularized now it's the the Traeger
that's the one there everybody goes for
which my buddy Paul he got one and he
didn't he didn't have room to store it
so he he brought it to to the warehouse
here and and said that we're allowed to
use it so for a lot of our parties we we
you know smoke you know ribs or chicken
wings or whatever you know to share with
my daddy's the boil is rate which is
just not great but now with that it's an
egg you can just get ribs it just let me
falls off the bone yeah yeah the boiling
ribs can work you know the combo boil
and you know see her after that like put
it on the gruel after that to kind of
give the yeah the crispy outside right
but it does not taste the same no this
is easier to do but back to tea well you
know uh I think the food talk is okay
there's tell people on inched on YouTube
that are that are asking about food they
asked my McDonald's no do not like
McDonald's not one bit their food sucks
their french fries but maybe you'll be
okay but that's not enough to balance
out all the badness and their business
model and the damage that they do to our
supply chain and our health as a
population but I do have favorite
restaurants I think right now my
favorite restaurant is a place here in
Vegas called Lima Lima it's Peruvian
ceviche it's so good what is that
ceviche is like raw fish that is
acidified with like lime or vinegar or
you know some type of acidic solution
that flavors the fish but then also
denatures the protein so it essentially
cooks the fish yeah it's just a shame
not cooking with heat so ceviche is very
popular and in several different Latino
cuisines but
the Peruvian style is is unique in that
the sauces that they use is a one of
them is like well all them are pretty
they're very partial to high high
so very spicy but they also you know mix
really unique vegetables into it it's
not just the fish it's got different you
know textures and flavors to it
crispness to it and then something else
about Peruvian cuisine is that it's
heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine
yeah so like there are a lot of dishes
that you can taste that Japanese
influenced him one of my favorite dishes
to order there outside of the ceviche of
course is it's like a sizzling platter
with like steak and shrimp and you know
peppers and onions and different things
it comes to the table sizzling it's kind
of like fajitas you know when you
ordered fajitas at a Mexican restaurant
but when they bring it to the table
while it's still sizzling they pour show
you like soy sauce on top of it just
kind of glaze all the meat and you know
caramelize on this is lamb platter that
you don't see that in any you know a lot
in cuisine yeah you know only in this
Peruvian cuisine there was a really
popular restaurant on this trip I think
it's closed you know right before the
pandemic it had closed but it was like
really high-end fine-dining peruvian
Japanese fusion but yeah I think that
there's a there's been several different
immigration points of people from Japan
moving to Peru I'm sure that there's
there's history to that I worked with a
woman when I worked at each oh and I
worked with a Japanese woman she spoke
Japanese she looked Japanese her you
know mannerisms and behaviors weren't
japanese culture because she was
actually from chile oh yeah she's like
you know born and raised there although
she you know her parents had moved there
I think should they moved to the family
there when she was young so she wasn't
born she was just raised there so that's
why she grew up speaking Japanese and
you know embracing the Japanese culture
but she also spoke fluent Spanish and
you know really had more Western
mannerisms and so I was asking her one
time you know if that's really common
like is her family's immigration story a
unique thing and she says no no actually
there's a lot of Japanese in Chile and
she had said there was like and in her
father's case and and you know several
other families that had mood was because
there was an earthquake that had
happened in the middle of the ocean that
kind of affected the two countries very
similarly and so there was a lot of like
crossover of information and you know
and why people had like moved to each
country to you know a share research or
whatever so yeah I don't know if that's
exclusively the story of that
immigration but there's probably several
different stories of you know times in
history where people were motivated to
to move around and exchange culture
so I had mentioned McDonald's fries and
they said did you know that flies won't
eat McDonald's fries ooh
I didn't know that but it makes sense I
mean the food is just terrible have you
seen this guy he's like he's been saving
the Big Mac for like friggin 35 years or
something like that and he keeps it in
this like special 10 and he gets on the
news every now and then you know having
stored this hamburger when he opens it
up it like looks pristine the only thing
that has any kind of degradation to it
is the friggin pickles you know what
even the button Wow
yeah there's so much preservatives in
them that you know like yeah I know
damage can never be done to that the
burger will stay restored the cheese
will stay restored it's really bad yeah
my girls is not good there's actually a
show on Netflix it's new we're release I
think it's called a history 101 it's
like an educational show yeah did you
watch it no but I 101 history 101
yeah I've only seen three episodes it's
it's like all the subjects that they
focus on are all pretty dark miserable
subjects but if you don't have any like
familiarity with with those subjects I
think that this is a great channel to
acquire that familiarity but the first
episode is on junk food and it doesn't
just talk about junk food it talks about
the food system as a whole and it's good
I'm grateful that that show put the junk
food episode first because I'm kind of
afraid that people start watching that
show may make it only through the first
episode and then move on from that
because yeah then the other episodes get
really heavy but actually speaking about
tea in relation to tea and and you know
our study of tea there is enough
so down there that I think is really
important to gain some context around
our study about the rise of China no no
no no the rise of China so like the
economic rise of China oh yeah yeah so
you know 30 years ago the United States
completely eclipsed China's economy like
several times over but now we are on a
trajectory that like within the next
five years China is expected to surpass
the US economy and so yeah they just
give the history lesson of how why how
that happened and it starts really from
like the Cultural Revolution which this
is all like this is all in alignment
with you know RT education because you
know it's just like I find it you know
so like important that we understand
that context you know because people
they get excited about tea specifically
Chinese tea party all of that they
attach so much reverence and like
ancient power and ancient Indus energy
into those types of teas and it's like
bullshit all these teas are like recent
years they're all recent years things so
like get on that horse you know and and
and and look at tea as what it really is
versus attaching this like uh none right
you know reverence to it and not not to
say that it doesn't deserve any type of
reverence but it's like there are teas
coming from other countries that we
could be attaching the same amount of
reverence to and you know instead of
just like Oh
apex shown pour tea I'll show poor
especially when they're into like the
show poor they're like that's apex I'm
I'm only gonna drink this and only gonna
study this because this is the ancient
the ancient tea
the ancient energy and it's like no
people like that yeah so yeah that's why
you came onto one of my lives before and
I kept poking you to like answer some
questions about you know the story
timeline of hey sha because yeah if you
do want to talk about your gullet what's
that I don't really know the history of
it well you know you know more of the
history of it than most people that are
also show poor you know read anything
about history I know a little bit but I
how she was developed by the industry
yeah yeah but it was developed in the
context of what was going on during the
Cultural Revolution which if you watch
this documentary about the rise of China
you would understand what we intentional
mindset of the government's and of
Industry was at that time so they were
trying to you know was like communism
they were trying to bring everything
into the power of the state and then
making it illegal for any type of
private enterprise to happen and also
they were jumping on like the commodity
mindset so those two things together is
what God has show poor you know like
this kind of devalued commodity versus
you know something that's artistic and
in spirit as well or powerful yeah I
definitely understand that commodity
part yeah but this is such a weird it's
just like it's it's such a weird thing
to see that that contradiction of what
what they intended to do when the whole
Cultural Revolution happened and you
know a million people died because of it
and because of the goals of it and then
you know come the 1980s they realize Oh
let's start globalizing and making money
off of everybody else and that's and
that's what's giving away though now to
to the development of quality teams in
China work is a Nolte's was the
development of the upper middle class
like these wealthy business people from
the cities that developed this domestic
demand for higher quality products man
yeah yeah let that played a big role
yeah huge and then now we all get to
enjoy it but it you know people that are
new to tea in Chinese tea will assume oh
this is like China's like ancient
history it's like not really so yeah I
think I would like to recommend that
episode of history 101 - and of course
if you watch it try to think about you
know your education of tea and as a
context for it and I think it adds a lot
of adds an another layer to it which
well I can look on where it's like my
third episode third yeah I mean it'll
say yeah the first episode is the
fast-food one see that - the second
one's kind of interesting - it's like
about the space race with Russia during
the Cold War oh yeah yeah I didn't so I
learned something in that episode but
then yeah the other one is the rise of
China and I think that's I definitely
recommend it I mean I'm sure if you open
up your Netflix it's gonna be you know
presented to you because it's like it's
a newer upload okay so yeah
it's a popular upload they're trying to
promote it right now mainly watch
stand-ups oh yeah
have you seen Patton Oswalt's one is it
it's not okay I like him I haven't seen
any of his his stuff in years
I liked him when I was like in high
school so yeah I'd be interested and
checking that out some of the other
stand-up I've been seeing on that flips
I haven't been too into yeah I think
Netflix is kind of going downhill a
little bit especially what they're
creating their own content it's good but
most of its not on par with other things
oh yeah Mike Ortiz liked the video on
Facebook I wonder if he actually
listened in and heard heard that I
shared by my fondest memory of Tia's
with him well Eric I think I'm gonna go
now cuz I've actually got to get ready
for connecting with Sohan oh yeah we're
gonna be connecting on Instagram so I
should get ready for that yeah but
thanks so much for connecting today this
was fun you know kind of casually just
sharing memories it's good yes it really
brought back some memories just thinking
about which ones to share yeah yeah I
have too many you're right I haven't
been there many times these gonna just
fit memories that you've made in your
own house you know not necessarily have
to be on T travels Brent thank you
all right well Eric much luck to you
brother I hope you have a great weekend
enjoy that nice humid weather and I'll
see you soon

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