Friday, May 15, 2020 - Update on India Lockdown

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Hi Dayne. Happy May fifteenth
2020 We're halfway through May

congratulations time is going
fast. huh. It really is I hope

you are all having a beautiful
day and look forward to a

beautiful weekend. this is
gonna be my last stream for the

week. maybe surprise
spontaneously this weekend

sometime so maybe I'll. But
probably not, I look forward to

enjoying the nice weekend.
maybe go for some long bike

rides of course, take out for
some nice walks Yes, whether

it's just absolutely gorgeous
here in Vegas, I hope it's

gorgeous wherever you are.

So today I am going to speak on
the lockdown in India and all

of the politics around the lock
down in India so India's been

on lockdown until or since late
March and originally was only

supposed to be on locked down
for a little less than a month


But then it's it keeps getting
extended. The lockdown keeps

getting extended and so there's
a lot of confusion as of right

now, like if you were to go
look at the news and try to

figure out how to lock down is
going it would be May

seventeenth So today is May
fifteenth in India. It's it's

all it's the sixteenth already
so you know, according to the

latest news. That would be just
in a few days or by tomorrow

evening. it's coming out of
lock down but I have been

hearing some very different
stories from our partners in

specifically that have told me
very different story about what

they're going through during
this lockdown very different

than even also the other
updates that I have been giving

you guys about going on in
India, so the last updates that

I was. Is that yes, the lock
down is extended until May

seventeenth, but that in mid
April about mid April or so tea

estates were allowed or tea
companies were allowed to start

the factories back up at oh
there, he is keep it going say

hello to everybody.

that tea factories could open
back up and start producing

products at a 50 percent labor
capacity so 50 percent of

however, many workers they
usually have would host either

in their tea garden or their
factory would be allowed to

come out so, according to the
news is being produced

factories. Allowed to work, but
what I'm hearing from our

contacts is that that story is
very different that people are

actually not working and the
term that really I Joelle Thank

you for saying hi to, he says.
Hello, too. he's a little

tired. He just ate a bunch of
smoothies so he just wants to

take it out but what has been
told to me by by my friends

which you know I take that as
like you know. Lot more valid

about what's going on than just
some news article that you can

find online, You know what
what's actually happening on

the ground? That's very much
more. What what I'm interested

in then you know just you know
seeing in the news that

everything is is fine and TV to
produce prices are going up so.

Said that they are not even
allowed to leave their House

that the whole region of darlin
has been labeled as a Red zone.

So what is a so I went ahead
and and and took some look

online and so this is all
Associated with India's locked

down. Describing you know the
level of stay at home with the

level of locked down for
different areas of India and

it's all based on the number of
cases in in each region and as

soon as the number of cases
starts to drop, then they are

you know changing Red Level you
level or orange of. Let me look

it up.

And these colors are important.
okay, so there's a Green Zone,

Red zone and yellow zone and as
of right now, there is deemed a

redzone. I look this up, but
it's true like the whole area

of darlin is considered a Red
zone so ailey people aren't

supposed to be willing to work
even like restaurants are not

supposed to be opened. so I'm
like looking at this. this is

pretty extreme and and really
wondering how. Are people

getting by even even you know
in regards to work like getting

to work and having the
opportunity to work and make

money but even the more basic
necessities than money is is

your actual food or your actual
resources that you need to get

access to how is that happening
right now the more basics you

know quite. Confusing So what
was said to me directly from my

friend from the the the the
Yankee factory where we get you

know all of the links on our
catalog is that they're doing

the Red zone so they are not
able to even leave the House or

do any kind of work and
according to the Code, Red

zones are not even supposed to
have restaurants open for to go

service. No Green zones and
orange zone are allowed to have

certain Allowances and moving
around in the community, but

definitely the Red zones yeah,
so it seems pretty dire. you

know. and so then you know
communication has been very

limited from our friends. I'd
imagined you know they are

having connectivity issues and
this also personal connectivity

issues to you know you're going
through so much like this. you

know you don't wanna be sitting
on your phone and texting about

information that. Really wanna
talk about, but they did want

to just give me that update
that situation is bleak. so if

and then also so the they're
supposed to be another

announcement from the Prime
Minister about what's gonna

happen on May seventeenth right
cuz that's that's hey good to

see you Thanks for saying hi
that oh this smells so nice.

speaking of. Drinking Dora
argentino, but it's something

floral beautiful. Also, you
know pay my respects to to the

place and the people of Georgie
by drinking their handmade.

Very organic. So the extension
was till May seventeenth.

That's in a few days and the
only articles that I can find

are saying that the Prime
Minister is meant to put out a

statement about situation of
the lock down. there has been

like last week there has been
some releases of what they

expect to do on May seventeenth
so May seventeenth is not just

gonna be like an absolute
lifting of all locked down.

what they're saying that if
you're area is. Deemed a

redzone, I like where they're
not allowed to do anything. the

lockdown will continue for them
and then if you're a Green or

orange zone, those would be the
only places where there would

be any type of lifting on the
lock down. That article did

also say that the zones would
be reevaluated by May

seventeenth to so there is some
hope that by the 17 by

tomorrow, an area like like.
you know would see that lifted

so that people can get back to
work even like starting to to

to do other rest of the work in
the community. Now, there's

another layer on top of all of
this issue. that's Associated

with this issue but is creating
a completely different dynamic

and issue in the area is
that's. Oh, Janelle I'm

drinking a black tea. It's
black. A proper black tea too

from doro jans, so you know
like the Orthodox processing

style of Darr. that's very
common. You know that muscatel

do that usually see especially
on the first flush. this is

actually a second flush I
believe but on the first flesh

they they do stop the oxidation
from fully going into black

black area, but it's called
Black tea. You know they call

it Orthodox black tea, but this
is a proper Black tea you. See

the oxidation levels Instagram
is a on going on, but you can

see beautiful teeth very
floral, very beautiful.

So the other area of concern in
this whole issue is that

Darlene itself as well as other
tea growing regions has been

experiencing what are the
exodus? So when when I lived in

Africa, the you know and and
rural Africa, there was a

similar concept called Exodus
where typically in the male

members of the family will
leave the village or leave the

rural part where. At Work and
Income and opportunity are

quite limited and we you know
talked over this many times

before that two labor is
extremely limited and it's

capacity for mobilization and
for developing you know

progress and profit and
sustainability so for years now

even decades a lot of the men
of the family have left at the

cities to do other work. is
brings in more. Do you like the

Yankee Greens? So this is
actually not Yankee. This is

Well, his brand is called
Camila Cess. He's the one that

has the tea shop in the town of
Virgin and.

The Ru's Tea farm, which
actually isn't far from

yankees' place. But his name is
Vala. Nice guy. He's local

you know just how Yankee
they're their whole family is

local. his father planted the
tea in his area and he's

uplifting the family's garden
from being just a commodity

Green leaf supplier to the
factories, which is typically

what happens at the small tea
growers in darlin, even if they

are independent and having
their own garden, they would

only be harvesting their leaf
and then selling it to the the

fact. Which is the state you
know, even some of the famous

Estates actually all of them
that you know they have some

segment of their business,
which is processing from the

the small tea growers, but they
don't get paid very well. They

don't have any kind of
empowerment worse than even the

workers cuz at least with the
workers on the estates, the

government has some type of
accountability about. How much

they should be paid and what
kind of benefits the state

needs to provide to them that
does happen but with the. Yeah,

I have some here. I'm not
selling it jonelle. it's just a

sample that I have, but
definitely next time you come

hang out. we could definitely
drink some. you can try it.

There's another tea. I think
you should try from Nepal

that's Sweet 16 We call it
Sweet 16 because it was made by

a 16 year-old really nice,
really nice hand harvested

hand-rolled beautiful black tea
from Nepal. So again next time

you hang out. Janelle ask me
about that and I do have some

of that for sale not enough to
put on the catalog but enough

to sell a lot of the tea room.
So if you come here definitely

would love to share that with
you. So speaking of

entrepreneurial young people To
the the big problem that's

happening yesterday in an
article went around through

Facebook. Written by let me see
I'm gonna come from this

article. It was written in one
of the major.

News like newspapers of India
talking about this issue of the

young people that have gone to
the cities to work and then as

soon as the shutdown began at
the beginning of

As soon as the shutdown began,
people had to leave the city

right cuz they're gonna have
work to do you know, maybe they

could hunker down in their
apartments and you know just

try to stick it out while they
wait. but.

For the most part, these people
all wanted to leave and go home

and so, yeah they've there's
been an exodus back to the

village and in this article,
which is coming up for me right

now. it's so strange come on.

let's see if I can find it this
way. Here we go alright, so

they're all coming back to the
villages and this article is

written in a Hindu stand times
so major you know, National

level of India

So and they're the minimum wage
here is. A hundred and 70 - six

rupe a day which is higher than
the 90 per day So prior to

seeing this number written the
minimum wage for kindergarten

workers in darlin had been kind
of like hidden information like

if you go to the official.
Minimum wage documents for

India Every other way is
listed, there's a bunch of them

because in the allows each
state to categorize all the

different types of work and
have a different minimum wage

for every category of work
which is extremely odd and

interesting and 90 rupees per
day used to be listed for West

Bayard workers but over the
past few years, there was like

a a law that got passed. And
then that number was kind of

written as a to be determined.
so now to see it here, I guess

it got bumped up to 176. so
that's the new minimum wage

which is still only a little
over $2 a day to work so what

this article is saying, is like
kind of spinning the lights in

the interview so. The tea
garden managers that's this is

actually a God sent that these
people these community members

family members are moving back
to the villages and are

actually going to be a labor
option for these struggling tea

gardens. you know to pay them
A hundred and 70 - six reviews

a day and so my friend, Deborah
Atti who is a PHD. Feminist

studies researcher that has
been a great deal of time in

the area understanding
situation for the labors and

the tea Gardens there she was
really sad to to see that this

media company is is just
focusing on this opportunity

and Yago from Miki factory when
she messaged me about the

current status there and the
struggles that they're feeling

she hadn't sided this issue
that there are a lot. People in

the village now because they
came from the city, their sons,

their husbands, you know that
had been had been Mumbai or

Calcutta wherever they were
living to work. they had all

left the city to come back and
now it's an issue of having

more mouths to feed and and not
having the ability to go out

because they're all in a Red
zone. so they don't have the

ability to go out and create
things and create value in

order to support themselves and
to support their families. So.

Just a multiple and issue
that's creating problems all

around and so you know I've
become quite apprehensive of of

any kind of media coming out of
India ideas very well known

infamous for censoring the
media censoring the internets

the centering the public word
even so when it comes to. Any

kind of news article or you
know perspective in that way,

I'm very skeptical of it do
believe the people that are on

the ground and what they're
saying. so you know and you

know I had a conversation about
this issue and there was

another perspective that I had
read about weeks ago about this

happening in a Psalm and the
writer of that Op-ed had said

that this is actually.
Opportunity for these young

people, they're mostly young
people that are moving back to

the village. This is an
opportunity for them to bring

some entrepreneurial spirits
to. to the village into the

industry, which is much needed,
just like this tea that I'm

drinking right now but really,
you know wanted Honor his

grandfather and his father, you
know for planting the tea and

for starting that opportunity
for their family which is no

longer serving them and in a
positive way, you know they

don't get a good price and they
don't get empowerments in the

industry with how it is So he
had to create his own path. and

that's exactly what
entrepreneurship is and and

what we should be supporting in
entrepreneurship. So yeah. This

like always like to leave
things on a positive note, and

you know with that positive
spin. you know not to say that

this is the absolute truth and
in the future for you know

places like but if you focus
enough on that positive

perspective, there's this
magical thing that happens

called manifestation and that
can happen the craziest. Can

happen due to this type of
energy? so that's something

that we can apply in everything
that we're dealing with right

now. we are being bombarded
with information and with

articles and with this and
expert that giving their

opinion and you know in
perspective on how things are

going. Leading you know you to
focus and think too much on it

and if you end up focusing on
the negative, you know that's

when the fear starts coming out
and when you're empowerment is

lost like you lose a lot of
power when you let the negative

energy take take over your
thoughts and take over your

flow. So as you're reading this
kind of doom and gloom

realities They. Are realities
like I'm not. I'm not saying

that we should question them
and say that they're not true.

They could be absolutely true,
but just as negative things can

happen much more powerful
positive things can happen to

you and if we focus on those
paths, then we can see those

things happen. you know,
hopefully we do see. Some

progress and some
entrepreneurial spirits come

out of this dire situation.
Yeah, it seemed pretty intense.

There was a video I watched
produced by the BBC. I believe

that was showing the situation
in the big cities they were

they were Delhi and they were
showing the the day of the lock

down the first day of the lock
down like it was like hardcore

like the government announced
it. They gave him like four

days of warning before the
lockdown. What happened in the

day of the lock down right at
midnight, the police were out.

Like tell everybody to go home
and any kind of public

transportation can't be working
all likes enter into

all flights have been
cancelled, so you can't even

fly to get where you needed. so
you just had that four day

period to get your stuff
together and to go wherever you

need to go like if you wanted
to move to the countryside to

be with your family, you'd have
to do it during that time. And

then on the day of the
lockdown, there were still

hundreds of thousands of people
migrant people that you know

weren't meant to be staying in
the city. That's we're all

trying to get out and there was
no trains running. There was no

buses running. there was no way
for them to get out of the city

and they were kind of stuck
there and then you know if you

were a tourist, that's what I
did get there was like this one

family that they interviewed
from UK. You're British family

and the hotel that they were
staying and kicked them out

with the shutdown because they
had to shut down like their

employees were gonna be able to
work so they had to shut down

the hotel and all the hotel
guests had to leave and the

guests couldn't those guys
couldn't get a ticket out and

so with by the time they got
interviewed, they had already

slept on the Street one night
that was insane. I couldn't

imagine you know even dealing
with that. So I think. It's

really important that we hold a
lot of space for empathy and

for understanding the love of
for people that are having to

deal with this pandemic and
very different ways. Very, very

intense situation, so I put the
link up if you guys want to

have a little Friday afternoon.
tea chat. please feel free to

visit go ahead and put it in
the comments or everywhere so

you can just click on this link
and you can come and join me.

We can talk about the shutdown
in India. We can talk about the

shutdown of where you are look
to to hear how everything is

going in your community. I know
that here in. Nevada in Las

Vegas, we are definitely one of
the first in the country to.

Start phasing out of the stay
at home homeowners so now

restaurants for the past week
have been open for the past or

for at 50 percent capacity. so
yeah, a lot of folks getting

out finally able to eat at
restaurants. I haven't you

know, I'm I'm actually quite
enjoying this this time of

cooking for myself and taking
care of myself my home and I'm

not any kind of rush to
beginning to the restaurants as

much as I want to support those
restaurants like I know that

you know they're already gonna
be at limited capacity and

there are plenty of other
people. you know lined up ready

to support them. so yeah, it's
very interesting thing and you

know there's a lot of back and
forth within the community

about people's thoughts on
whether or not. Everything is

just gonna go back to normal.
Will it will it not we don't

know we we see a negative
impact of this reopening.

That's gonna have to cause us
to go back to a stay at home

order. It's really fascinating
how varied the opinions are cuz

you have like us here and it
feels very safe. It feels like

it's time to get back out and
to get life back going that's

just the way it feels. but then
you know our neighbors just

down the road just four -hours
down the road in Los Angeles

their County stay-at-home order
is extended for another three

months. And it's. It's like
we're you know, we're so close

and we're so common

Why we're taking very different
approaches to this is

interesting. I don't know if
it's wrong or right, You know

that's not what I like to to
think about here. I just find

it fascinating and you know we
can see the the results we can

look at the data to see how
that ends up affecting

everything but ultimately we
all just need to have patience

and love for one another and
continue. To be entrepreneurial

and inspire that
entrepreneurial energy for

ourselves and for the work that
we're doing during this time,

as well as for the people that
are really struggling that you

know like a lot of people are
having trouble sleeping at

night because they're just
thinking about these issues,

They're thinking about the
people that are really

suffering and worried for them.
And I don't think that we have

to be worried for them if.
We're manifesting you know that

positive that positive future
that we wanna see so just

thinking about the positive
versus like worrying about the

negative. I think we do a whole
lot more good for us as

individuals as well as a world

Yeah, it's very good. I'm on my
second steep now. Our third out

of this.

Something else I wanted to talk
about today as a setting an

intention for myself and my own
work of what I'm going to be

focusing on in the coming weeks
utilizing this platform or

similar platform prior to the
pandemic I was inspired by an

incredible article written by
An active service my brother

wants to come in Oh, maybe he's
still in Fresno.

Hey, Mike Oh you're back home.

Making some Matcha.

Seems like your audio is off

That's all I saw it so
connected to yourself. It's not

connected now. Yup. You're
good. Okay. So yeah, I just got

back from California. so I yeah
we're still in you know at

Homestead at home until the
fifteenth of June and okay.

Well, it's got back from
California. I've been in there

for six days, five days, so
you're you're. Telling me that

you have to be on like a two
-week quarantine now like a

self-imposed quarantine. Yeah,
it's still not they're not able

to monitor it effectively. I
guess they're not prepared

it''s certain certain States
certain cities when I exited

the airport in Austin, there
was a line on the exit you go

to the Texas Department
Of transportation. A lot of

form there was a look like a
share for some type of officer

over there or you can go to the
right if you didn't come from

one of those areas, so they
just ask you that and verify or

anything so, of course, I just
said where I needed to say to

go out the door without seeing
the but yeah, I mean you know

it's it's you know. it's gonna
be hard to you know I think to

monitor monitor that you know
you know because if you do.

Come to California and New York
or any major city where

infection was still high. they
require you to go to a 14 day

quarantine quarantine. So yeah
are you have to fill out the

form and give it to the
Department of Transportation

and there's a thousand dollar
fine if they catch you up in

about. Yeah, I mean I think
more than monitoring. I think

they're they're just trying to
instill a culture of like self

quarantine that you're gonna do
it yourself you know cuz I've

seen some friends. And they
know they're not being

monitored, but you know they
were given that form like in

Hawaii, For instance, they're
they're doing the two -week

quarantine if you get off the
plane there for maybe how

they're how they're able to you
know execute that you know,

it's it's hard. You know. I
mean it's it's sort of sad to

see if you are traveling in
about I would say be

responsible, you know and just
seeing you know still a lot of

people not. Keeping to the six
feet or wearing a mask, you

know and just sort of
worrisome, you know if you are

going, I would say if you are
going to travel and get about

your business, then you know to
do it, you know do responsibly.

Yeah, Of course, Yeah, we don't
we don't need monitoring. We

don't need. We don't need that
stuff. We just need re

responsibility and and care for
one another. Yeah. So yeah, I

would say you know. You know I
feel like I say you know it's

about time and then I'll be
exposure so you know if you're

wearing a mask, you'll probably
be okay and you know as long as

you take your hygiene and wash
wash your hands and just like

when I got baggage took a
shower. you know what I mean,

probably it's a little
overboard, but you know just

being being cautious. You know
living this to kids out in the

Sun for you know a few hours.
Just now I don't, I don't think

the changing clothes and
showering overkill. I think

that's a good idea. You've been
you've been in different places

exposed to different things.
Yeah. So for me, you know if

you know I I do a lot of
traveling through my work so I

feel confident now I think I
can travel and I feel safe and

responsible. Yeah.

So yeah, I was talking earlier
about India' locked down that

they're they're creating all
these different color coded

zones and the Red zones which
you know, Goku and Allan from

Yankee Factory contacted me to
tell me that they're in Red

zone, so they're not able to
work or do anything The Red

zones are meant to stay on
locked down even beyond May

seventeenth. But are they still
out in the gardens taking care

of the gardens? I mean they
would they would be able to do

that. you know. so, yeah, he's
he's telling me they were

telling me that no that no one
's out doing any kind of work

is the enforcement. I mean it
comes down to a point. you know

you just you go out you go out
and start working. you know. so

yeah, you know there's a lot of
you know even though here in

Austin, it's a stay-at-home
order. you know they can

I guess. They're not saying to
stay at home all the time, but

they are open up. You are able
to travel. Yeah, you get them

out so India you're not you're
not able to travel roads are

closed. It's forbidden for for
cars and trucks and buses so

even like the trucks that are
transporting T around, they're

not able to be moving around
right now. so a lot of teas are

just sitting in factories
waiting to get moved it's. In

Red areas, I think you guys get
some drones over there, you

know that hey, Michael
Alfredo's watching, he says.

Neha Michael Yeah. Alfre to
click the link. Join us I'll

I'll send it to you and in fact
is waiting to get excuse me.


It's early in the morning.
there are those so you might

not wanna get on. It's great to
see places like Taiwan. They're

they're up and about they're
not locked down. Yeah it'd be

great to chat with him and see
you know what is happening. Oh

he's driving car. He says he
cannot, of course, he's driving

Carrere always driving a car.

yeah, like every article that
I've read is that you know

Taiwan has done an incredible
job of combating this and it is

completely open. people are
totally working still. Or he's

taking care of his son. Michael
Today. I'm great. Probably like

striking hard his son, Oh,
yeah. Yeah. The Sun is

definitely. yeah. It's a
sleeping noles, you know.

Alfredo, When you're when
you're not driving and you can

settle down, send me a message,
I wanna I wanna know more about

what's going on in your world.

Bye. You all the restaurants
are open even like the and a

lot of them doing pretty good
specials like the the all you

can eat sushi places are
including you know, socky and

beer with their with their all
you can eat now. I'm kinda

tempted. Maybe I'll go to one
of those I'd be over there.

What's that say I gotta get
over there now. Yeah. Yeah. it

was talking to know Natalie and
Carlo their family so. Once

opens up and Green Valley in
the pool opens up, that's when

they're that's their signal to
go, you know. Of Brus, he's

driving all day today. All day
in Taiwan, you'd have to drive

all the way across the country.
it goes back in different


Up and down all the mountains.

How's your Matcha, you know the
first one is pretty clumpy and

I don't have a strainer, but I
got to the bottom of that last

one and actually it was it was
quite nice and you know like

sometimes you know, it's like
the texture and all that but

now it was like butter. Yeah.
Well, that's the difference of

good matcha. You know if you're
working with a really good

quality Matcha, you know you
wouldn't want to get a clump

and you know. Yeah. Yeah. but
when it's. Yeah, it's a very

nice. Yeah. It's a little boost
for me right. Yeah. That's what

Alfredo says Taiwan safe as you
know he's driving his car

watching this live stream and
texting so many comments yes,

very safe very safe. It's all
automated right. Oh. yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Hopefully he's at
that level and Google Facebook

message You know virtual
festival live stream. Yeah.

Okay. So I'm sure Google is not
good but my phone do it right


Oh, yeah. Alfredo. He likes his
hey Google. Yeah. He does that

all the time. That was funny
that my phone just started

doing it. Yeah. Maybe I made
other people's phones'. do it

live stream. Hey Google Play
Host Malone That was for alfre

of my phones in the Middle of a
live stream on Instagram. so

it's it's not interrupting that
to play post Malone alfredo's

Google hack you.

Not very nice but yeah, I mean,
you know one thing I saw is

like it's like half the pilots'
like that's all more pilots

than anything percentage wise.
It's not wearing face masks and

they're in there all day. you
know. it's like crazy, you

know, but yeah do some AI
technology. You can definitely

find a file by you know the
shoulder pads and their hats.

So then you know I wonder if
you know it'll be interesting

to see what. Acknowledges that
are made to monitor and analyze

the data that I'm sure you know
if you are not even just you,

I'm I'm surprised that other
people aren't talking more

about that and and writing
about it and posting about it.

because yeah that's concerning
right cuz like spaces that have

circulating mentally
ventilation like an airplane,

was' props I mean. If I don't
in their company, probably it's

one of the most valuable assets
and there is you know and you

definitely want to them and
make sure that they're safe. So

yeah exactly. Who in your
passengers are safe, too? Yeah.

It's important.

Bye. So you might I'm working
on a new project with Jason

Harris we're gonna start
filming next week. He's written

he's written an entire movie.
oh Adam's here. Awesome. It is

written an entire movie about
you know some characters that's

all like meeting and filming
through like Zoom. So it's a.

You know about you know what
we're all going through as a

society right now, it would be
interesting. Yeah. It's gonna

be interesting. I'm I'm pretty
excited about it. so see all

scripted out you know and. And
when I told him, too, I was

like I was like so we can like
totally record everything and

zoom and you know make it feel
authentic that way. But then we

can also in your distribution
of it. Don't just you know,

post it to YouTube or whatever
you live streaming and as your

live streaming it we can have
your video interacting with the

audience. You know, you know
how like movies have like a

subconscious like where the
main character. Like doing a

voice over of like processing,
what's going on in the movie,

he could be doing that live.
And like engage the audience in

that part to you know, make it
more immersive. Yeah. Hey, Adam

How's it going on Wait? It's
Friday, Yes. indeed. Do you

drink it. I'm drinking some
doro. Nice. Yes beautiful

spring day here so that gets me
in the mood for Japanese. Okay.

I'm drinking matcha and now I'm
about to switch over. I've

already had two bowls, but I
think that's enough that I.

Matcha this morning and I in my
head. I'm like I would not

wanna do much. That's the one
of these virtual tea parties to

like labor intensive just to
make one one Cup but like it's

so easy going and I just made
it up. I mean that's just like

has the dedication to do it.
I'm gonna need to try it. You

know it's fun, I drink matcha
sometimes not all the time I

get like I get so talkative,
which is kind of dangerous here

you know cuz then you know, I
could be going off for like

three hours and yeah, you know
I'm starting to feel like that

so Adam I just got off of an
airplane. I've been flying all

day today, so I figured you
know, sit down and drink some

Macao to be the best you know
energy boost. you know I've

been off match up like a week
ago and then I ordered some I

like. Mom bought me this really
nice matcha infections when she

went to Japan and so I was
saving them and got some nice

match to go with them and I
find work matcha and even in

like a ghost and I've been back
on my check cuz I I had to

those tapes in the morning and
night yes. I'm gonna go from

the Japanese the Japanese

Adam were you hearing earlier
when I was talking about about

India. No-I I came in you were
talking you were saying

something about filming. Okay.
Cool. Yeah. So yeah like

earlier in the hour, I was
talking about the latest

updates of the lockdown in
India cuz so I did I did read

about that before the end. Yeah
I so I have a reminder for one

of our suppliers that needs to
get some information and

they've been very delayed on it
because the lock down so I did

read that from what I
understand. They extended the

lock down yet again through the
end of the month with some

stipulations. Maybe you can
elaborate a little more. Yeah.

Well, I mean I'd love to maybe
maybe I'll elaborate what I can

and then maybe you can augment
so I know you're keeping up on

this. so it's just relevant
that we talk about it. So yeah

the the date was the
seventeenth but now it's like

only Green and orange zones
are. Going to be open and all

of the Red zones, which is
pretty much every city even

darlin the entire region of
darlin is deemed a Red zone,

and that's all based off of
number of cases and you know

the reduction of of number of
cases day by day but they on

the seventeenth they going to
do a major rena. The different

color zones, so there's a
chance that places like would

be removed from that list on
the seventeenth and then the

restrictions would be lifted
but something else that's like

been conflicting that I'm
really confused about. is you

know like there's plenty of
articles talking about the the

keyboard getting clear for the
the tea companies to get back

to work at 50 percent labor
capacity so I just. That you

know factories were being and
again and and the the estates

we're being again, but I spoke
with the the family that we

work with in Darjeeling last
night and they told me that

it's a very dire situation and
I said, why is that you know

and I thought they were talking
about just themselves and they

said no like the entire area of
Georgie is Redzone and not

allowed to go out. We're not
allowed to. We're not allowed

to do anything and so I felt
like really confused cuz like

other articles say that you
know all the States are working

and people are working again.
so, and then there's another

thing that started going around
yesterday and in the family

also side of this as a major
issue is that all of the it's

mostly men in the families.
they weave the village to go

work in the cities and when the
law. Happened they all flock

back to the village and so now
there's like an influx of more

people and not the
infrastructure to support them.

so yeah, that's that's another
big issue happening in the tea

growing areas. Hi Jeremy so
part of the issue so like at

least I look I look at the
details very briefly before the

end of my workout, so you
actually have an understanding

about. Stipulations at with a
higher level of detail than I

do other than like like I know
like I read that like Ronan,

for example, is obviously not a
Red zones aren't fine for them

to to the same degree So stuff
like that. I didn't read into

like how they've broken down
the cups. your makes perfect

sense As far as our ceilings,
specifically, I'm I have some,

I got an email from someone say
about what's been going on in a

song which I think the
situation in our healing is not

particularly different. where
in Psalm same thing like 50

percent of the workforce was
allowed to work and the other

factor here is that the lock
down went into effect.

basically, right when first,
what when? Harvest time for the

first began, Yes, so that that
was so much so once

restrictions on the lock down
or ease that all where the

estates were in a situation
where they had essentially lost

their first class and so now
what they had to do was stiff

the bushes with 50 percent of.
Forces so they have additional

labor to do that's not going to
generate any income and it's

and their ability to do that,
like to perform that labor is

is held back. They have a
smaller labor force and they're

trying to catch up with this
labor of skipping the bushes so

that they are ready for the
second clutch and they're at a

point now where they're you
know still back at. And playing

catch-up and thus that's what
the producer sent us, they're

producing at about 50 percent
capacity, and that's probably

what it's going to be through
this entire season because just

playing catch-up or and the
work and right now, Yeah and I

season for you so. There's
still plenty coming from from

the fall, so don't worry about
the Antonio of it won't help,

but they're way behind. Sorry.
Michael you're starting to talk

just as I was Yeah sorry to
interrupt. Oh, you're good. I I

just started it sounded like I
was finished and then I added a

complete thought. Yeah, you're
you're just you're just saying

like the percentage of Georgian
is gonna be reduced. Because of

this, you know by 20 -, five
percent and my comment is the

comment that it'll bring more
from the Paul and they'll be

plenty of Georges you need to
to go around. Is the they're

still making all the teams so
you know there's there'll be

there'll be plenty. Yeah. Well.
I think Nepal is also having a

lockdown issues very similar to
to India as well. The video

yeah. Well and the other thing
I correct me if I'm wrong, the

Pauls volume is much lower in
general so if they're down if

their production is down 50
percent, you know that nothing

to be like not to be dismissive
about but the. You know 50

percent of a thousand versus 50
percent of 2000 is like. I get

it, there are fewer people and
less and less land and I'm you

know. I'm I'm speaking off the
Cup here. so I'm not. it's Burt

what I'm saying, but my my
initial perception would be

that Nepal capability to
navigate it and possibly make

up for it. Maybe they may be
better positions in that

regard, But did you say that?
Be accurate, I see a lot of

producers going in they're
already going into the holiday

already have been taking to
bringing in to healing and put

it under their brand. So it's
much more gardens up in the

fall. I would say to you, I
don't know what do you think?

Yeah? there's there's there's a
lot in Nepal. There's a lot

more. I would say Nepal is
growing is more than Doss

growing area. But there's also
more expansive growing areas

around in India and darlin
itself as well, but I mean

overall, there's gonna be a
reduction in supply. So our I

talked to our contacts and a
and they're they're able to

produce and do their thing as
usual, but they're not they're

not you know just widely
producing tea and hoping the

market will take it. They're
only producing tea for orders

that they get and all their
prices. Have increased 30

percent right now, and I was
like why I have why has that,

and they said it's because of
supply in the market price will

go up. so this is a very
complicated issue. where you

know if if as buyers we did
wanna go buy a tea right now

because of the limited supply
because of the lock down prices

are higher. So we're we're
gonna have to decide if we

wanna buy it or not at that,
increased price and you know a

lot of companies are. And you
know you probably work with a

lot more that that feel this
pressure that like our clients,

our clients are a bit more
flexible and willing to handle

price variations because of
issues then like larger buyers

that like have their own
margins in their own stuff,

they're dealing with where even
a 10 percent increase in price

can make or break that deal
where you know, they'll just

seek it out from somewhere else
10 percent. A- two penny

increase price per month Okay.
Yeah. Those are the kind of

differences that I I get into
arguments with the with clients

about yeah, so that that's
gonna be an interesting dynamic

you know and and so that
conflict itself is going to

create you know even in bigger
so the demand is gonna go down

because they're gonna they're
gonna say no, we gotta go find

the tea that fits our and it's
fits our needs. so you know

they may go. Develop you know
supply chains from Kenya or

other places that will satisfy
what they're looking for. so

yeah like our friends. That's
why they're like. Hey, we're

just gonna sit back. You know
we're doing. okay if people

order the tea and consent to
that 30 percent price increase

and we'll make the tea for them
and they'll be fine, but I'm

sure other factories aren't a
much bigger factories that are

used to supplying to bigger
buyers are in a much more

difficult. Position yeah, cuz
you know you go ahead. Sorry,

the other thing that I take me
up at night. A little more is

airfreight some of the like
some of the spring that that my

boss is throwing on me. It's
just kind of he he's throwing

at me like the clients that are
more work for him than. Feels

their work basically where
they're they're ordering like

large enough volumes that they
should be dealing with us but

small enough volume that it's
it's like it's so much work and

it's not like it's not making
enough money. so it's not. It's

not enough money or enough
volume for to like Merritt the

level of attention that it
requires an so it's that kind

of work is getting thrown on me
often when you deal with. It's

something especially when
you're dealing with new clients

when I'm dealing with new
clients who wanna like develop

new products, sometimes they
want airfreight material over

to the US, which is always more
expensive, always more

complicated and always bigger
headache and it's that much

more so now because so much of
airfreight shipment. Get to

where they go because they are
put onto onto commercial

passenger flights and when
there are fewer people flying

just as passengers that there
are fewer flights to air

freight cargo. so the price of
airfreight already expensive

goes up and the number of
opportunities to actually get

things onto Airplanes to fly
over goes down, but I mean when

I was at Starbucks whenever we
had to deal with airfreight so

much that we were always seeing
with lightly. We knew that they

only see themselves about a
couple of weeks. They only get

a couple of weeks sooner. I
don't even know if this company

is gonna save themselves time
if they try to get a free now.

Because of how difficult it is
to get on get the things on a

plane the price that they're
actually. You've seen that list

have you seen go up and from
the India or so airfreight?

it's impossible from India
right now. any kind of you know

it's impossible. I think Fedex
might still be working that

would be the only way I've seen
team move, but we had we we are

in the Middle of an airfreight
you know transaction right when

the lockdown was starting and
now the tea is stuck, you know

like they can't can't do
anything Yeah, I'm assuming

that one thing is growing. I
mean we already had secured

that you know that contract for
that freight before so you know

the price is not going to
change on it, but we've been

yeah the the client is wanting
to cancel it. you know cuz

they've been waiting too long
for the tea, but you know it's

kind of a tricky situation.
It's like okay, well if we

cancel it and then you wanna
order the tea again. It's gonna

potentially cost twice as more
than three times more. So. You

know it's a hard decision to
make if you're just gonna be

patient and wait or if you you
know, I'm gonna try to process

that order. Yeah. I think this
is the price that everything is

gonna go up. so my friends here
in Vegas. so Adam Nevada

starting to open up since the
past week, one of the first

States to start opening up so
hair salons and restaurants

like there's there's a lot of
stipulations about capacity

and. And how they can operate,
but they are starting to open

up and a lot of my friends are
commenting about you know like

their haircut has gone from $13
to $20. you know, and I think

that those are just gonna be a
little differences that we're

gonna see throughout our lives
just because of the extra

complications and difficulties
you know due to everything

that's that's been happening.
You know Elise I'm. To hear

your thoughts on this in that
in that same vein noticing a

lot of your posts about cooking
and and subscription to the CSA

I'm coming across articles in
regards to to the price

increase of a lot of grocery
items huh, which, from my

perspective I feel like To a
fairly large degree and I'm I'm

saying, I'm curious to hear
your thoughts on this cuz I

suspect that maybe it maybe it
may feel similar to you who a

fairly large debris. I've been
immune to that because I'm

already investing more money in
in what in the type of food

that I buy and the type of food
that I buy is kind of immune to

those problems because I had
such a focus on my. Local and

artisanal products that are
either going to be like limited

quantity or higher in price to
begin with that they I mean

worst case scenario. There's
like I I eat a lot of the ratio

of vegetables. I eat is like
much higher so much. there's a

little bit less available
because now you've got like

specialty producers like
compete. With the with the

commodity, one 's kind of the
pricing that gap between price

getting a little bit closer,
but otherwise you'd buy. I've

got a CSA now too. So it's like
so many of these prices I I

don't know this is Yeah well
cuz you had a different frame

of value before all of this
went down and you are more

prepared, you know like you're
priorities and values obviously

if you are already paying more
for local artisanal products

before all of this happened
like you're. You prioritize

your food and your value chain,
then maybe other things that

you consume, but for most
people and this is you know

speaking on like the same kind
of motivations of like the

buyers that we're talking about
that can't even handle like A-

two percent price increase
because they don't prioritize

that value so like buyers like
that are gonna prioritize

advertising. They're gonna
prioritize their packaging.

They're gonna prioritize you
know the. Other things like

let's say, like the appetizers
that they use for you know

distributing the commercials
that they make for their

product. Those guys are
increasing the prices all the

time and you know there's
there's wiggle room there

because they're prioritizing
that as a value in their

business versus the supply and
so this is the same thing for

like the mask, Consumer and the
the Western world. it's

different in different places,
but. Most people don't

prioritize their food as their
value. They're they're like. I

think it's like four to eight
percent of the average person.

The average American income is
going towards their food.

That's crazy, like for me like
I'm comfortable like at 30

percent of my income going
towards my food, you know like

that's a priority for me, you
know I go to food. It's it's

well above 48 percent. Yeah.
Yeah. So you know, I think that

this is great like by this
thing. The price is coming. You

know to this meeting point that
you're talking about is forcing

people to reevaluate their
their values. you know to you

gotta think about their food
more and it's gonna happen so.

Restaurants are opening up and
you know they're all talking

about. Hey, you know we're
gonna change our menus because

like meat prices have gone up
so crazy that and then also we

have to run at smaller
capacity. So like our fixed

costs are gonna remain the
same. but then you know like

we're gonna be able to do less
business so prices are gonna

have to go up for for dining
and I think that there's a lot

of room for that, like I think
the experience of going to a

restaurant and dying should
become like a. Very high value

experience for us like we
should still enjoy it and still

do it, but we should be
prepared to spend a greater

amount of our income on that
experience because we're really

gonna value it versus just like
this commodity like everyday

experience of Lego five days a
week I go eat at a restaurant

and you know I have a three
course meal. It's like dude.

That's a valuable experience I
would. Hope that the movement

toward abolishing gains more
traction as well. Yeah and the

situation. Yes, think part of
this larger problem as well.

Yeah, that'd be incredible.
What do you think about this?

Jeremy? Because Indiana I
started opening up last week,

so I think we're ahead of the
curve with most of the country

but restaurants are open to,
but it's but I think it's

typical safety precautions like
half capacity huh

but I don't know I mean it
really depends on it kinda

depends on the city because
Terre Haute Never-never was the

type of city that and anything
of that kind. So. you know, I

think we're more likely to snap
back to normal and everybody

eager to get back to their
normal way of life but I can

see in other places have
priorities would probably

change in a very real way. I
don't see that happening here

but I think it's just what what
your values system was to begin

with. I think that's that's
really the base. So you're

you're saying that the
restaurants are only able to

operate at half capacity right
mm hmm and they're they're

dealing with the same food
supply chain issues. you know

you guys are closer to like the
the big food hub, but I'm sure

there's still some supply chain
issues that are caused causing

the prices of ingredients to go
up. I don't think that Indiana.

I'm sure throw me into that So,
yeah, there's gonna be a

tipping point where you won't
go back to normal. like prices

are gonna go up prices may go
up twice as much or three times

as much and do you do you
imagine your your neighbors

valuing going out to eat
casually enough to be willing

to pay three times more. No. so
that that'll change you know.

yeah. it'll be interesting like
just. Prices if you're

generally gonna if you're
actually gonna get used to

paying more for anything when
prices come back down again,

whether it's a fall or next
spring or whatever if they can

actually adjust to that new
budget, then it kind of bodes

well for more premium products
because they'll just stick to

the same price point right.
Yeah. And that's a good thing.

Yeah. And I think that's that's
what Adam was kind of saying is

that like there's gonna be a
point where the price cuz the

prices are very different. now
like yeah, he's a good example,

like buying a box of teabags
versus buying high quality

loose leaf. Like the the The
Gramm price comparison is very

different now, but there's
gonna be a point where this

this one 's gonna have to go up
and this one, you know doesn't

really have to go up that much.
maybe it'll go up like 20

percent or something, but the
commodity price is gonna go up

Because all of the fixed costs
are still gonna be there But

then the scale is not gonna be
there and that's gonna be the

case for a couple of years.
It really. Is you know so I

haven't been out yet to
restaurants to actually see

whether or not there are any
sort of dramatic price changes.

I think we're all anticipating
that mm hmm I haven't seen it

for myself yet but yeah, I
don't think anybody's going to

this places gonna be shocked
that things are that things

aren't the same price. Yeah. I
think that I think that

realization has set in concrete
with everybody. By now I

haven't seen any price
increases and I haven't seen

anybody like any of my friends
cuz I have a lot of friends

that own restaurants here in
town that are open and

everybody just announced. We're
open. We're doing our thing no

one out anything about price
increases. I think those price

increases are gonna be a little
delayed. It's gonna take some

time you know until the books
come out and everybody after a

couple of weeks and everybody
sees Oh ??? we got adjust

something here to make it work
It may be a little while before

we see those price increases
cuz everybody's just like so

excited about getting back to
work and getting back to normal

and the last thing a business
owner wants to do is increase

their prices like it scares the
heck out of anybody cuz like

like Oh, yeah, my customer is
gonna you know not buy it cuz

it's gonna be too expensive but
when you're business is

hemorrhaging so bad you have to
at some point, you know and I

don't think I'd be interesting
if if why not do it now cuz I

think now is the time when
everybody could rationally say

I get this. And if it's like,
let's keep the same prices

bring the same customers back,
get them back in their routine

and then raise prices on them
in two or three months. I think

there might be a little push
back from that. I mean,

ultimately, I think it's
important to keep in mind that

they're not gonna be none of
these restaurants are gonna be

raising or lowering or
maintaining the same prices

that have vacuum there. I mean
they're reopening and they're

placing orders and they're
gonna look at those invoices

and they'll look at the
invoices from their last order.

And if they see a dramatic
difference in certain things

that's going to have an impact
on their food costs and they're

going to adjust their prices so
that they can make sure that

they're beating at the root
cause that's going to allow

them to stay open so it it's I
I don't think they're gonna I

don't think any of them are
most of them were actually

paying attention to their books
on a regular basis, but any of

the restaurants that are able
to open back up probably have

been spending some time doing
that are. Probably I don't

think there's strategizing you
know, maybe we'll raise prices

a couple of weeks or a couple
of months down the road. I

think that booking and seeing
you know how what do we need?

What do we need to do to make
sure that we're that we're

covering our costs in the way
that's going to allow us to

keep the lights on. Yeah. Yeah.
I know think Jeremy that's the

ideal world. You know that you
know, I have one friend Jenny.

she does this. sometimes she
comes on. I know she was

spending a lot of time looking
at her books while they were

closed and changing prices, so
she proactively was like. yeah,

we're gonna when we reopen.
It's gonna be a whole new

system and it's gonna be smooth
and you know we're gonna be

more resilient, but I don't
think a lot of restaurant

owners. We're having that time
or maybe they were doing it,

but you know they're just in
such hurry to open back up and

that. Maybe some delay, but it
would have been really

fascinating if like if I owned
a restaurant, I would totally

be doing something like this,
you know And day by day like

letting my community know
what's going on. So then yeah,

it's not a curve ball for them
like they're totally expecting

it and totally wanting it and
like motivating and encouraging

and saying yeah, you should
raise your price. Yeah, we

should get rid of tipping and
making sure that your employees

are just taking care of like we
want we wanna support. You know

solid foundation for your
restaurant that that we love to

you know, meet that and and
enjoy so yeah. I've got a

friend. That's a really I've
been very impressed with how he

has managed to think outside
the box for his establishments

in the midst of this whole
thing, he's got a poking place

and then a seafood market slash
grill. It's got a couple of

locations of each and In In the
most immediate sense like that

as Texas is starting to
gradually reopen, he said.

Okay, like as a business owner,
I understand that reopening in

the midst of a pandemic carries
a lot of liability and I'm not

taking that lightly regardless
of what the government in order

to stipulations are like, I
have a business that I need to

run. I need to get butts in the
seats. I need to get people to

spend money. so if I'm giving
that. I'm gonna make it happen

at the same time. I don't want
someone to get sick in my

restaurant and the end be
liable for it. so he has some

like another. some sort of
joint venture with friends is

where he coordinated getting
all of his employees tested

daily and having a testing tent
like at one of his restaurants.

he's like listen if you wanna
come eat somewhere safe. I'm

pretty sure this is the only
place where we're going where

you're going to know that
everyone who's serving you is

getting tested regularly and if
the results are anything but

a hundred percent negative coen
do you really think that would

be bragging about this number
one and number two, he said.

Okay. So dining room is allowed
to open, but I need this dining

room to open to you all safely.
So what I'm gonna do is I'm

offering A- four. First Friday
that we're reopen four course

dinner open to X number of
people so like marketing, it's

like creating exclusivity
drawing like adding value to

the dinner and limiting the
number of people there and

making sure that everyone's
getting like highly attended

service because they have a
smaller group that a small

group of labor working so maybe
they need to have a smaller

group of people in the
restaurant like. He's smart,

I'm I'm impressed with them.
There's a lot of on that. Yeah.

I would say the it's the
restaurants that are being

innovated changing that you
know, I mean, mostly for those

type of restaurants where
they're really specific to dine

in and out the dining
experience and that you know

you really these type of
customers who wouldn't really

order online, You know it's
it's that they even have any

offer because they have to get
the. You know, you know even

harder, you know in the
marketing and just like your

example, so you know I think
for now the one the restaurants

that we see now that are that
have successfully done the

online ordering successfully.
you know have grown that

business. you know, I think
that's gonna be a big part of

it is have been you know that
that take out you know along

with that the 50 percent 25
percent down in.

It's like the the the charcoal
story you know they got their

online and they increased their
online sales, their 80 percent,

so there are almost able to
reverse people from time to

take out so. Thank you. Yeah,
it's gonna be really

interesting to see where you
where it ends up where the

pricing ends up. You know. it's
like just really unknown where

Where's the the value of the
things that we just kind of

mindlessly consumed in the
past. it's not gonna be

mindless anymore. It''s. We're
really gonna have to evaluate

okay. This is gonna cost me
some money. How much do I value

it and I think it'll continue
like restaurants will thrive. I

think Be more limited and more
exclusive like your friend like

what what he's created. There
is very creative and I think

it's it's very much the future
and we're gonna pay a high

price for it, but we're really
gonna enjoy it and we're really

gonna value it and the rest of
our eating is either gonna be

at home. You know cuz like we
built up a lot of confidence

and you know how to buy store
and cook and enjoy you know

food in our home but I think
that there's another segment

that we haven't. To ever enjoy
here in America that like I'm

really gonna advocate for and
campaign for which is Street

food, or you know our version
of Street food, whatever that

may be, but more localized and
distributed making a food

making and selling a food that
you know a lot of the cooks and

the servers and the people that
you know have been working in

food are no longer gonna have
as many jobs available. you

know it could be a. Good
opportunity for for them to to

service their their local
communities that but just in

the state, it's so difficult
for that to happen because our

food is just so prohibited from
you know legally serving

someone food hot food, you
gotta have like commercial

kitchen, which cost a fortune.
Then you have all your

licensing and your insurances
and I think that there's a lot

of room for the government to
create the path for people to

do it safely. Like it's still
gonna be important for us to to

expect safe and sanitary You
know food cooking from the

businesses that we support but
make it you know so that

someone could do it out of
their own kitchen and I I would

love to see I would love to see
that gain traction. I I I would

support you advocating for
that. I don't have a whole lot

of faith in our government.
prioritize that to the point

that they have that they would
need to in order for it to make

a meaningful difference but I
yeah, I'm I'm very much in

agreement with you that in
regards to the value of that

some of the best meals I've had
in my life for like in people's

just like make shift kitchen,
you know out of their House

just making really good food
and they do it on a daily like

the best meal I've ever had was
like I. My friend would take me

to go see his friend and
Antigua when I lived in Antigua

and he'd make like fried fish
and the the full you know like

the the corn meal like it's
like Cota with sauce very

simple dishes that he was just
able to cook in like large, you

know, large kettles and and
have enough to serve you know

20 people throughout the day
and he charged you know like 10

bucks per meal and it was a
humble little life. For him and

he was just happy you know,
just like a restaurant owner a

lot of times. they're not
owning a restaurant because

they wanna become like a huge
empire builder like they just

wanna host their community and
like serve their community but

it's cost a fortune to do that
here Even to run a food truck.

You know it costs a fortune.
It's and it's Super risky and

you're awesome and it's good.
It's good. You know culture

over here in Austin, you know
this guy I mean getting a

break. Is so expensive, so you
know a lot of food trucks do

here in Austin.

But it's still a fortune for
them to to run a food truck.

It's still a lot of money. It
might not be as much as a brick

and mortar, but you know it's a
pretty much anywhere else in

the world. Yes, you're you're
absolutely right. So inspired,

I came out of the concert a
couple of months ago back in

the day when we could go to
concerts on the Street, there's

a venue on the Strip and we
came out of the venue and there

was like a lined up like four
or five guys that had views

like make shift a little carts
that totally just made

themselves that and I had like
the bacon wrapped hot dogs, you

know and this is little cart,
but it had to be likeable. so

like you could tell that each
one of them had like an exit

strategy. Like if the police
came or whatever they were able

to like pull this tarp over
their little cart, the cart was

like that this big you know
it's a small little cart and

they were just making their hot
dogs. They're selling them for

five bucks and people were
Super grateful like the people

buying them because they were
hungry. There was no place for

them to in five bucks. It's
like a really affordable snack

for you know a tasty little
thing like that hot food and

these guys are making you know
for their perspective. They

were making a killing. You know
they sell A hundred hot dogs.

You know that's 500 bucks.
They're pretty happy about

that, but they had to do it.
This like huge threats and like

being prepared to like throw
something over your cart and

run the heck out of there cuz
you know there could be legal

consequences it. yeah.

You know alfre of Taiwan, an
idea he wanted to get like a

little with a like a potato
roaster. so it's like roasting

like a hundred potatoes, you
know, sort of potatoes,

$5 $5.90 - nine was' potatoes I
fire roasted potato from

Alfredo on a motta hell yeah.

Citrus and I knew some guy I
know someone in town. He

started a food truck he was a
senior at ISU when he had the

idea and he and his buddy got
together. It was it was

interesting because it wasn't
an issue getting the truck

getting the loans getting the
certifications anything like

that and the County didn't care
what he did or what he did.

It's just that the city didn't
like him and it was. First time

anybody ever had like a Mobile
food truck in the city of Terre

Haute, and they either panicked
and didn't know what to do or

it was just they just they did
not help them at all. so we

went to Indianapolis and made a
fortune. Wow and it's and then

and then he also goes down to
Bloomington, which is you know

huge College campus makes a ton
of money there so he's based

out of Terre Haute was a city
where there's so much pushback

from the city that he just
couldn't do anything here but

Indiana. Loves them
Indianapolis Bloomington loves

them Wow. He would have been
that it's like it would have

been you'd think it'd be
backwards like let it happen,

but you know you get all the
costs are too much, but here it

didn't work like that and and
and I know a lot of people that

do like private markets. like
the Covered Bridge Festival, I

know the the Midwest and the
Farris the markets all that

stuff and. You know some of the
best candy in some of the best

baked goods you'll ever have,
but the upkeep on the

commercial kitchen license was
so high that I knew several

people that just couldn't keep
doing it so it's it is. it's

like that balance isn't quite
there. You know you have the

people that can afford all the
fees, but they can't get the

permits so you can get the
people that have that can

easily get the permits, but
they can't afford the fees.

It''s. Yeah. Has needs to be
some? I guess they need help in

some way it needs to be some
balance to it. Yeah. So yeah,

that's gonna be my work. if you
guys ever see me doing any kind

of political activity or
anything like that. It's it's

for this. Yeah. That's my my
campaign. We can do some some

really good girl in marketing
on that. I think you know a lot

of. Totally do it. Oh there
goes our our the the planes and

celebration of the the front
line workers. Yeah, maybe we

could do that maybe like make a
campaign for like all of the

hospitality workers that are
out of work like get them all

like on one day. We're all
gonna like defy local, you

know, food law and just like
make a restaurant out of our

front yard like lemonade stand
type of a thing and just have

everybody doing it, you know
and. All fired up about we're

doing that San Francisco right
some of these like pop up and

this famous chefs to get
together, you know, sort of you

know like how they get their
name out and can't get into the

big into the restaurants so
they be like really unique. you

know, pop up. you know, Yeah.
Well, those things still

happen, but even those things
cost money you know like if you

legally wanna do a pop up here
in Southern Nevada, you have to

get a special permit for it,
which costs like a couple

hundred bucks. Then you have to
do all of your work inside a

commercial kitchen and the food
inspector comes to your pop-up

before. Allowed to legally
serve any food they have to

certify that you're holding
temperatures are right that you

you know have proper
refrigeration and that the hand

washing station is all set up
right. it's a it's a huge

bother. you know, it's not like
just you know something that's

like you know for for anybody
to do.

I just miss Street food,
There's so much good food

around the world and like we
never get to enjoy that here

and I think that would just be
such a great solution for the

issue. We're having with our
service industry workers that

are facing a very uncertain
future. And it's gonna get

Taiwan's playbook's Taiwan.
does it well? Do you know and

I'm sure there's permitting and
there's a licensing and there's

like there's accountability
from the community about

quality control and all of that
on their Street food, but it's

like Super affordable and you
know people you know before

they go to work. They stop and
get some Street food even like

top corporate professionals. do
that you know. They assured

that it's gonna be affordable,
good quality, you know. And so

we have fast food. That's what
we have here our alternative to

that is freeing McDonald's,
which is like the but even that

is on a crumbling foundation
right now because of the whole

like the meat supply chain they
go through so much meat in

commodity products that you
know any shift in supply chain

is is really a big threat to to
them. I heard like 25 percent

of wendys don't have beef right
now. They're not serving

hamburgers cuz wow. Wendy's is
unique, though I know this just

because I used to work out and
meet processing plant and we

did all of the patties for
Wendys and Hawaii and the

reason why we did it like
everywhere else they have

Central distribution centers
where you know the the patties

are made and frozen, and they
can one Central place can

handle distribution for a whole
region, but Wendy's prides

themselves on using all fresh.
They don't use frozen so they

have to have a distributed
network of meat processing

plants to supply their beef to
them. So they're they're much

less like vertically integrated
and and their beef supply than

the other fast food chains. But
it's a it's a matter of time

until even Mcdonald's gets hit
with this. Yeah. Issue

Bye. If you guys have some big
plans for the weekend. A big

plans but food. Cole's Michael
You're gonna be cooking me no-I

maybe, but probably not. I'll
do it. I'll go find some good

food around. It gets some
tacos. And we got the torch

wess there. they're they're
pretty good, but there's many

different type of stas here in
Austin, you know we're known

for the tacos here. Yeah. I'm
craving some tacos now. I don't

know when I cook this weekend,
something good. I'm gonna do

you like this weekend so
Mexicans you're gonna do what

I'm sorry. I don't know Huh. I
didn't hear you said. You're

gonna do what this weekend. I'm
gonna make Sheila Klass oh yum.

I mean I as I said I subscribed
to a CSA and I thought I got

the tomatoes that people that
are like I did generic

tomatoes, so I used the I was
going to make some salsa for

the Chivas without tomatoes.
but since I got those tomatoes

like alright, I'll just really
deep and then add them to the

salsa in a couple of batches of
salsa and then I'm gonna do

Chema Hela with them with the
salt. In the leftover roast

chicken that I have. That
sounds good, I made a mole last

week. that was my big hours and
hours, you said. You didn't you

say it like I think you just
said it that it's you started

at like three in the afternoon
and it was done the next day or

something like that. Yeah.
Yeah. yeah. And then so that

was for the first dish I made I
made the the Mol Hite, which is

like the the Spice Grinder
thing you heat that up and you

can play you know like it's
usually like a surf turf thing,

but I just you know played it.
I had bacon and fried plantains

and the chicken that was cooked
in the moet with lots of

cheese, but then after that, I
had a whole bunch of moll left,

you know cuz I made a huge
crock pot full of it. so I went

to my parents's House and made
enchiladas there, but this and

that made all the tortillas
from scratch and everything and

so that wasn't a big casual
dish as I pop that in the

freezer and a couple of days
ago, I've been eating that over

the past couple of days. so
it's definitely a meal that.

I'm looking forward to this
week. I ordered some Gumbo

Lacee spice, which I I've I've
been wanting to make some Gumbo

and in particular in the
spring, I like to make a Green

dumbbell because a lot of like
spring greens are in season, so

I I put together like a very
large Mass of chopped greens

and that's kind of the the big
of the Gumbo after I make the

root but that. And I just feel
like gum's just not the same

without it, so I'm that should
find my shipment of that should

finally be coming in this week,
so I can make some Gumbo. I'm

excited to do I'll do the Green
Gumbo and then I've got I

bought it just before this. I
picked up a smoked chicken so

I'm gonna do like a smoked
chicken and sausage Gumbo as

well. Yeah. Them' sweet
Alright, I'm getting hungry.

Getting hungry where you gonna
go hit up any of those

restaurants. This whole I have
a I haven't stocked up on

anything since I've moved so
yeah. I've been relying on

local food, but I think it is
time I gotta go out and see

investigate for myself. Yeah
that the state of the

restaurant industry in Terre
Haute. Yeah, I I think the only

thing that I would be willing
to go to is all you can eat

sushi that that you know that
would be the only thing to pull

me from all of my great cooking
that's going on at home. Should

see if I think Terre Haute one
great contribution to the

Culinary world was the
cheeseburger with glazed donuts

and buns. Oh wow and square
doughnuts actually but I don't

think they opened up yet BS.
They actually got into an

article like it was 50 thing
you have to do in the state of

Indiana like before you dial
list and one of them was the

glazed doughnut Cheeseburger
from Fifi's in Terre Haute. And

we have those places here in
Austin the burgers. Yes, some

people ask us that that's Terra
Haute right there. That's all

we can offer you. Yet nothing
is really reopening Here-I'm

still in one of the hottest
spots in the country, so

everything's still to go and at
the shelter in place, they'll

let's go in effect. So, yeah.
how long like what's what's the

the current outlook date for
you guys?

I should check on that I think
I think it's currently like end

of the month or early June, but
I yeah, I don't remember

exactly what what Governor
Murphy said. what he said, I

know that from the standpoint
of work, I know that next week

they're now essentially opening
our office back up so people

can go back into the office.
It's mainly for people who work

in RND and do lab work, which I
do some of that. so I'm

probably going to be. Back to
the office, but I mean my

position is still kind of fluid
because like so much of my

work, I can do just inject the
find remotely wrong. Yeah but

also like you know my boss is
older and he's far away so he's

less than crime to come back as
a as often Other guy we've got

on our team who's in logistics,
most is where you can do

remotely, but it's not a
priority that he's coming back.

then the two other people on
our team have kids so they they

don't really have the
flexibility to be coming back

in so. But yeah, anyway, the
office is supposed to hit the

open back up next week. How
many people in total working in

your office like 20 - 50. Wow
like yeah yeah. So, yeah, I

mean that they've said it's
mainly for it really if you can

work from home if you work from
home, but if there's stuff that

you would really be implemented
be more effective at doing it

in the office, then the office
is open regular all intents and

purposes. This is what they're
saying. Well, my office is

open. I'm actually I have my
first meeting scheduled here on

Tuesday, a meeting with the
coffee shop That's gonna be

opening up. What a what a crazy
time to be opening a new

business right now, but yeah,
that's sounds frightening. but

yeah, they're they're very
optimistic. So that's cool. You

know they're in a great
location that you know it's the

downtown. Arts District So you
know there's there's still a

lot of foot traffic there. And
as as far as I see all the

restaurants, there are still
open makers and finds is open.

They're doing all their you
know indoor and outdoor seating

but this this new coffee shop.
It's it's exciting. I'm I'm

excited to sit with them and
see what their their vision is

and what they're looking for
but we have some coffee

Roasters here in town and then
we have some I guess it's. Be

considered considered fourth
wave but they're not really

like coffee focused. they're
they're more like food and like

Loy kind of vibe focus. this
coffee shop wants to do like a

really focus on the fourth wave
and and then also do a really

excellent program. So yeah, I'm
excited to meet with them and

come up with some strategies
here in town. Of course, I'll

be Matcha Vegas is like our
matcha game is on point you

know cuz like we're fortunate
enough to be able to connect

with us and and get their
Matcha quickly. And affordably

cuz you know they can just come
and pick it up. all our coffee

shops here in town. pretty much
have a good match and cuz we've

made sure of it. Yeah, but it's
hard. It's hard to get them to

step up the rest of the team
cuz like you know the it was so

like dedicated to the tea bag
or you know like the flavored

stuff that they've been used
to. That's a different price

point so. You. We could use
more good tea other than just

matcha that, but at least the
matcha is there the matcha

that's like sold in most coffee
shops is just such a shame.

It's like it's not even match
and it's like already mixed

sugar and the milk powder and
all of that. Bye.

Well, guys, I think I'm gonna
I'm gonna sign out, but it's

been it's been good catching
up. Thank you for coming in and

my pleasure. Yeah ask questions
as always. Thank you. Yeah.

Jeremy. It was good to see you.
I've seen it. Yeah. man. I hope

you have a good weekend. Hey
good luck with your new House

and getting getting back on
your track. If you need to make

accountability buddy, I'm here
for you. man tell him I said if

you need an accountability
buddy for your new podcast,

getting back on track with all
your plans, I'm I'm here to

support you in that. I have to.
Definitely might need your

help. then yeah, please I wanna
help you. I wanna see I wanna

see you in that. Yeah. At least
I have a better space and a new

space more like office style.
so, at least for the first time

I actually have like you know
three -room office bedroom

separated by walls. This is
very exciting. Whoo. hoo. Annas

foosball table. That's that's
good and it's a story. I only

have room for it. I had this
assemble the whole thing and

like take the rest off, but
it's it's nearing completion.

awesome. Alright guys. let's
take care. Alright. See you

later. See you guys. Bye. Bye.

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