Friday, April 17, 2020 - Tea People Sharing their Passions

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hello Tealet community happy Friday
beautiful Friday here in Las Vegas I
hope you guys writing and joined some
writing years wherever you are just
getting set up here for today's virtual
tea party I am going to do the first of
my structured content in these live
streams I've been promising to do it and
now finally going to to do it where I'll
start out with some industry news and
then I'm going to do a feature on one
tea and today's tea by requests jeremiad
exalted teas is going to be 18 Ruby or
as some of you probably know more
specifically and accurately as Ruby 18
which is the the name of the cultivar
but our our good button as some of the
Alfredo Lin that produces this tea likes
to switch it up and he's rebranded it as
18 Ruby so I am just going to get lined
up everywhere and make sure I can see
all the comments because we are multi
streaming on several different platforms
now so whichever platform you are
choosing to enjoy this content welcome
you are welcome to comment directly
there I am seeing the comments
everywhere so I won't miss out on you
so today's industry updates will be
brief and it's relating to Indian pious
industry update which I know it has been
one of the main areas of industry
updates that I have been providing over
the past weeks and that's just because a
lot of tea comes from India and India is
experiencing some very
traumatic response to kovin 19 you know
which could be a good thing
meaning the the government is having a
much more aggressive approach to how
everything is is coming out meaning
they're on a total lockdown so the
Indian government has completely locked
down any type of business any type of
even going out I have been seen some
pretty extreme viral videos of how the
police are handling this and enforcing
this including you know hitting people
with sticks you know if they're caught
outside so you know in the in the
fashion of Incredible India you know
they are taking things to the extreme
but that is having some extreme effect
on our tea industry and our tea supply
especially during this really important
time of first flush happening all across
India South India Assam as well as
Darjeeling and we all know Darjeeling to
be the highly beloved tea is not being
made right now and so the update I have
today is an article that I found called
open open I guess the publication is
called open the magazine and there's
I've never heard of this publication
before but there was a really good
article that kind of gave timeline of
what's going on in India and so I just
wanted to kind of save you guys the
trouble of having to read through all
this article and give you the key dates
and and updates from this article so and
this is about darjeeling tea
specifically although Darjeeling tea is
a very small portion of the total amount
of tea industry in India but for a lot
of key levers around the world Indian
tea is by far the
most highly regarded and highly known T
so let's see so during this period of
first flush in in Darjeeling alone and I
think some of these numbers could
translate over into the other brain
regions as well they produce about 25%
of the total years output for that whole
region but it accounts for 35 to 40
percent of their total revenue so you
know this is a very highly valued part
of their business in their industry
that's pretty much been kind of banned
from production so the the lockdown in
India happened from March 23rd it was
originally meant to be a 21-day lockdown
and that has been extended now to May
3rd oh yeah bitcoin is that what you got
to say he wanted to say hello to
everybody so yeah that lockdown has been
extended to May 3rd and who knows you
know how much longer its to be extended
so no one can harvest the T the the
estates can't you know have their
workers come in and actually a lot of
workers all the tea estates in
Darjeeling as well as the large estates
in other areas including the small
growers have to bring work in work force
the labor in from other places so you
know if transportation is shut down and
you're not allowed to be you know out
and about on the streets it does pose a
big challenge of keeping your garden and
going and and producing so there you
know have been some kind of openings the
government's on on March 28th allowed in
South Indian ill vide to perform some
tasks such as a sprain and irrigation
you know just kind of upkeep definitely
not production you know actually making
tea and then most recently there has
you know some openings you know and this
is to keep people employed and to keep
those wages going and that started from
April 3rd on April 3rd I believe they
were allowed to allow 15 percent of
their labor come back to work so that's
you know by far not enough to support
you know this whole community of workers
and and also of you know the tea gardens
and and and all of the the economy
around the tea garden but then most
recently in the past week they've
started to allow 50 percent of their
labor come out to work so there is some
production happening it is limited so
and you know even if the tea can be
produced all of the logistics is still
on lockdown so this by no means means
that you are going to start seeing these
teas in the markets they will just be
stored in warehouses in India I don't
know about the state of the auctions but
I have heard that some of the options
are also gonna be brought online to you
know help keep that business flowing but
you know just from my own anecdotal
experience of working with folks in
India and kind of the culture there in
the work culture there if workers you
know who are the basis of all of these
processes to happen if they aren't
allowed to go to their offices a lot of
times their office is the only location
where they have a computer where they
can you know keep up with this work send
out emails and do the work that they
need to be doing so you know the states
may be having some limited workforce out
you know at their spot but I think
it doesn't mean that we're going to be
seen that T anytime soon so we just have
to be patient um just like with
everything else in this world right now
we have to be very patient so that's the
industry update for today I know I've
been talking a lot about the Indian
industry and hopefully by tomorrow I
will come come across some some more
information maybe about what's going on
in China but yeah just not a whole lot
going on but important for us to stay
updated so now I'm gonna move on to
talking about the tea that Jeremy
requested for me to talk about today
which is Alfredo Lin's eighteen Ruby
this is a black tea
although Alfredo in the past couple of
years has been utilizing this cultivar
of leaf to process white teas and hulong
teas and kind of experiment with new
styles of tea and a lot of the
motivation behind that has been climate
you know another very important subject
for us to stay updated on in the
industry and what's going on is that
weather patterns rainfall patterns they
all are affecting how the plants grow
and the quality of the leaf and you know
great tea master is not just one that
knows how to brew tea or not just one
that knows about tea and what tea should
taste like but a great brew master or
sorry a crazy master will know how to
best accentuate the terroir of their of
their leaf and if that tip was changing
which climate change and soil change and
all these things a great tea master is
gonna know how to evolve their process
in order to create a really exquisite
teeth so I am just priming all my wares
getting ready I'm just using a simple
guy wand for brewing today if you've
been watching these daily lives you'd
see that I typically use a guy Juan
pretty much every day
and the reason why
it's my favorite it's the quintessential
tea brewing vessel it's very simple just
a couple of the lid of course I have
different sizes and different colors I
do like to rotate through but you may
see a lot of people on you know tea
brewing videos online that like teas
teapots and I had some you know I've
collected some throughout the years but
when when I'm in my tea practice
I'm much more focused on cleanliness and
ease and you know just convenience of
being able to steep and drink the tea
and the guy Ron is this is the best one
for that so you know I don't have a very
complex and beautiful artistic tashi
here it's very simple and utilitarian
pretty much like my life fine I like to
keep a very utilitarian so and bring
this tea I am not being exact I'm not
weighing you could weigh if you wanted
to you know the proper recipe for
brewing the tea but again I am
utilitarian my goal here is just to
drink the tea and you know perhaps in
another live session I will talk a bit
more about how different brewing methods
and different recipes can affect the tea
and this is I'm meaning the word recipe
like how you know the word recipe in the
kitchen it's really just the amount of
water to amount to leaf to temperature
and time brewing for steeping your new
your leaf I'm not keeping track of my
temperature here I am just brewing I am
just trying to enjoy this tea and I hope
that that empowers all of you all to do
the same in your own tea practice if you
choose now if you choose to be a lot
more contemplative and and focused and
exact and you're brewing you are welcome
to do that I think that's fabulous I
totally respect more in the realm of
ceremony around drinking tea that's not
my practice we are all a lot of our own
practice so just gonna allow this steep
for a little bit so today's purpose is
not about talking about evaluating this
T so I'm not gonna go into great detail
about what this tea tastes like and what
experiences I'm having with the tea
although inevitably I probably will say
a few things around that but mostly what
I want to talk about is from the tea
masters perspective from Alfredo lens
perspective of how he made this tea so
this T first of all comes from the
cultivar 18 rubies this is a cultivated
variety that's what coats of our means a
meaning that it was made made and
intentionally made and this was through
the Taiwanese government that the
Taiwanese tea Research Center which
Taiwan does have probably the most
sophisticated and well supported tea
research facilities in the whole world
and that could perhaps be the reason why
and Taiwan's relatively short amount of
time in the grand scheme of tea
processing in history has some of the
most highly valued tea in the world so
you know research does pay off and you
know I do encourage that how we do put
more of our resources into research and
supporting research and so that's why
I'm a big supporter of UC Davis a global
tea initiative because yeah the more
research we have going on and more
things like generating new cultivars for
our tea masters to use to make
high-quality tea the better it is for
everybody all around so this cultivar is
breeded it's a hybrid of the what's
called the indigenous you know Taiwan
breed of tea you know and there's a lot
of mixed information about what that
means and so I'm just gonna leave it at
you know I don't want to get into lots
of controversies but this is like the
natural variety
that the Taiwanese tea makers call some
time you know just like mountain tea
like their natural all variety and it
has been breeded with a sonica variety
of course originating from Assam this is
the the broad leaf variety that we know
from you know low lying areas of India
that has a very brisk you know strong
punchy attitude and character to it but
this is not coming directly from India
this was a sonica variety that had
passed through Burma in order to get to
Taiwan and that was a variety that was
blended to create the 18 Ruby or Ruby 18
more technical operate it was completely
like had changed my perspective on that
thing so you'll catch me often call in
an 18 Ruby because that's Alfredo's
trademark way of saying it and so this
was the 18th cultivar that was breeded
by the Taiwanese Research Center so
that's where the number 18 comes in it
has only become you know really famous
and kind of highly regarded by tea
makers mostly in the Sun Moon Lake area
so Sun Moon Lake is a really beautiful
tourist destination popular even for
mainland Chinese when they visit Taiwan
to often go to this area and this area
has I think it's a lower elevation area
although there are some mountainous
areas around this is definitely not the
you know high mountain Taiwanese you
know tea destination that we option
associate with Taiwanese oolongs
so instead in this terroir black teas
are typically processed and these um are
almost like british style of black teas
actually I've been to a couple of like
tea museums and kind of tea Heritage
Sites in that area and they were
like British tea houses and I think you
know back in the day when tea was being
developed in that area kind of the
British style of tea was you know what
was practiced there and so the tea that
was produced there tended to be you know
on that more brisk multi-side and it
wouldn't be hard to find you know a
British cup of tea with the scone if you
visited that area and so you might have
seen at like a bubble milk tea shop that
they have assam iike or Assam you know
listed on the menu and when I first saw
this years ago I thought well that's
cool so they like they know about tea
from India they get the Assam tea from
India and they make the milk tea from it
but actually that that term is just like
you know the Islamic uh from Burma that
they breed it into this cultivar that
actually is like the breed in Taiwan
that's grown so they're in this area
around Sun Moon Lake there is other
black teens that you can often find in
the and the markets and the stores there
in the cafes and and that variety
separate than Ruby 18 is a song variety
and it's grown in Taiwan it doesn't mean
it's grown in Assam in India so that was
a little bit confusing for me but you
know once I spend some time there kind
of started to make more sense and so I
think it's really cool that you could go
to bubble tea shops around the country
now like Taiwanese style bubble tea
shops and see Assam on the menu and who
knows where it's grown you know Taiwan
does have a long-standing controversy
about counterfeiting you know so Taiwan
is a pretty finite area so it can't grow
you know immense endless amounts of tea
so they go to other regions to grow the
tea and a lot of times that tea is
labeled it has Taiwanese tea and I've
I've come to heard that it's not
necessarily done in
hi hi taka from Denmark thanks for
tuning in again it's actually like
packaged and label oftentimes in China
as taiwanese t's so you know when you go
to these bubble tea shops and it says
taiwanese tea who knows if it's actually
coming from taiwan if it says it's a
song coming from taiwan who knows where
it's coming from you can't be sure so
that's why ultimately you should always
just drink the tea that you value find
the things that you like about it and
just value that for what it is as of
yeah so counterfeiting is also happening
in Darjeeling
mostly through Nepal and you know the
Indian government has been trying to put
some enforcement's in place to stop that
from happening but business is a
powerful thing and if it's working for
business which after the strike in
Darjeeling like the counterfeiting of
Darjeeling tea has been happening for
years and years and years it's not a new
thing but the strike that happened they
do not have it under control now so
sorry you know there are things in place
neither the tea board is trying to
enforce things there are officialy laws
in place but somehow if you do the math
on how much Darjeeling tea is in the
market versus how much can potentially
fully be produced in that area the math
doesn't line up still but the tea board
has addressed the situation tea industry
media has addressed the situation and
people know about it so the fact that
you know about it is a step in the right
direction but after the strike that
happened in Darjeeling in 2017 during
the second flush that caused a big
problem in the market and supply of
Darjeeling tea in the tea traders in
India they needed Darjeeling tea for the
European market for the North American
market there was just there's like such
a long-standing demand for that tea and
but there was nothing being produced
enduring because of the strike
and so yeah
local Nepalese he is very good I'm a big
fan of Nepal we do a lot of work in
Nepal but these tea traders ended up
developing very strong relationships
supply chain relationships with
producers in Nepal like large larger
scale producers in Nepal to satisfy that
demand during second flush of 2017 so
then and one of the biggest barriers of
this problem of Nepalese tea being
branded as darjeeling tea is because of
the logistics in Nepal like the tea
itself is pretty cheap people in Nepal
the tea producers in Nepal are in a very
kind of desperate situation so going
there and negotiating very low priced
tea is very easy but logistics is a
nightmare and this place is 96 percent
mountains so it's very difficult and
expensive to move tea even 10 kilometers
down the road so and then you know when
it comes to crossing the border from
Nepal into India that's a whole other
nightmare and so during the strike
in the necessity of these tea brokers in
India to get Nepalese T as darjeeling
tea those supply chain logistics got
worked out and so now they have not only
those supply relationships but now they
have a pretty solid logistics line you
know now there are some additional
hurdles that they have to go over and
evolving the tea board and the
regulations that they have now but in a
place with a very large black market or
whatever you want to call it you know
kind of black economy it's very easy to
get anything that you want done done you
know you just have the right
relationships with the right people and
anything gets done regardless of what
kind of what kind of regulations are in
place or safeties are in place
Wow I want to hear more about that so
you say that the history of Darjeeling
teas actually dates back to a Danish Jew
in colonial Britain oh yeah I would like
to hear more about that perhaps you can
come in and talk to us about that later
when I open this up to an open
discussion thank you so much for adding
that comments that's very interesting
and I want to hear more about that but I
cannot get too distracted I've been
talking about this
18 Ruby by Alfredo Lynn and kind of
giving I think I finished give me the
history and talking about the terroir of
Sun Moon Lake area now this particular
18 Ruby is even though the plants base
that he used the clothes that he
acquired probably came from Sun Moon
Lake he actually grew this in minjin
some engine is in a couple hours drive
away it's actually a quite large
low-lying tea production area at the
base of Zhu Sean and also more famously
some of the high mountain areas you
might know Sean lien she you know there
another famous high-valued thanks for
saying hi
and so benjin is actually kind of more
like a commercial industrial tea growing
place if you're you know going on tea
tourism and a tea buyer you probably
have driven through this area and it's
kind of a big city and it's like we're a
lot of the the warehouses are it's where
a lot of the tea roasting facilities are
but it's also hey Patrick I'm gonna
finish this talk about eighteen Rivi and
then I'll let you in and we can have a
chat so I'm almost done with this so
he's brought his eighteen Ruby here this
place is usually like a very kind of
commercial you know big bulk production
area but Alfredo and his style
he likes the craftsmanship he wants to
be a TV bastard
so he is focusing more on small batch
processing and his processing technique
he learned through a team master that he
calls master a one who is his claim to
fame is actually being one of the first
team masters to popularize this variety
of tea the eighteen ruby in in Taiwan in
the Sun Moon Lake area he is an older
man now pretty much retired from tea
making but he has had students under him
and alfredo was one of his students when
Alfredo decided to become a Tigre were a
team master he wanted to work with only
the best so he spent I believe eight or
nine years studying with master a ones
that was cut very short usually when you
are in a track to become team master you
want to work under them for as Ephrata
says 27 years before you can be an
independent team master on your own so
he was almost twenty years short on that
path but you know due to his own
youthful energy and confidence realized
that he after you know just the close to
a decade that was enough time for him to
branch off and start creating his own
tea projects so he had a project
actually in strongly and she his family
owns a lot of land actually his extended
family his whole big extended family is
pretty much the dominant family of the
Shushan area so and that's also very
close to Saddam think so
if you know don't get along you you know
this tea - because actually a lot of tea
that's branded as Zambian area dumping
tea is coming from other regions and so
most of their tea is actually being
roasted or process roasted and branded
as don't 18 and so you know he has some
work there and then started this 18 Ruby
first he had one and
Shui Li which is near someone leaked
high-elevation area but just due to a
lot of just corrupt landlords not
respecting the leases that he had on his
land he had to keep moving on and
finding new places to go to so he
decided just to work with his friends in
median you know lots of land available
there and they're converting all the
land to organic so this tea is organic
and there's a lot of work that goes into
converting your land to organic but I
was talking about the processing so
master a one's not only popularized this
cultivar of tea in the production of
black tea from the Ruby 18 but he also
developed a processing method in the
withering that they call aerodynamic I
think that maybe there's some meaning
missing in the translation from Chinese
to English but that is the direct word
that Alfredo gives this and it's a very
very dynamic withering trough so
withering troughs are something that you
see in India often times where they you
know bring in all the tonnage of leaf
and the freshly harvested a below where
they're you know in big larger amounts
so in these withering troughs that they
have they don't put tonnage of leaf in
there it is still a very small batch but
there is a very high pressure amount of
airflow here that accelerates that
withering process so this and I've said
this before in other life sessions that
withering is perhaps the most important
processing step for a tea master you
know of course an oolong tea there is
you know a lot of skill and knowing when
to do the kill green and and how to do
the kill green but withering ultimately
is is the most important step across all
categories of tea if you don't wither
the tea to the right point it could have
too much moisture and can you know not
be as good as it needs to be so that is
the most
important thing about the processing of
this and Alfredo has gone on to create
his own unique ways of withering batches
of his harvested leaf for Koreans black
tea then after the withering the tea is
rolled and so this is rolled using one
of those kind of larger you know rolling
machines where the leaf is inside the
kind of a vertical tunnel sorts and
rolled on top of a table that has
grooves in it and the rolling itself is
not actually happening on the grooves it
seems like it would be because there's
those grooves and the leaf is going
there and you think all the rolling is
happening directly on the groups no the
rolling is actually happening like on
the sides of that vertical tunnel and
I'll go ahead and show a video once I
let Patrick in and oh he left now
I'll tell Patrick to come back and when
he comes in I'll show a video of that
and in that rolling process you know the
leave is not broken just the cell walls
are opened up and that is when the
oxygen in the air can expose itself to
all of the the enzymes inside belief
that caused the oxidation to happen and
that's kind of the same oxidation that
happens when you cut an avocado open or
cut of banana open and it starts to turn
brown so yeah it is allowed to sit and
you know kind of in a heap of sorts to
you know let some heat be held inside of
this stack of oxidizing leaf and that
heat accelerates the for uh not
fermentation I'm sorry that's what they
call it in Chinese but it's not a
fermentation process because the
fermentation process is biological but
it is an oxidation process so
a chemical process that is converting
the the amino acids and changing the
flavor changing the chemical makeup of
the tea and so I mean this is really why
how you process a tea creates such a
different color such a different flavor
and such a difference even you know
health benefit for each type of tea and
so because this is a black tea and you
can see in the liquor and I bring this
I could probably brew this heavier to
get a darker color out of it but do you
see even the the color is pretty
beautiful and it almost has like a pink
you know even though it's a black tea so
it's like dark in color it's been fully
oxidized has a little bit of a pink hue
to it and that pink hue is from the
cultivar and Alfredo always points it
out when he's showing his bushes to me
it's very proud of it that some of the
shoots the new shoots when they come out
our kind of pink in color and so that's
something you know really unique and
special about the Ruby 18 and perhaps
why they call it Ruby you know Ruby he
always reminds me of what is that
Dorothy and Toto and you know the the
ruby slippers so I always think of like
this like vibrant red color which you
know comes through a little bit in the
liquor here so this is fully oxidized it
means you know you're you're not trying
to lock in any like long character to it
like oolong is somewhere between a green
and a black tea as far as oxidation is
concerned but yeah so after its it's
reached its full oxidation and that's
all done by smell you know the tea
master will just smell the leaf it's not
on a timer you know they may have some
experience of knowing how long it should
take but actually it's done by smell
they you know they'll smell the leaf and
and and determine if it's if it's done
yet and when it's done then they run the
tea through a dryer and this dryers is
kind of a series of conveyor belts that
goes through kind of like an oven and
sometimes they'll run it two or three
times through this dryer until it gets
to its right moisture content and then
the tea is done and that's the process
so Jeremy I hope that satisfactory for
you if it's not I am opening up the form
now so if anybody wants to come in and
chats about Ruby 18 or about any other
type of tea or questions that you may
have about tea processing in general
please feel free and Patrick if you want
to come back I'm so sorry I didn't let
you in earlier I'd love to to have you
back and and see what you're up to today
Patrick is our good Potter friend in
Albuquerque New Mexico and he often
times comes into these lives and will
just be you know throwing pottery and we
just get to to watch him and chat with
him while he's making tea cups and
teapots and whatnot so yeah the link is
open and I will let you in you can see
on the bottom of the screen here you
know the link of where to join you just
come to that link right now for our
Instagram if you guys want to join the
link is bit dot lead /t let Tea Party
our backslash team of the Tea Party
should different cheaper people know
that right I hate having to say the
whole thing it's just a lot of syllables
to get out to get that message out I
feel like everybody knows that the slash
is the way to go let me just catch up to
hi taka if you want to tell me your name
so that way I know how to address you
when you're commenting to me until then
I'm just gonna call you hi taka so you
say read some great memoirs about
Darjeeling TR
it could be chaotic and controversial
but it's super interesting yeah I would
say that I would say that any auction in
India is probably a chaotic and
controversial and very political as well
I physically have not gone into an
auction myself but I definitely have
felt its energy and its presence the
first couple of times that I went to
India and spent time with my mentors
there they you know there there are tea
traders you know and unfortunately I
don't work with them any longer because
they didn't uphold to the same
principles of transparency that I like
to have and the work that I do in tea
so we didn't we don't do work anymore
together but they took me to these
auctions and and introduced me to the
political system that's involved with
these auctions and yeah it wasn't it was
in my jam it felt very political it felt
very judgemental very aggressive you
know I remember the first the first
meeting we had which I paid for it was
always strange how they always had me
pay for the meeting like the reception I
had to pay for hosting the reception and
I just did it because that's when I was
like new in the game and didn't didn't
know what I was doing or where I was
going or whatever so I was just doing
what I could and I remember all these
guys like you know I did my introduction
and probably wasn't very different from
the style of how I'm talking now I'm
just talking about developing quality
and developing community and trying to
find economic feasibility for these
rural marginalized farmers and all of
them how many kilos no nine kilos how
many tons ctc you gonna buy how much ten
CTC gonna buy and it's almost as if they
thought I came with these briefcases
full of money ready to you know buy
container loads of tea and I was like no
no no no I'm not here to buy CTC I don't
I'm not here to work in that that's not
what the market that I
developing is interested in I'm far more
interested and like very sweet handmade
high quality teas and that really went
over their head I think now that was you
know 70 years ago I think now the
situation is very different than it was
back then I think I might have been one
of the first or one of the first few of
what's now become a long line of tea
buyers as they call them although I
don't like to consider myself a tea
buyer because you know I'm just a
transparent middleman I'm not the buyer
itself the buyers are the the market
that I represent but there has been a
long stream of buyers that have gone to
these places and demanded higher quality
handmade teas so I don't think that it's
as much of a shock to them that someone
would not be interested in CTC but the
point of that story was that was a very
aggressive environment in a very
aggressive situation to go through and
so that's how the options are and that's
how they are now like I've heard stories
about what the Darjeeling and Indian tea
industry was like back in the day when
the British were still involved before
independence and there is a lot of kind
of reminiscence on like these golden
days you know the golden days when the
European planters were here and and that
was because there was like this mutual
pride and excitement to build a legacy
which you know since independence is no
more or no independence is now hi Joe
howdy see you good to see you losses
regular is you I know right
I don't think I mind you're definitely
more regular than Bitcoin
everybody loves bitcoins presents no
doubt about that I feel bad because I I
didn't let Patrick in and I know I know
but I would have been distracted and I
would have liked
good morning like greet him and say hi
and I was almost done I was almost done
you know and you know I've been talking
to you actually about trying to
structure this more so I wanted to you
know stay focused and committed on that
yeah I like it I like how that's how
you're kind of doing that but throwing
some like specific know if nothing else
we've got something to talk about
have you ever tried Alfredo's a team
rwby have I ever sent you not request a
sample when I order yes hi Murray
hey Murray tell Patrick to come back in
I didn't mean to you know have the
velvet curtain I'm like I'm on Twitch
youtube as well as okay
oh no it's Jeremy's back alright so now
Jeremy is gonna give me his incoming
yeah that's okay I'm cool with that hi
Jeremy I know what he's gonna do he's
gonna ask me a lot of more specific
questions I know he does that's good I
mean he was the one that that instigated
this in the first place he said hey I
was running I want to know more about
the suffering of the that's my whole
thing yeah yeah I was a little behind
but I caught up on the feed so I heard
all you said I don't know if I talk too
much about suffering I mean the main the
main thing that about 18 Ruby that you
know Alfredo has you know tried to make
me know is about the the withering the
aerodynamic whether ease yeah it's like
I it's a little bit of heat I think too
it's not just air but it's a little bit
hot air and high pressure of you know
withering belief so there's some
torturing and that you know the the
rolling of the leaf which I said I'd
show a video of that so let me let me do
that now yeah I didn't see that I didn't
show it so okay so I didn't know how
much I missed all of that media you know
kind of lined up and ready to go but
it's okay it's all good
let's see I'm trying to see if I can
link always the same yeah okay just with
it not being in the comment or within
the description on the Facebook post I
okay well my favorite parts about the
low gongfu experience is smelling the
leaf yeah I just can't get enough that's
awesome respect you'll enjoy it no I
have no doubt we actually it's wonderful
it's very floral let's put it down the
partyi no no I just um I just got a
black yes yeah we'll have to try that
out actually I was gonna ask you we had
a client approached us and they they're
looking for a little bit more of a basic
lineup and so we just kind of wanted to
start him out with you know like three
fairly basic teas like a black or green
and they'll blend the black is fairly
straightforward so I'm sort of like you
know Pico or you know like an English
breakfast style blend something like
that but I'm trying to I'm trying to
come up with what would be the best like
low to middle end of the four green tea
you know something comparable but the
only thing I automatically thought of us
yeah broken leaf I can I can okay quite
sweet you know it's quite flavorful and
sweet it has a nice you know Darjeeling
right there's a - that's like a fully
relief but that wasn't looking for is
like easy to brew cuz these are just she
owns a diner and so it's like not really
the type of servers that would like get
into the specifics that kind of want
something that can just pour hot water
over and give to their customers you
know so they don't they don't want to
temp it they don't want it you know and
I mean stuff so I want something that's
fairly resilient but that will give up
its goods kind of fast rather than like
some big thick whole leaves that you'll
actually have to sit there for a while
and to really enjoy it you know yeah the
park is pretty it's forgivable because I
have that now and it is I mean it's it's
forgivable in that you can do short
frozen it's sweet and you do it a little
bit longer and you have a really nice
astringent see to it that that you would
never confuse with bitter you know it's
just like a little sharpness to it but
yeah a little yeah
yeah but it's pretty forgiving very good
we might have to try that one out them
all right so let's see I kind of afraid
to screen share with you guys I'll put
it on so you can
city of the sound off on the stream then
you'll be able to see it the machine
machine that makes the black tea and
green tea I mean pretty much you can
rule any type of tea with this machine
this is not my video unfortunately this
is this is a machine sales video I'll
just give a plug to them because I'm
going to use their video but this is a
Dell Dell it calm they sell these
machines so if you're looking for one
that's where we just got audio we can
still see you
on the zoom you'll see me but on the
Facebook you'll see it okay yeah yeah
sorry guys okay yeah yes I think yeah
just have your sound off on the if
you're gonna turn the Facebook stream on
this kind of like pressure point on top
there's some torture there you know
because you can you can turn the crank
to make it go down more and put more
pressure on the leaf as it's rolling but
this is specifically the withering
process this is rolling okay rolling
withering this happened already this is
rolling okay yeah okay I haven't pulled
the video up yet so this is rolling and
I was saying the grooves on the the
table that it's rolling on I always
thought that that was where the rolling
was happening because it seems like
you know these groups here but actually
the rolling is happening on the sides of
this inside here because those grooves
are causing some like convection to
happen okay and so the leaf gets kind of
pulled up and circled around and so the
rolling is actually happening against
the walls of that thing and the amount
of pressure that you put on the top will
kind of control the the amount of
pressure and the purl and the rolling so
the tightness of the rolling so that's
that's another thing that the so my
brother just said okay so Michael wants
me to play this video
Mike's got to hook up early yeah my
brother is helping me out he's he's in
Austin here we go so this is the actual
rolling I should have downloaded this
video and just had it so this is after
rolling I'll play this again so we can
watch it but this this point is after
rolling when oxidation is happening
hello till add our limbs in Taiwan let
me introduce my team master a once
we are thank you so Marie was asking
that machine if it's used in other steps
for tea so like that machine is pretty
Universal that rolling machine you can
you can use it for rolling for oxidation
so like in the case of the black tea of
this 18 ruby they're using that machine
to oxidize the leaf or to break all the
cell walls down so that oxidation can
happen more efficiently but then it
could also be used for shaping so like
in green tea after you do the kill green
stuff like whether it and then you
either steam it our pan fire it or
blanch it to kill the green then you
would put it through one of the
machines to shake the leaf you know into
that wiry shape that you want so that
machine it will not compress the leaf
into like a ball so you know like
Taiwanese logs they're they're shaped
into that tight ball you need a bit more
force than just that machine to do that
and so there's a couple of different
ways of how you would get it shaped into
that type ball but even with a large use
of that machine you're only going to
you're only gonna get like that wiry
shape from it so you were asking me
about the shaping and that's the shaping
or that machine does both the cell wall
breaking down to accelerate the
oxidation but also does the shaping to
create the the wiry shape I've seen
people do that rolling like a cloth bag
even by hand like just to roll the bag
of it it's crazy but even that you won't
get the tight ball that way right but
you can get the tight ball doing that
but using your knee okay yeah so that's
that's how they used to do it
traditionally but that takes a lot of
work oh yeah tons work and it's small
batches at a time so yeah very very
small batch so yeah most most of the
bald Long's are now being shaped by a
series of hydraulic pressing so like
those they'll put all the T into like a
cloth bag and then that goes into like a
hydraulic machine that all the walls
come in and then like so a bag that was
this big will turn like that big and
then they'll do that like I forget like
17 times or right times and they'll like
they'll rotate from
compressing it throwing it into like a
tumblr and like it gets all opened up
again and tumbled around and then
they'll put it back in that clock bag
and and compress it again and then throw
it in the tumbler again there's another
machine that will take those cloth bags
of tea and kind of it's like two plates
and it'll roll between those two plates
so yeah so Maria hope that answers your
question about how is asking all kinds
of Toshi's like what's machine poor
process okay
depends on what kind of pull we're like
that's a pretty broad question but
actually like the young boy which you
know is mostly what we deal in is
there's actually not really any machine
like they they'll use that rolling
machine for shaping but they'll just use
like a walk for the kill green really
old-school style like huge walks that
are fired
you know they got I've seen multiple
walks and then there's like a like a
chimney behind it and you know they're
firing the walks from with without
trollwood burning fire and then either
sun drying it you know like because
those producers are like rewarded with
high prices or good prices fair good
prices so they can do things and small
batches will do things slowly and brian
is one of those like very slow you know
processes that's a lot of our parent and
and black teas are done specifically is
there isn't a whole lot of machine
processing it's a little bit of rolling
but for the most part it's all just done
by hand as much as possible yeah yeah so
Jeremy does that does that help answer
some of your questions yeah I do always
always more ask the my whole thing with
most interested in is basically windows
oxidation began and the method that you
use to stop it don't really stop it
black tea is fully oxidized so there's
there's not a need to stop it
yeah but on the other ones it's like in
the blue lungs they stop it like a
twenty or thirty or however many percent
right it's just black to use the tea
that just they just let it run its
course and then dry it out right or
roast it for Christ's own are lying is
basically the drawings basically what
stops you know I think we mentioned this
in that one thread I kind of look it
because they like Elise and said the
other day they they the Chinese
basically translate oxidation is
fermentation and that really messed me
up at first and they don't realized it's
just one big spectrum so it's like the
breakdown of the leaf all the way until
it starts fermenting you know so it
starts with like withering and then goes
into oxidation and then if you let it
keep going without completely drying it
out it'll start to ferment as well you
know so but I think what you're getting
at is like the the oxidation is like in
a in a green tea or in an oolong you
stop through heating the leaf to I
believe it's like correct me if I'm
wrong at least but it's like 165 or
higher or something like that and it'll
kill the enzymes that are actually
breaking down the leaf dehydration also
stops it so acidification dehydration
think about cooking meat right so the
enzyme that's causing the oxidation is a
protein ultimately enzymes of proteins
so your denaturing a protein so all the
ways that you can like denature the
protein of meat so you can grill it cook
it with heat or you can dehydrate it
like jerky or you can like ceviche you
know you can acidify it so those
when it when you think about oxidation
in that sense then you can say not that
we'd ever want to acidify Tea Leaf or
maybe we would that be interesting I
wonder if that's the the Burmese style
that's how they preserve the Tea Leaf
they try it out yeah they yeah I mean
there's a whole bunch of green tea
leaves not being processed into tea
right now in India yes like so white tea
you know white tea is like not an
oxidized tea but there's like a little
bit of oxidation on white team that's
why it's not fully green like green tea
is intentionally like kill green
immediately like you know the withering
is a very short process and you just
kill the green as quickly as you can to
lock in that green color but white tea
is not green like it's a little it's a
little bit starting to go into the the
white or the Browning but it good white
tea processing you want to dry it as
quickly as possible because that
dehydration like lowering the moisture
content will denature the enzyme as well
and stop oxidation from happening it's
just like with the black tea when I was
put through that roller it's just sort
of a bit of rather extreme way to speed
track the oxidation do things basically
you're you know I was like it's kind of
brutal because it's like you're trying
to turn the leaf inside out yeah you
know it's like you're trying to get the
nectar and the juice and the leaves
basically to cover the leaf right yeah
you have you extract it and essentially
the surface of the leaf with its juices
you know so you're being turned inside
out there's nothing Pleasant about that
what do you have to brutal process very
much yeah I mean it's like so like
affected black tea processing it you
want to think about it in the terms of
you know torture whatever suffering it
be like your goal
is to like completely and evenly brew
someone's body without cutting their
skin yeah that's pretty hard through
that method that rowing earth yeah
that's the rolling so like if you do bad
rolling so like Naga it's like if you
guys ever travel with me like will
definitely roll some some tea by hands
small table just just to do it it's a
good practice just to do it a lot of
times when you're novice and don't know
what you're doing it's so easy to like
break the leaf you know just like if
you're beating somebody up like if
you're just going at it and not caring
you're gonna break their skin and you
don't want their skin to break you don't
want any blood tenderization process
it's really cool because like with one
of those tight roll new lungs you'll
once you brew it and all the leaves will
simmer the leaves on the stove after
we've gone through the 1012 gongfu
steeping and then we'll simmer the
leaves on the stove and they'll like
kind of all just flatten out and you can
pull one of those leaves out of there
and do whatever you want with it there's
no breaking because it's already been so
tenderized I mean it'll roll right back
up into the shape that it was you know
it's crazy you're just making that leaf
as possible without actually cracking
yeah this is actually really easy way
but you're like all the life lessons you
can learn from brewing a cup of tea and
one really important one is to learn
vulnerability and the easiest way to
teach says say watch the tea leaf
because the moment is completely
unfurled you can see the bruises and you
can see the wrinkles and you can see the
tears in a way that tea leaves kind of
shared itself with you it exposed itself
it made itself vulnerable because it
showed its entire life experience to you
that's kind of the nature of plants in
general plants they very much do that
they're the embodiment of vulnerability
you know they just share themselves
quite freely with the world
like when you have too long like a like
a forever spring the bruising is from
tumbling isn't it it's just it needs to
be bruised but not to an extreme lately
what's the method that they use common
method to stop the killed green Oh so
heat so pan firing so Taiwanese long
still use like a tumbler the same
tumbler I was saying that they would use
in the shaping process where it goes in
between the hydraulic and into that
tumbler moon it's basically like a huge
drying machine you know like clothes
drying in tumbler type thing yeah but
for kill green it has heated walls you
know there's like a heat transfer on the
walls of the tumbler so it's basically
like just the you know a tumbling frying
pan basically and you put it in its
really hot you know you put your hand in
there it's really and so it'll just
tumble in there and and kill green all
the leaf and then they dump it out yes
do the shape means that for like because
the pan and she is twisted is that just
so it's after it's after the kill Green
it's just shaped they use that that
rolling machine for shaping yeah but the
leaf quality is not so high and I think
they do it in larger batches so there is
more breakage in the leaf happens after
kill green and there's so many different
metal doors yeah there's like a code
GREEN method because it's not the one
that's steamed you
so they use they use the steaming so
that the Moke - and the pan of chia they
both use a steaming for their kill green
and hope to the mo - is actually the
stainless steel steaming tower that they
use for the dumplings so you've ever
heard of mobile mo mo is like Nepalese
dumplings like steamed dumpling and
they're like Chinese dumplings okay very
common street food in Nepal and even in
India if you go to India Momo are very
popular street food and they have like
these stainless steel towers they like
and Jim some Chinese dim sum they have
like the bamboo towers where there's
like bamboo tray of dim sum pieces
inside when they're steaming the buns
they're steaming the dumplings or
whatever but in Nepal they use like a
stainless steel one so they just kind of
rig it's like a kitchen one but it's
stainless steel and they use it just for
the tea and that's how they kill green
the tea they use the demo2 which is like
the Momo maker but China Taiwan mostly
do pan firing is the big wok or they'll
use that that tumbler that has like a
heat exchange on the walls of the
tumbler but the the Japanese mostly used
see me and then you know like steaming
steaming is like kind of an easier these
are way of doing it so like a lot of the
the new tea growers that we work with in
India that are kind of jerry-rigging up
their their factory as they go and
experimenting on batches steaming is
like a lot easier for them to do than to
like break up the big wok although teen
years they use a wok he kind of he
created a really cool tinea in South
India the guy that was on the virtual
TFS they use a wok for their kill green
well it correct me if I'm wrong but most
Japanese teas are almost exclusively
Stephen correct yeah yeah yeah Japanese
esteemed although the the timoni like
the old-school traditional Sencha
production that's
all pan fire they use a pan phone okay
yeah so Marie asked okay first of all
she asked our White T's always sun-dried
no they're not always sun-dried actually
usually not sun-dried so hey Paul yeah
most T is not sun-dried I said earlier
Sun drying is like a luxury process so
you know really only like small batch
high-value T's are sun-dried and
sun-dried for white tea can be difficult
because you gotta have to like you can't
have it out in the Sun the whole time
because it's really delicate because the
leaf hasn't been processed or hasn't
been you know conditioned or anything so
like the the highest quality white tea
that we have is the the Hawaii spring
white and that one he does not sundry
because the Sun there where he is would
just burn the leaves so he uses like an
oven at like it's not like a hundred and
ten degrees or 115 degrees it's really
low temp but he puts he gets it in that
oven like within five minutes of
harvesting each leaf so there's not a
whole lot of like waiting time you know
I'd imagine not like on a tea farm where
you have to like transport the leaf from
the farm to your factory you probably
wouldn't have that luxury but because
his farm is really small and he can
quickly get from one place to the other
he can do that but Patrick's here
alright some aesthetics it's so ambient
is about the difference between white
tea and yellow tea and in kilogram
processes so yellow tea is actually more
related to green tea than it is to white
tea and yellow tea I still haven't been
able to like wrap my head
around the science of it just yet I mean
I think a lot of it is just due to like
the lack of information and knowledge or
on yellow tea the only thing that I've
heard about yellow tea from the yellow
party producers that we work with and
they of course are not going to know how
to describe the science they just say
what they do is that they process it in
the same way that they would agree in
tea but like immediately after the kill
green step they'll like keep it and and
just like how oxidation happens for
black tea really keep and create that
the the heat and accelerating the
oxidation it it turns into that yellow
you know it changes its character but
it's not oxidation because the enzyme
has been teenager from the kilgrave's
is that it's some other reaction that's
happening called some other tea is
another way to put it because I know
there's other ways of doing it basically
you're just like piling it up reabsorb
its own aromas and a deal you know like
I said like you said yellow process you
know it could be other things I don't
think it could even be maelard some a
learner reaction is another chemical
reaction it's not oxidation it's also
like a grounding action reaction but I
can't imagine that being the actual
reaction that's happening because
Maillard reaction requires a protein and
killed green there's no proteins there's
a bit all denature you know you cooked
them all out so I don't know what the
reaction is and I you know habits I've
never actually seen yellow tea be
produced like perhaps if I like was
physically there and seeing the reaction
I might be able to figure it out but you
know yellow tea is just kind of this
like mysterious thing and any textbook
you read about it just says yeah it just
gets heat
the heat causes it to turn yellow I've
known some people I cover it in like
like cloth or like blankets right
exactly yep
same deal though I don't really know the
exact process going on there but I think
it's a lot it has to do with the
reabsorption of its own like volatile
oils aromas and things like that you're
not letting everything breathe you're
actually like biological stuff going on
too because if you you are allowing that
like heat in that moisture to stay
trapped in there you know that could be
affecting the like fermentation jack is
one step further you have you know we're
keeping up and let me let me do its
thing for a long time for an extended
period of time
well there you go - but there's a
YouTube channel called farmer Leif and
he's a guy in China that makes query he
goes through a lot of his processing
techniques and he's got pretty good
English so he's pretty decent at
explaining what he's doing but you get
to see you know the whole Big Shot chain
process everything like that
that was his channel he's pretty fairly
active - so he's got a lot of material
on there but tools while he's explaining
it like he said the other day that you
would they do a lot of that along the
shouting aetna um and that's what he hid
BMX we just set up his camera and go out
there and fire the tea you know I mean
and just sit there and talk about tea
the whole time
it's great super employment yeah I
should go check out his videos I never
checked out his videos he's the other
toe he's reached out to us about selling
on Tila and okay example his teens
before and been wanting to where is he
yeah it seems very authentic
I like the lives that I get so I can't
say anything specifically you know I
don't know the dude but I do appreciate
his content man is in his great what's
that look like Fred right yeah he's got
some sort of weird accent not be
surprised if that was the case have you
ever tried no I have not and now that
you mentioned and I you know it might
that might actually spur me to get in
contact with them it's nice to confer
with your teeth rends before jumping
into something but actually very excited
but I haven't tried it yet but you know
you have at least a half ways decent
producer when they're like don't buy
everything first so you know I actually
have an agreement with Sidney and her
family that they're supposed to do all
their wholesale business through tea
lights and see that's why I want to hear
yeah yeah I would I would love to try it
I would love to go out there with you
but did you put them on the race
yeah yeah yeah what is it them every
time yeah visit them in charge oh and
because her husband from Jojo okay you
kind of get a two-for-one deal hanging
out with right you know spend some time
and we shine with her family and then in
Sochi with his family yes there's one
place I would choose to go to would
definitely be very interesting but I was
specifically going to ask you because I
was sure you had her on the race if you
can't read any of her ease right you
know I encourage her to do network
building and content you know because
she's out there all the time so she can
produce that content and get it out
there but yeah she doesn't respect our
agreements and we and I could sample I
have lots of samples from her so awesome
for me I'm not I'm not big enough to
carry a contract with her anyway you
know and I mean it order a little that
way you can work yeah and then I'm I'm
not they're they're not you know they're
like she had like a cousin that setup
that we origin which is like retail
right so they are related to ship out
small quantities right so that's why
they they would have no problem sending
you just small quantities or whatever
they turned you the shipping which would
be high right well that's a big problem
for us like I haven't done the figures
for this last year but I'm pretty sure
we spent like 40% of our all of our
expenses on shipping you know I mean
it's just it's crazy what you end up
spending on shipping especially when
you're only ordering five 10 kilos of
something at a time you know I mean it's
just massive it's like it's way more
worth your time to order larger amounts
but we just don't have the capital gonna
have this capacity or something like
that I don't have a warehouse you know
at one room so so that's always what I
pull it back on when when someone you
know which happens actually quite often
you know people will say oh I don't want
to work with teyla because I do my own
business right I say okay that's fine
that's cool I respect that and I'm like
but do you do you like have that same
conversation with FedEx of course they
don't you know that's their right so
yeah absolutely this is a community
thing for me so I think everybody should
get a slice of pie that's my business in
general you know I'm not trying to cut
anybody in out I love the cooperation
that's half the fun for me you know in
the tea in my party yesterday about just
how like you know there comes a point
where you'll get cut out and it's hard
it's hard like in your spot you're like
I'm gonna build these connections down
and out of that and then they're just
like okay get you out of the picture now
you know and you're like but
surprisingly you know you would think
after I've been doing this for eight
years that there would have been you
know more of an issue
but it's not you know I could I can
count you know on my two hands all the
people that have done something you know
in that in that spirit and majority of
them have gone out of business so right
you know and so I think that that that
says a lot too about the difficulties of
doing your own direct importing is it's
like a full-time job managing all of
that and it distracts you from doing
like the ground work of building
community and just like serving those
cups of tea to people you know right
yeah I don't want to bother me too much
I mean it's a little bit of a sore point
you know not so much with the buyers
like I understand that part I respect
that learn it's more with like the
producers it's like hey I've done all of
this free promotion for you guys like
I've had this conversation with Cindy
several times and it's like great you
know I hate to throw her under the bus
it's okay yeah it's it's a constant
thing with her because they just don't
understand you know I'm like I've done
all this free promotion for you guys and
I'm glad to see you guys doing your own
stuff and as far as retail like you guys
can do it if there are consumers that
like it's so valuable to them that they
received their tea from China from the
farmer like Soviet like let them do that
but it's like I'm like going to the
royalty Expo I'm putting your name out
there for all these business buyers to
see and like being completely vulnerable
in that sense like you know these are
all the list of buyers that you sold to
directly that like I introduced you to
you know like how do you want to so some
of the other farmers you know they don't
want they they want to respect
somebody's wanting to buy direct but
what they do is that that Commission
that Tila would usually get they just
give it to me you know like they have
different price lists it's like here's
the price list that or I told them
here's the price that feel--it selling
it out like that should be your
wholesale price as someone comes
directly to you to sell them at that
price and and then you know you can
a credit you know for a future tea or
just give us that commission for that
sale that you made right and most of
them respect that that's cool that's
terrible way to go right yeah then like
you know the little guy gives that
direct access but therefore the person
who actually did all the work of putting
those two pieces together yeah yeah yeah
yeah that's invaluable
yeah for me it's really just about
making connections because I want to go
to China and the thing about going to
places like we shall endure Chacho which
is like where where you go connect with
Sydney is that the tea is so highly
valued there that like they would never
let you touch it you know what I mean
you have to do it myself though I just
you know it's the authenticity I studied
Chinese philosophy it's a just Chinese
culture is a big big part of my life
yeah so I want to get some exposure to
that I feel like T's probably the most
justifiable way of me actually going to
China I think you should try to go to
maybe some non famous regions where they
will let you actually touch some tea you
know right yeah India Nepal are great
places to go because yeah the the tea is
somewhat valuable but it's definitely
like yeah and we sean like if you tried
to like even go touch the tea while its
withering they'd be like no no like
right now you know like they'll walk you
through the process and let you watch
everything I wanted to call him while I
was doing this and see I love it's all
about that collaboration yeah it really
is I mean you don't want to go through
too many hands you know yes but but
there there's definitely enough room for
everybody to get a piece especially like
I think you said yesterday
you're not in the tea business to me
nobody's really making money you know
what I mean it's not a get-rich-quick
scheme it's just not and so in essence
it shouldn't be about the money or the
volume or this you know you're the fame
or whatever it's like you should be in
it 14 and if you're not go to something
else you know with the import-export
Bank yeah I'm working with the SBA to
try to get some export I'm trying to you
know do the whole beginning process of
being an exporter primarily to Asia with
keywords yeah and and I'm working with
the SBA on getting you know an actual in
they're not made in China is going to
China is that what you're trying to say
I think we lost him no you froze oh
that's interesting right when he's
getting into the goods you're not
allowed to talk the export-import bank
it's the official export credit agency
in the United States so basically just
like trying to get set up legit to be
able to send stuff and actually become
an exporter oh there you go again
tear stuff so in case something happens
you know like you have like insurance on
your on your export yeah we're talking
90 percent guaranteed most federal
government Wow and a hundred percent
guaranteed against confirmed orders from
out of the country
cool well good for you man it means you
got quality product you're sending in
other places which quality of products
were a necessity for importing in it I
guess Mary no I just mean if you have
the demand free your artery in China or
something where would you be sending I'm
not too sure just yet I have to go to
Japan and get some orders gotcha so to
to like Asian countries basically the
people that consume the most tea so I'll
be going at least as well they produce
know about the sample bar but that's
more of like the water heating device
rate yeah in the what century but the
European princess when you know there's
a lot of European ancestry there in
Russia that's why they're sort of way
but you know Russia from predominantly
he had a larger connection of China for
thousands of years but anyway the ruling
will be there from 22 to brusho through
the caravans you know it's where we get
at like Russian care of an antique and I
kind of like some of the different types
of smoke um they're really into
Earl Grey's different types of smoke
tease playing smoke and things like they
drink it as a very heavy elixir than mix
boiling water or hot water and then they
add jam and fruit and heated with snacks
and talk politics it's pretty fun stuff
Wow I have no clue so I'm still in
graduate school so most likely I'm going
to get my graduate degree first get paid
to travel to do these countries for
teaching English that's what my graduate
degrees and and then while I'm there
I'll be scouting out different places to
explore well hopefully I'm having a good
manager here running this place back in
Albuquerque yeah with you is she gonna
teach English as well hopefully she'll
be making art that's my main hub yeah
because she has a huge huge love of
different types of arts from Asian so
that would be the perfect opportunity to
you know get to experience at first time
we're probably gonna try to go to Japan
in May or June depending on my summer
school schedule like May next month or
May next year May next month or June
okay do they have any like is there any
like lock downs or anything going on
over there in different areas
unfortunately there's no pool lockdown
stand they're kind of free to do what we
like right it's basically that a
market-driven lockdown and so you know
or do some research
failed me like the most beautiful person
will do some research
I'll find out the areas that are having
least amount of effects and probably
make my choices that way but very soon
here they're gonna open up the economy
whether we like it or not everyone's
gonna get it so might as well enjoy the
previa free time I have Oh was that a
little bit too cynical I'm sorry Japan
you know because yeah they don't have a
fully enforced there's there's a
culturally enforced lockdown but not you
know but their numbers are rising they
are seeing a bit of a surge right now so
basically which I can't complain too
much because I don't I don't believe in
the idea of like a government enforce
lockdown because you got like you were
talking about in India they're out there
like hitting people with sticks but yeah
I just I would rather it be a voluntary
lockdown but at the same time people
won't people don't like to actually like
hold themselves responsible for it
they'd rather be like well I'll wait
until something else tells me I have to
do instead of being like I'm gonna
actually take this into my own hands and
I'm gonna lock myself down you know
they're like all gun at my door and be
like you have to stay in here you know
that's terrible I want to do that that
is a real bad idea was getting a lot of
praise for kind of they're culturally
enforced ISIL
but now the story's changed and
everybody is respecting it and they're
doing really well but now now their
numbers are saying something else and
it's like the only countries that are
really having effective change on this
are the ones that are employing like
severe surveillance and that's scary
like you know it's like China and
Singapore I think those are the two main
countries that have like supposedly good
performance numbers and those are all
the ones that you know or like a phone
app is telling you oh you're you're
allowed to go outside today or not you
know based off of your surveillance data
compared to everybody else's all right
it's just like you have to stay inside
there's no discussion going on and
there's no consent at all it's it's very
it's a very violent system a violent way
of doing things I don't know it messes
me up a little bit but like with South
Dakota that you know it looks like our
cases are super high but really there's
only like two counties with more than
pcs and that's like you know mini huh
which is the which is Sioux Falls which
is where the plant is and one other
company and they have most of our
state's cases we had nine right company
and they all recovered
nobody was hospitalized so you know
they've been discovering though is that
typically it's always the cities they're
most reliant on mass transportation
mm-hmm most most cases it's like in
Vienna it's almost it's really highly
concentrated on Indianapolis that's the
only city that really has developed make
spent a lot of time and energy
developing it over the last decade or so
so one more mule became reliant and
that's where the outbreaks were taking
place so it makes sense like you know
New York Chicago all those places
that's how it is with us for Sioux Falls
it's the biggest city in the entire
state and that's where all the cases are
yeah the whole rest listen this is not
really much going on you know yeah big
hey we're acid me like was Mark meant I
said Terre Haute has one box and it goes
from one into the city into the other
yes oh well yeah that's what basically
let me try they really bent rate back to
mass transit most like the really
trigger for these cities we're still
starved for data we need so much more or
still we can't even figure this thing
out yeah right and I think we definitely
do the data is in Toby I'm still in that
bracket so I feel you there it's like if
I needed medical help
we'll be healthy this is the way we as
herbalist and most of the entire
honorable community looks at it like
we're not trying to suppress the disease
we're not trying to fight the disease
itself we're trying
you make our bodies or put our bodies in
an ecological state that does not
sustain that virus so you're essentially
you know everything's got certain
conditions that it thrives like a palm
Trippi thrives you know in a tropic in a
subtropical tropical environment fine
tree thrives in a much different put a
pine tree in a subtropical environment
it'll probably die if you put a home up
here it's probably gonna die it's the
same thing with your body if you if you
create a certain environment within your
body that does not sustain and does not
support that virus then you don't have
to fight the virus you just won't take
over and so it's so much more about
being healthy than it is about some
medication to suppress the disease
itself primarily true for those of us
who do have that kind of attitude even
if we get it we have no symptoms and we
fight a lot we consist offensive to
people with immune suppression so
absolutely and that's where the the the
quarantines and and these you know
extreme measures come in yeah don't go
visit your grandma right now yeah that's
my grandpa's locked up in her house but
she listen my uncle and my aunt that
ain't going nowhere she's not going
nowhere you know we're not allowed to
come over that's just bottom line if
they need it yeah for the most part they
you know they're pretty self-sustaining
but if they know call you know we're
definitely here to help but it's minimal
minimal mom and her sister and their
kids they're they haven't done any
social anything to just been at their
house and go get groceries for them and
then we'll drop them on the or
in takeoff you know we heard you're
getting exported to Asia congratulations
you're ninety-nine percent guaranteed by
the federal government that's great
because two different cameras yep
usually are in the same frame cobbler
peach cobbler not like just crumble
watch our viewer numbers go through the
roof we should make the cake for for
Jake and Nick on their birthday because
they share a birthday and I made a
durian well matcha tea into other things
do just like make a strong brew and then
incorporate that into it Wow
it was the the taste was not bad the way
that I was
just like tea leaves in it and they
weren't good like eating tea man it also
was like a really bad community like
regularly eats their teas in Burma where
they pickle they pickled the tea leaves
and they make like I mean it's a garnish
on a lot of dishes I'm sure but it's
famous for the pickle tea leaf salad
yeah like a peanuts and other greens tea
leaves like I've tried it like on its
own it like tastes more like pickled
than the tea itself like it's almost
like that pickling process kind of takes
over the sourness and all that takes
over the kind of normal flavors if gee
it's definitely not bitter right so
beauty leaf like usually the main thing
that you notice is that it's bitter so I
have a pound of a pine smoked black tea
is just like too much and I'm trying to
find things to do with it making oatmeal
is apparently not I personally found
this heavy smoke teas I enjoy them with
barbecue yeah like when you're Barbie
like fourth of July yeah I love like I I
like the smoked scotches it's like when
I drink I like that like PD this I think
it's probably just
specific to you we'll try and make it
into a barbecue sauce or something like
that that's right well just basically
mix that in with like make a really
strong concentrate of that table and
then mix that in with your other
ingredients like usually you know okay
it's actually cleansing process
this was really income is researching in
America to do this presentation and
there is these records Salem
Massachusetts about how they prepared
leave so it was just like this generic
black lead they used to boil it for 10
to 15 minutes interesting like all the
early 21st comes to emplace is you're
not quite sure what to do with it so
they tenderize
just just straight-up weeks or clouds
you know just while you're foraging
through the you know just it's just like
you're saying it's really interesting
how that local culture makes TV Roman
holiday try to integrated it's you know
what what the locality allows them to
whatever tools or processes or commerce
or just need need causing all the
feedback so I don't know what's going on
with your audio but um so like you know
all the kind of modern tea cultures
Western tea cultures British tea culture
and and that kind of extended into
Indian tea culture their whole culture
was based off of this
need for sustenance for this growing
working class of people that you know
couldn't afford to you know eat three
meals a day and sustain their energy for
for all the labor you know during the
industrial revolution so the whole like
a dean of milk and sugar was you know a
part of that you know that tea break
your two o'clock two o'clock in the
afternoon tea break is really to kind of
just coat your stomach and satiate your
hunger so that you can continue to
finish your work in the day you know I
don't know I don't know if that need is
that's better Joe yeah I don't know is
still relevant I mean I'm sure it's
relevant for categories of communities
but it's just become part of their
culture now but yeah India or England or
both both yeah so India's honestly like
because I know in England like during
the industrial revolution
well drink like the farm farmer days
when the farmers were moving into the
cities it was common to be supplied beer
then take him around there those exact
reasons stated and so then when tea came
around again they were and that
mandatory the antibacterial and helps
large populations in those cities I've
heard the the tea as opposed to fear is
that it makes you more alert and relaxed
spinning machinery unless likely to lose
your appendages I keep a worker gear you
know they would become sluggish and slow
down on production times too but and
I've also heard to with area that is
awesome as you know of the drinks they
serve in the temple
but I've also heard that chai also came
from a staple drink they used to have
that was just primarily like spices
sugar and milk
I'd heard and then the tea came into it
have you heard that Elise
yeah yeah yeah I think sugar milk based
drinks are a very long-standing part of
Indian culture and the tea the tea was
added in you know I think mostly like
not until like the 1970s
well now which is amazing because like
if you talk to an Indian friend of yours
and ask them about what chai means to
them like they will address it as if
it's like a deep part of their family's
heritage like great-great-great
grandmother ancestors were drinking chai
and it's like no 1970s you might have
been born then yeah so it's really
interesting how a child become you know
such a important staple of Indian
culture you know even though it's so
modern but yeah the idea of like spice
infuse you know sugary milk drinks I
think are are not new like that is
something that that's been and that's
why I like the whole like masala chai
thing took off I think the masala which
was like spice blend it means mix you
know spice right that that was
long-established but the chai was only
introduced you know after the whole CTC
process was have tried before the turn
of the century is what you're saying
yeah not as we know it yeah cuz like
back when tea was first introduced as a
crop in India it was like exclusively
export and then the the British tea
marketers decided hey you know like
there's a pretty addressable domestic
market here like why are we exporting
let's figure out how to sell this here
and so that's that's when they started a
propaganda campaign to popularize tea
and they totally pulls at the
heartstrings of like nationalism like
this was right after independence like
they started that campaign in the 1940s
right and so you know India became
independent in 1947 so you know it was
like the the heat of Swadeshi and so
these are all terms of like self
subsistence and independence and
autonomy nationalism for Indian people
you know as they were gaining their
independence from the British so that
that whole propaganda campaign which was
developed and executed by the British
companies was all pulling on the
heartstrings of nationalism in India in
order to like kind of deceive them into
thinking that in the end that that chai
is something that's like national pride
when when you know it's really not and
that term sweat as she was like a very
important that was the whole start of
you know kind of the resistance against
colonialism when they started like
burning all the clothes like and
encouraging people to make their own
clothes and couldn't make their own
products to consume like that's that
term Swadeshi and that was like one of
the main propaganda points on this
campaign and it's like Swadeshi would
imply that like if you're buying this
tea not only is it grown in India but
like all of that money goes back to
India but all of the owners of the
estates and the tea companies were all
British so it was like a total fake but
you know that's just an interesting
little thing about about that but I was
asked to give a presentation at a team
set conference so heam says Gandhi's you
know that was his main platform that
that he advocated upon of non-violence
so that in in in Hindi it just means
non-violence so that's like nonviolent
resistance and that's all ahimsa and so
now there's a
they do a conference and they all talk
about how to integrate non-violence into
other aspects of life and and whatnot
and this conference was about India
independence after 70 years like what is
the state of democracy there what is the
estate of ahimsa and Swadeshi you know
because like when when India became
independent like it it was like this
huge celebration of Independence but
like where are we now 70 years later and
I did a presentation on Pete
and so like grandson was in the room
like all the top Gandhi scholars in the
world were in the room all of these like
crazy like activists and strong people
in this movement like all Indian I was
the only non-indian and the only non PhD
in the room it was like very
intimidating and I had to educate every
single one of them about how corrupt
Indian tea is and that like drinking
chai drinking milk tea chai is basically
like drinking blood tea drinking
oppression drinking indentured labor and
all of that and these are like the most
woke you know knowledgeable non-violence
activists in the world and they didn't
even know that about their own culture
and the products that they consume
themselves so yeah that's that's just I
know it's a little off topic but just
kind of yeah my my my living hero is a
him to activists you guys might know her
she's really well-known her name is
Vandana Shiva
she's pretty controversial seed
activists and yeah she's very powerful
she's very anti Monsanto she's like
always you know talking about saving
seeds and very like strict feels like
she's like that scary ant that you would
never want to piss off you know
yeah so last time I was in India the the
guy that was kind of like showing us
around to learn about organic ayurvedic
herb farming
he's like a long time he's an activist
and he's actually very good friends with
with vendetta Shiva and so when I told
him oh she's like my my living Idol my
living hero I can't wait to meet her and
talk about the work you know that I do
in India with farmers he was like oh
yeah I think maybe she had no idea you
know her her her top passion is is chai
and milk chai she loves it she drinks it
like crazy
she you know always has to drink it and
I'm like this woman I can't believe that
she's like she's like the most strict
hard fighter for for activism and there
she is like drinking blood tea and not
not even knowing it and probably like
not even questioning it so I can't know
everything right I think just I wish you
might tell you I think maybe part of
that has to do with the fact that in
Ayurveda I like the traditional medicine
down decoctions are a very very
prominent way of actually ingesting your
medicinal herbs so like with ashwagandha
ginseng the best way to make that
according to Ayurveda is through a milk
decoctions there already so used to
putting milk in their beverages it
probably just there was no convincing
even in its gnarly
oh yeah sure it is it it's definitely
it's amazing but I prefer eating it like
I prefer will I'll take it like dry like
by the spoonful or will encapsulate it
something like that some people make
oatmeal or
but it in there okay so yeah I think
Jo's mic fell into and oh yeah and there
was some dogs barking out there just
like barely picking it up should be all
go ahead Murray go ahead in there
yeah when she gets back I'll let her ask
her question but yeah Paul is probably
chillin he worked up the farmers market
all day long actually they've been
really hard at the farmers market so
Sarah knows yeah he's usually one to
jump on no matter what he's doing yeah
he's definitely not scared your question
oh so when you say that the chai is like
the symbol of like the oppression and
the awfulness of the ctc yeah so try in
India like when you're offered a glass
of chai like it's always made with ctc
it's it's never gonna be made with like
handmade Orthodox Darjeeling tea like
like those teas are pretty much
exclusively for export to the European
market or North American market so you
know if you're just like at a street
stall or even if you're in someone's
home and they're making a glass of chai
for you it's gonna be CTC broken I'm
leaning up after working today yeah we
create it it's a lot of learning it's a
mobile we just helped out a little bit
last last week and this week was like
kind of learning their whole operation
which is
growing pretty rapidly this is pretty
exciting yeah I'm like I've spent time
like trying to sell tea there and it's
difficult you know I never made money I
never you know like I had I takes a lot
of time to be there and never made
enough money justify my own time and
then I hired somebody to do it because
they had more consistent but I would
lose money because I was paying them
more than what was coming in it's good
to hear that the market is you know
expanding and doing doing well yeah
people are getting produce boxes it's
just raid they don't have to come in but
even the people that do come in I don't
think they feel like they think you were
the one saying that people are getting
PTSD go in a supermarket like oh the
thought of having to touch a cart and
then might be infected and then some
might be coughing next to me but come in
this place and it's actually a very big
space it's the old bus terminal and then
and it's not not just their abundant
like a lot of space to move around you
know we're all our masks and gloves for
peace of mind for everybody which is and
yeah I don't know it was pretty cool
really busy in the early a lot of
families coming and just like we got
robbed and then we saw the produce a
little steady throughout the day so it
was good seeing you and I wanted to chew
the pie since that's what we were
talking about you know box ideas like
$27 for nine pies
so I usually will just get three four
nine is their mini pies yeah these
aren't really cool okay I didn't see
sorry I should send these uh Lucinda
package to South Dakota for you Joe
we'll keep doing a trade of you know
things that we have in our location well
I gave at least some of the teeth today
oh nice
leave your brownie food yeah I had to
carry Class B market yeah yep exactly so
this is just an independent vendor but
and they're not doing crazy business I
think most who are coming in there
they're stepping for produce and that's
it if I talk to the bread vendor the pie
vendor the honey vendor just like well
it's got that busy but I think that as
more people get boxes and we implement a
system online and we're perhaps you had
that minimum delivery order that once
you get above a certain threshold you
get free shipping so that would
incentivize someone to add to their
order at that loaf of bread and that
jarrah honey so I think that's what
we're going next so it's a little bit of
integration on the line then they have a
cafe they want to open it up eventually
that's kind of where my forte is in
running a cafe so I'm excited for that
and then the media stuff that Lisa and I
are gonna do so I'm really that's
awesome keep on keepin on yeah it's
really interesting to us talking to
Carrie about got honored by the mayor of
the Las Vegas two years ago almost
exactly 10 years ago and we were all
there I think police was there and I
filmed some of it and she's under a lot
of hot water right now because she's
like we want to open up Las Vegas no
he's not so we just need to open up her
businessman and her governor's like this
is crazy we you need to stay close you
know he's got a more step in line with
most state governor governments right
now so like our city government that
with our state government so it's a
really interesting dynamic so our
America's kind of a PR problem so the
interesting because she's like a big fan
of a market so maybe we'll be stopping
by at some point at least we'll see what
happens yeah it's a very interesting
conflict going on but I don't know and
the governor seems to be like nah
there's a yeah between these chronic you
know sense I would be super respectful
of like try to spread disease and you
know covering you know your face and
public and whatnot and you know staying
quarantine when you can for the most
part but it's also like there's always
exceptions like you go out if you have
you get food and like where you go out
if you have to go to the doctor so
there's only thing it was the only
enough to do even though we're not
supposed to be so there's it's goes back
and forth that's both ways I think so I
see if I see her boy and she wants to
get it up and running but then I see the
argument like you try to get up and
running like who's gonna just come
flocking to Vegas like everybody's kind
of locked down so the kind of valid but
yeah I don't think we need to be like
rushing to open shit up for sugar I
think that learning to adapt to like
this new lifestyle is is the good
short-term thing that's what we're all
doing having a virtual tea well I think
if we I think we open this thing up too
fast nobody's gonna learn anything from
it so personally I I would as hard as it
is you know I would like to see this
actually make an impact not just also
I'll be locked down for what everything
we just go right back to what we were
doing before but actually slow us down
for long enough to where we start to
make changes in our lives and things
like that
no we just take the economy for nothing
yeah merica
everybody in this room has hopefully
seen that movie I think our our friend
from Denmark that's watching on YouTube
right now
pretty harsh that's what we do that's a
crazy place to live I shared a video
like Europe is a lockdown I've seen some
stuff yeah we're like people are trying
to lock down the quarantines in places
but in the u.s. can't really clamp down
that our view is evil on weapons
so it's interesting too I think people
have a little bit more sovereignty in
the states so we're seeing the clamp
down harder and like well we're more
volatile over here man you pushed us too
far and everything's just gonna go boom
you know like everybody's gonna start
shooting and looting and all sorts of
stuff you don't want to upset the flow
too much that's why they're sending us
stimulus checks and stuff and they like
just not yet know everybody in my area
just got him though so not me because I
didn't I didn't file last year because I
didn't make any money because I just I
went negative because it was like my
first real your business and then this
year I just got my taxes put through
because I had to file with mines with my
business as well so my informations not
in the system yet so I'll probably I'll
probably show up who knows on a month or
two yeah just got hers
yeah that might be better than you know
cuz you guys can stagger your everybody
right that's what I was saying I'm like
I'm just gonna like a look at my bank
account in a month and I've forgotten
about it they do that whole split thing
I don't get how that works my wife I
still keep our finances separate but we
definitely view it that way right right
yeah we have different accounts but in
you know she's got access to hers and I
got access to mine but it doesn't matter
you know if she pays a bill I pay a bill
or she buy something it's me buying with
her doctor friends and I have to like
put on a suit I got real quick
I don't know if anybody else got that
one oh man
I could just see Sam all suited up
that's funny
how'd the talk go on Thursday man I
thought yesterday went well Jeremy and
Elise were awesome we had that like I
thought it was great I'm super excited
to keep doing more I'm talking with a
couple other people about upcoming weeks
and yeah I at least Jeremy thank you
guys like you guys are what made
yesterday awesome I don't feel like I
did anything except for try and get
everybody into the same place that's a
lot of hard work too though yeah that's
like at least during the tea festival
it's like yeah and that's that's where
the hard work comes in it's not an easy
glad to hear it though man I got
volunteered to go clean cabins yesterday
I would have made it for sure I'm down
yeah all right my ashes sister cleans
like vacation rentals so cuz we're in an
area where there's like I would say
probably like 30% of all the houses in
this entire in the entire Black Hills
are some sort of vacation rental or like
part-time home for people specifically
we don't have anything we don't have a
state income tax so a lot of people with
a lot of money come out here and build a
house I mean like I live here but they
spend the rest of the year in wherever
so they come out here for a couple of
months and then they rent the they rent
their big five six
in bedroom cabin out for the rest of the
year like on Airbnb right the short-term
rentals right and so I mean there's just
tons of it out here tons of those cabins
and so that's what my lady's sister does
for a living and she actually threw out
her back so we we volunteered to go
clean one of the cabins yes I got
volunteered to go clean really my field
of expertise but what I went I went did
it and I was kind of because I was like
listening to I want you to like be here
and doing your thing and I'm gonna do
way better of a job if I'm not like
rushing through this if I'm just
chilling listening to this tea party
I'll just get into the zone and clean
all day you know it helped for a little
while but I jumped in too late and you
guys had logged off shortly after it
wasn't too bad though but I do hope to
jump in next time have you like maybe
like talking about herbs or something
Sam yeah could be yeah so right now I'm
talking with Priscilla about doing tea
in South America or Latin America
thinking maybe she and Danny might want
to collaborate on that cool he would be
a fun like half hour 40 minutes of
knowledge bombs for us white people
right I'm talking with another gentleman
his name so harm goes by clear altar
also you know
have been talking about like tea with
your partner okay being an interesting
frame I definitely like the idea of
doing something around herbs and not tea
I can do something I've really been
wanting to work on is breaking down the
difference between like the allopathic
use of herbs and the holistic use of
herbs so less of I use this for that
that's kinda how we look look at
medicine and are in the Western world
you know we're like use use this for use
this herb for this symptom or use this
drug for this symptom and focusing a
little bit more on using herbs in a
supportive manner then because that's I
feel like that's I truly believe that's
how they should be used is in a way that
actually supports the processes going on
in your body rather than suppressing the
symptoms you know we look at like a
really good example is like fever and we
look at fever as the enemy we got to get
rid of the fever right but your fever is
actually like a denaturing process it's
it's your body heating up to cook out
that virus that's inside you your body
recognizes there's a virus and so it
heats up and cooks that virus out of you
so really you shouldn't be trying to
stop the fever because that actually
makes the virus spread throughout your
body more but you should be you know
using herbs to support that support a
healthy fever basically and it's just
one example you could look at cough or
and it's like any symptom really is like
that you know inflammation things like
that you're not looking to stop the
symptom you're looking to support it so
it works in a healthy manner and the
intelligence of your body can actually
you know do what it needs to do and keep
you healthy it's a self-regulating
system and it will take care of you if
you help it so I would love to do you
know like a excerpt um on that whole
subject that something I'm working on at
the moment
awesome you feel like that's like a 15
20 minute thing or is that like make it
as long as you
man you give me a time limit I will talk
for years bro who I'm long-winded
awesome I have your I've got your email
yeah we can take it we can take this
conversation there really again you're
not you're not going to my spam folder
anymore and fix that that's good my Sam
scrumpy yeah so yeah I fixed that so you
should yeah you can get ahold of me now
however man no problem yeah we should
definitely we should definitely figure
out I liked the idea we're gonna do more
like presentation style like basically
like the TED talk style of my one person
giving some sort of interesting
presentation right what kind of an Elise
is doing now I really I support that
idea a lot or you give the first you
know 15 minutes is like information
right and then it opens up into
discussion because then there's actually
some trajectory there it's not just the
worst I'll listen to this 15 minutes and
then these people just ramble on inside
whether meat pies were pies or cobbler
is basically a pie that's now you guys
make me hungry
I'm on my cleanse I can't even have pie
we've been going since the 19th we're
doing 40 days and 40 nights so so we are
about 10 days from the end I think the
last day is the 27th so the 28th I can
start we're gonna it's gonna be a real
slow introduction to though
like real slow you know like try try
like a piece of cheese and go for a
couple of days and then you know and I
mean try a little bit of bread and go
for a couple of days what are you eating
just kidding
no we just know we just cut out gluten
dairy sugar and then all caffeine except
for gongfu sessions so we're not
drinking coffee we're drinking tea on
the go anymore
we're only drinking gongfu tea but yeah
basically it's like lots of grains
vegetables fruits rice so things like
that and it has been great it's done
it's made some massive impacts on our
life already so it's wonderful that's
why I highly recommend doing that for
everybody at least at some point in the
year go a month without all of the
things that you ingest all of the time
give your body a little bit of a break
it really helps some good impacts
Burning Man project that I worked on
last year got accepted to be part of
maps is bicycle night celebrations where
you're gonna do an immersive room for
like a hundred people three hours maps
is doing an online bicycle night
celebration okay and the artists that I
work with with mine murmur we are go we
got accepted to host the space in there
so we are streaming mind murmur in and
doing meditations and stuff like that
and my zoom room can support a hundred
people so that's how many will probably
have to limit it to theirs so they've
got like they've sold like three
thousand tickets to this psychedelic
research multidisciplinary Association
for psychedelic research okay studies
like psychedelic studies yeah so yeah
bicycle the bicycle Bay is the nineteen
which celebrates Albert Hoffman's first
intentional use of LSD
donation-based I think at this point
they might already be gone got you
there's just more incentive for for the
next tea festival to do something like
that I think yeah I mean there's their
email list for people that they're
marketing was to is probably a thousand
times what it probably has a few zeros
on it compared to anything even if we
all combined our shit right it's just I
mean good yeah could use more
psychedelics but there's gonna be
there'll be a lot of live stream content
- yeah I'll definitely keep you guys
posted as I'd like get more information
about it I we're like scrambling to like
get the experience together yeah and
have it be a working thing you know post
all the info on your on your personal
page Irwin yeah probably
ok like if I can figure out how to make
my own freaking sign in to the
like get my own credentials sweet yeah
interested very interested it should be
it should be very cool Patrick like went
on a journey and everything you didn't
notice him take off you like ran across
the street everything like this for many
years a whole journey and everything I
didn't exactly see up to it yeah then
maybe he can explain it to us by these
microphones off Patrick tell us what
happened oh my god mostly we Airbnb
artists work studio across the street
and so I just went over there to grab a
seat and then I came back staying out a
little bit because everybody needs help
or what
one time with woman accidentally some
other car went spinning jumped out of
her car angrily to yell at somebody turn
their car off instead they put it in no
and the car kind of revved up for a
while like jump the curb and smashed
into her and sent her flying over a
fence and the fence wow that's crazy
yeah sounds like an interesting place to
live you guys are in New Mexico yeah
very very rarely does anything like that
exciting happen up here happens it's
like everybody knows about it it's like
we had like a high-speed chase through
town the other day some dude was like
going like 90 ended up rolling his truck
down this hill there's like 15 cop cars
it was crazy
small town stuff it's always like out of
Staters - never from around here all
this crazy stuff happens there just
coming through on i-90 coming through
the area
South Dakota cops like to pull everyone
alright guys probably not decent
it's probably like first crack in the
morning no the reason I'm so interested
in the whole processing of tea in
general is kind of cuz I'm really
interested in doing the same thing
where we learned all about your 18 Ruby
tea today Alfredo sorry we yeah well
we're all saying goodbye to each other
so you can you can say goodbye and we're
gonna tune off yeah you could jump on
another time

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