Friday, April 10, 2020 - Virtual Tea Festival Recap

Video Subtitles:

You should be able to hear me
now. most of that work was

preparation for the show
starting and you know, letting

people come into the the show
so there was about five hours

and 10 minutes of actual
content during the the virtual

tea festival and it was pretty
much nonstop. we only had one

technical difficulty well, that
was just more of a scheduling

thing with the Nissan at the
end when he was driving to his

to the Matcha factory to get to
our interview. but. I think

everything went without a
hitch. It was lots of fun and

we ended up the numbers are
still continuing to grow. so I

think a lot of people are
actually watching the virtual

tea festival afterwards, so
maybe people had to work or

maybe people didn't hear about
it so which is really

unfortunate cuz we had a lot of
fun in the comments during the

live video actually there was
1100 comments throughout that

and those were all really good
comments. You know we weren't

having people just You know,
say, hey, what's up like people

were asking questions people
were making friends. people

were sharing information. It
was really incredible the

amount of engagement and I
think really a test to how

wonderful the tea community is
and how friendly the tea

community is that was probably
one of the most challenging

parts of managing this
production was that I wanted to

keep up with all the comments
and make sure I was providing

relevant. As people were asking
for it and making sure that the

right connections were being
made but after a while you

know, I know there were a lot
of comments that I wasn't able

to keep up with and even
retroactively. I was trying to

go back and answer questions
and I just kinda gave up there

was there was too much and
that's a good problem to be had

so I'm not complaining at all
so just in the story is that

you know even though the
quality of the content was very

high and all of that. Every
single one of the presentations

is now posted on the website on

Dot BBT F website, which let's
see I will show it to you right

now so that you can see what
I'm talking about.

So if you go to T dot com,
slash B T F, you will be able

to watch every single
presentation, including the.

One right over here, maybe I'll
just make it look bigger so you

can see better it. It also
includes the full live stream

so the full live stream is
still available on Facebook.

Yeah, the life was fun and I
hope Gabby. I hope you made a

lot of friends like that was
the whole point of why I did

all this and created this event
was because I wanted people to

make friends so at Tayla dot
com slash B T F at the top of

the page we have the full live
stream available to watch

there, but then also if you
scroll down, we have each one

of the presentations posted in
order of how they were

presented by Taco. thanks for
helping with Russia's

presentation I don't know if
you had a chance to watch it or

not. but yeah if you go to T
dot com slash B T F everyone of

the presentations is posted
individually and stretches is

actually the first one so you
can see how Michael was able to

use that footage to present
Freshes presentation his talk

about his family's work so yeah
each one of them is here. so we

had the Matte presentation,
which was a really popular one,

and I think that actually was.
The most popular tea detox room

that people wanted to join when
they went to that program and

speaking of the tea talks, but
that was an incredible

experience. we had over 60
people that joined in and were

distributed into different TTC
tea rooms and we had a 12

different hosts a hosting those
rooms so at one point or

another, there was in between a
four to. People sometimes even

10 people in each one of those
rooms so that was really cool.

so yeah the the tea ceremony
the Japanese tea ceremony by

our good friends. Priscilla was
also very popular. a lot of

people enjoyed that one and
shared that one across

Instagram as well, our friend
the the the tea and wine

culture and our friend Leo
talking about mental health and

Omar's jasmines. A tour that
was cool, huh like Omar is like

he's he's an incredible tea
artist and really dedicated to

the community and creating
these spaces for whimsy and for

reflection and for gratitude so
yeah more. Thank you so much

for for sharing your love for
this face with us. of course,

we can't forget Michael and his
funny tea commercials and Steve

Odell team mixology. From West
China Tea Company sharing with

us about the life of tea and
then of course the space I'm

gonna go back to that later and
talk about Spacey Blues music

set his live music set that he
did for us and how about

Jonathan Steels teapot. That
was awesome like I don't we had

to like kinda speed up the
video a little bit to get it

within the time frame of the
festival, so it was a little

awkward to see. To see his
hands move around so fast when

he was working but it was
really special experience in in

in such a short period of time
to see exactly how much

attention to detail goes into
making tea-pot and of course,

our good matcha friend couldn't
cause it what you Tony talking

about matcha production systems
and the tea talks here on the

website you can see how you can
stay in touch.

the the Tea detox community and
I think Sam Salmon's the person

that was managing the tea talks
rooms. I think he was really

excited and motivated by how
many people joined that that

experience and how many
incredible conversations and

connections were created there.
so I think that he's gonna use

that as motivation to
definitely keep this going

Asking do you or have you done
any mentorships under you with

people wanting to really learn
about teeth? yeah, so people

ask to study a tea with me and
you're doing it right now. This

is this is how I teach I I
don't have specific classes and

really to be honest. The reason
why is that my schedule is so.

It's so random and you know I'm
in the business of managing

relationships exactly what I'm
doing here as well. So if I

need to pick up and go to Asia
or I need to pick up and go

somewhere else in the country
too support one of our

relationships. I gotta do that.
And of course, I'm not doing

that as actively right now, but
Additionally, I'm not having

people in my tea room so I mean
something that could be a

possibility as with all of
these virtual meetings in my

extra time on my hands right
now, I probably could do. Some

more focused tastings and
classes virtually but I just in

the past and I've been you know
doing this this this tea

networking for the past eight
years. I just haven't had the

consistent time to really sit
down with the students although

I have hundreds of tea students
but you know my way of teaching

is more of an empowerment than
an indoctrination of this is

how you need to. Which is what
a lot of the tea study programs

are based on and I don't really
agree with you know with that

style of teaching tea for
myself for myself, when I teach

I would rather introduce people
to each other. Just like what

happened yesterday, I mean
yesterday was probably my

greatest gift of tea education
I've ever given and you know

that's typically my tea
education is going to other tea

festivals and teaching about
tea. Festival giving a

presentation giving my own
hour-long presentation and so

it's magical about yesterday's
yesterday's Tea Festival was

that it was probably like the
most dense amount of education,

Education River offered to the
community and I didn't even

have to do a single
presentation. so I feel like

that's an incredible win and
that's you know really in

alignment with what with how I
like to teach cuz I really if

you wanna come down to it, I
don't know anything you know. I

you know, I know certain things
and you probably could say I

know some things but the the
knowledge that I have and I

have access to is really not my
own knowledge. It's all of our

knowledge and so yeah a lot of
my efforts and education really

are more on networking people
in in getting them to share and

trust each other versus maybe
that holder of information now

you know if. To mentorship of
that type of work, that is

something I'm very interested
in and in fact, I have started

to IDA and and even develop
some systems around how to

empower that type of education,
especially among the female

entrepreneurs because that's as
an entrepreneur. that's our

job. Our job is to create these
networks and if you're a good

entrepreneur, you'll find a
revenue model to support your

work in doing that. But I
really feel that

entrepreneurship really is
about finding your. Humility

and building some platform for
this information to get shared.

you know, I know that's a very
kind of high-level definition

of entrepreneur and not the
official one. but that's my

idea of where entrepreneurship
needs to move towards of seeing

the resource of information
between everybody's

perspectives. and of course,
yeah, if someone would like me

to mentor them on that I would
be delighted to do that. Be

that through some type of
female entrepreneurship

developments a program yeah, so
you know, and that's that's a

completely different game than
what I'm currently in. But at

the same time I feel like the
time is is right in the that

resources needed. so yeah, but
this this is my mentorship. I

have to offer it's friendship
it's network and and it's

realizing that we all have the
information within ourselves.

We don't have all the. Within
ourselves, but we all have

pieces of it and we're really
only going to attain those

higher levels of of wisdom if
we come altogether and learn to

trust each other and share

So the presentations are all
up, Please go back and watch

them all. I think what I wanna
do next, though is talk about

my friends. Spacey bluray. He
is he's out he's out there. He

is he he supported our tea
Festival World Team Music

Festival in June. That was the
official after party for the

World Tea Expo and he did live
visuals while the all the bands

and and the musicians were
playing playing like a tea. And

other things, and yeah you just
incredibly talented. I'm just

going to it requires you just
played in the full screens you


Saved so yeah, he is like a
musician. He's more of a noise

musician which you know some
may argue is is is not really

musician, but I I say I say it
is but he's much more than

that. You know. He's also video
visuals live visuals and so I'm

just playing back. I found out
late last night as I was

posting all the presentations I
found out that he was actually

live streaming the entire event
through his Twitch account and.

Doing his own live visuals
while the presentations were

playing and also you know
playing in some some music as

well. so I'm just kinda like
tripping out the videos it's

it's really funny. The second
is so you know is this kind of

fun to watch culture or someone
else's perspective work on off

the festival. Tamar is the
concept where where things rose

different. to how how it shows
and how it taste, I mean, this

is true from everything from.
Yeah Vegas friends Unite grapes

to Vegas is a really great
city. There's a lot of really

incredible people and really
qualified. Yeah. I think it's

important that I'm staying. So
here comes this music music

coming and it has just a
tremendous amount of keyboard

who's playing like ambience
reflection. He had a purpose

for these girls.

As well, so really just
wondering like where do these

things grow with us and why and
that's true, but you know.

Montreal has definitely one of
the best places for Chardonnay

in the world and just like food
and I'm gonna bomb or some of

the best places for too long

A really wonderful place to
start looking at also, the fact

that this is great one of the
reasons why these Gabriel's

presentation is totally getting
flipped around and turn around

and turned in all directions is
because they they're both very

diverse beverages that come
from one species of plant so

wine is coming from almost
exclusively affair and tea is

coming almost exclusively from
Chameleon. So that's. And then

also your Instagram that
science has really changed. You

will see this for a little bit.
You can see what I'm talking

about. There's some really
great and interesting text.

This is one of my recent
favorites neurology, so he's

he's taking the stream that he
pulled from his computer from

from the Facebook mind creates
doing all kinds of crazy

visuals and the wine
psychedelia really looking at

what's happening inside your
brain as you taste wine and

again, this is. Like reading,
this book will also apply to

how you think about. Finally,
we've got the cultural aspect

of this. Yeah and he did this
the entire time all five hours

of the festival was I doing his
own live stream on his Twitch

account for his followers,
which is really great because

his followers got exposed the
wines of the life that created

this whole book and culture of
team in such a unusual way both

of these beverages having I'll
just wanna. This is you know


For us, you know with all these
controls. So, yeah, I am you

know. Space is a cool guy have
a big fan of of space and what

he does for me as as odd as it
may be, you know he really does

care about you know bringing
bringing arts you know as

trippi is it maybe to people to
enjoy and then also inspiring

people. I know that he has a
lot of mentees himself that

learn about you know, music and
lights. Dreaming and and you

know video projections so
that's a lot of good

inspiration to put out. So
today, I'm drinking just a very

simple high high degree
oxidized long from Indonesia

kind of a Taiwanese style along
let's see the the leaf in there

and see how dark it is. That's
really just accounting for its

degree of oxidation.

Thank you for joining the live
stream. I mean I think it's

great to go through and watch
the presentations. now. there's

like a lot of really great
content and information in

those presentations, but I
think being a part of that live

stream and able to interact
with all these people was

really what was special about
it and again. I like I hope

that really genuine good
connections were made there and

hopefully into the future.
Those are connections that will

allow you to to sit at the the
tea table together and actually

share a Cup of tea with each
other and Years down the line,

you can say I remember we we
met at a virtual team festival

that's really incredible and
you know even for virtual

events standards, which virtual
events are not a new thing.

They definitely have become
Super relevant and what we're

dealing with right now. Hey
Gabriel I was just showing

spaces the stream of your
presentation. I don't know if

he went back and watch that
whole video. But if you watch

your part of the video it gets
pretty trippy. I've I was so

stoked when I saw that last
night and you can tell how

stoked I still am, but yeah,
virtual events have become

Super relevant right now and
even like the Masters that have

been creating these events for
years and years they still deal

with this issue of when it
comes to a conference or you

know another conventional type
of events a lot of the magic of

those events. Yeah, go Watch a
Gabriel You'll like it, You'll

get a kick out of it. the link
that I sent you. it actually

starts directly from your
videos so you don't have to go

searching for your video. It'll
just come right up. The magic

of conferences and conventional
large-scale events is not so

much the presentations you
might learn something in the

presentations that that become
useful for you, but a lot of

the reason why people do spend
so much time and resources and

money to attend these
conferences is because of the

interactions that they make
with random people in the

hallway or you know sitting for
lunch and and meeting someone

and finding out. Oh you're
interested in that you do this

type of work kinda Monica good
to see you yeah. I'm talking

about virtual events. We just
did a really great virtual tea

festival yesterday that had
nearly 6000 people involved and

yeah, so we're just talking
about kind of the magic that

happens during this virtual
event that is not common in

virtual events. You know you
have livestreams where people

can like watch a musician play
and really great content really

great art, but do you ever meet
people during that? And even if

you do meet people are they
connections that you genuinely

feel like you're going to
continue? To evolve and stay

connected with and potentially
do business together or meet in

person in the future. you know,
so that's always been an issue

with virtual events compared to
conventional offline events

where you know a conference you
may leave with like you know,

three or four solid contacts
that you didn't meet in the the

conferences you didn't meet in
the presentation rooms you

actually met randomly in the
hallway or whatever and so I.

Really feel that yesterday,
that was kind of something that

happened both within the tea
detox room like the interactive

rooms were where people got to
like, sit and drink tea

together and interact or it was
through the comments on

Facebook, which you know I know
comments on Facebook can can be

you know kind of annoying and
really not engaging but

yesterday for some reason, I
think a lot of it has to do

with the nature of the tea
community and tea lovers. That

was Super engaged of the the of
the five -hour event we had

nearly six 6000 people that
came through the festival at

one point or another, but we
had 1100 comments so that means

a good portion of the people
didn't comment and that makes

sense, but for the people that
did decide to comment and

engage with the content and
with the community, there was

really good interactions going
there and and I did received

several emails after the event
from people that I didn't know

before that you know first of
To me for putting that event

together, not only do they
learn a lot, but every single

one of those emails talked
about how they made new

friends. So I'm stoked on that
and you know I I think it's

it's valid to try hey mess. I
get to see you. it's valid to

try to find a way to scale that
even outside of the tea

community even for like music
festival the events how to

scale those connections. Be
made that you know can turn

into creative collaborations or
or even business.

Oh, we got someone. Oh it's
Joe. Hi Joe. Well, I'm happy to

hear that you made some some
some friends. Yeah. that's so

good. That makes me feel so
good like all the hard work

like just totally feels like it
pays off to hear that even if

just one person emailed me and
said, Oh, I I really enjoyed

that I made some new friends,
but you know to have so many

people. I mean at this point,
it's been dozens that have like

personally. Reached out to me
either through Instagram or

three Email talking about all
the friendships that they made

so yeah, I guess I gotta do it
again. No excuse it went well.

Hi Joe. How are we doing good?
How are you? I'm not bad at

all. I was just I'm sitting in
this exact spot watching the

stream. I'm like see how easy
that is like. I am not in

tonight so let's now come in
him so okay so pretty

temperatures so you know
Enjoying myself, drinking some

oats some strong tops so oh
nice. so you just you just like

brewed that in some boiling
water, Yup Yup just doing it

doing an herbal today, so I
going food myself out

yesterday. Oh man. Oh, I think
I said that to you in that

message, I drink like what I
drink like almost six grams of

showing power and then another
five grams of black teen. by

the end of it. I was like
vibrating. Oh, that's good for

you though. Yeah, Oh, yeah.
it's great. Hopefully it took

you to to higher levels of
consciousness. Abs. it does

it's it's its own type of like
Antioch. It really is and we

usually don't drink that much
unless we're doing tastings for

work. Yeah so and I we haven't
done it in a while. actually

we're on a cleanse right now.
Oh ??? Hopefully we didn't

mess that up for you. No
actually they're the rule is no

caffeine except for going food
sessions. so I can't take a big

Cup. With me and go about my
day, I have to make herbals of

some sort you know who
developed this cleanse program

and this is just us. okay. So
what we're also eating no

gluten, no dairy and no sugar.
So those are the three things

that we're doing and then no
caffeine except for gone

through sessions. So okay
that's close. So really, it's

just kind of an elimination
diet. It's springtime. It's the

time for that. you know it's
yeah time take time to get rid

of that stagnant energy and and
kinda. Yourself up, You know

there's a lot of cultures that
be fasting and things around

this time. So it's pretty
that's really good for you.

drink a bunch of nourishing
herbs and you know, metal and

and oats and raspberry leaf and
things like that you know stuff

with a lot of packed with you
know the minerals and vitamins

and stuff like that. So yeah,
it's been going well. It's my

my lady, especially she's had
some drastic effects from it.

It's been great. Oh good. Yeah.
That is really good, she was

dealing with some she was
actually dealing with some

severe menstrual cramps, and I
mean like severe like she

passed out one time shot
completely whited out cuz it

was so bad and both of us had
this inkling of like I think it

might be related to diet
somewhere probably dairy, we

quit dairy and her last period
was nothing just no not one

cramp at all. It was crazy so
solving some health problems

and. And just drinking
different teas. Oh, that's

good. She didn't have to resort
to those CBD tampons. That's

pushing it a little bit. You
know what as an herbalist. I

always tell people they're like
what are you got for this

condition? you know and I'm
like your diet. That's what

herbs I got for that condition.
You have to start there Yeah

and then use the herbs to
support you in the work you're

already doing. Yeah. I'm gonna
do the job for you. so yeah.

But yeah yesterday went well.
It was great. I met a bunch of

people so good lots of I
haven't friended that many

people in one day probably
ever. Yeah, lots of good

contacts and some that were
like like Gabriel. He ended up

in my room good and so that was
cool. We got to link up there

and then I just some other
random tea drinkers and so I

mean it's just one after
another. This. these tea

parties are kinda doing the
same thing on a smaller scale.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know
yesterday was definitely like

an explosion of of everything
but how to keep it rolling and

you know like after I had
clothes. To the deadline for

presenters, I I still had
people coming in so it

definitely like within another
month, I could you know collect

up another bit of programming
to yet another amazing. I'm

sure Oh yeah for sure. now you
know. How to justify you know

the work that goes into it, You
know that's gonna be my my new

angle right cuz that was my
whole angle even starting this

one was I wanted to create a
platform to to spring from not

necessarily within the the tea
world, not necessarily that I

wanted to to seek out tea
sponsors to sponsor this cuz I

just don't I just don't know if
if the tea industry is you know

at that level of. You know
companies with the the value

system that would support this
that also can financially

support it. I don't know if
that's in alignment yet well,

you say industry and that's
kinda just contradictory to the

whole thing. Anyway, you know
it's it's really about the tea

community that would say other
than the tea industry. I think

that's it's kind of the line
between those two, but I mean,

maybe I could put some feelers
out and and see you know. Okay,

you guys went to this first
event. It was intended to be

free. It was intended to be. On
commercial and we want to

continue that but you know here
were the resources that went

into doing this. you know how
how much you know do people

value this cuz Sam Sam with
Talks was the one I was talking

to about this because he's he
was really motivated by the

time he is going home man talk
for a while. That's great.

Yeah. He's all about it. Yeah.
and so he's like. yeah. this is

it like I figured out the
system. you know we have like

the this is like the welcoming
room of the Tea House and then

we have different servers that
you can go. With and I'm like,

yeah, Sam, that's great and all
but like maybe it'll last for

short period of time. It'll
definitely last during this

time of containment for sure,
absolutely right. but like

going beyond that, which is
what Sam is thinking is like

you do have to create some kind
of business model to to sustain

it and you know, maybe that's a
membership fee. I mean, maybe

like we have created this
experience. That's so valuable

people. Like we wanna charge
hundreds of dollars for it, but

you know, maybe like five to
$10 a session to to be a part

of this community. It's not
like a huge. you know a huge

ask out of people's pockets and
if the community grows big

enough, that could be enough to
like a Patreon type of thing

you know so I don't know yeah.
I can't help it. I think

there's you know looking
forward. I see us transitioning

into these more virtual type.
Approaches to these things, but

then I can't help help, but
think that after containment is

over, there will be a
transition phase, but you would

you would think that everybody
would just be absolutely stir

crazy and would like to throw
their phone in the garbage. You

know what I mean. Because
they're just done with it,

they're like I'm going out into
the real world for a while. So

I think there's a you gotta be
real careful how deep you get

into the into the virtual side
of things because there is

gonna be a transition back to
the the personal interaction,

so you don't wanna invest too
much well. Gabriel Gabriel just

commented on Instagram really
cool idea and perspective that

yeah when we get back to
face-to-face events, something

like what was. Yesterday would
be a really great idea as like

a precursor to event. so like
let's say you're going to some

tech conference or something
maybe the week of the week

Prior to that conference, they
have like a little mini

conference virtually where you
can where you can start

interacting with people So then
whenever the face to face event

happens, you already kind of
have these pre-standing

published knowledge and also
connections right. Yeah. The

small talk is kinda yeah, you
know that's already taken care

of and. Kinda just dive into a
relationship with people. Yeah,

I think that's kind of
interesting. That's yeah.

That's really not a bad idea.
to be honest. Yeah cuz then you

you didn't you get this
semantics out of the way in the

beginning. you know when you
already know the face you don't

have to be like. Yeah blah
introduction kind of thing you

know yes. but you know so that
that happens to a certain

degree like in in tea
festivals, for instance,

already among the bloggers. so
like a lot of the people that

do have it. Online presence and
do put time into cultivating

that online community for their
blog like you'll see it, you'll

be at the festival and and and
you'll see like the people that

don't know anybody just kinda
wandering around booth to

booth. You know just trying to
make some friends and then

you'll see bloggers and and and
even if they are met in person

before they already have that
report and and and and they're

already clicking together and
you know be kind of interesting

if you could try to accentuate
that clicking a little bit more

beyond. Just the blog is fear,
Yeah. great cool. Yeah. That's

a good idea. Gabriel Thanks for
thanks for giving that idea.

So someone else on Instagram
said that they they valued the

festival so much that they they
would support it with the

ticket price. So that's
encouraging it was reasonable.

It would be no problem of
course. Yeah, no, I wouldn't

think anybody is willing to
throw 1015 bucks or something.

Yeah. Yeah. That's that's in
the tea world. That's really

nothing. I mean it's less than
announce a tea and a lot of

cases so well and you know,
perhaps it could come with tea

right. you know what I mean.
Yeah there you go. Yeah, we'll

send you a little like
commemorative flyer and in a

sample of tea or something you
know. Yeah. That's a good idea.

Yes. that's why I didn't
donations from people and stuff

too. Yeah. I've been talking to
a lot of my clients and then

also you know local not tea
business but just local

business friends here in Vegas
that are like, Oh, we're gonna

do a live stream like I have a
friend she she wants. She's a

coffee shop and she wants to do
like a musician's live stream

and I said you know everybody's
doing live streaming right now

and they're all free like even
the famous musician. They're

doing them every day on
Facebook live and they're free.

My favorite musicians are doing
the exact same thing. Yeah

everybody's doing and I'm like
so like cuz she was thinking.

Oh, we're gonna support local
artist like we have a big

following online and people
will like donate and support

these artists and I said you
know like I really don't know

if that's a feasible thing
because people are gonna get

content for free. They're not
gonna donate they good in their

first of all she wanted to
charge a ticket to get the

code. you know to get the URL
to go to this concert and I was

like yeah, I think that's.
That's where it doesn't come

in. I've I gotta several
different musician friends that

are doing a setup to where
they'll just leave their like

Venmo in their PayPal and their
their links up. and it's like

it's basically a tip jar at
that point. You know what I

mean. it's not necessarily like
you don't really look at it as

a donation. You're kinda just
like here's five bucks guys.

you know what I mean, you're
not really well. and that's

what that's why she ended up
doing on her first event and I

don't know you know how many
donations were collected, but

you know even that right there.
Like there's a huge amount of

friction of you know like
someone enjoying your content

from their phone to like being
so inspired that they may be

inspired to wanna support you.
but like are they inspired

enough to like go into another
app and like put this

information? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Welcome to America. Just a

modern world in general. Yeah,
I mean, at least with Street

busking. It's like the The
friction is low. It's like you

see a big hat with bills in it
and like the artist will give

you a dirty look if you're
staying there too long as like,

yeah, just do that. Yeah, and
that's all it is yeah, but then

we're PayPal is is a lot more
friction. you know, maybe if

there's a donate button right
there and then you know pop up

came on and I think Facebook
might have Facebook pay. I

don't know. Yeah. I think
Facebook has that option where

it's all like I know like in
the Facebook shop. they have

that option and I was really
excited about when Facebook

launched their shops, you know
cuz you can list products

within your Facebook page and
like all the payments. All like

within the system and very
seamless and easy, but I think

I've processed maybe three
orders through Facebook shops.

So yeah even that there's some
friction there. You know. Hi

Paul. Hi. see you buddy good.
Hey, I just wanted to come on

and thank you for hosting an
incredible team Fest. There was

a lot of fun. Everyone had such
a good time. you had cool

engagement like I think it was
like a hundred and 50 people at

least like the whole way
through doesn't seem like and

this is really special. What a
what a beautiful example. So

thanks again for hosting a lot
of work. good great news. Thank

you. Oh. thank you. Paul. Yeah.
it was. It was a lot of fun to

see it all together like I was
saying earlier like the main

thing that was getting me
stuck. Was like seen all the

like new friendships being
built right there like right in

the comments on Facebook like
it was awesome. Yeah. everyone

did a great job and it's such a
wide array of of presentations

and yeah I just it was so cool.
What a what a great time cuz

we're all. We're all
distracted. We're just watching

media. You know some binge
watching the show like God real

connectivity between people all
over the planet is so cool to

learn about three and T for one
moment. Some mindful meditation

and the other, so it's just all
across the board just to what a

special event we did. so thanks
again, at least it's so cool. I

just wanna come on. Thank you.
I'm actually just cooking right

now. Oh. yeah. What are you
cooking? Paul Make me hungry. I

roasted some lamb last night
and or maybe that was two days

ago, but usually I'll just like
put happen in the freezer and

then the other. I'm just gonna
keep using so I made a post

about it last night and then
right now it gets. I'm gonna

make something Mexican with it.
That's like sauteed mushrooms

and tomatoes. Throw into a case
of the year, something you know

what I'm gonna make today. I'm
gonna make some molexa. Oh wow.

you got enough chocolate well
so remember I had the cacao

ceremony Valentine's Day and I
completely forgot about all the

leftover cacao paste I have so
yeah, I don't I don't see

anywhere. Wow, you got a cool
story about this, So are those

dried chilies. No. this is all
all chocolate like famous

restaurant pastry chef. They
all use power on a chocolate

like chocolate wipers. Yeah. So
you could like you know a

chocolate ganache by with that
and cream, but it's 70 - two

percent chocolate and so you
know Chef's warehouse is doing

the public for the Yeah, they
were all in a restaurant

distributor. All the
restaurants are closed. There's

some of the public so the
prices are insane. so this is

like gourmet Patriot chef. It's
six pounds, nine ounces of

chocolate and it's it's 70 -
five bucks for this thing, but

what happened was they were bet
you have to get like a $200

minimum to get free delivery
from Chef's Warehouse and they

they called me and they're
like. Hey, this is

unfortunately this is expired.
Today, it's still gonna be

good, but we don't feel right
so they're gonna give you a

credit or we can send you
another bag. I'm like I'll just

take the other bag so I got two
bags of this is like 70 - $5

each. I got a free one
yesterday the other day we're

going goodness. Yeah. it's
cool. and then you know get to

the point where we don't even
know what you need to go to the

store. We're gonna have awesome
delivery options available and

from food distributors, they
can no longer sell in

restaurants and
then another farmers. Do

produce deliveries and stuff
and then I I have some South

Dakota tea coming in soon from
our mutual friends looking in

the mail for that to come, I
ordered whatever minimize

wanted to get the free
shipping. so if I see, maybe I

gotta, I got a tea for you as
well from South Dakota. It

shouldn't be long. honestly, I
kinda figured it already be

there, but yeah, you know what
it has, but I just yeah, it's

probably here so it doesn't go
straight to your home. Or what

no it does. It's coming to my
House but yeah, you know it's I

just haven't got it yet. I do
this. I've been checked

properly so. Well, thanks, man.
Honestly, I I definitely

appreciate that, especially in
these times when things are a

little bit slow, you know. so
yeah, it's still here. you're a

good man. always supporting
always supporting me. the peeps

idea was really inspired by the
site cyclist grade and then

something I'm sure I don't have
a lot of the herbal stuff. I

have a lot of gotcha and then
lingering around right but all

the herbal blends I really
enjoy and what happened was

because I got all this this big
bag of chocolate and then I

wanna hit that minimum order I.
Big bottles of this Toyota

olive oil, Oh wow. This is when
I worked for Mario Batali. This

is the on the table side olive
oil and there's a reason

there's only like $18 from
them. so I got like four

bottles and then I went to go
visit my my brother, real quick

was kind of in the area so I
walked over. I need to get some

fresh air and I gave him the
big bag of chocolate for his

kids in two bottles of olive
oil. so we just kinda hangout

for of his House and chatted
from a distance. A while and is

good, so it's good to kinda
have that human connection even

while everyone's really trying
to isolate and it's it's you

know, I think it's cool to have
that human interaction from

time to time. So yeah.
absolutely man. Yeah you're on

along the lines of the
delivery. I think our farmers

market is actually going to
online purchase only and then

they'll do like pick up so
you'll go to the market

location where we usually have
it in your order will just be

sitting there right that's
sweet and then you'll take it

with you. So it's either gonna
work amazing or it's just not

gonna work at all, but we just
got one new client, which is a

little natural grocery down
here and she said They're like

three times as busy since the
since all the commotion because

people just wanna eat better,
they want better quality food

and plus the grocery stores out
of all sorts of stuff you know,

where is the smaller groceries
they get little batches

constantly rather than this one
big batch and everything sits

there for a week and then one
big batch you know so so

there's. Demand just constantly
rising, I've seen it on

Facebook, glass fibers and all
sorts of stuff for like local

produce and local products. and
so I it it's promising at least

you know in some aspect. I
don't know how the year will

go, but just in general, I
think it's gonna get kinda

shift people towards towards a
healthier and more just whole

way of you know buy products
because we don't have the

luxury of really going to
restaurants anymore. So it's

become their own restaurant.
Yeah. and then my product of

that. Is you're gonna be a
little bit more discerning

about what you're putting in
your food right like just even

talking my brother. he's like.
Yeah. I'm realizing what is

really bad guy. It's like
somebody's trans fats that

you're going to a restaurant
and you're gonna get some of

this fried. you know, of
course, it's gonna be fried and

some canola oil some whatever
processed vegetable oil. but if

you're gonna fry something at
home, you might use like a

coconut oil or or something
Green ingredient. You're gonna

cut up some of these trans fats
and you can eat whatever you

want. you can still eat your
meat and whatnot, but. Gonna be

discerning and get the
grass-fed grass-finished beef

as to you know whatever the
restaurant happens to be

serving, which they could make
cost effectively at their

restaurant. We're always trying
to watch their cost so they're

they're not as discerning as
we're buying right now, right.

Yeah that in in the cost
factor, there is about the same

if you go to a restaurant and
get a meal and you cook it at

home with the best ingredients
that you can find. that's not

the same price. you know. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's even so

what's cool around here. We got
a call. Restaurants that are

very discerning about what
they're selling you know they

like to have their own farm and
like bringing their own eggs

kinda thing you know that that
sorts of stuff we're we're

pretty blessed with these
little tiny locally owned

restaurants around here so
speaking of those you got some

like mushrooms and some
passion, flower and stuff, and

all that those are all grown
just right down the Street. one

of my very good friends through
those 00. Yeah, he's got we got

every package. At least, yeah,
when you want well, you gonna

get you can get something for
everyone. Okay. now you're

hooked up. Yeah. he got. he got
plenty. That's for sure man

you're stocked up for a while
that slumber is one of my

favorites. We drink that
constantly so we played it for

that. I need some stuff like
that in my life. Yeah. Yeah, I

wanna just hit these minimum
orders of places. you know it

makes sense to limit the amount
of people that have to be in

harm's way. you know right
keeping supply chains open just

making account when you do make
a purchase drop a couple

hundred dollars and then when
they. Share it around or you

know or just make it last. So
that's kinda right. I'm I'm

really just I don't really
wanna go to the supermarkets

Vegas for receive a future in
the Costcos and it's just like

I don't know it's just it's
it's a lot of anxiety for a lot

of people and yeah, I don't
wanna add to that when you know

there's other options
available. So yeah, I got

everything I need here to get
some lamb the stretch out and I

have chickens and turkeys that
I still need to break down and

yes. Stuff but I probably I'm
going to market tomorrow to

learn their whole system. we
have a farmers market in the

Middle of downtown Section Bus
Terminal, and we've had we've

had festivals there. That's
actually my favorite venue in

town to host events. It's a
pain in the ??? to set up cuz

it's all like self maintenance
and there's a lot of like I

mean every time we do an event
there. We have to clean

ourselves and you know, I'm
always a person out cleaning up

all the human pieces outside
cuz it's it's downtown. Alright

but the venue special. It's
like a classic building of

downtown Coppertone. The The
The top is all copper

beautiful. Yeah. It's really
cool. Yeah. So it seems like

it's a good fit. There's not
that many people coming through

there. so the track is pretty
minimal. It's a lot a lot safer

than say a supermarket, but
then we are gonna be very

competitive and set set up
these produce boxes and with

just as competitive got more
than what other people are

doing. you know it's like it's
free delivery regardless.

There's a 40 - five - dollar in
a 70 - five - dollar option for

like a very good produce that
carries bringing in you know

she's a question with some of
the best produce in Vegas. she

started because she was
bringing in the best produce

from California from all these
small farmers who restaurant

from the trip and now that
everything is close. It's

something that we can all have
in our homes. yeah. I'm

excited. Yeah. It's inspiring a
lot of change man. I am loving

it personally. We're so hopeful
everybody like we know a bunch

of people that My partner just
happy, we're just smiling about

this whole thing cuz it's like
man people are slowing down.

They're eating better. They're
thinking about their lives.

They're having like a real
connection with their family

and you know people are
homeschooling their kids.

There's nothing better than
that. In my opinion, you know.

so yeah. it's just it's great.
Hi Jeremy no matter how you

take it. to South Dakota Tea
Festival man. How's it gonna go

down? Oh man there's some
intricacies to that because if

you just told the tea festival,
you're not gonna get a turnout.

I mean you just like people are
just gonna like what you know

you'll you'll get some people,
but it'll be like 300 people or

something if you want a couple
times. what's wrong with 300

people come into your festival.
I mean, that's how many people

came to my first festival and I
was saying, but the returns for

the people who were involved. I
guess it's more or less when

I'm looking well. so that's
where you adjust. You know what

I mean, so like the festival
that Paul was talking about

that we did at the farmers
market building. I think we had

yeah, I think we had about 300
attendees that came and so we

just suggested you know you
adjust your overhead. Do you

adjust you know how much you
know how much you're gonna

spend on rentals and and all of
that and make it work. You know

the partner that I was working
with. So when I moved here to

Vegas, there was a woman that
was already working a tea

company. She was a tea blogger
and that's that's how I knew

her and You know I, of course
wanted to put a tea festival

together and so I I went to her
cuz you know she had already

done once. I'm like this is
kind of your your thing. I

wanna support you. I don't
wanna create a whole new

festival you've already done
one and she's like. Oh why lost

money the first time I did it.
so you know, I'm not gonna do

it again and I said no we have
to do it again. I promise you

you're not gonna lose money
like if I've ever make a

promise like you know, I don't
stiff anybody on any

commitments I ever make like.
You may not make money like,

but we're not gonna lose it and
that was part of the reason why

we chose that venue, you know
because the rent is affordable

because you gotta clean a human
shit off the sidewalk outside

and there's no AC in the
building. So you've got a deal

with that and but we made the
most of it and we didn't lose

money. We definitely didn't
actually we did make a little

bit of money. We did and the
vendors were all happy like

even though the attendance is
small, it's almost better when

the attendance is small,
because then the vendors can

have a more intimate
connections like right these.

Festivals like Northwest
Festival vendors do well just

because of the Mass amount of
people that are potentially

gonna buy from you but like
your connections that you make

are like fleeting, you know cuz
it's just like you've got 20

other people that wanna sample
this thing and walk on do the

same thing at the farmers
markets and stuff. It's like we

go to these markets and we like
it when it's mellow so that we

can sit there and talk to the
same person for 20 minutes. you

know it's a great, I mean.
Wonderful the only thing I'm

questioning, though, is
specifically like my location

to get anybody besides myself,
here is a long ways I mean,

like everybody is like six plus
hours away from here so to get

everybody to come in anybody
related to tea unless I was

just gonna do by myself, you
know what I'm saying. if

there's there, I feel like they
have to be some sort of return

for that because it's a big
project and it's a long way to

travel. So yeah. Maybe you
don't have as many vendors

don't make your business model
not around the vendor fees so

the last key festival I did the
the World Team Music Festival.

I had zero vendors really, I
didn't. I didn't want it

commercial at all. so what was
it exactly just workshops or

what music music? Why? What is
what is tea entail? Though, I

mean, we sat around the table
and drink a ??? ton of teeth.

Okay. And then you provided the
tea. I provided the tea. Yeah.

Jeremy was there. Well, you're
muted. Jeremy Oh, yeah. Let me

let me unmute you buddy there.
you go there. you go. Oh. yeah

there you go. Yeah. I was
there. That's awesome. Yeah.

that's cool. It's just a matter
of and I would be down for

that. We were even talking
about just doing tea in the

Park. You know on the weekends
or something. Yeah, you start

out like that. It's smart to
start up that way cuz at least

then you can start building a
community and then that

community will become like your
volunteers and they'll become

your marketers and like they'll
want you to throw an event like

this, you know. and then you
know once you put the idea in

their head and they're gonna
like. okay. What do we gotta do

to make this happen? You know
that's kind of what you know my

group of friends here in Vegas
like Paul Paul's, a part of

that group of friends, you know
whenever I say, let's make a

festival or something like
they're all. Wanting to put

their heads together and saying
how we gonna make this happen

so you can see that would take
some. that's definitely gonna

take some building, but I'm not
opposed to doing that building.

It's just you know there is
there is a little bit of

pregame going on. Oh. yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. you wouldn't

be able stuff like that to to
do it tomorrow but having to

throw it to throw a good
festival that we could, you

know it could be like a like a
tea and wellness festival too.

And then that will just be
boom. I mean like I I have like

infinite support at that point,
it would be tea and wellness.

What I mean, but so you would
get everybody introduced to the

whole concept of TV, be able to
actually bring people in. but

then you'd have that that
supplementary stuff for the

people who are like. I'm
curious about tea, but I don't

wanna go there just for tea cuz
I don't know anything. Yeah.

No. that's the best way to do
it. That's why I've always made

music and live art an important
part of of our events cuz a lot

of times the music is what
actually attracts people to

come to the events and and you
know make sure to invite. At

least one local favorite band
right yeah, I actually thought

about that immediately. When
you guys brought that up, we

have a little Organization
called spread the Tunes around

here and they kinda handle that
sort of thing they put on they

put they call it Canyon
acoustic series and so I think

it's like every Wednesday
during the summer they bring in

bands and they play all play
down at the Park. you know and

so it'd be something similar to
that. I could just get a hold

of them and be like. Hey you
wanna bring some people in on

this day, you know and it's all
fundraiser type stuff so

they're they're taking care of
they can just. Bring people in

cuz they're trying to attract
the crowd anyway, and then the

tea festival just be there. You
know, yeah, it will be in

cahoots with each other all
advertise for each other and

stuff like that. So definitely
something I'm interested in.

That's gonna be on my mind for
constantly for until it

happens. Basically, yeah are
they like doing like an add on

event because I can terra hope
over the summer. Yeah First

Fridays. So it's like it's like
damn town terror. So first

Friday is every shop in
downtown. Oh yeah. Friday

nights. That's yes, yeah stuff
like that place to sell tea in

one of the shops. so I used to
like set up shop, but it was

just a quick and easy way to
get a lot of exposure. really

right differently. Yeah. Yeah,
you can we do downtown Friday

nights. They close off Main
Street and they put up a big

stage every every weekend
during the summer for like 22

months or something like that,
three months and they'll

they'll just do a concert and
all the shops will be

advertising downtown. And
they'll have like food trucks

come in and stuff like that,
you know. so yeah. It would be

easy to add the canyon acoustic
if if that were the case cuz

everybody's just down there
hanging out at the Park

watching music. There's a few
food trucks and stuff, and then

you could like run out the
little pavilion right there and

just fill it with team and
everybody else. Boom show up so

they are very feasible. Yeah
these to it, but but I'm gonna

start poking around and talking
to talking to people that

obviously you know you approach
somebody right now and they're

like wow, you're not gonna be
able to do anything and so it's

like I'm just go. Brainstorm
for a little while a couple of

months yet, and then kinda
start putting my feelers out

like the idea of like something
like doing a buyout of a

relatively small place like
when I went to South Dakota. I

just happened to be because we
were driving from Los Angeles

to Vegas to Denver, but we were
driving to standing Rock, so we

went to standing that was going
off and then the way from

Denver to standing Rock. It
took us through interior.

Hanging out there for like two
days cuz we like loved it, so

like the fact that it's like an
RV Park and it has motel rooms

for people and it's relatively
reasonable right and not

there's not a demand. There's
more of a demand that the

camping, some people are using
the camping if they really like

buy out the whole like a motel.
Some people have like lodging

and then there's then the open
spaces come along with it a buy

out right so that could be
something even interesting,

too. Is you a place or yeah,
you're traveling too, but

everybody's trying to use the
destination. like outdoor big

things, so yeah, especially
this wellness, then you get a

lot of like the yoga and music
stage and right. Yeah. Yeah. We

have a lot of that wellness
community out here like we have

the the well. Hopefully I guess
maybe not we have the Spearfish

Yoga festival coming up in July
if it still happens and it's an

awesome event and we get a
huge. I mean it's a huge

turnout and the tickets are
like 250 bucks and it's still a

massive turnout, but it's like
a big. It's like an all weekend

deal and they send out. Gift
bags beforehand and said it's a

it's a big deal, but people are
really into that kinda they're

they're really interested. I
shouldn't say into, but they're

really interested in those
wellness type deals. You know

we got a lot of local vendors
that fall into that, and

there's a couple of wellness
festivals around here too. And

so it's just nice to see this
tiny little community and

that's what we're doing with
our time. So yeah definitely

feasible though I keep it
hasn't left my head one day yet

I keep thinking about it every
day just like. You know. hey

guys so I I promised the person
that donated the Grand Prize

for a drawing for yesterday's
event that I that I do the

drawing today. so I'm gonna I
figure I just do it on this

live video. So I'm gonna do it
right now. it's gonna be

simple. I don't have a big hat.
You know I you know, I'm I'm

just gonna be using technology
but randomizer something. Yeah.

Yeah. So first I'll go ahead
and show you guys can't see it

now unless you're watching the
the Facebook. Stream with the

audio off, but the Grand prize
is actually going to be a

multi-colored pack of six
library tea tumblers. This is

like incredible. you know like
I didn't advertise this earlier

because I didn't want you know
any of the participants or Co

creators of the event to feel
like you know like library was

like a sponsor or had any any
like higher degree of

sponsorship than than the rest
of everybody. but you know now.

The price is gonna be giving
and I will reveal what it is

these are great. so these are
like the ones that have the the

glass inner layer and then the
plastic plastic outer layer. so

you know you're drinking
directly from the glass, but

then you have the the plastic
protective case around it and

so there's a there's a six pack
multi-color of a teal pink

Green. Yeah. Well, I guess it's
just those three, but they have

different designs on. But
there's six of em so whoever

wins gets all six of them
shipped to them. Lucky like

this is cool. and of course I
am going to you know, encourage

that person to share one of
those tumblers with with their

friends. That's the whole point
of it. okay. So just to show

everybody you know you know the
the validity of this drawing.

I'm scrolling through. of
course. the names aren't here

so you can't see it, but I'm
just scrolling through all of

the event bra. Sign ups here We
have a 470 sign ups with their

Emails listed so that's it
right there. You see 470 listed

at the bottom of the page. you
know I just wanna make sure no

one thinks this is rigged cuz I
can understand how catty this

can get this is six Lake
Awesome tumblers. You know, I

don't want people feeling like
like it wasn't fair for them,

so I am going to rely upon
Google. They have this if you

just Google random number
generator you know it lets you

put a. In a max and it comes
out with a random number, so

I'm just going to click this
button. no drum roll needed 170

- six. so let me go see who is.

This is fun, huh. This is
awesome. Yeah. absolutely. I'm

very familiar with the whole
number randomization. Oh, I

love that. Yeah. it's Super fun
and no one can produce a better

number than a computer so great
so our winner is Cecilia Carell

so I will yeah Yay.

I will be reaching out to her
and any friends of Cecilia

Carell. This is a good time to
reach out to you good friend

and ask her how her tea life is
and if she needs any help with

her tumblers cool. so I will be
awesome that so the good news

is is there's a second prize
good friend here in Vegas

Bridgett she has. Donated a
handmade step counter that she

made with beads. It's really
beautiful. she wanted to donate

so that will be the second
prize. so I'm going to go ahead

and ask Google to draw our
second number 270.

Our second prize winner is
Paula Stalker, Yay. Cool.

He said it was like I was
thinking before at the

beginning. I was like one of
the four people on here were

three people on here wins. This
isn't you're crazy. It's

rigged. It's big. Yeah. So
that's that's awesome. That is

fun. I'm really glad that that
came out and I'll be reaching

out to them to let them know so
thank you for for being a part

of that guys. It was really
exciting. Yeah I do more

drawings like that in general I
don't have to. Wants to do some

donations reach out to the to
the business owner friends and

be like Hey, like I'll send
somebody at T. It was like you

know what I mean that's sweet.
so make sure, however, we can

connect man.

Yeah, always good. Yeah, I
thought kind of bad you know,

Wendy Wendy Wear who owns
Library tea when she reached

out to me and said. that she
had a she wanted to donate

this. I was like, Oh, I wasn't
intending to do anything like

this. She's like Oh, no. no. I
just wanna be a part of this. I

really wanna support it and I'm
like yeah, but there's no

branding opportunity. You know
we can do it and I'll try to

find a way that can you know so
that was it. That was that was

the branding opportunity there,
but you know these videos

actually do get a bit of
distribution so it wasn't. It's

not all for not.

Yeah, we all need attack
collaborate as much as we can.

However, you wanna do it and
for me, it's not even

necessarily about that, like
branding advertising thing like

usually if we donate something,
I don't even know. I'm not even

worried about you coming back
to buy something like I was

donating it. you know so like
here's free stuff and like

don't worry about you know any
sort of business plug or

nothing, but yeah, just just I
have freeze. It's like forget

like for my cousin's wedding
present. I was like well, I'm

gonna get. And all the whole
setup because that's what I do.

It's like my heart, you know.
so that's the best present. I

could give you you know. it's
not like I wanted to come back

and buy more tea. I don't care
about that. you know it's like

so I think it's important for
us all to be a little bit

generous, especially in these
kind of times you can do

another drawing next week. I'll
donate some of my team wear

that at least has right now.

Got this whole stash in her
House or what? yeah exactly.

Bubble wrapped Wear awesome.
Yeah. Yeah. I know I've just

been storing it. Yeah. you know
we we keep going you know from

from side to side deciding you
know if if I should create a

retail shelf here or not of
course, you know retail shelf

would be completely useless
right now. but what do you have

retail access? I do yeah well
like people can come in just

like whenever no, it's
appointment only. okay. Yeah, I

think. I do get randoms that
that come up and if I'm here

and available of course, I'll
hold space for them, but it's

prepared able that they they
make an appointment just cuz

you know at TD Session with me
usually takes four or five

hours. That's right. Yeah.
That's kinda how I like my

friends come over and they're
like yo have a quick one with

you and I'm like, Oh. I'm like
no, you're really, at least

like the good conversation
starts after like two hours

that's when you're like really
deep in the life and stuff you

know you've got all the how you
been out of the way and you

really start to get into into
things and so if you can come

and hangout for like three
hours, that's where it's at

now, I mean that's that's what
is all about just sitting here

doing doing the thing so.

Alright guys. Well, I think I
gotta I gotta get on with my

day. I'm currently making like
a little info. graphic of of

all the stats from yesterday so
sweet. Yeah, I wanna get that

out and yeah kinda close
everything out and get these

prizes to these winners. lucky
them. You're gonna continue

doing the whole thing right
yeah far as like this deal. Oh

this deal yet. Yeah. I'll
continue doing this. yeah. I

think this is fun. The fact
that like four people are here

today, you know encourages me.
I'm usually just creeping

anyway. So if I if I do if I'm
craving right here, I'll turn

the video. So who knows where
I'm at but I haven't done much.

I've been working a whole lot
cuz it's it's slow. so we're

just you know. I'm just doing
work from home anyway. So it's

like I think it's like the
least you know you're you're

hosting this tea party because
you don't mind being vulnerable

and like I think that's where
all four of us. alright now.

it's like. yeah, we just turn
our camera on and whatever.

Necessarily the magical tea and
the tea table and the

conversation and what was this
for things we learned yesterday

is like discovery and I was so
hot his presentation. Oh yeah,

that was great or we're so
good. I was like yes, I should

have put my head which I don't
brush in or something. Yeah.

Yeah. Conclusion Yeah. they
were that was really really

pretty. Yeah. Yeah. he had that
really well thought out. I like

that. so yeah so put together.
Good presentation. Absolutely.

Yeah. He was one that that God
is presentation and a little

late, but thinking this he
edited his so it was all good

to go. I heard he had a good
room going during the tea talks

too. Jeremy How was your room?
Did you end up doing that? I

did I did, but I think I was
the only one that had technical

difficulties. I see I think
what happened is that the the

connection on my end was too
weak, okay or something, but it

was it was me and three others.

Yeah, but it was just really
kinda choppy, but I mean it was

still it was still a good
conversation with 300 people.

Yeah good. It's kinda
interesting when you go into

the room. so it's one guy was
from Washington State. The

other goes from Germany. Oh
cool Englishman that was living

in Germany. so I mean it's
yeah, you don't know where

they're gonna come from. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, mine went well so I

can't complain. I had a few
people in there for a little

while, and then a couple dipped
out a couple more came in and

and then eventually it Peter
out and I just jumped into

Sam's main room and then we
just talk for. Oh cool great.

exactly. So. yeah. we're doing
great. Yeah when I was

streaming I ended up just kind
of giving Sam sometime to get

everybody into the room as well
and I played some spaces music

for about 55 extra minutes or
so that was trivia. Stacey. I

love that kid, he's crazy, that
was definitely interesting to

say the least and I like the
ambitious you know it's cool.

It was like it was good ambient
music, but yeah, yeah. it was a

while that's for sure all those
visuals too. Yeah. he was doing

the visuals, so you know he
streamed the entire event on

his Twitch and he was doing
those crazy tripped out visuals

on everybody's presentation.

I didn't know about that. he
didn't tell me he was gonna do

that. I just told him it set
time and I said, hey, this is

your set time. I'm just gonna
broadcast your Twitch. Maybe

it's a good idea If you like
start your set, maybe 10

minutes early so you can get in
flow. So by the time I cut to

you, you'll be flowing already
little did I know that he was

like streaming the entire event
and like and he was playing

Ambiente key music over the
stream of people talking and

like you know, causing
psychedelic you know video

effect. Son on their videos
while they're talking so yeah.

and when I message Tim, he was
like, Oh, I'm learning a lot

and I'm like you're watching it
and he was like, yeah watching

that. I'm learning a lot about
tea. He was really watching it.

Yeah, but yeah I I jumped in
maybe like 10 minutes after the

tea talk start and and Sam put
me into Michael O 'Brien's room

spend some time there and then
I went to the Matte room which

I think that Like the most
popular room like when I was

watching the tax of people
saying where they wanted to go

most people were were
requesting the matte room so a

lot of popularity around latte.
Yeah, That was the only thing

the only thing I would say at
all is like make it longer cuz

everybody it was kind of
hurried. You know what I mean.

so yeah, it's like next time.
Maybe we can make a two -day

event out of it and give
everybody some breathing room.

You know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. something like that. yeah

the only way a two day As if
there's if there's financial

support right, yeah, for sure,
yeah, there's definitely gonna

be some sort of sponsorship
going on, but it's encouraging

you know on Instagram. I have
several new followers now

because of this and they were
watching the live video earlier

and it's encouraging to see
them. you know a few of them

say yeah, I would have been
willing to pay a ticket price.

so yeah, I don't think it's too
crazy next time. We organize

something like this to to
charge a ticket price. Just a

couple of bucks. We are gonna
pay it. Yeah. Realty Lovers

gonna pay five bucks for
whatever you know. Yeah. yeah.

Alright. dudes will have a
great weekend. Enjoy your

Friday and your Fridays every
night, but today is a special

one right cuz it's really
Friday. Yeah. for sure. I'm

gonna have to get snowed in
tomorrow. so I'm gonna really

enjoy my Friday. Oh cool. Yeah.
good. get hungry down. You have

enough firewood. Oh yeah. we
got everything we need man cool

how that sounds nice now Pull

It's getting to that season,
too. Imma be out in the Woods

every night with a fire, so you
know, but alright guys well be

safe. Yeah. Thank you

again soon.

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