Friday, April 3, 2020 - Specialty Tea After Coronavirus

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April third. This month feels
like it's going a lot faster

than last month. so that's
that's a nice thing, something

to be excited about so yeah
today is a beautiful day here

in Vegas. I hope it's a
beautiful day wherever you are.

I went for a nice nice run this
morning as I typically like to

do in the mornings I had a late
night last night Preparing

things for our virtual tea
festival that's gonna be

happening in less than a week.
so I know that time is gonna

come fast but it should be fun
lots of people involved. I

think that we have now over 30
people involved in creating

this event and even more and
more involved in helping

promote the events and invite
their friends. A lot of people

really looking forward to what.
Possibly happen at a virtual

teeth festival virtual tea
festival, where no one can

drink tea together. No one can
taste samples from vendors but

you know, I think that there's
a lot to be said about the

power of tea. that's not
necessarily found just in the

Cup that you're drinking as
we're finding out through this

experience right now that we
can still create community. we

can still stay connected Of
course, as individuals as

families can, you know, enjoy
tea together, the Queen's

coming in to say hello to
everybody. It's got really used

to Zoom sessions and in live
streams now he's really been

liking all the time that we've
been getting to spend together.

It's been really good for him.

So I'm just gonna go live on
Instagram. Now I found

yesterday that even though the
doing the live stream to

Instagram is not Super engaging
and I'm not getting you know a

ton of people tuning in it is
making people aware about the

the zoom the zoom tea drinking
session that's going on. so

yesterday, we had a couple of
people pop into the tea talks.

that we were doing yesterday
with the.

With so on and Sam was a lot of
fun so I'm just gonna set this

up. Sorry buddy you can come
back later. so yeah. if you

guys wanna join in there is a
zoom room. The link is in the

the title of this post, so it
shouldn't be too hard to find.

So yeah, let me get my teeth
started. I'm not too sure what

I'll drink today. Anybody has
any recommendations of of what

I should drink. maybe I have
something here.

I haven't been making these
videos to educational you know

we've got enough of those
videos in the past and enough

of those videos. get published
every day. you know the purpose

of these videos is really to
create a genuine authentic

connection between people or
model good to see you brother.

Hey, do you wanna connect you
wanna connect here? you can

you're welcome to I'd love to
catch up with you our our buddy

Hermano. From Brazil, just said
hello on Instagram, he was

actually an intern for two. let
back in the summer of. 20 - 14

was a 2014 man. I can't believe
how long ago that is five years

ago now that was back when we
had a really big team here at

Gillette. you know back when we
were first starting the

company, we were really on this
like very fast trajectory

trajectory of
growing the business. Fast we

had accepted some venture
capital so, of course, there

was pressure on us to build a
big team build things really

fast constantly be shipping out
new products hey Marco good to

see you hey. if you wanna drink
tea with me, you should come on

to the the zoom room. The link
is bit dot LY slash Tea Tea

party pretty easy to find
Romano. We miss you too. We

miss you too. We had a lot of
fun with you. You know who

misses you the most come on.
Come on.

This guy remember you're
supposed to teach him some, but

that was that was always a
running joke with with Romano

well he was attorney with us
that he was supposed to teach

Bitcoin how to swim but.

Yeah. Bitcoin. This is Bitcoin
if you've ever wondered why our

dog's name is Bitcoin, I'm I'm
always happy to tell the story.

It's quite a simple story
during the time when Hermano

was interning with us this was
like 2013 into 2014. we were

actually one of the first
companies in the world to

become a Bitcoin merchant, and
that was all things to our

developer who continues to be
our developer and support our

technology. Cody Monis. One of
the strongest like Bitcoin

advocates I've ever met in my
life he was like really

insistent that it needs to have
Bitcoin payments on the

website, and I always thought
it was kind of unnecessary and

risky, of course, too cuz I'm
thinking why would we wanna

accept Bitcoin when the price
is fluctuating so much but hey

Boo good to see you guys. I was
talking about you guys this

morning to someone a boo the
famous Boutique plantations and

Japan, where I got my start
really studying tea. yeah, it's

good to see you guys. I was
telling someone my my story and

of course I can't. I can't tell
my teeth story without talking

about Ooh and and all the
wonderful people there. and now

who's got so many international
people that have spent time

there learned about tea there
of course contributed to their

business. many of you may have
heard of boo. A very famous tea

company, I should say tea
company in in Japan that's

doing ecommerce for tea and
doing a lot of international

work and education of of
Japanese teeth. Supposedly when

I was there, everybody told me
that I was the first foreigner

to ever spend time in that
village and want to go, which

is very close to so you know
you might have a drinking tea

from this village Wazoo, but it
was probably marketed as as a

lot of tea in Japan actually is
because of all of the the

marketing and branding power
around Around Ogie become a

very famous TV region. It's
very small tea growing region,

though, so not a lot of tea can
actually be produced to there.

definitely not as much tea as
is labeled on the market. So

you know that's just a matter
of the TV being packaged. you

know the final processing need
the chop is refined and perhaps

blended with other teas from
other regions and marketed as

because that, of course, is
very strong marketing name. so

yeah back. Story about Bitcoin
the dog and why his name is

Bitcoin so during that time, I
let Cody set up a Bitcoin

payments on the website, which
you know I thought at the time

was very risky, but you know he
had introduced me to all of

these tools that would allow us
to see the Queen things the tea

tree. It's not a treat Bitcoin
would allow us to convert the

Bitcoin immediately to US
dollar right whenever Whenever

we would receive it so that way
we're not holding on to the

Bitcoin and dealing with you
know all of the the

fluctuations in the price of
the currency and plus my CPA

who happens to be my sister,
you know, so I have a very

strong relationship with our
CPA had strongly advised us

from holding on to the acclaim.
so you know I'm grateful for

that we probably could be
multi-millionaires over and

over again with the amount of
Bitcoin that has flowed through

this business. but that's not
what the story is about the

story is about innovation and
technology, and you know really

trying. Define those
efficiencies that can make us

accomplish our goals, better
and faster high. writing with

tea. We're new friends. We just
became friends I was like

making new friends on
Instagram. Thank you for

following back and thank you
for watching this. My name is

Elise. I don't know if we've
met before, but I do these

lives every day from two to
three PM PST just to drink tea

if someone wants to join me on
Instagram, I I do let people

jump in but I do have a zoom
room running and anybody is

welcome to come and drink. With
me and chat and that gets live

streamed to our Facebook page
and the link to that zoom room

is bit dot LY slash Tea Tea
party All are welcome even if

you're not drinking tea. If you
wanna just come on and and

chat, you're welcome to do that
on company to see you guys. did

you guys hear about the virtual
tea festival? We're doing next

week. Yeah. that's gonna be on
Thursday, April ninth from

11 AM. PM PST and that's gonna
be tea lectures and music

performances and tea
performances like tea ceremony

as well as T media screenings.
So you know I I just finished

doing the the call for speakers
and was really surprised that

within just a few days was able
to formulate the the full pork

programming for this festival
and looking forward to sharing

that with the world so that
will be stream. On our Facebook

page and then it'll also be
streamed on a landing page that

that can be found at T dot com
slash virtual tea fest and if

you visit that page now we
already have like all of the

announcement for the festival
as well as a really cool map of

the world that shows what time
the festival will be happening

for your part of the world so
yeah, check that out. invite

your friends it's kind of like
this but even more interactive

and it's not just me actually,
I'll probably be very little on

screen for the actual Tea fest
because I'm gonna be behind the

scenes producing the event,
making sure that all of the

presenters are you know all
tech checked and ready to go

because this is gonna be a live
event involving I mean by the

end of the event, there's
probably gonna be over

a hundred people that are going
to. I'll be sharing their

screen and sharing content with
this event so a lot of

technical strategy going on
more than just a simple zoom

conference or a Instagram live
video but yeah, I'll definitely

be there to support the event
and and help get it out and get

people engaged with it and and
inspired I mean that's that's

really it. So this is a
non-commercial event, No one 's

going to be selling anything or
no brands To be sponsoring it,

it's truly going to be tea
lovers you know, which includes

tea business people, you know
because tea business people

tend to be a very passionate
and willing to high Adam Good

to see you much love brother
Adam actually contributed an

application. Oh cool. Eric
submitted one cool. Thanks for

doing that I I'm glad you did
that. I'm gonna make sure that

I can fit you into the program
that will be great that will be

awesome. I'm like just I'm so
happy and excited about like.

How much the community has been
moved by this so quickly I

really wasn't expecting it. I
mean I definitely was expecting

it from like my my tighten it
close tea community but to see

like so many others are
interested and like the phone

call I had this morning with a
woman in in UK and she she

doesn't know really know my
work and we were just getting

to know each other. I'm gonna
be doing a presentation for a

webinar for the European T
Society which she you know

Managing this event for and she
just like stumbled across my

Facebook before our phone call,
and she was just blown away.

She's like what is this virtual
tea Tea Festival. I have to be

part of it. I had to help it. I
have to and I'm like well, you

don't even know me. you never
even met me and yeah. so yeah

it's good. I think it's
something that is exciting

people of course, you know
there has been some negative

pushback not from people that
aren't excited about this

event, but kind of like a
source. Insecurity for people

that are are like really afraid
about what's happening to our

offline communities are
face-to-face meeting

communities, and it's true like
they are threatened. I mean

right now, they're they're
directly threatened and their

potentially threatened into the
future. Even beyond. you know

this time of of lockdown or
isolation or whatever you wanna

call it because I think it's
gonna take a long time for

businesses and for individuals
to get their bearings back into

you know get readjusted before
they can start Traveling and

enjoying activities that that
they enjoyed before

so you know I just like much
love to anybody. That's feeling

that fear. I think it's valid.
I hold space for it. I had that

fear at the very beginning at
the very very beginning like

when this whole thing started
to come together, the the The

pandemic started to like the
new start to come together and

really like when. When the
story was still just in China

before the story started
traveling to other parts around

the world, I was already
starting to feel that fear

because I had several in-person
events set for here events that

since I've had to cancel and

You know once I got over that
fear and just accepted. okay. I

can't do these events anymore.
It's not responsible for me to

do these events and and to have
the partners of those events

still interested in in hosting
the events and some kind of

virtual capacity ended up being
really exciting because like

one like challenged me to start
doing these types of live

videos and developing my skill
with live streaming and

broadcasting really quality
content. Not to say this is

quality content. This is just
me talking, but I've done some

in the past and look forward to
doing a lot of that next week

with the the the virtual Tea
festival but

Yeah, I've just like it's it's
actually brought a thanks Eric.

I wanna I wanna become this is
quality. Thank you well, you

know it's the framing and it
all. thanks to my my good

artist friend Nick Canton,
who's watching this right now

and I hope he's embarrassed as
as anything like his beautiful

art is helping frame. You know
what's going on here but yeah,

it's funny cuz I like brought
all of these like lights cuz we

have studio equipment mom. My
brother is a filmmaker and we

do like a lot of product shoots
in such so we have like all the

studio lights and everything
and. I I brought them in here

thinking I need them and
realized that this this window

light is like more than enough
to To make things nice so yeah

so. Next week, it will be a lot
of fun so logistically what

we'll be doing and for those
watching that are planning to

participate. This will be good
for you to hear it. So then you

know I don't have to like make
a phone call to you to tell you

about this but we're going to
prerecord all of the content as

far as like the actual
presentation. So if you're

getting a 20 -minute
presentation block, we're gonna

prerecord like 15. You know 12
to 15 minutes depending on how

much time you want, you can
use. However, much what time

you want. We're gonna prerecord
Something that we can record

through zoom like I can record
it from a zoom meeting that we

do or something that you can
record yourself. If you feel

more comfortable, you know,
setting up a tripod and like

using a nice camera cuz then we
can showcase that content in HD

and then we'll edit that video
for you so that you know we can

add additional media photos
slides If you want, I mean

we'll just work with you to to
understand how you want your

presentation to to look and be
presented on the live stream.

And then that will be shot or
you know broadcasted on the

live stream So during your
actual presentation, you'll be

able to engage with the viewers
questions through text on the

Facebook video which will be
really helpful and it'll be

like Super engaging and less
stressful for you, You know if

you're bombarded with a bunch
of questions or you know a

bunch of like not even just
questions, but it's

opportunities for connections.
You know that if you were

speaking and presenting and
try. To like deal with all of

your technical issues with
making sure your video and your

audios right and all of that
cuz it is kind of stressful to

to execute a good. you know
live broadcast you can actually

use that time to to hold space
for those potential connections

through answering the questions
or exchanging information with

in the comments and then after
the actual presentation, then

we'll have. A five -minute
period where you'll be able to

will broadcast your live video
on Zoom where you can, you can

answer questions and more
detail based off of the

Facebook feedback. So yeah,
none of the the Q and A is

gonna be happening through Zoom
itself. The Q and A is gonna be

happening through the comments
on the Facebook video as well

as comments on the landing page
for the festival where. You

people that don't have Facebook
accounts will be able to submit

comments or questions so that
you can stay engaged with them.

High Forest tilton Thank you
for coming in and watching our

videos. Yeah, we are safe. I'm
very safe. I've been completely

alone. I've seen my parents a
few times, he said. Some I

started doing this it's been
over three weeks since almost

four weeks now that I've like
put myself into isolation I I

did all of that before the
governor had even made his own

Order for isolation so it's
just me so I'm very safe. I've

been going for my runs every
day stretching my lungs

drinking lots of tea.

There are several articles
online written like academic

articles written about tea that
can be a potential not cure

well. actually one of them
actually says it could be a

cure, says that there is a
polyphenol NT that actually

kills Corona virus. I don't
know about this particular

Corona virus, but like the the
general category of of Corona

virus but all of that research
was done in Metro so

completely. Irresponsible to
stay that drinking tea will

kill Corona virus even with
that research, but some other

research that's been starting
to go around that I do think

has some validity to it is that
there are compounds and tea

that are actually extracted and
used in like inhalers like

asthma medicine to like calm
the respiratory system like

when you're having like an
asthma attack. what. Drinking I

am drinking show me White tea.
Yeah. I didn't show you the the

dried leaf but just a little
bit little bit White tea. The

highest grades got a little bit
of a sourness to it but he is a

tea and it was right here and I
wanted to drink it. I asked for

a suggestion of what I should
drink and I didn't really get

too much feedback on that. So I
just grabbed this one, usually

if I'm going to drink a White
tea. I'll go for like an Apple

White tea like a lightly rolled
White tea.

Alright so forest tilton just
at four. Still, if you wanna

like, tell me what your name is
so that way when you write to

me, I know like how to address
you by your name. If you can

just write your name, I like
that cuz until now I just call

you for tilton and I'd like to
know your name. So anyway, he

asked what will the feature for
specialty tea be with the

Corona virus? I don't know I
don't know the answer for that.

I can tell you my dreams if
that's what you wanna hear.

Okay. Thank you for letting me
know your name. I will not know

your name so what is the future
of specialty tea after Corona

virus? it's the same future
that I had envisioned before

Corona virus and I almost feel
like Corona virus is like

helping to make that Dream more
of a reality and really that

that comes down to what this
experience is doing to

To the culture of of humanity
right now and you know, I hate

to to generalize that all
humanity has this culture cuz

it doesn't but the power
dynamic about what segment of

humanity is getting to like
make all the decisions and and

hold all the power they are
within this mentality and

that's the mentality of

Thanks Nick, You keep up the
good work too. yeah. so it's

the mentality of like
consumerism of our value comes

based off of what we're able to
consume and that is like all

gone to nothing in this moment
that we're experiencing right

now, you know even if you've
got a mentor amount of money

like your experience, your
human experience right now is

very similar to someone that
doesn't have as much. you know

our possession of consumables
is much less relevant than it's

been in the past and in the
recent past and so what that's

going to do to us when we are
able to continue our lives as

they were before is that it's
going to help us better

prioritize our values and not
just values about like what's

good or bad or what I'm talking
about like what we value. You

as things as tangible things or
not even tangible things, but

what we value in our life, our
community, our family our

health our food right, so those
are like the main things. and

that's why I say, like not all
humankind is in this mentality

of like a commodity consumerism
because there are places in the

world and I've lived in these
places and I've like

experienced that life in that
perspective where those form.

Is all you have and it's
awesome, You know like pure

happiness as possible, like the
the most happy the most like

condensed pure happiness that
I've ever experienced myself

and experienced around me as a
community was when that's all

they had. You know what I mean
and had a very intimate

connection to those things to
your family, your community

your health and your food. all
these other things are like

totally irrelevant but for so
long the the power the power

dynamic part of a humanity has
really been kind of distracted

with all these other things so
how that applies to specialty

teas in a long way around is
that people are going to start

valuing things and valuing the
things that. Eat the things you

know that that become part of
their lifestyle and part of

their body including tea and so
that's gonna create an

opportunity for real specialty
tea to be value and appreciated

in the market because that's
been like the main limitation

for specialty tea has been you
know like really incredible tea

that's made with hands and made
with love. it is is available

and not just from China. I mean
we're talking about specialty

teas coming from Sri Lanka and
India and Nepal and even some

you know special. Specialty
factories and and in Africa and

such and you know they, they
work so hard and they invest

their time and to setting up
their fields for specialty tea

and setting up their factories
for specialty tea, But then

when they go to market like the
market doesn't appreciate it

even like the fanciest brands
you go to the fanciest brands

and try to sell your teeth and
they don't appreciate it.

They're like Oh, we can't pay
more than you know $5 US per

kilo for tea. Even specialty
teeth and and that's and that's

not not entirely their fault.
it's the fault of that

mentality of that, like
consumerism mentality that like

so much less importance have
been has been put on the value

of the product itself. That's
inside that package versus the

value that's put on what's
outside of that package. Well,

what is the Status symbol, What
is the the marketing? What is

the fancy brand? I ultimately
it's status symbol, you know

and it's really crazy. You know
like people have been even

wealthy people have been
spending so much of their value

and in the form of currency
sealing in the form of money.

so like how what they buy to
buy products that are really

not that great. You know, most
of the money is going towards

the the brand or the package or
the marketing right the the

celebrity endorsement. The TV
commercials and and all of that

is around status symbol and you
know I think after Corona virus

or after what we're dealing
with right now, a lot of that

is gonna go out the window cuz
like we're gonna realize it,

but that wasn't really
important, you know and so

we're gonna be moved by
authenticity. We're gonna be

moved by real connections. just
like what we're doing right

now, you know so.

And if you would have asked me
this question like four months

ago, I would have answered it
in the same way you know so

like what we're doing right now
is not really changing my

perspective about what the
world needs to improve but I I

do feel that this experience
that we're all having is

definitely gonna push us in the
right direction. you know and

it's clean. A better situation
than what I had originally

envisioned would have been that
experienced instigate this to

happen. so like if you would
have asked me this question

four months ago and asked me
that seems pretty farfetched.

what you're saying is that
people are gonna no longer care

about fancy branding and
satisfy symbol and start to

care about real value.

Hi Chickie Chickie Chickie
Chickie. That's a nice name. I

like that cheeky chap yeah four
months ago I would have put a

guess that we would have needed
something more extreme than

what we're dealing with right
now to to shake us up as a as a

humanity to to move in that
direction be it a like major

natural disaster. you know,
which scares the heck out of me

because that's like true, you
know end of the world. Tom. I

mean this is you know there is
a lot of pain being experienced

like health pain being
experienced from this, but most

of the pain that we are
experiencing as a humanity is

more to do with like our
lifestyle our consumerism our

our isolation which is what we
needed anyway. Right. I mean

we've all been complaining
about how busy and disconnected

we've been for for years now so
I think that like this natural

experience that's kind of
instigating this change is

really. compared to what you
know, people like myself would

have thought would have been
needed but this is not the end

of it, too. I mean there there
are already like trends, mostly

to deal with climate change
that that are also related to

these bigger things, but the
sooner that we're making this

this shift as a humanity and
how we value and how we

consume. the faster more agile,
we will be towards the

consequences of climate change,
you know so if Corona virus

hadn't happened and we would
have just gone on with their

lives as usual. I'm growing the
stock market and growing

growing growing are resilience
to climate change. I think

would have been a lot more
dangerous than it is now not to

say that it's not so dangerous.
I mean there's a there's some

deep deep damage. It's already
been done that regardless if we

all act now and make things
change we can't undo you know

so but we definitely will be
more resilient will definitely

be more prepared as individuals
about how to to take on change

and take on risks that may come
along. so that's a good thing

as you can tell I'm very
optimistic person. I like to

say half domestic even though
I'd. A lot of heavy dark ideas

I still always, I mean you ask
any of my friends or anybody.

that knows me like they will
say, yeah, you're you're always

doing that. you're always like
finding some way to twist it

and make it a positive versus
you know focusing on the dread,

which is totally possible and
easy to do and I don't

criticize anybody that does do
that. It's it's a thing.

Eric Thanks, I think the tea
helps I mean there are

definitely people that drink
tea and drink a lot of tea that

can't shake that focus on the
negativity. so I can't. I can't

give the tea all the credit.
you know like tea is to save

all that We will be more
conscious that everything we do

of course and that's already
happening. I mean first point

everybody's rushing the toilet
paper. You know that's

incredible cuz like before that
people never did you know I I'm

grateful like when I was in the
peace core I lived in in West

Africa Mudmee village for a
couple of years and there was

no toilet paper. there like
someone had told me to bring a

couple of roles in my suitcase
and then I got there and like

you can buy it like. You go to
the big city. you can buy it.

It's really expensive. It's
like $2 a roll or something

crazy like that. So you know
when you're a piece for

volunteer working on no budget
toilet paper purchases is like

really out there like you
wouldn't do it so yeah, I've I

I became customs to doing how
the locals do and you know just

be mindful about toilet paper,
you know so I always did have

toilet paper there as like if I
had guest or somebody or you

know, sometimes you need a
little bit full paper for

something not necessarily for
toilet but for I don't know,

but I always had a role there.
I think those two roles lasted

me the entire two years that I
lived there. so yeah, I was

always mindful about it being
there and now you know like

People are starting to be
conscious of like wow. I how

did I go through eight packs of
toilet paper in a couple of

weeks like how how did that go
and now I can't buy anymore. So

now, if I get my hands on some
toilet paper, I really need to

rush it out and make sure you
know. so that's just one small

little little example of how we
are experiencing that like

right now as we speak.

So I didn't finish the story
about Bitcoin the dog and I was

happy to be interrupted with
that story with some great


Sun blends Thank you for
engaging and saying that yeah,

we have been spoiled. We've
been spoiled and like we don't

even know we've been spoiled.
you know so that that's that's

the first step of getting over
this. this just like you know

AA groups you know the first
step is admitting your truth

and then you can move on from
it. So yeah before we can move

on and make this change. We
first have to identify how we

have been privileged You know,
I'm privileged you know and

I've I've actually tried to
talk like with my family about

privilege and that word is used
to like really scare them. I

don't know if it scares the
right word but make them feel

uncomfortable. That's that's
for sure and now I can say that

word and there's I can feel a
lot less discomfort. so that's

good. You know that's the first
step of realizing. You know the

privilege that we have and then
being able to move forward from

that. anybody that's like
saying that they're changemaker

and they're gonna save the
world or whatever they wanna

claim if they can't first
identify their privilege, They

can't move to the next step so
that was one big reason why

during the Democratic
primaries, I was a big fan of

Warren because I felt like she
was one of the candidates that

would always first identify her
privilege before she would say

anything you know cuz like run.
For President you're like

you're talking about dealing
with a lot of people's issues,

a lot of different perspectives
where there's no way in in any

way possible that you could
truly understand every single

person's perspective and every
single person's pain and say

I've got a solution for you. I
know what's going on. Hi Clark

Jones Good to see you thanks
for joining it's impossible to

know everybody's perspective so
to say I know everybody's

problems and I know how to fix
all of them. Is like extremely

irresponsible and not true not
authentic, but if you can first

identify like okay, I
understand my own perspective

and I understand that like I
don't know this other person's

problems, but I'm gonna hold
space to listen to them and

listen to their problems and
bring the right connections

that will help them with their
problems like that means so

much. Than saying, you know all
the solutions and you got a

solution to every problem
because there's no way no way.

I've never met anybody in my
life and I have met a couple of

people that really have
experienced a wide range of

problems and a wide range of
perspectives and even though I

mean the reason why they've had
that privilege of experiencing

all those perspectives is
because they're humble, you

know be. Don't let you in to
their perspective If you're

gonna come in arrogant like oh,
I know I know everything. let

me come in and see what you're
doing like hell. No they don't

want gonna let you in you have
to like be like I I know

nothing. I'm you're gonna have
so much more success having

doors open for you. you know
not in like a job opportunity

way or skill opportunity way,
but in a like a way of being

able to authentically be open
to someone's perspective.

you're gonna. A lot more
success if you approach them

saying, I know nothing.
Vulnerable I know nothing then

then say no, I know everything
and I'm here to help you. that

was like that was the greatest
lesson that I learned from my

experience in the Peace Corps.

So Bitcoin, the dog is still
here still enjoying my tea

time. we got him during the
summer that our motto or

earlier that was on this during
the summer that he was here

working with in Vegas and he
was an office dog. so we got

him as an off star and he's
still an office dog. He's often

here in the office. He's
definitely not in the the Tea

warehouse or the the food
processing. Face of the

facility, but he stays in the
office. He guards the the door

and he's just cute and lovable
everybody likes to have them

around and so I was letting me
office name him cuz you know we

we rescued him and he had a
name. It was really bad name

champ and not terrible name,
but definitely not like

inspiring. you know he's a
champ. the dog you know, he

definitely didn't respond to
that name. So I don't think

that was the name that he had
for a very long and so. We had

a meeting with everybody and
ask them what they felt. I

would be a good name and it was
pretty you know what it's like

Bitcoin, you know cuz we have
been doing work in Bitcoin

accepting payments in Bitcoin
and actually those bitcoin

payments that we did kind of
saved the company cuz that was

only our first starting and it
was really hard to do sales

online, even if like we were
getting traffic cuz we were

doing all these incredible
storytelling of the tea farmers

and how teas made and education
videos. How to Brew teas like

we are definitely getting
traffic from that content, but

it wasn't converting to sales
and a lot of it had to do with

that thing. I was talking about
earlier about how people don't

value specialty teeth. Hey Tico
Good to see you thanks for

thanks for watching and
listening to me. rant on you

know me I can do it forever.

and so yeah like people were
like valuing the content they

were valuing the education we
are putting on the storytelling

you're putting out but like
when it came to making a

purchase, it was like really
difficult for them to either

like commit to buying something
or seen. wow this. this thing

looks expensive, you know,
because like we were we were

selling these. We set the price
high and I still continue to do

that and advocate for all of
our clients to do that as well

as like, don't undersell
yourself even if you were.

Customers or your current
customers complain about the

price being too high, like you
have your standard to keep that

standard. They are going to
work up to it. So we weren't

having trouble selling to like
establish tea lovers on the

Internet. but when we launch
the Bitcoin payments, it was

such like a it's still a very
engaged community like the

Bitcoin community itself like
the hacker like period appear

you know community on Reddit
and I mean there's several

different like forums where
this community likes to. Share

information and connect so it
was really easy to market to

them. It was really easy to
like do a launch and tell them

hey like we appreciate this
mentality of transparency and

peer to peer and ??? the
banks. ??? the big

corporations like come support
us and like sales conversions

on that marketing of the
traffic that came to our

website from that was like 80
percent. It was crazy. It was

crazy. It's like you know these
were like early Bitcoin

investors and. Back when
Bitcoin was worth like, maybe

like a dollar 50, a coin or
something like that, like it

was really low. The price of
Bitcoin was really low at that

time, and so they were like
they were buying like a $40 or

$50 box of tea. you know pain
like 10 Bitcoin for it, You

know it's a really crazy. so
that's what I'm saying like we

could have been millionaires
over and over again. have we

kept that Bitcoin as it grew in
value, But, of course, we

converted everything to to US
dollar immediately that wasn't

our arm. Our end game for this
was not trying to like

accumulate Bitcoin but was to
change the world as we're still

trying to do now so the
everybody said we should call

Bitcoin, you know, Bitcoin
saved our company. It's a very

important to our identity and
who we are. so that's how you

got the name and it was a cute
name. But now it's turned into

like a really great marketing
tool because when I take him to

the dog Park or anywhere,
frankly, if you. Ask his name

and they're like Bitcoin, like
at the beginning. They'd say

things like Oh isn't isn't
there CEO corrupt you know,

they said there was a lot of
like misinformation and mister

education out there about what
Bitcoin is and and even to

today, there is still a lot you
know like people say Bitcoin

and you know like the technical
side of it is very difficult to

understand and I will even
admit my ignorance of. That all

works out and you know, maybe
it's okay that I continue that

way or maybe you'll end up
learning it, but like what's

really important to understand
about Bitcoin and

cryptocurrency and peer to peer
mentality and open source

mentality is that

Value about value you know and
and and authentic value and

authentic Exchange of value,
not just money. you know it's a

big queen shouldn't even be
thought of in the context of

currency and it's like
potential growth is like having

an authentic connection between
two parties. So that's the

period of peer part of it
having that authentic

connection where a true and
authentic value Exchange can

happen between those two
parties is extremely valuable

extremely. And like we hardly
get to see that in society and

I think that's like one of the
things related to the question

earlier about how Corona virus
is going to affect what we're

dealing with and the future of
specialty tea. So let's see

Paul, which Paul is Hey, Paul
Good to see you brother.

Everybody Paulers, you're our
favorite wine guy in Vegas and

a good good tea friend has just
joined so we'll let him get set

up with his audio in his
camera. Hi Paul. There we go

awesome work. Yup. you're
working. I mean you're not

working. You're you're at home
chilling but you're you're

working now on the computer yet
it's just my job. I'm good. You

got a new job. What are you

farmers today ah class and I'm
gonna be sweet family good for

you yeah it's good to see
because they were like you know

busy then I so and you know
they great produce so you can

only supermarket town and you
gonna be out of everything but

that everything why so Good
alright and they're doing

they're doing it again tomorrow
Saturday They're doing it again

tomorrow, so Carrie is bringing
in produce from her Malibu farm

and then she's still got Lindy
that does the produce from

Apple Valley and they all have
fresh produce everyday Friday

and Saturday, And so yeah
tomorrow you should be good.

They should have plenty of
stuff and they're also putting

together boxes and stuff for
people that they don't wanna

like linger around. so I'm not
sure exactly how to do that.

I'm gonna learn their whole
little system next week. Yeah,

I think that's a good idea. you
know cuz I like, yeah someone

someone shared a meme yesterday
and I really liked it and you

know I think it's like really
relevant to this. it's like

these partial lockdowns that we
have are kind of like having a

piece section in the pool. You
know it's like. I'm sue it goes

certain places where yeah, like
okay. We're gonna shut down the

restaurants, but then you can
still go to the grocery store

you know and like I I
understand that that attempt,

but it's like if if we're gonna
commit to this, we really need

to commit to it, you know. and
so I think that's where like

having these like ready to go
boxes like trying to bring it

as much curbside or delivery as
possible. you know it's smart

to do. Defensive so we decided
you know either food water

shelter. so how are we gonna
disperse you know food? I feel

like the thing with these
markets are they've like really

have quite a burden right now.
People are so used to going to

restaurants and having him feed
them all the time. But now it's

like everyone has to think for
themselves their own food. It's

now the markets are just busier
than ever and they probably

don't have a lot of rest or
days option. it just gets

busier busier so. yeah, I think
it's good that someone like me

is out of work. they used to be
like a restaurant server. I can

you know go over and you know
assist in my hospitality skills

and that more than just food of
course we should be safe and

you know what I saw you wearing
masks and all the staff there

was wearing gloves. So I'm just
I was in real quick. I didn't

like link linger. It wasn't
like very simple with people

but you know, I think it's we
still gotta like yeah stay

home. but like let's make
account we do go out. you know

this is the first time. Really
the House in a while, I had

been enough, I produced for
like three weeks so that was

pretty down. I just cooked my
last little bit of everything

and I'm like Alright. I'm gonna
produce today and I know the

market is happening. so I'll
see what happens over there.

And then while I was over
there, I did stop by the wine

store as well. so garage is
doing a cool drop off thing

where they've also teamed up
with a local caterer so that I

can feel like you can order
meals to go from them and then

they can bring the bottles of
wine. So again. they're just

like my homies that I wanna
support. During this hard time,

yeah and bicycle balls of wine,
you don't have a bunch of wine

and are you drinking wine. I
know you don't usually drink

wine or you find yourself
drinking wine right now people

so it makes the tricky you
know. so if I do go meet

somebody or if someone comes
over, then maybe we can open a

bottle, but yeah, it takes me a
while to go through a bottle

typically, but I think wine
deserves to go with food.

That's that's usually the way
that I approach line. Yeah. So

if I have a group meal in front
of me like that wine is perfect

or. He's a bottle of wine to
cook with and then you can just

drink the rest. So yeah, I just
got some pretty drinkable

lions. You know I think crazy.

That's right, Yeah. so that's
cool about your your teeth fest

was on a 90 cents, Yes and
nine. So it's Thursday from

11 AM to to to four PM. I'm
gonna show you something real

quick just okay. Yeah just And
into show everybody else what

what we're working with here?
let's see.

Let's see HM.

Other way exit, No, this is not
gonna work. Yeah. for some

reason. it's not working, but
that's okay. yeah I made a

website for for the TV fest and
I made like a map that has all

all shared. I'm sure you'll see
it eventually I made a map of

all of the different time zones
and what time the festival will

be occurring in each of those
time zones cuz I really want

this to be an inclusive thing.
Know that people feel yeah, you

know feel welcomed to I'll go
ahead. Did you see that you see

on Facebook live? Maybe he
wants to play again. Yeah, I

can ask him. That's a good idea
well, that was such a great

Facebook live. You know it's
the first time I've ever seen

go live like that. but yeah, he
does that often it's it's

really great. actually so cool.
It also inspired like some of

his friends, but they're like
concerts on live. So that's how

much other people started
playing. Music and then and

it's cool on Facebook is you
can actually do a watch parties

so if someone's going live, you
can you know, hold a watch

party with the other person's
live stream. So if you're doing

a live, you know through
Facebook and other people can

watch parties and exponentially
like increase the viewership of

it. Yeah, I think it worked.
Yeah or you know not

necessarily the viewership, but
like the engagement you know

cuz sometimes with like a live
video if you join someone. Live

video and then you share it to
your friends. yeah it's it's a

little bit intimidating to
engage with that video because

it's not like your own
community. You know there maybe

a thousand viewers and it's
like Oh I'm not gonna comment

cuz thousand viewers are gonna
see this comment so I like the

watch party because it allows
you to create a more intimate

space for you and your friends
to comment. So yeah. I'm just

showing this map right now on
the the live streams of people

see it. so it's like really
cool. It's got all of the the

different times. Sorry, Paul,
You can't see it right now, but

whatever I saw I saw the first
map you put up so okay. cool my

head. Yeah. So it's got all the
time zones. Unfortunately for a

lot of Asia. it's gonna be the
festival will be happening in

the Middle of the night so you
know, but we have a couple of

people in India that wanna give
presentations so you know

they'll just we'll we'll put
them on early. you know cuz

they're they're time segment
will be you know at like

midnight and then We have
presented from Australia.

That's gonna do a presentation
on Korean tea and so she's

gonna do towards the end of the
festival, which is like you

know 60 'clock in the morning
for her. So yeah exciting

stuff. It's great. Yeah. let's
jump release. I like it. Yeah.

you know I was thinking I like
yesterday. I had all these

ideas like Oh, I'm gonna make
this interactive. you know. I'm

like I am I'm learning a lot of
cool new code and like how to

formulate stuff and communicate
stuff but yeah I just I

couldn't find a code for like
an Internet interactive like

map that you could click and
The time, but I figured you

know this was you can visualize
it and see it that way

everybody feels like they're
welcomed and we actually have a

presenter from Brazil and a
presenter from from Ecuador,

that will be you know they're
gonna do their presentations in

English, but when we do all the
zoom rooms, you know we're

gonna from two to 30 'clock, it
will be a series of zoom rooms

with different facilitators
hosting each one when we do

that, they'll be able to host
their zoom room in Spanish and

Portuguese. so oh no Yeah,
people that don't speak English

will be able to participate.
Yeah, Very cool. Yeah. So other

than that, how you been, I'm
great, I'm happy to hear that.

Yeah. when you're getting shit
done, I guess around the House

cooking a lot. I cooked the
last of my food last night but

yeah, I mean for me, I'm I just
like my solitude more of an

introvert. So I'm loving this,
but you know I just have to you

know we're not gonna have as
much income. They have to

figure out what we really need,
but it's. Food water shelter

and how we provide food, water
and shelter so yeah, I'm I feel

like I got a lot accomplished
today by just going to the

market that was really cool.
what else I got a bunch of

wine, so I would love to maybe
like set up some sort of like a

way that friends are the
community want some line be

like a doorbell ditch on there.
I mean to do that and be able

to facilitate that so well I'll
I'll message you my address

just in case you forgot it.

Should be like you want quality
over quantity and like they're

all good quality, but you can
get more bottles if you want

just more like quantity or if
you want quality, I could do

some like they're little higher
in lines cuz that's really it's

like the one thing I've
lingering around it. I'm not

using as much and I can always
buy more wine. I think you're

follow the only person in the
world. that's saying that right

now. Paul hits me up. You know,
I mean it's a weird balance

between like alright. Well, you
know there's Commerce and.

Stuff business and setting up
businesses and how does that

work for like you know our
personal life is collided with

our professional life. You
know, I was just making pretty

good money in Esther's Kitchen.
It's paying a lot of taxes and

being you know a member of the
community and now it's like

well that's gone. People aren't
dining restaurants from version

of the future. So I think
instead of like thinking like

well Wednesday to get back to
normal, I I don't know it's

assumed that it won't go back
to that just for a while, at

least. It's kinda like a little
911 happened again. There's a

little bit of a a new way. We
have to do things so I'm down

to adapt. I'm not gonna like
just you know, sit back and

wait I I needed like you know,
go back to work and I'd like to

have an essential job where
actually have a little bit more

freedom to move when I need to
but also facilitating health

community as much as I can by
like you know, I'm part of my

wisdom. I feel like if I'm
working at a place where

there's different produce
people are gonna be well. You

know they don't have any of the
produce. I normally cook with.

so what do I do with this? I
know how to cook that produce

so you can help in that regard.
Yeah but yeah again. it's like

you're right. We should be
staying at home for Nevada.

It's been the governor is
saying and I don't disagree

with that. It's been great to
stay home but you know I

wouldn't talk today and there
was a lot of cars out. So yeah,

there are a lot of. Out today,
I noticed that I was actually

very surprised because I only
been out a couple times since

this has been really going off
and it was very a lot less

traffic. So there's something
about today. We're I think

people maybe sensing that like
a tighter restriction on

movement might be coming. Yeah,
so I like going out and doing

what they need to do right now.
Yeah. I worked for some like

carry were like you know she
has to she's a farm in

California and she brings all
this produce into Vegas. I was

gonna are they gonna. Up state
borders You know this is

something that I was talking to
you about last last call I

think so I don't know that
might happen, but you know they

might let essential people
through so I own a farm and I

got produce to this truck bound
for Vegas Vegas isn't growing

up with their food with a big
population. so no no. these are

just the things I think in
about and I'm down to like you

know, help the community out a
little more and also help

myself cuz I wanna provide my
food water shelter and I can

literally work for food and the
market and get some great


That's that's an advantage I
ate my last bit of produce this

morning my last banana I made a
tomorrow if you want. Yeah,

maybe I'll go, you know. I
haven't gone this whole time,

but I mean if I'm gonna go
anywhere, I'll go to the

farmers market, not that many
people, which there's not that

many people. that's the thing
you know the market I walked in

there was like you know,
there's needs bread you setting

up his little bread station
bought some bread real quick.

And then I load up on my
produce and there was like

maybe not more than like. To
like eight people around all

the time and then people kinda
sense it when there's like more

than like 10 people in that
building, they would like they

just wander out or whatever
yeah, but were massively will

work and I don't know there's
no sense of panic. There's no

sense of anyone really even
talking about it. It was just

misunderstood were like
everyone's just there to do

their thing and yeah no don't
any symptoms. and of course,

like you can transmit this
without a symptom. I know that

but it was just I don't know
it's just seem like a very

respectful, you know way to
conduct. So who knows and I saw

that John Curtis posted he was
there earlier today. Oh, that's

so that's cool. He is being I
think I think he's pissing a

lot of people off because he's
being very he's just going out

and dining all the time and
trying to supply these

restaurants. So yeah, I wanna
pretty awesome that he's kind

of these restaurants that are
keeping people employed and

cooking food. He's like they're
on the battleground telling

people to go pick up food to
these places where people can

also say is being a little too
cavalier about taking it

seriously and he's arguing with
people in Facebook. so he's

he's in the piece, but you
know, I'm a I'm a big proponent

of. Freedom of movement, but
you know so I don't know I I

see both sides to it. I mean
the thing that the issue with

it is is that it's prolonging
this period like if if we would

have done like an absolute
shutdown, we could have got it

done in two weeks like it
really could have been done in

two weeks, but because we like
to go than most cities, Yeah.

So like this whole period is
like a total of almost two

months the shutdown on on
certain segments of our economy

and like you know this whole
thing about keeping your

employees employed the
government has a stimulus. For

that, like you know so like I
don't know and like these

restaurants that are continuing
to cook and do takeout, they're

not keeping their entire staff
employed. They're only keeping

like a portion of it and then
themselves. of course, I mean

I'm sure a lot of them are
turning their payroll off but

two people that are running it
like my friend. Nicole is doing

locally and Mountain's Edge is
her and one other like

executive chef. I forget who he
was, but some from the Strip

unemployed now, so she's them
they're just powering through

to making massive amounts of
food. For people in mountains,

which is great because it
sounds a little bit more of a

food desert, more cut off and
the rest of the Valley. So I

think that's a very noble
honorable thing to be doing is

all the work they're doing and
but yeah, I was gonna say yeah.

I don't know it's just it's a
hard thing. I mean I hate

telling people that like they
should just not worry about

their business and and just be
in solidarity with what's going

on cuz like really, if we would
have done an absolute shutdown

like absolutely like not even
grocery stores open nothing

open. I think we could have
been. In two weeks like the

whole world did that too not
just us, then people like panic

and like broken out of corn
anyway and then started writing

like it would have been
interesting to try to force the

complete shutdown. partial
shutdown and people are like it

was still functioning is like a
civilized society like who

knows what would happen if you
have four of a shutdown well

now now we're gonna have even
bigger issues with the economic

you know problem. you know the
longer we're were shut down

even partially shut down the
bigger the economic tap.

Challenges are gonna be and
that's you know. that's what

I'm thinking about but anyway,
we'll know there's there's one

other one that I wanna say
there's one great article that

I shared. I don't know maybe
like four days ago or

something. there's an M I T
professor like forecasting kind

of how this is gonna go well.
This is like the new more than

and basically what he was
saying was there's gonna be

spikes of you know people
entering the hospital from

illness. And then eventually
we're gonna control and then it

will go down but ways will keep
coming back so say this is

lifted. you know we get
everything under control, then

I'll let everybody out again.
It will go probably go around

again and spread again cuz
people can get this illness

twice or three times or
whatever. yeah. so there's

gonna be just spikes. you know
over the next like probably a

year or two. We're like is
spiking in lockdown, social

distancing and then like
alright. Hospital business or

way down, So we're gonna lift
that. But then he says that

probably one month after that
would be another wave of we

gotta go back to social
distancing mode. So that's why

he he basically was saying for
like this is gonna go like for

like two years. So I think it's
just the economy just changed.

it's they called the shut in
the economy. there's people

that are still consuming their
media online people are are

still spending money. We're
getting shifts stuff sent to

them. People like that have to
work. Will get a job with

Amazon and they're gonna put
themselves in harm's way

delivering packages you know,
which is the interesting you

know you're putting people when
you don't really need to order

something online. You're
putting people in harm's way.

Yeah. But so yeah, I think we
should just get more choosy

about what we purchase and
purchase only what we need and

go out when we need but yeah
this article is crazy. So I'll

I'll I'll send it to you but it
was very interesting. The

shut-in economy that's what he
called it in there. Yeah.

That's a good way to put it.
Yeah, I'd I'd I don't dare say

something like that cuz that
would freak out some people I

was saying you know with the
the Tea festival the first

people that I reached out to
actually I'll be honest. You

are actually the first person
that like that idea popped up

and I was like watching one of
your watch parties on Facebook.

Cleaning this up. but after you
know, I came up the idea

started tossing around and and
figuring out how it would be

executed in such a fast way.
the first people I reached out

to after that were the the main
tea festival organizers in the

country. you know just to kinda
feel out their interest. I

thought that they'd be really
interested in what I was doing

because my intention and I
stated it very clearly was that

it was a non-commercial event.
No corporate sponsors, no no

brand sponsorship only
Promoting tea festivals and and

and the and the way that I
would promote them was if they

invited their communities in
like that was the Exchange, you

know they promoted it to their
communities and and then I

promote their tea festivals. I
got I got almost the same

response from the two main
festival organizers that

It's dangerous to like talk
about the potential of

postponed events because you
know the the main events are

still on and we don't need to
be in stealing fear in people

that festivals are over and I
was like wow like that that's

really coming from a place of
insecurity about you know the

preparing yourself for being
adaptive to the shut in

economy, you know if it does
continue for the next two

years, Yeah, we need to be
adaptive and. For it versus

trying to fight it in like this
can change. Yeah like EDC

cancel but then you know, I
still see they haven't

cancelled concerts for what you
know June for sure, May and

June, but you know they're
probably pretty soon. those

will be canceled too, so people
will see the writing on the

Wall when that starts
happening, but I I just I feel

like yeah such a change for a
while we just have to adapt to

it. There is a new way of life
and to an extent it's for a

little bit. Yeah. I mean, even
like the when I keep thinking

is even if like our social
distancing orders have been

lifted when it comes to a big
event, especially an event that

involves businesses, you know
as your your customers are your

businesses that are vending or
whatever like it's gonna take a

long time for them to readjust
and get back on their feet. You

know it right and going to
support an event like that,

like yeah, you make some money
from it, but it's it's it's

exhi. On your resources and a
lot of the companies like it is

reasonable to ask like are they
gonna be in a financially

responsible position to exhaust
those resources even in October

or November, when all of the
social distancing has been

lifted yeah, we just have to be
mindful of that, and I don't

think it would be too out of
line for these festivals, which

have already collected all
their vendor booth fees. You

know, so they already collected
everything it would not be

fought alone. For them to have
like a real heart-to-heart

conversation with all their
vendors to say, hey, how are

you doing and how can we best
support you so that you'll be

in a in a strong position when
this festival happens so that

you can, you know, get the most
out of it. Instead of like I

mean, I yeah that they're ended
up being like Emails spread

around to people that I didn't
email and you know my post on

Facebook. someone went on there
and said you know called me.

That it was irresponsible to
talk about postponed events and

I was like wow. This is really
coming from a place of fear

like I'm not afraid. I'm like
I'm I'm just trying to throw or

other people or not. they just
want to deny that like what's

happening in reality right now.
Yeah. yeah. Well, your your

virtual team will be a big hit,
so I think it will be you know

and I thought at first that
it's success was gonna be

relied upon having all those
players involved. But I think

regardless of that, like
there's just been so much

enthusiasm and excitement from
this individuals and these

individuals have their own
communities like I I think that

we will get the the viewership
and yeah so my goal is is to

have at least 10000 people tune
in to this festival. At some

point throughout the day and
you know no money is gonna be

made off of this festival but I
I do wanna build it into a

model where money can be made.
you know if not for my efforts

or but for other people's
efforts, you know so hopefully

it'll turn the heads of events
that have been postponed and

are like shoot How do we how do
we keep our community engaged

or even like? Corporate
interests you know cuz there

are a lot of corporate interest
right now that are like. You

know they they're kind of like
lost when it comes to virtual

events cuz there's not a whole
lot of presidents. You know

that the technology has been
around forever. It's not a

technology issue. It's an
execution of that technology

and so yeah, just like I wanna
just like go all out next week

and and produce like a really
cool engaged event. and then

you know if if if a corporate
interests sees that and reaches

out, then yeah, I can like I
can enlist my. Team that helped

me on this one and and execute
a cool event. You know like I

did a call a few days ago zoom
call with some pretty like

influential tech technology
folks creatives that we're

talking about virtual events
and I would just lucky enough

to be invited to the zoom
called because I was doing this

tea festival and yeah, they
were talking about all the

tools that are available right
now. pretty incredible stuff

pretty powerful stuff that's in
a way. Beyond the zoom room,

you know cuz they were talking
about like the zoom room is

effective to a certain degree,
but it's like they kept calling

it like the Brady Bunch Square.
You know like that's that's

ultimately what it becomes.
yeah and there are qualities

not where it could be like we
We all have to figure out how

to use that's actually what I
went to school for it was like

specializing the audio part of
film making getting location

sound. you can do everything
else in post, so you know you

take on the footage and edit it
later if we need to, but it's

all about in the moment trying
to get the best sound we can so

we only need some pretty good
mics and stuff you take this

seriously and to have material
we could use beyond just cuz

the zoom is just a little bit.
it just doesn't it doesn't feel

as professional as as it could
be, but I don't we were about

by our hardware. hope you have
yeah. I think zoom is is pretty

effective for what for what
it's serving. you know it's

very visceral like it's like
right now. it's it's immediate

which is powerful. but yeah,
you're right as well as far as

like quality of content. it is
limited so our plan with the

festival is to prerecord the
the presentation itself so like

nice of the 20 -minute session
that each presenter is gonna

have 15 minutes or Be a
prerecorded presentation which

we can edit you know we can fix
the audio. We can fix

everything and then what's
really great is that while that

is playing on the live stream,
the presenter can like real

time engage with questions.
Yes, they're coming. you know I

I filmed my speech at the at
poor in the alley in the alley

I film that so I could I could
give you that if you want, it's

pretty short, it's only like 10
minutes they had me talking or

okay. so if you want. I could
do that right. Yeah, if you

haven't like posted or if you
had it like in a in a Google

Drive or something and you're
having to check it out in real

life cuz I didn't shoot
anybody. I just been holding on

to the moment. Okay cool if you
live in the teeth us but yeah,

I mean the the intention is
that after the prerecorded

presentation plays, then we'll
do the zoom room and that's

where you know, then there's
like a five -minute the

presenter can dig a little bit
deeper into the world with

real-time feedback that came
during the presentation, but

for the presentation itself,
you know we can optimize the

content. you know a lot better.
How are you gonna take care of

control cuz I've had a couple
articles about how trolling is

a real possibility on zoom
people can go in and there's

actually an article in NPR
actually about how some of

these people. I started doing
racist stuff, okay group you

guys doing a dissertation, 60
people and everyone just

stopped everything cold. so you
have a plan to do with trolls.

Yeah. So the the stream is not
happening. The event is not

happening in Zoom Okay. Yeah.
The event is gonna be happening

on Facebook. It will be
streamed to Facebook, just like

how I do this so like me and
you were recording our session

and then it's getting streamed
to Facebook. It'll be like that

but for the. Tea detox portion
from two to three that will be

a series of zoom rooms where
you can bounce around and and

interact that's gonna be the
responsibility of the moderator

in the room. so we'll have a
moderator that we've trained in

each room that there'll be a
waiting room. just like how

there's one for this and then
it will be very clear about the

rules. You know someone wants
to join with this role. Here's

the rules. You must have your
camera on if your camera is

off, you will be immediately
kicked out cuz. Controls do the

trolls come in with no camera
cuz, of course, they don't want

you to see to see them you
know. so yeah. yeah. if you

come in without a camera,
you're immediately gonna get

kicked out now if if you're a
real tea lover and you're like

shoot, I didn't know. and
that's why we're gonna have the

rules laid out so they people
do know if you were kicked out.

this is why make sure your
camera is on when you join this

room and ideally have tea in
front of you as well, you know.

so. yeah. Yeah. That's that's
gonna be our way of managing

that, and then we're not gonna
let more than eight people in a

room at a time. okay. So that's
another way that trolls you

know, pray on on these new
rooms is when you have like an

80 percent crowd, which
actually I have my own

experience. Now with this on
Sunday, I did a well I help

facilitate a virtual panel that
was supposed to be hosted here

in the warehouse. I help them
with the verge. Panel in zoom

and it wasn't my event. it was
it was their event like they

set everything up instead of
the zoom room and there was

like a little over 80 people in
this room and most of them had

their cameras shut off. so you
know and we didn't know anybody

and then right like all these
trolls waited until like we

were beyond like the
introduction of the event and

like everybody was there and
we're ready to get into the

programming and then it was bad
and there was four different

ones. It wasn't just one. It
was four different people that

kept just like yelling
different bad things and and it

was almost as if they like
research, the host of the of

the the room on the Internet
and we're making like very

direct personal insults to them
and you know sharing you know

inappropriate content. so yeah
it is it's it's it's a serious

thing. so that's why I tell
everybody like your best option

is to like use the zoom room to
allow like make it a private

room. The. Only like your
controlled guests that that are

like either panelist or
lectures only, let them into

that room and then to stream
everything else to a public

place where trolls I mean the
worst thing on Facebook,

someone do a troll could type
in a comment and we just delete

it. You know like it's the
troll can't really share

anything or do anything. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. Facebook lives
potentially powerful tool It is

cuz it's skills 50000 people
you know could tune into a live

stream. I haven't seen those
numbers in a long time, but

what did I see recently was it
digital smoke signals shared

their documentary about the the
pipeline decode Access Pipeline

Standing Rock, and he said
people were trying to watch it

changes just like a hundred
people tune in live on that

That was great so documentary
screening other people. yeah,

I'm definitely seeing some live
streams. get some traction. So

yeah. it's great. Yeah. I think
there was a live stream and one

of the live streams that kind
of influenced this whole idea

was there's a collab co-op. I
should say of artists in Hawaii

music music artist, mostly that
created a live stream. It's

like a weekly live stream that
has a donation. And they like

you know you can tell that
there's a producer behind

that's like working with all
the artists, but there's still

was a lot of technical
difficulties. You know like

someone had it played on their
phone and their computer, and

so there was like audio
feedback or whatever so but

even with with that happening,
they had 40 - 7000 viewers on

the live stream nice and like
it was really cool how they had

like for the donations every
time that there was a donation,

there was like a touching noise
that like everybody Like that,

actually kind of helps create
that social pressure to to

donate for the content, you
know and support these artists

so people donate on Twitch when
people go and do a live stream

on Twitch. She get the
donations and then when people

do YouTube, they go live, they
can do Super chats where they

get paid and then there's like
other platforms like what is it

Periscope D live. luckily using
but Facebook will work. That's

good. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm
not. I'm not trying to do

donations on on the Facebook
like I'm I'm really trying to

like have this engagement and
you know Facebook. they give

back really good like insights
you know to your traffic and

all of that. so I wanna like be
able to write up a report that

we could then pitch you know
even to a large Organization

that is trying to you know and
engage the community while

we're all stuck in at home Has
the budget you know, so it's

not necessarily like trying to
get the donations from the

viewers cuz I think what's
happening right now is the live

stream market. You know the
content market is like really

over saturated right now and so
and then also you have the

other layer of like uncertainty
in the economy where consumers

you know the people sitting at
home watching these shows are

like either broke or like
wondering what they're gonna go

broke. so like I think putting
the pressure on the consumer to

like donate for this contest.
That's so noisy right now, and

there's so much free content
being streamed out right now. I

I just like I don't think
that's a good business model

but if you if if you got like,
I mean even someone like a

Coca-Cola right, you got
someone like them that has like

huge advertising budgets. you
know, but just kinda doesn't

know about the ins and outs
about how to like promote and

create a virtual event yeah, I
mean you get them to. You know

and answer them. the viewer
doesn't pay for it. The viewer

gets this free content, which
it should be free. You know one

of my friend she's she's trying
on on Sunday. She's she's

launching like a Wannie
Mothership coffee. She's

launching a like a music
series. Facebook Live Stream

Music series Yeah, and at first
she her intention was to sell

tickets to it and I was like I
think he will sell tickets to

like your core group of
followers. you know like you.

Community cuz she does
Mothership has a very strong

brand here in in in in Las
Vegas, and I'm sure if they

promoted you know, support
support us and support the

artists they would sell some
tickets, but as far as like

engaging like a new audience
online like no one 's paying

for life content right now, cuz
like even the top artists in

the world are giving their
content for free right now. No

one else charging you know
people are still you know

donating a Patreon. you know if
they have money. Yeah, people

are Very, like well, you know
considered content, they're

gonna take your time. Editing
it scoring it putting graphics

up so YouTube is that so think
about it. It's like all the

data brokers. There's we we
talk a big oil big things, but

there's this big data. Yeah.
It's really free players. You

got Amazon. that has a lot of
data and they have also

Cuisinart streaming service in
the studio. you got Facebook

that has a lot of data.
obviously we learned all about

that with. Was it the thing
last year? Yeah, but then who

else is Google owns YouTube and
Google has a lot of our data

from our search. so I think
there's like three major

players and our data and it's
all about alright. Well, we're

willing to share your data in
this moment because we want

we're creating connectivity and
we wanna be entertained but

which platform do you use and
they're all gonna fight over

where you're engaging at so
right now we're. Enriching our

Executive board with our data
right now with all these ideas

and our our collaboration but
they're good ideas. They're

good ideas. Let's let them have
them if he wants to use them

all the better right. No. What
do you got? You got those three

so we're fighting over all of
our attention and I've been on

Facebook a lot. I gotta do
crazy. Facebook battle like 200

kilometers few days ago. Oh,
I'm still getting comments on

there cuz I'm a big Bernie fan
and I love Bernie and. So it

was a very polarizing
interesting post. I got ton of

engagement, so I'm sure like
Facebook people were like you

know just loving that is like
this is a lot of data were

coming. We know how people
think and feel cuz people

aren't sharing that kind of
sharing over like Google or

Amazon or doing like that's
just Amazon. whatever you're

buying whatever you're
watching, so they all have like

an edge. There's the three men
so anyways. it's interesting.

The dad is like. That's where
is the next battle you know,

they'll probably be more
privacy laws. you know in the

future, but right now, it's
kind of like the wild West.

Yeah. it's whatever you want.
they're put out there. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. cool. I'm
gonna probably take off here.

Yeah. yeah me too. Yeah. I've
been on for an hour and a half

now it's time for me to get
some work done, but hey, thanks

for joining in, it was nice to
catch up. Yeah

I love you Paul I'll talk.
Child bye Facebook. See you

tomorrow. Two PM I'll be back
tomorrow and Sunday and Monday

and Tuesday and Wednesday and
Thursday is the virtual tea

festival. so you probably won't
see me. you're gonna be seeing

everybody else, which will be
really nice. so hope you have a

wonderful Friday evening. I
don't watch too much. Netflix

cook some nice food drink some
good tea and I'll see you

tomorrow. Bye.

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