Friday, August 7, 2020 - Future of the Tea Industry

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off any extension of this space that
that we care to i think it's just
creating an environment that's
supportive of those ideas and
interaction points
talk about subtopias or a portal to a vr
experience that spawns
the app du jour to join in a more
immersive experience
it's all kinds of interesting
interesting avenues for connecting folks
super meta so many layers
so many realities i'm excited
about the iframe you know that that can
lead to a lot of cool opportunity you
know and um
i did a virtual tea festival last
or maybe two weekends ago i didn't do it
someone else did it but i was like
supporting her
she had supported mine and i supported
her she's in australia
and she used um a platform called hoppin
have you heard of that one yeah yep um
yeah there was
uh there was just so much technical
and uh issues with it so
um but then yesterday i saw a demo for
um yard stream seems that they've been
heard of that yeah they've been uh
upgrading their capabilities of
is basically like obs and restream
you know packaged together in a very it
like in a very like
um you know shopify
kind of a way where it's all plug and
play easy you know
editing creating content um easily
i think it's exciting it's cool it's
like all these tools are
evolving and even um the most
you know untech savvy person can create
some cool immersive experience it's cool
it's great
yeah i'm a little terrified of this
notion but um
the way that rpan desktop works is it's
a totally separate obs client
right it's open source so they've like
read it and made an obs
for our pan um but
i did because i was checking my settings
i did have the other obs the normal obs
so theoretically we could have a
vertical and a horizontal stream from
two different obs
to both rpan and to restream which would
go out to
five or whatever others whether or not
browsers and bandwidth could support
that would be interesting
but yeah i i like
this because like i'm paying attention
to two things right now
us and this conversation and chat that's
like that's what i love about restream
is that i don't like i don't use
i don't like facebook um i'm so close to
deleting my account
and solely it's just like having a page
to broadcast to
to like make space for people to escape
um i feel like if i delete facebook then
i can delete the
opportunity for people to leave it um
but yeah
like i don't i i like having a central
space and restream is super great for
yeah but yeah the art yardstream has
same ability uh and it even has cool
plug-ins where you can
um you know select different chats to
come up as like a pop-up
bubble you know in the stream
which is cool you know obs you can do
that kind of stuff but it's very manual
you know you have to set everything up
uh you know produce it yourself
and it's cheaper too so it's uh
it's i think like 25 a month or 30
a month and uh it's
it's basically zoom and restream
and obs all together i know obs is free
um if you think about your zoom fees uh
and your
restream fees it's it's cheaper you know
and it's one place i was like oh that's
that's interesting
a friend of mine started working for a
streaming company
um it might have been your stream
to remember his name though
and there we go i tracked that thought
down for a little while uh
my last one my last gigs when the other
guys left
to rooster teeth
rooster teeth yeah
streaming gaming current
alt nerd culture uh
they're pretty we're pretty big in scene
r i i'm not really articulating it super
well so
i'm not really in but
uh i know he did technology over there
for a while which
i'm always super excited about the tech
of scaling like a zeitgeist or a
industry or a trend or a culture or what
have you so
i think they were pretty
pretty early in the evolution of like
streaming media companies i don't know
i'm actually curious to look at their
story now um
nope close you ever forget someone's
name and you like can picture them
and you know all these contacts about
them but you just can't quite get there
you know i was talking to a friend last
night um
and uh i don't think she intended to say
it but she ended up saying something
you know like podcasts
and she's like oh i can listen to that
or i was saying something and she want
to know more about it i said oh you know
i did a i did
you know i talked about this in a live
before i can give you the link you can
just listen to that and she was like oh
i'll listen to that
i want to listen to it but i want it to
be live and she just like just like
said that i'm like that's interesting i
like the current times has changed the
to um engage more
with with like a live conversation over
a podcast conversation
yeah yeah and that's
i mean i just figured out the audio
settings on
the rpn obs and we were in held space
tony was here to like hey can we test
this and then you popped in and
so like podcast
you know like if i think at this point
like a
podcast is just like an intentional
um what's interesting is that now
because of the
live aspect of it um
you can actually welcome people into it
and because of these platforms that are
emerging like
like twitch twitch and rpan are very
passive observer structured um but
with the structure that we're doing
right now which is we're
broadcasting topia like anyone can come
in and be a part of both the
conversation and the audience
yep yep
yeah that's what i do but i i was just
using a zoom room but um
you know i'd much rather use a platform
like this
which is great now you can you can like
screen share or whatever you know you
can have an iframe and
and create a presentation it's so good
well guys i think i'm gonna go but it
was it was good catching up with you
and and as always yeah yeah tony
nice nice to see you again
i hope you guys both enjoy san diego
this weekend lucky lucky yeah
um yeah and i'll be seeing you ronnie um
brian thank you for sharing that
about the rpan i'm gonna i'm gonna get
on that
another place i've got to be streaming
but it's good
it's good yeah let me know how it goes
for you if you
if you end up doing um dual obs
yeah i'm curious i i know you're yeah
i'm curious to hear your experience
after that
and that's uh and instagram live i'll do
it all
yeah um i mean we met tony or we met
tony through reddit um just because of a
silly reddit ad where it's like half the
people were like this is bullshit
um not clearly not having clicked the
and then the other half of people were
like this is amazing and i'm like great
like that
it it not what's the opposite of
sensationalism when you just like
where it's like resonant non-resonant
and you're like
either either direction you choose is
yeah um yeah
so anyway um yeah and let us know we can
do to help uh now we've got a lot more
time space and like structure set up
so cool great yeah the machines are
working for us
and i'll see you at the burn of course
too yes
sam will be in his natural state without
a shirt on
all right guys have a good weekend bye
all right that was fun a little catch up
with brian all right so today
i am going to go over an
article i just came across
bitcoin you look so regal
i guess
oh this is interesting
got the queen here looking so regal
i gotta take a picture of him
all right hi happy friday everybody
weekend coming up so exciting
i'm making some ruby white tea today
heavy brew
oh it smells so nice
that sarsaparilla menthol smell always
so nice
all right so i found this article
in a magazine called intersectional
desi style so it's an indian uh feminism
publication which is incredible they
wrote an article about tea that just
published so i wanted to address this
um i'm aware that potentially
the article is biased it's a
feminism uh publication so that makes
sense but
there's still a lot of good data and
information so i thought i would share
hi marco
i look forward to tomorrow your new
uh getting involved seeing what's going
on seeing how i can help
i don't know if i can do anything but
i'll do what i can
so this article is called revisiting
manar strikes
a fight for the rights of tea plantation
this is an article that's addressing a
story from september 2015.
but this article was just written today
it was just published today
and i'll go ahead and put the link for
this on
the chats within
oh interesting
get it over here
sorry about that it took so long
so yeah this is from an incident that
happened in 2015 so it's a few years
old hi tree
um there was a strike
and manar is in southern india it's in
which is a big tea producing area
it was specifically a strike among the
the plantation workers of canaan devon
hills plantation
and um let's see how many people were
what they were asking for it lasted for
nine days and they were asking
the bonus the company was going to be
reducing their bonus by 20
but then um ended up moving it to 10
and they were just striking you know no
no change to the bonus as well as
addressing other issues and so this
article like goes into all those issues
so like the reason why i'm
sharing this article with you guys is
because usually when people talk about
workers rights and like the issues with
the plantation workers yes we all know
there's issues yes we know like the
numbers we know
uh the wages we know the resources and
we know that there is a lack of
accountability of those
social resources being actually shared
efficiently with the workers
effectively with the workers but this
article actually like goes into nitty
gritty details of like what exactly
uh is going on in the plantation
and it's all centralized around women
which you know is not just a feminism
thing that's what's going on in the
plantations is that
that's the places for the women is is in
the labor
hi tanya good to see you happy friday
so there was more than 12 000 women that
mobilized in this strike
12 000 that's pretty incredible that's
pretty incredible there was at least 12
000 women working on one plantation
hi um
the movement in its entire entirety was
spearheaded by women workers who came
from the most marginalized intersections
in the tea industry
majority of the women were non-unionized
working class
to mill migrants from little or no
formal education belonging to the lower
caste communities
the group named itself pombilai
which translates to women's unity and
went on to become a registered
all-women's trade union
ah that's a good story
from its very genesis it were the women
workers who occupied the center as well
as the backstage
from strategy making to protesting
talking to the media and the crowd and
finally representing the group during
the marathon negotiations with the chief
minister of kerala and the labor
which ended in the reinstatement of the
20 bonus
so they got what they were asking for
uh which is good that's a good story to
to see
um i mean that's not much there was
there's a
need to be asking for much more and they
didn't accomplish those asks but
hi shiloh
the men the men be it tea plantation
laborers or the trade union leaders were
all merely
allowed to occupy the peripheral space
both literally as well as metaphorically
throughout the movement
um so you know one of the quotes from
one of the women was
we couldn't feed ourselves or educate
our children so we organized
and that's that's how it happens you
the demands and concern rates by its
leaders like lissy
sunni and g gomati
were more nuanced than the simple issue
of wage hike or bonus and focused on the
necessity for anti-capitalist movements
to be
anti-patriarchal and anti-caste
they criticized the government for
extracting oh they criticized plantation
for extracting surplus
by exploiting the labor of the tea
plantation workers without paying them a
fair wage and explaining their further
by the virtue of their gender and caste
identities in the hands of male leaders
of various party-affiliated tea
plantation unions the unions were called
out for being patriarchal in their
functioning and structure
by not prioritizing the issues raised by
women and giving out all the top
positions and decision making power
to men respectively they were also
questioned for being an accomplice to
the capitalist class and exploiting the
laboring class
by not implementing the existing welfare
efficiently for personal gains one of
the major demands was construction of
sanitary toilets
which were ignored by the union in
earlier strikes
so they don't even have toilets
there was that one expose that bbc did
where they went to fairtrade certified
plantations and assam
and one of the fair trade premium social
programs that
they were supposed to have was plumbing
because they didn't have any toilets or
plumbing system prior
so the fair trade international required
the plantation to install the plumbing
but then by the time bbc got there and
with their cameras
um the the workers said yeah they
installed all of the pipes and all the
systems but they didn't actually turn
the system on for us
uh so there's like a lack in
about these social programs
so yeah even if they tell you yeah we
have plumbing it doesn't necessarily
mean that there's
it's operating plumbing
the women in the movement spoke openly
about the oppressive family structures
that uphold power and balance in the
favor of men
and marital relations which has made it
socially acceptable for men to spend all
the hard-earned money including women's
wages on alcohol
alcoholism according to the protesting
women rendered
them financially incapable to educate
their children or access healthcare
this highlights the feminization of all
the work that was performed outside
the site of productive labor which
results in doubling the burden
borne by women to earn money and perform
care work
so there it is and that's something that
doesn't get talked about often
it's like why are the women the laborers
why are the ones they the ones working
so hard
um yes there is
this kind of gender role that women have
fallen into
uh of being having the the skills and
the character that is good for
high quality plucking you know they can
say that they say they have the
you know the gentle fingers to do the
good plucking uh
but in the case of here it is literally
the men don't work
they're hungover they're drunk
and so the women are the you know
they're the caretakers in the family
they're not
they're not out getting drunk and being
hungover they have responsibilities
um including working so like taking care
of the house
and um making whatever limited
money they can make through the tea
and i i heard this like when especially
in south india
i had heard that alcoholism is a very
big problem for the men
in team growing communities not just in
the plantations but also in the
communities of small growers
and so it's the women and the children
that are left to do all the work
they further elaborated on the existing
ginger discrimination in the tea
plantation work in which women did most
of the labor intensive work like
tea leaf plucking and carrying heavy
loads which results in various health
issues among women in the long run
and were still paid lower wages than men
even after the equal remain
remuneration act that was passed in
the movement by placing the issues that
women tea plantation workers faced
in and outside their work together
resulted in blurring the boundaries of
their domestic and professional lives
just how they exist in the realm of
reality a space for
assertion of different identities became
a necessity for any social structure to
escape the creation of hierarchy within
its cadre
the movement stands for newly recognized
collective identity which helped these
women to forge solidarities in the basis
of their shared life
experiences of oppression by the
social structures of gender class caste
and region
to think of this strike only in terms of
class relations would be
an erasure of the novelty of the space
that is carved out of collective
which has called for a more inclusive
reimagination of the labor question
that's good that's what we need to do we
need to be asking the questions from
different perspectives
rather than just well how much money do
they need to make because that's always
where the question goes
especially on the market side like on
you know the privileged population the
consumer side we just say well how much
money do they need to make
is if you know if 200 rupees a day is
not enough how much you need to make and
it's like maybe that's not the questions
we need to be asking
i like that they call for a more
inclusive reimagination of the labor
question holistic thinking
oh i liked this part too i wanted to
share so to challenge
china's monopoly as this is about
history uh understanding history to
understand what's going on in this story
the to challenge china's monopoly in the
global tea trade
british colonizers started the first
commercial tea plantation in india and
other assam in 1837
and now india is its second largest
producer globally
since tea could only be cultivated in
certain far off hilly areas with very
less human
civilization most of the tea workers
were migrants belonging
to the scheduled cast and scheduled
tribe who owned very less
in the mainland these workers have
continued to live in deplorable
since the beginning tea cultivation is
mainly dependent on manual labor
and since the colonial times the entire
families of the migrants including
were employed in it
family migration ensures that the labor
could be reproduced
which in turn would ease the problem of
further recruitment in the future
yeah bring the whole family of slaves
that's crazy that was a quote what i
just read was a quote
uh from um the leaders of the trade
unions and women workers into plantation
sarcar and balmic
i'll have to research who they are
this also meant that one of the most
efficient ways to cut production costs
in order to gain profit was to pay
abysmally low wages to the workers
even though the uh plantation labor act
of 1951 makes it necessary for the
employer to provide accommodation
educational and social facilities to the
workers and their families it is
implementation is yet very poor the lack
of these facilities forces women to
devote all of their time outside the
work in child care fetching water
cooking etc
these regions were mostly cut off from
spaces where major collective politics
was happening
post-independence this isolation was
somewhat lessened which
led to mass organization of the workers
so that's interesting that's probably
like the
first positive um consequence
that i've ever heard about uh
and when people talk about the condition
for t farm workers they always kind of
pre-independence like when they were
um you know it was it was
more officially a slave system but it
was a mutually respectful
system where um the slaves were treated
very well
from what i've heard um because they
they knew if
the work workers were treated well just
like this guy said you know if the
family was migrated together then they
could be happy and then
you have a next generation of workers
and um
that skill can be developed but uh po
you know the criticism
post-independence is a law that was lost
because the um that
colonized system slave system was
or you know adopted by a caste system
which is even more oppressive um
sustainable slavery exactly
in 1948 the first tea plantation workers
union duars cha
bagan workers unity was formed in west
and even though the trade union movement
started late in the sector it grew
and for a brief period of time it was
also militant in nature
oh that's interesting the west bengal
tea workers strike was
the support of more than 20 000 workers
where most were women
in the forefront in 1955. it's
considered to be
the most important initial movement in
the second sector for the implementation
of the bonus act
and maternity rights and others
with the liberalization of the indian
economy there was a shift of focus from
workers rights
to interest of the capitalist classes
which made it difficult for the trade
unions to demand
for labor-friendly policies resulting in
lost and significant
bargaining power for the unions most of
the prominent trade unions were
party-affiliated and more than often the
party's agenda sidelines a holistic
engagement with labor question
and the representation that these unions
claim to make
reduces the mere tokenism in case
of most women workers
even though women make more than half of
the workforce and tea plantations and a
huge chunk of their population is
one rarely sees women as leaders in any
of the mainstream unions
the stringent gender roles make working
class women more time poor
and they can rarely take part in union
trade union activities which require
attending meetings and other gatherings
most of which are outside the domestic
the sexist understanding that women are
incapable of leading movements and
holding positions of power over men
prevents women from carrying on their
association with union wholeheartedly
true that's very true
but when a woman does uh
have the energy to just power through
like our good friend
yanku tamang from yankee tea and
uh you better believe that some magic is
i mean that the story of of yanku and
her factory and her community
um is totally related to this the same
gender struggles uh and cast struggles
um that is in this article is the same
thing that you can find all throughout
india including darjeeling
maybe even especially darjeeling because
people there the migrant workers there
are a completely
different tribe a completely different
country but
but someone like yanku is just gonna
power through and make it happen
and just cut through all the red tape
whatever color tape is there and just
you know be a powerful fierce lion that
she is
i i've like shared photos and videos
from my time
there at their factory um
she has like these huge posters of like
lions like devouring antelope and stuff
and i asked around like what what's the
purpose of that like i've seen
factories have you know their like
their hindi deities um you know looking
i'm like is that what this is it goes
something like that but you know we're
like lying
we're fierce like lions that's great i
need to get a big fierce lion statue out
in front of my office
all right so
as most of these women are at the lower
level working positions in the industry
they are rarely given respect or taken
thus for women it has become a
never-ending loop of trauma and
a civilized slavery as some call it oh
that's it so we've got sustainable
slavery and civilized slavery
in 2018 following the steps of this
movement more than 500 women workers
protested against the tea estates of
malayamalam and iduki
so where are you now the current uh
pandemic in 2020 has brought the worst
for these workers as most of the
plantations continue
with the production process even during
the lockdown without implementing any
safety measures for social distancing or
given the knowledge that most of these
workers especially women and children
are anemic and malnourished to this can
prove to be fatal
but these state facilitated capitalist
companies couldn't care less
oh this is the feminist journalism
coming out
due to this and non-payment of wages the
workers of happy valley teagarden and
darjeeling are on strike for something
which is rightfully theirs huh that's
i didn't hear about that one it's always
good to learn something new
and there's a link too so i can look it
up oh this
uh worker stripe in the time of corona
happy valley tea garden and dart jealine
this is published july 5th so this is
well the virus ravished world is seeing
deaths and near collapse of the global
economy something has once again been
proven to us
something that we should have known and
realized a lot earlier that we humans
are nothing as far as the forces of
nature are concerned
this is interesting writing okay we
should have also realized that this
system of capitalist globalization is
internally damaged from within this is
very interesting journalism oh this is a
ground zero faxed as resistance oh this
is interesting this uh
let me check the about what this
publication is
that's cool this publication is covering
the story
none of the 297 workers of the happy
valley t estate have been paid for their
daily wages for the last 42 days of the
lockdown period
reports are also coming in that the same
state affair
of affairs persists and other 13t
gardens owned by sanjay bonsal
workers have complained against the
management and dr
sanjay bensal regarding the health
protocol mismanagement during the entire
phase of this pandemic but till date
only one mask has been distributed per
worker and no other means
facilities have been provided by the
a total amount of 45 to 50 lakhs from
the workers
providence fund amount has been
deposited by the owner
at the pf office since 2019 workers
claim approximately four to four point
five blocks from flow funds have been
for his own purposes this money is
supposed to be used for the welfare
workers as far as the concept of fair
is concerned
most of the provisions under the
plantations labor act of 1951
and the west bengal plantation labor
rules of 1956 such as
raincoat umbrellas proper hospital and
health facilities basic education
canteens are almost non-existent in
these tea gardens of north bengal
the workers of happy valley tea garden
have stopped the dispatch of final
process teas from the factory
premises the workers plan to continue
with the strike until all of their dues
are paid
good for them
good for them this is a good article i'm
going to put
this article here too everybody can read
if you need to
yeah that's pretty incredible
um yeah pretty sad
so how do we
how do we mobilize women you know and
then they say they say oh well
just be the example you know i asked
that one time i was at a
a cook um it was like a foodie lecture
panel discussion at a bookstore here in
vegas they were talking about the las
vegas restaurant scene
and there was some pretty big hitters on
the panel as far as like
james beard nominated chefs and food
and um i couldn't help but ask
you know i think my question was um
in las vegas's culture of good boys club
of sex sells um
is las vegas hospitality community
prepared to have the uncomfortable
to make the kitchen a more hospitable
environment for women
there was one woman on the panel and you
know she probably should have been the
first one to
step up and say something but no like of
chef masculine ego chef grab
and grab the mic first and had to answer
he went on to say self-congratulated
himself for
leaving toxic work environments where
there was rampant um
sexual abuse and power dynamics or
um and then he says you know like i see
it all the time you know i've got strong
women working for me and
it's tough for them i'll tell you what
but you know what they just have to have
they have to have the huevos the lady
huevos to just
stand up for themselves and i was just
like oh no
oh and then he said he was willing to
have the uncomfortable conversation he's
like yeah i'm willing to have those
uncomfortable conversations so
i didn't i didn't waste a second to say
okay well here here's one of those
uncomfortable conversations
that huevos comment you just made is
outdated and you should never make it
not good and uh he didn't really have a
response to that you know i just
couldn't help
but um and then the next guy grabs a mic
and his response is oh well you know i
the work you're doing elise is a great
example of them
you're you're leading the way and like
that's not doing shit you know like
that's that's
building my path that's building my
story and that's for me yes
but um we're talking about
all the women's stories you know this is
a systemic thing this is not just
like individuals you know and i saw a
video yesterday
uh this woman was talking about how to
in anti-can you tell the future someone
on twitch has asked
uh you know i could tell the future and
i was going to read something else to
tell the future do some future reading
so i'll do that for you if you still
stay around
xmo zhx i don't know twitter
um but yeah i can tell the feature
20 30. that's ten years from now i'll
tell that feature
right now um but yeah this woman was
talking about how to bring
um oh cool you'll be here awesome good
stick around
uh the the this uh this woman was
talking about how to bring anti-racism
into the corporate world
and the main thing that i took away from
what she was saying she said a lot of
things but the main thing is that we
have to like
make this the the stories and the
frameworks and the boundaries
uh that we make for our different
communities that we're
trying to hold accountable we make those
um we have those discussions
not in a personalized uh
vantage point don't personalize these
stories so it's like
like by uh putting onto a pedestal
you know a um a black woman that has
like um defied the odds and
found success like let's put her on the
pedestal and then let's talk about these
stories of
individualized oppression and
that's not finding the solution by
thinking having this conversation from
that perspective
we have to instead we can hear those
stories and understand those stories
but when we're having the discussion of
creating the boundaries with each other
we think of it from a systemic way right
and so that's why i hate getting that
and i was like i just like want to talk
not about me
like yeah so what i'm strong woman
whatever like that doesn't help the
situation at all
like um that could help me and i went
so many years of my life like my entire
young professional life i
went through those experiences
seeing my strength as like my unique
competitive advantage
and now i i see like i can't be so
like the welfare of strong women
other strong women around me serves me
so um you know i shouldn't just be
thinking of myself i should be thinking
about having a healthy system around me
not only to benefit me
because i will benefit you know if there
was less sexism i would definitely
benefit i deal with a lot less bullshit
um you know not to say that that
bullshit really hurts me too much but
uh yeah it would be nice to not have to
deal with that um
so yeah i'm gonna read the future you'll
get it i have a guy
uh on on twitch that are on
periscope that's really oh no you're on
twitch cool hey thanks for watching from
twitch that's good
the future of tea
all right so this is a report and i will
also add the link for this
into all the chat so you guys can see it
and i talk about this report all the
if you are a tea professional tea
enthusiast just
person interested in sustainability in
agriculture and world affairs like you
should read this report
it's pretty awesome and it was written
by form for the future
which is a non-profit like think tank
type of organization
that works on several different projects
and this was part of a series of
the future of several different
agricultural commodities so i think
coffee and chocolate
and tea you know like all those main
commodities they wrote this report
and the report is pretty long and it
gives all background and it gives like
the different parameters that they
you know what the future would look like
and then they came up
with um
four main scenarios and
what they would look like and saying
that the future is going to be
some kind of mix of those
situations so scenario number one called
chai time chai time is characterized by
access to capital
but poor or fragmented global
leadership if you didn't understand
what that meant just ask me and we can
go in more detail about that but i'm
just going to move on
assuming that you understand those
so access to capital but
no priority prioritization on
sustainability okay so starting from
2015 so this report was written in 2015
you know we're we're telling a little
bit of back to the future right now
this is a survey of ust consumers finds
that the increased consumption of tea in
the us is attributable to the use of
single serve tea capsules
right so tea capsules you know they kind
of took off
um facing increasing competition from
coffee and
infusions a group of tea packers in the
us and europe launched their chai time
campaign to actively attract
new and younger consumers to tea so
that's why they call it chai time
it was the marketing campaign which
hasn't launched yet i should have
launched yet but this is like
2017 is when that should have happened
now we're at 2019 in india a future
market for t
is launched immediately the price of t
in the country jumps 10
a futures market so that hasn't happened
so there are some forecast predictions
made in this report that weren't
so now we're at 2021 after the success
of the futures market in india a global
futures market for tea is established
mimicking those of coffee and other
that makes sense and the pandemic may
actually accelerate the development of
something like that on a global scale
we'll see in 2021 alone the chemicals
used in new pesticides have killed 20
workers in tia states worldwide
this is blamed on global drive to
introduce new pesticides swiftly to
combat the growing problems of pests and
diseases in the t
sector also
kind of terrifying and
not surprising especially with pandemic
and all of the additional stresses that
are on the industry right now
um you know i think chemical companies
and governments will become very
interested in exploring
fast solutions uh you know to
to our agricultural issues instead of
really thinking holistically
you know about how those decisions and
actions can affect the future
it is estimated that 50 of the tea grown
worldwide uses mechanization
so this is by 2023.
that figure is closer to 75 in countries
such as sri lanka vietnam and indonesia
yeah i don't think we're there and we
could get there within three years
especially with all the labor issues
coming up
or not even coming up here right now
um much easier just to develop a machine
to do the job than deal with those pesky
unionized labors
the ceo of soft drinks inc
um you know whatever it's just a generic
declares the production of ready to
drink teas by 3d printers is a severe
threat to our industry
the ceo of quick drinks retaliates
saying that it's an opportunity to be
embraced all right so 3d printed
rtd that's cool i mean i wonder is that
3d it's 3d printed of the bottles are
they like printing that beverage because
that just seems stupid
but it is 20 25 so who knows
lots can change in five years the first
medical tea is certified by the newly
established private pharmaceutical
pharmacert this follows successful
certifications of a range of
other foodstuffs
2026 a survey of young people aged 18 to
25 by a leading global retailer found
that forms of chai
or tea was the world's most popular
2027 50 of the mao forest in kenya
is chopped down to grow tea
despite protests that it is an
environmentally sensitive
area and should be continued to be
protected many view this as the climax
of the continued pressure of land in
kenya brought
about by a 20 percent growth in
and almost half of the maize crop being
for biofuels
so that's it you know
it's interesting the biofuels you know
because like that's like
meant to be a sustainable endeavor
but then you know when you find
applications with something like corn
but uh that's where hemp hemp is a very
opportunity for biofuels from a much
more sustainable crop
than corn
so pro hemp look it up research it
talk about it we got to get it going
it's not a drug it's a sustainable
resource for us including a food and a
see and a tea
all right so last of the bad news is
from 2028
almost 150 t's are now medically
certified by pharmaceur
nothing better than a certified
pharmaceutical tea
medically certified tea wow okay
that's all just marketing 150 t's
so that's that's one feature that um you
we can look forward to here's the second
2015 the kyoto protocol for the
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is
disband and no follow-up is agreed
2019 water access disputes among the
india-pakistan border have led to the
deaths of 300 people
which that didn't happen but similar
things are happening there's major
disputes going on at the borders i've
talked about it before specifically
india and china yeah keep your eye on
2020 indonesia converts its final t
estate from t
to rubber production um okay so that
definitely is not happening but
it's an interesting thing you know so
this report was written in 2015
by very skilled economists
hey they're making all these forecasts
based off of their research
and they forecasted in 2015 that in 2020
indonesia would convert its finality
estate from tea to rubber
that is a bold prediction to make like
it's not accurate but that's a very bold
prediction that they made
2022 the cost of water rises in china
the us and the middle east
water rationing is common in many
countries but many feel that the rich
can buy their way out of the problem
as usual 2024 and 20 uh
50 estates have closed worldwide
attributing closer to rising price of
water and energy
that makes sense
i think it would have been more than
just 50 by 2024 i mean we might see that
happen by the end of this year or by the
end of next year
and not because of rising costs of water
and energy but just because of
rising costs of everything
2025 barriers to immigrating to the u.s
and most european countries are now so
high that the u.n
secretary general has declared them
virtually closed for immigration
another solid prediction
t shortages escalate prices in many
non-producing countries such as those in
europe and north america
use u.s and european t producers respond
promising to expand t cultivation for
domestic consumption
but these tend to cater to the high-end
the next year the shortage of tea supply
has led to the indian governments to
place its third successive ban on t
exports to secure supply for its own
domestic consumption
china implemented its first ban on
exports this year
so that's something that we actually may
see happening sooner than later to just
purely from the pandemic and the supply
and demand
dynamics that are going on right now
2027 uganda's tea exports are now so
negligible that it is considered to have
exited the t
sector global management consultants
declare a leading cold beverage brand to
be the biggest power in the t
sector in terms of sales and its
domination of the tea supply chains
china now officially sells more tea bags
than tea leaves
this is in 2029 so we'll have to revisit
this in a couple years and see if that
ends up happening
and by 2030 the tea extracts business is
now estimated to make up 30 percent of
the world's tea industry
so neither of these features are looking
too good
but let's go on green leaf
green leaf is characterized by good
access to capital and strong global
sustainability leadership
so this this seems like this should be
the good one this should be the good one
for us so let's read this one
2019 first tea produced in plastic
greenhouses this is used to protect tea
plants and soils from
heavier monsoon rains and the sun
that might be happening in some places
on a very small scale
2020 deforestation is halted in the
amazon as regional governments declare
that net revenues from forests exceed
revenues from deforestation
that's this year i wonder if these are
conversations that are had
in the government
looking at the the pros and cons of of
rapid mindless developments in their
2021 the first commercial shipment of
tea using a sailing ship in modern times
is hailed by the media
i'm going to jump on that one i think i
don't see anybody else
um working on that
so it's the first commercial shipment to
using a sailing ship
in modern times what does that mean like
solar solar-powered sill sailing ship
i don't know i'm gonna figure it out i
got a year to figure it out and do it
but i'm gonna make sure that this
prediction happens
2022 experimental net positive t estate
launched in kenya leading
on a healthier way with a wider offer of
protein agriculture and refreshment
2025 chinese government's investment and
climate change migration
and adoption exceeds military spending
for the first time
that's good news
the next year mechanical harvesting is
declared universal in india with the
adoption of locally built
lightweight machines
you guys want to you guys want in on
this this
sailing ship in modern times all right
let's do it like yeah we should ban up a
whole crew of us to make this happen
and we'll sail around the world and pick
up teeth
and when they ask us why we're doing it
they're like you guys are just a small
company why would you go through all
this bothering
because it was predicted and we
were manifesting the future
oh man 2027
first international tea conference of
new world growers takes place in south
carolina us
so there's another one and i want to
make sure i'm involved in that because
if it's happened in south carolina
very risky that it will be co-opted
and we don't want that
2028 sri lanka reports higher revenues
from t tourism than the sale of tea
itself that's good too you know that's
not bad news actually that's good news
and that's it i mean it's kind of sad
this was it that these guys could
provide for us on like the good news
like so
literally this scenario i just read off
is the only positive one
the only one that actually involves like
soil and like uh
you know people um
and that's it it ends on that
i i should i should like fill in you
it looks like it'd be easy to fill in
um all right so the last one is called
rebrewed is characterized by poor access
to capital but
strong global sustainability leadership
2019 extreme droughts in china russia
and the us lead to severe global
food price spikes or pandemic
either one 2020 chinese navy steps in to
ensure grain imports are secured after
rebels take control of the ship in
pacific waters
media storm over emergence of food
trying to destabilize countries
that's a pretty um detailed prediction
still a whole half of the year left for
that to happen
rana t is taken to the european court
for brandy product black tea where no
trace of tea plant chameleon synthesis
is found in packet
the case highlights the scale of
counterfeit tea and the challenge of
traceability of for low-cost tea
so that's in 2022. so that's cool so
maybe there there will be some event
that will make everybody realize oh yeah
this is bad
2024 kenya beats ethiopia and race to
become first country meeting energy
security by mix of solar and geothermal
2026 over 1 million jobs are estimated
to have been lost
in the tea industry as a result of
increasing costs of labor and increasing
adoption of mechanized harvesting over 1
million jobs are
lost in 2026.
that's okay there's other value to be
you know as long as you focus on that
like the idea of losing jobs
um you know even in this this time right
now you know
lots of people losing their jobs and you
can dwell on the negative of it or
you know focus on
creating value
2027 sri lanka's t sector has shrunk by
as a result of soaring costs china and
the far east become the main high
quality exporters of sri lanka
exports for sri lanka
2027 the international tea conference in
burma focuses on how to react to
declining areas planted under tea
as a number of national governments
subsidize the planting of food crops to
tea hi adam
in 2029 india becomes a net importer of
for the first time following significant
increased domestic consumption and lower
levels of production
that's an interesting turn of events huh
because like right now
and that other scenario they were saying
that india was going to shut off exports
because they were going to exclusively
consume domestically and now it's saying
that it
shift over and that can be a matter
of if the indian industry
cannot be resilient and adaptive enough
to compete against
the mechanized industries and it's
already happening
that's like argentina argentina is a
relatively newer
production origin is almost exclusively
which makes it extremely competitive in
the market
because yeah they can just do it super
so all in all like all pretty shitty
um you know this this green one the
green leaf
is okay but um
it's still missing i mean the last point
was 2028
like what happens in 2030
yeah we've got to make better history we
got to make a better future for this
um so yeah xmozhx
on twitch if you're still watching that
was your future
um drink a tea try to learn these things
i'm going to put this guy
here to show you all what this report
looks like
on instagram you won't be able to see it
that's okay
that's okay so this is the report here
i'll show you
written by the forum for the future
i like the graphics here it's nice all
teapots making up the world i like that
um so yeah you can see the table
contents it's a
20 30 page report
uh and most of the report is like
documentation methodology you know this
is like a scientific
you know report so they kind of give you
all the methodology although
there's plenty of graphics and fun
little you know designs within the
report to make an easy read
um and then the scenarios that i wrote
off to you
are here on the bottom and
yeah it's kind of designed as a timeline
it looks pretty
here i wanted to show you the green leaf
i was like what where is the future we
got to fill this with some good stuff
yeah sailing ship
that's the inspiration for the day
that'd be cool
i you know that is my intention is is is
to sail
you know as i uh
go on to my next steps in life i wanna i
wanna sale so this could be like the
good motivation just get it going
just do it i thought i was gonna get
into it once i retired but
i'll get into it now that's fine
but yeah that was fun gotta go over that
t23 did i share the link
here let's see i did so the on the
the chats for the streams on the
you guys can get all of the articles i
shared as well as the
the t uh the t2030 articles there
bradley i can tell you're very excited
about this t-sailing boat
that's good you know we'll make it
happen i have one actually i have a
whole container ship i'll show you look
where did that thing go
at last year's world tea expo i asked my
brother to make some marketing materials
for us
oh all right yeah let's sail around the
world with our tea
our booty
so yeah i asked my brother to design
something ridiculous and obnoxious for
our booth
to like grab people's attention uh
because last year
i was um executing a strategy
of trying to scale up the business by
um arranging uh larger shipments like 20
shipments of like lower grade teas and
targeting like the larger scale buyers
and i thought okay realty expo could be
a good place for us to
you know start talking with these larger
scale buyers about how
um you know we can bring direct trade
and transparency to
to even like the the cheap commodity
and so uh this is what my brother came
up with
it's pretty cool the tulip branded
container ship
it's pretty cool hi bessa good to see
you can see our container ship is
yeah it's pretty cool we also have a
tlip branded airplane
um here i'll get the bigger one i know
it's obnoxious but it's friday who cares
here we go
can you see oh i'm totally out of the
here we go can you see it
let's see
you see our airplane here that's pretty
cool yeah
so yeah this was like our marketing for
realty expo last year was great oh look
it looks really nice on the instagram
it's not real it's fake photoshop
but we can pretend but proudly we'll
make it real
it doesn't have to be tila branded and
that's that was just some obnoxious
thing my brother did
but um no we will definitely have some
good times on that boat though
and we'll fill it up with all the best
and other things too which is great you
know we could fill it up with some herbs
we could fill it up with some cacao we
could fill it up with some coffee
the plane doesn't show on facebook
oh geez don't know i gotta show it
you've got to see it
jonelle were you not at royalty expo
this past year i thought you were
let's see
can you see it
oh yeah you can't see it let's see
oh there it is
that's funny you can see it now all
all right guys we've had a lot of fun
this has been a fun
vision board
it's a corporate vision board that i
said fuck it like this is us
like you know they they say
um they say you know like uh you can
by like feeling like embracing
and manifesting the feelings that you
would have of that future you want of
vision that you have um
yeah so i just yeah i took my vision
board um
to the industry so that's what we're
though they all knew no one no one
really thought that we had like a tulip
brandy container ship
but we will you know lots of things
incredible are gonna happen
yeah i'm looking forward to a nice
weekend i hope you guys all have a great
weekend too
the weather i think is gonna be nice i'm
feeling it's gonna be nice get some sun
and get some exercise uh oh and
else um that you guys might care about
i am going to put together my next
education series
and um just from inspiration
of somebody i was talking with the other
day uh
i'm going to be offering some more like
professional level
education uh more than just like the
consumer facing education like what i
was doing before
um so yeah it should be good uh it's
gonna be a lot but it'll be great
uh so yeah look out for that and then my
matcha cooking class
i'm kind of holding off on that because
i don't want
uh you know people would need to come
here to pick the items up
and i'm trying to be very careful about
limiting traffic here so i might hold
off for a little bit until i do that
until i feel um
the situation's a little bit safer here
in las vegas at least
before i launch that so i haven't been
i mean i have been but not
come on we're all working hard we're
keeping it up
all right guys i'm gonna go i uh i think
i've gone over a lot of good stuff and i
appreciate you
taking part in this with me it's been
letting me read an article when i could
just send you the link but you know
what's interesting
this experience right here
is uh it's visceral you know and it's
so i don't mind reading an article to
i think it's okay so until we do it
again uh monday i'll be back
with more dignified hospitality uh i'm
looking to step up that program as well
as my constitutional study group i took
like a couple weeks off
i just needed that little tech break uh
but i'm ready to come back and then next
next friday um ray is going to be
a um a new series
actually i think she's already launched
it yeah um um
bradley and um mathelda you guys were
already on her program
so yeah i'll be helping her next week
with that that should be interesting
stop being sustainable
um just like we need to stop
you know the story of oppression and
systemic change
yeah think about the systems first

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